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NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2013 CONTENTS: A message from Debbie Skipton Sale Region 4 Herd Competition Winner’s Open Day; Market Snippet Agri-Expo TB Compensation Table

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Changes to TB regulations in Edge Area Cattle Market in Brief Minimising carcase losses DNA verification of polling On-line registrations; new tenancy Diary; cattle for sale And Finally

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Dear Member I am very sorry to have to convey more sad news this month, with the loss of Mr Prytherch Rees and Mrs Sheila Sadler. Our sincere condolences are extended to both families at this very difficult time. Prytherch, from Crickhowell, Powys, together with his wife Anne established the Grwyne herd of South Devons, and he had served on Council as representative for Region 6. He was a keen participant in the World Congress Tours, and showed cattle at the Royal Welsh Show. Sheila Sadler from Broadway, Gloucestershire, established the Paper Mill herd of South Devons in the 1980s, quickly specialising in polled genetics. She served as Society President in 2000-2001. 1

The Sale at Skipton was a good step forward in establishing a northern base for inspected breeding cattle, with a high of 5000 guineas for a Brafferton bull, and new buyers for females. The disappointment was the general perception amongst buyers that they should buy only from four yearly TB tested herds. This was applicable not just to our breed, but also to the Beef Shorthorn Sale on the same day. It is enormously frustrating particularly for breeders in the ‘Edge’ area who have recently come into yearly testing because of geography not disease status. As your Breed Secretary I have used my voice to call for yearly testing across the whole of England (it is already the case in Wales) to support fair trade, and to have better clarity of risk. However, Defra do not have the money to pay for this, so politics will dictate. Enclosed with this newsletter is a list of merchandise available from the Society. With Christmas fast approaching please let Debbie know if you would like to place an order. Her letter is the next thing you come to inside. Congratulations to the winner of the new Region 4 Herd Competition – Mr Jeffrey Warhurst – who will be holding an Open Day very soon. See inside for details. With winter not far away, may I encourage you to watch out for any photo opportunities where your cattle are posed against a wintry background? We would welcome any pictures that we can use in our promotional work. Thank you. With my best wishes,

Caroline 2

A MESSAGE FROM DEBBIE “As 2013 gathers more pace we are heading towards Christmas, and to help you all with your busy lives I have been trying to track down some new merchandise. We have had many requests for Christmas Cards, so this year I am proud to say we have a selection of 12 cards with 4 different designs for just £5.00. Stocks are limited so please order soon to avoid disappointment – please see the Christmas brochure enclosed with this newsletter. We also have Calendars for 2014 which will be with me very soon. Again, please see the Christmas brochure. Thinking of stocking fillers we have a few Sale items, again with limited stock, so don’t be disappointed – order soon. New for Christmas 2013 I have selected a very useful Swiss Army style tool which would be very handy for all those guys who are so difficult to buy for. For any of you wishing to order clothing which you would like personalised, then please be aware of the order and posting deadlines. On a more serious note, I have been doing some preparations for 2014 and have been doing some tidying up in my customer ledger. In January many of you pay your Annual Subscription to the Society by Standing Order. In a bid to get all of these for the right amount I have enclosed a letter which I need you to act upon, so please, if you receive one of these letters, could you amend your standing order as per my request – thank you! I really appreciate your help with this as I am unable to do more due to strict banking rules. Finally, there are statements enclosed as well, and I look forward to being inundated with Christmas orders! Best wishes, Debbie” 3

SKIPTON SALE Auctioneer: CCM Auctions Judge: Mr R A Ford, Thorpe Langton, Market Harborough THE SHOW Bulls 1st J P Harrison nd 2 M E & T E Broome rd 3 A R Lee Females Class 2 1st A R Lee Class 3 1st J P Harrison nd 2 J P Harrison Class 4 1st Ms A Welch nd 2 Ms A Welch rd 3 Ms A Welch Class 5 1st Sir John Bell 2nd Sir John Bell rd 3 Sir John Bell Breed Champion Champion J P Harrison Reserve A R Lee




