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Winter 2012

Trade Show Edition Inside...

Inside story on new Southpointe Town Center

Hatch Mott MacDonald moves to Southpointe New pictures by Redford Photography

2012 Southpointe Chamber Board Members

New Town Center Plans Inside...


Southpointe Magazine

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

Welcome to

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR AT SOUTHPOINTE Dear members, neighbors, and friends: Thank you for making our magazine a great success! The first edition came off the press in August without a flaw. This edition is even better. Most of the content and editing was accomplished in-house. Thanks to Options-in-Graphics for adding the final professional touch. This edition covers the news and events for the Southpointe and the Marcellus Shale Chamber. We will be featuring an insert with the latest Executive Tradeshow at the Southpointe Golf Club. Our sincere thanks to the club management for the setup and detailed strategy. It has been a pleasure working with them.

A recap of 2011 and improvements for 2012. MARKETING 101: Our marketing package combined with the video production has brought a dozen videos featuring businesses in and around Southpointe. Go to our web site at and click on ‘Video TV’ to watch. Our 6-step Marketing plan has worked to optimize your exposure to 400 members and over 2,100 LinkedIn associates. We now have over 12,000 visitors each month to our site. These are people who are looking specifically for information about Southpointe business opportunities.




Welcome to Another Successful Year, By Don Hodor.............. 4 Thanks to Our Sponsors............................................................ 6 Redford Named Southpointe Chamber Magazine Photographer........................................................................ 6 Bella Sera Now Open for Lunch............................................... 6 Hatch Mott McDonald Opening Southpointe Office.............. 10 Karl Skyrpak Now ‘Of Counsel’ with Robinson & McElwee, PLLC................................................................ 12 Making Way for Progress at Southpointe II............................ 15 Synergy in Southpointe, By Ellie Nesser................................ 18 Range Opens Regional Headquarters in Southpointe............. 19 Southpointe Trending toward New Neighbors....................... 20 34 Acre Site Designated ‘Southpointe Town Center’........ 22-23 Washington County Airport a Valuable Resource for the Gas/Oil Industry........................................................... 24 Ten Tips to Make Your Chamber Networking Events a Success, by Hank Walshak.............................................. 26 Southpointe Started with a Vision........................................... 28 Eckert Seamans Continues its Growth of the Firm’s Southpointe Office....................................................... 32, 34 Merante Brothers Market: A Feast for the Eyes and the Palate, by Rachel Gogos......................................................... 37 Janney Sees Unprecedented Opportunity in Marcellus For Pa, by Joseph Witthohn, CFA & James J. Foley, CFP..... 38 Advertise in the the Next Issue............................................... 39

PRESS RELEASES: Don’t forget to send us your company press releases, promotions, events and pictures. We will continue to publish those on our website. It’s free to members. Please send your print ready materials to SOUTHPOINTE TOWN CENTER UNDERWAY The front cover illustrates the exciting new move forward on Southpointe II. Read details on the new apartment complex, restaurants, shops, offices and more. In the background is the new Range Resource building which will border on the Town Center. Thanks again, expecially to our advertisers and please feel free to contact me directly for any questions, comments, or suggestions for our magazine, and for our community. Coffee, lunch or cocktails are on me!

Don Hodor, Exec. President 724.873.7777

2012 • Volume 2 • Issue 2 Publisher - Southpointe Total Media / Southpointe Telecom Managing Editor in Chief - Don Hodor Advertising Executive - Terry Caldwell Marketing Editor - Victor Cabiles Production / Design Team - Options in Graphics, Inc. President - Paul Revak Production Editor/Graphic Artist - Michael Skubovius Published by Southpointe Total Media 125 Technology Dr. Suite 103, Canonsburg, (Southpointe), PA 15317 Phone - 724-873-7777 • E-mail - All Copyrights Reserved - Southpointe Total Media / Southpointe Telecom

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

News Briefs

Thanks To Our Sponsors For Making Our Networking Events Successsful!

Open For Lunch...

