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Help Your City by Getting Tested for COVID-19 By Mayor Martin J. Walsh


he C OV I D -19 pa ndemic has challenged us in profound ways, and has impacted nearly every aspect of city life. Although we have made great progress since the spring in controlling the spread of the virus, Boston has been facing an increase in COVID-19 positive rates for the last few weeks. Currently, 7.1 percent of people who get tested are testing positive. Since anyone can be infected and spread the virus even if they don’t show symptoms, testing is a key part of stopping the spread. I recently announced a new campaign called “Get The Test, Boston,” a pledge that encourages every Boston resident to make testing a regular part of their routine. It also encourages employers to let their employees


know about testing resources available to them. The City of Boston is offering benefit-eligible City employees one paid hour every 14 days to get tested during their normal work hours. Several local businesses have also committed to signing the pledge, to ensure their employees know how and when to get tested for COVID-19. I encourage everyone in our city to look at the testing resources we have worked so hard to make available, and seriously consider getting tested to protect themselves and their communities as we work to stop this increase in COVID-19 cases. Here are some reasons why you should get tested:  If you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, like fever, cough, or shortness of breath; If you are at high risk for complications from COVID-19; If you have been in contact with someone who was infected with COVID-19 or if you have traveled

or have been in large gatherings. The City offers free testing for residents with or without COVIDlike symptoms through our mobile testing teams currently in East Boston’s Central Square and at Jubilee Christian Church in Mattapan through Saturday, November 14. The teams change locations every couple of weeks to increase testing accessibility a nd ava ilabilit y, prioritizing neighborhoods that need dedicated testing efforts. For locations and hours of the more than 30 COVID19 testing sites we have in the City, including these mobile sites, please visit boston.gov/covid19-testing. We are entering a critical time in this pandemic, and everyone



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current fully-indexed rate

who does their part will help save lives, and make a real difference. By following the safety guidelines, everyone can minimize the spread. In addition to getting tested, residents should continue to wear a face covering or mask, stay six feet apart from others, wash your hands often with soap and warm water, and avoid crowds and gatherings. To g e t h e r, we will continue to keep our cit y a nd our communities sa fe. Individuals and businesses that would like more information or to sign the pledge can visit boston.gov/testing-pledge. You can also share #GetTheTestBoston on social media to encourage your network to get tested .

the best


Super-EASY Online Application at massbaycu.org/heloc, or call (617) 269-2700 or visit our South Boston branch.

Serving Greater Boston since 1936. Federally insured by NCUA



+ APR= Annual Percentage Rate. 1.75% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is an introductory rate for the first six months. After the introductory period, rate on the outstanding balances will revert to Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the first day of the calendar month minus (-) 0.75%. Prime rate as of 04/01/2020 is 3.25%. The APR may vary monthly. Minimum rate 2.50% and maximum rate 18.00%. 10 year draw period. 15 year repayment period. Minimum $10,000 draw at closing and $1,000 advances thereafter. 80% combined LTV to $200,000 (</=70% LTV $300,000). Proof of adequate property insurance required and Flood Insurance may also be required. Subject to credit approval. Other terms and restrictions apply including 620 minimum credit score. Offer subject to change without notice. NMLS ID #615913



Fitzgerald Post Unveils Centennial Plaque by Rick Winterson


t was a joyful occasion – the Memorial gathering at the Thomas J. Fitzgerald VFW Post No. 561 on Veterans Day in 2020, and the unveiling of the Post’s 100th Anniversary Centennial Plaque. The Post was named for Thomas J. Fitzgerald, killed in action during World War I on July 19, 1918. He was only 24; he died just five short months after he enlisted in the Army. Fitzgerald came from South Boston. A resident at 224 Gold Street, he was the only W WI casualty from his Knights of Columbus chapter, so his friends and fellow K of C members founded a Veterans of Foreign Post in his name. The Thomas J. Fitzgerald Post received its VFW Post No. 561 charter on November 28, 1920. Two Saturdays from now, that’ll be exactly 100 years ago. The Post has occupied its current quarters on Fourth Street (a converted firehouse) since 1932. Led by its Commander,

Post members and guests form up to march to Mass at St. Brigid Church. Thomas J. McCarthy, VFW Post 561 decided to observe the 2020 Veterans Day and the Centennial Plaque’s unveiling simultaneously – last Wednesday morning, November 11, 2020. This was not only fitting, it minimized any risk from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Needless to say, all participants in this event were fully masked. District 2 City Councilor Ed Flynn thanked the police and city officials for supporting the

Post members and elected officials gather at the Post’s entrance.

