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The evolution of the Apple iPhone


The device that changed it all 10

The truly national game that binds us

Make your home smart


Using technology to rule your domain 14

Post pandemic office innovation


Treading lightly in nature


Finding the ideal stream

Europe’s new bucket list

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4WD eco adventures across Australia 20

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The boundless future of AFL

Remembering Sammy D

15 years on, we relive the Sam Davis story

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With one foot in Asia, the other in Europe, Turkey is the perfect blend of glamour and history.

32 From the Editor’s desk Welcome to SoWot issue 4. In this issue, we glimpse into the dynamic tapestry of contemporary life, seamlessly binding the threads of cutting-edge technology, big brand sport, modern lifestyles and bucket list travel experiences.

From the hidden secrets of Europe to the technology that guides us through our day, SoWot is your passport to a world where home and office style, technology and adventure converge.

Ambassador Hannah Hokarari takes you on a journey of self examination and poses the question “Are you curious enough?”

So, flip the pages, be inspired, and let the journey begin! - SoWot!

We examine the recent changes made to govern Australia’s rapidly growing Buy Now Pay Later sector and discover why sometimes all that glitters in this apparently interest-free world, is not necessarily gold.

The Prize CupboarD

There’s something for everyone here in the pages of SoWot, including several chances to win a prize!

READERS QUIZ EDITION 4: For your chance to score one of 6 copies of Lonely Planet’s coffee table book ‘Gourmet Trails Europe’ simply answer this question: According to our story, which European city has constantly been named the world’s most liveable city? Good luck! To answer, click HERE CONGRATULATIONS… to the winners of the mobile phones giveaway in our issue 3 competition: Oppo R15 Pro - Samantha C of Ashmore, Gold Coast QLD 4214 Realme 6 - Monica C of West Footscray, Melbourne VIC 3012


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Genesis to Gen 15

The evolution of iPhone Since the inception of the iPhone, Apple has continuously raised the bar in the fast-moving world of technology, altering how we view and use smartphones. We chronicle 15 generations of innovation.



The release of the much-awaited iPhone 15 in September marked the end of an incredible decade and a half of innovation. Since the original iPhone made its groundbreaking debut in 2007 - heralding a new era of interactive communication through the introduction of the touch screen interface - iPhone has been on a journey that can only be described as ground-breaking. With each new model since, the world’s most loved tech company has painstakingly created a phone that was a both complex work of art and of engineering. Key milestones throughout the iPhone’s development have paved the way for the features that we now call standard on the new iPhone 15. The iPhone 3G introduced 3G networking, enabling quicker app downloads and browsing and then in the following year, the iPhone 4 astounded the globe with the introduction of the now famous Retina Display, giving us unmatched visual clarity.

Device security was revolutionised with Touch ID, which debuted on the iPhone 5s in 2013. Then, with the introduction of larger screens on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the demand for immersive multimedia experiences had at last been met. The following generation, iPhone 7 offered a dual camera system on its Plus sized model, underlining Apple’s dedication to capturing beautiful images. We didn’t have to wait too much longer to see the introduction of wireless charging which debuted on iPhone 8. The next wave was marked by the arrival of iPhone X, released in honour of the iPhone’s tenth birthday. This model redefined facial recognition technology with its Face ID, while the release of the iPhone 11 series, saw a considerable boost in the camera’s capabilities that allowed users to record spectacular moments with unmatched clarity.

iPhone 15 Pro Photo mode Smart HDR

iPhone 15 Pro Max Night Portrait mode iPhone 15 Pro Max 48MP camera


From iPhone 12 to 14, Apple broke more new ground. The iPhone 12 offered both 5G connectivity for fast downloads and Ceramic Shield technology for a tougher display. The iPhone 13 expanded on this with the A15 Bionic chip and advanced camera enhancements; and then in 2022, the iPhone 14 showcased cutting-edge developments like a revolutionary under-display camera and further advances in performance and photography capabilities, solidifying Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology. Apple’s technological prowess has reached a new peak with the iPhone 15. The device claims to deliver unmatched speed and performance by utilising 5G connectivity, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and a variety of functions that redefine what a smartphone is. With advanced AI, the iPhone 15 learns from our habits and preferences, anticipating our needs. But it’s not just the technical specifications that make the iPhone 15 stand out. The interface is clean and clutter-free, making navigation a breeze for even the least tech-savvy among us.

One of the best features of the iPhone 15 is its camera system. With a triple-lens setup, it captures stunning photos with incredible detail and vibrant colours. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who loves snapping pictures, the iPhone 15’s camera will exceed your expectations. In addition to its impressive hardware, the iPhone 15 also introduces a range of innovative software features. From augmented reality experiences to advanced privacy settings, Apple has left no stone unturned in ensuring that this is not just a smartphone, but a gateway to a world of endless possibilities. With the iPhone 15, Apple has once again proven that they are at the forefront of technological innovation. Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology is evident in every aspect of this device. The iPhone 15 is not just a phone, it’s a symbol of the progress and innovation that came before it. So, as we embark on this new chapter let us marvel at the incredible advancements that have been made and eagerly anticipate the possibilities that lie ahead.

