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Know Your Purpose

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Strength In Vulnerability

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Diona Clark How I Learned To

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In the blink of an eye life can knock us down, but this is when the overcoming spirit in each of us comes out. This issue features women that have OVERCOME dark days and continue to grow in strength and wisdom. If you are an OVERCOMER we invite you to share your story in Speak Woman Magazine. Be Blessed, Shanda Campbell, Founder of Speak Woman

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Know Your Purpose By Carmelita Mcroy

Do you know your purpose in life? If

you do great this article may not be for you, but if you are someone who truly does not know their purpose keep reading. There are a lot of people going around in circles in their life because they do not know their life’s purpose, so I hope this Blesses you. In the dictionary Purpose means, “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. Yes, it’s that simple, or is it? Do you know why you were created? Do you understand and know your gift? Are you using your gift to help others? Yes, your purpose has to do with helping others in the world, your community, and your family. Knowing your purpose will keep you from being frustrated with life. Keep you from wasting time and years on things that will not benefit your life. Knowing your purpose will keep you from dating and marrying the wrong person. Yep I said it, and it’s true because the mate that you end up with will support your dreams and goals while pushing you to do better and move forward. Knowing your purpose will keep you from feeling like life is too hard to live. Most of the time we feel like life is too hard and we get depressed about life because we are trying to create a life that is not apart of our destiny.

Here are a few tips to get you started •

• •

Write down the things you love to do. Write down the things you are good at (ask the people that are close to you they know). Does the thing you love and the thing you are good at help others? Starting with these three tips will help you to get on the path to living WITH A PURPOSE 7

Diona Clark

Founder of Liv Out Loud

Diona is inspiring and motivating others to live their life out loud and conquer their fears! Diona is seen as the go-to motivational keynote speaker for any organization that desires their audience and clients to improve their self-esteem, confidence levels, and ultimately achieve results. Diona was given the name "Ms. Motivation" due to her intriguing way of captivating her audience giving an electrifying experience that propels one to respond with action. As a result of her own experience with Domestic Violence Diona started Liv Out Loud Enterprises an organization in which one aspect is to help raise awareness of Domestic Violence in the community. The mission is to educate, empower, and prevent Domestic Violence. Through Diona's advocacy she's had the opportunity to collaborate with House Representatives and other policymakers and be a voice in House Bill 1 which amended stricter protection laws for victims of Domestic Violence in dating relationships. Diona was recognized by the State of Ohio for her efforts in bringing awareness of Domestic Violence in the community and helping those that are impacted by this issue. She has been interviewed and appeared on CNN, TBN , Your World with Creflo Dollar, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Good Day Columbus, Madam Noire and The Voice magazine, as well as, a host of other media outlets. 8

What is the Liv Out Loud Brand? The Liv Out Loud brand is a unique design that came to me after being shot twice by my estranged boyfriend and encountering women who felt sheltered, not wanting to be seen or heard because of what they went through. To Live Out Loud simply means to enjoy the life that God has given you and live it to the fullest! Unfortunately, many are living, but they are not living out loud. They are living out quietly still in shock of what happened to them in the past. I truly believe it is my mission to bring people out of a dark place and into a bright world that awaits them.

to believe they can survive then it most likely won't be done. The good book says as a person thinks in their heart so are they which means if you can think it you can have it. It was time, it was the right friends around me, it was keeping myself in a certain environment, and it was absolutely prayer. My message to women all over the world is it can be done, and it can be done by you! Do you have any upcoming events? I'm working on my next book project the title of that book is Top Shelf Lady which basically talks about the essence of being and becoming a lady and living an optimum life. So be on the lookout for the How did you overcome the trauma of book release and book tour coming to a domestic violence and begin to city near you! Liv Out Loud? Also our annual Domestic Violence I overcame trauma of Domestic Speak Up Speak Out conference in Violence many different ways. Therapy, October where we collaborate with other retraining my mind, time, and prayer. Domestic Violence service providers to Overcoming domestic abuse is something help bring awareness of Domestic very few women do and this is what Violence in our community. prompted me to begin to Live Out Loud! To be an example to other survivors showing them that there is life after trauma and with each day we can put the pieces of our lives that were once shattered back together piece-by-piece. What is your message to other women that have experienced trauma in life? My personal message to women that have experienced trauma in their life is you can overcome. If I can't get a person @dionalivoutloud 9




SUMMER SAVING TIPS Turn off AC at night. Use the fan to cool off at night. This reduces your energy bill  Replace filters. This decreases the amount of energy used to filter air in home leaving a safe-healthy air.  Turn off the lights. Use natural light in the daytime for energy savings.  Grill out. Spend time cooking outside. This decreases energy bill because stove is not used and decreases AC workload.  Decrease daycare fees by hiring responsible teenage babysitters.  Look for seasonal grocery specials & use coupons. 