Trumpeter Tom Florentino sounds “Amazing Grace”.

The Fitzgerald Post’s Centennial Plaque on Fourth Street is unveiled!

Post’s 2020 observances. City C ou nci lor-at-L a rge Michael Flaherty commented that this was a fitting way to honor all veterans. The Plaque, designed by sculptor Bob Shure, was then unveiled; Post Comma nder Tom McCa r t hy read t he inscription verbatim, including Fitzgera ld ’s brief biography. A Memoria l Ma ss at St. Brigid Church followed, celebrated by the Post’s Chaplain, the Rev. Joseph White. Father

Joe opened the Mass by praying for mercy on all deceased veterans – “so many men and women over the years”. His reading from Deuteronomy was followed by Matthew’s Gospel that says, “Have faith in Me. I am the Way …” The next time you are out for a walk or to go shopping, take a short detour to 715 East Fourth Street and read the Centennial Plaque on Fitzgerald Post No. 561. It’ll be worth your time.

March is led by piper Kevin Conroy and drummer Mike Casper.

Joe White, Post Chaplain, celebrates the Veterans Day Mass.



Sofie James Opens

by Rick Winterson


ook for the gilt-onwhite sign announcing “Sophie James” over the recently renovated space at 707 East Broadway. Note that the sign includes two brief introductory words so that in full, it reads “she is Sophie James”. We’ll come back to that; it’s part of the Sofie James opening story. But first, let’s back up to Sunday, November 8, which is the day that Salon de Cheveux in the 600 block of East Broadway closed its doors (Salon de Cheveux is French for “hair salon”). When you pass by there, you’ll notice a sign that reads, “Goodbye Salon de Cheveux and HELLO Sofie James”. This sign goes on to read, “We’re excited to announce ‘she is Sofie James’ is opening November 10th at 707 East Broadway.” So yes, it is evident that the

new shop named “she is Sophie James” is actually an expansion of an existing South Boston business, now located a block away at 707 East Broadway. It is owned by Sarah Shaughnessy, and needless to say, Sarah has completely renovated the expanded enterprise at No. 707. It’s hard to imagine her new shop simply by reading about it; “she is Sofie James” is both striking and tastefully done so be sure to stop in to take a look yourself. The dozen or so services that “she is Sofie James” offers deal with all aspects of hair care and beautification, up to and including balayage. We like the way that Sarah ends her list: “All highlighting services include a complimentary gloss.” That’s nice of her. Get in touch by phoning 617.269.2300. Now let’s return to the name of Sarah’s expanded shop. The Sofie James name of her enterprise comes from the two given names of her maternal grandparents – Sofie and James. When you go in, note the charming, 4”x6”, black-and-white photograph of them that Sarah has framed and placed on the shop’s front counter. Sarah comes from them. In a very real sense, she is of course partly Sophie and James. From them, she has become strong, open-minded, fierce, invested in herself, edgy, just getting started, admired, magnetic, empowered.

