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Folasade Ayegbusi The Accountability Accountant

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As we enter a NEW decade we are excited about our many accomplishments, but more so about our future. This New Year brings a clean slate and an opportunity to better ourselves, our families, and our communities. We invite you to join he movement by connecting with us to share your story Speak Woman Be Blessed, Shanda Campbell, Founder of Speak Woman

Speak Woman was created with a simple mission; to uplift & spotlight the positivity in EVERY woman! We strive to be a vessel of information for our readers. Trademark Property of Speak Woman Magazine, LLC Founder/Editor-At-Large La’Shanda Campbell Publisher Speak Woman Magazine, LLC Speak Woman welcomes submissions.

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Business Apps Hootsuite This app is a social media management for small businesses. The app lets users manage several networks and profiles, schedule posts, and set a budget for paid social media ads. Hootsuite also has custom analytics to show you the social posts creating the most engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Nutshell Stay connected with customers with Nutshell. This app helps small businesses with customer relationship management. It also offers customer reporting, sales management, and reporting tools. The app integrates with MailChimp, Slack, Quickbooks, Unbounce, PandaDoc and other business tools

Calendly This is an appointment scheduling app for smalls businesses. The app lets invitees choose the day and time slot for a meeting or event (recurring or one time). Calendly syncs with your calendar app to automatically put all new events in your main calendar and can send confirmation notifications via email or text. You can also accept payment through the app.

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UNLEASHED A leash is a device designed to restrain. No matter what age or phase of life you find yourself in more than likely you are restrained in some area. While some restraints are needed to protect and teach us others are placed to prevent from reaching our fullest potential and purpose. So how do you identify restraints and unleash your potential?

Take Inventory Honestly review all areas of life and ask if there are areas that you know can be better. Do you have a never-ending desire for more? If so this may be a leashed area of your life. It is possible to be leashed in several areas.

Get Help Have you heard of the story of the elephant and the chain? This is a practice of training which includes placing a chain on an elephant's leg as the baby. The elephant initially tries to escape without success. Eventually the elephant realizes they can't escape and stops trying. The elephant begins to ignore the instinct to escape and has a mindset of deseed. When the elephant is full grown and clearly capable of escaping due to its size it doesn't. Why? Because he recalls all the past failed attempts and doesn't even try anymore. Have you stopped trying? Sometimes the fog of life can become so thick that we need others to help us through. The other may be a professional in the area of our restraint or a trusted friend or relative they can offer constructive review and assist. The point is, we can't do it alone. Sometimes a helping hand can help us Unleash.

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UN-Plugged Rediscovering The Human Side of Marketing It is well known that it is extremely difficult to start or maintain a business without a digital footprint. Digital Marketing is advertising your brand, product, or service through digital channels. Digital channels include social media, websites, email, mobile applications, search engines, or any other digital outlet. While digital marketing strategy are vital to a well-rounded marketing plan, it is just as important to focus on the human side of marketing. The human side of marketing requires one to come from behind the keyboard or digital screen and intentionally create avenues to build relationships with customers.

Here are a few tips on how to unplug from digital outlets and began to focus on the human side of marketing.

Make A Plan. Set a regular time for engagement. Make A Plan Engagement should be intentionally focused on building relationships. Be On Purpose Be On Purpose. Be intentional about who you wish to Connected connect with. Research your industry leaders whom you desire to meet. Research upcoming events where there may be a chance to meet those in your specific industry. Get Connected. Unplug from all digital outlets and devices and focus on human interactions. This allows you to create genuine relationships. Take the time to know to get to know individuals and not just pitch or sell to them. Learn about their family or favorite hobby. If you are at a networking event create a list of engaging questions to ask those that you meet. Instead of sending an email schedule lunch or a meeting at happy hour. This will insert accountability into your desire to connect.

Are you a business owner? Thinking of starting a business? Don't know what type of business is best for you?

Speak Woman Magazine & Marketing CAN HELP Brand Management Graphic & Web Design Marketing Management Social Media Management Speak Woman is also committed to providing strategic marketing & promotions for businesses, churches, and events of all types.

