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W.C. Bradley Real Estate is bringing a fresh, contemporary dining experience to Columbus. Banks Food Hall is a collective eatery offering visitors 10 food & drink options in more than 12,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor dining spaces with seating for more than 250.

OPENING EARLY 2020 706.571.6059 / Leasing and Management by

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Here’s where we come in. We believe getting the cash you need should be easy, convenient and worryfree. Here is where you’ll find a variety of credit card and lending1 options tailored for what’s important to you. We’re here for you. 1-888-SYNOVUS |

1 Credit cards and loans subject to credit approval. Synovus Bank, Member FDIC.

Today is full of possibilities. For more than 70 years, St. Francis has been at the heart of care for Columbus. Today, we begin the next chapter of care for our community. Embracing new possibilities together. Our combined legacies of compassionate, quality care means we are positioned better than ever before to make our communities healthier. We are St. Francis – Emory Healthcare.

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CRETE Crete’s stunning natural beauty awakens in visitors an imperative need to discover its mountains, its gorges, its paths.


January 31, 2020 was the night Historic Columbus celebrated 54 years of supporting Columbus with a party — A Night in Singapore. The event was held at the Country Club of Columbus with casino style games, a variety of prizes, and red carpet treatment for attendees.




HOME RESOURCES SPECIAL SECTIONbson The Home Resources Guide is your best source for Builders, Mortgage Loan Originators, Realtor and Home Decorators.



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SPRING BLOOM Stand out in bright dresses, prints, stripes, cute accesories and welcome color back to your wardrobe to embrace the ultimate time of renewal.



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At Southern States Bank, we believe the most important thing is our relationships with our customers. In each of the markets we serve, we pride ourselves on our people and their ability to understand your banking needs. We are a true community bank and we look forward to meeting you.

What sets us apart from other banks? Stop by one of our local branches near you and meet our team today!

OUR PEOPLE. Brad Arnold

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Jason Smith

President, Muscogee County, GA


President, Lee County, AL

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EDITOR’S LETTER FRESH START Already the new year is successfully in swing, and springtime is here bringing its warm weather and new beginnings. The spring season is the perfect time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in new growth, joys, and beauty. With longer and sunnier days ahead, we can all look forward to new joys blooming around EDITOR every corner. At SVM we are always Roberto proud to present the best content Caligaris available to our readers and hope that you will be as excited as we are about this new season. For this year’s spring issue, we have an abundance of wonderful local features, interviews, and events that showcase our talented South and all that we have to offer. For this issue, we had the lovely opportunity to get up close and personal with spring in the south by interviewing Executive Director of Columbus Botanical Garden, Stefan Bloodworth. In our exclusive interview, we get to ask about Columbus Botanical Garden’s present opportunities and future goals. The interview is a candid look into the dedication it takes to create and maintain Georgia’s beautiful agriculture. But beauty in the South can’t only be measured in nature as you will find in our touching feature on local artist Jamie Howard, written by his son Seth Howard III along with two close friends. From the perspective of his son, Jamie Howard’s life as an artist is revealed by his dedication to quality and passion for the arts. In this personal piece, you will learn about the life and work of Jamie Howard and the legacy he left behind for future artists. The South has not only nature and art to offer, but also ingenuity and success as you will see in our interview with co-creator of the SlumberPod and Shark Tank winner, Lou Childs. This interview shows an inside look into what it’s like to be on the hit show Shark Tank and what it takes to make a deal. Lou Childs

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talks about how she and her daughter invented SlumberPod and how they work together as business partners. Our local female entrepreneurs don’t stop there, as we also sat down with other talented women of the South. Designers Beth Beaudoin, Mary Lovett Beck and Joanne Gristina answer questions about their interior design studio B-Line and the important elements that make up a beautiful home. We also interviewed local realtor Melissa Thomas who expressed her passion for sales and showed us what it means to really serve your community. The Home section for this spring issue is truly special as we take a look into the home of Ryan and Isa Meeks. Their elegant yet vibrant house shows us how beautiful homes can be fun and functional as well. Their artfully constructed home has a beautiful story to tell in our feature as you will see how family is key to design. The first issue of the new year wouldn’t be complete without a look toward the future. Our interview with Pace Halter, President and COO of W.C. Bradley Real Estate, shows what’s in store for the area of Columbus with construction of the new Hotel Indigo. This interview shows what the hotel will offer and what locals can expect with this new and exciting opportunity. In addition to exciting new opportunities, spring brings with it some of the most anticipated events of the year. This issue details Historic Columbus’ ‘A Night in Singapore,’ where guests spent an evening in fun and elegance. And looking toward future events, the ‘Dancing Stars of Columbus’ and ‘CSU Spring Swing’ reveal parties are featured here with the names of this year’s participants. As always, we are thankful for our readers and are proud to present to you the first issue of 2020.


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Keep them close, when they matter most.


COVER ADDISON DAVIS What are you most grateful for? My family, faith and friends are the greatest blessings in my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without each of them. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? I have always wanted to visit Greece. To explore and relax by the beautiful waters is definitely a dream of mine. What is your beauty item you can't live without? A good concealer is a must in my makeup bag (I love Bareskin from Bare Minerals, as it doesn’t cake up like other brands). I use it to cover dark circles, as well as to give a glow to my cheeks and nose. How would you describe your fashion style? I would say I have an ecelctic fashion style. I tend toward a base of neutrals with pops of color in my staple pieces. I don’t limit myself to any style though. If I’m feeling light and airy or boho, I just go with it, and give myself freedom to explore and express myself. What’s your favorite karaoke song? I still can’t resist a karaoke night full of High School Musical songs and showtunes! Mix in a little Ariana Grande and that karaoke night is a must! What is your biggest everyday pet peeve? One thing that frustrates me is when people judge and assume things about people before they get to know their story and see their heart. On a lighter note, I also despise flies, especially when I’m eating outdoors! What superstition do you believe/practice? I’m not really a supersticious person, but I tend to think that I won’t have a good day if I don’t have coffee in the morning. What do you do to blow off steam? I love a good cardio workout to blow off steam. I was a gymnast for many years, so I love challenging myself with a good intense workout and stretching session. Where is your ideal vacation destination? I love all beaches. Volleyball, sunbathing, riding waves, or just hanging with family and friends - any day on the beach is a day well spent! Name one thing you worry about running out of and why: I can never have enough good beauty products - lotions, hair products, fragrances. I love having a signature scent that people identify with me. What do you consider your most Southern characteristics? I absolutely love good home cooked meals - it’s about more than just the food - it is the memories and connection that happens around a table of meals made with love. My mom is an amazing southern cook, a quality passed down from her grandmother and mother, and hopefully to me as well.


Lindsay Grubbs for Brushed By Lindsey, 706.536.0036

CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: Posh Peach Boutique, 706.221.6402, Dear Stella Boutique, 706. 221.9025, PHOTOGRAPHY: Sammie Saxon.

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In 1971, Columbus College (now known as Columbus State University) was in search of qualified individuals to strengthen its art program. So Jamie Boswell Howard, having graduated with a dual Masters of Art, and Art History, traveled to Columbus, Georgia to help achieve a balanced art department. This decision ended up being one of the biggest turning points for his career and the art program at Columbus State University. By SETH HOWARD III With ASHLEIGH OQUELĂŒ And ABRAHAM THACKER 9 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020


n my young age I spent many countless hours in the studio with my father. It was there I learned most of what has made me the person I am today. In addition to spending quality time with me, I watched him work every single day; countless hours were spent refining his processes and methods. You will not find a “bad” Jamie Howard piece, only varying degrees of good and he worked diligently to make it so. Despite all this hard work he still made the time to pick me up every day from school, talk to me about life, love, history, art, music, and how to live a full life. Around 1998 he stopped showing publicly but continued to work every day until he passed. I have made it my mission to share his unique, imaginative creations with the world. I believe in time his work will be seen as a treasure to the people of Columbus as most of it was created here. The following is an article written by me and two close friends about his time and work in Columbus. Since 1971, Howard taught and inspired thousands of students, in addition to creating and curating dozens of art shows throughout the United States, South America, Europe, and Australia. At home in Columbus, Howard was affectionately regarded as a generous and compassionate teacher. Numerous students have recounted stories where, unable to afford their own art supplies, Howard would give them his own, or privately donate money to purchase said supplies. There is a carefree element to Howard’s work, one that is not hidebound by artistic conventions, past or present.The way to view Howard’s art is not contained within the parameters of simply going to a gallery and looking at art, even if it is art created by an artist one knows, or at least has heard of. For example, the most common way to appreciate art is to try to feel a connection with it, or to try to imagine what the artist may have been thinking or feeling while executing it.


AT HOME IN COLUMBUS, HOWARD WAS AFFECTIONATELY REGARDED AS A GENEROUS AND COMPASSIONATE TEACHER. Numerous students have recounted stories where, unable to afford their own art supplies, Howard would give them his own, or privately donate money to purchase said supplies.


owever, there are many ways to view a piece of art created by Jamie Howard. Howard created a world, a world in which all things physical and metaphysical tie together and exist together. His imaginative stories and ideas were brought from his world to our world through the vessel of art. His primary objective was to get the viewer to find a semblance between the events of his or her life and the piece of art being viewed. He achieved this by exaggerating the nuances of his work, knowing that each viewer would find some common ground with the array of emotions his art exhibits. Although many artists rely on something that already exists in the world—something they have seen or experienced or felt—Howard’s work is supported by a framework of its own internal structure, a complete imaginative creation like no other. February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 10

Business cards to


In addition to traditional print services, Craftmaster also offers wide format printing. Posters . Wall Graphics . Vinyl . Yard Signs . Store Front Signage . Rigid Boards 334.502.3456



hether a newly introduced or seasoned follower of the art of Jamie Howard, you may not know that his art is, in fact, all tied together in a beautifully eloquent story told in his own novella, “The Day of the Wedding and Part of the Night Before.” Howard wrote this book about a wedding that takes place in an island town called Sommerville. In Sommerville, there live many an artist with different backgrounds and stories. A sculptor, a watercolorist, a painter, and a writer all abide in this town. They have different names, different lives, and different passions; but in truth, they were all Howard. It is thought that most of this ideal town was derived from his time spent during his childhood in Connecticut, but if one were to dive deeper, it shows that Sommerville is all of his favorite places compiled into one exquisite, bustling island, fit only for the imagination. We all have our Sommervilles, but Jamie Howard brought to life an idyllic seaside town in which all of his personalities and different art secrets live. He created a place for his mind to be free and for his talents to thrive without limits.