Msgr. Thomas J McDonnell and Frank Kelley Thanksgiving Dinner

The details have changed but the mission is the same, being grateful for what we have and serving those in need. We will not be able to gather in person or accept food donations this year. Please call 617-586-5824 if you would like a meal delivered to your home. Meals will be delivered on November 25th between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. (Safety protocols in place). Hosted by: The South Boston Catholic Parishes and the Msgr. Thomas J McDonnell and Frank Kelley Holiday Dinner Committee



Serenety Now East Side Yoga & Fitness Offers Peace of Mind During Stressful Times

Andrea Corazzini, Owner

By Ginger DeShaney


ith everything going on in the world right now -- from the Covid-19 pandemic to the political situation -- people are seeking an antidote. One such medicine comes w it h a mat. “At this point, our mental wellbeing is at the forefront,” said Andrea Corazzini, owner of East Side Yoga & Fitness at 584 E. Broadway. “We’re trying to navigate this new landscape.” Andrea likes to say that the physical part gets people on the mat, and the mental benefits keep them there. “Exercise helps you get out of your own head. Someone tells you what to do so you can just zone out.” Yoga offers a sense of peace and mindfulness, Andrea said, something we could all use right now. “It clears your mind as you are taking care of your body. You’re taking care of yourself so you can be there for others.” Dorothy Bolster, Kerry Nash, and Andrew Rigoglioso

attended a yoga class last week. “[Yoga is] good for our physical and mental health,” said Dorothy. “It’s more meaningful than ever.” “Yoga gets me through it,” added Kerry. “I don’t think about anything.” Andrew said yoga definitely helps him cope. “It’s so stressful right now, so any sense of normalcy is so important. “Yoga takes everything out of you,” he continued. “You leave everything on the mat.” Since so many people are working from home, hunched over a computer, physical movement helps relieve the stress, said East Side instructor Keely Byron. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in stuff; we have to remember to breathe.” When the state shut down because of the pandemic, East Side Yoga & Fitness jumped on livestreaming right away. “We didn’t know what we were doing,” Andrea said, noting she asked her instructors if they were willing to use their computers to offer livestream classes. They were. “I’m really grateful to all my instructors. [They all] stuck with me,” Andrea said. “They are still with me.” Livestreaming has been so popular -- attracting people from all over the country -- that East Side will continue to offer that option when the pandemic is over. “We are providing mental and physical wellness to the South Boston community and beyond,” Andrea said. During the shutdown, East Side also offered outdoor classes by the bandstand at Farragut Park. Andrea also does personal

training, in and out of the studio and via Zoom. East Side offers workshops and the space is available for private events (when things are safe). The studio also has a retail offering, featuring logoed pieces and items from local makers. The award-winning studio (including the Improper Bostonian’s Best Yoga Studio in 2018 and the 2020 Expertise Best Yoga Studios in Boston) reopened in July, adhering to state guidelines. The studio that normally holds 25 people is limited to seven now, with 14 feet in between. Participants must bring their own mats and blocks. East Side offers Yoga Sculpt, Heated Power Flow, Yoga Stretch, Flow and Restore, Power Vinyasa Flow, and Yoga Tone. While other yoga studios have closed because of the pandemic, East Side remains open and vibrant. Andrea credits her wonderful instructors, her amazing landlord (Robert Cassis), her marketing person and rock, Paulina Kozak, and the South Boston community for their support.  “We’re a smaller studio. It’s always

been a tight-knit community,” she said. “We’re a neighborhood studio. I think that’s what got us through this.” Andrea and her husband, Tom Regan (owner of Regan’s Motivated Fitness on West Broadway), give back to the community whenever they can, doing fundraisers, hosting free camps for kids, offering selfdefense workshops, providing yoga for vets, and so much more. “We try to support local businesses,” Andrea said, noting her space can be used for pop-up shops. For the past three years, East Side has teamed up with Publico Street Bistro and Garden to offer yoga classes at the restaurant. With the beautiful weather on Saturday, Keely led a class there on the rooftop deck. “It’s small businesses helping each other,” Andrea said. “We all thrive off each other. There’s a lot of cross promotion within South Boston.”

Follow East Side Yoga & Fitness on Instagram (@eastsideyogafitness) and on Facebook (https://www. facebook.com/eastsideyogafitness). The website is https://www. east-sideyogaandfitness.com/.





