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Issue 0913



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Letter from the Executive DIRECTOR Dear members, neighbors and friends: We are pleased to announce a new dimension of vivid aerial photography featured on our front cover of this edition of Racetrack Road Business Association. Our thanks go out to Dale Risker, our commercial pilot and chamber president for his contribution of flights over Racetrack Road. As a private pilot I can appreciate, first hand, the skill required to setup for photography using the best altitude, lighting angle and positioning for quality pictures. These photographs truly capture the growth of the Racetrack Road corridor, Our special thanks to Mike Redford of Redford Photography for final details and color enhancement/corrections of this award winning quality front cover. In the months to come, you will see and hear Dale or me flying over to capture each of the seasons focusing on the area expansion to include Park Place, new Microtel hotel and the new ‘The Street’ shopping/ apartment complex. We are excited to announce the new “App” available on Android (and soon I-phone) smart phones. This app is free by just entering ‘Southpointe’ in your application store. Get listings of businesses, reservations for events, announcements and contests, all online from your phone! We are the first chamber to make this bold step forward in technology in Pennsylvania. Enjoy this fall edition and departure from standard photography formats. Make sure you send news articles to our editors desk, editor@southpointe.net and send advertising requests to terry@southpointe.net . As always, we would love to have breakfast, lunch or cocktails with you to discuss you business and how the Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber can help you grow. don@southpointe.net or 724-873-7777 Thank you, Don Hodor



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Join one, belong to all three

2013 • Volume 1 • Issue • 09 www.racetrackroaddirectory.com

Publisher - Southpointe Total Media / Southpointe Telecom Managing Editor - Don Hodor Advertising Director - Terry Caldwell Front Cover Photo By- Southpointe Telecom Layout & Design By- Mike George

Executive Director Racetrack Road Business Association 724.873.7777 don@southpointe.net www.SouthpointeBusinessAssociation.com

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Issue 0913

RACETRACK ROAD BUSINESS ASSOCIATION RACETRACK ROAD DIRECTORY + 125 Technology Drive, Canonsburg, PA 1517 www.racetrackroaddirectory.com

Everyone wins?

