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Visionary Her Journey To Living Her Best Life While Transforming Nashville’s Media & Entertainment Landscape Spotlighting the strength, diversity, and uniqueness of this journey called womanhood

EDITOR’S NOTE 2024 has arrived!

A blank canvas to create the life that you desire! Let’s paint the year with resilience, purpose, and the unyielding faith that we can Live Our Best Life! Our Covergirl Cameo Bobo has been doing just that! As we celebrate the New Year we also celebrate Cameo’s journey!

Here's to 2024! A year that, for Cameo, holds the promise of an unyielding commitment to living her best life. Happy New Year, Shanda Campbell, Editor-At-Large

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Kilwantae Matlock Woman To Watch


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Self-Care Tips Pg. 8

Relationship Re-Boot

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Navigating Growth Coaching Vs Mentorship

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Balancing Act

Workplace Stress Relievers

2024 Self-Care Tips Gratitude Practice Cultivate daily prayer and gratitude practice. Reflecting on the positive and reminding yourself that in all things God is working for my good can shift our focus back to abundance! Get Health Check-ups & Get Moving Proactive healthcare contributes to long-term health and can catch issues early. Embrace a holistic approach to fitness, incorporating fun activities that get you moving! Nutritional Empowerment Explore mindful eating practices that remind you to assess how you feel after eating. Do your meals lift you up or drag you down? Quality Me-Time Carve out dedicated "me-time" regularly. This is a great time to assess and improve our ‘emotional intelligence’ by practicing self-awareness and self -compassion to understand and manage emotions and build mental resilience. Creative Outlets Cultivate a creative hobby or passion project. Whether it's painting, writing, or crafting, creative expression is a powerful form of self-care. Community Support A supportive community is a source of strength and encouragement. Continuous Learning Be a lifelong learning. Whether it's a new skill, language, or interest, the pursuit of knowledge contributes to personal growth and fulfillment Remember, self-care is a personal journey, and it's essential to tailor tips to suit your individual needs and preferences. Prioritize yourself in 2024 and embrace a holistic approach to well-being.

Relationship Re-Boot

Cultivating Healthy Connections In 2024 As the calendar turns a new page, it's the perfect time for a relationship reboot. Let’s explore the art of fostering meaningful connections, from personal relationships to professional collaborations, in 2024. Reflection and Renewal The new year offers a chance to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future. Take time to assess your relationships—identify strengths to celebrate and areas for growth. This self-awareness lays the foundation for intentional and positive connections. Communication Upgrade Effective communication is the backbone of healthy relationships. Commit to cultivating open, honest, and empathetic communication. Embrace active listening, express your needs, and create a safe space for others to share their thoughts and feelings. Boundaries for Balance Establishing and respecting boundaries is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. Clearly define your limits and communicate them with compassion. Recognize the importance of balance in giving and receiving within your connections. Quality Time Reinvented In the age of constant connectivity, redefine quality time. Whether it's a technology-free evening, a shared hobby, or simply being present in the moment, prioritize meaningful experiences that strengthen the bonds with your loved ones.

Embracing Change Together The only constant in life is change, and relationships must adapt. Embrace growth individually and as a unit. Support aspirations, celebrate achievements, and navigate challenges together, fostering unity. Gratitude Moments Gratitude strengthens the fabric of relationships. Integrate gratitude moments into your daily life. A simple acknowledgment of appreciation can have a profound impact on the dynamics of your connections. Conflict Resolution Skills Conflict is inevitable, but healthy relationships thrive on effective conflict resolution. Learn to navigate disagreements constructively. Focus on understanding and finding common ground rather than assigning blame. Celebrate Diversity In the spirit of inclusivity, embrace and celebrate the diversity within your relationships. Recognize and appreciate the unique strengths, perspectives, and experiences each person brings, creating a tapestry of richness in your connections. May 2024 be a year of growth, understanding, and thriving relationships!

Kilwantae Matlock

Kilwantae Matlock, a Georgia native, is the force behind Events by Bijou LLC, a thriving Event Planning/Design Company. She began her entrepreneurial journey in 2017 after an impressive 19 1/2 years in the healthcare industry and she has no plans of turning back! Additionally, Kilwantae is also the co-founder of Sisters of Eminence, a nonprofit organization that mirrors her passion for celebrating life and positively impacting the community.