Our many network sponsors made the breakfast, lunch and cocktail events a success. We consistently have grown 30% at each event. Our last event had 250 attending. Sponsors were able to introduce new products and services while keeping our attendance cost to a minimum - often free. Ask how you can be a sponsor, so we can feature your company at our next event. What members are saying . . . “The Southpointe / Marcellus Shale Chamber activities have a special ‘excitement’ that brings businessmen together.” - Karl Skrypak, Esq. “It is easy to see that the Southpointe Chamber’s mission is designed from the early stages to truly help people grow their businesses.” - Lou Gadani, Vernon Sales Call our office for more information. 724-873-7777.

Redford - Southpointe Chamber Magazine Photographer Redford Photography was responsible for the Board member portraits. Redford offers ‘Corporate portraits’ for executives in companies located in Southpointe. Call 724-743-5700 to schedule a photo session.

Jason Capps, owner of Bella Sera, recently opened his event venue for lunch at their 414 Morganza Road location. Aptly named ‘Bistro@BellaSera’, they are open Monday thru Friday, offering affordable buffet meals. Enjoy all-youcan-eat selections consisting of salads, appetizers, soups, side dishes, desserts and more. “We create an assortment of tasteful dishes each day to keep it exciting. Bistro is open 11 AM to 2PM, Monday thru Friday. We set up a ‘Chamber Community Table’’ for any chamber member to have a seat and network, with others during lunch.” stated Jason Capps. This is a good way to meet new people every day. The Chamber board wants to thank Jason for generously hosting our chamber events. Bella Sera accepts reservations of all size for any event. We encourage all our members to support his venue. Call 724-745-5575 x 111 for a reservation. Pictured, Consol Energy viewed from the 8th Hole Southpointe Golf Club

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

All Chamber Networking events include live interviews with event sponsors, which are recorded and posted on our website and on YouTube. Here are Dale and Don discussing the upcoming Trade Show in a lunch event at nearby Bella Sera.

Winter Edition 2012



Winter Edition 2012

New Business In Southpointe Our vision is to grow and share in the commercial success we can enjoy as a result of a collaborative teaming effort with our clients; a vision which we believe will integrate well with the culture of Southpointe. ” Southpointe will be welcoming one of its newest members in early April when Hatch Mott MacDonald (HMM) adds 25 environmental and pipeline staff to their new location in the community. HMM and its predecessor companies have been providing engineering services in the southwestern Pennsylvania area for 60 years. The 2,100 employees of HMM plan, design/procure, design/build, and manage construction of sustainable environmental, pipeline, water resources, rail and transit, tunnels, and airports and aviation projects nationwide. HMM’s civil/environmental engineering and permitting professionals are supported by dozens of highly trained scientists and geologists as well as field technicians, surveyors, and GIS specialists. ““We are excited about our new Southpointe location because it will allow us to respond more quickly and cost-effectively to our clients in the area,” said Rich Steinhart, PE,

HMM is a ‘Corporate’ sponsor in the 2012 Tradeshow. New office is located at 1001 Corporate Drive across from the Hilton.

Pictured: Rich Steinhart, PE, Senior Vice President of Hatch Mott MacDonald and manager of Ohio River Valley opeation

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

Meet Karl Skrypak

Advertise in

Karl Skrypak Now Of Counsel With Robinson & McElwee, PLLC Karl Skrypak, a resident of Washington, PA, has recently been appointed ‘Of Counsel’ with the law firm of Robinson & McElwee, PLLC having offices based out of Charleston, Clarksburg and Wheeling, WV.

Be a part of the Excitement! Be a part of the Opportunity! Call 724-873-7777

He has been on the Board of Advisors and Legal Advisor to the Southpointe Chamber since its formation 16 years ago. Karl is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. His practice focuses on natural resources (Coal, oil and gas) including any related real estate & environmental issues. He has a B. A. from Yale University; MBA from Waynesgurg University and a J. D. From the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Karl was previously with Consol Energy as Senior Counsel and Assistant Secretary for 28 years.