Columbus was not just where he lived but where he created a home. Columbus was a place where he created two worlds. One world where he was a loving, attentive, and giving father, husband, and friend; and the other world where he was limitless in his capabilities. He was the father of his creations, in both reality and in his rich imagination. Jamie Howard was a creator. A creator of fantasies, of styles, of new ideas, and of his own world. Many artists have been studied over the years, but what he has created and left behind is truly like no other. Delicate in his creations and yet particular in his unique executions, Howard’s style set him apart from other artists of his time. He did not want to just be great at one medium of art, he wanted to master them all, and he created a story in which that was possible. Don’t we all just want to write our own stories? To explore the world created in an artistic geniusmind, visit SVM

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SlumberPod For those who travel with babies, the challenge of sharing a room - whether at a family home or hotel - is real. Multiple sleepless nights can lead to stressful days. That’s what led Katy Mallory and her mother Lou Childs to invent the SlumberPod®, a product featured on Shark Tank Season 11. EXCLUSIVE



aty Mallory is co-founder and President of Dovetail Essentials, LLC, makers of SlumberPod®. Katy and her mom have a mutual love for problem solving, are business savvy, determined and resourceful, and with that — they decided to launch a company together. The idea that eventually became SlumberPod® was born in May 2016 while Katy was on maternity leave with her twins. SVM spoke to Lou Childs to learn more about this innovative product and their experience with Shark Tank. Tell us a little bit about SlumberPod, and how you got started. SlumberPod was born out of necessity. My daughter and now business partner, Katy Mallory, came home for the winter holidays five years ago with her husband and toddler, and they had to share a room because the house was full of family. Their little one was used to sleeping in her own dark room at home and was confused when she woke up in the middle of the night and saw her parents in the same room. Once she saw them, she did not want to go back to sleep, keeping her parents and others in the house awake. After two nights of this, Katy and her family left early — sleep deprived and 13 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

miserable. Thinking there must be a solution on the market, we researched and found nothing but DIY solutions, many of which were unsafe and cumbersome to set up. Fast forward another year and a half and Katy was due with twins and I was in between jobs unexpectedly. I stayed with Katy during her maternity leave and we got serious about inventing a solution … and SlumberPod was born. Two years later in July 2018, we had our first 500 units en route to us from the factory and launched via a Kickstarter campaign. How did you come up with the name “SlumberPod?” Katy and I both have journalism, marketing and communications backgrounds and enjoyed brainstorming various names that depicted what our product does. Slumber was one of the words on the whiteboard and Pod was another … the combination was perfect and it was available for trademark. It was our first choice for our product name! You and your daughter designed SlumberPod together, but can you tell us what it’s like being in a business partnership with her? Katy and I have always been close, but this business partnership has brought us to

a whole new level of closeness that is likely quite unique for mothers and daughters. We work extremely well together, have common interests and strengths yet other attributes that complement one another. We also laugh a lot and have a lot of fun. Believe it or not, I’m the techier one, and she is more creative. Going into business with someone that you have unconditional love and respect for — and you also know them deeply — was an easy decision for both of us. We consider ourselves very fortunate!



hat was it like to be on Shark Tank? Any tips you can share for entrepreneurs looking to make it on the show? It was an absolute dream come true to be on Shark Tank. Each year, more than 35,000-45,000 entrepreneurs apply to the show either by submitting an application online or by pitching to Shark Tank producers at a casting call. We went the casting call path, and flew to Dallas in early February 2019. To be chosen to walk down the hallway and stand on the rug in front of Sharks that we’ve been watching for 10 years was surreal. There was much more to our “question and answer” session with them than what is shown during our segment on TV, and they asked us questions about financials, marketing, retail options, product development, and our backgrounds. Robert and Lori also got inside SlumberPod and commented about how pitch black it is … saying “I can’t see my hand in front of my face!" We were so humbled by three Sharks telling their stories about selling too early — prefacing their stories with their opinions that “you don’t need us” — but we were thrilled that Barbara gave us an offer of exactly what we were asking for! We encourage other entrepreneurs to apply via casting call and make your one-minute pitch memorable. Have a viable product for sale with some sales history before you make the trek. Be ready to speak to what makes your product and you as an entrepreneur different and better.


ow did you come to the valuation of your company when pitching to the Sharks? At the time of the taping, we had more than $500,000 in sales and worked with experts to value our company at $2M. During the Q&A with the Sharks, they commented that it was a fair valuation. We actually far exceeded our 2019 year-end projections and ended the year with more than $2M in sales. We know Shark Tank likes to keep their contestants a secret until the show airs. How difficult was it keeping the deal a secret? It was not as difficult to keep the process and the outcome from friends as we knew the risks of disqualification should the news leak … but it was difficult keeping it from family. Even my husband had no idea that Katy and I had progressed past the casting call until he saw us on TV during a Shark Tank promo the night that Season 11 Episode 1 aired in September. I had no idea we would be on the promo. The look on his face was shock and awe! Starting a new business is hard. What has been your biggest business struggle? There is SO much to learn! One of our biggest struggles is supply chain and inventory. We have a valuable partner with Jeff Vinson of Muscogee Mills and Ridgeway Outdoors. He helps us to make inventory projections based on past sales and growth momentum. We have only run out of inventory a couple of times in the past 18 months— even when our growth spiked at the end of 2019 and post-Shark Tank. It definitely takes a village to make a business run smoothly. SVM February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 14


Columbus Botanical Garden

With acres of beautifully developed land featuring four gardens and a forested walking trail, Columbus Botanical Garden showcases the best of Georgia’s natural beauty. Free to all who visit and available to rent for special events, these gardens are the finest in Columbus to host a party or take the family on a natural adventure.



ounded in 1999, Columbus Botanical Garden (CBG) has maintained its dedication to the community’s personal enrichment and education of nature while promoting an appreciation of natural wildlife, supporting the protection of woodlands. Though CBG may now be a fixture in Columbus, there is always something new to discover as the gardens bring new delights and wonders with every season. For over 20 years CBG has completed several garden projects including their 10 Year Master Plan and hosted many educational programs for all ages. SVM had the opportunity to sit down with their Executive Director, Stefan Bloodworth, to ask him some questions about where CBG has been, what's available now, and what will be in store for their future. Tell us about the Columbus Botanical Garden and what visitors can expect to experience? The garden is growing! First, visitors can expect to enjoy some of our special landscapes such as the Sam Wellborn Camellia Garden, home to over 750 varieties of this regional landscape staple in a

peaceful, woodland setting. “Our Mothers Rose Garden,” an homage to our southern love affair with all forms of ornamental roses, is always a hit. Our Vegetable Terraces are a great place to witness the diversity of crops that can be raised in our home landscapes. Finally, our Cottage Garden adjacent to our historic farmstead is a go-to spot for pictures and special events. What have you learned about the conservation role of botanical gardens in general? Increasingly, botanical gardens are looked to for guidance and inspiration as folks try to make sense of how they can help preserve the natural world around them. Gardens teach important lessons, such as how to protect wildlife diversity through what we plant in our yards, what invasive plant species to avoid using, what rare plant species in our region are in need of protection and why, and how we can lessen the environmental impact of landscape construction projects through smart planning. What is one of Columbus Botanical Garden’s biggest opportunities in this new decade? We have the unique opportunity to become a garden for February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 16


Stefan Bloodworth


complete with unique collections, educational opportunities for folks old and young and exceptional landscape design.

continued from page 16 everyone, regardless of what you care most about.

Love music? Come to our Nankipooh Music Series events to hear exciting new artists. Love art? You can look forward to the completion of our Gin House Art and Education Center, where artful construction and evocative landscape design mingles with rotating art and museum displays focused on the botanical and cultural richness of our region. Love nature? Join us at Samposium, our yearly festival in memory of Sam Pate, a beloved local ornithologist and nature-lover, where we will feed your inner-naturalist with informative lectures by renowned speakers. Want to get married? You’ve come to the right place, as we build on our excellent special event reputation by adding beautiful new venues for your special day. Want to take a stroll? You can look forward to the evolution of our serene JoAnn Holt walking trail, a one-mile woodland loop, into a network of almost three miles of walking paths. Want to spend time with the kids in a garden where they can learn to love the out- of -doors? Be on the lookout in the coming years for our Children’s Secret Adventure Garden, an outdoor space devoted to the idea that kids who appreciate and understand nature will grow into adults who revere and protect it. Take advantage of our growing Children’s Educational offerings while you’re there. Love beautiful landscapes? Well, that’s what we're here for! We have an impressive slate of new gardens on the way that introduce exciting new plant collections to our garden in beautiful fashion. Want to learn and grow as a plant lover? You’ll love watching our selection of adult classes


blossom into an undeniably rich palette for the botanically curious. See, a garden for everyone! hat are some of the projects you are currently working on now for the Columbus Botanical Garden? Currently under construction are our Georgia Native Perennial Garden, a collection of some of our state’s most rare and unique wildflowers, as well as the Gingko Shade Garden, a southeast Asian plant collection anchored by a gorgeous canopy of the vibrant Gingko biloba. These two gardens will be completed this summer. On the drafting table is the design of our Gin House Art and Education Center, which we believe will be a one-of-a-kind location for the visual and performing arts, adult and children’s education, and intimate special events. What are you most looking forward to in your role as the Executive Director of the CBG? I’m very excited about the idea of developing a world-class botanical garden, complete with unique collections, educational opportunities for folks old and young and exceptional landscape design. I’m even more excited about the evolution of that world-class garden into a seamless space for events of all stripes, whether they be theatrical, musical, art-focused or just the most perfect wedding ever. To be the place that teaches the world about nature, we need to bring the world to us. SVM February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 18



