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FIRST in Georgia to utilize the groundbreaking ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound) specifically for breast cancer screening in women with dense breast tissue.


• Digital screening and diagnostic

FIRST and only in Georgia to utilize the BSGI (molecular breast imaging).

• Diagnostic breast ultrasound

FIRST in Columbus to have a dedicated breast MRI.

• Minimally invasive breast biopsy

FIRST and only in Columbus to offer genetic counseling.

Our facility, accredited by the American College of Radiology and staffed by an experienced team of board-certified physicians, registered mammographers and sonographers and a certified breast patient navigator, creates a compassionate and comfortable exam environment with a personal touch.


(ultrasound, stereotactic and MRI) • Dedicated breast MRI • Breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) • ABUS Automated Breast Ultrasound • Breast health navigator • PET/ CT scan • DXA scan - osteoporosis screening • Genetic testing and counseling

2300 Manchester Expressway, Butler Pavilion, Suite A001 Columbus, Georgia | 706-257-7700 |





















CENTER STAGE ecently I got a call from a PR agent who had set up an interview for me with one of her clients. She wanted to let me know how much the client had "enjoyed" the interview — a rare experience, apparently. She also wanted to let me know that if I needed more information, I had only to ask. My first reaction was "Gee, what did I do?" My second was to wonder what other writers had done to give this client such a negative view of interviews. I'll never know the answer to the second question.


Old school journalists told me that they don't record anything, they just take notes. Personally, I find it very distracting, and the act of taking notes separates you from the subject matter. You wind up focusing way too much on the note-taking or the typing instead of what matters most: the person in front of you. At SVM we try hard to show the diversity of Columbus’ individuals and companies, and we strongly believe that everybody has a

fascinating story to tell. Our August issue is known as our Interview issue. It is no small wonder that this year we included people like Mila Kunis, known for her roles on the TV sitcom That 70's Show and the 2010 movie, Black Swan, which co-starred Natalie Portman. Cale Dodds, is a young artist born in Columbus that is co-writing with some of Nashville’s most prestigious and prolific country songwriters and, most recently, recording an EP with producers Kyle Jacobs and Matt McClure. We also had the chance to interview Teil Duncan, a Brookstone graduate, who attended Auburn University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Art, and now lives and works as a full-time painter in Charleston, South Carolina. We also talked with many of the best individual professionals and companies Columbus has to offer, spanning from dentists to culinary artisans to home improvement specialists and many more. All of their stories are captivating and they all help make up the wonderful city we all know and love so much.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it. We love sharing with you all the innovative ways our residents make Columbus a great place to live.


onthecover What’s your secret cheap thrill? Night drives with the windows down, especially during the summertime. Latest fashion obsession: Pairing feminine dresses and blouses with Chuck Taylor high tops. I love the contrast of girly and grunge! Every lady has a vice. What’s yours? Half of my paycheck goes to feeding my frozen yogurt addiction. Does that count as selfindulgence? What do you consider your most Southern characteristics? My love for my grandmother’s homemade peach cobbler and the appreciation I have for family and home. There is something Southern about loving where your roots are planted. If you could achieve only one thing in life what would it be? To find the true meaning of self-love and to fully be able to embrace who I am, imperfections and all. Everything else I wish to achieve in life would easily flow from that.


Who was your first celebrity crush? Leonardo DiCaprio when he played Jack in Titanic. What do you think is the most important value in a relationship or friendship? Patience. I believe that everything revolves around patience. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? An all-inclusive trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My travel companion would be my mom and we would stay in Cinderella’s Castle. If you could be the President of the US for one day what’s the first thing that you would do? I would push for the education system to focus on the arts and creative thinking, especially in lower income areas. I would also redecorate the Oval Office! If you were stranded on a desert island for a year surviving on coconuts and seaweed, what would be the first meal you would like to eat after you were rescued? An extra-large, greasy, thick crust, cheesy pizza. With breadsticks, of course. How was your experience with SVM? My experience with SVM has been one that I will forever remember. The photo-shoot was a blast and it has truly been an honor to work with such a generous and charismatic team of people. This experience has even influenced my field of study and the career I wish to one day pursue. SVM is the epitome of a high quality, wonderful, Southern magazine. CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES: The Posh Peach, 1105 Broadway Columbus, Georgia 31901, 706-221-6402, HAIR: styled by Haley Boisclair. MAKEUP: Taylor Walls for The Beauty Shop, 1701 Rollins Way, Columbus, Georgia 31904, 706-322-4157, .



thismonth’smail Ode to a Southern Artist This is the first time viewing a magazine on my iPad. You have brought SVM content to life and made reading a magazine more exciting. I love the article on Mike Howard (June 2014), he is a great Southern artist and his freshly contemporary work takes on the traditional and gives us a small window into the South we all love.


LAURA B, PHENIX CITY, AL I just want to say how pleased I was with the Mike Howard editorial (June 2014). I’ll be graduating with an Art Major this fall and an art editorial like this one provides an excellent way in which to study a particular time. Art often reflects the social, political and cultural contexts of the period in which it was produced.



The South is known for its tumultuous history, its inviting landscapes, and its vast array of characters and Mike Howard does a great job in capturing these images with his work. Great job! CHRISTY C, COLUMBUS, GA

Alabama Queen I have been reading SVM for years (a subscription was one of the few things I asked for on my nineteenth birthday). Your fashion spreads are exquisitely fresh and beautiful. I always attempt to emulate a few of the looks myself. I love that you guys featured Baskin Champion; she is gorgeous and she makes Alabama proud!

K THOMPSON, COLUMBUS, GA I appreciate the well-deserved recognition you gave to Phenix City artist Mike Howard. His art clearly crosses boundaries of time, class and race. His work documents the South with his luminous images of rural landscapes and iconic Phenix City landmarks. I commend your magazine for embracing Southern art and for bringing the work of folks like Mr. Howard to our eyes.



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From Russia with Love I am a longtime fan of SVM and thoroughly enjoy the gorgeous events and fashion spreads that you are famous for; however, this time I was captivated by your June travel destination (St. Petersburg, June 2014). As a first time visitor to this glorious city last year I visited The Hermitage. I focused on the masterpieces in the state rooms where I meandered past works by Renoir, Van Gogh, Manet, Monet and Degas. This city is amazing. From log cabins to palaces and cathedrals, here is a city that beguiles and captivates even as the nights grow longer and snow blankets its incredible sights. L WILKINS, VIA E-MAIL




I have always been a great fan of your magazine and I loved the article on St. Petersburg (June 2014). I visited this city in 2012 and I fell in love with its architecture, especially their churches. The Soviets didn’t recognize religion – but luckily, they didn’t tear down the city’s gorgeous Russian Orthodox churches either. Instead, they used them for often ironic purposes. The Kazan Cathedral, for example, was used as a Marxist museum of Atheism. The Church of the Resurrection of the Christ (Savior on the Spilled Blood) gets its gruesome name from Emperor Alexander II, who was assassinated on this very spot in 1881. Modeled after St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, the oniondomed exterior looks so iconic, so Russian, you want to snap as many pictures as you can. R. DUNCAN, VIA E-MAIL

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Ready for a much needed break, Ukrainian born, fashionista, Golden Globe nominated actress and self-proclaimed “refrigerator chef” Mila Kunis shares much about her day to day life – her love of travel and how it conflicts with her need for a stable home, her love of cooking and exercise and how she balances her busy career with it all.



ith two upcoming movies: The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, opposite Robin Williams, as well as the sci-fi movie, Jupiter Ascending with Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, 30, has a lot on her plate. She’s engaged to Ashton Kutcher, 36, and rumored to be pregnant with their first child, though the happy couple has yet to confirm reports of their impending parenthood. This raven-haired Ukraine-born leading lady and Golden Globe nominated actress started acting lessons at age 7, and when she turned 15, she landed the role of Jackie Burkhart on That 70s Show before transitioning to a movie career. Although it was reported that Kunis and her co-star Ashton Kutcher did not get along well while they worked together on That 70s Show, after his marriage to Demi Moore failed (they separated in November 2011), this unlikely match became a couple in 2012. You seem to be working so much. I was reading that you’re also doing Ted 2? I am not doing Ted 2. I am very sorry to say that. No, I am not. I am taking a year off. Just because you have been working so hard? Yeah, exactly. You can’t really pull from anything if your cup is empty. But you will keep doing the TV show? Family Guy. Oh yeah. But that’s not work. Family Guy is like, I can go in my sweatpants if need be. I want to stay home and I want to have a home. I traveled through all my 20s, from 22 to 30 and I think I calculated the time and it was a total of like 14 months. So it’s time to relax now? Yes. I am done for a little while. I just want to know what a home is like.

You’re in great shape. What do you do regularly to keep fit? I work out. You know what I actually love to do and I will say it, is that I wear this jawbone bracelet. It keeps your heart rate in check and it kind of tells you how many steps to take throughout the day. And I love Pilates, I do Pilates when I can, but on an everyday basis if I can take 10,000 steps, I am really happy. So it’s the best way to check. Sometimes I will go home, and I realize that I have only done 3,000 steps and I should get on the treadmill. So then I watch Dr. Phil and jump on the treadmill. Why Dr. Phil? I can’t think of anything else that’s on during the day. Oprah is gone, so what would it be? But when I don’t watch him I can tell you what I watch when I am on the treadmill, cooking shows. Which is so bizarre. Are you strict about dieting? I don’t diet. I eat healthy naturally, but if I said I don’t watch what I eat that would be a lie. I do and I’ll indulge in something but I just won’t indulge every day. I try to stay as active as I possibly can whether that be the gym, or hiking, or going for long walks. I like to stay active. What is one of the best perks about your job? It’s allowed me to see a lot of the world. My new movie, Jupiter Ascending, was shot in London so it allowed me to go to other countries on the weekends because everything was so close and centralized and you can hop from one country to another in an hour and a half span. So it gave me a massive opportunity, but now I’m like, I am going to stay home for a little while. Did you enjoy working in London? Yes. I had never actually worked in London and as I say, whether it was going to Belgium or Paris, I learned how to travel with a backpack.