THE SALE Bulls Vendor J P Harrison

Bull Purchaser Brafferton Hadrian 21 (T) Douganhill Farms, Castle Douglas, Dumfries

Gns 5000

Heifer Lumbylaw Pride 21 Galtres Trooper Suffragette 16

Purchaser A Davies, Llanfair Caerinion, Powys, Wales

Gns 2300

G Cockburn, Raikefoot, Keswick, Cumbria


Females Vendor A R Lee A Welch


A Welch A Welch Sir John Bell Sir John Bell Sir John Bell R A Ford R A Ford R A Ford R A Ford R A Ford R A Ford R A Ford R A Ford ME&TE Broome ME&TE Broome

Galtres Trooper Kay 50 Galtres Winston Orchid 21 Z Arncliffe Bargain 18 12 Arncliffe Aconite 08 12 Arncliffe Maple 05 12 Goffe Cave Hilda 47 Goffe Cave Pansy 22 Goffe Cave Maisie’s Gemini 11 Goffe Cave Hopeful 4 Goffe Cave Mayflower 28 Goffe Cave Clarissa 31 Goffe Cave Hilda 51 Goffe Cave Irene 7

G Cockburn, Raikefoot, Keswick, Cumbria G Cockburn, Raikefoot, Keswick, Cumbria B B & K M Hope, Hambleton, Thirsk, Yorkshire J H & J A Graham & Sons, Lofthouse, Yorkshire G S Halder & Son, Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire R Pattison, Brompton, Northallerton, Yorkshire R Pattison, Brompton, Northallerton, Yorkshire

1800 1600 1600 1750 1650 900 900


900 850 850 850 700 800

Welland Valley Crossbred

A Davies, Llanfair Caerinion, Powys, Wales


Welland Valley Crossbred

A Davies, Llanfair Caerinion, Powys, Wales


H & J A Graham & Sons, Lofthouse, Yorkshire P Broadwith, High Birstwith, Yorkshire P Broadwith, High Birstwith, Yorkshire P Broadwith, High Birstwith, Yorkshire R Parish, Clifton, Otley, Yorkshire R Parish, Clifton, Otley, Yorkshire

REGION 4 HERD COMPETITION Judge: Mr D E Camp, Mortlake, London Place


1st 2nd 3rd =4th =4th =6th =6th

T J Warhurst R J & S E Whitcombe A S Waters J Gurney Mr & Mrs D Mayhew P & C Collinson D Nixey

Bulls /75 63 57 59 68 53 47 57

Cows /500 470 460 455 430 435 430 430

Y’stock /425 385 400 390 355 365 370 360

Best Cow with bull calf at foot 1st R J & S E Whitcombe nd 2 T J Warhurst 3rd D Nixey Best Bull (first ten) 1st J Gurney nd 2 Mr & Mrs D Mayhew rd 3 D Nixey


Total /1000 918 917 904 853 853 847 847

4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

T J Warhurst T J Warhurst T J Warhurst A S Waters R J & S E Whitcombe Mr & Mrs D Mayhew Mr & Mrs D Mayhew


WINNER’S OPEN DAY By kind invitation of Jeffrey Warhurst Please follow postcode CV36 5JB for directions The winner of Region 4’s new Herd Competition, Mr Jeffrey Warhurst, is holding his Open Day on Thursday 28th November, starting with a picnic lunch in the shooting lodge at 1 pm. Members of Region 4 are invited to attend, as well as members from other regions. If you would like to come, please would you let the office know as soon as possible, and by Monday 25th at the very latest.

MARKET SNIPPET A variation this month, with a report from Alex Welch from Yorkshire. Alex was approached by the Surtees Society (a text publication organisation) to supply beef for their annual dinner. Robert Surtees, a chronicler in the first half of the nineteenth century, had written in one of his books that Devon beef was the best in the country. Alex had a freemartin heifer slaughtered and hung for 21 days, cut up by a local butcher who was in contact with the chef for the dinner at the Carlton Club in London. They took two topside joints at 11 kg each, and 20 kg of braising beef. The Chairman of the Society 6

reported that the Dinner had been a great success, and Lord Denham (President) had turned to him and said it was a very long time since he had seen beef looking so good and tasting so marvellous!