We have recently realized the birth and expansion of so the CEO or other decision makers. Are the right contacts at many organizations in the region. Years ago, there were only the networking events? The answer is YES!…if you have the chambers of commerce organizations that were geographiright product, right timing and bring value. Most recently, Welcome the first editionareas of the Racetrack Road +. This your visitors’ cally separated to by towns, geographic or boroughs. This weDirectory had a new visitor gainisemployment at ourguide lunch.toHe evolved to chambers opening to ‘countygaming, wide expansion’ simply sat with management thaton wasor looking expand their activities including shopping, diningand and entertainment - all listings near tothe recently ‘vertical’ markets. Adding to this growing group payroll services in our area. Another insurance agent set up Racetrack Road corridor. This quarterly publication can be picked up in the hotel lobbies and are new Coalitions, Network Groups, Youth groups, Gender meetings and signed up five new clients from one event. A waiting of businesses in the ‘double cover’ will beplaced a major groups, Shalerooms organizations, Associations, CEOarea. Clubs As anda bonus, shalethe energy company met amagazine trailer dealer who more. In the past to fewover years280 the Southpointe Chamber orderSouthpointe for fleet trailers.Industrial We have people banks,itcar distributed companies in andrearound the Park. switching In addition, branded as the Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber. We dealers, printers, offices, homes, vacation venues and more. is read as an online by 10,000 will beislooking foranother vacation added the ‘Racetrack Road magazine Business Association’ andinternet recent- viewers. It is not thatMany one business better than but more ly the ‘Washington County Business Association’. so, “who has the right value, timing and interest of a future options for the whole family. All of this activity has many wondering: Why? When customer”. does this organization growth saturate, and does the growth Once in a while, we run into an organization that won’t This publication has been made available thru the detailed efforts of the “Racetrack Road of so many organizations help or hurt each other? Past ‘team up’ with another organization for an event. This is Businessthinking Association”. Thisshare’ newly formed RRBA group is the voice of the conventional is that ‘market will be divided a big loss for both groups. Wearea, foundpromoting, success with groups to the point that all the organizations will suffer from reduced such as the Peters Township Chamber, South Hills informing and posting events in the immediate Racetrack Road area. RRBA recognizes theChamber, membership or reduced meeting attendance. Nothing can be EEE (Elite Energy Events), The Marcellus Shale, and Shale need to the ‘communicate’ and visitor-to-business ‘just further from truth. Example:business-to-business A few months ago, our staff Energy. Growth comes with easier opportunities when you team up with other decided to the hold road’. an event Applications every week instead once-a-month. forbuilding events. The “ allof ships rise with the down areofbeing receivedgroups for the of old oursaying ‘Board Advisors, We did this at the slowest possible time - summer. Results? tide” is very evident now. The tide, in this situation, is new Officers and volunteers’. The RRBA also welcomes outside businesses that can offer services to Attendance at all of the events actually grew. It looks like the casinos, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, energy groups, visitors such as limousines, cleaning, services, medical services and more. Just an the shale ineconomic surge in the region has placed businesspet salesmen on higher education/specialty schools and of as course, a ‘social network’ frenzy. Networking socials have replaced dustry. Who suffers? Most likely we are weakening the US example – most visitors need to be informed of options for dining, shopping, craft stores, the old cold calling, phone calls, faxes, mail outs and the Postal system, fax paper sales, door bell maintenance, need bowling,approach dancingofand other services in the immediate area. With thecallers, combined data base of door-to-door the past. for receptionists, phone and shoe leather repairs. Ultimately, what is our goal? want to meetMarcellus the Our conclusion? Our4,700 Chamber is setting a precedent by RRBA associates and the We Southpointe Chamber members, committed ‘decision makers’ or at least the ‘gate keepers’ and what offering to join with other groups for events, share tradeshow businessmen will receive updates on network meetings, tradeshows, after work events and better way to do that than to shake hands, eye-to-eye at an revenue with other groups and share article and ad space in promotions. We want you to see theI’m fullalways array of services and businesses listed on the and ‘The Raceevent - breakfast, lunch, seminar or tradeshow. our ‘Southpointe Marcellus Shale Magazine’ intrigued with the weekly chamber phone call we receive in track Road Business Directory’. Our announcement: convenient map and online website (www.racetrackroaddirectory.com ). We will open thosewe will the office: “Do you have a list of members”? My response share 10%-30% revenue with any group that wants to partner opportunities is always, “what are to youall. going to do with the list and what with our bi-annual Southpointe Tradeshows and share any addo you want to accomplish”? You want a meeting, right? vertising revenue placed in our magazine publications. This Answer: Bring plenty of business cards and come to our next is an excellent way Any questions please call our hotline at 724-873-7777 or E-mail ustoatincrease revenue for all organizations event and meet 100 business men and women who want the and see quicker growth. The paradigm for our groups and Racetrackroad@southpointe.net. same. organizations is a new corporate culture: we are not competiThe next question is always, who attends? No, CEOs will tors but partners. Let’s work together in 2013 and beyond! not be at the events in most cases, but middle management, Don’t wait. Call our office now, and ask for Don or Terry at (the working class of big business) will be there and listen724-873-7777 and refer to this article to discuss how we can ing. They are looking for value in each others’ products and team up for more growth and revenue! services. If you have value, they will set up the meeting with

2 Allergy & Clinical Immunology Associates 3 B&W Insurance 11 Bistecca 23 BP 31 Burger King 18 Cambria Suites 724-223-5555 26 Candlewood Suites Washington North 724-873-7300 30 Central Van and Storage 7 Clinical Hand Rehabilitation 28 Comfort Inn Meadowlands 724-746-9700 27 Country Inn and Suites by Carlson 724-884-1450 17 Courtyard by Marriott Pittsburgh Washington Meadowlands 724-222-5620 8 Design Tech 12 Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh Meadowlands 724-222-6200 15 Elizabeth M. Stanley DPT 19 EQT 35 Park Place (Under Construction) 34 The Street (Under Construction) 2 Gateway Engineers 13 Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh-Meadow Lands 724-222-4014 2 Home Instead Senior Care