At age 9, Mila started to take afterschool acting classes at the Beverly Hills Studio. At one of the Studio's public showcases, Mila was approached by entertainment manager Susan Curtis, who offered to make her a client.


INTERVIEW Her breakthrough film was Fo rgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), in which she played a free-spirited character named Rachel Jensen.

Elle UK’s August issue finds actress Mila Kunis in Los Angeles. The in-demand actress is a vision in sixties-inspired beauty and a glamorous, embellished wardrobe.

Some members of the popular TV show That 70s Sho w Ashton Kutcher, Mila, Wilmer Valderrama and Laura Prepon.

Mila and her Friends w ith Benefits costar, Justin Timberlake.


INTERVIEW Can you do that still? In London, you can and you can’t. You have to leave the house at 4AM, and then you have to get on the train at like 5:30, and then you keep your head down and then you kind of get off and there’s ways of doing it, yeah. Regarding Jupiter Ascending do you like sci-fi? I love it. I loved Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica, all of it. What was The Matrix for you? I mean for some people, it was THE movie? I like the film. I can’t tell you that it affected my life to the degree that it has most people but it’s a great film and it’s very brilliant. Did you get to speak Russian in Jupiter Ascending? I guess I did speak Russian a little bit, yeah. I did, yes. You’ve described yourself as a tomboy growing up… I have an older brother, so I think me being a tomboy just means that my brother would want to go outside and play and I would go outside and play with him and he was six years older than I was. So, if he climbed trees, I would climb trees. If he played boy games of Cowboys and Indians or whatever, I would play those games. So I always had scraped knees and played soccer and things like that, but that’s just because I had an older brother, it wasn’t due to anything else.

You were quite fearless it sounds like. I mean as a little kid I think most kids are, you are naïve and you don’t know otherwise. If you fall off a tree, you don’t really think about it. I mean I have jumped off of planes in my life but I don’t think I would necessarily climb a tree today. And I have parachuted as well. Do you cook? I cook all my meals every day. I cook when I can and I cook home meals, I don’t cook recipes, I cook home cooked food. Whenever I go to the grocery store, whatever’s in season I buy. Fruits and vegetables. And I’ll go to the deli counter if there’s a great fish or something. Apparently you cooked a lot during the making of Jupiter Ascending? Yes, I tried to bake things healthy, so I was constantly making cakes and things that didn’t have butter or oil, that were gluten free flour or flourless. Because I was like, I need a cookie sometimes. I cook all the time. 100 percent home cook. Everything from scratch. How would you describe your style as a cook? How your mum would cook, is the way that I cook. And I don’t do any fancy food although I guess I could follow directions if given a recipe, but I am like a refrigerator cook, whatever you have in the fridge I can make into a meal. I just love cooking, it is therapy for me.


IT’S A WHOLE OTHER WORLD. IT’S WONDERFUL AND THERE’S A LOT OF WORK THAT GOES INTO IT. Can you still go to the grocery store? In the middle of the night. It’s true. My supermarket is 24 hours. Who else is there at that time? Other actors. I’m not even kidding you. And stoned people who are hungry? Fully. If you’re there at midnight they’re all stoners in the cereal aisles. (laughs) I’ll think what are you doing in here tonight? I’ll come home with two massive shopping carts full. Do you live by any particular philosophy in life? I would say that I think everybody has a purpose in life, how little or big that purpose may be who knows but I think it’s all about the journey and that’s the fun part. Who knows what it is but I will let you know when I am six feet under what it was because at this point I am still figuring out what I am doing. (laughs) You seem to have it all—your career is going well, you were anointed Sexiest Woman Alive a couple years ago, is that how you see it? Knock on wood, I’m good. I can pay my bills and I can get jobs but I have a life and that’s very separate from my life. What do you like doing when not working? Getting out of town, being private. Vegging on the couch? I don’t know what that’s like. I used to do it and I’d love it but now I just want to get out of town. You’re always on the best dressed lists and listed as one of the most glamorous women. Do you separate yourself? Is that a different persona? Yes. Is it a fun part of your job? Totally. Playing dress up is fantasy, it’s a whole other world. It’s wonderful and there’s a lot of work that goes into it and a lot of people that go into it. I have an amazing stylist, an amazing make up team, but on a daily basis, no, nothing. But if I have to go for work or a premiere, yeah.

Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg at the premiere of their film Ted held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Favorite designer? I love Eli Saab. I love anybody that designs a dress and Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, anything that kind of moves with you and lets you feel like you’re wearing something instead of it wearing you. svm






Your smile is your brightest feature. Keep it in tip top shape with the help of Dr. Joseph Arnold D.D.S, a graduate from the University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry. He has served Columbus, Phenix City, and Fort Benning for the last 15 years. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

Dr. Arnold chose dentistry as a profession due to his passion for changing lives by improving smiles. He talked to SVM about how he decided to be a dentist, the services he provides and his new practice at Brookstone Centre. How long have you been working in the dental field? I have been a dentist for 24 years. I came to Columbus in 1990 after graduation from dental school at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. I purchased the dental practice of Dr. David Weise who practiced in Columbus for approximately 30 years. When did you first decide that you wanted to be a dentist? I decided I wanted to be a dentist in the summer following my freshman year in high school. My family had relocated that summer from one side of Oklahoma to the other. My mother was a school teacher and my father was a firefighter. The only people I knew in the town were my relatives. Checotah, Oklahoma is very small, just ask Carrie Underwood. It happened to be the case that my cousin had just graduated from dental school and he was building a new office two blocks from my house. I spent the summer watching the construction and installation of the dental equipment. I found it fascinating. I had never had a cavity and dental visits were pretty boring.

What are some of the most common procedures you perform in your practice? In my practice I perform many different types of procedures. I do a lot of crown and bridge reconstruction. Basic restorative procedures like fillings and cosmetic bonding, dentures and removable partials, porcelain veneers and implant restoration. I utilize the team approach to some of my dental procedures. I feel that the specialists in dentistry allow me as a general dentist to provide comprehensive care. Edward and Theresa Gaffney

You never want to be a jack of trades and a master of none. Wish I had come up with that quote.

“The only people I knew in the town were my relatives. Checotah, Oklahoma is very small, just ask Carrie Underwood.” What are some of the different types of procedures you offer? One of my favorite procedures is helping patients with replacement of missing teeth when they thought they were out of options. Technology has progressed to the point that the success rates for dental implants is very predictable. This is one of those times that I can refer my patient to a skilled Oral Surgeon or Periodontist and together as a team we can achieve excellent results thanks to better diagnosis and treatment planning with technologies like Cone Beam CT. How do you like to spend your free time? I spend my free time with my family, at the lake, or doing yard work. I have been blessed to have 6 terrific children. To watch 5 them grow into wonderful young adults makes me happier than I can put into words. With only one child left at home I might have time for a few more projects around the house when I'm not being a Cheer Dad. svm





OVERHEAD DOOR CO. Edward Gaffney III, talked with SVM about his company, its history and how they plan to continue serving Columbus residents. How long has Overhead Door Company been providing Columbus residents with quality garage door services? Overhead Door is the inventor of the Overhead Rolling Garage door. It was founded in 1921. Up until that point all garage doors were swinging. The Columbus market had been served by another company for 25 years. In March of this year, we took over the line and made it a separate division of our primary company Automated Door Ways Inc. Always look for the Red Ribbon logo to make sure you are getting the genuine and original Overhead Door Company.

THERE ARE MANY MODERN VARIATIONS INCLUDING POLYSTYRENE INSULATION WHICH DIMINISHES NOISE, PROVIDES QUIETER OPERATION AND HELPS INSULATE YOUR GARAGE DOOR. What makes your company different? We are a service company first! We have invested into Software, Global Positioning and an Electronic Dispatch Board. We arrive when we say we will and we fix the problem the first time. With Overhead Door Company we also have the largest, most complete line of doors. Market share in the United States is upwards of 60 percent. There is brand loyalty not only with our customers but with our employees. They do not want to install any other brand. How important is the factor of safety when having a garage door installed? Safety is extremely important. All of our technicians have years of experience and share that experience with our customers.

Overhead Door Company of Columbus offers many garage door options to beautify and “enhance the architectural beauty of your home”. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

There are eight specific safety rules which we review with the new owner after each installation. What are the benefits of replacing your garage door? We can dramatically change the look of your home. According to the latest Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine, replacing a basic garage door with an upgraded one from Overhead Door returned a remarkable 80% on original cost—making it the second highest renovation in the study. It is so cost effective it practically pays for itself! What are some of the most popular styles? There are wooden garage doors and, of course, steel. But there are many modern variations including polystyrene insulation which diminishes noise, provides quieter operation and helps insulate your garage door. Aluminum and glass doors have become very popular. There are over 197 color options to best match your home. Many customers have turned to molded wood grain fiberglass. This gives the look of wood but with less maintenance. There are also carriage style doors which give the look of barn doors but they actually roll up.

Edward and Theresa Gaffney

We have a feature on our website ( where you can take a photo of your existing home and garage door and insert a photo of what a new garage door would look like on your home. You will be surprised what a difference a new door makes. svm





KING OF POP Popsicles are a cool, sweet treat to beat the scorching summer heat. At Planet Pops, Columbus’ newest gourmet popsicle shop, residents can enjoy fun, one-of-a-kind flavors while cooling off Uptown or down by the river. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon Planet Pops, Columbus’ much-celebrated popsicle shop started the summer with a bang. Owner Randy Hitz talked with SVM about his inspiration behind Planet Pops and their tasty and unique popsicle flavors.