HOW TO Boosting Productivity requires disciplined and deliberate time management and organization.

Here are a few tips to help

Boost Productivity in 2020 Be Proactive, Not Reactive. Create a prioritized list of all projects and assignments. Don’t allow phone calls and emails to stop you in your track, just simply add them to the list to assure they will not be forgotten and inform sender that you will complete when available. Set The Scene Create a designated work space to use consistently. This will create muscle memory and put your mind in work mode. *Research has shown the benefit of decorating work area to taste and adding plants can improve mood and increase productivity. Create Schedules & Track Social Media Time Creating a schedule helps with prioritizing and creating consistency. Create a template for checking emails, returning calls, scheduling meetings, and administrative time. Administrative time allows time to strategize and decompress. Social media can be a productivity killer. It is also vital to most businesses and brands. Scheduling a set time to manage social media will create accountability and decrease mindless scrolling resulting in more free time to boost productivity. Manage Multi-Tasking Many think that working on multiple projects increase efficiency, but this may not be fact. Psychologists have found that working on several tasks at once can result in lost time and decreased productivity. Instead working on a single task before moving on to your next project can boost productivity. 2. Break Out Taking regular breaks allows you to increase quality productivity. Prolonged tasks are shown to decrease performance. Taking short breaks (every 90 minutes) can improve concentration and boost productivity.

Empowering Entrepreneurs Through

Financial Literacy

Folasade Ayegbusi The Accountability Accountant

Tell us about your brand. My brand is Folasade the Accountability Accountant it was birthed out of the fact that my Brand Manager at the time realized that I wasn't just doing businesses taxes and bookkeeping. I was holding them Accountable to achieve their goals and get the results they desire.

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

be accountable for every dollar earned and spent. A financially literate entrepreneur knows that they must have an accountant and have the accountant do their bookkeeping. If the entrepreneur does not understand the importance of having an accountant they will question the necessity of this key component until their business fails. I’ve seen this happen, especially in the African American community. According to Guidant financial Business trend report, African-American businesses struggle with funding and financial management, with that being said, Financial literacy is required because it's the difference between success and failure.

One of my greatest accomplishments to date is a saving thousands of my small business clients over $25,000,000 in tax savings, loss revenues, bad deals and much more. I'm honored to serve small businesses because I realize that if I don’t Do you have any upcoming events? save African-Americans small businesses Yes! as much as I can through accounting then I've created the Black Professional of I'm takin away their next dollar to invest Prince George's County here in my state. into their businesses. I have a few other things planned for my tribe in 2020 that I can't yet speak of What has been your most challenging yet, but stay tuned.

moment and how did you overcome?

Scaling my company has been and is the hardest challenge that my team and I are overcoming. I've been able to overcome this challenge by hiring another accountant/ CPA to replace my full time role within the organization. I realized the hard way that I cannot scale my company by being the fulltime technician (Accountant) and bottle neck of the company. Someone must know just as much or more than me.

Tell us why financial literacy is important for entrepreneurs This is an amazing question. Financial literacy is very important for entrepreneurs because it allows the entrepreneur to

Folasade’s 2020 Financial Tips Look At The Numbers. This is for both my entrepreneurs and 9 to 5er's. Review your Annual and Monthly Income against your Expenses. Evaluate if you're spending more than what you're making? *Are you paying for services you aren't utilizing? If so, evaluate their need and then cancel the underutilized services.

Set Two (2) Financial Goals Be very specific and realistic. Most importantly try and stick to it. For instance, I want to save $20,000 or I want to increase my credit score by 50 points. Once you set the goals write a guide map and create actionable steps for you to complete.

Be Transparent Start the year Transparent and Honest with yourself by evaluating your 2019 results compared with your 2019 goals. I believe that we cannot achieve actual results until we are transparent and honest with ourselves. Start the year off evaluating your performance so you can achieve the results. As the accountability accountant, I've found that evaluating your performance prevents you from making the same errors and costly mistakes in your finances.

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