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Help Others - Donate to the Greater Boston Food Bank


ou have probably passed by COVET in your travels up and down Broadway. Located at #391, COVET is an upscale women’s consignment shop. Hanadi Hamzeh is the founder and owner of COVET, which she opened in South Boston a few years ago. Recently, she expanded COVET into a branch location at 109 Charles Street in Beacon Hill. Both locations were doing very well until Coronavirus came to town in late February/early March. This meant that Hanadi had to shut down both stores and conduct all her business by phone or online (617.268.1100; w w w. c o v e tb o s ton . c om ). Hanandi’s business still has a fine future but without COVET’s two bricks-and-mortar stores, it just isn’t what it used to be. Phone and online ordering are not complete substitutes for in-person shopping. However, even though her business was badly affected by

Coronavirus, Hanadi felt she had to do something to assist those afflicted by Coronavirus/COVID19, so she decided to offer $10 gift credit certificates to anyone who made a contribution in any amount to the Greater Boston Food Bank (the GBFB). Send Hanadi proof that you made a contribution to the GBFB, and you’ll receive a $10 credit in return. She will be running this program through the end of March next Tuesday, and is considering whether to extend it for a longer period. Last weekend, we received an email note from the Fourth Presbyterian Church asking for, and we quote: “Prayers also for the team that gave away 30 prepared meals to families today (and will continue to do this week), and for the team that is giving away some 200+ bags of groceries tomorrow morning.” It seems that there are good deeds (and even better people) all around us, who are responding

Hanadi Hamzeh, Founder and Owner of South Boston’s COVET, is supporting GBFB (the Greater Boston Food Bank), even though her bricks-and-mortar store at West Broadway is temporarily closed. to COVID-19 needs as they arise. Have you heard that many stores, while cutting their open hours overall, are opening 90 minutes early? These special open times are being set aside, so that seniors can come in and find the

products they need in uncrowded, less contagious surroundings. That’s a neat idea - combatting a lethal and unknown new super-virus successfully, simply by posting new opening times. Actually, that’s Continued on Page 2

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helping Others really a very, very (!) neat idea! Speaking of good ideas, South Boston Online thinks that totally converting Carney Hospital into a treatment center for COVID-19 is an excellent idea as well. That may make the Carney easier to administer; it could even be a more profitable way

to run the Carney. But no matter. Most important, that move will allow in-patient isolation, will let medical personnel test out how to treat COVID19 patients best, and will relieve some in-patient pressures on other general hospitals in Boston. Carney could even become a “laboratory-in-practice” for dealing with all Coronaviruses – both the one we’re experiencing now and new ones in the future.

And most people are “stepping up”. For example, there are tough, important new pressures on those who deliver food or labor to keep shelves stocked in supermarkets. They’re responding by getting it done. And reliably so. South Boston Online will make a prediction: You will be pleasantly surprised, even astonished, by how many charitable and selfless efforts will be started and successfully finished over the next few

months, many of them anonymously. Are we being optimistic? You bet! Stay tuned for the next two weeks, especially about how fast Coronavirus is spreading. That will tell us how effective we are being in this battle. And make no mistake - we are in a form of warfare with a lethal organism called “Coronavirus”, which causes COVID19 (for COronaVIrus Disease – 2019).

Boston at its Best Helping Those in Need By, Ray Flynn, former Mayor of Boston and U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican


he full array of things we usually do on Saturdays, coaching special seeds kids, shopping, going to church all had been cancelled because of the deadly coronavirus, so it looked liked a boring day of sitting around the house to watch TV (March Madness cancelled) or read the newspapers. But then we heard that the mayor was looking for volunteers to walk the streets and distribute important information in residents’ doorways, especially the elderly, on how they can get medical help, food or any kind of assistance if they needed it. I knew that making direct contact with people was strongly

discouraged and I urged my family to avoid that, but the people needed to receive critical life saving information to survive. Many concerned volunteers that I met were generous with their time, and responded to Mayor Marty Walsh’s appeal. It was great to see state Rep. David Biele and Boston City Councillor Ed Flynn at the Monsignor John Powers Elderly Housing Development on L Street in South Boston talking with the residents and providing information on how the city can be helpful. Resident Chris Gregorio was right there, as usual, lending a needed hand. A few of our clergy, including Father Casey and Father Joe White from Dorchester, and other concerned neighbors called with an offer to help if needed. I have witnessed some very

