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Spring 2019 Volume 5-Issue 2

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How To Spring Forward In Business

Spring Skin Care Tips

Tips On Home Buying & Selling

Does He Love Me? OVERCOMING Domestic Violence In The Church

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Does He Love Me?

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OVERCOMING Domestic Violence In The Church

Spring Skin Care Tips

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Business Spotlight

Neah Rainey

How To Spring Forward In Business

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We’ve made it through another phenomenal year because of YOU!!! This past year has been full of ups and downs, but we have remained focused on our mission to uplift and spotlight the positivity in EVERY woman! The upcoming year will be focused on expanding our content to assure that we are providing content that will provoke thought and change! This issue does just that! We invite you to continue this positive journey with us!!!

Be Blessed, Shanda Campbell, Founder of Speak Woman

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was created with a simple mission; to uplift & spotlight the positivity in EVERY woman! We strive to be a vessel of information for our readers. Trademark Property of Speak Woman Magazine, LLC Founder/Editor-At-Large La’Shanda Campbell Publisher Speak Woman Magazine, LLC Speak Woman welcomes submissions.

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Kristie Hunter entered the real estate world in 2017 and is on the rise toward becoming the "Go To" agent. She is a consistent leader with a reputation for tenaciously protecting the interest of her clients. Kristie is well known for her willingness to help others, her savvy negotiation skills, and her ability to proficiently get a sale from start to settlement.

or night promptly returning calls, Facebook messages, and emails. She focuses on building relationships with clients. “I have gained some very close friends through a real estate transaction! “I love what I do, and I am ready to work for you!”

Kristie has a passion for contributing to her community. She volunteers at various events including Dayton Hoopla, National Diversity Council, and Love School to name a few. Kristie plans to head up a fundraising event to support families in need. “One of my desired ways to give back to my community is by random acts of kindness, which will brighten someone’s day”. During the holidays Kristie and her loving family adopted children in single parent households who were in need.

Kristie Hunter Realtor

Kristie says that her greatest motivation is the passionate desire to be the very best that she can be. She is always being available, day

(937) 681-0916 6

Home Buying & Selling Tips Kristie Hunter Realtor Buying A Home      

SET A Budget and start a housing fund Check your credit report & know your scores Select the best type of loan (FHA, Conventional, Fixed-rate or VA) Get pre-approved by a mortgage lender Contact Kristie for your real estate needs Start shopping for your new home

Selling A Home

There are 3 reasons a house sells

The price  Always request a CMA Appearance (The way it looks)  Clean and remove clutter - show your Sunday best

The REALTOR® you choose!

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Does He Love Me? By Carmelita Mcroy I’m old so many of you may not remember Alfalfa from the Little Rascals who was in love with a girl named Darla, and how he would always sit around saying “She loves me, she loves me not”. He was so in love with Darla and he would be sad when she would choose Waldo over him. See Waldo was the rich kid with lots of nice material things. Waldo loved the challenge of seeing if he could get Darla, not that he really loved her. And the reason I can say he really didn’t love her, is because he would drop her in a heartbeat if he didn’t get his way.

Let me tell you about love. It is an action word. A person can say they love you all day long, but their actions prove it; and I am not talking about just material things. A man needs to listen to your heart and know the beat, he holds you when you need to be held, he does something special for you even when you haven’t done anything for him. He takes care of the kids without you asking. He shows you love by doing the little things that matter.

Now don’t get me wrong, some men have not been taught how to love a woman, but if he wants to know how to love someone, he will do it. He will take hints from you, and he will watch how blessed men treat their women; and he won’t be ashamed to say I’m sorry, I didn’t know. A man needs to cater to your mind, body, and soul. When he does that, he’s a keeper and you won’t have to ask the question, “he loves me, he loves me not?”

I see a lot of special proposals and weddings on social media, but there are still a numerous amount of divorces and people hurting from broken relationships. Why? Because, people do not really know what love is. Women are asking themselves, “He loves me, he loves me not?” Have you found yourself asking does he love me? If you ask yourself if a man love’s you there is no question; the answer is he does not. 9


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Speak Woman Magazine Contributor

@ReNewPeople Pastor Paul Gales was born in Dayton, Ohio. He has a passion for studying, preaching, and teaching the word of God! After several years of dedicated service to the start and growth of a number of successful ministries, his love for God’s people and the community he lives in has led him to branch out from being a youth Pastor for the last 10 years to Founding Pastor of ReNew Church in downtown Dayton Ohio. He offers spiritual guidance, facilitates weddings, and continues to mentor youth in the community. During his time as a youth Pastor he has sat on several boards in Dayton Ohio that offer services surrounding Domestic Violence, Gun Violence, and young male mentorship.