L-R Front Row: Belle Copelan, Catherine Sigman, Catherine Ward, Miller Watts, Anna Sayers, Laura Sayers, and Eliza Gross. Middle Row: Emma Averett, Ruth Anne Hasty, Dorothy Holt, Grace Lewis, Camille Hudson, and Maylyn Hinson. Back Row: Sarah Beth Amos, Lucy Boyd, Catherine Boyd, Ella McGregor, Hannah Fay, Dana Hart, Lucy Lewis, Katherine Snavely, Isabella Pitts, Lillie Kilpatrick, and Ava Pahl. Photo by SE Photography

2019 COTILLION BALL THE EVENT: The 2019 Cotillion Club of Columbus Christmas Ball was held on Friday, December 27 at the Country Club of Columbus. Edwin Leonard Page served as Master of Ceremonies. THE DEBUTANTES: Sarah Elizabeth Amos, Emma Louise Averett, Catherine Ruth Boyd, Lucy Charlotte Boyd, Elizabeth Belle Copelan, Hannah Alston Fay, Elizabeth Lacy Gross, Dana Ann Hart, Ruth Anne Hasty, Maylyn Taylor Hinson, Dorothy Morgan Holt, Camille Wright Hudson, Lillian Grace Kilpatrick, Grace Patricia Lewis, Lucy Quillian Lewis, Ella Caroline McGregor, Ava Katheryne Pahl, Isabella Marie Pitts, Anna Catherine Sayers, Mary Laura Sayers, Catherine Coley Sigman, Katherine McNeill Snavely, Catherine Howard Ward, and Kathryn Miller Watts. THE OFFICERS: President Sarah Burgin; Vice Presidents Rachel Grier and Martha Laughbaum; Corresponding Secretary Darby Miller; Social Secretary Augusta Marie Graham; and Treasurer Virginia Wynnton Mullin.

Jimmy Fay with Kim and David Antekeier.


Lucy Boyd, Catherine Boyd, and Miller Watts.

Catherine Boyd, Emma Averett, and Sarah Beth Amos.

Bo, Nan, Joe, and Zoe Bridges.

Tripp and Jenifer Amos 19 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

Jack Jenkins, Belle Copelan, Jack and Fontaine Jenkins.

Miller Watts, Catherine Ward, Katherine Snavely, and Catherine Sigman.



John Holt, Jeff Pitts, Ron Ward, David Lewis, and Paul Kilpatrick. Eliza Gross, Hannah Fay, Belle Copelan, and Lucy Boyd .

Dorothy Holt, Hannah Fay, Eliza Gross, and Zoe Bridges. Darby Miller, Elaine and John Laughbaum, and Marty Laughbaum.

Laura and Anna Sayers

Sarah Burgin, Brooke Turner, and Emily Pease.

Nancy and Sarah Burgin

Isabella Pitts, Ava Pahl, Ella McGregor, and Lucy Lewis.


Dorothy Holt, Maylyn Hinson, Ruth Anne Hasty, and Dana Hart.

Grace Lewis, Ruth Anne Hasty, Isabella Pitts, Ava Pahl, Camille Hudson, and Catherine Sigman. February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 20


Guests enjoying Poker, Roulette and Craps.


Jane and Bruno Zupan

Ellie Fober, George Flowers, Callie Hecht, Cortney Laughlin.


Noah Fussell, Chris Harman and Drew Payne.

Hofer and Adele Stone, Lulie and Harrison Wallace.

THE EVENT: January 31, 2020 was the night Historic Columbus celebrated 54 years of supporting Columbus with a party — A Night in Singapore. The event was held at the Country Club of Columbus with casino style games, a variety of prizes, and red carpet treatment for attendees.THE HIGHLIGHT: Guests spent an evening at the tables—from Black Jack and Poker to Roulette and Craps—while enjoying live entertainment, fabulous food with an Asian flare and the chance to win incredible prizes by Erin Gregory, Bruno Zupan, Bo Bartlett, Frank Schley and Silvan Guitars, Lulie Wallace, Julianne David, Marc and Marleen Olivié, Sabrina and Max Broden. and Katie Jacobson. The place was incredibly decorated by the talented Bob Vardaman. THE PURPOSE: The event provides Historic Columbus with the ability to continue running the following projects and programs: Advocacy Assistance, Restoration Seed Grants, Facade Loans and Rehab Loans, tours of historic sites, and Box City Summer Art Camp. THE SPONSORS: W.C. Bradley Co., Bruno Zupan, Synovus, Georgia Crown Distributing Co., Columbus State University, Pezold Management Co., Liberty Utilities, Georgia Power, Erin Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Y. Bradley and Mrs. J. Madden Hatcher, Jr., Mr. Christopher R. Harman, Hughston Clinic, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jarrell, Morgan Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Pease III, Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Ramsay, Jr., Standard Concrete, Synovus Trust, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Turner, and Southern Views Magazine. Collier and Erin Trotter, Catherine and Perrin Trotter. PHOTOS BY S.SAXON AND R.CALIGARIS

Cora King, Garry Pound, Phoebe Coates.

Tammy Huff, Lula and Charles Huff. 21 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

Ashley Clayton, Tifanny Butterfield, Katie Jacobson.

Kelsea and Walker Garrett

Merett and Lonnie Alexander, Tracy Martin-Immelman.



Tifanny Butterfield, Ashley Clayton, Crystal Trawick, Erica Womack, Sabrina Broden.

Gina and Matt Smith Carrie Sigman, Kathy Tanner, Lindsay McLaurin, Rebecca Sigman.

Chris Harman and Bob Vardaman Sundi Rose, Emilie Menser, Erin and Tim Gregory.

Blake and Jensen Melton, Maggie and Julio Portillo, Jeff and Erin Stillwell, Shelby Banta.

Mayumi Hashiyama and friend. Derek and Christy Scrivner

Lana and Ed Helton

Sara and Casey Carver Polly and Wade Fowler Anne and John Peebles

Cynthia and Thomas Lewis

Edna and Jud Richardson

Jennie Hannay, Fitz Bickerstaff, Tracey Williams.

Sara Carver and Roberto Caligaris winners of the Erin Gregory and Katie Jacobson paintings respectively.

Laura Wickham, Ben and Mary Bailey Bryan. February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 22


Bench in memory of Jane Spettel.


Laura Byrd, Missi Smith, Billy Holbrook, Betty Hampton, Julie Bouchard, and Maria Kent.


Barbara Farr, Maria Kent, and Amy Perry.

THE EVENT: TSYS Associate Director Jane Spettel passed away on August 10, 2019. Members of the TSYS Training and Documentation group, where Jane worked, and other friends at TSYS made donations to purchase something that would be a memorial to Jane’s love of gardening. They found that perfect spot at the MercyMed Farm. A bench was purchased with a plaque and a dedication was held on Tuesday, January 28. MERCYMED MISSION: Dr. Grant Scarborough founded MercyMed in 2012 in response to high rates of poverty and lack of access to healthcare in our community. Their mission is “We exist to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and demonstrate His love by providing affordable quality healthcare for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the underserved.”

Madeline Wade, Marti Thompson, Carrie Jones, Kelly Ashley.


Jonathan, Billy, Jimi, and Pat Spettel.

Pat, Jimi, Billy, Jonathan, and Novia Spettel. Siobhan Patterson, Julie Bouchard, and Van Potter.

Attendees with the bench dedicated to Jane’s memory.

Ashley Stone, Brett Buckner, Nick Duke, Christie Woodall, and Nick Johnston. February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 24



Chris Harman and Dan Britt

2020 DANCING STARS OF COLUMBUS Members of the 2020 Dancing Stars Committee

Sarah and Tony Stark with Kendall Mealy

Ashley and John Pezold, Amanda and Collier Watson

THE EVENT: The 2020 Dancing Stars of Columbus reveal party to support the Alzheimer’s Association was held at the residence of former Star Dancer Chris Harman on January 9. The chair holders for this year’s event are John and Ashley Pezold which will take place on Friday, May 1, at the Columbus Convention & Trade Center. THE STARS AND PROS: This year’s stars and pros are: Star Amanda Baker and Pro Sherman Williams, Star Claire Berry and Pro Ben Redding, Star Zach Bishop and Pro Ashlyn Shoup, Star Sally Key Bowden and Pro Dezmond Yates, Star Hunter Bryan and Pro Blaire Morris Willis, Star Sanjay Choudhury and Pro Kassi Bosco, Star Matt Keller and Pro Tracie Chamblee, Star Kendall Mealy and Pro JJ Harrison, Star Cha Cha Parmer and Pro Antoine Patterson, Star Evan Sussenbach and Pro Katie Jo Lewis, Star Jenny Swift and Pro Joshua Edens, Star Collier Watson and Pro Roseann Torbert, Star Torrey Wiley and Pro Sarah Stark, Star Couple Frazer and Cory Loomis and Pro Wayne Foot, Star Couple Rev. Marlon and Dr. Shemal Scott. THE PURPOSE: All funds raised support Alzheimer’s research and the programs and services provided to those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and their families. PHOTOS BY R.CALIGARIS

Zach Bishop, Johnson Trawick, Margie Norman, J.J. Harrison

Parker and Jenny Swift 25 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

Pete and Claire Berry, Nancy Burgin, David and Kim Antekier

Torrey and Laura Wiley with Amy Adams

Marla Caligaris and Christina Vogler



Star Dancer and Pros at the 2020 Dancing Stars Of Columbus Reveal Party


Trip and Brittany Reynolds with Chris Harman

Amy Adams, Sally Key Bowden, Blaire and Cam Willis, Tracie Chamblee.

Courtlyn Holt with JJ Harrison and Sherman Williams

Anne Brown and Jenifer Amos

Ashley and John Pezold

Amanda Baker

Cory and Frazer Loomis

Rev. Marlon and Dr. Shemal Scott

Sanjay Choudhury February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 26


Kim Williams, Brooke Mangham, Curtis Cauthen, Emily Cumings, Lindsey Wright.