Karl Skrypak, Esq. Featured Chamber Board Member

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine


Winter Edition 2012


Making Way For Progress At Southpointe II However, over the past 10 years we have all witnessed, first hand, our families moving to other cities to establish careers due to economic downturn of factories and administrations in buildings just like this. The demolition marks a new turn to an exciting growth opportunity to the area. Many of our children, grand children and new families will enjoy the Southpointe II Town Center and what it represents in terms of progress to the area.

Editorial by Don Hodor, Chamber Exec. Pres.

Many stood by to see the demolition of the Morganza Administrative building. For the community, this has been the focal point as a long standing icon of Cecil Township. The real focus is the majestic steeple raising high above the roof line. This will be preserved and placed at the town center quadrant to further remind all of the past respectfully. Now it will be a symbol to the ‘newcomers’ of the future opportunities to come as we move forward. The building opened its door in December of 1876 operating as a reform school. After closing in 1967 the building later found use as a home, school and hospital for the mentally challenged. In 2000 it was closed leaving it standing empty for 12 years. Many plans were made to restore the building but the shear cost of upgrade BOCA codes, handicap access

regulations, and new energy efficiency standards was enormous. Elevator shafts are too small and concrete walls restrict the ability to run new utilities. Added is roofing infrastructure that need reinforced, large windows needing replaced and fire exit changes. Estimates of $10 million and higher were proposed - but still leaving an obsolete structure. This made the renovation impractical if not impossible.

Now the career minded are moving back to this area for opportunities. It’s not just about money, but a new higher standard of quality lifestyle, esthetic green surroundings and safer roads & communities.

You are welcome to comment on this article by writing to editorial@


Southpointe Magazine

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine


Synergy in Southpointe By Ellie Nesser Can you believe it is happening here? It is that unexplainable feeling that something great is swirling all around. People, places and things to do are all in Southpointe. We are the buzz word! Of course, it is undeniable that Synergy goes hand in hand with Southpointe. Wikipedia states, “Synergy may be defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable. The term synergy comes from the Greek word meaning ‘working together.’ “Corporate synergy, in terms of management and in relation to teamwork, refers to the combined effort of individuals as participants of the team; the condition that exists when the organization’s parts interact to produce a joint effect that is greater than the sum of the parts acting alone.”1

Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People lists Synergize as habit number 6. To put it simply, synergy means “two heads are better than one.” Synergize is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems. But it doesn’t just happen on its own. It’s a process, and through that process, people bring all their personal experiences and expertise to the table. Together, they can produce far better results that they could individually. Synergy lets us discover jointly things we are much less likely to discover by ourselves. When people begin to interact together genuinely, and they’re open to each other’s influence, they begin to gain new insight. The capability of inventing new approaches is increased exponentially because of differences.2

What does this all mean for you? It means that you and your organization can benefit from the services of The Southpointe Chamber, Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber, Southpointe CEO Association, POWER of Southpointe, California University of PA- Southpointe Center, Waynesburg Southpointe, Community College of Beaver College Southpointe, and many other organizations in the Park and surrounding areas. Last year, the Southpointe Chamber Trade Show at Cal U Southpointe went over maximum capacity with more than 400 professionals attending and it continues to happen . . . . The most recent Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber Luncheon at Bella Sera exceeded our expectations with nearly 200 professionals in attendance. We are all here for YOU. We interact through various forms of communication. If you receive informa-

1 <> • 2

tion about something happening in Southpointe, it’s likely that it arrived as an e-invite or through Facebook, LinkedIn or text — or in person, by telephone or fax. One way or another, the word is getting out and YOU are IN! The best way you can empower and energize yourself, your organization or your business in these tough economic times is through meeting other people and learning something new. Please take some time in 2012 to get involved in one of the many events happening here. If you can’t leave the office, just jump onto one of our websites or keep track via social media and view what is happening right outside your window (literally!) Throughout my professional journey, I continue to see and read this quote . . . “It takes 20 years to be an overnight success.” I would venture to think you all would agree with me . . . Southpointe has made it!