Gen 1 iPhone sells for nearly 400 times its original price A first-generation iPhone has sold at auction for US $190,373, almost 380 times its original price of US $499 when the groundbreaking device went for sale in 2007. LCG Auctions, which hosted the sale, said the 4GB iPhone model was 20 times rarer than the 8GB model released at the same time for $599.


Get your iPhone 15 for bite-sized payments... and get your strut on

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Apple’s new iPhone 15 is quite simply amazing. With its new colours, dual-camera system and stunning new features like the Dynamic Island alert hub now on every model, iPhone 15 is a game changer. But you don’t have to spend big money up front to own it. Just Snaffle it! Snaffling means you get what you want, when you want… and still keep your cash for living life! Check out the new iPhone 15 range at You can even trade-in your old phone, for up to $300 off your new purchase! Snaffle now… and get your strut on. Don’t just live life. Own it. Prices are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change without notice. T and Cs, fees, charges, lending criteria apply Australian Credit License 393023.

Playing it smart, at home Like a vigilant neighbour keeping an eye on things while you’re out and about, Smart home security technology makes it easy to monitor your home and ensure your loved ones and property are safe and sound.


These days, home security isn’t just about scaring off intruders or catching burglars in the act. It’s also about peace of mind, especially if you’ve got children coming home to an empty house, or perhaps pets spending the day alone. At the end of the day, you can also check on things that go bump in the night without needing to get out of bed. Smart cameras are the cornerstone of modern smart home security, telling you much more than basic motion sensors. These cameras connect to the internet via your home Wi-Fi, so they can instantly send you a smartphone alert if something interesting happens. Alternatively, you can check the view from any camera at any time and watch instant replays. Most cameras have a built-in microphone, so when you’re watching the live feed you can talk to people on the other end – whether they’re a family member or an uninvited guest. There are plenty of options to choose from, with brands in Australia including Google, Ring, Arlo, Eufy, D-Link, Swann, Uniden and TP-Link. Smart security cameras come with a range of mounts and stands, for attaching to the wall or ceiling, or alternatively sitting on a shelf. Some are only designed for indoor use, while others are weatherproof and can even include a floodlight. Most can also see in the dark, so it’s easy to see what lurks in the shadows. You can also install motion sensors and door/window sensors from the likes of Eufy, Swann, D-Link and Eve, which can monitor all of your home’s access points even if there isn’t a camera in the room.

KEEP AN EYE OUT Of course, you don’t want to be constantly bombarded by alerts on your phone. The key to a great smart home security system is lots of granular control over what kind of events it looks for, and when you want to receive alerts. This way, you only hear about the important stuff. Thankfully, some smart security cameras – like those from Google, Ring, Arlo and Eufy – are smart enough to know the difference between a cat slinking across the floor and a person sneaking in the window. Some cameras even recognise faces, so they don’t bother you with a false alarm when someone you know walks in the door. Remember, you often need to pay a monthly subscription to use these advanced features. You can also set the sensitivity of each camera and even divide their view into zones – for example, ignoring people who walk down the street but firing off an alert if they come through your front gate. Smart homes are also smart enough to know when you’re home, thanks to the GPS features on your smartphone. This way, they can automatically disable alerts and even switch off the cameras when you get home, then switch them back on as you leave. You can also create schedules to automatically disable different devices and alerts at different times of day. Alternatively, you can manually enable and disable the system using the smartphone app. Eufy and Arlo also offer security alarm keypads which you can install on the wall.


CHECK THE DOOR One of the smartest cameras you can install in your home is a smart video doorbell. They let you see who’s at the door when you’re not at home, and even talk to them, as well as working as smart security cameras. A smart video doorbell is a good compromise if you want to keep track of who comes and goes without placing cameras around your home. When someone rings the bell, your phone pops up an alert and the indoor chime rings. You can even automatically display the view of your doorstep on the smart screens around your home. As well as alerting you when someone rings the bell, smart video doorbells can also let you know when they see someone walk past. This is particularly handy if you want to know when your kids get home from school, or when a courier drops a parcel on the doorstep without bothering to ring the bell. When you receive a motion notification, it’s easy to see a live view on your phone or check the instant replay. Like smart cameras, some smart doorbells can distinguish between people, parcels, pets and cars driving down the street. You can also adjust the sensitivity, create zones, and set schedules to ensure you’re not harassed by your doorbell day and night. LOCK UP TIGHT Smart locks can be retrofitted to your existing doors, offering keyless entry like modern cars and even letting you open the door from afar. You can also grant other people access to your home without handing them a physical key, with the option to receive notifications when they unlock the door.