Randy Hitz

How long has Planet Pops been open and where did the idea to open a popsicle shop come from? My first experience with artisanal ice pops was in Birmingham in October 2012, and I became pretty much obsessed with the idea of opening my own shop in Columbus. After months of researching and refining recipes in our home kitchen, we opened Planet Pops in mid-August of 2013. Popsicles have been a summer staple for decades. How do popsicles at Planet Pops differ from popsicles that I can purchase at a grocery store or from a local ice cream truck? The biggest difference is in the ingredients used. While many grocery store pops are becoming increasingly “gourmet”, you still see ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, “natural flavors” which can include undesirable things like MSG, and colors or preservatives which are not natural or healthy. Our pops are made from fresh, real fruit with no flavors, colors or preservatives added. If we use sugar, it is USDA certified organic cane sugar. We make our pops in our storefront location in small batches to ensure quality. What are some of the customer favorites at Planet Pops? One flavor that has consistently been a top seller is our Strawberries and Cream. Flavors that customers become extremely loyal to include our Key Lime Pie, Caramel, and Butterscotch Chocolate Pretzel. One of our favorite popsicles is Hibiscus Raspberry. Where do you get the inspiration to create so many unique flavors for your popsicles? Ideas come to us via many avenues. The Strawberry Black Pepper flavor came from a cocktail that my wife makes during Christmas holidays. We have done a Fig Honey & Goat Cheese pop which I thought about after having a salad with those ingredients. I decided I wanted to do a Grapefruit & Mint pop after using a new shampoo that had those fragrances!

What are some of your favorite popsicle flavors? Are there any ingredients that you wouldn’t put together? My personal favorites are Caramel, Coconut, and Banana Pudding for the creamy flavors, and Raspberry Lemonade and Cucumber Lime Mint for the icier, non-dairy flavors. As far as ingredients that I wouldn’t use, we have had a couple of people see bags of key limes on our prep table and ask if we were going to make pops out of them. When we replied “Yes”, they were appalled that we would make pops from what they thought were brussels sprouts. They did kind of look like them from a distance. I can safely say that we will never make pops with brussels sprouts! svm


CONDOMINIUMS Hurry - Only 8 Condos Left!

Real Estate, LLC

Call 706-571-6055 or visit 1201 Front Avenue | Uptown Columbus





Premier Chiropractic is the newest chiropractic practice to serve the Columbus area, offering residents with practical and specialized treatments to help them live pain free. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

Dr. Jack Hattaway and Dr. Forrest Miles talked with SVM about their new practice, their unique treatment options and their medical philosophies.

What can I expect if I seek chiropractic care? One can expect relief of their secondary conditions (symptoms) and to experience a better overall quality of life due to the resolution of nerve interference throughout the spinal column. You can expect your body to perform at optimal function which leads to a healthier and happy life.

How long has Premier Chiropractic been helping people in the Columbus area? Premier Chiropractic has been servicing the Columbus area since May of 2014. Before moving to Columbus in March of 2014, Dr. Jack Hattaway was employed at Ribley Chiropractic in Woodstock Ga, where he also completed his internship. Dr. Forrest Miles was previously in Tennessee working at Beasley Chiropractic before moving to Columbus in March.

What conditions can be treated with chiropractic care? There are a myriad of conditions that can be treated and helped with the use of chiropractic care. Just to name a few of the big ones: neck pain, back pain, TMJ, headaches, numbness, tingling, arm and leg pain, sinus conditions, asthma, epilepsy, carpal tunnel, degenerative joint disease, muscle spasms, and postural related issues.

Many people experience back injuries for one reason or another. How would a person determine whether or not to visit a chiropractor for their pain? Well, one doesn’t need to be in pain to visit a chiropractor, much like a person doesn’t have to have pain to see a dentist for a dental exam and cleaning. We highly recommend people to come get their spine examined so that we may prevent “pain” from ever beginning; but, to answer the question, anytime one is in pain, they should see a chiropractor.

How does Premier Chiropractic differ from other chiropractic practices in Columbus? Here at Premier Chiropractic, we focus on structural correction of the spine. That means we look for “structural shifts” within the vertebral column. A structural shift occurs when the vertebra misalign from their normal presentation. The process we use includes mirror image adjustments, mirror image exercises and mirror image traction. Come in for a free 15 minute consult for further explanation. Do I need a referral from my primary care physician to visit Premier Chiropractic? Actually, chiropractors are primary care physicians. So, no, one does not need a referral from their medical doctor to see a doctor at Premier Chiropractic. svm

Neck and back pain seem to be the most common reasons people seek treatment from a chiropractor. Although, one does not have to only experience neck and back pain to be a candidate for chiropractic care. Dr. Jack Hattaway and Dr. Forrest Miles


When Whenyou youfind findit,it,call callus. us. We’re nearby to help you with your mortgage. We’re nearby to help you with your mortgage. Ashley Valentini NMLS 640457 Valentini Ashley NMLS 640457 706.649.5329 706.649.5329

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Salon owner, Misty Mickelson talked with SVM about her passion for cosmetology, her salon, and helping women in Columbus look their best. How long have you been in the cosmetology industry? When did you first realize that it was your calling? I earned my cosmetology license in 2004 and have been behind a salon chair ever since. A passion for styling hair runs in my family. When I was 16, I spent a summer with my cousin who owned a barber shop in Ozark, Alabama — I think it was then that I knew my calling. My husband, Jeff, and I opened theBeautyshop in Columbus, Georgia, in 2012. I enjoy coming to work each day, surrounded by a team of talented stylists who share my love of helping our guests look and feel beautiful! With the first weeks of summer already behind us, many women want a hairstyle that will help them beat the heat. How does The Beauty Shop help these customers? The heat and humidity associated with summers in the South can be especially harsh on hair, leaving many women feeling frustrated with the way they look and, thus, feel. At theBeautyshop, our stylists take the time to design a look that's perfect for each of our guests. We teach them how to work with their natural hair, instead of forcing it into styles that change with the seasons. theBeautyshop also carries specific products designed to fight frizz, such as Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray by Oribe.


You are in a beauty contest every day of your life. At theBeautyshop in Columbus, Georgia, you will find the ultimate indulgent hair experience. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

There are so many hair care products to choose from today. How do I go about choosing the right products for my hair? When it comes to styling hair, I firmly believe professional hair products do make a drastic difference. I recommend having a thorough consultation with your hairstylist to select products that will be most beneficial for your hair type. At theBeautyshop, all of our team members – from stylists to front desk staff – are educated in the hair care lines we carry and can offer guests product advice. What benefits do your clients get from coming to you? When you step inside theBeautyshop, you’ll enter a salon that is friendly and inviting. It is my priority to ensure our guests feel welcome. Our stylists are experienced in their trade, and continue to gain knowledge in the latest hairstyling trends and techniques by attending ongoing education symposiums and classes. We know that each of our guests needs to walk away from theBeautyshop feeling amazing. What part of your role do you enjoy the most? As an owner, I enjoy watching members of my team reach their fullest potential and seeing them grow as hair care professionals. As a stylist, I love helping my guests learn something new from our visit, especially when I help them achieve something that makes them feel better than when they arrived. What is the most important hair care tip that you always stress to your clients? I am passionate about promoting hair health. Correctly caring for your hair helps achieve my No. 1 goal: healthy, manageable, luxurious locks. svm







Brandon and Amy Haynes created the perfect place to watch the sunset or enjoy outdoor concerts. Columbus’ only rooftop lounge and restaurant, Living Room, is now operating under a new name – The Social – and leaving its mark on Columbus residents, young and old alike. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

Restaurateurs and owners, Brandon and Amy Haynes, shared with SVM their method behind creating a fun and inviting environment for Columbus residents, what they hope to bring to Columbus with The Social, and how adding a restaurant to the outdoor lounge adds to the fun. What's the story behind The Social? With the opening of the Living Room in January 2013, we originally were doing a music lounge on the main floor. The issue with this was that everyone wanted to be on the roof, and not downstairs in a dark room watching a band. We would spend money on live entertainment, with the majority of our patrons bypassing the acts and heading straight to the roof. It was clear with all the new restaurants coming to Uptown that bringing a food concept to our location’s main floor was the only option that would give us a chance to give our unique concept, with the only roof top deck in the city, a shot at being here years to come. Where do the ideas for your food come from? What is the inspiration behind the masterpieces? The concept for The Social came from different Fresh Mex restaurants I’ve been to across the Southeast. I reached out to Rocky Hutchins and shared my vision of an upscale but reasonable menu that would attract people from all walks of life. We wanted to serve dishes we could be proud of, with the freshest ingredients and quality meats. Rocky took my vision and made it a reality, presenting an authentic Fresh-Mex style menu, with everything on it from taco plates to entrees like sword fish and steak. What are The Social’s best-selling and signature menu items? The favorites so far are the Angry Shrimp, any of the fresh tacos, the swordfish, and Pollo Lime Chicken. Our guacamole is a hit because it is made fresh daily with chunks of fresh avocados and spices.

We are the only restaurant in town to have a specialty margarita menu. We worked with a mixologist from Patron to develop eight signature margaritas that are all amazing. Rocky Hutchins from Bitter Brick is the consulting chef for The Social. How did that collaboration come about? We met this year at Toast of the Town and decided to take a meeting weeks after. Our personalities clicked instantly, and it was clear out the gate that his passion and dedication to the culinary world were exactly what my project needed (and boy has he delivered!). Every time I eat at The Social, I am amazed that this is my restaurant! The food is truly that amazing! What are the most significant joys and struggles of being an independent restaurant owner? One of my joys would be having people love the concept as much as I do, and who really appreciate the fact that we brought something new and unique to the dining options in Columbus, Georgia.