22 Marathon 29 McDonalds 24 Meadowlands Gymnastic Training 25 Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital 2 Mona Mikhail, MD Psychiatrist 24 Mr. Big’s Sports Grill & Tap Room 15 Oncology Hematology Associates :Megaludis Alexis M MD 9 Palazzo 1837 Ristorante 2 Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus 15 Physical Therapy Institute 6 Priceless Auto Sales 2 Proudfit Insurance 5 Racetrack Self Storage 2 Robert Jenness Therapist-LPC 2 Scarton Chiropractic 10 Shoppes at Quail Acres 20 South Hills Audi 1 Steel City Harley & Honda 16 Tanger Outlet Center 11 The Meadows Racetrack & Casino 4 Tomsic Motor Company 14 UPMC Cancer Center Washington 33 Waffle House 32 Washington Community Federal Credit Union 21 Wendy’s

Racetrack Road Business Association Map Directory


Racetrack Road Directory +

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32 33



Allison Hollow Rd








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Quail Acre Lane




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To Southpointe


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Road / Highway



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Washington Road

e Tang

Pike Street


Racetrack Road Directory +

“Ethics and the Bottom Line” By James K. Dittmar, Ph.D., Chair Department of Leadership Studies and Director of the MSOL Program at Geneva College

Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia. Much more recently, GoldmanSachs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG…. Unfortunately the list goes on and on. The events associated with these corporations and others during the past two decades have exposed the fact that too often ethics and the bottom line do not mix. The media, those directly and indirectly impacted by these scandals, and people in general ask “How could this happen?” How is it possible that individuals in positions of leadership and responsibility lead companies, themselves, and others down the slippery slope of unethical behavior? Sadly, these stories are not new. It has happened before Enron and WorldCom and it is likely in the not too distant future that we will hear and read about other leaders and companies falling from grace. What makes these more recent accounts major headline news is the extent to which the unethical actions of a few have affected so many. Retirements lost, investments vanished, trust broken, companies forever gone, and employees displaced. The number of jobs and the amount of money that have evaporated are at levels previously unheard of. Yet, as tragic as these outcomes are, what is often lost among these big stories is the fact that unethical behavior in companies is not limited to those in positions of power and privilege. What goes wrong? Those who study ethics and the role it plays (or does not) in the day-to-day functions of business offer a number of reasons. Saul Gellerman, whose article “Why ‘Good’ Managers Make Bad Ethical Choices” appeared in the Harvard Business Review, answered the question by offering what he termed the “four rationalizations” that people rely on to justify questionable conduct: (1) believing that the activity is not “really” illegal or immoral; (2) that it is in the individual’s or the corporation’s best interest; (3) that it will never be found out; (4) or that because it helps the company the company will condone it. In his article, he goes on to describe the accounts of several major national companies in which leaders at various levels within those organizations engaged in unethical behavior and then used one or more of the four rationalizations to justify their behavior. His answer to curbing what he terms the “plague” of corporate misconduct is for top management to “exert a moral force within the company, and to send a clear and pragmatic message to all employees that good ethics is still the foundation of good business.” Another author whose specializes in management ethics,