Smart locks even let you specify exactly when they can open the door, such as only granting the cleaner access on Friday mornings. Unlike giving someone a physical key, digital access can’t be copied or lost. Plus, you can revoke anyone’s access at any time, without the hassle of changing the locks. As an extra security precaution, some smart locks can lock the door automatically if left unlocked for a certain period. You can also use the GPS features on your smartphone to automatically lock the doors when you leave home. STAY ALERT Rather than just screeching at you, smart smoke alarms can speak to you calmly when they detect an issue which hasn’t yet reached the threshold to sound the alarm. They can also send an alert to your phone, which is reassuring when you’ve left others at home. Apart from detecting smoke, some smart alarms also check for odourless carbon monoxide – which can build up to lethal levels if your home has faulty or improperly installed fuel-burning appliances. SHOP SMART When buying smart home security technology, it pays to consider how it will work with your existing smart home gear. Sticking with the same brands, or at least brands which play nicely with each other, makes for a smarter home which is easier to control through fewer smartphone apps. Also, check whether gear is compatible with your smart assistant of choice, such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Tomorrow arrived faster than we expected Connect-and-go hot desks, break-out spaces and themed settings. In our post-pandemic world, commercial office design is luring employees back into the office, by ensuring that business is a pleasure.

The return from remote work is an exercise in persuasion, reimagining the traditional structure of office spaces. Commercial design and construction specialists Outkast are at the frontline of this transformative movement. ‘Since COVID, most people only go into the office two or three days a week. Companies are trying to bring people back to the office, so we’re creating a lot more breakout spaces where people can work in a relaxed setting rather than in battery hen-style environment’ according to Sam Eid, CEO at Commercial Design & Fitout company Outkast. Sam says flexibility and variety are front of mind for CEOs and MDs focused on encouraging their employees back to the office, particularly younger employees who’ve had three years of studying remotely and working solo. ‘For us, it’s about creating a variety of spaces you can go to depending on the type of work you are doing and your own needs,’ Sam explains. ‘We talk to our clients about different pockets where people can achieve different things – there might be niches for technology, a kitchen breakout area, a games room, nap shells or collaborative spaces with touchscreens, for example.’ In one unique instance, the Aspire42 breakout space was even transformed into a 50s-style diner (pictured below), adding a touch of nostalgia and fun to the work environment.

In another recent Outkast project, even the traditionally untouchable boardroom was designed to double as a yoga studio for employees. Sam says thinking about commercial design is the same as thinking about where we live. ‘You need a place to arrive and transition, a kitchen with breakout zones for coffee and informal chat, and areas for quiet work and other spaces for collaboration. ‘The office isn’t just an office anymore. It’s a hub, a meeting place, a haven. As designers, we’re melding the worlds of work and home, so people feel comfortable spending time in the office.’ One of the prominent trends is the development of communal spaces inspired by more casual living spaces. They encourage the social aspect of work, promoting a sense of belonging, collaboration, and connection often lost in a virtual setup. ‘We’ve seen a shift towards cafe-style spaces that foster impromptu conversations, creating an environment that empowers organic interactions.’ In addition, Outkast designers are carving out dedicated ‘breakout spaces’ – a reprieve from the formal confines of cubicles and meeting rooms, where employees can work solo, brainstorm, or recharge. As sanctuaries for creativity and innovation, they’ve become crucial in any modern workspace.


‘We’re creating cool, relaxed areas which are more homely and provide different spaces to hide out, work, or come together and collaborate when you need to.’ Biophilic design principles, another increasingly popular trend, bridge the chasm between the natural and the artificial. ‘People have rediscovered the value of nature during the pandemic. Biophilic design elements, like green walls, indoor gardens, and natural light, aren’t just aesthetic choices. It’s about wellbeing and productivity.’ Functionality and aesthetics converge in these designs, offering a soothing ambience and proven health benefits. Introducing greenery, natural light, and sustainable, natural materials is instrumental in creating an environment promoting mental and physical health. The goal, Sam says, is to ‘make the workspaces not only look good but feel good.’ ‘It’s like taking all the positive experiences you might enjoy on a bushwalk or visiting a café. We create emotive feelings through textures, finishes, and colours.’ For the future, Sam sees companies upsizing their spaces to offer greater variety and flexibility of spaces and larger communal areas. ‘Companies are realising that productivity in certain industries is much higher when people are in the office. Staff retention’s a massive challenge, and there’s a large contingency of workers out there who want to engage as part of a team.



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Eco adventures er

Down Und

Australia’s rugged landscapes, from the vast deserts to lush rainforests, have long beckoned 4x4 enthusiasts seeking thrilling adventures. Now, a new breed of adventurers is hitting the trails, combining the excitement of off-roading with a deep commitment to preserving the country’s natural beauty.


At the nexus of sustainability and 4x4 adventures in Australia, is an eco-friendly principle guiding a new love of the great outdoors balanced with environmental responsibility.

Eco-conscious adventurers prefer reusable and durable camping gear, eschewing single-use plastics and disposables. They prioritize responsible gear disposal, recycling, and upcycling whenever possible.