Pastor Paul Gales

Although these may seem like great things Pastor Paul Gales says his greatest achievement to date is his 13 year Marriage to his wife Andrill Gales. Pastor Paul often says that marriage is not easy; it is a job that requires you to clock in and put in work every day to see the fruits of that labor. Pastor Paul believes that marriage is an achievement and believes his greatest BLESSINGS are his four children PaKyla Gales-(13), Paul Gales II (10) twin daughters PaNyiah and PaNyla Gales (3 mths), he’s eternally grateful to God for thinking that he was worthy enough to receive such a GIFT. 13

SWM: Tell us about yourself Ms. Dugger:

themselves”. And although I still truly believe that, for me as time went on I came to discover that I am the 5th child of a family instinctively I am. It’s a part of of 8, so I’m somewhat the middle my purpose and it’s a part of who child.. I was the one to do what I I am. was supposed to do, never really SWM: What been your adventurous. I started working at greatest struggle in business and sixteen and have pretty much worked ever since. I would work what did you learn from it? My greatest has been being at my jobs for years until I felt or structure. When you circumstances made it work for somenecessary to “I came to discover one else, your move on. I am that instinctively I day is the mother of am (an entrepreneur)“ structured. You one son,. I’ve know what you are to never married. It was the classic work, school (at do according to your job title and times), church and home. Noth- when certain things need to be ing much here to see kind of life. done. In business, I do everything so structuring what to do and SWM: Why did you when to do it can be challenging. become an entrepreneur? I believe the ideas of becoming I’ve learned that even though it is an entrepreneur was always in my challenging, it is very necessary subconscious. I never considered in order to be successful. myself as being an entrepreneur even with the prodding of my brother. I would always say “Not everybody is meat to work for 14

SWM: What has been your

you give other women finding her way through greatest accomplishment to entrepreneurship? date and why is it so Don’t give up! Take every step important? My greatest accomplishment as a learning experience. It is there to help you grow. Find a so far is the ability to be in mentor if you can. Know you are business for 5 years! Statistics show that many businesses don’t not alone. Work with others and reach out for help when you need make it to 5 years. This is to, sometimes its just to talk. important because Just Oil Hair & Body “Just Oil has been SWM: What Solutions has able to sustain is next for you? been able to through the years“ To keep growing sustain itself Just Oil until it is a through the years as I am learning and growing. I household brand known for its quality and consistency. I have have no desire to give up and I other things that I am working on know I have so much more to as well but time will tell. accomplish and to contribute.

SWM: How do you relax

and enjoy life now? I relax and enjoy life by being grateful and getting back to doing things I love to do like skating, going to the park, and making sure I’m healthy by eating well and exercising. Photography ByCEO Just Oil Sharon Dugger, Overseers Media Crew

SWM: What advice would 15


Spring Skincare Tips By Sherrita Stroud Flawless makeup begins with great skin care. Skin care does not have to be expensive, it simply has to be right for your skin type. Choosing a gentle cleanser and proper moisturizer is key. Harsh cleansers can actually strip natural oils from the skin. This can cause premature wrinkles and your skin may produce excessive oil in response. Don’t forget the lips when pampering your skin. Try mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with 2 teaspoons of sugar. Apply this to lips to remove dry skin and add moisture.

Choosing The Right Foundation Color Your foundation shade may change during the warmer months, since you are typically exposed to more sun light. Choose a shade that seems to disappear when placed on the skin. This means the foundation is good shade match for you. During the warmer months, a light weight foundation is great choice. Using a makeup finishing spay or a setting powder can give your foundation longevity.

Add A Splash of Color!!! Choosing the right colors can be as simple as asking yourself, in what colors do I feel the most beautiful? Sometimes when shopping for the right color, it can be overwhelming since the possibilities are endless. Do you feel beautiful in reds, pinks or purples or earth tones? If you choose bold colors for the eyes, try adding a sheer gloss to the lips. When wearing a bold lipstick, a little mascara and or eyeliner can pull your look together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors. Remember, its just makeup and it can be washed off. 17

How To

Spring Forward In Business

By Shanda Campbell

Spring is officially here! The harsh, cold days of winter are behind us, for now. Spring is the time that most of us begin the gardening process. As a vegetable gardener, I understand that there are actions that must be taken to assure a beneficial harvest. This is no different in business. After months of freezing temperatures and staying indoors consumers are ready to engage and support businesses. So, how do businesses attract these consumers? This is a question frequently asked by Speak Woman Marketing clients. Here are a few tips to get your business off to a running start. For more assistance schedule your complimentary consultation at Prepare: Preparation is a vital to the success of anything, especially business. Many entrepreneurs start a business or project filled with excitement and are quickly saddened by results. This is primarily due to starting off illprepared. Preparation includes evaluating all sides and creating a strategy for each scenario. This does not mean you’ll be completely prepared for everything that comes your way, but it does mean that you have stretched your brain (creativity) in a way that if/when situations arise you have prepared alternative ways of completing a set task. Preparation includes, but is not limited to, updating/creating marketing strategies for the current season and beyond. Other aspects of preparation include leveraging logistics. This addresses the coordination of budgets, people, facilities, and supplies required for the strategies created. This is often the area of most stress for business owners because it requires time and extensive research if done correctly. 18

PromoteAfter a comprehensive marketing strategy has been created how will your target consumer base know about it? What platforms will be used? Can this be done by the organization or is outsourcing required? These are a few questions that should be addressed regarding promoting a business project.