Lynn Sharp Paine, observes that the most common response to preventing unethical behavior in organizations is for leaders to enact what she terms “compliance-based ethics programs.” In the compliance-based approach, companies develop “rule books” which attempt to spell out in detail all possible types of unethical (illegal) behavior in order to “prevent, detect, and punish legal violations.” Historically, this type of approach appears to be largely in response to the enactment of federal guidelines for sentencing organizations convicted of wrongdoing. These guidelines hold organizations, including top leadership, responsible for misconduct no matter who in the company actually commits the unethical act. In addition, the severity of fines levied by the federal government is based partly on the extent to which the company has taken steps to prevent such actions. Hence, the development of “compliance-based” programs. Does this approach work? Ironically, the popular belief that it does not work is supported by research. One related study found that companies with “strict codes of ethical conduct” or compliance-based programs were more likely to be cited for violations by the Federal Government that those who did not. Paine also agrees that compliance-based strategies fail. She states that organizations must do more than “avoid illegal practice” by “providing employees with a rule book that will do little to address the problems underlying unlawful conduct.” Instead, Paine argues that the right approach is to create an “integrity-based approach to ethics management that combines a concern for the law with an emphasis on managerial responsibility for ethical behavior.” Simply passing out “rule books” to employees and having them sign some sort of “standards for ethical conduct” contract each year do not work. However, an integrity-based approach develops an ethical framework “that is no longer a burdensome constraint with which companies must operate, but the governing ethos of an organization.” What this means is that the company is committed to, not just “in compliance with,” exemplary behavior. These core values of the integrity-based approach influences everything the company does including hiring practices, how it deals with customers, how it treats and rewards employees, and how it responds to those whose behavior violates the core values. Paine’s approach seems to get at a deeper level in terms of dealing with the problem of unethical behavior within organizations. But still unanswered is the question posed by Saul Gellerman: Why do people who are usually honest, intelligent, compassionate human beings act in ways that are callous, dishonest, wrong, and often harmful to others or the environment? And who is ultimately responsible for such Continued on Pg. 10


Issue 0913

Your Success matters.

The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South is conveniently located across from the South Hills Village Mall, within walking distance to restaurants, upscale shopping, entertainment and light rail transit system accessing Station Square & Downtown Pittsburgh. • 179 guest rooms including a great variety of suites. • Extensive meeting and banquet capabilities • Extended Stay accommodations offer a two room suite with a king size bed, a living room with a pull out sleeper sofa and a kitchenette. Fully equipped with refrigerator, microwave, stove top, dishwasher, coffee pot, and all the utensils you’ll need. • Complimentary Wi-Fi, Business Center and Fitness Center. • PJ’s Grille & Bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner along with extended hours in PJ’s Lounge. • Outdoor pool and Patio Bar open during summer

Book your 2013 Holiday Party dates! They’re filling up quickly The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South 164 Fort Couch Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15241 www. facebook.com/crowneplazapittsburghhotel phone:412-833-5300


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Your local telecommunications EXPERTS for 20+ years! Our expertise includes:

Describe what Cabling this is…. Infrastructure We lay out, engineer and install Cat-5 & Cat-6 cabling for offices, multi-family and residential homes.

CCTV Cameras We design and install CCTV cameras systems that can be watched anywhere from your smart phone or laptop.

Video Production We produce, record, edit and post your ads, commercials and training. Ready for YouTube or web site

Internet Connectivity We design and install your internet system from the outside network to your desk . All documented wiring.

Some testimonials from highly satisfied clients:

“The Southpointe crew installed all of our office cabling on time with no problems.” Hatch Mott MacDonald

“We were able to view our Virginia U. construction site on our cell phones.” Gilbane Company

“Don’s crew gives us a 24/7 help desk for our 580 online students.” Salisbury Univ. Student Housing

“Our office now has CCTV security with supervised door access using cards.” Grant Architects

“Don and Mike are consultants on a new IT Cloud technology and virtual office.” Tristate Trailer Sales

“The Southpointe crew designed our web site and included video with the lowest bid.” Isiminger Auto and Pennzoil Oil Change

SOUTHPOINTETELECOMMUNICATIONTECHNOLOGY 125 Technology Drive, Southpointe, PA 15317 724-873-7777 www.southpointe.net

Continued From Pg. 8 behavior? What about the “character” of leaders and the role leaders play in setting the tone of ethics within an organization? Furthermore, can ethical character, like leadership, be developed? Can people become more ethical as leaders? The answers to these questions will determine, to a large extent, whether or not companies and individuals can behave ethically. Those of us who are associated with the Geneva College


Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) Program believe that leadership and ethics can and should be developed. In fact, we agree with author Joanne Cuilla that “ethics lies at the very heart of leadership” and that “good leadership is morally good and effective.” The theme of ethics runs through our curriculum and impacts the outcomes of each course. To set this tone in the MSOL Program, we include a foundational course in Leadership and Ethics. Continued on Pg. 12

Issue 0213

17 11

Issue 0913

Sulkowski Dental

William M. Sulkowski, D.M.D. & Associates A healthy smile should last a lifetime!