Struggles would be finding the right people to serve, host, and work the kitchen. Unfortunately, this is all trial and error. Everyone has to understand that it is a team effort and they all have to take ownership in the restaurant for us to thrive. The Social is more than just a quick meal, it’s an experience. So we have to ensure from the moment a guest walks in the door that we are making sure they are having a great experience along with a great meal. svm




Wildwood Day Spa Heather Griffith, owner of Wildwood Day Spa, talks with SVM about health and wellness, what Wildwood Day Spa can offer the Columbus community and what it all means to her. How long has Wildwood Day Spa been open? We have been open for 7 years. Where does your passion for health, wellness and beauty stem from? It stems from the belief that there is no better time than now to start taking care of yourself. Everyone loves to be pampered at some time or another. What are some of the services offered at Wildwood Day Spa? Due to the current economic state, the spa industry is moving away from being a pampering industry and moving more toward result driven treatments. Many people no longer have the financial means to “pamper” themselves, so we want to be able to offer them the best of both worlds. Our number one goal is to offer services that not only relax the body and mind, but will also have long lasting benefits to one’s overall, daily well-being. For example, our most popular massage is the Wildwood Signature Massage in which we incorporate steamed linens and aromatherapy into the treatment. Not only is the light to medium pressure from the massage going to help relax the client, but the


Nestled in the heart of the Historic District, Wildwood Day Spa offers its clients much more than a relaxing day away from life’s stresses. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

steam from the linens penetrate deep into the muscle to relieve any tension or soreness you may be experiencing without all the pressure. There are quite a few day spas around Columbus. How does Wildwood stand out among the rest? We try to promote an overall positive atmosphere that starts with our front desk and extends back to each one of our therapists and in all of our treatment rooms. We care about the safety and security of our clients. We always recommend that when visiting any spa to always look for proper licensure of the therapists. We pride ourselves on following all rules and regulations, which makes for a better environment for our employees to work in and a better environment for our clients to escape to. Do you have a website where people can go to check out details? Of course! is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You may also purchase instant gift certificates on our website! As always, we are open Monday-Saturday from 9-7 to answer any questions you may have. What’s the best part about owning Wildwood Day Spa? I get to give back to my community in ways that not many people do. I enjoy owning a business in which people look forward to coming to. It is a very rewarding feeling. svm


Excellence doesn’t just happen. It’s a decision we make every day.

CUNNINGHAM CENTER Much more than just a meeting space. 3100 Gentian Blvd. Columbus, Georgia 31907 706.568.5101 |





Collie Holt, Kathleen Chancellor, Laney Fay, Neely Kennon and Meg Harris. Kay, Abby, Meg and Michael Harris.

THE EVENT: The first debutante parent party of the 2014 season was held on Friday, June 6, at the Country Club of Columbus. THE HONOREES: An Evening in Palm Beach honored 2014 Debs Kathleen Chancellor, Laney Fay, Meg Harris, Collie Holt, and Neely Kennon. It was hosted by their parents – Kathy and Edgar Chancellor, Wesley and Jimmy Fay, Kay and Michael Harris, Ashley and John Holt, and Charleton and Warner Kennon. The Club was transformed into Palm Beach with special touches in all rooms and gorgeous flowers throughout the area.

Laney, Jim and Elise Fay.

Catherine Trotter, Susan Mitchell, Charleton Kennon and Margie Richardson.

THE HIGHLIGHTS: Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal which featured unique stations and then enjoyed dancing to the tunes of The Voltage Brothers. svm

Jill Philips, Helen and Larry Neal, Camilla Callaway and Glenda Sexton.

John, Collie and Ashley Holt.

Edgar, Kathy, Chance, Kathleen and A.C. Chancellor.

Charleton Kennon and Wesley Fay

Warner, Neely, Charleton, and Warner, Jr. Kennon.


Roll the Dice. Beat the Odds. SAVE THE DATE! LIMITED SEATING! Thursday, October 16 5:30-6:15pm - Registration • 6:30pm - Play begins $35 (t-shirt & dinner included)

Sara Ruth Carroll Auditorium • St. Francis Hospital • Butler Pavilion Register online at HOSTED BY ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL FOUNDATION


Katie Badcock, Caroline Patton, Emma Dupre, Delaney Poydasheff, Mary Hall Slaughter and McCall Dakin.

John and Ashley Holt, Lisa and Bob Raines, Nan and Joe Bridges, Bailey Gross.

Wade and Jenny Weekley, Kacie Booth and John Weekley.

Carsyn Ciuba, Miller Page and Kristin Young.


Hooper Turner with Meg Harris

Kelly Pridgen, Kirven Boyce and Ashley Holt.

Nancy Burgin with Jack and Fontaine Jenkins.

Charleton and Neely Kennon

Warner and Lisa Neal

Edgar and Kathy Chancellor with Nancy Gunby.





Music has the power to connect the world. Columbus native and talented musician, Cale Dodds, left Columbus four years ago to throw himself into his music career in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then he has toured and collaborated with country music greats on his journey to success. BY ANDREA HAYES

usic is important to our lives because it lifts up the soul and releases some pressures in daily living. That’s exactly what Cale Dodds and his band bring to his fans. In a casual interview with SVM, Cale talks about his love of music, his musical beginnings and how he plans to continue wowing in the industry.

I think most of my family and friends thought it was a phase, as a matter of fact, I think some of them probably are still waiting on me to grow out of it. Yeah, so it was around 12 when I was trying to figure it out. It was kind of what I felt like I loved doing, didn’t know what it was, mom and dad weren’t musical, but they loved music. I just tried to create that, or recreate that, myself.

and like I said, my mom and dad weren’t musical, but Chad was so my dad said, “Chad can you check out my son, spend a little time with him, work with him and tell me what you think.” Chad spent a lot of time introducing me to great music and great songwriters and really helped me hone my craft. He believed in me from the start and had a lot of patience with a 15 year old kid with ADD. I still credit him for a lot.

Where were you born? I was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. I moved to Nashville about four years ago this August, but I still claim and always will, Georgia.


Who are some of the musicians that you admire? Don Henley from the Eagles, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Grace Potter, she’s one of the cute girls for me. Her voice is incredible. And Paul McCartney.

In that case, since you’re parents weren’t musical, who actually helped shape you as a musician and songwriter? My dad knew a guy named Chad White, who still lives in Columbus,

What’s your favorite band then? This is tough. This question is hard to answer and it’s constantly changing, but I’d have to say Third Eye Blind. Their self-titled album was the first record I ever got (when I was in fourth grade). I love that record.

When you first told your family that you wanted to be a musician, how did they respond to that? I don’t think there was a single moment that I declared the profession of a musician. I just remember being about 12 and beginning to make noise with the six string and writing songs.


INTERVIEW You describe your sound as a mix of country, classic rock and pop. And so we were wondering who some of the artists were that influenced that sound. Well, I have an eclectic group of influences that’s constantly changing but I’m always looking for new music and inspiration to kind of be moved by. However, there are those artists that have kind of stuck with me over the years that I always go back to, the ones I grew up on. And for me that’s Springsteen, Garth Brooks, Butch Walker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, and Bob Seger. I always seem to sort the stack around. You’ve opened for a lot of different country artists like Kelli Pickler and Billy Currington and artists that people really love. So, what was working and touring with them like? It was great. I’ve done a lot of touring over the years, but to finally be at the point where you’re opening for artists that you’re a fan of is a great spot to be in. It’s incredible; I’m very blessed. I just got off the road with David Nail and we all got along great and we got a lot of time to spend with each other off stage as well. Now I get to head out with a fellow Georgia native, Sam Hunt, Sam’s blowing up. He’s actually written songs for Billy Currington and Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. He’s got a new single out himself called Leave the Light On [It’s really good]. He’s a good buddy as well.

We’re already planning some pranks for the road. It’s always fun when you can do that with a band. It’s a lot of fun.

As far as any preshow rituals, other than warming up, I usually have to put on clean socks and brush my teeth. Don’t judge me, I know it’s weird.

We already know that you have an amazing voice, but are there any instruments that you play as well? I do. I’ve always played the guitar. I always keep a guitar nearby. And I’m constantly writing with it and working on new songs. Lucky for me, I’m in a band with musicians that are better than me, so the learning process never ends.

So why clean socks? I don’t know I guess it’s just something about having a clean pair on your feet before going out. It’s like you’re walking out there for the first time, you’ve gotta be ready. I really can’t explain it. It’s become a thing.

So are there any instruments that you would like to learn that you haven’t already? You know, I dabble with the piano, but I’d like to be better at it. I can fake it, but I’m not great at it. A lot of people have big problems with stage fright, myself definitely being one of them, and being able to perform in front of very large audiences is really intimidating. So, do you ever have issues with nervousness before a show? I won’t say I don’t get nervous, I get anxious. I get really excited to go on. I love every minute of it. I think there’s something about being nervous and being anxious that keeps it fresh, keeps it new and keeps you on your toes. I love that aspect of it. It’s not nervous as far as fear, because I don’t fear it. I can’t wait to get on stage; I love it. It’s like the ten minutes before you go on are the longest of the day.

Finish this sentence: The most beautiful thing about the South is: I feel like the most beautiful thing about being is the South is wearing shorts during Christmas because it’s always hot. Wearing shorts during Christmas is the only thing that comes to my head. Are there any special memories tied to that or is it just because it’s warm? I always wear shorts at Christmas. It’s not cold enough to wear anything other than shorts. Being in the profession that I am now and travelling as much as I am, I’m at a point where we travel up north during the winter months and we get in these horrible blizzards and that’s all I can think about while I’m on the road. I gotta get home; where I’m from it’s shorts and t-shirts during Christmas. I could say something cliché like the beautiful women or something about fishing, but that’s it. svm

I’ve always played the guitar.


And I’m constantly writing with it and working on new songs.

Cale with his band Classic Addict in Columbus.






Philip Adams, Lillie, Emmie and Caroline Patton, Emily Blalock, Sally Adams and Jim Blalock.

