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Tony’s Grand Tour Anthony Bourdain’s blazed a trail across the globe, charting a course against conventionality and piloting a cool travel revolution – one TV-gold drunk scene at a time. by Katie Sehl


he camera is a liar,” narrates Anthony Bourdain, as shots jump-cut from the Indian Ocean splashing against a seawall in Manakara to black screen to vibrant streaks of village, countryside and overgrown jungle whishing past a ramshackle railcar window. “It shows everything. It shows nothing. It reveals only what we want.” More black screen, B-roll and then what looks like a spliced old filmstrip wheels upward with mechanical clicks. “Often what we see is seen only from a window, moving past, then gone. One window. My window. If you’d been here, chances are you would have seen things differently.”


volume 6, edition 1

There’s no pretense of objective camera on the CNN travel-doc series Parts Unknown. In episode 4, season 5, Bourdain – famed foodie, wayfarer and host – is joined in Madagascar by acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. It’s clear from the start, as Aronofksy confesses his abstinence from meat to a guy who calls pork his favorite vegetable, that the two will experience the cultures of the island nation through different lenses. And they do. While Bourdain attends a ceremony that involves the sacrificial killing of a cow, Aronofsky plots a different route, prowling the Malagasy rain forest. >

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APEX Experience 6.1 January/February  
APEX Experience 6.1 January/February  

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