Danielle Ernst, Stephanie Privette, Mary Allen Tondee, Erica Womack.

Isa Meeks, Ryne and Laura Stokes

SPRING SWING REVEAL PARTY THE EVENT: The 2020 CSU Spring Swing reveal was held on January 12 at the residence of Betsy Leebern. The Spring Swing event will bring indoor/outdoor dancing and dining to Uptown where participants can show off their fancy footwork or just enjoy a casual fun filled evening. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, April 25, at the Rankin Livery & Courtyard. THE TEAMS: TEAM PLATINUM POSSE: Kim Williams, Brooke Mangham, Lindsey Wright, Emily Cumings, Coach Curtis Cauthen. TEAM LADIES NIGHT: Isa Meeks, Laura Stokes, Andie Blanchard, Lenn Arrington Brand, Coack Kassi Bosco. TEAM SCRUNCHIE SISTERS: Anna Varner Garcia, Sally Watkins, Sara Berry Varner, Adele Caldwell Stone, Coach Brantley Arrington. TEAM 2CREW4U: Stephanie Privette, Mary Allen Tondee, Danielle Ernst, Erica Womack, Coach Mary Jane Bowden. THE PURPOSE: The Spring Swing event is held to benefit the Columbus State University Dance Minor Program.

Patty Taylor, Betsy Leebern, Marla Caligaris.

Brantley Arrington, Adele Stone, Donald Cooper, Anna Garcia.


Mary Jane Bowden

Kim Williams

Brantley Arrington, Adele Stone, Anna Garcia, Sally Watkins

Donna and Larry Dooley, Patty Taylor, Cameron Bean, Bridget and Chris Markwood.

Andie Blanchard, Laura Stokes, Lenn A. Brand, Isa Meeks.

Chris Markwood, Patty Taylor, Bridget Markwood, Deborah Bordelon, Ashley Lee. February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 28


EXHIBIT A Columbus is a place of rich culture, and art expression. The exquisite works of art in our community each have a unique story, an interesting naissance, and heritage. Join SVM as we put them on exhibit for you.

Benny Andrews 1930-2006

The Oath Oil And Collage On Canvas Gift of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York; Hassam, Speicher, Betts and Symons Funds


he Oath is part of Benny Andrews' series of collage images based on immigration as an American experience. He used found objects and fabrics to reflect the character and social status of the subjects. All three people depicted here are dressed appropriately for the solemn swearing — in of a new citizen.

Benny Andrews was born in rural Georgia in 1930. He began his painting practice while studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating in 1958, he moved to New York City where he continued his work, developing a technique of rough, expressive collage that incorporated cut fabric and paper into his oil paintings. In 1962, the Forum Gallery mounted his first New York solo exhibition. He went on to develop a reputation as a socially-minded artist and an advocate for greater visibility of African Americans in the art world. For the next four decades, he made and exhibited work in New York, and dedicated himself to activism and

education in the community. Andrews continued his prolific output of artwork, which ranged from explorations of history and social justice to intimate depictions of friends and family, until his death in 2006. Throughout his life, he was adamant that to truly affect social change, making art was not enough. He led art education programs for underserved students through Queens College and local community programs, and implemented a groundbreaking model for teaching art in prisons. In 1969, he co-founded the Black Emergency Cultural Coalition, which demanded greater visibility for people of color in art museums and the historical canon. He taught at Queens College through the 1990s, stopping briefly, from 1982 to 1984, to serve as the Director of the Visual Arts program for the National Endowment for the Arts. In his final years, Andrews illustrated children's books about the lives of Langston Hughes, W. W. Law, Josephine Carroll Smith, and Civil Rights leader Congressman John Lewis. SVM February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 30


Tired of cooking dinner every night? Is the maintenance of your home overwhelming? Are you ready to “let the good times roll?” The Legacy Reserve lifestyle will introduce you to a new level of freedom —

the freedom to enjoy life. To learn more how you too can eliminate the unwanted responsibilities in life and embrace the freedom to enjoy every moment,

Legacy Reserve at Old Town is located inside of Columbus’ premier Southern Living Inspired Old Town where our residents will enjoy being able to walk or ride in the Legacy Reserve golf carts to access the shops, restaurants, and the many festivals and events that the charming town square offers throughout the year.

contact us at (762) 524-7550 or visit us onsite at 3580 Massee Lane #24. WELCOME CENTER IS ON THE THIRD FLOOR.

Follow us on Facebook!

(762) 524-7550 3580 Massee Lane #24, Columbus, GA 31909


Spiked SODA

Crook & Marker is inspired again by the world of sparkling beverages with their new line of spiked sodas that showcase familiar flavors such as: root beer, ginger ale, classic cola, and lemon lime. Made with organic alcohol and without sugar or artificial sweeteners, Crook & Marker keep their dedication to honest brewing with their flavorful and guilt free beverages of only 80 calories a pop.



ifferent from their spiked seltzers of the past, Crook & Marker has ventured out again to please those that enjoy flavorful adult beverages without the heaviness of unhealthy, calorie rich mixed drinks. Their Spiked Soda comes in a set of familiar soda flavors without the sugary weight of regular soda and with the delight of a refreshing spike.

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Made with their Organic BaseBrew® alcohol, brewed from ancient grains - quinoa, amaranth and millet - and cassava root, Crook & Marker’s Spiked Sodas are only sweetened and flavored with natural ingredients. Gluten-free, caffeine-free, and sugar-free are some of the features making this beverage more

Changing the way beverages are made is challenging enough but enjoying them doesn’t have to be. And with this new line of spiked sodas, making a healthier and more flavorful choice just got easier. This product is distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing Co. SVM February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 32



Crete is an ideal place to visit all year round. Its mild climate and its unique mountainous features attract visitors before and after the established touristy summer season. Crete’s stunning natural beauty awakens in visitors an imperative need to discover its mountains, its gorges, its paths.

By emmaleigh permenter

PARADISE Seitan Limania is a well-hidden beach in the corner of the northeast side of the Akrotiri peninsula. The beach is fairly sandy and small, emerging from a canyon shaped like a lightning bolt, out into the open sea.

33 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020


Crete is the largest and most populated island in all of Greece and is considered to be the birthplace of the first advanced society in Europe. The Minoans ruled the island of Crete during the Bronze Age and vestiges of their culture can still be found in places such as the Palace of Knossos. Since the Minoans, Crete has become a melting pot of culture from Europe, Asia, and Africa as the island was overtaken by empires ranging from Roman to Ottoman. Despite being handed over from empire to empire, Crete always maintained a desire to remain a part of Greece and was officially taken back in 1913.





At the heart of Crete’s most famous historical attraction is the Palace of Knossos. This palace will ignite the archeologist inside anyone who visits because of the evocative setting, ruins and recreations, immense palace, courtyards, private apartments, baths, lively frescoes and more. The palace showcases the architectural advancements of the ancient Minoans with their complex drainage system and clever floor plan that kept rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.



Hania’s Old Town (sometimes called Chania) is a Venetian’s home away from home. With architectural facades and a scenic position by the harbor, the streets of Venice are transported here to this neoclassical Cretan town. Hanai not only provides a beautiful look into the past, but a fantastic spot for landmarks such as the Dominican Temple of St. Nicholas and the Cathedral of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary. If you visit on a Saturday, you can enjoy the local farmer’s market on Minoos street. But regardless of the day, stay until evening and watch the glow of the harbor light up the town.


The Holy Monastery of Arkadi is especially interesting to Crete’s history as it was used as a fortress to protect Cretan citizens when they rebelled against Turkish occupiers. The monastery was originally built in the 12th century by an Arkadian monk but in November of 1866 it was a place of refuge for the monks and citizens of Crete. A few monks still live and take care of the monastery today and inside there is a souvenir shop with handmade gifts


If bustling cities become tiring, the Samaria Gorge is the best place to get up close and personal with the natural side of Crete. Being one of the longest canyons in Europe, a hike through the Samaria Gorge is the perfect way to experience the raw beauty of the island. The hike is approximately 10 miles long. Once at the end of the trail, a relaxing boat ride will take you back to the city.





The old town of Rethymnon is one of Crete’s bestpreserved towns featuring Renaissance-style Venetian architecture while combining features from the Turkish period. This historic town is not only a feast for the eyes as its picturesque narrow alleys house restaurants and taverns full of traditional music. Above the old town is the fortress of Fortezza that once protected Rethymnon in its ancient past. Located near an exotic sandy beach, Rethymnon’s Old Quarter is the perfect place to relax with good food and rich culture.


With beaches in every direction on Crete it may be hard to choose which one to visit first. But if you only have time for a trip to one beach, make it Elafonisi. With gorgeous pink-hued sands, unique rock formations, and rare wildflowers, this beach is a necessary spot to take pictures and relax on a beach chair. Across from the sands of the mainland, you can wade through a warm lagoon to a sandbar that is an international nature reserve and is home to even more natural wonders.


The small hospice making a big difference.

At home with compassionate care. Preferred Care Hospice is here to help you make choices that work for you, and provide a support system of comprehensive care to honor those choices.

Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week | 706-844-1619

and enjoy the benefits of the Cretan Diet, Peskesi bases their menu on delicious foods their ancestors, the Minoans, also cultivated and enjoyed. The delicious flavors at this five-star restaurant will tantalize the flavors and fantasies of any foodie while preserving important Cretan cultural heritage. Open from morning until evening, this restaurant is a perfect stop for any time in the day.


For a comfortable and authentic experience, the Hope Mezestaurant is a cozy restaurant that features authentic fresh foods. Established in 1938, this restaurant knows how to cater to the desires of the locals with succulent lamb chops, mezedhes (appetizers), and raki (sweet alcohol), all while enjoying a fantastic view of the bay. The friendly atmosphere of this restaurant is carefully cultivated by owners Dimitris and Amalia and offers a wonderful peek inside the everyday lives of Cretan locals.