Ali Mac Jinks, Mary Hall Slaughter, Catherine Hudson, McCall Dakin and Caroline Patton.

THE EVENT: The second debutante parent party of the 2014 season, Have A Greek Time, was held on Friday, July 11, at The RiverMill Event Centre.

Edward, Catherine and Maxine Hudson.

THE HONOREES: Ali Mac Jinks, Caroline Patton, Catherine Hudson, Mary Hall Slaughter, and McCall Dakin. It was hosted by their parents Emily and Jim Blalock, Glynn and Jeff Dakin, Maxine and Edward Hudson, Kim and Trey Jinks, and Leslie and William Slaughter.

Boyd and Alice Giles, Sloan, Ali Mac, Kim and Trey Jinks.

THE HIGHLIGHTS: Live “statues” of Greek Gods and Goddesses greeted guests when they came into the RiverMill. Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal which featured unique stations of Greek food by Chef Jamie Keating. The entertainment was provided by the Atlanta Showstoppers. svm Meg Poydasheff, Emily Blalock, Leslie Slaughter, Lynn McCluskey and “J” Mize.

William, Mary Hall and Leslie Slaughter.

Rosie Jeffery, Landy Sudduth, Carly Blalock and Rie Raines.

Megan and Tim Eggena, Ginny and Mark Lawrence. Glynn, Don, McCall and Jeff Dakin.



Caroline Patton, McCall Dakin, Caroline Hudson, Ali Mac Jinks and Mary Hall Slaughter.

Jeff Dakin, William Slaughter, Edward Hudson and Jim Blalock.

Phillip Adams, Jenny Adams and Bob Poydasheff. Suzannah Merritt and McCall Dakin

Mimi Yancey, Michaela Armstrong, Caroline Patton, Catherine Price, Anna Abernathy, Elizabeth Ann Satterfield and Anna Brabston.


Mary Hall Slaughter and UGA friends. Emmie and Caroline Patton Ali Mac Jinks and Catherine Hudson

Elizabeth Calhoun, Kitty Walker, Lauren Averett and Gina Stone.

Michael Harris, Brian McCluskey and Kenny Moore.

Sydney Waring, McCall Dakin, Mary Hall Slaughter, Mary Hall Slaughter and McCall Dakin AC Crowther, Nancy Rushin, Katy Saltz and Emily Garcia.





ormer Brookstone and Auburn grad and currently working out of a creative studio space called Redux Contemporary Art Center, Teil took time out of her busy schedule to talk with SVM. She talked about her work experience with Christian Siriano, her work and life in Charleston and her life as a painter. You were born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, but are currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. How has living in the South impacted your work? Charleston is overall a very laid-back town filled with young people, so there’s no shortness of “what’s hot right now” in many aspects. It’s also a very old town and exudes sophistication in its historic architecture. I try to


include both of those elements in my paintings: Slightly informal and approachable, maintaining a fresh and contemporary execution, while focusing on traditional subjects that will hopefully make them timeless. What are some of the artistic movements that have inspired you the most? Definitely Fauvism and Abstract Expressionism. The colors of the Fauvist movement struck me immediately in how the artists took a simple subject, but applied to it an entirely new color pallet. And I just love the energy in Abstract Expressionism—how you


can almost feel what the artist is expressing through their marks. Your work is an interesting blend of abstract and representational depictions. What inspires you to create work in this way? My natural instinct is to make whatever I’m painting look real. But then when I am browsing through other artists’ work, I am incredibly drawn to the opposite of hyper-realistic art. I want to hang something in my home that doesn’t look like a photograph, so I try paint something that I would want myself.



Christian contacted Teil back in April to let her know that he used her paintings as a source of inspiration for his resort line for 2015.


INTERVIEW Therefore, it just ends up being this combination of realism + abstract. Artists are constantly experimenting and developing their skill. How do you think you and your work have evolved since your first collection of paintings? I get very sick of what I’m doing pretty quickly. After six months or so I try to change up my subject or bring in new materials. Any time I introduce a new medium, my work (and any other artists’ work) changes. Ultimately, I think my color palette is evolving, and my subjects are becoming a bit more expressive – at least I hope they are. You’ve recently worked with Christian Siriano in New York. Tell us more about that. Christian contacted me back in April to let me know that he used my paintings as a source of inspiration to his resort line for 2015. He discovered me after seeing my prints on One King's Lane. He was drawn to the color, the brushstrokes and playfulness of the figure studies and the beach series. He flew me and 30ish paintings up to NY a few weeks ago and somehow recreated my studio as a set for the styled shoot as a backdrop to photograph his clothes. I was in a few shots serving as a prop, pretending like I am creating the paintings in the background. It was so much fun, and later we ended up trading paintings for clothes, which was my personal fantasy.

CHRISTIAN FLEW ME AND 30ISH PAINTINGS UP TO NY A FEW WEEKS AGO AND SOMEHOW RECREATED MY STUDIO AS A SET FOR THE STYLED SHOOT AS A BACKDROP TO PHOTOGRAPH HIS CLOTHES. Later that week, Christian hosted an opening party to introduce the collection. It was an amazing opportunity, really great exposure, overall! I will forever be flattered and honored that he included me in his creative process. Are there any contemporary artists that you have taken an interest in? If so, who? Oh, so many...Brian Rutenberg, I love his composition and electric color usage; Sally King Benedict, her work is so effortlessly sophisticated, confident, and lovely. I also enjoy Ray Turner, his contemporary portraits are very loose, but so vivid and dimensional they just pop off the canvas; Caroline Z Hurly, the pattern incorporation within her abstracts draw me in. If you could work with any artist, living or deceased, who would it be and why? Probably Gerhard Richter. He is an early painter that shows extreme versatility, so there would probably be so much to learn from him. svm



DATINGON TINDER In a world where everything can be discovered with the push of a button, the dating world is not immune. Thanks to the increasingly popular app called “Tinder,” we can now meet thousands of strangers within seconds. By Madison J. Crawford


he electronic age arrived years ago. We shop for houses, cars, patio furniture, and books while sitting at our computer. In the beginning (of the digital age, not in the book of Genesis, but within my twenty-year lifetime), we bought actual physical books from Amazon, and the same type of pulpy bundle we read 100 years ago would show up on our doorstep a few days later. Now, we simply “tap” a virtual book on Amazon’s “Kindle Store,” and voila: we can be reading anything from War and Peace to Fifty Shades of Gray in a matter of seconds. Why should the evolution of online “dating” be any different? Welcome to the new era of online dating and an app called “Tinder,” where our dating future and, quite possibly, our future lineages may be determined by whether we choose to “swipe left” or “swipe right” when we see an algorithm-selected potential mate/date/ hook-up on our smart-phone screens. For those of us that are single (or willing to lie about our relationship status) and who live a busy life (or who are just too lazy or socially


awkward to put in the effort at a bar), dating can seem quite daunting. Where do we start? How do we meet new people when our schedules are bulging with real or imaginary obligations or when overcoming our social ineptitude would require more effort than we are willing to invest? In a world where nearly anything and everything can be found at the click of a button, dating is now no exception.

TINDER MAY SEEM INCREDIBLY SUPERFICIAL, BUT IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR AN IMMEDIATE WAY TO MEET SOMEONE OR A GOOD EGO-STROKE, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU. The enemy of the modern young adult – effort – has now been slain. It may feel a little silly and desperate to look for love on a website. It may

be time-consuming to create a profile all about our interests and the minute details of our lives. Tinder seems to be ideal for those looking for a more casual, less effortful way to meet people while still navigating the real or imagined hustle and bustle that consumes our everyday activities. When downloading Tinder, you are required to link it to your Facebook account so the app knows all your information without you having to satisfy the exhausting task of filling in your gender, what gender you’re interested in, or your location. You don’t even have to choose your own photos – Tinder picks a handful for you. Could it get any simpler? Within five seconds, countless strangers are at the tips of your fingers. What’s next? Get swiping! Picture after picture will pop up, displaying the person’s name, age, and how many miles away he or she is located. Like what you see? Swipe right! Not interested? Swipe left! Sure, Tinder may seem incredibly superficial, but if you’re looking for an immediate way to meet someone or a good ego-stroke, this is the app for you. If you and the other person both “like” each other’s photos, you’re a match.

FEATURE You are then free to message the other person as you please and vice versa. Be careful! The confidence boost you get from the constant successes can be addictive. Keep in mind that this app has a reputation – it is known for being a “hook-up” app. If you’re actually looking for love, you’ll have a lot of weeding to do. Be expecting many lewd messages and indecent intentions. Truth be told, with any form of online dating comes many failures. There is no way to know what a person is truly like from a profile that includes just a few pictures and basic details. The person on the other end of your conversation may not be who he/she claims. Maybe the guy in the photo looks like Brad Pitt, but when you actually set up a date in real life, he more closely resembles Steve Urkel. His profile may claim that he’s twenty-eight, when in fact he’s old enough to be your father. Even worse, little miss picture perfect could be certifiably insane. The absolute, undying truth of social media is that people can hide behind whatever mask they please. While Tinder is an impressively shallow app, it actually resembles real life in some ways. Within the first few seconds of meeting someone or even seeing someone across a room, we know whether or not we would be interested based on that person’s appearance. We make prompt judgments and take our next move from there. However, reality allows us to make conversations with those people and decide even more about our feelings toward the person before making the next step by asking him/her on a date. Tinder only allows childish flirtation via what is essentially text messaging.

—— PROS ——

—— CONS ——

• It's quick. No agonising over a profile for hours. You can be up and running in about a minute.

• We've found it's rare for guys to actually start up a conversation once they've matched with you, leaving you with lots of matches and not much else.

• It’s natural. You 'like' people in the same way you would in a bar – on whether you find them attractive at first glance. A little shallow, yes, but let’s face it, it’s what we all do on a night out anyway. • No unsolicited emails. On most dating sites, anyone can message you. But with Tinder, only someone you’ve 'liked' can make contact.