tragic events over the years, both in this country and throughout the world, but it never ceases to amaze me the courage and generosity that kind people, young and old, demonstrate in a time of need. I”m sure there were many volunteers walking the streets of other Boston neighborhoods, because that’s what we do in a time of crisis and need. Walking Broadway, where the food markets are, or public housing developments or Farragut Road and talking to senior citizens like Bernadette O’Halloran, community activist Brian Miller or the young newcomers to the town, you soon learn that they

care about other people, even people they never met. They are special and that’s why we will get through this coronavirus pandemic. From the mayor, Gov. Charlie Baker, our elected officials, the clergy, people young and old, my wife Kathy and I saw the best of Boston on Saturday. I did receive one critical comment however, from a well-intentioned neighbor who told me I shouldn’t be walking the streets of the city at my age in these dangerous conditions. I politely told him that’s how we grew up and what we do when people need help. Maybe it takes a crisis like this to bring out the best in people.

Volunteer and Donate South Boston Online has been seeking the good news along with the bad and, more and more examples of caring and volunteering have popped up. The Children’s Museum has announced their efforts to help us get through the Coronavirus crisis. They are offering free play and learning resources for children and their families to use, and which are online for safe use in your home. Thank you very much, Children’s. For additional information, please log onto . And the newly begun “Boston Resiliency Fund” is off to a great start. The Fund is a coordinated effort that supports City of Boston residents most affected by COVID-19/Coronavirus. As of this last weekend, the Boston Resiliency Fund had raised approximately $20 million ($20,000,000). You may donate online using your credit card, if you wish, or by check made out to “Boston Charitable Trust” with “Boston Resiliency Fund” in the memo field. Mail your check to City of Boston Treasury Department, 1 City Hall Square, Room M-5, Boston, MA 02201 Furthermore, volunteers are showing up in huge numbers, wherever they are needed. As a final (although unconfirmed) positive note, the higher temperatures and increased sunshine that come with spring may decrease the menace of Coronavirus. As we said, this is unconfirmed, but we can hope, can’t we?



A Moakley Park Update by Rick Winterson


here have been a few public meetings about Moakley Park and its future. Obviously, the Park is an important facility – so far, it’s the largest single resilience project being planned for Boston. Its future has been affected by the threat of the rising sea levels around us, which will eventually cause ever more serious flooding problems all over the City of Boston. The accompanying drawing shows one proposal, along with labels that recommend how each part of the Park could be used. The proposal and drawing are entitled “Moakley Park Vision Plan” In the drawing, there are five major areas: three grassy fields, a trackand-field combo, and a complex with courts and pools for swimming and water sports. Some of the fields, like the softball/little league area, can handle multiple events at once. Other proposed activities are listed – a sledding hill, an adventure playground, and something labelled as a “flex field”. Note the proposed Moakley Park is integrated with activities across Day Boulevard along Carson Beach, including basketball courts and beach volleyball. This plan, although in its early days, is a good start, and is based upon significant public input. However, there’s a way to go before the long-term use of Moakley Park for the maximum public

benefit can be finalized. This update will focus on certain questions that must be answered before proceeding further. Moakley Park as it stands right now is a cluster of athletic fields serving the whole City, including Saunders Stadium at its south end near Kosciusko Circle. There are significant grassy areas that are mostly open and not used for athletic pursuits, so there is room to expand. But will the Park retain its athletic mission when all those new activities are added? And the track-andfield oval will be relocated to the northern end of the new Park. Will Saunders Stadium be essentially eliminated? We would like to see the exact plans for handling the rising sea levels. Flooding now takes place in other areas, such as Morrissey Boulevard. A

Ed Sings a Serenade

comprehensive, overall plan is needed all around Moakley, Carson Beach, Harbor Point and the roads to the South. And then there are the traffic questions. Kosciusko Circle is already “the bottleneck of all bottlenecks”. How

will traffic along Day Boulevard be managed safely, if more and more people (with families?) are crossing over it? Is it time to decide that traffic in that area has to be completely rerouted in some way?

Stay tuned.

