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Shilah Phillips: The Life and Trials Of A Beauty Queen S hilah Phillips embodies resilience. She learned the hard way that being on top requires guts, sacrifice, and determination. Although she is known for being the first African American to be crowned Miss Texas, Shilah’s first love is music naming Whitney Hous-

ton and Mariah Carey as her biggest inspirations. When asked, she’ll let you know that the success of her career in pageants is thanks to music. “ If it wasn’t for my music career, I don’t think my pageant career would’ve gone as well,” she explains. “I went

to the Denver School of Performing Arts from the 6th - 12th grade; that was a special performing arts school for gifted and talented children, and I think that really helped me to become a wonderful performer and was able to help me have the talent that I have.” At the tender age of 4, Shilah began her career on stage with musical theatre, participating in local singing contests and church choirs in her hometown of Fresno, California. She continued to pursue music along the West coast, a passion that would introduce her to her manager (and mentor) lifetime achievement Grammy award winner Danny Seraphine. Under his guidance, Shilah moved to L. A straight out of high school where she juggled careers in acting and modeling while pursuing a record deal, a dream that would allow her to share the stage with Jennifer Hudson as a headliner for the National Lupus Foundation and most notably in the semi-finals of season 3’s American Idol. By 2005, her parents convinced her to put her Hollywood dreams on hold and finish her degree at the world-famous University of North Texas Jazz Study. Just when it seemed like all hope of furthering her music career was lost, Shilah entered a contest that would change the course of her life forever: a local beauty pageant. From there, her career skyrocketed from pageantry to reality tv. The stress and pressure of performing on stage took a toll on her health and general well being, a topic she takes a lot more seriously these days after her battle with fibroids, a disease that affects 80% of women by age 50 “My health took a turn for the worse. I had got some fibroid tumors, and they grew out of control very quickly, and it was due to some things that could’ve been avoided had I been eating healthy and taking better care of myself by meditating and exercising harder and some things we usually take for granted. I decided after that, I wanted to totally change my life. I decided to really do better.” Recently, Soul and Salsa caught up with Shilah to see how

Winter 2022 7

Shilah Phillips much better she’s been doing these days and to take a peek into the career of a pageant Queen.   SoulandSalsa- First of all, I’d like to start off by saying your beauty is undeniable from your radiant smile to your long flowing hair; how do you maintain such beauty? Tell us about the products you use and the regimen you stick to. SP- My hair definitely comes from my multi racial heritage. I definitely use products on my hair but it first comes from my background. I think people don’t know that I’m multi racial (African American, Native American, Caucasian, and Asian) which makes hair a little difficult to deal with [laughs] but it makes my hair very long. I’ve always used essential oils in my hair, like coconut oil and jojoba oil. One thing that I use that helps my hair alot is apple cider vinegar. Also, African black soap to cleanse my scalp. As far as skin, I like to use natural products. When I was younger, my grandmother wanted me to use natural products on my skin

and hair. She was really serious about that. She told me to use African Black Soap and it really cleared up my skin. I still use it. A lot of people are surprised to learn that African Black Soap is from Sierra Leone. I mostly stick to a vegan diet and it’s really important to me because I had some health problems but when I changed my diet around it really saved my life. It made me have healthier skin, my weight, my hair, everything. It made me into a new person and my health got way better. I was just a new person. SoulandSalsa- Now I want you to bring me back to the start of your career in pageants. What was that like? SP- I got into pageants on a dare. I was in college [University of North Texas Jazz Study] by this time. I was a starving college student, about 22 years old. My friend said “Shilah, you need to do something to up your career if you’re going to move back to LA. Because you’re down and out. You’re starving. Your career is dead. I think it’s time for