A beacon of compassion, Kilwantae is dedicated to inspiring positive change. Her genuine good deeds, fueled by pure and honest intentions, resonate in her commitment to making the world a better place. Grateful for her transformative journey, Kilwantae's drive for excellence aligns seamlessly with her life philosophies: "Live Happy, Because You Deserve Every Moment" and "Things Are Always Working Out For ME." Kilwantae's influence is palpable, as evidenced by notable awards, including The National Society of Leadership and Success Award, The National Excellence in Leadership Award, and TRIO Student Services Showcase of Excellence Award. To add more sunshine to the world, Kilwantae contributes to her community through volunteer initiatives, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact.

Kilwantae Matlock is not just a woman to watch; she is a visionary force, a philanthropic powerhouse, and an inspiring testament to the transformative potential of purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

Speak Woman proudly recognizes Kilwantae as a Woman to Watch

Coaching Vs Mentorship In the pursuit of personal and professional development, coaching and mentorship stand as beacons, offering guidance and support. Let’s unravel these transformative approaches, shedding light on their roles in empowering women in the ever-evolving landscape of 2024. The Dance of Guidance Coaching and mentorship, while both facilitating growth, dance to different rhythms. Coaching often involves a structured, goal-oriented process, providing tailored guidance to navigate specific challenges. On the other hand, mentorship is a more holistic, relationship-based exchange, where wisdom and experience flow organically. Tailored Strategies of Coaching Coaching is akin to a bespoke roadmap for personal and professional achievement. In 2024, embrace coaching as a dynamic process where a skilled coach tailors strategies to your unique goals, pushing boundaries and unlocking your full potential.

Holistic Wisdom of Mentorship Mentorship, a timeless tradition, brings the gift of holistic wisdom. A mentor, typically more experienced in a particular field, shares insights, lessons, and a broader perspective on life. This relationship often extends beyond professional realms, embracing the mentee's personal growth journey. Skill Development with Coaching Coaching shines as a spotlight on skill development. Whether honing leadership abilities, refining communication skills, or navigating career transitions, coaching provides targeted strategies to enhance specific competencies, empowering women to excel in their chosen paths.

Relationship Building in Mentorship Mentorship is a journey of relationship building. It's about more than just skill acquisition; it's about understanding the intricacies of a chosen field, gaining insights into workplace dynamics, and fostering a connection with someone who has walked the path before. Short-Term Goals, Long-Term Vision Coaching often centers around short-term goals, providing immediate strategies for overcoming obstacles. In contrast, mentorship tends to focus on the long-term vision, guiding individuals towards sustained growth and excellence. Active Participation in Coaching Coaching is an active partnership. Coachees actively engage in goal setting, action planning, and reflection. This participatory dynamic allows for a more hands-on approach, enabling women to take charge of their development journeys. Wisdom Transfer in Mentorship Mentorship, akin to passing the torch, involves the transfer of wisdom from one generation to the next. In 2024, honor this tradition by seeking mentors who not only inspire but also actively contribute to your personal and professional evolution. Growth Catalysts Both coaching and mentorship serve as growth catalysts, propelling women toward their aspirations. The choice between the two often depends on individual needs, with some embracing the targeted strategies of coaching and others benefiting from the comprehensive insights offered by mentorship. Complementary Forces Ultimately, coaching and mentorship are not mutually exclusive; they can be complementary forces in one's empowerment journey. In the tapestry of 2024, consider integrating both approaches, leveraging the strengths of coaching for skill refinement and the wisdom of mentorship for holistic development.

Workplace Stress Relievers In the fast-paced world of 2024, the workplace can be a whirlwind of demands and challenges. Let’s discover stress-relieving strategies to navigate the professional landscape with resilience and well-being. Mindful Moments in Meetings Transform mundane meetings into opportunities for mindfulness. Integrate silent prayer, short breathing exercises, or moments of reflection to promote focus and alleviate stress during busy workdays. Tech Detox Time Designate specific periods for a digital detox during the workday. Stepping away from screens can refresh the mind, reduce eye strain, and contribute to a healthier work-life balance. Personalized Workspace Peace Create a workspace of calmness and creativity. Incorporate elements like plants, calming colors, or personal mementos to make your work environment a stress-free space. Micro-breaks for Macro Results Embrace the power of micro-breaks. Whether it's a short walk, a quick stretch, or a moment of prayer and mindful breathing, these brief pauses can re-energize you and enhance overall productivity.