Tutoring Ann F. Walsh

617-877-7140 AnnFWalsh@aol.com Class meets at 15 Fairfax Street, Dor. MA 02124

ISEE Math and English for 5th and 7th Graders who will take the ISEE in November Follow up course in September

ADVANCED WORK PREP Math and English for 2nd, 3rd, 4th Graders who will take the Terra Nova in November


Math and Test Strategy

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, PreCalc, Calc, Latin, Biology, Chemistry, Physics Ed Oliver, South Boston’s bicycle-mounted Mountie, rendered a serenade to his friend at Compass on the Bay.



Waiting Period Waived for Unemployment Benefits


ast we e k , St ate Senator Nick Collins and State Representative David Biele joined their colleagues in the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives in passing emergency legislation to waive the one-week waiting period for workers seeking unemployment insurance benefits related to, or resulting from, the COVID19 pandemic or the effects of the State of Emergency. “In this time of uncertainty, we are doing everything we can to protect the public from both health risks and f inancial consequences,” said Senator Collins. “By expanding access to u ne mploy ment benefits we are committing to helping workers and families get back on t heir feet.” “ T h i s le g i slat ion w i l l ensure that workers across Massachusetts have immediate access to u ne mploy ment benefits,” said Rep. Biele. “I’m grateful to my colleagues for exped it ing t h is impor t a nt legislation which will provide crucial support for individuals

and families in our workforce i mpac ted by COV ID -19.” On M a rc h 18 , t he Governor Baker signed the bill into law and the legislation went into effect immediately. Additionally, the Legislature previously approved a $15 million fund to support monitoring, treatment, containment, public awa rene ss a nd pre vent ion ef for t s a ga inst COV ID-19 by the Department of Public Hea lth, regiona l and loca l boards of health, and other public entities. This fund was a lso signed into law. In add it ion to t he se le g i s l at ive me a su re s , t he Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities recently issued a moratorium that prohibits shutoffs of gas and electric utilities during the Commonwealth’s State of E m e r g e n c y. For additiona l updates from the Commonwealth of Ma ssachusetts, plea se visit: https://w w w.ma ss.gov/covid19 To receive regular updates f rom t he C om monwe a lt h regarding COV ID-19, please text COV IDM A to 888-777.

Flynn Files Hearing Order on Impact of COVID-19 on Veterans & Military Families


oston City Councilor Ed Flynn filed a hearing order to discuss the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our city’s veterans and military families. Councilor Flynn aims to discuss how we can ensure access to services for our veterans and military families during this pandemic, and identify any gaps in services for our veteran community as we prepare for similar events in the future.   The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions worldwide, and governments and institutions have placed restrictions on travel and closed facilities in order to prevent the spread of the virus. With these restrictions and closings, many veterans and military families see the services that they need being disrupted. Moreover, veterans rely on the Veterans Health Administration (VA) hospitals for their care, which might not be the closest hospital to a veteran if they need urgent care.  We also need to ensure that as testing expands and that our veterans are able to access those tests if they visit VA hospitals. For veterans who have challenges with travel due to disabilities or age, we need to think about ways to ensure that our

elderly and disabled veterans are able to access food if there are travel restrictions. “Veterans and military families have proudly served our country and earned their benefits and our respect,” said Councilor Flynn. “Many of our veterans are elderly and disabled, and during this pandemic, it is important to ensure that they are able to receive services and benefits that they are entitled to. I look forward to this discussion and hearing from our veterans & military families, along with service providers, about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on our community so that we may address any areas for improvement in the delivery of services.” For more information, please contact Councilor Flynn’s office at 617635-3203 and  Ed.Flynn@Boston.gov. 





Councilor Flynn Calls on Insurance Carriers to Provide Continuous Coverage During COVID-19 PandemicHealth, Auto, Home, Life Coverage Critical to Economic Security

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn is filing a resolution calling for insurance carriers to provide continuous coverage for their policyholders during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. During this uncertain time, it is critical that our residents have continuous access to their health insurance, as well as auto, home, renter’s and life insurance that are all necessary to their safety and economic security. The resolution urges that insurance companies and the Massachusetts Division of Insurance (DOI) work to ensure access to continuous insurance coverage for residents, through modified payment plans or some type of relief, during this crisis.     The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions worldwide and many restaurants and businesses have seen a steep drop in revenue, or have been ordered closed altogether to prevent the spread of the virus. This has led to significant job losses for our residents and families, many of whom may be unable to pay their insurance premiums as a result. However, as we expect COVID-19 cases to continue to rise, it is critical that we ensure everyone has access to health insurance that pays for COVID-19 testing, treatment, and other critical health services. Aside from health insurance, auto, home and renter’s insurance are also important to the economic stability and wellbeing for working families.

