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24/09/2015 16:48

Wayback Playback With Telefonix + PDT Next year will mark Paul Burke’s 20th year exhibiting at APEX, and according to his colleagues, the CEO and founder of Telefonix has always had an ingenious approach to the business. “I will never forget Paul’s famous line: ‘No problem.’ That is absolutely his mantra,” says Michael Kuehn, president at Telefonix. “There were, once upon a time – it’s like a fairytale – seatback telephones,” quips Kuehn. This goes back to circa 1989. GTE and AT&T were landline competitors and GTE had just committed to being the first digital, air-to-ground provider coast to coast. Kuehn and Jim Costello, now CTO at Telefonix, were leading the GTE program and had everything in place except for a cord reel – until they met Burke. “No problem,” he told them. So began Telefonix. Now, at over 60 patents and counting, the company has teamed up with PDT and has expanded its portfolio to include passenger control units, servers, content loaders, video monitors, Android-based handsets and more. At APEX, the team, including Alan Manns, who recently joined as director of Business Development will be showing the recently unveiled Summit Line, a complete wireless-compatible IFE suite.

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