Every authentic eco-friendly 4x4 adventure in Australia champions an unwavering commitment to respect and protect the wilderness.

A core value of eco-friendly 4x4 adventurers is their active participation in conservation efforts. They contribute to reforestation projects, wildlife protection initiatives, and land preservation efforts, giving back to the natural places they explore.

These adventurers adhere to the ‘leave no trace’ principle, ensuring their journeys do not harm the environment. Sticking to designated trails and packing out all waste are non-negotiable practices. Selecting 4x4 vehicles with low environmental impact is a key consideration. Many modern models come equipped with fuel-efficient engines and reduced emissions, allowing adventurers to explore remote areas without leaving a significant carbon footprint. Eco-friendly off-roaders opt for sustainable camping practices and accommodations. Solar-powered campsites, composting toilets, and off-grid living are the norm. These choices reduce energy consumption and reliance on non-renewable resources while providing a comfortable outdoor experience.

Eco-friendly 4x4 adventurers take on an educational role, inspiring others to follow in their sustainable tyre tracks. Their commitment to preserving Australia’s natural wonders ensures that the wild beauty of this vast and diverse land remains intact for generations to come. In the realm of 4x4 adventures in Australia, sustainability and environmental responsibility are the driving forces. These eco-conscious adventurers prove that the thrill of the journey is enhanced when we are stewards of the land, fostering a profound connection with the natural world.


Gently down the stream Enjoying the latest TV series and movie favourites from the comfort of your own living room means firstly finding the streaming service that’s right for you, but it doesn’t need to cost the earth! When Netflix first launched in Australia, it promised us an entertainment revolution – access to a vast video library for only a few bucks a month, rather than shelling out for an expensive Pay TV service. Nearly a decade later, many of us are subscribing to several streaming services each month, making ‘a night in’ more expensive than ever.

The next most popular is Disney+, which is a pretty safe bet if you’ve got young kids, plus it has Marvel and Star Wars for teens along with plenty of content for the grownups. Other general streaming services offering something for everyone include Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Paramount+, Australia’s Stan, and Foxtel’s Binge.

Streaming video sure beats the old days of wandering around your local video library looking for something to watch. These days we’re spoiled for choice, with streaming built into the latest Smart TVs, but Netflix is a victim of its own success... and we’re all paying the price.

On top of these you’ve got dedicated sports services like Foxtel’s Kayo, Stan Sport and Optus Sport. Foxtel and Kayo are still the best place for AFL and NRL, but the other services have also snapped up some exclusive rights.

Watching Netflix go from strength to strength, studio giants like Disney and Paramount took back their content and launched their own services. Netflix retaliated by producing more original content, so tech giants like Amazon and Apple followed suit. It’s left us with a very fragmented streaming landscape, with all the best movies and TV shows spread far and wide.

Stan Sport has plenty of rugby union and tennis, while Optus Sport has English Premier League and Paramount+ has A League. Often these streaming services make deals with the freeto-air broadcasters, letting you watch some matches each week but still forcing you to hand over your money if you want to see every game.

Throw in a few local streaming services players plus a string of niche players, and today Australians have more than 20 streaming video services at their fingertips. Sign up to the top tier of all of them and you’re paying around $200 per month.

After sport comes a long list of niche services, such as BritBox and Acorn TV for the best of British, Hayu for reality TV, DocPlay for documentaries, and Shudder for horror.



Of course, that’s more content than any household could ever watch, but the problem is that your favourite shows are probably spread across different services.

Subscribing to them all is a big ask, especially when many people are looking to tighten their belts. The average Australian home only subscribes to two services, but there are ways to keep your streaming costs in check if you want more.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in Australia, but it’s also the most expensive if you want to watch at the best picture quality, designed to do justice to the latest 4K Ultra HD smart TVs.


Firstly, keep in mind that some services like Netflix offer multiple pricing tiers, depending on the picture quality and how many devices you can watch on at the same time. The cheapest $6.99 Netflix plan only offers Full High Definition picture quality, plus it includes advertisements and only lets you watch on two devices.

You can spend more for Netflix to get rid of the ads, watch on more devices and bump up the picture quality to 4K Ultra HD. It’s obviously not worth paying for the top-shelf 4K plan if you’ll only watch it on the old television in the spare room. Also consider that some streaming services offer a discount if you pay annually rather than monthly. Amazon Prime Video offers the best value here, as an annual subscription also includes free delivery when you shop on Amazon Australia. Annual subscriptions can save you a few dollars, but of course now you’ve locked yourself in and lost the flexibility to chop and change each month. PICK A WINNER The best approach is to decide on one or two services that your household can’t live without every month. Then decide which other ones you’re prepared to dip into for a month, binge your favourite shows and then put on hold while you jump to another service. It takes a little discipline, but paying the annual price for your favourite services and then cycling between a few others can save you a lot of money, while still ensuring that you get to see all your favourite shows.