South Boston Catholic Academy News


rom our Gr. 4B Te a c h e r , Mrs. Maryann Dawson… Class 4B has gotten into the swing of things quickly and just finished writing, addressing, and mailing personal letters to friends, family members, and quite a few authors. We are eagerly awaiting any responses. We finished up a study of Because of Winn Dixie, by Kate DiCamillo, and completed

Grade 4B Highlights

our first book report of the year. We have included a picture of our “Ghost Tree”, which symbolizes all of the lessons we learn through a lifetime. In math, we are learning various strategies for solving multiplication problems. Games are set aside for Fridays to practice those skills in a more entertaining way. We have included some pictures showing our favorite game of X’s and O’s being played with

flashcards, dice, and Unifix cubes. We are learning how to move about the room and confer with our classmates, during Writer’s Workshop, while still observing distancing protocols. W hat started out as an overwhelming checklist of things to do and not to do, has transitioned into the normal operating procedure at this point. Masks are beginning to feel normal, but the mask breaks

are delightful! The month of November offers us the chance to reflect on all God provides for us and to practice feeling grateful for the gifts in our lives. We are most especially grateful for our family and friends.  We also watched a favorite clip by Kid President and then we listed those things for which we are most grateful; hot cocoa, pizza and books were some of the items on the list!



Get to Know Rachel Pearson, President of the South Boston MOMS Club

Rachel Pearson

by Rick Winterson


achel Pearson, her husband Kristian, and their fiveyear-old son Caleb live on Broadway. The Pearsons moved to South Boston six years ago, after settling in Boston about 15 years back. They are originally from the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania, and are delighted to be living here. Kristian is VP of Strategy for HyperICE, a firm that develops high-tech rehab devices and processes. One of HyperICE’s betterknown clients is Patrick Mahomes, the starting QB for the Chiefs. Rachel attended Emerson and is now an Event Planner. She’s especially skilled in celebrations for non-profit agencies, although due to the pandemic, much of that kind of activity is on hold. Their son Caleb is in K2 at the Perry (virtual as of this writing); his parents are very impressed with the school and his teacher, Ms. Catherine Flores. Among other South Boston institutions,

Rachel is an ardent fan of Ultimate Self Defense and Andrea Muccini, Ultimate’s Founder and Guiding Spirit. Five years ago, after Caleb was born, Rachel joined the South Boston MOMS club. She has now served as the Club’s President for the last two years. And our local MOMS Club is quite a large group. Rachel estimates its current membership to be 365 – that’s one member for each day of the year (the writer has no idea how the MOMS Club handled last February 29, in this Leap Year of 2020). As an example of what the MOMS Club is all about, South Boston Online published an article last week (our November issue – online, the 5th, page 11) about a Club activity. It described the “South Boston Happy Haunting Car Parade”, a procession of private autos with Halloween decorations that formed a motorcade. Led by Rachel, with the assistance of Councilor Ed Flynn, Representative David Biele, and BPD Station C-6, it paraded all along Broadway on October 31, Halloween morning. Early in the interview with Rachel, she stated her general objective for the MOMS Club: “I’ve always wanted it to be a Club where everyone is included – from all walks of life. The goal should be that all members feel a connection – a strongly welcoming connection – with our community.” And due to the pandemic, the Club’s activities now have to be carefully arranged and conducted in complete obedience to the rules and protocols of public safety and

de VINE Opens November 20 deVINE, a natural goods store, plans to open at 619 East Broadway next Friday, November 20. Among its natural products, deVINE will offer luxury cosmetics, botanicals, and CBD – Cannabidiol, a hemp plant derivative that is a natural tranquilizer – and will serve as South Boston’s first ecofriendly natural health and wellness apothecary.