AGRI-EXPO CARLISLE Friday 1st November

The Society’s promotional stand at Agri-Expo was a striking display of what the South Devon can offer the commercial suckler herd as a strong maternal breed with modern beef characteristics. Sincere thanks to Richard Newbould from Dalbeattie who loaned two very productive South Devon cross cows with South Devon calves at foot. A previous bull calf from one of the dams to the same sire (X Arncliffe Fothergill) finished as bull beef with a carcase weight of 452.2 kg, U+4L, at 438 days. Similarly she produced a bull calf to a Limousin sire, also finished as bull beef with a carcase weight of 443 kg, E3, at 447 days. We are also extremely grateful to David Irving who, once again, did the work of coordinating transport, helping to select cattle, and looking after them whilst they were at Carlisle. He also filled two pens: one with Enterprise Hercules, a modern young bull; and the other with Enterprise Jellitot and Welland Valley Dallas 17. The two bull calves at foot were excellent examples – very wide, long, strong bone, and good shape. How fortunate we are to be able to leave the pens open for some hands-on promotion! It is very important that we continue to have a presence at events such as Agri-Expo where the commercial beef producer is our principal target.


COMPENSATION FOR BOVINE TB Payable during November 2013 NON PEDIGREE BOVINE Male Age Up to 3 months Over 3 months up to 6 months Over 6 months up to 9 months Over 9 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 16 months Over 16 months up to 20 months 20 months and over, non breeding bulls Breeding bulls 20 months and over

Compensation due 240 615

Female Age Up to 3 months Over 3 months up to 6 months Over 6 months up to 9 months Over 9 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 16 months Over 16 months up to 20 months 20 months and over, not calved Over 20 months, calved

740 878 974 1,072 1,109 1,320

Compensation due 191 509 626 728 828 918 983 959

PEDIGREE BOVINE Male Age Up to 6 months 6 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 24 months 24 months and over

Compensation due * *

Female Age Up to 6 months 6 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 24 months 24 months and over (not calved) Calved over 24 months and up to 36 months Calved 36 months and over

3,983 2,653

Compensation due * 1,311 1,569 1,546 *


*Compensation to be determined using individual valuation ** Compensation to be determined using previously ascertained market price 8

CHANGES TO TB MEASURES IN THE EDGE AREA New measures have been announced in the ‘Edge Area’ – namely Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire; and parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and East Sussex. August 2013 Since August farmers in the Edge Area have not been allowed to establish new CTS links with holdings outside the Edge Area. October 2013 Information events are being held throughout the Edge Area for farmers and vets. For information on the timings and location of these events contact, or telephone 01765 608489. Removal of CTS links have begun on a rolling basis. Those farmers with links that are due to expire during 2013 and 2014, and those who do not have an expiration date, will receive a call from BCMS to discuss options. December 2013 Where there is a new TB breakdown in the Edge Area, whose Officially TB Free Status is suspended (OTFS), those herds will need to pass two consecutive skin tests (previously one) read at the severe interpretation before movement restrictions can be lifted. Enhanced TB breakdown management will begin throughout the Edge Area, which will involve detailed investigation and advice from AHVLA for the affected farms. January 2014 Interferon gamma blood testing will be rolled out to the whole of the Edge Area to supplement the skin test in TB breakdown herds. This will be compulsory for OTFW (Officially TB Free status Withdrawn) 9

herds, and discretionary for OTFS (Officially TB Fee status Suspended) herds. Field TB epidemiology reports will be collated by AHVLA on a regular basis, with the first quarterly reports due in May 2014. These reports will assess the local epidemiology of the disease. Enhanced TB surveillance of herds will be adopted around new OTFW breakdowns in the Edge Area of Cheshire and Derbyshire. All herds within or straddling the 3km radius around an infected herd will be subject to an immediate skin check test, followed by another six months later, but without movement restrictions unless TB reactors are identified, or unless these tests become overdue.