This resolution urges insurance carriers to provide continuous coverage to their policyholders during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as consideration of relief or modified payment plans if the policyholder cannot pay premiums due to financial hardship during this crisis. It further urges the Massachusetts Division of Insurance to issue guidance and requirements ensuring that insurance companies will not drop coverage for policyholders during the COVID-19 pandemic. “During this crisis, many of our workers and families are experiencing the loss of their income or jobs, which may lead to financial hardship and the loss of essential insurance coverage,” said Councilor Flynn. “Losing insurance coverage will threaten the safety and economic security of our residents. I’m filing this resolution to urge insurance carriers to work with their policyholders and provide continuous coverage, perhaps through modified payment plans, to provide them peace of mind and economic security during these uncertain times. I look forward to working with my colleagues to get this resolution adopted.”

For more information, please contact 617-635-3203 or Ed.Flynn@Boston.gov. 

Now you can build your savings and have a chance to WIN!

With WINcentive® Savings*, a prize-linked savings account offered by City of Boston Credit Union you can watch your savings grow and have the chance to win in monthly, quarterly and annual drawings. By saving with a WINcentive Savings account you earn entries into prize drawings based on how much you save! For complete details please visit cityofbostoncu.com

Membership open to those that live, work or attend school in a community of Middlesex, Norfolk or Suffolk Counties** 617-635-4545 Cityofbostoncu.com * Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of WINcentive Savings is .10% APY and is accurate as of 1/1/19. APY is subject to change without notice. Must be a member in good standing of City of Boston Credit Union to open WINcentive Savings. Only one WINcentive Savings account allowed per member. Business and trust accounts or other non-consumer accounts are not eligible. Unlimited deposits allowed, but per calendar year prize pool entries are earned by month-over-month balance increases with each $25 deposit increase equal to one (1) entry with the following maximum entries per drawing period - maximum number of entries per month equals 4, maximum number of entries per quarter equals 12 and maximum number of entries per year equals 48. Account holder is only eligible to win once per drawing pool period. At least one account holder must be 18 years or older. Account must be open and active to win any prize during drawing period. Early withdrawal penalites apply; first withdrawal $10 fee, second withdrawal $25 fee, third withdrawal account closure is required with no penalty. If WINcentive savings account is closed member is ineligible to open another WINcentive savings account with City of Boston Credit Union for a period of 90 days, all earned drawings at the time of account closure are forfeited. Minimum deposit of $5.00. After twelve (12) consecutive months of saving, WINcentive savings account holder may do any of the following penalty-free during the one year anniversary month (month 13) of account opening; keep balance in WSA account, (any roll-over balance that remains at the end of the anniversary month will be treated as a new deposit for eligibility into applicable prize pools for the subsequent first monthly, quarterly and annual savings period); Transfer funds into another savings product offered by City of Boston Credit Union; Withdraw all funds but keep $5 on deposit in WSA to maintain account; Close account. Federally Insured Offer may be withdrawn at any time. by NCUA ** For complete City of Boston Credit Union membership eligibility and guidelines visit cityofbostoncu.com



‘Open Your Hearts to the House’…We need you now more than ever! South Boston Neighborhood House’s online auction and virtual fundraiser opens Friday, March 27th at 6:oo p.m. The Winner of the Live Auction Raffle will be announced at 5:30. Because of growing concern around COVID-19, and the guidelines issued by Governor Baker’s office, we have made the decision to adjust this year’s ‘The House is Where the Heart Is’ Annual Benefit & Auction, originally scheduled for March 27th. It will now be a ‘virtual event’ and you can go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/open-your-heart-to-the-house-online-auction-virtual-fundraiser-tickets-90980899319 for more information.

Open Your Hearts to the House’ will still include: Sponsorship Opportunities Online Donations Live Auction Raffle Online Auction Bidding We count on the money raised at the event to keep our lights on, our doors open and to maintain our programs that serve close to 2,000 individuals each year. If we do not meet our projected goals, we will be faced with program cutbacks and staff reductions. So, we need you now more than ever. We are asking you and everyone who believes in our mission to step up and help us make this Virtual Event a success. The children, youth, seniors and families we work with are depending on us to continue our important work. To do that we depend on your help! We are also selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a live auction item for just $100! Buy a ticket and select the prize you’d like to win. We’ll draw the raffle right before the live auction on March 27th and that prize will be pulled for the winner. Don’t miss your chance to win big! You do not have to be present to win.