Mom’s Club wamts to thank everyone who participated in Giving Week for Colin’s Joy Project. The handprints looked fantastic in everyone’s windows. We look forward to continuing to support the McGrath family and their important contributions to our community www. colinsjoyproject.com minimum contagion. Social Distancing and continuous wearing of face masks is an integral part of all MOMS Club planning. Wherever possible, Club meetings and activities are done via ZOOM or by emails.A number of specific MOMS Club activities are well worth mentioning. We described the 2020 Halloween motorcade above. The Family Fun Days have always been memorable – the most recent Fun Day in 2019 attracted 2,000 people (of all ages) to Marine Park. A MOMS Night Out happened in August; a Socially Distanced puppet show and music class took place in October. And you are aware of the sudden family needs caused by COVID-related furloughs and outright

layoffs. The MOMS Club diverted about one-third of their “Service Funds”, amounting to thousands of dollars, for food and PPE (personal protective equipment) grants to the Neighborhood House, the Fourth Church, other nonprofits, and individual families. The PPE, which is mandatory for school children, took a good chunk of this. Rachel, who is a very high energy person, closed out our interview by repeating her emphasis on inclusivity, and then emphatically stating the MOMS Club’s mission to support all parents who have chosen to make South Boston their home. There’s even help available to Moms who are temporarily short of Club dues ($30 per year).



City Kids get a Kick out of Soccer! When youth soccer leagues were shut down due to Covid-19, parent Mark Slater stepped up to do something about it. With guidance from the city and state, he organized City Kids, a youth soccer league that boasts 300 kids from South Boston. “I threw it together in two weeks,” Mark said. The parent-run league plays for six Saturdays at Evans Field, with the last games being Saturday, Nov. 14. Covid-19 guidelines are followed and kids wear masks while playing. Everyone checks in each week so contract tracing can be done, if necessary. However, there have been no incidents, Mark said. “The kids are loving it,” he said. “It’s a way for them to get outside.” Mark is hoping to formalize the program going forward. (PHOTOS BY GINGER DeSHANEY)





Virtual Public Meeting

Virtual Public Meeting

Dorchester Bay City

Old Colony: Final Phase

Thursday, November 4 6:00 PM

Register: bit.ly/DBCNov4 Call-in: 833-568-8864 Webinar ID: 161 909 0401

Wednesday, November 18

Monday, November 16 6:00 PM

Register: bit.ly/DBCNov16 Call-in: 833-568-8864 Webinar ID: 160 760 2881

Project Proponent:

Wednesday, December 2 6:00 PM

Register: bit.ly/DBCDec2 Call-in: 833-568-8864 Webinar ID: 160 776 4081

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Zoom Link: bit.ly/2GIYWjr Toll Free: (833) 568 - 8864 Meeting ID: 160 307 6929

Boston Housing Authority and Beacon Communities Project Description:

Project Description: The Boston Planning & Development Agency will be hosting a series of Virtual Community Advisory Committee (“CAC”) and Public Meetings in connection with the proposed Dorchester Bay City project. A Virtual KickOff Public Meeting was held on October 19th, which was followed by an Urban Design focused Virtual Public Meeting on October 28th.

The FINAL Phase will include the demolition of 208 and the construction of 342 apartments that will be undertaken in 3 phases (phase 4, phase 5 and phase 6). This will accomplish the goal in Phases 4 and 5 with a 1-to-1 replacement of of 208 apartments, plus in Phase 6, a new production of 134 additional affordable apartments and affordable condominiums.

The next topic-specific Virtual Public Meetings are as follows: • • •

Wednesday, November 4th: Open Space, Public Realm & Resiliency Monday, November 16th: Transportation & Infrastructure Wednesday, December 2nd: Topic TBD mail to: Lance Campbell Boston Planning & Development Agency One City Hall Square, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02201 phone: 617.918.4311 email: Lance.Campbell@Boston.gov

mail to: Aisling Kerr Boston Planning & Development Agency One City Hall Square, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02201 phone: 617.918.4212 email: Aisling.Kerr@Boston.gov BostonPlans.org

Close of Comment Period: 11/30/2020


Teresa Polhemus, Executive Director/Secretary



Teresa Polhemus, Executive Director/Secretary

The Law Office of

Paul J. Gannon PC General Practice of Law

Criminal Defense Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Establishment of Corporations, LLCs Wills & Estate Planning Real Estate Litigation Probate No Charge for Initial Consultation