you to enter a pageant or something.” She literally entered me into this pageant [Miss Plano Frisco] and I forgot about it! In a panic, I ended up auditioning at the last minute and they said “we think you have a chance to win”. I was like “I do!?”. They gave me instructions on what to bring, what to expect, and wished me luck. The next day, I arrived and I couldn’t believe how many girls showed up for this pageant! It must’ve been about 50 girls or something. These girls had amazing dresses and all these gowns and years of experience and I was totally intimidated. I was like I’m not winning anything, this is crazy. I had no idea what I was doing. There were girls with $3000 dresses, I’m like my car doesn’t even cost that much. I had a dress that I previously wore to the Grammys and my actual swimsuit that I actually wore at the pool but somehow I did win. The girls looked at me like “how did she win?! Where did she come from!?”. SoulandSalsa- I’m happy that they saw through to you and your potential even back then in your first ever pageant. What were some challenges you faced when running for Miss Texas? SP- It was a live tv broadcast; that was very challenging. Luckily I had tv experience from being on American Idol. I wasn’t used to being on stage for a pageant. It was very intimidating. I really wanted to win that scholarship money. My mother got really sick, she got blood clots [while] going to Sierra Leone in her lung and she almost lost her life and the money for college was eaten up when she got that sick and my parents didn’t have the money for me to go to school so I needed to win that scholarship money. SoulandSalsa- What was going through your mind the moment you were crowned the first African American Miss Texas? SP- I was very focused. I was working with a woman, her name is Heather Bassham Sumlin. She was a mental management coach and she was worksee Shilah continued on page 17


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#Where’s ALI


irst let me say thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to share what goes on behind the camera with Ali a bit. I greatly appreciate it. What inspired you to travel abroad? I can’t say I was inspired by any one person place or thing. Maybe it was the national geographic books or shows I watched as a kid and as an adult. maybe it was Sci fi movies. I know I loved HGTV international House Hunters. I always knew I wanted to see more of the world. I was always curious. I always knew there was more to explore than what I had seen so far. And I wanted to seek out my heritage so that meant traveling to other countries.

precautions I take on the streets in the USA. What I hope happens in my lifetime is while we teach women how to avoid harmful altercations, that we also strongly and forcefully reprimand men for the things they do to harm women an hold them accountable on the spot. Don’t wait until the crimes and harm has been committed. Are there any useful tips you want to give women traveling? Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t take kindness too easily traps are also set by other women.

Was it a long process to get a passport?

Have your go to spots where people know you.

Getting a passport in the US is probably easier than registering your kids for school. Applying for a job can be more complex.

Make acquaintances with owners as well. **Keep people in your circle who have something to lose. People with Integrity no matter the class level.

So no, it did not take long nor was it difficult. I got me and my son’s first passports in 2006. We actually went to the post office filled out the application and received them in the mail in say 4 wks. Im on my second passport now. The Cost is under $200, I believe. I strongly encourage people to get passports for themselves and their children even if they haven’t planned a trip yet. It is the key to Narnia

If you are alone don’t be flashy. Anything that is high end should be kept for places where everyone will be wearing the same.

What are some of the misconceptions of traveling as a woman that you have heard?

I stopped back in the US Nov 27 2020 and left again Dec 10,2020. I have not returned since then.

I always think about all the things I’m told I shouldn’t do as a woman and how dangerous it can be.

What are some of your favorite countries that you have traveled? Every country I’ve been to has something I loved. There are so many cities to check out and each has its own unique element. It is so hard to pick..

We should not go alone- it is not safe. We can not maneuever about on our own without a man to speak for us. We would be lonely.

How long have you been gone? I left the US July 29, 2020 to go on a 7-10 trip to Mexico and stayed in Mexico for 4 mos. It was great. I had never seen Mexico through that llens before. The truthful lens.

But a few are

I respond.. all of those things can be issues at home where we live .

Honestly each country I’ve been to in Alkebulan/Africa (Kenya, Kemet, Tanzania, Senegal Morocco), Indonesia, Thailand, Portugal, Cuba, Iceland, Belize, Mexico, Spain and on and on..

Yes, I am mindful, alert and try to be smart but again those are the same

What are your favorite foods from those countries? Im vegan now so if I can

We would be intimidated.

Winter 2022 9

find a place that takes advantage of its natural grown products and can create amazing dishes, I am in heaven. Exotic fruits & veggies are so pleasurable for me . Like the Jackfruit, soursop, tree tomatoes, thorn melons, chocolate tomato, 20 types of banana, passion fruit, local lemons, dragon fruit, so many typesof Greens You’d be surprised how many of the dishes are the same with a slight differences.. like rice from Spain, Mexico & Africa, curry dishes. The major differences to me are how they use seasonings. When you went to Africa; what was your first “Must see” place? Why? My first trip to Africa was 2018 and I went to Morocco. Interestingly enough I saw it on HGTV and I wanted to buy a house there. After that trip I went to Senegal in 2019 and the major difference was the people. Sub Saharan Alkebulan/Africa is black Africa. I was finally somewhere where everyone looked like me. I was somewhere where I did not fear punishment based on my skin color. It is so crazy to say.. but the observation that I could live outside of that fear was mind blowing. No shade, colorism is a whole other thing. What do you do to relax? I am a Yogi, Plant based foodie and adventurer. I live creating dishes and wellness products like being in my lab. I love water and animals I love being outside. I love sharing the world with friends and family also. Tell us about Mind, Body and Soul? I created Mind YOUR Body & Soul to assist people on their journey when they are looking to walk a different path in life. We promote wellness through Food, Movement & Adventure (mentally & physically). The focus is my Lifestyle Transformation program which supports meal planning, prep, food shopping through exploration, food demos and body movement yoga See Ali continued on page 10