Some streaming services like Netflix tend to release an entire season at once, so you can jump right in there and binge the lot. Other services like Disney+ tend to drip feed us a new episode each week. This can build a lot of buzz, because everyone is watching at the same pace. The downside is that, if you’re going to dip in and out of a service like Disney+, then you can’t keep up with the weekly release of a TV show which runs for several months. If you want to binge the entire season in one month, you need to fall behind and then jump in when it’s nearly finished. If you’re worried about spoilers while you wait, then perhaps you’re better off signing up for the year. SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE Only subscribing to a service every second month halves the cost. Alternatively, you might share your subscription with a friend and split the bill. As you’d expect, streaming services frown upon this. Netflix has cracked down on account sharing and other services like Disney+ are expected to follow suit. While Netflix won’t let you share passwords, its top plans let you add other households for an extra $7.99 per month. It’s still cheaper than each household signing up separately, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking to curb your entertainment bills.

The average Australian home only subscribes to two services, but there are ways to keep your streaming costs in check if you want more.


Local glory to national spectacle In the vast landscape of Australian sports, the Australian Football League has emerged as a beacon of innovation since the dawn of the 1990s. Over the past three decades, the league has undergone transformative changes, propelling it into a nationwide spectacle and redefining the way the game is played, managed, and celebrated.


One of the most significant shifts occurred in the early 1990s when the AFL decided to broaden its horizons beyond its traditional strongholds in Victoria. With the establishment of new teams in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales, the league successfully transformed from a local pursuit to a national obsession. This expansion not only widened the talent pool but also introduced the game to new audiences, fostering a sense of national identity and pride among fans from different corners of the country. Another groundbreaking development was the introduction of the AFL Draft in 1986, a system designed to distribute young talent evenly across the league. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the draft truly came into its own, reshaping the competitive landscape of the sport. This system has become the lifeblood of the league, creating a pathway for young players to enter the professional ranks and injecting fresh talent into each club, thereby preventing a concentration of power in the hands of a few dominant teams. In the realm of player welfare and development, the AFL Players Association has played a pivotal role. Their landmark 5 year Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in September 2023 has for the first time delivered a single CBA covering both AFL and AFLW players. The combined AFL and AFLW agreement sees players now receiving 31.7 per cent of all assessable football revenue. The AFL men’s competition saw an uplift of 10 per cent in Total Player Payments, effective immediately and back paid for the 2023 Season. And after an historic 94 per cent pay increase in 2022, all AFLW players received an additional 29 per cent uplift for the 2023 NAB AFLW Season. One of the AFLPA’s standout initiatives is the 22Under22 program, a recognition platform that celebrates the best young talent in the league. This program acknowledges the rising stars aged 22 and under who exhibit exceptional skill, dedication, and sportsmanship.

The journey from local heroics to a nationwide spectacle, the implementation of the AFL Draft, and the focus on nurturing young talent through programs like 22Under22 have collectively propelled the league into a new era, where the spirit of Australian Rules Football is celebrated from coast to coast.

“By highlighting the achievements of these young players, the AFL Players Association not only nurtures their careers but also contributes to the league’s overall appeal, attracting a younger demographic and creating a sense of anticipation for the future of Australian Rules Football,” says Michael Jamison, General Manager Communications and Commercial at the AFLPA. The 22Under22 program serves as a testament to the league’s commitment to fostering the next generation of stars and ensuring the sustainability of the sport. It provides a platform for these emerging talents to be acknowledged by their peers and the broader football community, inspiring other young players to strive for excellence. As the Australian Football League continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the destiny of a sport.


Are you curious enough? An invitation to learn more about the world around you, the people on it, and your own wild landscape within – all while becoming a more compassionate and peaceful person in the process.

How often do we quickly judge someone based off their appearance or something they’ve said or done? Multiple times a day, right? Especially if something’s different from what we’re expecting or our ideals of normal. We’ve evolved to be wary of difference – historically, a foreign human may have been a threat to the survival of our tribe, just as an unknown food source could be poisonous. Our survival instinct certainly serves a purpose, and one we can be grateful for, but being able to discern when it’s helpful and when it’s a hindrance is just as important. We all know how it feels to be living in ‘survival mode’! Exhausted, stressed out, fearful, and on edge as we react to the people we encounter and situations that unfold. Not to mention, for most of today’s modern society it’s unnecessary, unhealthy, and an unsustainable way to exist.

What if we created a moment to pause with curiosity? A moment to say, ‘That’s interesting ... Why is it so? How did that come to be? What happened? When? Where? Who else?’ Curiosity helps us become more compassionate as we try to understand a person or situation from another point of view. It gives us an opportunity to choose our response rather than react automatically, especially when the situation’s non-life threatening. We may have conditioned responses where we blurt out an inappropriate comment if we see something out of the ordinary, feel personally offended if someone doesn’t return a smile, or leave a harsh judgement in our mind about how someone looks. Often these judgements are shaped by our own insecurities from within, such as our self-worth, our physical or mental capabilities, the trust we place in others, or our self-image.