82 West Broadway South Boston, MA (617)269-1993 pgannon@paulgannonlaw.com



ZooLights will Shine Brightly on Friday, November 27 Beloved holiday tradition returns to Stone Zoo, with health & safety protocols in place  

ZooLights, presented by National Grid, is set to once again dazzle visitors of all ages when it opens for the holiday season on Friday, November 27, thru Saturday, January 3, from 4:00 – 9:30 p.m. (Last entrance will be at 8:30 p.m.) at Stone Zoo in Stoneham. This winter wonderland will take visitors on a one-way stroll through the Zoo, along treelined paths lit by twinkling lights. Spanning the 26 acres of Stone Zoo, visitors will walk through the beautifully lit Yukon Creek and see black bears, a bald eagle, Canada lynx, arctic foxes, and even reindeer! Instagrammable opportunities abound, with hundreds of thousands of holiday lights creating the perfect backdrops for photos. This year, several beautiful large-scale lantern displays will also be set up around the Zoo, helping to further create a magical experience for all. While Santa will be too busy at the North Pole to attend ZooLights this year, visitors of all ages will delight in a wide

range of holiday displays sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. The same health and safety measures in place for a daytime visit to the zoo are also in place for ZooLights. These measures include advance online and timed ticketing for a designated day and time, guest capacity limits, oneway paths to control guest flow, clearly designated 6-foot distance markers, enhanced cleaning protocols, and more hand sanitizer stations throughout the zoo. In accordance with the Massachusetts

Department of Public Health, visitors (over age 2) to the zoo are required to wear face coverings.   With National Grid as this year’s Presenting Sponsor, ZooLights is also sponsored by U.Fund College

Investing Plan and T-Mobile. Advance online ticket purchase is required; tickets will not be sold at the door. For ticket information, please v i s it w w w. s t on e z o o.or g .   

BPDA Income Restricted Home Ownership Opportunity The Ceinture 20 West Fifth Street, Boston, MA 02127 www.20WestFifthLottery.com 10 Income Restricted Homeownership Units # of Units # of Bedrooms AMI Price 1 1 Bedroom 80%-100%* $248,600 1 1 Bedroom 100%-120%** $304,400 4 2 Bedroom 80% $221,900 2 2 Bedroom 80%-100%* $288,700 2 2 Bedroom 100%-120%** $351,400 *These units are available to those who earn more than 80% but less 100% of AMI **These units are available to those who earn more than 100% but less 120% of AMI Maximum Income Limits Household size 80% AMI 100% AMI 120% AMI 1 $66,650 $83,300 $100,000 2 $76,200 $95,200 $114,250 3 $85,700 $107,100 $128,550 4 $95,200 $119,000 $142,800 5 $102,850 $128,550 $154,250 6 $110,450 $138,050 $165,650 Maximum Asset Limits 80% AMI 100% & 120% AMI $75,000 $100,000 Does not include retirement. Does include Real Estate

Households may request an application to be sent by email or mail from: Monday, November 16, 2020 – Wednesday, November 25, 2020, through the following methods: To request and complete the application online, please visit: www.20WestFifthLottery.com To have a hard copy of the application sent to your mailing address, please call: 781-992-5302 After careful consideration and an abundance of caution, the City of Boston has decided to cancel the in-person application distribution period. If you cannot complete the application online, please call us at 781-992-5302, to request that we mail you one and to ask us for any guidance you might need to complete the application. Fully completed applications must be submitted online or postmarked no later than December 2, 2020 Completed printed, signed, paper applications can also be mailed to: Maloney Properties, Inc., Attention: Ceinture Lottery 27 Mica Lane, Wellesley MA 02481. Selection by lottery. Asset, Use & Resale Restrictions apply. Preference for Boston Residents. Preference for Households With at least One Person Per Bedroom. Preference for First-Time Homebuyers. For more info or to make a request for reasonable accommodations, please call, Maloney Properties, Inc. at 781-992-5302 US Relay 711 | Email: Ceinture@maloneyproperties.com

Equal Housing Opportunity


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