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New Dad, Jarmeine, picks up some treats for new mom, Jarvia, and baby boy, Jayce. Story on page 10

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Need a physician? Call 678-604-1017 or visit Jessica Crawford and baby Brooke

Health for Life May/June 2011

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Preparing for the birth of a child is a magical time full of wonder and excitement. Parents-to-be immerse themselves in selecting

When they’re ready to choose the perfect hospital,

cribs and colors, deliberating over countless

Henry Medical Center's Marcia G. Taylor Women’s

names, reading stacks of books that rival a library’s collection, and anything else they think might help prepare them for meeting the new love of their lives.

Center has a cast of professionals to help ensure a storybook ending. The Center opened in November 2006 and continues to focus on everything that helps make a family’s time



“One thing I liked was that the nurses didn’t force me to choose a supplemental bottle when we were having a little trouble with nursing. It was completely up to me and they supported me.”

Jason, Elisha & Conner

~Elisha Turman

Just like a good story has twists and turns, sometimes a family’s birth experience changes a bit from what’s expected. When that happens, the physicians and staff at The Marcia G. Taylor Women’s Center are prepared for any surprises along the way. McDonough mom Elisha Turman experienced such a twist herself. She had a cesarean section with her 4-year-old daughter Cloe, so she wanted to attempt a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) when their son Conner was born. “My doctor was very supportive, but Conner decided he didn’t want to come that way,” Elisha said. “He just wasn’t dropping down, so we decided to do another c-section.” When it was time for the procedure, “I walked into the OR instead of having to be wheeled in quickly,” Elisha said. “Everyone was so smiley and the nurses treated me like I was their daughter. I was a little nervous, but everything was fine.”


“One difference this time was that I wasn’t so timid about letting people take care of me,” she added. “I relied a lot more on the nurses this time and was very comfortable with all of it.” Health for Life May/June 2011

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When Stockbridge resident Holly Duffey learned last September that she was expecting, choosing Henry Medical Center as her hospital seemed like the logical choice. She was familiar with The Marcia G. Taylor Women’s Center and its services through her work as general manager with Tanger Outlets Center in Locust Grove, but she also felt a more personal connection. “I asked a lot of family and friends for advice,” she said. “Everyone was different, but they were all happy with their experience at Henry Medical Center. We took a tour of The Women’s Center and were so impressed with what they’d done. I spent time talking with some of the physicians and staff and liked everything I saw and heard. Even if it weren’t so convenient to our home, I think I’d still be more comfortable having our baby there.”

Holly & Jason

Preparation Michael and Jessica Crawford of McDonough felt the same way when their daughter Brooke was born. Although Brooke is their first child, they felt completely prepared when the time came.

“We both feel so blessed. When all of this happens, how can you not be excited?” ~ Holly Duffey

Brooke & Jessica

“I had a better picture of things than some new moms might because my twin sister and older sister were already moms,” Jessica said. “They had their babies at Henry Medical Center and I’d been around them from doctor visits to the deliveries, so I at least knew my way around the hospital.”

“The Women’s Center is so nice,” she added. “The rooms were so big, pretty much our whole family was able to be there after Brooke was born. The facility itself and the doctors and nurses were very nice. You couldn’t get anything better by going somewhere different.”

“Nothing can actually prepare you for it until you’re there, because it’s such a total change in your life. But we loved Henry Medical Center and I’m glad we were able to deliver there.” ~ Jessica Crawford 4

Health for Life May/June 2011

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Rebecca & Taylor

Emma Kate & Phoenix

At other times, the delivery itself might go beautifully but the new little prince or princess needs special care afterwards. Such was the case for Taylor and Rebecca Rice and their second child, Emma Kate. “I was so anxious when our son Phoenix was born, but the nurses at Henry Medical Center were wonderful,” Rebecca said. “I ended up having such a good experience that I didn’t even think about going somewhere else when I was pregnant with Emma Kate.” Labor and delivery went well, but Emma Kate experienced breathing problems after birth. “The Respiratory team responded incredibly fast,” Rebecca remembered. “They decided to take her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) because they couldn’t get her breathing regulated. One of the therapists saw that I was upset and realized I needed to hold her. He said that Emma Kate was stable and that her problem wasn’t life threatening – that I did the hard work and they needed to let me have her.