This restaurant is located in the beautiful Avli hotel that offers the highest level of fresh organic Greek ingredients. With vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free specialties, the Avli restaurant truly caters to anyone’s unique palate and nutritional needs. The venue offers a cozy yet formal atmosphere with the option of table services in their beautiful garden courtyard surrounded by flowers and palms. SVM HOPE RESTAURANT



This historic hotel in Chania is located just moments away from the waterfront and a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops making it the perfect place to experience popular attractions a few footsteps outside the venue. The hotel houses 24 guest rooms with a selection of suites, a penthouse, and villa depending on the size of the party and the length of the stay. Created from a 17th century Venetian mansion, guests will learn and experience the history of Hotel Delfino without losing the convenience of modern design. After adventuring out into the old town of Chania, Casa Delfino Hotel offers in-house luxuries such as a Roof Garden and full-service Spa featuring natural Greek products.


The Rimondi Boutique Hotel provides the best of both worlds by offering history and luxury across two accommodating buildings. The hotel is situated in the heart of the medieval old town of Rethymnon next to monuments such as the Venetian Fortezza. The hotel offers two separate buildings (directly across from each other) with different design collections. The Palazzo Rimondi dates

back to the Venetian occupation of Crete (1200 – 1600 AD) while bearing influences from the Renaissance and Turkish Occupation of the 19th century. The Palazzo is a four-star establishment that houses 20 rooms and maisonettes.


This hotel offers the best of modern convenience in design without losing its place in Cretan Culture. At the heart of this hotel is their gastronomy that features the best of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with two restaurants to choose from. The Vetri Restaurant is a sophisticated fine-dining experience that is available day or night. The Per Se Lounge Bar & Restaurant brings a fresh and hip experience with a fine selection of beverages and spirits. The Galaxy Hotel doesn’t stop there with dedication to its guest’s appetites as they provide 24-hour room service offering anything from their restaurant’s menus.


Located in Heraklion, Peskesi Restaurant is a relatively new restaurant that features cuisine crafted from the produce of their own farm. In an effort to discover the secrets





Every city in the world has a beginning. Those that have survived the tests of time were only able to do so by people that saw promise and endless potential in the city, and the people itself.



BURIAL Mary Louisa died at the residence of Gen. Henry L. Bening, in 1875, and she was buried at Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, GA.

James Henry Bickerstaff 1844-1906


JACK JONES 1821-1863



By Jack Schley

ne hundred and ninety years have passed since the Georgia Legislature decreed that a trading town should be built at the falls of the Chattahoochee River. In this new decade, the City of Columbus will have existed for two centuries. Out of all that occurred in those two centuries, the event that we continue to talk about the most was a fight we picked with ourselves. The events of The War Between the Northern and Southern States of 1861-1865 are forever engrained in our national identity; thus, inseparable from our personal identities as Americans. The War caused immeasurable emotion, destruction, and memorialization in Columbus that continues today in its various forms. A story from that time from one family that has remained in Columbus for all one hundred and ninety 37 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

years reveals just one side of that emotion, destruction, and memorialization that was born out of that American conflict. As often is the case with personal histories, the stories that are preserved through time are of those who had the ability to leave traces of their lives behind them. This most often occurs with the prominent and wealthy members of society and the story of Mary Louisa Leonard Jones began as no exception. Her father, Van Leonard, was a significant man in early Columbus. He was elected to the state House to represent Muscogee County, he acted as president of a textile mill, he was involved in the early railroad and banking industries in town, and he was a large landowner—the land around his home eventually became the Country Club of Columbus. The Leonard family lived in one of the beloved historic homes of the Midtown area, Wildwood, which was demolished around 1970.


ary Louisa was also one of many children of Van Leonard that married into the other families of distinction in early Columbus. Mary Louisa accomplished this in 1843 when she married Jack Jones. Jack was the son of Colonel Seaborn Jones, the man who founded the first mill in town, now known as City Mills. Jack was a neighbor to Mary Louisa; his father having built the historic home now known as St. Elmo. Mary Louisa was a kind and vibrant young girl and close in age to her popular husband. Their marriage was a highly celebrated joining of not just a fun young couple but of two influential families. They lived in a fine dwelling of their own, later called Bonnie Doon, in the Lakebottom Park area near their childhood homes.


When war broke out with the Northern states, Jack and Mary Louisa were in their late thirties with five young children at home, and both were eager to sign their names to history. Jack raised his own company of men to join the fight, which included, among others, his own eldest son Seaborn Leonard Jones and a few of Mary Louisa’s brothers. While the men trained for battle, Mary Louisa and the other wives sewed the company flag and made uniforms for their husbands. In July of 1863, the War was two years old and the Confederates were winning one battlefield after another. Feeling confident and bold, the southern army elected to invade the North through Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Jack had been promoted to the rank of Colonel with a whole regiment under his command. He reported to his brother-in-law, General Henry L. Benning. Not knowing they were headed for one of the most horrific battles of the whole war, Jack and his men from Columbus were running through the woods on the day of the infamous battle towards the Union occupied hill called Little Round Top. The Georgians emerged from the woods into a field with Union guns stationed on the other side at the summit of a rock outcropping later named Devil’s Den. Jack urged his men to have courage and push forward across the field to capture the Union guns. Artillery shells exploded around them as they ran, wounding their flag bearers at the front. As they advanced on the ridge, the Union soldiers abandoned the guns and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Jack and his men. From up above on Little Round Top, a Union regiment noticed that Confederates had taken Devil’s Den.

Van de van Leonard, father of Mary Louisa Leonard Jones. Second owner of the Wildwood home.

At home, IN COLUMBUS, the news of Jack’s death weighed heavy on his family. A newborn daughter WOULD NEVER MEET HER FATHER and Mary Louisa had lost her loving companion in raising six children.

Wildwood, built in 1831 for Jack Jones' grandmother Mrs. Jane V. Howard, childhood

homewith of Mary Jones. The house stood near Lakebottom Park. Kim GalLouisa GadotLeonard a.k.a Wonder Woman.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 38


hey began to launch artillery fire on the Confederates standing at the top of the hill, which included Jack. Just as the Union post was captured, and the soldiers from Georgia began their defense of the hill, a Union artillery shell exploded. Shrapnel rained down on the captured hilltop. One piece of the metal shell rebounded off of the large rocks and struck Jack through the left side of his face. He died instantly at the age of forty-two. At home, in Columbus, the news of Jack’s death weighed heavy on his family. A newborn daughter would never meet her father and Mary Louisa had lost her loving companion in raising six children. Jack’s father grieved heavily for the loss of his only son to the extent that his sorrow turned into an illness from which he never recovered. With the war still raging, there was no hope of burying Jack in Columbus. Mary Louisa would have to wait for any attempt to bring her husband back home. It was not until 1866, a year after the war ended, that Mary Louisa Jones heard of an effort to locate all the graves on the Gettysburg battlefield. She wrote to the project leader in the northern town of her plight and he wrote back of finding the grave of a Confederate officer whose face had been badly mangled. It was the body of Mary Louisa’s husband. Jack and Mary Louisa’s son Leonard Jones traveled to Pennsylvania to bring his father’s body home. In Gettysburg, Leonard placed his father’s coffin on a train for Baltimore and accompanied it to the docks where a ship would take the young man and the coffin to Charleston. The captain of the ship offered his own cabin to Leonard to store the coffin. As the ship made its way south it was caught in a terrible storm and sprung a leak. As the Captain gave the order to abandon ship, he offered again to allow Leonard to bring the coffin into his own lifeboat. Grateful, Leonard gathered a few men and they made their way to the captain’s cabin. They found it flooded with no hope of retrieving the coffin. As the boat sank, Leonard was forced to abandon his father’s remains and give them up to the sea. Leonard and the other passengers weathered the storm and floated at sea for days in the lifeboats until they were found by another ship. The crew of the USS Susquehanna rescued all those present and made accommodations for them on the main deck of the ship. Leonard later recalled that the shipwrecked passengers were treated with “little kindness or consideration.” One of the passengers on board the ship happened to be Union General William T. Sherman, the man who burned his way through Georgia during the War. Leonard made his way back home to Columbus, where he delivered the news to his mother that she had lost her husband for the second time. Life in the South was very different in the years following the War. Many families packed up and moved farther West in search of more fertile land and a chance at a new life. Amongst the exodus from Georgia was Mary Louisa Jones and her children. Her son Leonard orchestrated the family’s move to Wharton County, Texas, where they became ranchers. They were there for about a year before sickness took the youngest son. Mary Louisa gave up hope for her new life in Texas as a rancher and moved back home to Columbus, taking her son John and daughter Anna with her. Leonard remained on his ranch with his brother Henry B. Jones to spend the rest of their lives out West. Henry took up the practice of law in Tombstone, Arizona and was once arrested by the Western law enforcer of fame, Wyatt Earp, for failing to appear as a witness in court in 1880. Upon returning to Columbus, Mary Louisa found that her family had abandoned their house in Wynnton (St. Elmo). The Jones family property, where they lived since moving to Columbus, was situated outside the city limits at that time. Fearing for their safety, in addition to no longer having the means to keep up the large house and grounds, Gen. Henry Benning— by then the head of the Jones-Benning family—moved the family to a house in downtown Columbus on upper Broad Street close to the river. Mary Louisa lived there with her remaining children, her mother-in-law, and General Benning’s family for the remainder of her life.

One of the few known photos of Henry L. Benning, brother-in-law of Jack Jones.

Mary Lou Jones, daughter of Jack and Mary Louisa Jones and wife of William Bruce.

Upon returning to Columbus, MARY LOUISA FOUND THAT HER FAMILY had abandoned their house in Wynnton (St. Elmo). The Jones family property, where they lived since moving to Columbus, WAS SITUATED OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS AT THAT TIME.

Seaborn Leonard Jones with his cousin Annie Leonard (Mrs. Louis F. Garrard).

