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Raising Our Voices Against Domestic Violence 1

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October Is Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence

Awareness Month Speak Woman

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3 Myths About Skin

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Raising Our Voices Against

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OVERCOMING Domestic Violence Fashion Show

Artemis Center has partnered with Speak Woman Magazine for the Overcoming Fashion Show. This fashion show will focus on

Domestic Violence Awareness while celebrating the OVERCOMING spirit in us all. A portion of the proceeds will go to Artemis Center Saturday October 27, 2018 (Doors open @ 1pm- Showtime 2pm)

Aspire Church 51 Best St. Dayton, OH 45405 For tickets visit

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One of the many goals of Speak Woman is to provide a platform to share stories and information. Not everything that happens in life is not always positive, but by sharing our stories of OVERCOMING we are able to SPEAK LIFE to those that may be in the darkest time of their lives and bring a light of hope! If you are an OVERCOMER we invite you to share your story in Speak Woman Magazine.

Be Blessed, Shanda Campbell, Founder of Speak Woman

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Overseers Media Crew

Co-founded by Malik Thurman and Deion Beebe Overseers Media Crew is the result of marketing and graphic design majors joining forces. Gaining photography and videography skills since middle school, Malik and Deion knew that they could do more with their talents. Overseers Media Crew provides multimedia services specializing in sports, music, and business media. “Our mission is to help those who want to be seen in a professional and creative way all while being cost effective, unique, and efficient. This includes a wide variety of graphic design, photography and video editing techniques that will set our clients apart from competitors.�

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Malik Thurman

Overseers Media Crew has created a brand based on creativity and giving a platform to creative minds.


Raising Our Voices Against Domestic Violence Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, and RAPE have been going on for centuries, but have only recently been apart of open discussion. It is amazing how people are shocked and surprised when hearing victims recall these stories publicly. Let’s face it, either we have been or know and love someone who has been a victim of Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, &/or RAPE. These acts continue because they are based on a foundation of power and control. So, how do we fight back? With our voices! Continue to share our stories and support others that share their story. Do not be intimidated nor distracted by the overwhelming nonsense and ‘victim blaming’ that has been portrayed by some. Understand that no human being desires to become a victim of these horrendous acts. Get involved!! Volunteer, donate, be a listening ear. This issue features women and men who have made a decision to raise their voices against Domestic Violence!!! We invite you to join us for our OVERCOMING Domestic Violence Fashion Show Saturday Oct 27, 2018 This fashion show will focus on Domestic Violence Awareness while celebrating the OVERCOMING spirit in us all. A portion of the proceeds will go to Artemis Center For Ticket & vending information visit

speakwomanmagaziner.com/events 7

Debbie Howard Independent Beauty Consultant

Debbie Howard is a wife (Jason), mother of twin daughters (Leona & Tina). She began her Mary Kay business in July of 2016. Through her business, she found her joy and passion in life again while regaining her self -confidence. Now she spends her time mentoring other women to help them find their own joys and passions and enhance their self-confidence.

Debbie offers free consultations for all your skincare and beauty needs, including makeup for special occasions.



3 Myths About Skin

Debbie Howard Independent Beauty Consultant I think it is safe to say if you are reading this you have skin. Our skin is our largest and most important organ. In fact, you cannot live without your skin. So, it is important to take care of it through every stage of our lives. I’m going to talk about the 3 most common myths about your skin and share some myth busting facts. My hope is that you will come away from this more informed and learn how to better pick products for yourself.

Myth #1: “I don’t wear makeup, so I don’t need to wash my face.” False! Our skin is made up of over 700 trillion skin cells that help protect us from germs, regulate our temperature, and help us to “feel” things. Our skin collects dirt, oil, and pollution from the environment throughout the day. In fact, scientists have discovered that only 20% of the visible signs of aging comes from the natural aging process, i.e. your genes. The other 80% comes from stress, inadequate sleep, poor diet and low water consumption, sun exposure, and other environmental factors. We lose between 30,000-40,000 skin cells each hour, almost 1 million cells in 24 hours and a third of that is while we sleep. So, you can see why it’s important to cleanse your skin in the morning to help remove the dead skin cells lost overnight and then cleanse your skin before going to bed to remove the dirt, oil, and pollution from the day and prepare your skin for its rejuvenation process while you sleep. 9

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3 Myths About Skin Cont. Myth #2: “I buy whatever is on sale because it’s all the same.” False! It’s important to find a skincare regimen that works for you and stick with it. Your body becomes adjusted to the products you are using so when you start mixing brands or switching back and forth, you are creating chemical warfare on your skin. Each skincare company uses different ingredients which have been tested to work together with their other formulas. When you mix brands, you reduce the effectiveness of the products and could potentially cause an allergic reaction. Remember, when you are looking for a skincare regimen to find one that contains antioxidants, like B vitamins, to help fight free radicals from the environment, and peptides, to help support the skin’s natural collagen and elastin.