McDonough mom Amber Womack learned she was pregnant in August 2010 with an April due date. At her ultrasound checkup, they received what her husband Dave called “the three seconds that changed our lives forever. They told us we were having twins.” The pregnancy went well until Amber woke one night in February and felt like something wasn’t right. They went to Henry Medical Center and were admitted to The Marcia G. Taylor Women’s Center right away. “They tried to stop the contractions, but couldn’t,” Dave said. “They kept getting stronger through most

of Saturday until one of the nurses checked Amber and said we didn’t have anymore time. She had to deliver then.”

“At that point everything happened so fast that there really wasn’t time to think,” Amber added. “We just knew we had to get the babies here.” Hayden and Harper were born at 30 weeks’ gestation and were taken to the NICU. “Since they were early, they didn’t have quite enough time to develop their lungs,” Dave said. The twins started on medication to help boost their lung development and staff helped them learn to eat. “It was a day-to-day process,” Dave

I held her and then they took her to NICU.”

Emma Kate was in the NICU for five days. She and all other babies needing special attention receive the best care possible in an environment that helps them grow and thrive.

“The fact that she was in the NICU made things so different,” Rebecca said. “She seemed so fragile, but the doctors and nurses eased my fears. They were awesome.”

“I chose Henry Medical Center because of the staff. They’re very competent but also have empathy toward the patient and family. That was very important to me.”

Amber&& Dave Harper Hayden

~ Rebecca Rice

Care and Compassion

Health for Life May/June 2011

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said. “We had no idea how long they would be there. The doctors explained the lung situation to us and had a great way of communicating what to expect and what was happening. We knew they were in good hands.” After four weeks in the NICU, Hayden and Harper were ready to go home. Before taking that big step,

the Womacks benefited from one more special service through The Women’s Center. “We were excited to be bringing them home, but were a bit apprehensive because they were going to be on monitors,” Dave said. “The hospital has a nice room where you can stay with your children overnight before you go home. It lets you get used to things, but you know the nurses are right there if you need them.”

Becoming Baby Friendly Staff at The Marcia G. Taylor Women’s Center understands the importance of mother/baby bonding, and wants to help each family’s story have a smooth beginning. One of the many ways The Women’s Center is moving in that direction is by taking steps to become what’s known as a “Baby Friendly” hospital.

“Those moms have to be especially dedicated. We teach them to pump at the bedside to prepare for breastfeeding later.” Encouraging mothers to provide their own milk for baby begins immediately after delivery. “We’re incorporating it into recovery instead of waiting until the baby is brought to mom in her room later,” explained Evelyn Avis, Labor and Delivery manager. Henry Medical Center is the first hospital in the area to set a goal of having every new mom who is interested and able try breastfeeding while still in recovery.

UNICEF and the World Health Organization launched the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in 1991 in an effort to encourage hospitals and other facilities to become centers of breastfeeding support. More than 15,000 facilities in 134 countries currently hold Baby Friendly status.

Whether it’s giving parents a “practice night” together, monitoring the NICU for when things might get too loud for the babies, or using the latest technology to give moms and babies every advantage possible, The Marcia G. Taylor Women’s Center revolves around families. It all comes together as part of a single

purpose: to help prepare families for the next chapter in their lives together. •

“Having babies in NICU is hard, but the staff was wonderful. I’ll never forget the first time I could actually hold them.” ~ Amber Womack

“We’re just normal people that this happened to, but we know it happened for a reason. When it’s not in your control, you’re just at the mercy of the Man Upstairs.” ~ Dave Womack


“We set a goal to achieve all the Baby Friendly criteria we could, and the results have exceeded our expectations,” said Pat McAfee, RN, BSN, director of Women’s and Infant Services at Henry Medical Center. “It has involved a lot of parent and employee education over the last few years, especially for the preemies,” said Kim Pace, RN, BSN, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) manager.