Summer Concert at Gillette Escape to San Francisco & Sonoma Ireland Getaway Premium Golf Package Viva Las Vegas We will also preview some of our great auction items before the event! www.facebook.com/southbostonneighborhoodhouse

www.sbnh.org Follow us on Twitter @_SBNH and on Instagram www.instagram.com/sbnhtheollie



South Boston Catholic Academy News from the Art Room

    In the art classroom, South Boston Catholic Academy students have been exploring a wide variety of art mediums. Students from Kindergarten to sixth grade learned different ways to weave using paper or yarn. Sixth grade even used mixed media to create a textured clay slab with yarn weaved into the middle! Some other lessons include symmetrical origami relief’s sculptures, clay tacos and monsters and mixed media paper woven owls. Ms. Valerie Szmurlo, our Art Teacher, believes it is important to explore all the mediums with art so students can find what they are passionate about and see all the possibilities art can bring.



South Boston APAC · 424 West Broadway Wednesdays, 10 AM - 1 PM March 25 & April 29

Come meet with Boston Water and Sewer Commission staff in your Neighborhood and learn why it’s important not to pour fats, oils or grease (FOG) down the sink or toilet. You can also pay your water bill with a check or money order, talk about billing or service problems, and more.

Only toilet paper is flushable.

Come meet our team!




When Life Serves You Lemons….. Brianne Fitzgerald RN, NP, MPH ….do whatever it takes to get to the other side, people! We all know the drill, wash hands, no touching face, 6-foot social distancing and then what? Covid 19 is a global experience. Consider the issues in nearby New York City home to 8 million people. Italy and Spain are synonymous with hugs and kisses and lots of socializing day and night. The Communist countries (are they called that anymore?) take a different stance

on Covid 19 and a citizen might be killed if he/she disobeys their directives. As Americans, we take pride as stubborn, independent and “can do” attitudes. This is no time, though, to prove yourself. We are all vulnerable and some will experience unmanageable fallout from this pandemic. It is time for all of us to “get it together and love one another right now.” (Get Together a Hippie Hit by Jesse Colin Young, 1969). It is best not to look at the worst-case scenario. All we have is today, a well-known mantra from 12 step programming, Buddhism, numerous other

BPDA Income Restricted Homeownership Opportunity The Echelon 133-135 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210 www.EchelonLottery.com 4 Income Restricted Homeownership Units # of Units # of Bedrooms AMI Price 1 Studio 80% $150,700 1 1 Bedroom 80% $186,400 1 1 Bedroom 80%-100%* $248,600 1 2 Bedroom 80%-100%* $288,700 *These units are available to those who earn more than 80% but less 100% of AMI Maximum Income Limits Household size 80% AMI 100% AMI 1 $63,500 $79,350 2 $72,550 $90,650 3 $81,600 $102,000 4 $90,650 $113,300 5 $97,950 $122,400 6 $105,200 $131,450 Maximum Asset Limits 80% AMI 100% AMI $75,000 $100,000 Does not include retirement. Does include Real Estate Households may request an application to be sent by email or mail from: Monday, March 30, 2020 – Monday, April 13, 2020, through the following methods: To request and complete the application online, please visit: www.EchelonLottery.com To have a hard copy of the application sent to your mailing address, please call: 781-992-5308

After careful consideration and an abundance of caution, the City of Boston has decided to cancel the in-person application distribution period. If you cannot complete the application online, please call us at 781-992-5308, to request that we mail you one and to ask us for any guidance you might need to complete the application. Completed printed, signed, paper applications can also be mailed to Maloney Properties Postmarked no later than April 18, 2020 Maloney Properties, Inc. Attention: Echelon Lottery 27 Mica Lane, Wellesley MA 02481 • Selection by lottery. Asset, Use & Resale Restrictions apply. • Preference for Boston Residents. Preference for Households With at least One Person Per Bedroom. • Preference for First-Time Homebuyers. For more info or to make a request for reasonable accommodations, please call, Maloney Properties, Inc. at 781-9925308 US Relay 711 | Email: Echelon@maloneyproperties.com