By 1875, Mary Louisa Jones was fifty years old. The war had changed her entire existence. She had lost her husband, a chance at a new life out west had failed for her, and her family was simply existing in Columbus reliant on the efforts of General Benning reviving his law practice. Broken and tired, she joined her lost loved ones and passed away in Benning’s Broad Street home in downtown Columbus. The site of the home is currently occupied by the main campus of TSYS. While her husband’s remains rest at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Mary Louisa is not alone in her family’s Linwood Cemetery lot in Columbus. She rests alongside her beloved younger brother, who went to war under her husband’s command, and her eldest daughter, who carried her name. SVM February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 40

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spring BLOOM Stand out in bright dresses, prints, stripes, cute accesories and welcome color back to your wardrobe to embrace the ultimate time of renewal.

Photography by S. SAXON

41 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

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MODEL Addison Davis HAIR AND MAKEUP Lindsay Grubbs for Brushed By Lindsey, 706.536.0036 CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES Posh Peach Boutique, 706.221.6402 Dear Stella Boutique, 706.221.9025 PHOTOGRAPHY Sammie Saxon for SVM.

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SVM have created a style and decor guide for the great audiences of the city Columbus, Pine Mountain and Phenix City areas

FEBRUARY - MARCH 2020 47 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020





HOME RESOURCES The Home Resources Guide is your best source for Builders, Mortgage Loan Originators, Realtor and Home Decorators.This guide is a great tool for people seeking successful home ownership.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 48


Columbus Realtor

MELISSA THOMAS Dedication to excellence is not the only thing that drives Coldwell Banker’s Melissa Thomas to success. It is an attitude of service to the community of Columbus and a deep history with the city that makes her not only an asset to her clients, but also a friend. EXCLUSIVE


John Pyle Photography


erving the community of Columbus isn’t just a job for Melissa Thomas but a passion; one that she takes on with the experience of a veteran saleswoman. Having operated her family’s automobile dealership for over 20 years, she decided that selling homes would become her new passion and has since earned several awards for excellence in service with Coldwell Banker. This success can only come from her joy in forming new relationships with clients stating, "I sell houses for my friends and my service makes sure we stay friends." Not just a realtor, she also specializes in community tours to help her clients find not just the right house, but the perfect home. SVM was pleased to ask Melissa some questions about her long history of success in the city of Columbus.

49 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into real estate. After 23 years in the automobile business, I sold my interest in the Acura and BMW dealerships in Columbus. With the guidance of Jack Key, I entered the real estate business and never looked back! If you have a client moving in from out of town, what is the first thing you like to “sell” them on about moving to Columbus? The first thing I tell them is that you can get anywhere in 20 minutes! I also share what a wonderful place Columbus is to raise a family, and how fortunate we are to have so many cultural and educational venues at our fingertips, such as the RiverCenter, The Springer Opera House, and the Schwob School of Music. We are also blessed to have top-notch medical facilities and physicians.


What do you love most about the industry? The involvement of helping friends search for their new home and assisting them in selling their current home. I also love the opportunity real estate affords me to make new friends. Being in your industry, you’re not just selling or buying homes, you’re helping and welcoming members of the community. Can you talk about what the community of Columbus means to you? I was born and raised here in Columbus and have enjoyed seeing the city grow. When I graduated from Auburn University, most of my peers moved away to larger cities to find jobs and raise families. Today, so many young people stay or return to our city after college because of the wonderful industries located here and the family-friendly environment.

I pride myself on understanding my clients’ needs and working hard to get their desired results. As my slogan says: “I SELL HOUSES FOR MY FRIENDS AND MY SERVICE MAKES SURE WE STAY FRIENDS.”

Real estate is a very diverse field that requires an assorted set of skills. Which do you consider is essential when dealing with a client? Communication and follow-up are essential. I also pride myself on understanding my clients’ needs and working hard to get their desired results. As my slogan says: “I sell houses for my friends and my service makes sure we stay friends.” How has the rise of widely available Internet property listings affected your job? What online resources do you utilize? Internet property-listing sites have definitely allowed clients to take a more active role in their home search. If they see homes online that appeal to them, it’s my job to analyze those properties and offer expertise as it pertains to their specific wants and needs. In many cases, I have actually been in the homes and can offer first-hand knowledge. My team and I realize how important online exposure is for our properties. We frequently utilize social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools. We also send out e-flyers to my personal database of friends, colleagues, and other potential buyers/sellers. Finish this sentence: The best thing about Columbus is: The people. Whether you’ve lived here all your life or whether you are a newcomer, this community quickly embraces you as one of their own. SVM February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 50



Located where the finest entertainment, tastiest restaurants, and most beautiful views can be found, Eagle & Phenix Mills puts Uptown Columbus right outside your door. With a look that is both inherently historic yet seamlessly modern, the charming characteristics of Eagle & Phenix Mills creates an atmosphere that can only be found in the heart of Columbus.

51 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020



ver the years several beautiful homes have been customized for the historic riverfront community of Columbus and Eagle & Phenix Mills have been at the center of them all. Right at the heart of Uptown Columbus, beautiful condominiums have been renovated to fit an urban lifestyle for those who want to live in the city without losing the past. With a location close to the Chattahoochee River, residents can enjoy the best of urban living while taking in the natural wonder of Columbus, truly enjoying the best of both worlds. Living in an Eagle & Phenix Mills home means having access to Columbus’ best entertainment from the Springer Opera House to the Saturday morning Market Days there’s always something to do at Uptown. In addition to the Epic Restaurant on the ground floor, an assortment of restaurants and cafes are nestled close to local boutiques down the streets of Broadway for a tasty and attractive tour around Columbus. Eagle & Phenix Mills truly offers residents a place to shop, dine, and play. December - January 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 52



his loft was masterfully decorated by Scott Curry, who designed the details of the beautiful lights, kitchen, and appliances. These details don’t go unnoticed with their seamless transition from the bones of a historic building to the facets of urban living. The comforts of a modern home don’t stop there with remote controlled blinds provided by Barry Berndt from Berndt Co. Shutters & Blinds, giving residents everything they need right at their fingertips.

Living in an Eagle & Phenix Mills loft means having the best of both worlds without compromise. With luxury and room to grow, closet systems in the master bedroom and throughout the house, even down to the kitchen pantry, were installed by Adam Bounds of Peach State Cabinets. All of this comes together in a beautifully illustrated package with furnishings staged by the talented Jennifer Wenndt of Creatively Staged. All Eagle & Phenix Mills Lofts come with a covered garage for parking convenience, in-house fitness center, and 24/7 building attendant for a comfortable living experience.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 54



GREAT VALUE This loft apartmentt is currently for sale. For more information contact: MELISSA THOMAS Coldwell Banker Kennon, Parker, Duncan & Davis (706) 575‑0669 (706) 256-1000 INFORMATION DEEMED RELIABLE BUT NOT GUARANTEED

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 56

W.C. Bradley Real Estate


BOUTIQUE HOTEL Hotel Indigo is a global boutique hotel brand from InterContinental Hotels Group that delivers a refreshing and inviting guest experience that is truly reflective of the local community. By combining authentic local experiences, modern design and intimate service, Hotel Indigo offers peace of mind and consistency of staying with one of the world’s largest hotel groups.

Hotel Indigo will be an excellent addition to the Uptown area as a boutique hotel that showcases “best in class” local flair that only Columbus can offer. With 7 stories, full service Farm-to-Table restaurant and bar, and 2,500 square feet of meeting and ballroom space, Hotel Indigo will be the “go-to” place for both locals and vacationers alike.


By Marla Caligaris

otel Indigo is a global boutique hotel brand that delivers a refreshing and inviting guest experience without losing the atmosphere of the local community.

Despite being a global brand, no two Hotel Indigo properties are alike because each Hotel Indigo draws inspiration from the neighbourhood, culture, popular trends in food, drink and design to create a warm and vibrant reflection of its unique local community. And Uptown Columbus definitely has all of this to offer and more. Construction for the boutique hotel began in October 2019 and is located between 13th and 14th Streets next to the Mathews D. Swift Park and The Rapids apartment complex. The hotel is targeted to open later this year and SVM had the opportunity to ask Pace Halter, President and COO of W.C. Bradley Real Estate, some questions about what to expect from this new and exciting opportunity for Columbus. 57 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

Could you tell us about Hotel Indigo Columbus and the overall boutique hotel concept? Hotel Indigo is one of the premier boutique brands in the world. We have been working for several years to bring them to Columbus and we couldn't be more excited to have announced our partnership with IHG and Hotel Indigo. Hotel Indigo is entirely designed around the “Neighborhood Story” which is what makes each and every Indigo different and unique to the community in which they operate. Given the amazing history of Columbus, we were particularly excited about this aspect of the design and the fact that we can showcase that Columbus history on a significant stage. What kind of amenities will be available to guests at Hotel Indigo? Some of the amenities we will be featuring are: The premier Rooftop bar and Restaurant in Columbus Ga., full service Farm-to-Table restaurant and bar on the lobby level, including 2,000+ square feet of outdoor dining overlooking the Riverwalk and the Chattahoochee River. The hotel will have 7 stories, 75,000+/- square feet, 107 guest rooms (including 6 King suites), 2,500+/- square feet of meeting and ballroom space including a private event outdoor terrace overlooking the Chattahoochee, plus a 24-hour fitness # 504 center and heated swimming pool.


q q q q q


HAVING HOTEL INDIGO brand located in Uptown will raise Columbus to a new level as a regional destination for both business and leisure travelers as well as the convention traveler.

Marc Olivié, Meredith Latham, Pace Halter and Skip Henderson.


hat features of Hotel Indigo sets it apart from other hotels in Columbus? Location, Location, Location at the foot of the 14th street pedestrian bridge with unimpeded views for almost 180 degrees both up and down the Chattahoochee as well as overlooking Mathews D. Swift Park and just one block off Broadway and the heart of Uptown, it is the premier location in Columbus for what will be Columbus’s premier Hotel. Views – The location affords guests of the hotel, restaurant, and rooftop bar stunning views of the Chattahoochee in both directions. Design and Finish –Indigo’s design driven program affords us the ability to develop a “best in class” hotel with a particular focus on all things local. Art, lighting and various other finishes throughout the hotel will be locally sourced offering guests a completely unique hotel experience. Dining and Entertainment - will be second to none in the Columbus market. Again, harkening back to the Local driven nature of the Indigo Brand our Dining and Entertainment will focus on local vendors for everything from coffee and teas to breweries.