A healthy smile Introducing:

should last a lifetime! Mandy Johnson, D.M.D.

In October 2012, Dr. Johnson joined our practice, she is very personable and has been a great addition to our staff. After graduating from Temple Dental School, Dr. Johnson served active duty with the United States Navy for 6 years. During her commission, she was deployed two times to the Persian Gulf and was promoted to Lt. Commander. She currently resides in the South Hills with her husband We offer Matthew & 4 year old daughter Evelyn.

convenient hours, early morning, evening, and Dr.Saturday Mandy Johappointments. nson

We send email reminders of your appointments and follow up with a call.

Office located less then a mile from Southpointe

Call now to schedule your consultation. 724-745-0103

Early Mornings, Evening & Saturday Dr. Sulkowski has been providing appointments available dental care for over 33 years. call 724-745-0103

Dr. Sulkowski has been Officeproviding located less then a mile from Southpointe, near Sarris Candies dental care for over

www.sulkowskidental.com 33 years.

www.sulkowskidental.com FREE

Teeth Whitening (upon completion of new patient evaluation, X-ray and necessary treatment) William M. Sulkowski D.M.D. 183 East Pike St. • Canonsburg, PA 724-745-0103 (Expires 2013) (ExpiresNovember April 30th,30, 2013)

OR FREE Accepting most insurances. We participate in Assurant, UPMC Dental Advantage, Accepting most insurances. We participate in United Concordia, MetLife, Guardian, Patient exam & X-ray Delta, United Concordia, Metlife, Cigna, Humana, Aetna, School Claims UPMC Dental Advantage, Delta, Cigna, Humana, Aetna, School Claims Services, (First 30,2013) 2013) (First3030new newpatients patientsbefore beforeNovember April 30th, Services, Max, Guardian, Care Credit,through and Wells Credit Principal,Principal, and Dente Dente Max. Interest-free financing available CareFargo. Credit and William M. Sulkowski D.M.D. Wells Fargo. cardsVisa, also accepted. 183 East Pike St. • Canonsburg, PA cards alsoCredit accepted Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments available

Call now to schedule your consultation



Continued from Pg. 10 Among the ethical models that we study (models that essentially attempt to establish the basis for making ethical decisions or “what is right and wrong”), is one that author Alexander Hill presents in his book, Just Business. Hill lays out a basis for a business ethic around the characteristics and behaviors of Holiness (pureness, humility, accountability); Justice (fairness); and Love (empathy, mercy, benevolence). Applied in balance, these characteristics can become the basis of ethical behavior in organizations. Such concepts, though, are empty unless leaders look inward and examine their own character, understanding that character can shape behavior. Educational writer and consultant Parker Palmer acknowledges the importance of character when it comes to leadership. He states in Leading From Within: “A leader is a person who has an unusual degree of power to create the conditions under which other people must live and move and have their being, conditions that can be illuminating as heaven or as shadowy as hell. A leader must take special responsibility for what’s going on inside his or her own self, inside his or her consciousness, lest the acts of leadership create more harm than good. Professor Craig Johnson refers to this moral

Racetrack Road Directory + responsibility and the effect that leaders have on others as “casting light or shadow.” Whether or not a leader casts light or shadow, according to Johnson, is a matter of that person’s ethical character. Finally, is it possible for organizations of all types to conduct their business in ways that reflect not only compliance with the law but also a commitment to integrity and ethical behavior? Yes it is. There are many exemplars of such organizations. We just do not hear read much about them. But for organizations to become ethically exemplary, leaders at all levels must first recognize and acknowledge that their day-to-day situations and decisions may carry with them ethical challenges and dilemmas that include the consequences of power and privilege, manipulation and deceit, fairness and equity, or profit and accountability. So, they must ground those decisions on ethically sound principles—principles I hope include holiness, justice, and love. The leaders of Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, and Goldman-Sachs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, AND other organizations whose practices are ethically questionable, cast shadows on their companies and employees. Instead, leaders must learn how to cast light to keep themselves and their fellow-workers from traveling down the slippery slope that leads to more and more unethical behavior.