10 Winter 2022

flows & other activities. I also promote healthy awareness in our beauty regiments so I created a holistic beauty and bath line called Zoetic Essentials where everything is simple and multi purposed to encourage a more sustainable ecological foot print. Because I love meeting people, learning about others’ cultures, exploration and adventure. I believe the only true way to get to the next level of learning is by experiencing it, touching it, seeing it, smelling it.. How did you come up with #WHERESALI? Soooooo... I would come and go a lot back when I lived in Chicago-

#Where’s ALI land so that was a common question my friends would ask because I would come around then disappear. So when I started traveling more and started what I call air cruises it was always put out an APB For Ali or “where are you now” or where are you going next” so #WheresAli became my household tag. What is Ali’s next destination? I want to stay on the east side of the world like the Jeffersons, haha. I would love to spend a month or 2 in Bali and Thailand when they open back up fully. I also would love to stop in Turkey and Israel, Montenegro, Manta, Buda & Pest, (I love saying it that way), more

of southern EU & Ireland etc… When I return to west side I want to visit a few more cities in Mexico and make my way back down through central and south America for sure. There is SO much world to see. So many misconceptions to right. I hope to see as many as I can and to continue sharing with everyone. “Experiences are Dreams...”~Ali Thank you so much



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Winter 2022 13

Learn how to Dance Like the Stars


ith its intricate sets, heart-swooning choreography, and dazzling nightly themes, we know there’s no place you’d rather be on a Monday night than watching ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Based on the British tv show “Strictly Come Dancing,” ABC’s Dancing With The Stars has had us glued to our TVs to watch our favorite A-list celebs duke it out on the dance floor since 2005. Each week, celebrity contestants are paired with some of the best competitive ballroom dancers in the world to perform elaborate ballroom numbers before a panel of renowned industry professionals. Using a voting system that combines the judges’ points and votes from viewers at home, couples are eliminated weekly until one pair remains and is crowned champion. Past contestants have included The Masked Singer’s Nicole Scherzinger, professional boxer Laila Ali, and Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez. Learn about the history of some of DWTS’ freshest dance moves. The Foxtrot: A Dance For Lovers The foxtrot is a famous ballroom style of dance whose origins date back to the early 20th century. It was popularized by Broadway dance couple Vernon and Irene Castle, and although it was commercialized by the Castles, it was famously first seen at least a decade prior on the dance floor of a Blacks-only dance club. Originally named the “Bunny Hug,” no dance was more prevalent in the US between 1910 - 1940. Now, it is commonly performed in dance competitions worldwide traditionally to the rhythm of big band music. This graceful dance style is shared between a couple. It is famously known for its alternating slow walks and quick-paced side steps, and fluid gliding motion. When performed correctly, couples should feel like they’re floating on the dance floor. With the foxtrot, it’s all in the rhythm! This sophisticated style of ballroom dancing has been on Dancing With The Stars since the show’s premiere. It has been performed by award-winning actress Zendaya, NBA star Lamar Odom, Disney star Jordan Fisher, and season 30’s Melora Hardin.

By Kaillaby

bop was made famous by American jazz singer and dancer, jive King Cabell “Cab” Calloway III. The swing-inspired dance style was named after the vernacular English dialect of African Americans that derived from Harlem in the 1930s. Although it started in the U.S., it was formally adopted into the International Latin ballroom scene in the 1960s, becoming one of five official dances in Latin ballroom competitions worldwide (and at 176 beats per minute, it is considered the fastest.). Jive is known for its upbeat bop and high energy jumps, kicks, spins, and hip rocks which are often paired with the genres of swing music, boogie-woogie, and rock and roll. It’s a fun, high-energy dance and is sure to get that heart rate up (The timing for the dance is: 1, 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6). Although this dance requires a leader and a follower like other ballroom dances, it sets itself apart because you don’t have to move around the dance floor. The uptempo choreo is performed as a duo and has been seen on Dancing With The Stars in performances by Disney star Skai Jackson, award-winning rapper Nelly, and recently by season 30’ Amanda Kloot. Argentine Tango: A Culture Shocking Phenomenon This dance is so vital to Latin culture that in 2009, The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (or UNESCO) included it in their Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, immortalizing itself in Latin history. This is the impact of the Argentine Tango. The Argentine Tango is a ballroom dance that has been around since the late 1800s, first appearing in divisions of Argentina and Uruguay. It started making its way around the world in the early 1900s, first reaching Paris before spreading to London, Berlin, and numerous other major European cities. The Argentine Tango’s European, African, and Native American background was a culture shock in Western civilization. Many considered the dance style unusual, if not inappropriate, for its sexual suggestiveness.