Additionally, and perhaps most exciting will be our partnership with W.C. Bradley Farms. The W.C. Bradley Farms operate one of the largest certified organic farms in the state of Georgia, just 30 minutes south of Columbus. Our goal is to have the Farms provide as much grasslevelfed meats, cheeses and eggs as well as fresh produce and honey as possible.

Hotel Indigo is entirely designed around the “NEIGHBORHOOD STORY”

which is what makes each and every Indigo different and unique to the community in which they operate.


Amenities – 24-hour fitness center, 2,500 sq. ft. of meeting and ballroom space, heated swimming pool, lobby restaurant and bar, rooftop restaurant and bar, access to both Mathews D. Swift Park and the Columbus Powerhouse for weddings and other private events tied to the hotel. Staff and Training – The powerful combination of Indigo brand standards and the training of our management company Maximum Hospitality, will allow the hotel to offer a service level that is tops in the market.

December - January 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 58

q q q q q



I BELIEVE WITH THE ADDITION OF THE HOTEL INDIGO AND THE OTHER NEW HOTELS IN THE UPTOWN AREA as well as the pending expansion of the Marriott, Columbus is going to see an explosive growth in our convention business. Additionally, we spent considerable time focused on the brand we wanted to bring to Columbus that was best, not only for us as the owner, but also for the City as a whole.

H suffered significantly.

ow have you seen the Columbus hotel market change over the years? What do you expect in the future? Interestingly, the Uptown hotel market in Columbus hasn’t changed at all in recent years, which I think has been to Columbus’s detriment. Columbus has one of the finest Trade and Convention Centers in the Southeast, but we have lacked sufficient hotel rooms to support the facility, thus our trade and convention business has

I believe with the addition of the Hotel Indigo and the other new hotels in the Uptown area as well as the pending expansion of the Marriott, Columbus is going to see an explosive growth in our convention business. Additionally, we spent considerable time focused on the brand we wanted to bring to Columbus that was best, not only for us as the owner, but also for the city as a whole. Having the Hotel Indigo brand located in Uptown will raise Columbus to a new level as a regional destination for both business and leisure travelers as well as the convention traveler. We are also starting to see a significant increase in hotel usage driven by our burgeoning film and television industry, who regularly need large numbers of rooms for extended periods of time that are of a quality sufficient for “name brand” actors, actresses, directors and producers, we believe Hotel Indigo can fill this requirement. How many rooms will Hotel Indigo offer? What are their features and price range? Hotel Indigo will offer 107 guest rooms, including 6 King suites. Our current projected starting nightly rate is $165-$170 per night.

For a first time visitor to Columbus, what do you recommend they do? I think this depends on when they are visiting and how much time they have. In the warmer months, Columbus offers some of the best outdoor activities in the Southeast, from world class whitewater rafting in the middle of Uptown, to the only interstate zipline in the country, I believe, and almost 60 miles of hiking, biking and jogging trails, there is no shortage of outdoor events and concerts as well. The Arts and Entertainment community is a point of pride for Columbus, so “must visits” would include the National Infantry Museum, the Columbus Museum, the Coca-Cola Space Science Museum, The National Civil War Naval Museum, The River Center for the Performing Arts, and the State Theatre of Georgia, the Springer Opera House. Lastly, I would encourage anyone visiting to just get out and walk around Uptown; the restaurants, bars and entertainment are outstanding. With almost 10 chef driven restaurants and venues like the Banks Food Hall, Columbus is quickly developing an exceptional food scene. Will the rooftop bar and the farm to table restaurant be open to the public? Yes, both the restaurant and rooftop bar will be independent operations and will be open to the public during all standard operating hours, as well as the rooftop bar may be available for private events. When will this exciting WC Bradley Company project be completed? Right now we are on schedule to open the Hotel Indigo before the end of this year. SVM

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 60


B- LINE studio B-Line Studio is the sum of designers Beth Beaudoin, Mary Lovett Beck and Joanne Gristina. Together they helm a Columbus, Georgia based firm that specializes in residential and light commercial interiors. They carefully listen to their clients' project vision and provide sophisticated design results based on their personal or commercial requirements. EXCLUSIVE


Beth Beaudoin Mary Lovett Beck

Joanne Gristina

61 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020



Decorating is extremely personal and there is a great deal of psychology that goes into the process. Our goal is to help manifest our client’s vision, so we need to understand their family, and their priorities that will guide functionality.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 62

Mortgage Loan Originators L to R, first row: Brett Worthington, Marti Seymour, Ashley Valentini (Area Sales Leader). Second row: Vicki Hardage, Marco Elcock, Jeff Anderson. Third row: Dustin Steele, Stacy Bisthop (Market Sales Leader), Kevin LeRoy. Fourth row: Lisa Joseph, Adam Smith.

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1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) | visit

Synovus Mortgage Corp. is a subsidiary of Synovus Bank, Member FDIC. Loans subject to approval, including credit approval. Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS IDs: Worthington 895478, Seymour 664163, Valentini 640457, Hardage 213406, Elcock 497165, Anderson 664092, Steele 1516101, Bishop 506635, LeRoy 664137, Joseph 202118, Smith 506631.



ell us about your new company B-Line Studio (Beth) I started my design career with a firm in Atlanta over 20 years ago, but began working independently after I had children. Last year I had just decided that I was finally ready to grow my business and within the span of a month, Mary Lovett and Joanne each reached out to me independently about the idea of working together. It was an easy and organic fit and we moved into a great office space in Bibb City. Last fall, we began a conversation with Libba Dillon about relocating our studio to her new shop, Park Place, by Lakebottom. The energy and location are perfect for us and we love the growing community of businesses in this area. Joanne, Mary Lovett, and I work together in a very flexible and supportive way on all of our independent or joint projects and we are so excited about another year of growth and opportunity in 2020. What are the key things to consider when planning the interior decor of a home? (Beth) My top two considerations are style and budget. A lot of factors fall under these two categories but keeping these top of mind can help keep a project on track. I think the most successful interiors dovetail with the architectural style of the home, and then we want to weave in the homeowner’s individual style and story. Each interior should be unique, reflecting the people who live there, but it should also be cohesive so that each space flows to the next in a way that feels effortless but intentional. We are also very budget conscious. I think one of our strongest assets is prioritizing, so the budget is an issue that should be addressed before designing begins. We can then work effectively within that framework to achieve the most impactful result. We want our clients to be happy with the process and the outcome, feeling that we've brought something unique to the table while being respectful of budget.

What can a potential client expect when they choose to work with B-Line Studio? (Joanne) Above all, we want our clients to feel like they are being heard and understood. Listening is one of the most important factors in decorating because we have to learn from them what they love and what they are hoping to achieve. At B-Line Studio, we prioritize making clients feel comfortable so the process of designing is fun and relaxed. We believe that coming to us for design help is a cost savings because we can help a client avoid mistakes and design pitfalls that often occur, simply out of inexperience. We also have a deep knowledge of sources, such as local craftspeople, along with an extensive design library, to help bring any vision to fruition.


hat are the most important elements every well designed room must have? (Joanne) With the right elements, any home, no matter the style, can be designed to appear aesthetically pleasing. What isn't as easily achieved is the intangible feeling of comfort and wellbeing that a well designed space can provide. A successfully designed room feels well-balanced, cozy, and puts people at ease. Space planning and lighting are usually the first elements we consider. Indirect, ambient lighting sets the best mood and comfortable, appropriately scaled furniture is equally important. Conveying your personal style is also critical. This can be achieved through elements such as color, material selection, and texture. Paramount, is incorporating collected items, old and new, with an editor’s eye. Art, photographs, and accessories can be mixed and matched in a way that looks natural and effortless and brings soul to a space. Fresh flowers and candlelight can also bring an added beauty to any room. The finishing touches make all the difference.


because we can help a client avoid mistakes and design pitfalls that often occur, simply out of inexperience. February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 64

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hen a budget is limited, what are the priorities that make a house feel like a home? (Mary Lovett) When the budget does not allow for the full design plan to be executed, people have a tendency to purchase inexpensive items in an attempt to fill the room. This usually means small accessories and lower quality items than you would ideally want. However, I would encourage a client to first survey the bones of a room - windows, moulding, flooring, lighting, architectural details, etc. Starting with the big items actually makes a greater impact and makes the rest of the process much easier, even if it has to be postponed to a later phase. It might mean that your house is not immediately magazine-shoot ready, but over time you will achieve the best outcome because the bones are right. The top priority rooms are usually the ones you spend the most time in - the kitchen, the living area and the master bedroom. Instead of spreading your budget thin over several rooms, I would encourage a client to concentrate on getting one room right, then begin saving for the next. And of course, shopping your own house (or relatives houses!) and rearranging can make a huge impact for no cost. These unique, personal items are necessary to make the room feel warm and collected.


How does B-Line begin the design process? (Beth) New clients usually find us through a referral from a friend or on social media (Instagram B-Line Studio or Depending on whether the project is re-decorating an existing interior or new construction, we will meet with the client in their home to see the space or possibly meet with the architect to talk through plans. I like to have a client give me a tour of their home so that I can see their style and they can explain their current interior and the changes they have in mind. Decorating is extremely personal and there is a great deal of psychology that goes into the process. Our goal is to help manifest our client’s vision, so we need to learn about their family and their priorities, which will guide functionality. We will talk through the scope of work and then begin pulling a design plan together. What are the top interior trends for 2020? (Mary Lovett) Being bold is the biggest trend for 2020. Saturated colors in warmer hues are replacing cool grays. Monochromatic walls/trim, graphic patterns in fabric, wallpaper and tile, layers of texture and dramatic lighting are just a few of the fun trends that will continue to gain popularity this year. There is a resurgence of traditional design (skirted chairs, pleated lampshades, chintz and antiques) mixed with clean lines for a fresh look. Natural elements, sustainable materials and performance fabrics are becoming almost standard. Incorporating old family heirlooms or vintage artwork with contemporary furnishings gives the room a timeless feel. Paying attention to the specific way a room functions, although it may not be standard, is a practice that people are more open to now than in the past. SVM


can be designed to appear aesthetically pleasing.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 66




The Meeks keep things real with a fine balance of classic taste and modern glamour.