GB liveweight prices week ending 08/11/13 Price per kg/lwt Steers Heifers Young bulls Cows

198.1 211.5 181.8 101.6

Price/kg change on wk +2.3 +6.4 +2.9 No comparison

GB deadweight prices week ending 08/11/13 Price per kg/lwt Steers: R4L Steers: All Heifers: R4L Heifers: All Young bulls: R3 Young bulls: All Cows: -O4L Cows: All

398.6 391.6 394.6 388.9 372.9 363.3 240.4 216.2


Price/kg change on wk -1.6 -0.3 -0.7 -1.2 +0.4 +2.8 -5.1 -6.4

EBLEX BETTER RETURNS PROGRAMME MINIMISING CARCASE LOSSES In one of their latest publications EBLEX show how farmers can maximise their financial returns by concentrating on minimising the losses of saleable meat and offal. The main causes for rejection at meat inspection in 2012 for cattle were: liver fluke (16%), abscesses (6%), pneumonia/pleurisy (5.7%), and bruising/trauma (1%). Liver Fluke In 2012 in England 259,000 cattle livers were condemned due to liver fluke infestation. Liver fluke costs the beef industry millions of pounds each year, with the vast majority of the losses being borne by producers, arising from lower growth rates, lower fertility, lower feed conversion efficiencies and higher levels of death. These onfarm costs are estimated at a massive £87 for each case in cattle! Measures to reduce your risks and costs should include:  Asking your abattoir to notify you of liver rejections  Treat with flukicide, and take advice as to the right treatment for the right stage of fluke  Be aware of high risk areas (wet and muddy in particular) Abscesses In 2012 in England 95,000 cattle carcases contained abscesses, caused most commonly by injecting. Most can be avoided by adopting best practice when injecting (ie, clean, sterile needle; clean dry injection site; correct needle size; adequate restraint of animal). Pneumonia/pleurisy In 2012 in England 91,500 cattle carcases showed evidence of pneumonia/pleurisy, leading to rejection of the infected lung. Additional cost to the producer arises from reduced daily liveweight 11

gain, lower carcase weight, poorer carcase classification, and higher levels of death. Measures to reduce losses include predominantly:  IBR vaccination  Building design to ensure good ventilation and air flow  Back clipping of housed cattle Bruising and trauma More than 18,000 cattle carcases in 2012 in England showed signs of bruising and trauma. Much of this can be attributed to agitated cattle prior to slaughter (thankfully less common in this breed because of their natural temperament). DFD cuts (Dark Firm Dry) of meat that are unattractive, have a shorter shelf-life, and are often heavily discounted as a result – are caused by stressed cattle. Do you know how your finished cattle are handled once they leave the farm gate?

DNA VERIFICATION OF POLL STATUS Please be aware that if you make an application to change the horned status to polled for any of your cattle, on or after 1st January 2014, they must be DNA tested to confirm the heterozygous or homozygous polled status. The DNA test will be at the owner’s expense. The status will be declared as either PP (homozygous polled), HP (heterozygous polled), or HH (horned), as is already being shown on the pedigree registration certificate, where known. As yet we are not DNA testing for scurs, so the current system will remain in place, ie application for X to be added after 18 months of age. 12

ON-LINE REGISTRATIONS There is a new function for on-line registering of animals which enables you to change the status from ‘notification’ to ‘fully registered’. When you ‘Create a new batch’, first select ‘Manually add records’ and ‘Upgrade Notifications to Fully Registered’. You then enter the ID of the animal you have previously notified and which is in your ownership. Add the animal name only, and submit as normal.