spiritual guides. If you go outside, smile and speak to those who crosses your path, call or email people inside or outside your social networks. Do your best not to make an opinion on those who are acting “crazy”. On a good day we are all living with stressors like illness, family upset, discord and problems big and small. The quick fixes like Netflix, exercise, cleaning and “no news” time outs are essential. Now that we have all are forced to slow down, we have the time (used to be a luxury that we never seemed to have enough of ) to think more and observe the world we live in. What is that bird chirp that you always hear when walking but never see the source of the song? Today you have time to stare dumbly at the tree where the song is coming from until you spy this creature. No one will think that you are crazy or if they do, smile and tell them what you are doing! Maybe they will join you from 6 feet away. I am wondering

if the drug supply chain (and I mean cocaine, meth and fentanyl) is as interrupted as Amazon deliveries? Is crime going up or down? What do you think and why? What are the panhandlers doing to keep together Life and limb? I spent yesterday counting how many times I went to the bathroom. Do you have any idea how many times the “average” American “pees” in 24 hours? I highly recommend Erik Larson’s new book The Splendid and the Vile “a fresh and compelling portrait of Winston Churchill and London during the Blitz.” It will amaze you, the strength and persistence of the British people during this time. I call it food for a tired soul in our time. What will we do if our hair starts to turn grey and our cheeks begin to sag? What are you doing out there, people? Let us know the noble, not so gracious, humorous and existential issues that are coming up for you as we face this together. More next week.

The Law Office of

Paul J. Gannon PC General Practice of Law

Criminal Defense Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Establishment of Corporations, LLCs Wills & Estate Planning Real Estate Litigation Probate No Charge for Initial Consultation

Equal Housing Opportunity

82 West Broadway South Boston, MA (617)269-1993 pgannon@paulgannonlaw.com



As circumstances change daily with the State of Emergency surrounding the safety and health of our Parishioners the following changes will occur beginningTuesday, March 24 until Tuesday, April 7th. The Parish Office, Gate of Heaven Church, St. Brigid Church and St. Augustine Chapel will be closed to visitors. The Mass will be celebrated via Live-Stream daily at 10AM Monday thru Sunday. Fr. Casey, Fr. Karlo and Msgr. Liam will be celebrating the Mass at Gate of Heaven Church and can be seen on our website www. gateofheavenstbrigid.org. As always - we will be answering emails, voicemails and US mail. Please be patient with us in our responses. If there is emergency - please leave a message on Fr. Casey’s voicemail and he will be sure to have a priest get back to you as soon as possible. Be safe, stay healthy and please abide by the local and state recommendations during this time. At every Mass that the priests celebrate - our parishioners’ intentions are in their thoughts and prayers.

For more up to date information visit the

Waste and Recycling to Continue


he Ba ker-Pol ito Administration today a n nou nc e d t he issuance of  an emergency order to ensure that intrastate waste and recycling collection and disposal will continue uninterrupted during the COVID-19 emergency. Due to the essential nature of these services and anticipated impacts due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Administration’s order provides relief from state and federal requirements that govern the hours of service allowed for commercial vehicle operators involved in waste and recycling transportation and collection, while maintaining important safety protections and measures.    “As Massachusetts continues its comprehensive response to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is imperative that residents across

the Commonwealth be able to rely on key services such as waste and recycling collection and disposal,” said Massachusetts Department of Environmental Prot e c t ion C om m i s sione r Martin Suuberg.  “By issuing this emergency order, we can better protect public health by ensuring that residents are able to maintain proper hygiene, cleanliness, and social distancing in their homes while navigating these new and cha llenging circumstances.”   The order will remain in effect until April 12,  2020 unless the Administration determines otherwise. For information about the Baker-Polito Administration’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of COV ID-19, please visit the Department of Public Health’s (DPH).