Collaborative Stress-Busting Sessions Initiate stress-relief sessions with colleagues. Whether it's a quick stretch together or a shared mindfulness break, fostering a supportive workplace culture can significantly reduce stress levels.

Empowerment Playlists Curate a playlist of empowering tunes to boost motivation. Take a break and indulge in a few minutes of music therapy to recharge and tackle tasks with renewed vigor. Remote Work Wellness Routine For those working remotely, establish was to separate work from home life. Set boundaries, create a dedicated workspace, and incorporate routines like a morning routine to signal the start of the workday. Laughter Therapy Breaks Integrate laughter into your day. Whether it's watching a comedy clip or sharing a humorous moment with a colleague, laughter is a natural stress reliever that can lighten the mood. Self-Compassion Practices Cultivate self-compassion. Acknowledge achievements, learn from challenges, and treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion.

Our number one priority is to create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. Our baked goods and custom cakes are a hit at any function!

CAMEO BOBO Cameo Bobo, the captivating host of the sensational late-night TV phenomenon, "The Cameo Bobo Show - Live in Music City," has gracefully seized the spotlight, captivating audiences and inspiring a new era in Nashville's entertainment realm. Renowned for its inspiring interviews, celebrity appearances, performances, comedic acts, and more, the show stands as a living testament to Cameo's visionary pursuit of elevating Nashville's media presence to unprecedented heights. As CEO of Cameo Bobo Services, Cameo is not just a television luminary but a transformative force! As a Goal Coach, she empowers women entrepreneurs through her acclaimed Best Life goal-setting formula and Best Life Babes membership. Cameo also graces the literary world as the bestselling author of "The Best Life Formula" and a chart-topping music artist celebrated for her resonant radio singles. Beyond the glitz of showbiz, Cameo stands as the force behind "We Are FAWM," a dedicated sisterhood program fostering the empowerment of girls, and the creative genius steering the helm of the boutique, ShopwithCameo.com. Venturing into diverse realms, Cameo has hosted and produced events alongside Gospel Music Ambassador Bobby Jones for nationally syndicated TV shows, showcasing her unparalleled versatility. Her accolades resonate loudly, with multiple nominations at the Southern Entertainment Music Awards and the recent prestigious Nashville Black 40 Under Forty award, firmly establishing Cameo as a sought-after and influential creative force. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Cameo's most cherished role extends beyond the limelight – she is the devoted mother of an extraordinary son. Grounded in an accommodating attitude and a public-spirited nature, these qualities stand as the enduring cornerstones of her multi-dimensional success.

You share that being a mother to your son is your most cherished role. How do you balance career and motherhood? “When I discovered I was pregnant with my son, I was a senior in college, with plans to move to New York City after graduation to pursue a career in fashion. The news was overwhelming; I was scared and uncertain about my ability to be a mother at that point. So, I got down on my knees and prayed, ‘God, what should I do?' The next moment I heard a reassuring response in my heart from God saying, “Cameo, if you have this baby, I promise that neither the baby nor you will want for anything. I'll take care of every need.” True to His promise, since that day, both my son and I have been consistently provided for. Discovering that I was going to be a mother, gave me a newfound sense of purpose and a larger reason to live. Although the journey hasn't always been easy, I held onto the wisdom of a quote I encountered early on: “True success is fulfilling God's will in God's time.” As a young mother, progress took a bit longer, but with that quote in mind, I navigated the challenges, always mindful that motherhood was my first priority.

Early on I recognized the importance of preserving my “own” identity and the purpose for which God created me, and when my son, Kairee, turned one, I began to rediscover and nurture my talents, likes, and goals. Setting ambitious goals and working toward them became my answer to maintaining balance between my career and motherhood.”