Winter Edition 2012

New Construction

Range Opens Regional Headquarters in Southpointe Marcellus Shale pioneer Range Resources strengthened its commitment to Washington County, opening the new regional headquarters building in Southpointe II. Range has been operating in the Appalachian region for nearly 30 years, and has held office space in Southpointe since 2007. The natural gas production company outgrew three previous spaces in the business complex due to its rapidly increased production in Southwestern Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale operations. The new building has allowed Range to be one of the area’s only natural gas producers to house its technical teams and key operations staff under one roof. Located on Town Center Boulevard, the new LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building features office space for more than 500 employees, a 215-seat auditorium, and Club Bistro, which is open to the public for breakfast and lunch. With about 400 employees in Southpointe, and an additional 5,000 Pennsylvanians working for subcontractors and vendors each day in the Commonwealth, Range has plans to add on both employees and office space. The company has preliminary plans for building expansion on the 13-acre site in Southpointe II as it continually adds staff in Washington County, which the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics ranked third in the country in employment increase in 2011.

Horizon Properties designed the 180,000 sq. ft. building that was constructed by P.J. Dick Corporation, making it one of the largest recent construction projects in Southwestt PA.


Southpointe Magazine


Southpointe Trending Toward New Neighbors Many new companies have moved to the area. Please refer to our map for locations.

Hatch Mott MacDonald 1001 Corporate Dr.

Aidan’s Fireside Cafe 1001 Corporate Drive

Wild Well Control

Plaza II, 380 Southpointe Blvd

Sadler Law Firm

Plaza II, 380 Southpointe Blvd Empire Energy Plaza II, 380 Southpointe Blvd

Strad Energy Services 1001 Corporate Drive

West Penn Energy Services 11 Grandview Circle

Stratos Wealth Partners 125 Technology Drive

Southpointe Staffing 125 Technology Drive

AJA Cigar Company 325 Southpointe Blvd.

Enerplus Resource 333 Technology Dr.

Noble Energy

333 Technology Dr.

Express Energy

400 Southpointe Blvd.

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC. 400 Southpointe Blvd.

WPX Energy

6000 Town Center Way


Winter Edition 2012

Chamber Board Members

2012 Southpointe Chamber Board Members

Don Hodor, Southpointe Chamber Founder, Executive Director, Telecommunications Engineer and Owner of Southpointe Telecom

Terry Caldwell, Recently appointed Board Member Chamber Director of Advertising Sales & Marketing

Jim McDonald, President of Monaloh Basin Engineers, a Pittsburgh-based Civil Engineering firm

Lou Gadani, Local Canonsburg Businessman, Distributor for Vernon Sales Marketing and Promotional Products

Dale Risker, President of Southpointe Chamber Owner/Operator of World Wide Technical Services Franchisor of Shake ‘n Twist stores

Ellie Nesser, Recently appointed Board Member Executive Director of Southpointe Campus of California University of Pennsylvania

Karl Skrypak, Local Attorney On Counsel with Robinson & McElwee, PLLC


Southpointe Magazine

New Construction

34 Acre Site Designated ‘Southpointe Town Center’! Horizon Properties Group announced that it will proceed with the development of Southpointe Town Center after several years of uncertainty in the economy as well as debate over the mixed use developments final design and uses. Both the Washington County Commission and the Washington County Authority have endorsed the conceptual plan which was approved formally at a public hearing at Cecil Township in September. In order to deliver the innovative plan which mixes office, retail, residential and hotel uses on a main street, Horizon petitioned Cecil Township to allow the 34 acre site to be designated as a Town Center Overlay to the current Special Development District Zoning classification. Cecil Township granted the “Town Center” designation and approved the Land Development Plan that will finally allow Horizon to proceed with this exciting long awaited amenity that Southpointe needs. The primary design elements of the Town Center includes Main Street & Town Square that will serve as the framework for retail, restaurants, office and residential buildings that will create the sense of place that Southpointe needs. Sited along the Main Street and Town Square will be 96,000 square feet (sf) of retail, fast casual eateries and restaurants and a fitness center; 56,000 square feet (sf ) of second floor loft office above retail 120,000 square feet (sf) four story office building at Town Square Hotel on Main Street; 220 unit rental apartment complex sited on the walkable Main Street.