Myth #3: “I have oily skin, so I don’t need a moisturizer.” False! Regardless of what skin type you have, you need a moisturizer. Moisturizers help reduce blemishes by keeping your pH balanced. Remember all those skin cells you lose every day? Moisturizers help your skin repair itself. Want to fight wrinkles? A moisturizer can help by keeping your skin properly hydrated. The key is to find a moisturizer that is designed for your skin type and need. The good news is that none of this needs to be complicated, you just need to know where to look and who to ask. Find someone that is knowledgeable and will take their time to help you find the right skincare that is perfect for you. Your skin will love you for that. Here’s to happy, healthy skin!!!

Need more tips ??? For Complimentary consultation contact Mrs. Debbie Howard

937-602-7769 debbiemariehoward@gmail.com



Raising Our Voices Against

Domestic Violence


Rainey-Bell, FNP Charlene Bell is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, United States Navy Veteran, and founder of Her Padded Truth, a company/nonprofit committed to providing women with safe, cost effective, and eco-friendly feminine hygiene products. As a healthcare provider, she has extensive knowledge in Adult, Geriatric, Pediatric, and Women’s health. A native of the Bronx, New York, she obtained most of her education while serving overseas in the United States Navy. She obtained her Masters of Nursing from Walden University, Associates in Nursing from Medical Careers Institute, Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Management from American InterContinental University, and Bachelors in Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix. Charlene is an advocate for Women’s health and Women’s right and is the visionary behind Her Padded Truth a nonprofit organization serving homeless women in the Hampton Roads area with menstrual hygiene products.

Small Business Spotlight


Charlene is the master mind behind the Her Padded Truth, movement which includes Her Padded Youth, a school age program geared toward educating young girls and boys on feminine hygiene and menstrual health. She is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, an African American Greek letter organization geared toward providing service to all mankind. Charlene’s commitment to service, holistic health, and community makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is a devoted Christian, wife and mother of four.

Visit our website speakwomanmagazine.com to read Charlene’s article ‘Homelessness, Menstruation and Depression - A Tangled Web’ 13

Speak Woman Overcoming Fashion Show

Dancer & Model

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Trayonna Scott

Trayonna Scott has been affected by Domestic Violence. She is currently a Junior in High School studying Business Ownership. Trayonna began her solo dancing career at the age of 4. After many years of dancing with several elite dance companies she recently has created her own dance group. Trayonna has many plans for the future, including going to college to further her career in Business Development and opening dance studios across the nation. 14

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Mindset ,in short, is the collection of beliefs and thought processes that collectively make up our attitude and habits. Negative mind-sets can be difficult to change, but is of extreme importance to create a healthy lifestyle.

How To Re-Train Your Mind

Here are 3 ways that you can begin the journey of changing negative mindsets a creating a mentally healthy lifestyle. •

Realize that motivation and willpower is not enoughSpirituality NOT religion is needed

Accept that your mindset needs adjustment-

Know that to create a new life we MUST operate differently.

Create a mindset strategy-

Identify current thought processes and reactions that are problematic Take 100% responsibility of the part we plan in every situation Come to terms with the fact that you may NEVER get an apology.


Speak Woman Overcoming Fashion Show


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Cinta Kavanaugh

Jay Dewberry

Cinta Kavanaugh a proud mother of two. “I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and this is the first year that I have went public with my story. In order for me to go public I had to begin to forgive the one who hurt me, overcome the humiliation and have courage!” “I hold my head high knowing that the gift of Empowerment is a gift that has been spoken over me! Empowering, to me, starts with our youth! Showing our children how to love themselves while encouraging their dreams is a way to begin to ENCOURAGE OUR YOUTH to grow into strong Men and Women!”


Jay Dewberry is a high school Sophomore. “I lost my Father at a young age and I am truly grateful to have my Mother! My Mother and I have a strong bond and I have learned so much from her. My mother has taught me how to love myself and others! Understanding how to love myself and love others allows me to encourage so many people!” “In high school it is hard to maintain the day to day struggles as a teenager (grades, friendships, sports, teacher/student relationships, and life activities). My plan is to begin an organization to help students with maintaining the struggles that teenagers experience. My hope is that my organization will encourage teenagers to stay in school and decrease high school drop out rates.” 17




Speak Woman Overcoming Fashion Show

Model Pastor

William Bailey Purchase tickets at speakwomanmagazine.com/events

Pastor Bailey has been the pastor of St. Peter's House of Restoration for seven years. He is the father of three girls, singer, song writer, and one who is totally dedicated to the Lord. 1465 Kimmel Ln. Dayton, OH 45417


LaQuita Overcoming Fashion Show


Purchase tickets at speakwomanmagazine.com/events

LaQuita Abrams is a Domestic Violence survivor. Low self-esteem and depression were prevalent in her life until she found God and began OVERCOME these issues. LaQuita has dedicated her life to serving God and others. She attends St. Peter’s House of Restoration where she serves as the head of the We Care Ministry. LaQuita is a vessel to help others by mentoring women and teens who may have been victims of or affected by Domestic Violence. She educates mentees on self-worth and building healthy relationships. LaQuita believes that when you know your worth you will recognize your value and hold yourself 20 to a higher accountability.

Raising Our Voices Against Domestic Violence


Overcoming Fashion Show

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Minister Minister Brian Culpepper proudly served in the United States Army. He has had many accomplishments to date. Minister Culpepper attends St. Peter’s House of Restoration and is always ready to serve.

Men Supporting 22 Domestic Violence Awareness

Brian Culpepper

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