Tell us about "The Cameo Bobo Show - Live in Music City" and the how you are bringing a new era to Nashville's entertainment landscape. The Cameo Bobo Show - Live in Music City is a project that fills me with so much excitement and gratitude. This show is not just about creating a late-night TV show in Nashville; it's about transforming the landscape of late-night television both locally and globally. As host, I'm honored to present a show that goes beyond entertainment, featuring inspiring interviews, celebrity appearances, top notch performances, comedic acts, games, and business spotlights on various establishments, including restaurants and more. At the heart of my vision for the show is the desire to elevate Nashville's media presence. While Nashville stands as a true Mecca for entertainment, hosting a myriad of artists, celebrities, and public figures, it doesn't yet boast the same media prominence as cities like New York, Los Angeles, or even Atlanta. The Cameo Bobo Show is my contribution to changing that narrative. I aim to not only showcase the incredible talent that graces our city and beyond, but also to create a positive, motivating platform that inspires viewers and audience members to achieve their goals, go after their dreams and live their best lives. The shows guests have included Dr. Bobby Jones (BET), Ben and Jewel Tankard (Bravo), Rachel Jeanette (Hunger Games Movie) and numerous others. The show is recorded in front of a live studio audience. Tune in to Channel 19 on Mondays at midnight and Tuesdays at 5 pm, as well as on the Smooth Life TV Network and YouTube at the Cameo Bobo Channel. Learn more about The Cameo Bobo Show and grab tickets to the March 23, 2024 show at cameoboboshow.com.

Tell us about your acclaimed book, "The Best Life Formula". I authored “The Best Life Formula” because the concept of living your best life can often feel distant. I believe everyone deserves to set goals, witness results, and feel amazing about their life progression. With that in mind, 'The Best Life Formula' was born—a highly acclaimed book offering a transformative, easy-to-implement life manual. It guides readers in unleashing their inner greatness, achieving goals, and living their best life. Through the success of the book, I've launched the “Best Life Babes Membership” for ambitious female entrepreneurs and “The Best Life Formula,” which has helped hundreds achieve goals and live their best lives. Explore and purchase the book on Amazon, cameobobo.com, and all major audiobook stores.

Tell us about "ShopwithCameo.com" and your creative vision behind it. SHOPWITHCAMEO.COM is an online destination to purchase my signature T shirts featuring custom sayings, as well as exclusive merchandise from The Cameo Bobo Show. My vision is to evolve into a full clothing line and store. The journey has just begun, and I am eager to unfold the chapters that’ll define my lasting impact in the world of fashion. As a mentor to young girls through "We Are FAWM," what inspired you to create this sisterhood program, and what impact has it made? I believe it's important for girls to know their value and have a support system, and that self-love and confidence are crucial to the development of a girl's self-esteem, especially if reinforced by an older sibling. As the oldest child myself, I grew up longing for an older sister that could give me advice and strengthen my personal confidence. That's why I started We Are FAWM! I'm determined to encourage girls with the message of "FAWM": that every girl is Fearfully And Wonderfully Made - a princess, beautiful and unique. Our sisterhood encourages selflove and confidence in girls, offers support and mentoring as they navigate the ups and downs of life. We want each girl to experience the support and fun that comes with having a FAWM Sister! You've hosted events alongside Gospel Music Ambassador Bobby Jones, have multiple nominations for the Southern Entertainment Music Awards, and are the recipient of the Nashville Black 40 Under Forty award! First, Congratulations! How do you feel having accomplished ALL of this and how are you gearing up for 2024? Thank you so much! I experienced excitement and gratitude with each opportunity and recognition. Looking ahead to 2024, I eagerly anticipate continued growth, exposure, funding, and reach. I am committed to seizing every opportunity that God unfolds for me in the coming year. “2024 It’s My Year Baby!" What advice do you have for individuals looking to make a mark in the creative and entertainment industry? Embrace your uniqueness. That is what will set you apart. Show up as your authentic self. Don’t be afraid of hard work or being uncomfortable. Push yourself, work on your craft, don’t be afraid to pivot if God leads. Trust God and yourself.

Work on your traumas and improve yourself. When you make it, a brighter light will be on you, you’ll be so happy if you’ve already been working on yourself in the dark. Work on your character and integrity. Those qualities will eventually take you the furthest. Lastly, Never Give-up!!! How do you stay grounded and maintain a public-spirited nature amidst your success? I remain grounded and uphold a public-spirited nature by consistently acknowledging that every gift, blessing, and talent given originates from and is found in Jesus. Without His leadership, love, assistance, impeccable timing, and divine purpose, success for me would be unattainable. I see myself as a vessel through which His blessings flow, and I find joy in the fact that He has chosen me to carry out His work. My journey is part of a larger purpose, so I trust God’s wisdom and grace.

What does self-care look like for you? Self-care is an ongoing priority in my life. I enjoy my work and maintain regular workouts and grooming, but I am always working to integrate days or weekends dedicated for rejuvenation. My self-care routine revolves around intentionally carving out time for rest and engaging in activities that nourish and revitalize my spirit.


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