RI HOKARA HANNAH or for Snaffle. bassad Social Am


What lies hidden behind that fiery flame? When did it start? How long had the fuel been smouldering?

Following on from the examples above, we may judge others for embracing their differences if we’re struggling to accept our very own – if we’re seeking validation from others and have the need to be seen, an ignored smile may feel like we’re not valued or appreciated – and a distasteful dialogue about someone else’s appearance often reflects our own struggle towards unattainable perfection. By embracing a curious pause, we can also become aware of our thoughts and bodily sensations which creates space for inner reflection and a chance to better understand ourselves. Why did you feel lessened by someone else’s achievements? What made you think critically about that person’s hair colour? Why do you feel uncomfortable with silence? With time, these moments of awareness and reflection allow you to regain some control over your conditioned responses and in turn foster a more conscious and compassionate way of being both, towards yourself and others. Working as an adventure tour guide continually reminds me to remain curious. Guests come from an array of backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and general life experiences, of course bringing their own unique zest and zeal, as we all do. Some may be very proficient at the activity and well-versed in the outdoors, others less so.

To Snaffle for giving me the opportunity to impart my story, as well as providing me with the means to capture and share these with you. Please contact to find the right product to record your journey and experiences, and to suit your needs

For some, this may be their first time overnighting in nature or sleeping in a tent ... and they’re freaking out! So, taking a moment to check in with everyone is important, especially if they seem irritable, anxious, grumpy, or reserved. There’s often an underlying meaning to someone’s mood or manner, and that moment of curiosity can help discern how best to interact with them. What do they need – clearer instruction, time alone, conversation, a hearty hug, or a good belly laugh? The quest to better understand the mysterious yet wondrous ways of ourselves and those around us, begins with curiosity. This genuine engagement opens a space for compassionate conversations, allowing people to share their fascinating story, fostering acceptance of our own, and with bountiful learnings assured as we all discover new ways of doing, thinking, or being. Here are some final takeaways to keep the curious questions rolling and the critical judgment at bay: •

Pause and ponder - that’s interesting (why, when, what, where, how?)

Ask more questions – provide fewer statements

Don’t take things personally – there’s often an undercurrent you can’t see

Become aware of your own thoughts and bodily sensations

All weeds have a root – use questioning/selfreflection to find them.

Never assume you can know how someone’s feeling or what they’ve been through — always ask questions!

Navigating the world of BNPL Over the past decade, few financial services have had the impact of Buy Now Pay Later. In a bid to strike a balance between consumer convenience and financial responsibility, the Australian Government recently unveiled a new set of regulations aimed at controlling this rapidly growing industry.


The government’s move comes as the popularity of BNPL services continues to surge, raising concerns about their impact on consumers’ financial well-being. At the forefront of the BNPL phenomenon is its apparent convenience. Offering consumers the ability to make purchases and pay for them over time has transformed the way people shop. This flexibility has been particularly appealing to younger generations who prefer to spread out their payments. BNPL services often promote a straightforward application process with instant approvals. BNPL is an accessible option for consumers who may not qualify for traditional credit. The surge in its usage has raised concerns about the potential for consumers to accumulate debt unknowingly as the allure of ‘buy now, pay later’ can often lead to impulsive spending and financial strain, particularly if consumers overlook the terms and conditions including potential fees. To address these concerns and foster responsible financial behaviour, the Australian Government has introduced new regulations for the BNPL industry. One key aspect is the requirement for BNPL providers to conduct thorough affordability assessments before approving customers - to ensure that consumers using these services have the means to meet their repayment obligations.


For the Australian consumer, the new regulations represent a safeguard against potential financial pitfalls associated with BNPL services such as potential fees and interest rates applied after the interest-free period finishes. The long awaited regulations mandate clearer disclosure of fees, terms and conditions associated with BNPL services. This increased transparency aims to empower consumers with a better understanding of the financial commitments they are entering into when using BNPL options. Consumers would also be well served to check if their financial provider is a member of Responsible Leasing and Lending Australia. “It is our mission to validate and promote the high standards set by our member companies to ensure Australian consumers and businesses have access to quality products and services,” said RLLA board member, Mr Mark Thomas. The BNPL industry has undoubtedly revolutionised the way people shop. As consumers continue to navigate the evolving landscape of digital finance, these new government measures and the guiding hand of respected industry bodies such as Responsible Leasing and Lending Australia, aim to strike a delicate balance between convenience and fiscal responsibility.


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Europe’s Top 5 Bucket List Who wouldn’t love to spend the 2024 Aussie Winter in the European sun? Particularly if you’re suffering social media account envy! For something a little different to Italy’s la dolce vita or l’art de vivre in France, here are 5 great European destinations tailor made for your Insta and Facebook accounts.


