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Fall has come to greet us again! As we prepare ourselves for harvest season it is important to remember that the race is not given to the swift, but to those that endure. This issue contains stories of great women who have not only endured, but continue to thrive. We invite you to share your story of overcoming with us!

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The Indulge Event The Indulge Event, #TheNewMall A community based event known as The Ultimate One-Stop Shopping and Indulgence Experience like no other. This experience is created by exposing the community to business owners, Live music, fashion, great goods and Glam/Spa/Gents Services that are in Tips their local neighborhoods. The event invites the community to “shop small”. By Valerie Mckinney-Walker

Successful Vending

The Indulge Event has invited over eighty local entrepreneurs to present at the ultimate one-stop shopping and indulgence experience. The mission of The Indulge Event is to enrich the community by nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within the Miami Valley. The benefits of supporting small business owners are many. Small businesses create half of the jobs in the private sector. This encourages community prosperity. Many small business owners pride themselves on superior customer service. Small businesses hire other small businesses, supports youth sports, art programs, non-profit, and faith based programs. The Indulge Event also provides small business owners with resources and support (especially new businesses), marketing strategies, first time vending tips, business tools, and more. Our goal is for businesses to succeed and prosper. To be successful at a vending event, there are certain things vendors should to implement. 1). Partnership Mindset– Once contract is signed vendors are in a partnership with the host/ organizer to make this a successful event. If they succeed you in turn will also succeed. Pass out flyers, word of mouth and with social media. SHARE, it increases event exposure . 2). Think Bigger- Although the main goal for some to participate in events/expo is to increase their income, this should not be a priority. Many only want to make their “table fee” back. Most likely if you’ve taken time to share your business and people witness the enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge in your delivery, you’ve already sold them. They didn’t buy right then, but trust and believe you will hear from them again and you hope they have told a friend or two about you. 3). Stand Out- The chair at your table is a Prop Only. When people approach your table, if sitting, immediately stand up and greet your guests. Connect eyes and engage. Do your product elevator speech/ inform of sales and hand them a card. 4). Eye Candy- Your table presentation should be pleasing and inviting to the eye. That’s the attention grabber and the very first impression that you present of your business and yourself without any words. That speaks volumes.

Next Event: Holiday Edition Saturday November 16,2019 at the Montgomery County

Fairgrounds from 12p to 6p. At this event we will be sponsoring a Toy Drive for the families affected by the recent tragedies that has taken place in Dayton, Ohio.

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Overcoming Suicide

Suicide, the act of taking your own life, is tragic no matter the cause. It is a public health crisis that leaves families, friends, and communities with a tremendous amount of pain and unanswered questions. It has been said that suicide is a permanent response to temporary circumstances. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death, even above homicide. Suicidal thoughts are not abnormal it just regularly spoke about on a public platform. If a celebrity “completes suicide� it is discussed briefly, but no real tools are provided to those who experience suicidal ideations.

Although suicide statistics are high you can equip yourself with the tools to Overcome Suicide.

1. Know that you are loved- No matter your journey the God that knows the ending from the beginning still loves you. There are many others that love you as well, even if its not your closest family or friends. 2. Get Help- Suicide, mental illness, and life’s stresses can be extremely overwhelming. It is important to reach out to trained professionals that can assist in guiding you through a journey of Suicide is real and happens holistic wellness mind, body, spirit. daily affecting everyone in the 3. Stay Connected- No one was community. Suicide causes are meant to be alone. Creating positive different for each person. Many feel relationships and ending toxic ones that suicide will end painful will help you get through overemotions. They may feel tired of wearing a mask everyday. pretend- whelming situations and combat suicidal isolation. ing to be ok. They may feel that their families are better off without National Suicide them. Other causes of suicide include untreated mental illness, Prevention Line drug/alcohol abuse, medication side 1-800-273-8255 effect, or traumatic events/mistakes. 9

Success In Fourth Quarter Press By Shanda Campbell

Any basketball fan knows that the fourth quarter is where champions are revealed. The fourth quarter of a game is when the gloves come off and the pressure intensifies against the opponent. This is no different in business. During the fourth quarter many businesses go into overdrive either to make up for slacking earlier in the year or to take it up a notch. Those who feel they are on track may continue the same strategies with an increased urgency. Regardless, it is our responsibility to go ‘hard in the paint’ in the fourth quarter of 2019!

Tips To Success in the Fourth Quarter Press 1. Re-visit

the vision- Go back to the goals created for the year. Review the current status of the business in all areas of operation. This may not be a pretty picture, but it will give a realistic look at the overall health of the business. This review will allow you to assess if current goals are beneficial to achieve the overall goals of the company. This information will give you the tools to decide to continue with current goals or create new ones. 10

2. Think Ahead- Instead of waiting until December or January to begin thinking and preparing for next year why not start now? This will prevent the mad dash to crash that many businesses experience every year. This is when many wait until the beginning of the year to strategize for upcoming year. High standards and goals are created and things start with a bang in January, but motivation is lost by February. Then, before you know it is the end of another year and it all begins again this time with added depression because of last year’s cycle. This can be avoided by thinking ahead and not procrastinating then rushing into planning. 3. Follow The Money- While your accountant should be involved throughout the year the fourth quarter communications should increase. This is a time to assure all tax information is correct and all questions answered. This is also a great time for budgeting and to discuss next year’s financial projections.

Don’t forget to reward yourself! Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart! Find ways to reward yourself responsibly for meeting goals! 11


Breaking The Cycle Of Domestic Violence Domestic Violence is the use of any form of violence against an intimate partner or family relationships (Adults, adolescent, &/or children). Domestic Violence occurs regardless of gender, race, economic status, sexual orientation, or religion. The affects of domestic violence can last a lifetime and affect all areas of daily life. Children who experience &/or witness domestic violence often have lasting effects which include emotional disorders, behavior changes, impaired trust, low self-esteem, and inability to form healthy relationships.