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Phillitia Charlton

Charlton Charlton & Associates The Charlton family was in their home the evening of Memorial Day 2019 when 15 tornadoes touched down in Montgomery County, Ohio. This is her story of Strength In Vulnerability

Phillitia is an author, speaker, personal & professional development coach and…a survivor. While only 2% of children in foster care earn a college degree, Phillitia has exceeded the odds by earning her bachelor’s degree and excelling in multiple graduate level programs. She uses her faith and past to empower women. In her book, The Death of a Lie, she shares her life’s journey that lead her to the develop an empowerment program; seeking to free women from the lies they tell themselves in search of happiness. The Death of a Lie movement is also a play premiering November 16th 2019 at the Dayton Art Institute.


When The Roof Blew Off I Learned

Strength In Vulnerability By: Phillitia Charlton My husband came downstairs and told me there was a tornado in the area. As my family gathered in the bathroom in the basement, we held on tight. We prayed as the tornado shook the house. Items didn't matter, we only cared about staying together & staying alive. I asked my neighbors if we could stay the night and they let us. I didn’t know this was the beginning of learning that there is strength in vulnerability. As a child I learned not to beg for anything, not to ask for what you needed and to tell people I was okay, when I wasn’t. That day, I wasn’t okay. I was scared and grateful. People kept telling me that it could have been worse. Some kept saying that I should be grateful to be alive; as if I wasn’t. Although it wasn’t meant to, that statement made me feel apologetic for “not being as affected” as others. The roof literally blew off and I still struggled admitting we needed help. In that moment, my fear wouldn’t allow me to see that we are a part of the community and people wanted to help. When my husband’s co-workers reached out offering financial support, I wasn’t having it. They insisted he start a GoFundMe to allow them to donate to our family. Even though my house was unlivable, and we lost many of our possessions, that childhood attitude came up saying, “Don’t take anything from anybody, even if you need it.” That attitude was just that, childish. I almost allowed my fear of what others would think of me to block Blessing my entire family. My husband’s co-worker and close friends said let people help you. Stop trying to avoid your own feelings of lost by helping other people until you have taken care of your family. Although it was hard to hear, I needed to hear it and own it. There are good people in the world who Bless others expecting nothing in return. It’s not just money, it’s time, prayers, and other immeasurable acts of kindness we might miss out on due to ego, shame and pride. It took a tornado taking the roof off for me to learn that there is strength in vulnerability. Words can't express our gratitude for a community so willing to help and Bless others. In order to be Blessed, we must be open to receiving. 13

Chef Neah Rainey



What The Storms Destroyed The National Weather Service confirmed that on the evening of Memorial Day 2019 the Ohio cities of Trotwood, Dayton, Beavercreek, Riverside, and surrounding areas were forever changed by 15 tornadoes touching down causing mass destruction. Countless people lost absolutely everything. Many are hardworking citizens that literally live paycheck to paycheck. It is known that the process of rebuilding will continue for years to come. Here are a few tips to begin rebuilding what the storms destroyed. -Get Help The trauma from the tornadoes. Losing everything, and seeing destruction everyday can be too much. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength because you are strong enough to know your limits. Housing, medical, and/or other resources are just a call or click away waiting to serve. Reach out to these lifelines.

-Be Grateful While Allowing Yourself To Grieve While we are grateful to be alive it is also necessary to grieve what was lost. While our homes, cars, possessions are not more valuable than our lives these are things that we spend our hardearned money, time, and energy into. We all need a place to call home. Allow yourself to grieve over what was lost, just don’t stay in that grief.

-Create/ Act on your crisis management plan. A crisis management plan is a prioritized strategy that focuses on the most important needs including housing, meals, medical, etc. This plan works as a checklist to assure nothing is forgotten in the hustle and bustle of rebuilding.

-Meditate Meaningful Medication allows you to take control over your emotions and allows for a clear view to rebuild the life you want. Meditation can be used as a time of prayer, deep breathing, and reflecting on all the positive aspects of life.

-Begin with the end in mind The beauty of rebuilding is that you have the chance to REBUILD the life you desire!!!

-Be Nice to Yourself Give yourself permission to live life! Laugh, do something you love, find joy in life! This clears your mind offering a different perspectives and increases your physical and mental health. 15


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