Marcia G. Taylor

One woman wanted to make a difference in the lives of women and children in her community. Marcia Taylor, a local businesswoman who has been involved with Henry Medical Center for many years committed resources to the building of The Marcia G. Taylor Women’s Center. The Center allowed the hospital to expand its services to women in every stage of life. Learn more about The Marcia G. Taylor Women’s Center by visiting

Most moms and babies follow couplet care, where they stay in the same room and are together virtually all the time. The first few days of learning to breastfeed can be especially challenging. Keeping mom and baby together helps them both adjust. All nurses and technicians in The Women’s Center are trained in breastfeeding and are comfortable helping moms ease the transition to breastfeeding at all stages. •

Health for Life May/June 2011

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Here, in his own words, is the personal story of Jarmeine Wright, who became a first-time dad at Henry Medical Center on March 9, 2011.

1:30 pm “Jarvia was kind of exhausted by 1:30 or 2:00pm. The staff just kept trying to make her as comfortable as possible.”


Most mothers love to share the story of her child’s birth, but dads have a special perspective of these life-changing times.

11:00 am The anesthesiologist placed Jarvia’s epidural. “Things were still going very slowly at that point. Her doctor checked on her periodically to see how she was dilating. She handled it pretty well but after a while the epidural wasn’t working as good as they thought it could. They topped it off twice but it still didn’t seem to make her pain subside.”

New Dad Advice Jarvia and Jayce were released from Henry Medical Center about two days after delivery.

“Grandma never left his side. That was great, because the first few days when she stayed with us, she was such a help and a blessing. She handled a lot of things so we could get some rest and get ready for the hard job.”

“When we were preparing for Jayce’s birth, I felt like my role was to look after Jarvia. I guess I did OK because she didn’t complain.” “I wasn’t really sure what to expect during the delivery but had an idea I didn’t want to see everything that was going on, after things I’d heard other people say. I was surprised at myself when I wanted to watch and was OK with it.”

“If nothing else, this has given me an awesome respect for my wife and what she’s done.” •

3:00 pm “When they checked Jarvia around 2:45pm, she was at 7 cm. The nurse came back about 3:00pm and she was fully dilated. That’s when things really started to speed up – it was like rapid fire from that point.”

“He’s such a joy.


I’ve already taken about 1,001 pictures,

of course.”

“I assisted the best I could. I tried to help keep Jarvia calm, but the doctor was even better at it.”

3:14 pm “The delivery was extremely quick after what seemed to be a lengthy labor. Jarvia only pushed four times and our son Jayce was here. We made as many phone calls and sent as many text messages as we could to share the news.”

Tuesday, March 8

As Wright’s wife Jarvia approached the big day, her physician decided to induce labor on her due date. The Morrow couple, along with soon-to-be grandmother Kimberly Lester, arrived at Henry Medical Center. They were shown to a room, made comfortable, and staff started Jarvia’s medication to prepare her for labor. “They said it would be an overnight process and could take about 12 hours,” Wright said. “We just tried to sit and relax and wait for the process to take place.”

Wednesday, March 9

6:30 am Staff determined that Jarvia was ready to move toward labor. They administered pitocin to start the labor process. “Everything was routine and seemed relatively smooth at that point,” Wright said. “We slowly progressed from there.”


“Jayce came out ready to see the world. We have a picture of him when he was less than four minutes old and already had his eyes wide open.”

“It was a beautiful and emotional moment – it’s hard to put into words what you feel. Plus, the staff did a wonderful job. We’d have to give them an A+ on everything.”