PORTUGAL Why go? Europe’s sleeper hit is a haven for food aficionados, wine drinkers and lovers of bright, bold design. Capital idea Wander into the past via the winding, rustic hipster streets of Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest district, or dive into the boho bar scene of Bairro Alto. Visit the world’s oldest bookstore, Livraria Bertrand, which has been trading from Lisbon’s Chiado district since 1732, and save your calves and jump aboard the #28, a bright yellow remodelado tram that cruises the major sites. Explore further Portugal’s second city, Porto, is three hours by train from Lisbon – check out the glorious azulejos (ceramic tiles) at the Sao Bento railway station and Porto’s cathedral. More laid back than the capital, the tipple here is, of course, port! Insider tip Book a tour or take yourself on a petisco (Portuguese tapa) crawl through Lisbon, one of the world’s great food capitals; Grapes & Bites and Mesón Andaluz regularly appear in the top 10. Visit

MONACO Why go? To visit France for breakfast, Italy for lunch, and Monaco for dinner for a three-country day out. Capital idea Monte-Carlo’s the heart of this tiny principality – if you’re not up for a flutter, you can still visit its famed casino before midday. Several Bond films have been made here; spot all the sports cars lined up out the front for show. Explore further Tiny Monaco’s gloriously walkable – climb the stairs to Le Rocher (The Rock) to the cobblestoned lanes surrounding the Prince’s palace and the excellent Musee Oceanographic, headed for three decades by underwater filmmaker Jacques Cousteau. Insider tip From Le Rocher, it’s a 20-minute downhill walk to Les Perles de Monte- Carlo, on the quay in the Port de Fontvieille. For a taste of Monégasque life, set aside a couple of hours to dine on the freshest local oysters and fish, with a bottle of local rosé to hand, all while looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. Visit

TURKEY Why go? With one foot in Asia, the other in Europe, Turkiye is the perfect blend of glamour and history. Capital idea Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district is where all the history happens: the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia face off against each other in a competition of who has the most beautiful dome. Cross the Golden Horn to explore sophisticated Pera and follow the bustling pedestrian mall of İstiklal Caddessi to the Instagram-worthy Galata Tower. Explore further Myth-laden Cappadocia lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s great ballooning experiences – coasting over the fairy chimneys at dawn really is a magical experience, as is staying in a cave hotel and exploring the region’s underground cities of the early Christians. Insider tip Away from the party towns of Bodrum and Marmaris, the Aegean coast is dotted with welcoming stone villages with stays amid the olive groves in historic stone hotels – check out Adetepe, near Gelibolu (Gallipoli) and Selçuk, near Ephesus’ ruins. Visit

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AUSTRIA Why go? Vienna’s consistently voted the world’s most liveable city, and justifiably so. Add mountains and The Sound of Music for a tourism trifecta. Capital idea Oh, Vienna! A compact city centre packed with palaces, galleries, and art museums, including the newest – the Albertina modern annexe. Make time to idle in its famed cafes – after all, this is where rich, chocolatey sachertorte was invented. Explore further Innsbruck’s top site is the Goldenes Dachl, a golden roof dating from 1500, made to celebrate a royal wedding. Dubbed ‘The capital of the Austrian Alps’, those famous mountain vistas are best explored via the Nordkette cable car, just a short tram ride from Innsbruck’s city centre. Insider tip Heurigers are wine taverns often attached to a vineyard, where you can taste the newest wines from a maker, with delicious snacks and meals also on offer. Forget fusty, in summer, you’ll find the Viennese – young and old – out playing in the sunshine at these rustic taverns. Visit

CROATIA Why go? Soak up the sun on the Adriatic Sea, with sparkling seas and street art. Capital idea For someone who’s 1200 years old, Zagreb is still a trendsetter. The city walls are covered in contemporary street art, its streets full of grand architecture and unusual museums including the Museum of Broken Relationships and the original Museum of Illusions. Explore further Dubrovnik has many names including ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’ and King’s Landing (thank you, Game of Thrones). Many skip Zagreb to instead admire the glittering Adriatic walk atop Dubrovnik’s 12th-century walls – the ramparts are best at sunset. Keep an eye out for hidden doors in the walls leading to little seaside bars, for an afternoon spritz at the water’s edge. Insider tip While brudet, a fish stew, is considered Croatia’s national dish, order the black squid ink risotto, Croatia’s gift to the world. Visit

The Sammy D Foundation’s

quest to end violence In a world where violence is a daily threat to our community, the Sammy D Foundation is taking a stand for youth, life and the future.