How To Break The Cycle of Domestic Violence Know The Facts- Know the warning signs, risk factors, and resources that can assist. Domestic Violence can be physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, technological, and financial. The goal of the abuse cycle is to obtain power and control over an individual.

Know The Why– A common response to the epidemic of Domestic Violence is “why don’t they just leave”? Those affected by Domestic Violence understands it is absolutely not that easy. Reasons to stay vary widely. Fear of harm is one reason. The abuser may threaten to commit suicide or harm victims’ children, pets, or property. Another is financial limitation. Abusers may control all finances and prevent victims from working or controlling money. 13

Victims may also stay because of religion and culture. Many religions and cultures discourage divorce even if violence occurs.

Know The Plan- When an abuser feels that a victim may be serious about leaving the possibility of homicide increase tremendously. This is because the abuser is losing power and control. With this in mind it is important to create a safe exit plan. This is a comprehensive strategy to exit as safely as possible. This plan varies for each person. This plan may include not discussing or acting like victim is leaving in order to obtain important documents (birth certificates, ss cards, etc.)

Need Help? (800) 799-SAFE (7233)

Speak Woman Magazine Presents

FASHION SHOW & AWARD CEREMONY Promoting Domestic Violence Awareness by celebrating the OVERCOMING spirit in us all! We will recognize extraordinary individuals who continue to do great work in the community!

Portion of Proceeds Benefitting Tornado Relief

Saturday November 2, 2019 2:00pm (doors open @ 1pm) Aspire Church 51 Best St. Dayton, OH

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Business Spotlight Vidia’s Closet “We promise to make you feel good, look good, and build confidence!”

CEO, Vidia’s Closet

www.vidiascloset.com 15

Mrs. Davia Allen is, among many titles, a Wife, Mother, and CEO/Owner Of Vidia’s Closet. She has created a brand that not only focuses on making you feel good from the inside out! After hearing of not only her amazing products, but her story of OVERCOMING obstacles and doing so with grace and poise we wanted to know more about the CEO of Vidia’s Closet!

SWM: Tell us about your business sister, but we also lost our best friend. I knew that it was my duty Vidia’s Closet is a God fear- to progress and that’s when God ing boutique with a purpose. It spoke to me with a vision. I’m big was created to make you feel on visions to not only pursue fashgood inside and out. We don’t ion, but to take it to another level just gear towards one size; we and that’s when Vidia’s Closet was embrace all figures- from the created. petite to the voluptuous and curvy. We believe purpose births SWM: What was your motivation a promise. We promise to make to become an entrepreneur and you feel good, look good, and what does it (entrepreneurship) build confident! mean to you? SWM: Why was it important to Becoming a successful, Godname your business Vidia’s Closet? fearing entrepreneur was something that I’ve always desired. I’ve It was important to name my always been creative and an innoboutique Vidia’s Closet because in vator. Having my daughter at 16 2013 my beloved sister Vidia was my number one motivation. I Lakisha Foster passed away knew that I had to give her someunexpectedly. It was a great loss for thing to model after. I didn’t want my family; not only did we lose our to be another statistic. 16

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I had a point to prove to myself, my daughter, and the world. My strength was passed down to me from my mom whom I watched raise three girls after our dad passed away. She added to my motivation.

three God-fearing kids, juggling all my businesses, and still allowing my Faith to be the center of it ALL! SWM: What has been your most challenging moment and how did you overcome?

My gifts has always been in My most challenging moment the hair and beauty industry. I knew is losing my sister unexpectedly. I once I graduated with was in a really low, dark my Cosmetology place. I knew that “I’ve always had a love License that I she wouldn’t for fashion and my would one day have wanted husband pushed me to own my own that for me. pursue my fashion career.” Salon, that came She was one of to pass. I’ve my biggest cheeralways had a love for leaders. So, I turned my fashion and my husband pushed me pain into purpose and that’s when to pursue my fashion career. Vidia’s Closet was created. Proverbs 18:16 Our gifts make room for us and with God my vi- SWM: With such a busy schedule sion came to pass and did just that! how do you relax? Stay tuned, there is more to come! My relaxation time consist of a Being an entrepreneur means spa/massage day, binge watching becoming a brave a faith-based some of my favorite tv shows, or individual who takes risks when just taking a long walk in the park. organizing, managing, creating, or innovating. www.vidiascloset.com

937-789-6004 Info@vidiascloset.com Vidia’s Closet@facebook vidias_closet@instagram twitter@ClosetVidias vidiascloset41@Snapchat

SWM: What has been your greatest accomplishment to date? My greatest accomplishments are being a Wife, the mother of 18

Chef Neah Rainey



Miracle is the author of several books including: "The Miracle of Operating a Church in Excellence", a tutorial used to train church staff and leaders on the optimum efforts and best practices in the kingdom of God, “Lost in the House” a book about growing up as a preacher’s kid, “My Heart Streams” talks about overcoming the struggles of everyday life, and her latest book “Parenting Alone with Purpose” which helps to encourage single parents. Her other ventures include “My Beauty is Priceless” and “Sons of Solomon” which are a series of seminars throughout Montgomery county for teenage girls and boys designed to encourage, empower, and guide the youth in the community.

Miracle Oladele

www.believeinmiracles.us 20

Woman To Watch

“Empowerment is knowing who you are as a person and being confident enough to encourage others to be great! Empowerment shows love and compassion to the broken hearted and guides those who are lost. When you empower you are looking past their flaws and seeing their worth.”

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