& Jayce

Health for Life May/June 2011

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Foundation News

Henry Medical Center News Henry Medical Center to Partner with Piedmont Healthcare Henry Medical Center (HMC) is pleased to announce the selection of Piedmont Healthcare to be its health care partner. This decision was made in April by the Hospital Authority of Henry County, the Henry Health Systems Board and the Henry Medical Center Board of Directors. The three boards also decided on a long-term lease as the structural model for the affiliation, as opposed to an outright sale. In addition, the final agreement will provide that the 1 mil tax levy will be eliminated and that Piedmont will be the guarantor on the existing bonds.

This partnership will allow the hospital to strengthen its ability to serve its community while meeting the many challenges happening in health care. The two health care organizations will promptly begin formal negotiations to develop a definitive agreement for the affiliation. The agreement will also need to be reviewed and approved by the State Attorney General’s office. These steps will likely take a number of months to accomplish.

Community Health Assessment on Henry Medical Center has concluded a comprehensive community health assessment of Henry County. The assessment is a county-wide health study used to identify and prioritize community health concerns.


Henry Medical Center Announces New Cardiovascular Services Director

Henry Medical Center Encourages You to Protect Your Skin This Summer Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. Research shows that most skin cancers can be prevented if you protect your skin from UV light.

Shelly Selby, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS was recently named Director of Cardiovascular Services at Henry Medical Center. She began her career in the health care industry 19 years ago as a critical care nurse before moving into cardiovascular services. Selby comes to Henry Medical Center from Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center in Danville, Kentucky. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Eastern Kentucky University and a Master’s in Nursing as a Clinical Nurse Specialist from the University of Kentucky.

Some tips for protecting yourself this summer are: • Avoid direct sun exposure between 10:00am and 4:00pm • Wear protective clothing and a hat. • Wear sunglasses to protect eyes and the sensitive skin around them. • Use sunscreen with a Sun Protective Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. Anyone interested in learning more about sun safety or the facts about skin cancer can visit or come by Henry Medical Center’s Community Education Department to receive a free skin cancer brochure.

Kickoff of the 2011 HMCF Employee Campaign a Great Success The 2011 Henry Medical Center Foundation Employee Campaign kicked off on March 31. This year the Foundation has challenged HMC employees to raise $100,000 for the hospital’s SHAPE initiative. SHAPE reminds everyone to practice Safe Handling Always Patients & Employees. In order to help reduce employee injuries caused by lifting and/or moving patients, contributions from the 2011 Employee Campaign will be used to purchase inflatable air mattresses, air supply for mattresses, Hover Jacks with transport sheets, Viking XL Patient Lifts, Steady Aid 3500 X, Titan X Bariatric Lift and wheelchairs.

2011 Pacemaker 5000 will be a Night Race This year’s race will include a 10K as well as the 5K run, 1 mile walk and Tot Trot . Saturday, August 20, 2011 7:30pm Crystal Lake Golf & Country Club

HMCF Corporate Honor Roll

Henry Medical Center Offers Free Blood Pressure Screenings with Stroke Risk Assessment

Welcome the newest Corporate Honor Roll Family Member Sacred Journey Hospice!

In recognition of National Stroke Awareness Month Henry Medical Center will offer free blood pressure screenings and stroke risk assessments at the Wal-Mart in McDonough on Thursday, May 12 and Thursday, May 19 between 1:00pm and 5:00pm.

Choosing the right care for you or your loved one is never a decision that comes easy. Regardless of age, diagnosis, or financial standing, it's important to have a clear understanding about the care choices that are available and to know which are best for you. Visit for more information.

Symptoms of stroke include sudden and severe headache, trouble seeing in one or both eyes, sudden dizziness, trouble walking, sudden confusion, trouble speaking, and sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg. Should some one you know experience these symptoms, the National Stroke Association wants you to think “FAST.” Face: ask the person to smile Arm: ask the person to raise both arms Speech: ask the person to speak a simple sentence Time: to call 911

Rover Inc. has joined the 2011 HMCF Corporate Honor Roll. Rover provides residential and commercial waste services and is owned by Dale Rutledge and Chuck Ferrell, life long residents of Henry County. In September 2009, Rover added residential “single stream” recycling which does not require recycling items to be separated. Visit for more information.