CAN HOSTING A MARKETING EVENT WORK FOR YOU? Many companies are looking for ways to meet business decision makers around Southpointe for an opportunity to present their products and services. We know it can be a challenge to make good contacts. What are your options? Advertise, mailing campaigns, door-to-door, e-mail newsletters, faxes? We all know from experience that spending money on marketing is a ‘roll of the dice’. Ultimately you are trying to set up a meeting. Our chamber has designed a total marketing plan that substantially improves the success rate for increasing sales. The Southpointe Event Hosting package includes . . . 1. NEWS ARTICLE: We give you a ¼ page news article highlighting your company products in Southpointe Magazine with 17,000 executive readers. 2. E-MAIL: We provide an E-mail campaign inviting members to the event you will be hosting with your logo or picture and company name. This goes out to 5,000 consenting members in Southpointe and Pittsburgh areas. This is sent 3 times giving you 15,000 exposures. 3. SIGNAGE: Your company name and logo are displayed

4. 5. 6. 7.

on our 8 ft. video screen during the event. We average 150 attendees at the monthly network lunch. LITERATURE PLACEMENT: You place your literature at each table setting. You can include a follow-up registration page. VIDEO: We produce, edit and post a 5 minute video interview with you at the event. POST VIDEO: We post your video interview on YouTube and www.southpointechamber.com web site. A copy is available for your web site. WEB LINK: We provide a link from the Southpointe Chamber website to your site for one year. TOTAL COST FOR THE COMPLETE PACKAGE (ITEMS 1-7) IS ONLY $2,000

The video production alone is valued at $2,000. As you can see, just one item listed above can be worth the $2,000 price when considering wasted cold calling time, office time, layout cost, printing and distribution cost. Contact Terry Caldwell for more details on how hosting an event will work for you. 724-873-7777 X 3.


Issue 0913



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nn catitioo uuca •• EEdd ealtlthh Hea H






Advertise in the upcoming issue of Southpointe Marcellus Shale Magazine. Be a part of the growth that is happening in Southpointe! Contact Advertising Director Terry Caldwell Today at 724-873-7777 or go online at www.southpointe.net

ry stry st Indduu In entt •• men iroonnm EEnnvvir myy •• m o o n n co •• EEco

The Southpointe Chamber is now taking print ad orders for the next edition of Southpointe Magazine. This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your current as well as new products and services. Included in your subscription are your ad and link to the www.southpointechamber.com website. In addition, we’ve included www.southpointedirectory.com and www. southpointemag.com to the link. When potential clients are looking for products and services in Southpointe (and the new Marcellus Shale venue), they are just a few clicks away from your listing and web page. It’s a documented fact: the internet is quickly replacing the Yellow Pages and phone directories - especially with the widespread availability of smart phones and other intelligent Electronic devices.

Company __________________________________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________ Contact _________________________________ Phone __________________________________ E-mail ___________________________________________ Web site ________________________




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Total: $__________________

A 60% deposit is required at the time of order. Balance is due upon delivery of printed product. Check, cash or credit/debit card is accepted. Ad spaces will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

Card no. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Exp. Date ___ /___ Zip code __ __ __ __ __ CV Code __ __ __ __ Name on card _________________________________________ AMT $ _____________ I agree to the above terms and conditions and authorize this order. ___________________________________________________________ Date _______________ Pricing requires your camera ready ad. Additional charges for ad design.

Fax advertising form to 412-291-1773 OR… place your order online at shopsouthpointe.net