• It’s fickle. You can see when people last logged in. So that hot ski instructor you’ve been messaging may have been online 20 minutes ago. And then ignored your message. Demoralising. • It’s addictive. You have been warned.

My personal advice? If you’re looking for a

TINDER IS KNOWN FOR BEING A “HOOK-UP” APP. IF YOU’RE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR LOVE, YOU’LL HAVE A LOT OF WEEDING TO DO. BE EXPECTING MANY LEWD MESSAGES AND INDECENT INTENTIONS. relationship, don’t turn to the online world of dating. If you do, choose a website that is more geared toward actually finding “the one” rather than an app that is exclusively based on mutual physical attraction. Of course, if you’re looking for a quick hook-up, Tinder is the place to turn. If not, pay more attention to the people you meet in your daily activities. When you’re having a good conversation with that woman in the line at the grocery store, ask if she’d like to get a cup of coffee. Next time you see that cute guy at the gym you always flirt with, ask him out for dinner and a movie. It’s possible that the person you would have swiped left on Tinder may be the person you were looking for all along. svm

—— QUICK FACTS —— • The app uses GPS location services. • Each user is given 500 characters to write a tagline about him/herself. • 18-24 year-olds make up 50 % of the total user base. • Tinder had to add verification for notable users due to many famous individuals adding the app. • Available in 24 languages. • In March 2014, Tinder reached a total of 1 billion matches made. • To date, 15 percent of Tinder users hail from outside the U.S






2014 Debutantes Catherine Brodwyn, Mary Ann Scott, Emma Dupre, Carsyn Ciuba, Kacie Booth, and Katie Badcock.

Cindy, Catherine, Jay and Chandler Brodwyn.

THE EVENT: The third debutante parent party of the 2014 season, “An Evening In Monte Carlo" was held on Friday, July 18 at the Green Island Country Club.

Emma and Dan Dupre

THE HONOREES: Carsyn Ciuba, Catherine Brodwyn, Emma Dupre, Kacie Booth, Katie Badcock, and Mary Ann Scott. The black tie event was hosted by their parents - Scott Badcock, Maurice Booth, Kathryn Young, Cindy and Jay Brodwyn, Lee and Doug Ciuba, Dan Dupre, and Mike Scott.

Tracy Sayers, Billy Byrd, Larry Mize and Doug Ciuba.

THE HIGHLIGHTS: The Green Island Club was transformed into a Monte Carlo casino complete with tables and play money with special touches in all rooms and gorgeous flowers throughout the area. The entertainment was provided by the Atlanta Groove Factory. svm

Mary Ann, Mike and Emma Scott.

The Badcock Family: Catherine, Scott and Samantha Badcock Rhodes.

Mary Ann Scott and Jack Cote Doug, Cady, Carsyn, Chandler, Lee and Hunter Ciuba.

Maurice and Kacie Booth, Kathryn Young.



Carsyn Ciuba, Emma Dupre, Kacie Booth, Katie Badcock, Catherine Brodwyn and Mary Ann Scott.

Richard and Elizabeth Spencer, Emma Dupre, Margaret, Frances and John Spencer.

Meg Harris, Katie Badcock and Caroline Patton.

Alstie Gravlee, Jack Schley and Mollie Jenkins.

Colby Blackburn, Catherine Brodwyn and Matt Suggs.


Lisa, Edward, and Warner Neal, Mary Ann Scott, William and Ed Neal.

Carsyn Ciuba and Miller Page Lauren and Kacie Booth, Kathryn Young and Payton Booth.

Amy Pease and Kim Jinks

Worth Williams and Betsy Ramsay

Anna, John and Linda Logan.



These sheer mint green pants are a breezy addition to an easy look. The intricate details of the elastic waistband and the geometric-style pendant tie this flirty outfit together. Feel like you’re wearing your pajamas while looking ready for a day out on the town.

SPICEof LIFE A burst of color outfits mixed with cool accesories, brings edge and verve to crisp, classic date looks for both day and night. Photographed by R. Caligaris and S. Saxon



This breezy, vibrant dress by Ya Los Angeles is paired with a Moroccan-style tassel necklace and neutral wedges for an easy, tasteful look. A red clutch with gold accents adds a classy touch to this fun outfit.



Bright magenta accents are highlighted when paired with this contrasting, simple ivory dress by Umgee. Mix and match this piece with different vibrant accessories and heels for a fresh, eye-catching look.



Ya Los Angeles got it just right with this stunning Jade colored mini dress. A gold chain belt and magenta pendant necklace are thrown together with a gorgeous pair of heels to create a more feminine appearance.




A fitted black maxi dress should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. The added pop of turquoise turns this comfortable maxi by Ya Los Angeles into an outfit sure to stand out this season.

MODEL: Emily Yarbrough. CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: The Posh Peach, 1105 Broadway, Columbus, Georgia, 31901, 706.221.6402, T HAIR: Haley Boisclair. MAKEUP: Taylor Walls for The Beauty Shop, 1701 Rollins Way, Columbus, Geogia, 31904, 706.322.4157, SPECIAL THANKS: Lucy Jones, The Palms, 2700 Double Churches Road, Columbus, Georgia, 31909, 706.323.1800,





Jaima Renee Dewey and Christopher William Adams were married on July 5, 2014 at the RiverMill Event Centre in Columbus, Georgia. • The bride is the daughter of Dr. Gerald Dewey and Marla Dewey. • The groom is the son of Charles Adams Jr. and Susan Morgan. • The ceremony was officiated by William Hawk. • Ashley Wetherington, Kara Brakefield, and Hannah Smith served as the bridesmaids. • Maris Walls served as the matron honor and Allison Martin served as the maid of honor. • The groomsmen were Jason Dickerson, Josh Shorey, Luke Smith. • Kendall Walls served as the best man. • Loudon and Alden Walls served as the ring bearers and Blanchard Brakefield was the flower girl. • After a reception at the RiverMill Event Centre, the couple enjoyed an Eastern Caribbean cruise. svm . svm

As Ever Photography



PELIGROSO TEQUILA Recently acquired by Diageo – the world's leading premium drinks business – and Sean Combs, Peligroso Tequila will soon be having a new face, but the same great taste. BY ANDREA HAYES


ade with “100 % blue agave in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico”, Peligroso Tequila puts a bold spin on tequila as the world knows it. Aged in Tennessee oak and bottled at a whopping 84-proof, with a name like Peligroso (Spanish for ‘dangerous’) this tequila is sure to wow consumers. “Peligroso is an award-winning 100 percent blue weber agave tequila… founded by two avid surfers.” Produced by DeLeón, Peligroso Tequila was purchaced by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Diageo in January of 2014 for a partnership that threatens the success of Ciroc. “Peligroso [serves as a complement to] Diageo’s other tequila brands, Tequila Don Julio (primarily an ultra-premium brand) and DeLeón (prestige brand).” “Acquiring Peligroso is part of Diageo’s strategy of creating a collection of superb quality and distinctive tequilas at complimentary price points to appeal to a wide range of consumers,” said Larry Schwartz, President, Diageo North America.

Peligroso is currently available in four variations—Cinnamon, Silver, Reposado and Anejo. The Anejo brings “smooth vanilla and caramel” traits, while the balanced agave notes remain from start to finish. Hints of citrus, chocolate, and black pepper also make themselves known in the anejo, creating a full bodied tequila. “Peligroso Reposado tequila is “rested” (reposado) in oak for 6 to 8 months prior to bottling, providing a light color and oak flavor to the tequila. They say it has an initial "cooked agave blast" that finishes with a "pleasing spicy fruit." Peligroso’s cinnamon variant is already popular among consumers with a taste for flavored spirits like vodka and whiskey, while the blanco is perfect for the consumer looking for a nice agave flavor. Though only available in 12 U.S. states, Peligroso Tequila is distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing Co. svm




FOOD stylist


Southern THING

Chicken and Waffles, a dish most popular among Southerners now living in urban areas, whether that be the urban South like Columbus, or the urban West, in the case of Los Angeles, or the urban North, in the case of New York.


he exact origin of Chicken and Waffles may be somewhat unknown, but it’s most definitely a “Southern Thing.” According to my research, some historians claim Thomas Jefferson returned from France in the 1790s with a waffle iron and the combination was born. These days numerous restaurants offer this dish in varying presentations. If you are a “Facebook Fan” of EPIC you will have seen Chicken and Waffles in its elegance. This dish has become quite popular and trendy these days. The question is, is it a breakfast dish or is it a dinner dish? My answer, it can be what you want it to be! EPIC’s culinary team has developed it as one of our “tasting plates”. Our flavors vary but to keep it true to its Southern roots, the maple cream gravy and butter are still present in this delicious masterpiece.

vent and Food Stylist Jamie Keating, CEC is well-known in Columbus, Georgia for his exquisite cuisine and amazing events. He is the owner and chef of the premier catering company, Jamie Keating Culinary, Inc. that manages The RiverMill Event Centre.

Chicken and Waffles CHICKEN INGREDIENTS • 4 cups of buttermilk • 1/2 tablespoon dried thyme • 2 tablespoon of Tabasco sauce • 2 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce • 2 tablespoon of Kosher salt • 2 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper • 2 cut up frying chickens, about 3 lbs each • 3 cups of all-purpose flour • 1 tablespoon of Cajun seasoning • olive oil or vegetable oil, for frying

WAFFLES INGREDIENTS Original recipe makes 10 to 12 waffles • 2 cups of all-purpose flour • 1/4 teaspoon of chili powder • 1 teaspoon of salt • 4 teaspoons of baking powder • 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar • 2 eggs • 1/3 cup of melted butter • 1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract DIRECTIONS In a large bowl, mix together flour, salt, chili powder, baking powder and sugar; set aside. Preheat waffle iron to desired

It is quickly gaining popularity with clients at The RiverMill looking for a trendy Southern meal. When paired with our other menu items such as Shrimp and Grits, Pulled Pork in a Mason Jar, or Fried Green Tomato Salad, you instantly have an


temperature. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Stir in the milk, syrup, butter and vanilla. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture; beat until blended. Ladle the batter into a preheated waffle iron. Cook the waffles until golden and crisp. Serve immediately.