Horizon to proceed with this long awaited amenity that will complete Southpointe needs.


Winter Edition 2012

New Construction “We have patiently pursued the development of the Southpointe Town Center with our development partner Miller Capital Advisory”, stated Rod Piatt, CEO of Horizon Properties Group. “Even though it may have been easier to meet the high demand for office uses and continue to put up office buildings, we have remained committed to deliver a true mixed use project that Southpointe needs which is simply the right thing to do”, Piatt added. Miller Capital Advisory, Inc. is based in Chicago and manages over $3.8 billion in real estate assets including the Institutional Mall Investors venture which has a retail portfolio of over 16.4 million sf and includes the Galleria in Houston and the Fashion Square in Scottsdale. “Fortunately, we have a partner in Miller Capital that is equally committed to Southpointe and has the financial strength to weather the financial storm that has stifled our national economy and retail development”, stated Michael Swisher, a principal at Horizon. “We are seeing tremendous interest in this project from restaurants, retailers and residents who want to live close to the office and be part of a vibrant community”. “The proposed architectural concept designed by Cooper Carry in Atlanta, is striking and will bring a fresh look to Washington County. Also we have commissioned Cooper Carry to design the Town Square Park with a memorial element that will include the 25’ tall copper cupola salvaged from the Western Center administration building”, Swisher added. Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2012 and the retail leasing agency is Grant Street Associates-Cushman & Wakefield Retail Group. Interested retailers and restaurants may contact Jared Imperatore or J.R. Yocco at 412-391-2600. Companies interested in office space leasing may contact Michael Swisher at 724-743-7722 ext. 2502.


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Washington County Airport - A Valuable Resource For The Gas/Oil Industry.

The Washington County Airport is a great local airport 15 miles Southwest of Southpointe. With a 5,004 foot runway, a parallel taxiway system, an Automated Weather Observation System and an Instrument Landing System, the Airport has all-weather capabilities to accommodate all types of corporate and general aviation aircraft year around.

Through a partnership between the County of Washington and the Redevelopment Authority focus has been made to upgrade the airport. Ultimate airport expansion plans include a runway extension to 7,000 feet, parallel taxiway extensions, new terminal building, and additional hangar sites. These projects will result in continued job growth and opportunities in the region especially for Southpointe businesses.

The Cessna Sovereign is a great ‘coast-to-coast’ non-stop aircraft, ideal for scheduling long range, quick turn around meetings. It will take 8-9 passengers in comfort.

There are many examples of new and growing industry opportunities that are launching into gas/oil services. As an example, World Wide Technical Services has been in the corporate aircraft management side, but expanding to meet the gas / oil industry demands. As a broker, owner/operator Dale Risker brings many new possibilities for quick reliable corporate transportation. “The key element to providing efficient cost effective transportation is the selection of the correct equipment for the job. This is why WWTS has an indepth menu of aircraft ranging from, single engine, turboprops, helicopters and jets.” stated Risker. “Their are many examples of proper equipment usage.” Dale added. “A helicopter may be an ideal choice for local meeting destinations, photography or well site equipment lifts.” A four passenger single engine is an inexpensive way to get an aerial overview of several gas/oil sites and construction projects. “It’s always convenient to land at Nemacolin Woodsland’s 5,000 ft. runway for lunch along the way.” Dale added. A single engine turbo prop Caravan can take 6 passengers comfortably or haul up to 1 ton of cargo. Many combine the cargo and passengers on a single trip. Jets are ideal when an executive group has a distant meeting, out and back in the same day. “Many don’t realize the soft dollars lost while waiting for commercial flights, coordination of time, traffic jams, parking, car rental and aggravation of clearing securities lines. Dale’s experience goes beyond Director of Operations of a charter company. Dale has been in aviation for 35 years and is a commercially licensed pilot with an instrument rating and multi-engine endorsement. For more information call Dale Risker at 724-350-5562.

Pictured above is the helicopter for passenger and cargo lifting at well sites. Below is the Cessna Caravan ideal for shorter trips to nearby towns and field operations.

