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Connectivity’s Cost Savings

2 Real-Time Weather Updates

For passengers, sending an e-mail or streaming a movie in flight are some of the perks of a connected aircraft. But airlines benefit, too: Digital operations and real-time data add up to cost savings in dollars and sense.

Flight paths are determined based on the weather conditions of each flight, taking into consideration upper air winds, temperatures, payload, etc.

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1 Flight Delays Flight delays cost the airline industry $40 billion per year, due to the need for extra gates, ground personnel, fuel, etc.

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According to NASA’s Weather Accident Prevention Project, weather is a contributing factor in about 30% of all aviation accidents. Turbulence is the greatest cause of airline injuries and costs airlines $100 million each year.

3 Real-Time Credit Card Verification Between 3% and 10% of onboard transactions are lost to card fraud, equivalent to a loss of $100 million in onboard sales per year; 90% of these lost sales could be recovered with real-time credit card verification, resulting in savings of $90 million and an increase in onboard sales.

If delays could be reduced by 25% as a result of condition-based monitoring, savings would be in the region of

$10 billion.


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Cabin crew could verify if a passenger has sufficient funds, resulting in fewer bounce-back fees, and enabling airlines to raise the floor limit and promote more high-value items. Further ancillaries could be generated from greater personalization and more convenient payment technologies like NFC.

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