MAPLE GRAVY INGREDIENTS Original recipe makes 10 to 12 waffles • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour • 1-3/4 cups of chicken stock • 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup • 2 teaspoon brandy or cognac (optional) • salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Heat butter in a heavy pan over medium heat. Add flour and stir constantly 2-3 minutes until flour turns golden brown. Add the brandy and slowly whisk in stock. Over medium-high heat bring to a boil, stirring constantly until gravy thickens (about 10 minutes). Season with salt and pepper to taste, then stir in syrup. Reduce heat to low until ready to serve.

event true to the South. It can also be passed as a late night snack. If you have never tried this “soul comforting” dish, you definitely haven’t lived until you do!


Chicken and Waffles DIRECTIONS Combine the buttermilk, thyme, Tabasco, Worcestershire, 1 tablespoon of the salt, and 1 1/2 teaspoons of the pepper in a nonreactive bowl large enough to contain all of the chicken pieces with at least 1 inch to spare. Add the chicken and turn to coat fully in the marinade. Cover with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or overnight. Remove the chicken from the refrigerator about 45 minutes before frying. Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil. In a large, shallow bowl, combine the flour, remaining 1 tablespoon salt, Cajun seasoning, and 1 teaspoon pepper. Remove the chicken from the buttermilk marinade and roll it around in the seasoned flour until completely covered. Set it on the prepared baking sheet; repeat with the remaining chicken. Dip the coated chicken pieces once more in the marinade, then again in flour. Return the pieces to the baking sheet (a few minutes’ rest makes for a sturdier, crisper coating). Have a wire cooling rack set over paper towels ready. In a large, heavy Dutch oven, heat 1 1/2 inches of oil over medium heat until it reaches 350°F on a deep-fat thermometer. Using kitchen tongs, add a few chicken pieces at a time to the hot oil (crowding will lower the temperature, making for greasy chicken). Fry the chicken until the internal temperature reaches 180°F, about 10 minutes per side (watch carefully, it can easily burn). Transfer the cooked chicken to the wire rack. Serve immediately or at room temperature (don’t let the chicken sit more than 2 hours).


Peach & Seagrams Vodka with Fresh Rosemary INGREDIENTS • 1 ounce of Seagram’s Vodka • 1/2 ounce of Peach Schnapps • 1/2 ounce of lemon juice • 1/4 ounce of ruby red grapefruit juice • 3/4 ounce of simple syrup Finish off with a sprig of aromatized rosemary (slapped in the palm of your hand) and a slice of peach for garnish. VODKA SUGGESTION

Seagrams Vodka Crafted by Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana, Seagram’s Vodka has been distilled five times, making it a more “pure” spirit. This product is made with high quality American grain, creating its crisp taste and incomparable smoothness. Serve this vodka straight up or blend it with your favorite mixer for a fullflavored drink that will make you come back for more. Seagram’s vodka is the perfect combination of affordable and excellent quality. Special thanks to Brad Bush, Georgia Crown Distributing Co. svm



ParallelLIVES We all share common threads in life. Whether it be in enjoying similar TV shows, foods, stores, or the same types of people, all of humanity is connected in one way or another. In essence, we all live through parallel lives — living, breathing and existing through subtle, but ever existent, common pulses.



Established in 1958 by President Dwight Eisenhower, NASA has been a pioneer and leader in the field of space missions in the world. NASA can track more than 2 million stars a day using radio waves and the latest telescope technology even if the stars or planets are off the solar system.

A solar electric aircraft with the potential to 'fly forever' has captured NASA's interest in the last couple of years.

NASA always prides itself for having the world’s most popular aircrafts.

NASA Social is a program to provide opportunities for NASA's social media followers to learn and share information about NASA's missions, people, and programs.

Some American astronauts needed a visa to get in the International space station.

Managers at NASA claimed that there was a 1 in 100,000 chance of a catastrophic failure aboard Challenger Spacecraft.

The Hubble Space Telescope had problems directing their main mirrors for activity in the solar system.

NASA loves Germany. They always listened to what scientist Wernher von Braun had to say about his rocket program.


Established in 1952, its primary function is to encode and decode communications intelligence and to protect U.S. signals and information systems. The NSA can hack more than 2 million computers a day even if they are offline. Using radio and wireless technology, the NSA can plant spyware on offline computers.

The chief technology officer at the CIA, Gus Hunt,is interested to capture anything of interest. He said…“We fundamentally try to collect everything and hang onto it forever.”

The NSA has already infiltrated popular games such as World of Warcraft and Second Life to collect data and even recruit informants.

Not only can the NSA pull information from your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), it can combine it with other private data (GPS location, frequent contacts) to build complex profiles of where you are and who you're with.

International payments, banking and credit card transactions are flagged and monitored by the NSA. It has specifically targeted big credit card companies like VISA.

According to NSA whistleblower William Binney, the NSA has a “target list” of somewhere between “100,000 to 1 million people“.

NSA can direct you- without problems- to mirror sites and record your activity. For instance, if you try to log onto the Yahoo servers, the NSA can intercept your request and direct you to a mirror site, from where it can monitor and record your activity.

NSA loves Germany. They love to listen to Angela Merkel and her European programs.



TRUECOLORS When Columbus natives, Dianna and Josh Harbour, were looking for the perfect place to settle down and realize their true colors, they knew Athens was the right fit for their family. Jenna Buck-Gross of colordrunk would make that dream come true. By Andrea Hayes


or the Harbour family, dreams really do come true. After spotting her dream home in 2009, Diana, and her husband Josh Harbour, were amazed to find that the house Diana always wanted was still empty four years later. At 11.5k square feet on 24 acres of land, this three story, 5 bedroom, 7 bath home sits in the middle of northeast Georgia, as a little piece of Georgian heaven.



Fond memories of her childhood left Diana eager to build her life with her family in the country. Built in 2008, the home went into foreclosure and was “still on the market quietly” when the family began searching for a new home in 2012. “The house itself just looked like a happy country home” Diana shares. And thus, her dream began. A traditional Southern style home, with an open floor plan, “high ceilings and great bones”, the Harbour home is “airy, light and warm”. Redesigned by interior designer Jenna Buck-Gross of colordrunk Designs, the Harbour’s have transformed the house into their ultimate dream home. Vivid, lively colors fill the home, incorporating the fun, youthful spirit of the family in every room. “The living room and kitchen are decorated in my favorite colors: aqua and orange,” Diana tells us.




“I wanted the house to reflect happiness and I believe color is a huge factor for moods.” Charming patterns and fabrics (mostly by Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa and Thibaut) help bring the colors and moods together, and as a result, the Harbor residence instantly brings a smile to the faces of the homeowners and visitors alike.

Bright and fun fabrics by Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa adorn the contemporary family living room. This is the perfect place to be inspired or to just sit back and relax from a long day. Sofa from Bernhardt, chest from Somerset Bay and custom made striped chairs quadrille fabric.

Wood floors and granite countertops add the perfect contrast and help enhance to the beauty of the home even more. “Over the kitchen cabinet is a sign that says “Create Happiness.” Happiness is a choice and it’s up to you to create it,” she finishes. And happiness is surely felt inside this home. Complete with two decks, a playground, for the children to enjoy summer afternoons, and an air jet tub by Kohler, the home is the perfect place for entertaining and spending some down time with family and friends. While sitting in the beautiful and historic Athens, Georgia, close enough to town life, but far enough away to offer peace and serenity when the family needs to retreat and relax, the Harbour home is the epitome of Southern living. svm OPPOSITE PAGE: A stunning stone fireplace sits in the middle of the family’s living room. A classic, yet chic chandelier by Restoration Warehouse provides light and adds the perfect balance between sophisticated and comfortable living. Artwork by Erin Gregory sits atop the fireplace mantle, while the fireplace screen from Horchow and rug from Restoration Hardware tie the look together.


Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

706-322-1870 706-322-1870 WWW.ACOM.US WWW.ACOM.US


Advanced home management & security. Security Alarm s Home Automation s Video Surveillance Energy Management s Wireless Monitoring In house monitoring – our customers talk to our employees.


Security Systems s Home Integration s Camera Systems s Medical Alerts s Access Control s Monitoring Services s Telecom Solutions s Gate Operators s Fire Protection


A family favorite, the breakfast area offers a less formal approach to family dining. A stunning refinished hutch sits in the corner, providing extra storage space and a display area for unique keepsakes. With a unique dining table from Restoration Hardware, chairs from Wisteria, a custom made banquette, and fabrics from Thibaut, this area screams comfort and class.

Cool, charming colors extend throughout the home and the formal dining room is no exception. A lavish chandelier from Curry and Co. serves as the main attraction for the dining room. Art by Sarah Cameli and sconces from Aerin decorate the wall, while a beautiful table from Restoration Hardware sits in the middle of the room. Grasscloth and drapery fabric from Thibaut. Floor rug from Stark.






The Alexander family of companies has been serving Columbus and the surrounding areas for over 66 years — powering Columbus and protecting the community with integrity and state-of-the-art technology.


Wonderfully spacious, the master bedroom is bright and inviting, while also being cozy and sophisticated. The bed (from Horchow) features a beautiful tufted headboard and an intimate sitting area that is home to a modern, colorful Lee Jofa Sofa by Romo and Manuel Canovas sits in front of the large window. Adorning the wall, is art by Columbus artist Erin Gregory.