ProvideThis is the area of do or die for most organizations. Many businesses are so focused on bringing in revenue that service is sacrificed. It is important to remember the ‘Chick Fil A’ experience. I can’t say that I am a Chick Fil A food fan, but I appreciate the above and beyond organizational culture that was intentionally set. It is important to ONLY promote the products and services that you can EXCEPTIONALLY provide. Remember, word of mouth is how a small business thrives.

PersistTo succeed in anything you must PERSIST! To persist is to continue a course of action over a long period of time. In addition it is vital to sustain the same level of excitement throughout. For example, if your strategic action plan requires you to make 50 prospect calls a day, it is vital to have the same level of excitement in your tone on the 50th call as on the 1st. Five rules of successful persistency include: Be Organized Be Automated Be Accountable Be Clear Be Relevant Spring is a great time of growth in all areas of life, especially in business. It is our hope that these tips allow you to Spring Forward in Business!!! For more assistance schedule your complimentary consultation at 19

Chef Neah Rainey


OVERCOMING Domestic Violence Within The Church Dr. Cheryl Glenn-Jones Dr. Cheryl Glenn-Jones of Dayton, Ohio is the third child of five siblings. She has two daughters, three grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. Dr. Jones endured 18 years of Domestic Violence during 34 years of marriage to her previous husband. She is now a newlywed, married to Karl Jones. Dr. Jones is an outstanding theological instructor. In addition, she expanded her education opportunities when she received her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Christian Education and a Doctorate degree in Ministry. She received a Doctorate of Divinity degree in July 2002. She has effectively used her teaching ministry gift to provide biblical knowledge to many. She is the Pastor of Greater Judah International and a dedicated leader who provides Spiritual Growth and Development Opportunities for the people of God. Dr Jones is the founder of Cheryl Glenn Ministries (CGM), When I See Me (WISM), and Judah Kingdom Outreach Center (JKCO). She is a spiritual shepherd with spiritual discernment regarding the problems that can overtake her flock. She cooperates with the Holy Spirit in the healing of souls and the experience needed in the Word of God to teach practical application for everyday life. Dr. Jones has preached in Dominican Republic to hungry souls seeking deliverance. She has also been a presenter for conferences, preached revivals, deliverance services, community programs, television talk shows and much more. 21

Domestic Violence Within The Church Breaking The Cycle Of Violence Dr. Cheryl Glenn-Jones After sharing horrific stories of the violence that she endured at the hands of her previous husband Dr. Cheryl Glenn-Jones shared what she learned about the cycle of violence and explained that every battered Christian woman goes through the cycle of violence. This cycle of violence has three distinct phases, which vary in both time and intensity for the same couple and between different couples. The three phases are (I) Tension-building phase; (II) The explosion or acute battering incident; and (III) The calm, loving respite. There is no set time a couple may stay in any one phase. In phase one the Tension build- phase one. This is not to say that those incidents in phase one are not serious ing, minor battering incidents occur. and do not constitute unlawful assault, The Christian woman handles these but it is both the seriousness with incidents in a variety of ways. She may become nurturing, complain, and which phase two incidents are viewed may anticipate his every whim; or she by the couple and the uncontrolled may stay out of his way. She lets the nature that marks the distinction between the phases. batterer know that she accepts his abusiveness as legitimate. She believes The second phase of the cycle that what she does will prevent his may be shorter than the first and the anger from escalating third phase. Usually it lasts from two Women who has been battered a to twenty-four hours, although some have gone through a terror for a week long period of time knows that these or more. It is impossible to predict the minor battering incidents will only kind of violence that will occur during escalate. However, using the same psychological defense, they deny this this acute stage. knowledge to help themselves cope. The third phase brings with it an In Phase two the acute incident unusual period of calm. The husband phase is characterized by the notable constantly behaves in a charming and uncontrollable discharge of tension that loving manner. He may be apologetic was built up during phase one. This for his actions in the previous phases lack of control and major destructive- and often begs her forgiveness and ness distinguish the acute battering promises her that he will never do it incident from the minor incidents in again. 22

HOW DID I ESCAPE AN ABUSIVE MARRIAGE The way I escaped an abusive marriage was unique and different. I was attending a conference in Oklahoma where Myles Monroe was teaching. He used a scripture from the Bible in I Corinthians 10:13…but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. As I carefully listen to him, he explained that if you choose to put up with something, God will give you the strength to put up with it. However, if you say you cannot tolerate it anymore, He will make a way of escape. That thing hit my spirit and I began to speak out I am not tolerating it anymore over and over. Understand there were about 30,000 attending this conference. This was my private moment with God. To my surprise when I returned home my husband had packed all of his belongings and never came back, I realized it was nothing but God.

As a results of my experience I have a new book coming out this year (2019) entitled “A CRY FOR HELP” which is an inside look of Christian battered women to bring awareness to the community through the churches so pastors can be empowered to provide support groups in the churches.

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