The Great Room of the house was completely renovated from its original state and features a new fireplace with original marble mantle and matching cabinets on either side. The marble end tables continue this theme and were originally Isa’s grandmother’s but are juxtaposed with modern lamps. Emphasizing fun and freedom, the green couch is made with waterproof fabric so that the whole house can be lived in without worry. All surfaces and fabrics in the Meeks’ home are durable and accident-proof so that no one will feel uncomfortable and everyone can focus on just having fun.


Indulging in the Meeks’ love of art, the TV featured in the Great Room is “The Frame” by Samsung which is set in a thin frame and showcases beautiful art when not in use. The TV was installed by Merit TV/Sound City by Seth Coker and Gary Donahue. With coffered ceilings that create a chic living space, the colorful and fun attitude continues with floral and pheasant print curtains that reflect the rest of the design choices throughout the home.


Tucked away on a property just outside the city is a home full of wonder and imagination. Purchased in 2017 from a couple moving back to California to be closer to family, Ryan and Isa Meeks began renovating their new dream home in a place where location meant everything. Only a few minutes from north Columbus, a winding scenic drive over a creek and just beyond the trees led them to the place where they knew they belonged. After a year of renovating the main floor, finishing the basement, adding a playroom, and 2 upstairs bedrooms for their children, the house was finally a home. The Meeks were inspired by Young Life ministries to create a home where God could be glorified and the wonder of childhood preserved. As such, their home has fun new additions such as hidden rooms, secret passageways- and of course- an indoor slide. Renovation on the Meeks’ house was constructed by Johnny Cargill and architect Jack Jenkins with the idea that every room should be an adventure. The interior design was expertly crafted by Leslie Wolfe of Benton Parker Design to create a traditional yet playful atmosphere. In the words of the owners themselves, “If Kate Spade and Willy Wonka had a house baby, this would be it.” But the play and fun doesn’t stop at the interior of the house, with upper and lower decks overlooking their 19 acres, there is still plenty of room to grow. The grounds of the property were designed by Justin Murrell, Jason Taft, and GROW Landscaping to create a space for children to play without bounds. Balancing the design of rustic and posh, this home is now complete with 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ bathrooms, barn, and pool; there is space everywhere for the imagination to run wild without losing the luxuries of city living. February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 68

Purchase Units


Branch Manager | NMLS# 453643 | (706) 940-7246

Ranked in the TOP 20 in New American Funding’s National Power Ranking for 2019! Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee, License # 22564; NMLS ID #6606. New American and New American Funding are registered trademarks of Broker Solutions Inc. dba New American Funding. All Rights Reserved. Corporate Office is located at 14511 Myford Road, Suite 100,Tustin CA 92780. Phone (800) 450-2100. 02/2020.



OP: The master bedroom is designed beautifully in calmer colors with a sense of tranquility while creating a space to breathe. The bed was the first piece chosen for the room and all linens and curtains were custom created by Leslie Wolfe in shades of light blue, white, and cream. The curtains have a nice black lining to prevent the sun from shining through in the morning creating a calm environment to relax and sleep in. The chairs in the master bedroom were Isa’s sister’s and the bedside tables were originally her parents, so family is never too far from home. The hutch in the room was designed by Leslie and crafted by Larry Duquette. BELOW: The master bathroom is designed with bold, unapologetic wallpaper and a feminine vanity area with a fluffy chair. The countertops are designed with quartz to be durable so fun times with messy things like fingernail polish won’t ruin the design. The vanity area is such a fun and comfortable open space, even the children sometimes do their homework there. The shower in the bathroom was designed by Muscogee Glass in a way that the marble art by Acme Brick Tile & Stone inside the shower is still viewable at all times.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 70 @bentonparkerdesign

w w w . b e n t o n p a r k e r d e s i g n . c o m



OP:With soft pink cabinets and a marble island, Leslie designed Isa’s dressing room to look like an elegant Las Vegas meets Nicki Minaj inspired paradise. The room showcases artwork by Isa’s sister, Olivia Blanchard, who created a painting for Isa when her daughter Josephine was born. The valance by the window seat has a softer texture from the rest of the room and was designed purposefully not to be distracting from the rest of the room. The window seat area is one of Isa’s favorite places to do her daily Bible studies. RIGHT: The bathroom in the hall was designed by Leslie Wolfe and can only be described as pretty-in-pink. A pink ceiling is complemented by beautiful wallpaper from House of Harris that features delicate peacocks and flowers. The colors in the bathroom illuminate the beautiful gold frame mirror that matches the sink and basket weave vanity cabinet. On the upstairs landing, there is a beautiful floral painting by Columbus born artist Kate Waddell.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 72

"To me, real estate isn't only about buying and selling houses. It's about helping people achieve the lifestyle they desire and allowing them to flourish. It's about building and sustaining relationships. The opportunity to impact people's lives inspires me each and every day."

- Mary

WWW.MARYVARNER.COM 706.315.7075 @Maryvarnerhomes



OP: The playroom features a cow (named Candy) painted above the piano by Columbus' artist Kate Mullin. The playroom was designed around the cow painting and was a surprise for Kate’s father S.L. Mullin -the home’s project manager- as tribute to say ‘thank you’ for the work he put into the house. TOP RIGHT: The Meeks’ craft room may be the most entertaining space in the home with fuschia, white and blue colors and faux snake skin design. This festive room comes alive with color and a slide that begins in the children’s rooms upstairs for quick transport to their favorite place. Adding the craft room to the house was architect Jack Jenkins idea because he wanted to soften the perimeter of the house and connect the garage and playroom. The room was designed by Leslie Wolfe who wanted to create the feel of an old-school diner and the bright blue cabinets were installed by Larry Duquette. RIGHT: The laundry room has mosaic gray tile floors from Acme Brick that match accompanying gray cabinets. But it’s not all work and no-play in the Meeks home, because in this room there is an aquarium where the children’s lizard and snake live. The Meeks love local art and are proud of the talented artists of Columbus. The pink chandelier is by local artist Elizabeth Martin owner of Sullivan + Phenix; above the aquarium are four square paintings of flowers by local artists Erin Gregory, and another painting by Lulie Wallace.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 74



ITCHEN: Leslie Wolfe of Benton Parker Design was the talent behind decorating the kitchen from the white waterproof snakeskin fabric, inspired by the Meeks’ daughter’s love of snakes, to the lighting above the kitchen island. The island itself was redone by Larry Duquette and designed to be more kidfriendly with a centered sink. The countertops are all quartz but made to look like light gray marble and came from MSI Atlanta. Loving a pop of color, the banquette is designed with brunschwig and fils to imitate leopard print but with a fun teal color. The breakfast room was also designed with color in mind and features beautiful Kate Spade curtains. All appliances in the kitchen are from Daniel Appliance. POOL: Outside the home is a relaxing pool area for fun in the outdoors. Johnny Cargill designed the pool with three different companies from Atlanta to get it just right. stonework with boulders on the back of the pool was created by Jason Taft.

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 76

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OWSTAIRS: The downstairs portion of the house is the realm of Ryan Meeks and showcases wonderful designs created from many reclaimed wood sources. This area of the house features beautiful mushroom wood panelling on the walls, which is created from reclaimed wood originally used for curing mushrooms. The white wash on the mushroom wood panelling was done by Allen Smith from Lagrange. The bar top in the room was made from wood on the family’s land and was designed by Patrick Callaway and features a fantasy brown granite with chiseled edge. The lighting fixtures were custom created by Carrol by Design from Nashville and are made from reclaimed railroad ties that pull the area together for a fantastical yet rustic look. JOSEPHINE’S BEDROOM: Full of fun and girlish charm, the Meeks’ daughter, Josephine, has a room that would inspire the child in anyone. Aqua blue colors and carpet inlaid with glitter show how much fun it is to be young. The fabric of the room is by Dana Gibson and was selected by Leslie Wolfe while the elephant, camel, and lion watercolors are by local artist Evelyn Henson. On the daybed is a peacock pillow from Larkin Lane and was made in Mexico specifically for this room. SVM

February - March 2020 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / 78




Spring Changes Everything



s winter comes to an end, living creatures big and small will start to wake up and appear in the yard. No creatures are more welcome than the flora and fauna that come from a well kept garden, and springtime is the best time of year to prepare for nature’s annual wake—up call.

The spring equinox arrives when the sun is directly over the earth’s equator. The word equinox is latin for “equal night,” meaning that the length of the days and nights across the world are nearly equal. For the northern hemisphere, it means that later sunsets, early dawns, and overall sunnier days are ahead. And now is the time to get garden beds ready to take full advantage of nature’s warm gift. 81 / SOVIEWSMAG.COM / February - March 2020

Before getting out the garden trowel and wildflower seeds, make sure the soil is ready for planting. An old farmer’s trick is to take a wad of dirt and squeeze it into a fist; if the dirt stays together in a ball the soil is too wet. But if the dirt falls and crumbles apart it’s just right. Once the soil is ready, begin rooting out old plants and weeds to prepare for fresh new flowers and shrubs. The most important thing to know before gardening is the type of plants to put in the ground. Annual plants (usually start from seeds) are the most common type because they only last for a season, but perennials (usually start from bulbs) will return year after year in the springtime. For a truly vibrant spring flower bed, try planting Daffodils, Snowdrops, Tulips, Azaleas, and Crocus to get a colorful display of nature’s delights every season. But if getting down in the dirt is too much trouble, just stop by Columbus Botanical Garden and enjoy springtime in the South without the trowel and gloves. SVM


Spring !

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