Dale Risker is owner/operator of World Wide Technical Services. As an aircraft broker, he services the oil/gas industry with multiple options. Dale is also President of the Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber. This is just another example of how the energy business has trickled down to smaller busunesses. WWTS 724-350-5562

Winter Edition 2012



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10 Tips To Make Your Chamber Networking Events A Success

Hank Walshak has coached executives on their presentations for more than 25 years. His latest book is Driven: A How-to Strategy for Unlocking Your Greatest Potential (,published by John WIley & Sons. Hank started his company, Walshak Communications, Inc., in 1984., 412-831-3023

Participating in Southpointe networking meetings can help build your business. But doing so takes foresight and planning. Think about these networking guidelines as you prepare for your next networking meeting: 1. Make sure to have a plan. You need a plan with well-defined objectives on what you want to accomplish. 2. Take the initiative to meet others. Productive networking takes reaching out. 3. Dress up not down when attending a networking event. If you do, you’ll command attention and authority without saying a word. For men, this means a dark suit, a white or light-blue shirt, and a power tie, preferably red, and polished shoes. For women, apparel should be a smart business suit with complementary accessories and closed-toe shoes. 4. Wear your name tag on the left-hand lapel of your suit. That’s where your name tag is most easily visible. 5. Eye glasses should be translucent. The people you speak with should see your eyes. 6. Your business card is an extension of you. The

higher the quality, the better. 7. Speak with a strong voice. Your voice counts for a lot when meeting others. When you speak confidently, you project a self-assured image of yourself. People may forget what you say, but they’ll remember you and the sound of your voice. Ace networkers project their voices with self-assurance so they’re respected and easy to listen to. 8. Repeat back a person’s name when introduced. Doing so assures you have the name right and helps you to remember. 9. Maintain eye contact when speaking with others. Good eye contact shows you’re interested in the person you’re speaking with. Looking away too often sends a message that you’re distracted or disinterested. 10. Keep hands visible at all times. In our American culture, people like to see the hands. And when speaking with others while seated, keep your hands on the table, not in your lap. Editor Note: Hank Walshak is senior coach to the Southpointe Chamber


Southpointe Magazine


Southpointe Magazine


Southpointe Began As A Vision It is hard to believe that less than twenty years ago the Southpointe Business Park didn’t even exist. Now home to more than 250 companies, including nine world headquarters, the business park began as the vision of Senator Stout, Congressman Mascara, County Commissioners and Jack Piatt of Millcraft Industries. After starting with the development of the Southpointe Golf Club, Millcraft Industries lead the master planning and development of what is now commonly referred to as Southpointe I. Millcraft is a Washington County based commercial real estate developer and management company specializing in mixed-use developments that integrate office, retail and residential life. With its wide range of commercial offices and technology centers, residential accommodations, restaurants and hotels, Southpointe I is one of the local developers’ most successful achievements. While intricately involved in the history and start-up of the original Southpointe Business Park, Millcraft Industries remains very much involved in the present and future as well. With their signature building located at 400 Southpointe Boulevard, Plaza I; Millcraft also owns, leases and manages Plaza II, Summit Corporate Center, Southpointe Center, Southpointe Restaurant Square and Southpointe Commons, as well as the Hilton Garden Inn and Jacksons Restaurant.

Pictured below is Millcraft founder Jack Piatt at the Kiosk of the North Entrance of the Southpointe Business Park.

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

Don and Terry in a recent interview with Mike Howard, General Sales Manager at WORD FM radio on Bizburgh, discussing the impact of the Marcellus Shale industry on Southpointe and local businesses in the region.