The Jive: The Standout Ballroom Dance

It made its way to the U.S. in the early part of the 20th century.

Jive is an American style of ballroom dance with roots in mid 20th century African American culture. The upbeat

Known for its 2/4 or 4/4 time signatures, this dance is all about the dancer’s connection to the music and their partner.

Through a blend of shared embraces, walks, kicks, lifts, and improvisation, couples dance around on the dance floor to the beat of tango music. This sexy Latin dance has been famously performed on Dancing With The Stars by ballroom dancer Derek Hough, Olympic champion Meryl Davis, Argentinian actor Juan Pablo di pace, and season 30’s Jojo Siwa. Learn How To Dance Like Dancing With The Stars Think you have what it takes to dance like your favorite stars? Here are some resources online that can help! Howcast Howcast is a channel on Youtube that brings you high-quality instructional videos from leading industry professionals that cover a wide range of topics. Dancing is one of its most popular. Check out their 3 video playlist on the Argentine Tango or learn how to do a basic foxtrot with their easy-to-follow instructional video. is a blog that offers stepby-step instructional videos for free. In addition to showing you the basics of partnering, they also provide a series of popular ballroom and Latin dances. Lessons include the tango, the foxtrot, the waltz, and the rumba. is an online search engine that allows you to book private lessons with experts one on one! Simply search for the service you’re looking for, filter for custom results (you can filter by price, availability, lesson location, and gender), and choose the ballroom expert of your choice! Now on its 30th season, the show is currently hosted by supermodel and executive producer Tyra Banks with four star-studded judges on its panel: Italian choreographer Bruno Tonioli, actress and former Fly Girl Carrie Ann Inaba, English ballroom dancer and coach Len Goodman, and the infamous Derek Hough, who joins the panel for the first time after winning a record-breaking six times as a competitor. You can catch more of these hot moves on Dancing With The Stars, streaming now on Hulu.

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16 Winter 2022

Cruise into the New Year M

any people often find themselves unsure of how-or if- they want to celebrate New Year’s. This factor is true all over the states; even in Florida. Fortunately, Florida is a state known for having plenty of ways to celebrate…. Including cruises. The three major cruise ports of call are Port Miami, Port Canaveral, and Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. Together, over 12 million passengers go through one of these three ports. Why not become one of them while you celebrate the New Year? Cruises, by themselves, have plenty to offer when it comes to rest and relaxation: every one I’ve been on in my life sports on-board spas, athletics courts, live shows, and pools to make sure there’s always something that catches your eye. Moreover, of course, there are plenty of fine food and drink- from all-day buffets to more refined diningincluded in your ticket. In addition, that’s not even counting everything else that a ship may decide to do to celebrate the holidays. While many cruises aren’t entirely dedicated to celebrating holidays or events, longer trips can often carry on over multiple days- one of which can just so happen to be a big day for many people. And just so you won’t miss out on festivities, cruise ships themselves are often more than happy to reflect those

By Brenden Rodenberg

traditions, even in an unusual environment. While you might be expecting a New Year’s celebration unlike any other, the fundamentals of most holiday events on the waves are very similar to those on the ground- like fine dining, champagne, and fireworks displays. The end of the year is a time for celebration, reflection, and hope for the future, no matter where you are, with themed parties, formal galas, drink specials, and their own set of explosives to set off at the big 12 o’clock. For those interested in a nautical new year’s night, cruises are constantly departing from many of Florida’s major ports- including Miami, Canaveral, Everglades, and Tampa Pay. If you’re unsure there will be enough space for you, don’t worry: there are plenty of boats that are willing to carry you into the new year, including nine from Port Canaveral and a whopping 24 from Port Everglades in December, that will allow you to have the watery welcome to 2022 you’re looking for. As someone who’s spent more than one new year off of dry land; I can say there’s something unique and special about being out on the open ocean and celebrating your new year with the gentle rock of the waves and the beautiful mixture of explosions lighting up