Parish Website https://www.gateofheavenstbrigid.org/ or Facebook pages

DND AffordableRental Opportunity


Talbot Commons- Phase 1 - Multiple Addresses in Dorchester, 02124: 14 & 18 New England Ave, 15 & 17 Mallard Ave, 207 Norfolk Street, 4-6 Norfolk Terrace


40 Income-restricted Units 19 New Construction and 7 Moderate Rehab to be rented through lottery 14 units are currently occupied with no waiting list. Filled on turnover by this lottery


BPDA Income Restricted Rental Opportunity The Alyx at Echelon Seaport 133-135 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210 www.AlyxLottery.com 24 Income Restricted Rental Units # of Units # of Bedrooms Maximum Income Limit (by AMI)* Rent 3 Micro-Studio 70% $1,012 5 Studio 70% $1,125 9 1-Bed** 70% $1,318 5 2-Bed 70% $1,492 2 3-Bed 70% $1,672 *Minimum income limits apply **One ADA Unit available for persons with mobility impairments Maximum Income Limits by AMI + Minimum Income Limits by # of Bedrooms # of people in household 70% AMI # of Bedrooms Minimum Yearly Income*** 1 $55,550 Micro-studio $30,360 2 $63,450 Studio $33,750 3 $71,400 1-bedroom $39,540 4 $79,300 2-bedroom $44,760 5 $85,650 3-bedroom $50,160 6 $92,000 *** Minimum incomes are set by the owner and do not apply to households receiving housing assistance such as Section 8, VASH, or MRVP. Maximum Asset Limits 80% AMI 100% AMI $75,000 $100,000 Does not include retirement. Does include Real Estate Households may request an application to be sent by email or mail from: Monday, March 30, 2020 – Monday, April 13, 2020 through the following methods: To request + complete the application online, please visit: www.AlyxLottery.com To have a hard copy of the application sent to your mailing address, please call: 781-992-5309 After careful consideration and an abundance of caution, the City of Boston has decided to cancel the in-person application distribution period. If you cannot complete the application online, please call us at 781-992-5309, to request that we mail you one and to ask us for any guidance you might need to complete the application. Applications can be completed online by April 18, 2020 Completed printed, signed, paper applications can also be mailed to Maloney Properties Postmarked no later than April 18, 2020

Number of Units

Number of Bedrooms


Maximum Income in AMI



up to 30%household income

30% AMI


3 Bedroom*

up to 30%household income

30% AMI




60% AMI




60% AMI


3 Bedroom


60% AMI

*​T​he three 2 bedrooms and one 3-bedroom units are Homeless Set-asides filled through direct referral from HomeStart. For more information, please visit ​https://www.homestart.org/bostonhsa or call 857-415-2139  **Two of these units are built out for people with mobility impairments + one is built out for individuals who are deaf  or hard of hearing 

Maximum Yearly Income based on Number of People in Household ​ (2019 limits, provided by DND) Number of People in Household 1

30% AMI $24,900

60% AMI $49,800

2 3

$28,450 $32,000

$56,880 $64,000

4 5

$35,550 $38,400

$71,100 $78,800




Minimum Yearly Income Based on the Number of Bedrooms Number of Bedrooms




No Minimum



No Minimum


3 No Minimum $57,024 Minimum Incomes do not apply to households with housing assistance like Section 8, MRVP, Vash

Applications are available ​March 30, 2020​ through ​April 24, 2020

After careful consideration and an abundance of caution, the City of Boston has decided to cancel the in-person application distribution period. To request an application online please go to: ​http://bit.ly/talbotcommons1

If you cannot complete the application online (recommended), please call us at ​(617) 287-9580 ​to request that we mail you one and to ask for any guidance you might need to complete the application. When you call, you will be asked for your full name, complete mailing address, and phone number. This is a City and HUD requirement. Application must be submitted online OR postmarked by April 24, 2020​. Reasonable accommodations made. Selection by Lottery.Income, Asset, & Use Restrictions apply. Preferences apply. For more information, language assistance, or reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities please call or email.  For more information, language assistance, or reasonable accommodations email WinnResidential at TalbotCommons@winnco.com​ or call (617) 287.9580 / TTY/TDD: (800) 439-2370


The State of Real Estate Besides following all the measures that the CDC urges all individuals to follow, Rooney Real Estate will be adding the following practices : • Our staff and agents will work from home as much as possible • Online virtual tours of each of our listings to limit showings • Personal / Private showings, not conducting open houses • We will provide sanitizers at all showings • Sales and rental contracts will be signed electronically

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Take advantage of a low interest rate today! Rooney Real Estate, LLC. 617.269.1000 | www.Rooney-RE.com Jackie Rooney | jackie@rooney-re.com

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South Boston Online 03_26_2020 Issue  

South Boston Online 03_26_2020 Issue