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

Article ECKERT SEAMANS CONTINUES ITS GROWTH OF THE FIRM’S SOUTHPOINTE OFFICE In June of 2003, long before the Marcellus Shale boom, Eckert Seamans opened its office at Southpointe. Phil Binotto, a well known management labor and employment attorney, and native of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, joined the firm at that time, and became the Member in charge of the office. His goal was then, as it is today, to utilize the firm’s vast national and international resources to provide the highest quality legal services to Southpointe and the surrounding business communities. As one of Southpointe’s original tenants, Phil Binotto recognized the needs of the Southpointe, business community for quality legal services, not only in the labor and employment field, but also in all aspects of their corporate environment. Jana Grimm, an employment, corporate and real estate attorney also joined the office at that time, as did

The Eckert Seamans Southpointe Office Team

Laura Tate, a member of the firm’s Litigation division, specializing in mass tort litigation. Marcia DePaula, a member of the Labor and Litigation divisions, joined the office in June of 2006. In June of this year, Robert J. Hannen, and Daniel Tomassetti, both trial lawyers joined the firm at its Southpointe office, to add yet another dimension to the services provided directly from this office. Mr. Hannen has extensive trial and appellate litigation experience in state and federal courts. He has represented mid-size and large companies (Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies) in commercial and employment related litigation involving disputes ranging in amounts up to several hundred million dollars.

Continue On Page 34

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

Article ECKERT SEAMANS CONTINUES ITS GROWTH OF THE FIRM’S SOUTHPOINTE OFFICE (Cont’) Mr. Tomassetti has wide-ranging experience before state and federal courts in West Virginia and Ohio. He has represented employers, governmental entities, hospitals and health maintenance organizations in defense of litigation and has tried a number of cases to verdict. Eckert Seamans has more than 335 attorneys located in 11 offices throughout the United States, including Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Southpointe, and West Chester, PA.; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Richmond, VA.; Wilmington, DE.; White Plains, NY.; and Charleston, WV. The firm provides a broad range of legal services in the areas of litigation, including mass tort and products liability litigation, corporate and business law, intellectual property law, labor and employment relations, aviation law, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, employee benefits, environmental law, construction law, municipal finance, real estate, tax and estate law, trucking and transportation law. For more information, please visit, or contact Phil Binotto, Member in Charge of the Southpointe office at 724.873.2870;

Winter Edition 2012



Southpointe Magazine

Recently Don Hodor and Dale Risker were invited to the KDKA radio station for an interview on the talk show “The Marcellus Shale and You�. Local attorney and host of the show is Tejas Gosai who is discussing how the gas industry is affecting local communities and land owners. Both Don and Dale are landowners and local businessmen whose companies have been positively impacted by the growth of the industry through new energy- related companies moving into the area.


Winter Edition 2012


Merante Brothers Market: A Feast for the Eyes and the Palate By Rachel Gogos Save your airfare to Italy because Italy is coming to you! Merante Brothers Market will be opening its doors for business on March 9th and wait till you see what’s inside! The corner of W. McMurray and Morganza will be transformed into three very authentic and distinct Italian experiences when this neighborhood market opens with flare and style. Cafe Antonio, a gourmet “Euro” coffee shop will feature La Prima Groceria Merante in Oakland coffees and a special Merante blend; Cucina di Domenica, a rustic Italian kitchen will specialize in gourmet prepared lunches and wholesome take home meals (busy moms will be delighted); and a specialty Italian foods grocery with a deli, gelato and much more. The drive through window will accommodate coffee customers as well as those calling ahead for their prepared meals. Merante Brothers Market will have imported and domestic Italian food products as well as Italian-style deli meats and cheeses, dry goods (such as pasta, rice, specialty flours) and frozen products including gelato and Filo dough. Breadworks and Mediterra bread, La Valle and La Molisana pasta will be among the featured brands. The market will also have fresh produce and dairy items from local farmers as well as Uncle Sal’s (Merante’s real uncle) homemade hot & sweet sausage recently featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Pittsburgh Foods series. But you shouldn’t just come to Merante Brothers Market for the food. The stunning interior piazza with hand painted murals, the artistic sculptured tables, the cozy exterior fireplace and the cool blue walls of the Café, reminiscent of the Mediterranean and Ionian seas, which engulf the Calabria region, where the Merante family hails from. The Market, a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, is a place to enjoy with your family. While Anthony Merante, owner, has created a successful construction business ( the grocery business is in his background. His family has been selling groceries since 1905 and still

New Merante Market on the corner of Morganza and West McMurray Rd

operates a store in Oakland - Groceria Merante. “The concept of this new market is really an old one, we want to bring the neighborhood market back to the neighborhood with all that it symbolizes – great food and family,” Anthony said.