On Saturday 3 May 2008, 17-year-old Sam Davis played a game of footy, had a schnitzel for dinner at the clubrooms, and went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday, just like he’d done many times before. Only this time, Sam didn’t come home. Instead, his life was cut tragically short when he fell victim to a one-punch attack. To honour Sam’s memory, the Sammy D Foundation was created to educate young people about the impacts of bullying, violence and drug and alcohol misuse. At the heart of the Sammy D Foundation’s mission is an emphasis on violence prevention education. This concept of primary prevention is a long-term agenda, aiming to stop violence from happening in the first place. It works by identifying the underlying causes of violence, such as the social norms influencing individual attitudes and behaviours, and acts across the whole community to change these, not just the behaviour of perpetrators. As their educators explain, violence doesn’t just impact the victim and perpetrator. It affects everyone in the community. By providing relevant age-appropriate information, knowledge and tools, the Sammy D Foundation empowers young people to make positive life decisions for a better community, with the aspiration for all young people to live their lives free from violence. Over its fifteen years in operation, the Sammy D Foundation has educated 220,000 people and delivered 3,610 education programs. In 2022 alone, an impressive 29,806 people were educated across 108 schools and 32 sporting clubs. It hasn’t been easy, though. The Foundation doesn’t receive block funding, relying on philanthropic support to make a difference.

The South Australian community has rallied to this cause, evident in the $7.8 million in philanthropic support generated since 2008.

It’s not just students who are deeply impressed with the results from the Foundation’s violence prevention workshops.

Aided by the valuable range of community and corporate partnerships they’ve fostered, the Foundation plays a key role in helping tomorrow’s young adults, today.

‘Since engaging Sammy D Foundation in 2013 to form a partnership with our school we have seen an 82% reduction in threatened or actual violence. Sammy D Foundation education programs make a difference to our community and have contributed significantly to the creation of a safe learning environment at (our) School.’ says Roger Nottage, Principal, John Pirie Secondary School

So, how does the Sammy D Foundation achieve its goals? It’s all about informing people – giving them the simple, practical tools they need to create positive change by countering violence. Let’s look at several of the Foundation’s suite of programs: A great example to start with is their violence prevention workshops, which follow the ‘Impact’ presentation, and tell Sam’s story. Teams are separated into small groups during these intensive sessions, where they learn to unpack real life scenarios, as well as identifying and de-escalating potentially violent situations. When a situation turns dangerous, there’s no substitute for those practical in-the-moment skills. Equipped with an understanding that violence is both long-lasting and incredibly damaging, workshop participants learn that there’s no place for it in our community. Even years after completing the program, students are fresh with the memory of the vital skills they’ve learned in those intensive sessions. So, they’re ready to act decisively – and safely – if something happens to keep themselves and their mates safe.


Let’s zoom into some of the Foundation’s other key initiatives. The ‘Party Wise’ program engages students through an interactive harm minimisation approach about risks of alcohol and other drugs. The sessions explores short term and long-term effects of drugs, current trends such as vaping, understanding standard drink measurements and driving under the influence. The following workshops place students in hypothetical situations where they’re tasked with keeping celebrations afe. After completion, nearly 96% of students reported an increased understanding of the harmful consequences of drug and alcohol misuse. There’s also the innovative Monkey See, Monkey Do program which addresses negative behaviours in sport. Following the ‘Impact’ presentation, Education Facilitators break the group into workshops so players can explore in greater detail the characteristics and impacts of bullying and violence, while senior players, parents, and club officials look at the impacts of negative sideline behaviours and their influences.

The Foundation’s also committed to tackling the cultural factors around violence. In the What’s the Story program, young men are encouraged to identify what it means to be a man. In the process, they strive to overcome harmful stereotypes around masculinity.

Young people participating in this program are matched with a trained and highly motivated adult who volunteers their time to share life experiences, skills and knowledge, while assisting the young person to set and reach their own personal goals.

Over eight weeks, students discuss ideas including understandings and concepts of fairness. They’re also encouraged to write about their feelings, as well as completing a critical enquiry project.

Mentor Nate described his role as being ‘a light in the darkness’ for his mentee – to see the good in him and help him bring that to the surface. His mentee Josh simply described his experience of having a mentor support him through a difficult period as ‘like having a really nice friend’ to support and listen to him. Josh is just one of the 448 young people mentored to date. Of course, maintaining a vital resource like these programs is far from easy.

And for building up those crucial practical abilities that can be overlooked, the Foundation’s Adulting 101 program’s unbeatable. This practical initiative aims to equip young people aged 16–24 with a toolkit of essential skills to help them navigate the transition from adolescence into adulthood. Adulting 101’s become a massive hit with participants, who love the nuts-and-bolts approach. The wealth of essential skills learnt in Adulting 101 including financial management, physical and mental wellbeing, and car maintenance. By completing the program, young people discover new ways to consider the challenges they’re facing. The Foundations Community Mentoring program provides one-to-one support for a young person who may be experiencing some level of disadvantage or social isolation, or is in need of a positive role model.

To keep everything ticking over, the continued support of the Foundation’s corporate partners, donors, and volunteers is essential. Their contributions are shaping the future, one young person at a time. If we want to see a world where violence isn’t a threat to our communities, the Foundation’s work continues to be essential. Consider supporting the Foundation today.

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VIOLENCE HAS SIGNIFICANT LONG LASTING CONSEQUENCES. The Sammy D Foundation aspires for all young people to live their best lives free from violence through prevention, education and mentoring programs. Find out how you can support the Sammy D Foundation by saying NO to violence and YES to mateship.


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