For more information on HMC’s blood pressure screening and stroke risk assessment, please call the Community Education Department at 678-604-1040. Health for Life May/June 2011

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Support Groups Al-Anon Meets every Wednesday and Saturday in the Foundation Education Center, 7:00–8:00pm.

Ala Teen Meets every Wednesday in the Foundation Education Center, 7:00–8:00pm.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meets every Wednesday and Saturday in the Foundation Education Center, 7:00–9:00pm.

Cancer Education/Support Call 678-604-1040 for more information.


Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) Call 678-604-1040 for more information.

Crohn’s & Colitis Meets third Tuesday of each month in the Foundation Education Center at 7:00pm.

Diabetes Support Group Meets third Tuesday of each month in the Foundation Education Center at 6:00pm. Pre-registration required. Call 678-604-5106 for more information.

Fibromyalgia Support Group Meets Last Thursday of each month in the Foundation Education Center, 7:00–8:30pm.

Georgia Losing for Life Weight Loss Surgery

Narcotics Anonymous

Meets every Friday from Meets second Saturday of 8:00–9:00pm in the each month in the Foundation Foundation Education Education Center, 11:00am–Noon. Center, and every Sunday in the Executive Dining Grief Recovery Room, from 5:30–6:30pm. Call 678-604-1054 for registration, dates and times. Overeaters Anonymous Meets every Saturday in Hearts of Henry the Foundation Education A support group for anyone Center, 9:00–10:30am. with Heart Disease. Meets first Thursday of each month Post-Partum Support in the Foundation Education Meets Every Wednesday Center, 6:00–8:00pm. in the 4th floor classroom Call 678-575-7746 for of the North Tower more information. at 8:30am. Call 678-209-4739 Lupus Support for more information. Meets second Saturday of each month in the Foundation Education Center, 11:00am–1:00pm.

Get Moving Again

LaLeche League

Look Good Feel Better

Rescue techniques are taught by the American Heart Association guidelines. Call 678-604-1040 to register.

For hip and knee surgery patients. Meets the last Saturday of the month.

Provides education, information, support and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. Meets second Thursday each month, 6:30pm in the Women’s Service Classroom on the 4th floor of the North Tower.

This program is designed to help women undergoing cancer treatment to regain self-confidence and control over their lives. Meets at Henry Radiation Oncology Center monthly from 10:00am–12:00pm. Call 770-631-0625 for dates and to register.

Two-day classes are held each month.

Evening Seminar Series Offers classes on lung and heart disease, cancer and healthy cooking.

For Parents, Families and Friends who have experienced a loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. Meets second Thursday of each month in the Foundation Education Center, 7:00–8:00pm. Call 770-320-7059 for more information.

Sisters By Choice For women diagnosed with breast cancer. Meets second Tuesday of each month in the Foundation Education Center at 7:30pm.

Southern Crescent Parents of Multiples Meets fourth Thursday of each month in the Foundation Education Center, 7:30–9:00pm.

Southside Weight Loss Surgery Group Meets fourth Tuesday of each month in the Foundation Education Center, 7:00–8:30pm.

Stroke Resources Call 678-604-1040 for more information.

WomenHeart Meets first Tuesday of each month in the Foundation Education Center, 6:00–7:30pm. Call 678-575-7746 for more information. This group is open to men and women.

For more information about classes, please call 678-604-1040.

CPR and First Aid

Diabetes Self-Management

Rachel’s Gift Infant Bereavement Support Group

Health Fairs Free screenings are offered for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, bone density, prostate and many other services.

On-Site Health Related classes

Planning for your Final Healthcare

Henry Medical Center offers customized on-site health related classes that can be conducted at your business, school, or organization.

Learn how you and your family can discuss and plan in advance for health care at the end of life. Call 678-604-1054.

Health for Life - May 2011  

Health for Life - May 2011

Health for Life - May 2011  

Health for Life - May 2011