Renowned chef and teacher, Domenica Merante, taking bread out of a wood-fired oven

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Domenica Merante, Anthony’s wife, is no stranger. A renowned chef and teacher, Domenica mixes her style, sass and soul into everything she cooks. Domenica, Executive Chef at the Cucina, has honed her cooking skills over the past 16 years in her kitchen and in the Toscano Saporita cooking school. She is ready to share her “old world” cuisine with its unique blend of the Calabria and Abruzzi regions of Italy. According to Domenica, ”Hospitality is equally important to a meal as is taste.” So stop in and enjoy a little bit of Italy, right in your very own neighborhood. Here are the details: • 724-743-5900 604 W. McMurray Road North Strabane, PA 15317


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Being the largest regional investment firm in the Marcellus Region, we are proud to support the efforts of our communities and to help provide education surrounding the development of the Marcellus Shale. Our view on this is simple: “There is nothing more job-creating, shovel-ready and good for our economy and country than the immediate responsible development of the Marcellus Shale.” We stand ready to help individuals, organizations and communities within our region and provide a wide range of services ranging from investment ideas and education for individuals, to partnerships with corporations to helping communities find funding as they build up infrastructure to support necessary development. The responsible development of the Marcellus could prove to be the greatest economic development opportunity for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in over a century. We stand prepared to advise our clients on how best to maximize their opportunity in this unique, life-changing event. Janney Montgomery Scott traces its roots back 27 years before the first oil well was built in Titusville, PA. We have grown alongside the communities we are proud to serve, and look forward to helping our neighbors and friends achieve great things which are only now dreams. For questions or comments for this story, please contact Jim Foley, CFP®, Branch Manager of the Pittsburgh office of Janney Montgomery Scott, at or visit htm . This is for informative purposes only and in no event should be construed as a representation by us or as an offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. All investments contain some degree of risk and an investor should carefully consider all risks prior to investing.

Cliff Dube, Vice President, CRPC, CLTC, Janney Montgomery Scott

Mark Scholl, First Vice President, AWMA, CRPC , Janney Montgomery Scott

James J. Foley, CFP, Vice President Branch Manager, Pittsburgh, Janney Montgomery Scott


Winter Edition 2012

Advertise in the upcoming issue of Southpointe Marcellus Shale Magazine. Be a part of the New Revolution that is happening in Southpointe. Contact Advertising Director Terry Caldwell Today at 724-873-7777 or go online at The Southpointe Chamber is now taking print ad orders for the next edition of Southpointe Magazine. This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your current as well as new products and services. Included in your subscription are your ad and link to the website. In addition, we’ve included and to the link.

When potential clients are looking for products and services in Southpointe (and the new Marcellus Shale venue), they are just a few clicks away from your listing and web page. It’s a documented fact: the internet is quickly replacing the Yellow Pages and phone directories - especially with the widespread availability of smart phones and other intelligent electronic devices. Company __________________________________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________ Contact _________________________________ Phone __________________________________ E-mail ___________________________________________ Web site ________________________

I WANT TO ADVERTISE IN THE NEXT ISSUE 1/4 Page ad $990 (x2 if both issues) _______ 1/2 Page ad $1,690 (x2 if both issues) _______ Full page ad $1,990 (x2 if both issues) _______ Back cover $2,800 (x2 if both issues) _______ Front cover $3,500 (x2 if both issues) _______

TOTAL _______ Comment -

A 60% deposit is required at the time of order. Balance is due upon delivery of printed product. Check, cash or credit/debit card is accepted. Ad spaces will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. Pricing requires your camera ready ad. Additional charges for ad design.

Card no. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Exp. Date ___ /___ Zip code __ __ __ __ __ Code __ __ __

Name on card _______________________+__________________ AMT $ ______________

I agree to the above terms and conditions and authorize this order. ___________________________________________________________ Date _______________


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