NEW TENANCY Congratulations to Luke and Emily Knight on securing a new farm tenancy at Rixham Farm, near Cadbury, Devon. Although not (yet!) Society members, Luke is the son of Nicky and Simon Knight who keep the Otterbank herd in the Otter Valley, near Ottery St Mary, and, like his father, is a keen supporter of the breed. Farmers Weekly invited applicants for the tenancy on behalf of David and Catriona Fursdon, owners of the Estate, and more than 100 people came forward. The Knights were chosen by the judges on the basis of their business plan which included practical farming skills, a track record of working closely with their local community, and a new event business. It is very encouraging to see a young family being granted the opportunity to start a farming venture, and we wish them every success (especially when they take on their first South Devons!) 13

DIARY November


16th-17th English Winter Fair, Stafford 19th Breed Improvement Committee meeting 19th Devon Region annual meeting 7.30 pm, The Oak, South Brent th 20 Breed Promotion Committee meeting 21st South West Primestock Event, Hatherleigh nd 22 TSDCC Dinner & Presentations, Redruth, Cornwall 25th South West Winter Fair, Sedgemoor 28th Executive and Judges Advisers meetings 28th Open Day, T J Warhurst, Region 4 th th 5 -6 Smithfield & Calf Show, Peterborough 10th Council meeting

CATTLE FOR SALE BULLS Welland Valley Explorer 9 UK201140 500995 Born 05/10/2007 Tregondale Trooper UK383061 600712 Born 31/03/2008 Trevassack Taurus UK384439 700459 Born 01/05/2008 Waterlane Gerald UK260354 100447 Born 19/03/2011

P Shubrook Surrey – Region 4

01252 703658 07824 357684

Lady Michael Berkshire – Region 4

07969 881113 (Aston Wells)

Mr D & Mrs L Jenkin Cornwall – Region 1

01326 231686

O A Reynolds Kent – Region 4

07885 802302 01580 754353


Brafferton Warrior 5 UK122117 700311 Born 13/01/2012 AI Beckaveans Roughtor UK382190 300465 Born 09/03/2012 AI Beckaveans Brentor UK382190 500467 Born 17/03/2012

J P Harrison Yorkshire – Region 7

01347 838725 07971 699716

Ms A Brookes Cornwall – Region 1

01840 230749

Ms A Brookes Cornwall – Region 1

01840 230749

FEMALES In-calf cows, & bulling D P Crow heifers Shropshire – Region 6 4 cows with calves at foot P Shubrook Surrey – Region 4 Bulling heifers A Rew Devon – Region 2 5 cows and 4 heifers T G Elliott Northants – Region 5 10 bulling heifers & E Noy 10 yearling heifers Hertfordshire – Region 3 in-calf & 2 cows cows P Gunn Cheshire – Region 6 5 in-calf heifer Ms A Welch Yorkshire – Region 7 5 bulling heifers J Virgin Dorset – Region 3

01952 222134/ 07811 593260 01252 703658/ 07824 357684 01626 365107 07508 624376 01604 831491 07812 137201 5 07960 913737 07720 445047/ 01347 838628 01258 817171

WANTED 6-10 South Devon x Angus bulling heifers, to bull May 2014 Contact Mr Robert Spencer, 07703 648596, East Kent 15

AND FINALLY … with apologies to all us blonde ladies! A plane was on a flight to London when a blonde lady in Economy class got up, walked into First Class, and took a seat. The flight attendant watched her do this, asked to see her boarding pass, and then instructed her to return to her seat in Economy. The blonde replied, “No, I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to London, and I’m staying right here!” So the attendant went up to the flight deck and told the pilot and co-pilot that there was a blonde bimbo in First Class who had paid for Economy but was refusing to move. The co-pilot went back to the blonde and tried to explain to her that as she had paid Economy, that’s where she should be sitting. She replied, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to London, and I’m staying right here!” So the co-pilot reported back to the pilot, saying that perhaps they should have the police waiting at Heathrow to take charge of her. “Don’t worry”, said the pilot. “I’m married to a blonde, so I’ll have a word with her myself.” So he went back, whispered in her ear, and she immediately got up and returned to her Economy seat without any fuss. The flight attendant and co-pilot were amazed, and asked the pilot what he’d said. “Well, I just told her that First Class wasn’t flying to London.”


South Devons Newsletter November 2013  

South Devons Newsletter November 2013

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