Lovely blues and greens stand out with the fun and exciting themes of travel and exploration in the boys’ room, The artwork from Greggy Irby Fine Art is by Nancy Westfall. The mini sofa, dresser and bed were all great finds from Restoration Hardware while fabrics from LuLu DK and bedding by Serena and Lily top off the delightful bedroom.


HOME As the heart of any Southern house, a home’s kitchen brings together friends and family for any and every occasion. Granite counter tops and painted wood cabinets add instant style to the kitchen. The look is taken a step further with Valspar La Fonda Mirage paint that matches the living room walls and lighting from Currey and Company.

Built in 2008, the home went into foreclosure and was “still on the market quietly” when the family began searching for a new home in 2012. “The house itself just looked like a happy country home” Diana shares. Landscaping by Diana’s brother, Matthew Best, owner of Best Nursery in Columbus, Ga.


At Thayer-Bray Constr uction, our attention to detail, constant communication and commitment to quality set us apart. Meeting your budget and schedule is the foundation of our commitment to you. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Let Thayer-Bray go to work for you today.

J. Philip Thayer, Thayerr, President President | William L. Bray, Brayy, Vice V President President PO Box 1992 | Columbus, Georgia 31902 | 334-298-3965


CHILE Encompassing a narrow strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the high peaks of the Andes, Chile includes the driest desert, the Atacama in the north, the agriculturally-rich Central Valley, snow-covered volcanoes, forests and tranquil lakes of the south, and the wild and windswept glaciers and fjords of the far south. BY MADISON CRAWFORD


Santiago de Chile is located on the western slopes of the snowcapped Andes Mountains.



urrounded on three sides by virtually impassable barriers, Chile's rich Central Valley remained largely unknown to the outside world until the middle of the fifteenth century, when the Incas began their great conquests of much of the continent.

In 1520, Ferdinand Magellan discovered the beautiful South American country of Chile. In 1541, Pedro de Valdivia crossed into the Central Valley, having followed the Inca road south from Peru. He founded Santiago in February, and soon afterward crossed into Mapuche domains and established strongholds there. Once the property of Spain, Chile gained its independence in 1818 and became what it is today. Chile is now thriving with people and is the ultimate hot spot for those touring South America.

Attractions in Santiago PALACIO DE LA MONEDA With a neoclassical Italian style and originally created as a colonial mint, the President’s Palace is one of the most striking and famous buildings in Santiago. In 1973, the military coup d'état caused a considerable amount of damage to the palace and many changes have been made over the years to restore the building. Recently, a public square called Plaza de la Ciudadanía (Citizenry Square) was created on the palace grounds and gives way to paths that lead to an array of exhibitions.

El Palacio de la Moneda in Santiago. Easter Island, officially a territory of Chile, lies far off in the Pacific Ocean, roughly halfway to Tahiti. It is most famous for its enigmatic giant stone statues, built centuries ago.

Interior of the The Metropolitan Cathedral in Santiago. Construction of the current church was started in 1748.

Call ahead and schedule a tour to learn more about the rich history and gorgeous architecture this building holds. (+56 2 690 4000).

CERRO SAN CRISTÓBAL Situated right in the heart of Santiago, Cerro San Cristóbal provides an incredibly extensive view of the city and all the captivating landmarks it contains. About halfway up this hill is a zoo, perfect for entertaining those who brought their children along. At the top of Cerro San Cristóbal, a statue of the Virgin Mary stands tall, bordered with lights so as to be seen even in the late hours of the night. For the more adventurous visitors, this hill can be reached by a scenic hike.

Mano del Desierto sculpture sits in the middle of Atacama desert.

A funicular station is provided on Mondays between 2 to 7 p.m. and Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. to transport those less inclined to endure a 45 minute climb. Whatever you plan to do while visiting this attraction, make sure to bring cash (in pesos) in case you want to buy a snack at the snack bar, purchase a souvenir, or even use the restroom.

SKIING/SNOWBOARDING Located approximately an hour away from various ski resorts of your choice, Santiago is the perfect place to visit for those looking for some fun in the snow and a stunning view atop the Andes Mountains. Tres Valles (Three Valleys) has the most popular resorts, including La Parva, El Colorado, and Valle Nevado.


TRAVEL Attractions in Arica

Valle Nevado, near Santiago, offers access to the largest skiable domain in South America: nearly 7,000 acres. With such a vast amount of terrain the resort caters to all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

ATACAMA DESERT To the west of the Andes Mountains lies the Atacama Desert, known as the driest place in the world and often compared to the planet Mars due to its appearance. While it may seem as though this location would not be the most comfortable to visit, the average temperature during the day in the Atacama is between 32 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit and there are many captivating sites to see within this desert. An enormous, 36 foot high sculpture of a hand reaches out as if desperate for something with which to cling. The El Tatio geyser can also be found here, spewing scorching water and vapor from the earth. Reminiscent of the surface of the moon, the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) is a common spot in this desert for tourists to visit.

EL MORRO DE ARICA The site of a vital battle in the War of the Pacific back in 1880, this colossal rock extends over 110 meters above the city of Arica. Learn all about the significance of this site on your journey up the steep path leading to a dazzling view from the very top. El Morro de Arica is the place to go if you want to experience the culture of the Chileans through their rich history and the beauty of the city.

Attractions in Punta Arenas Where to Stay

MAGDALENA ISLAND When looking for a more relaxed, lighthearted day in the city of Puntas Arenas, visit Magdalena Island. This is an especially exciting place to see for those bringing children along. Tourists are allowed to go off on their own for a while, interacting with the calm Magellan penguins that inhabit the island from September to April. This location will give your brain a break and allow for a more fun, stress-free day.

SANTIAGO San Cristobal Tower HHHHH +56 2 2707 1000 The Aubrey HHHHH +56 2 2940 2800 Glaciars in Punta Arenas


Lastarria Hotel HHHHH +56 2 2840 3700


While not exclusively Chilean, empanadas can be found on menus all over Chile. Instead of being fried, the locals prefer to bake empanadas with an egg wash. They can be stuffed with many different combinations of meat and veggies, sometimes including cheese as well. Though empanadas are served in the United States, there is no comparison to the taste of a true, original empanada.

Panamericana Hotel Arica HHHHH +56 2 251 97 500 Chinchorro Suites HHHH +56 58 232 5678



Often called “Poor Man’s Steak,” bistec a lo pobre may be a heart attack waiting to happen, but it is an indulgence many Chileans find worth the calories. Served with a side of either rice or a hefty scoop of french fries, the steak is topped with fried onions and fried eggs. svm

Hotel Jose Noguiera HHHH +56 61 711000 Hotel Rey Don Felipe HHHH +56 61 229 5000 Empanadas Chilenas


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iTECH GOOGLE GLASS Augmented Reality (which is, in simple terms,

new technology that can supplement real life like the things we see, scents or sounds to make the world around us more digitally manipulated) has already gotten into our life in the forms of simulated experiment and education apps, think your GPS or many of the video games kids are playing today. Google, though, is taking AR several steps further with Google Glass. Theoretically, with Google Glass, you’re able to view social media feeds, text messages, search the web, as well as make phone calls and take pictures. Currently, the device is only available to some developers, but other tech companies are trying it out and affordable consumer versions are in the works.

LACIE SPHERE HARD DRIVE The LaCie Sphère, is the latest in storage technology. Featuring a high-speed USB 3.0, “which makes file transfers and backups nearly three times faster than with USB 2.0”, the LaCie Sphere is as practical as it is elegant. Silver plated by French silversmithing company Christofle, and perfect for both PC and Mac users alike, the Sphere offers 1TB of storage so that users have enough space to store backups, music, photo and video libraries for years on end. The Lacie Sphère is even powered through the USB cable, so no power cord is ever necessary.

2015 LEXUS LF-LC This hybrid 2+2 coupe is designed to push the

limits of style, performance and technology. It combines sweeping lines with dynamic angles to create a sleek silhouette wrapped around a driver-focused interior. The car’s glass roof features a lightweight, cantilevered pillar with a glass-to-glass juncture inspired by modern architecture. The LF-LC incorporates a remote touch-screen device that allows the driver to comfortably operate controls without shifting position or altering line-of-sight. Pricing estimates for such a model range from between $100,000 and $130,000, making it a clear rival for high-end Porsche 911 models and a new NSX from Acura.


watch gives you all the information you could ever want or need without having to pick up your smartphone. Available to Apple and Android users alike, the Pebble app allows users to customize and (integrate) their watch to make sure they're always up to date with the weather, their favorite sports teams, Facebook feeds and so much more. With a 1.26-inch, 144 × 168 pixel e-paper display, a 22mm wide arm band, LED backlight, optical hard coating for scratch resistance, Bluetooth 4.0, ARM Cortex-M3 processor and a lithium-ion polymer battery, the Pebble Steel Smartwatch is sure to satisfy users young and old.


POLAROID SOCIALMATIC Debuting this fall, the Polaroid Socialmatic camera puts a new twist on an old favorite, giving users a totally new way to interact with their camera and photographs. Offering a 14Mp frontal camera, 2Mp rear camera, LED flash, 4.5” touchscreen, 4GB internal storage, stereo speakers, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, this Android based camera even combines some of our favorite features from social media (including photo editing) while also giving the opportunity to share your pictures from the camera virtually or by using its Zink Instant Printer to produce ink free photos immediately after they are taken.



• Providing you, for over 60 years, with research, education, and treatment • Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital has continually received excellent ratings from our patients through HealthGrades® • Our onsite surgical center is convenient, cost-effective, and makes your comfort and safety a top priority • Expanding near you with new physicians, locations, and trauma facilities

706-324-6661 800-331-2910 LOCATIONS: Albany Auburn, AL Columbus Cordele Dothan, AL Gwinnett LaGrange Moultrie Nashville, TN Thomaston Thomasville Valdosta Vidalia Waycross