an open starry sky that you can’t find anywhere else but on a cruise. I highly recommend going on a New Year’s voyage at least once in your life for an unforgettable experience. During your time out at sea, you might want to consider looking at some of the possible destinations on cruise liners that may catch one’s eye. Key locations usually brought out for tourist visitation, especially during shorter cruises, range from places in the tropics (especially Jamaica and the Bahamas) to parts of Mexico like Cozumel and Costa Maya- all of which offer relaxed and lively places to eat, drink, shop, and explore. Some cruise lines even have their own private islands- like Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay and Disney’s Castaway Cay- that are worth stopping at for their clear waters and abundance of activities ranging from parasailing to water slides. A few personal suggestions: If your cruise happens to stop by Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta, I would recommend making a short stop at the island of Yelapa- one only accessible by boat, but that features golden sand, crystal-clear water, beachside food/drink service, and an incredible environment that fits the idea of a relaxing vacation to a tee. If you visit the Tropics, try a can of Goombay Punch- if I could have it shipped to me, I’d drink it every day.

Winter 2022 17

Celebrating the New Year from around the World By Gustavus Betts


oliday season is upon us once again this year. Historically, different countries and cultures have their own unique ways of celebrating the New Year. The first documented celebration of the new year was around 4000 years ago in ancient Babylon, which followed the vernal equinox, sometime between March 21st and 25th. In 45 BC, North America New Year’s Day fell on January 1st. Festivities begin on December 31st with New Year’s Eve - typically celebrated by throwing parties, where often greens, pork, black-eyed peas, are served in the belief that these foods bring good luck. Others attend a watchnight service - in observation of the past year. Some people wear silver attire to represent hope, unconditional love, and mediation. It also is believed to draw out negative energy. Most nations of Europe, and their colonies, adopted this date according to the Gregorian calendar in 1564. The date was changed to align with the Christian festival of the Annunciation. Diwali or Deepavali is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Newar Buddhists that takes place over five days in No-

vember (1st thru the 5th.) Also known as the Festivals of Lights, the festival centers on the worship of Lakshmi Puja (November 4th) - the goddess of wealth and good fortune. There is a lot of pomp and circumstance surrounding the celebration. Homes are decorated with flowers, lamps, candles, and rangols (decorative art made out of rice.) Diwali marks the return of illumination over darkness, as well as clarity and positivity. The second day of the festival is reserved for sharing sweets or commonly known as mirthais - sweetmeats made with nuts or vegetables as a base and condensed milk, sugar, served with chai tea. Chinese New Year takes place on February 12, 2022, and is the most celebrated day on the Chinese calendar. People wear red to symbolize fire which, according to legend, wards off evil spirits. Children are also given “lucky money” in red envelopes. During this time, families gather to share meals, known as nian ye fan, to build a sense of community. Traditionally, chicken, fish, or pork is served, as well as lobster, waxed cured duck, and molluscums. The Lantern Festival is perhaps the most important event of the celebration. Children walk the streets at

night carrying paper lanterns and solving riddles. These lanterns are meant to symbolize folks letting go of the past and embracing good luck in the future. Rosh Hashanah begins September 25, 2022. At sundown, Jewish people honor the creation of the world. Rosh Hashanah means the head of the year, and is also referred to the Feast of the Trumpets. The blowing of a ram’s horn to summon Jews to religious services. Rosh Hashanah is not a big party like New Year’s Eve/Day, but a time of personal reflection and prayer. Some Jewish people visit graves in the belief that the thoughts and good wishes of the dead can help the living. Apples dipped in honey symbolizes the hope of a sweet year ahead. Traditional Jewish foods like challahs (two loaves of bread shaped in a circle spread with honey) which symbolizes a crown as a reminder of the kinship of God. Preparation for the celebration of Nowruz in Iran takes place weeks before the start of spring. The 14 day event - March 21st 2022 - focuses on travel to visit relatives and picnicking, and eating traditional items such as: sabzeh (wheat grass) for rebirth, serkeh (vinegar) for patience, seeb (apples) for beauty, seer (garlic) for health, and samanu (wheat germ pudding) for affluence to celebrate the arrival of spring. Nowruzs feature folk dancing, concerts, and tree planting ceremonies. The holiday promotes peace and solidarity as well as reconciliation and community among neighbors, cultural diversity, and friendship. These very different holidays seem to have one thing common, the promotion of family and community. This holiday season, I hope everyone will find a way to incorporate some of the more positive aspects of each celebration into the New Year.

18 Winter 2022

Think I found my way

Sydney Cope is a multi talented artist, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, with passions for the arts, including music, dance and film. At the age of two, Sydney’s first passion was explored through dance classes, and it then developed into an addiction. As she grew, her love for the arts expanded into different elements of industry, and Sydney took on a more creative role in music. Through music, she explored various instruments including piano and guitar which led to her creating her own sound and style of music. She used songwriting as an outlet for story telling and has been able to implement visuals to portray the meaning behind the lyrics. With diverse experiences in front of the camera, Sydney is now taking on the roles of director and editor. Sydney continues to find diverse ways to incorporate the art and training developed over the years throughout both current and future projects!

"Think I Found My Way" is a representation of the inner struggles that everyone faces throughout life’s journey and the process of overcoming the battles.

Shilah Phillips

ing with me alot on mental toughness and I owe alot to her because she was preparing me. She was helping me to mentally visualize my goals and what I wanted to accomplish at the pageant. I credit her alot for my mental training. SoulandSalsa- Do you have any other mentors?

SP- When I was young my great grandmother, Bernestine Phillips. She’s someone who just spoke life into me and always believed in me. She’s passed away since then but she was my top fan and she was someone who believed in me so much and was always my biggest cheerleader and fan. She was someone who raised money for scholarships. She was a big Christian and she was there to watch me sing and always helped me to push my singing career. She always encouraged me to sing at church and pushed me to be the best singer I could be. She was also an educator, she had a private school. I loved her so much. SoulandSalsa- What can you tell us about being on the MTV reality show Pageant School 101. SP- I don’t think I’ve done anything quite like that. That was a crazy experience. It was a surprise that we were gonna do that. They took us to the same hotel that they shot the Bachelor so we didn’t know we were gonna be shooting this show. They said something like “come, bring all this stuff” and we didn’t know what was happening until we got there. It was this big secret. And then when we got there we found out we were gonna be on a reality tv show. It was a total surprise. It was a big deal. Lots of publicity and recognition. Especially as we tried to transition after our titles back into reality once we all had to go back to college. I remember going back to school and people said “we thought you were taller”. I was just like, “I’m just trying to go to class”. SoulandSalsa- You were a semi-finalist in season 3’s American Idol; what was your take away from that show? SP- It was very stressful. I was just 20 then. What they put you through, it’s like a really strong hazing process.

You’re up really late at night and they were really putting you through the ringer. It was a lot of stress. It was a really good experience and I’m happy that I did it. Looking back, when you think of all the millions of kids that did it and considering how far I got, it was crazy to believe that I got so far. But when I was doing it, I didn’t think that I was doing very well because of the way they talk to you. Back then I didn’t have the kind of mental toughness to handle that, I didn’t know how to handle all of the pressure. I was someone that worked so hard so I didn’t know how to handle when they told me they don’t like me, I’m not good enough. Simon was so mean to me. He actually told me that he thought I should quit this and go do pageants. I took it so offensively. At 20, I didn’t have thick skin. People would tell me Shilah you don’t have thick skin. I was a young little suburban girl. They would tell me things like you’re not street smart. You don’t know about the street. You’re not urban. I didn’t understand what they meant. I was very confused. I didn’t know how to handle those types of criticisms. In my mind I always thought you worked hard and good things would come to

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you. I was very sheltered. The experience taught me I need to toughen up, get a little bit more street smart, and have thicker skin. SoulandSalsa- What are some of the most important words of advice you would give any young woman wanting to enter pageantry? SP- Definitely go for it! Find yourself a mentor to help you and don’t be afraid to go for your dreams. When she’s not touring the US with her band, The Groove Line Dallas or hosting private galleries for her visual art, Shilah likes to volunteer at local pageants in Texas including Miss DFW, MPFO, Miss Carolton, and Miss Cauliville. Shilah gives back to the community by donating scholarships and mentoring young women who are in search of guidance for their singing and modeling careers. Be sure to follow Shilah on Instagram for exclusive footage of her private art galleries (@shilahphillips) and head to www. for updates and booking inquiries.

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Glamour & Style In LAFW


errick Hutchinson is no stranger to hard work. He has the kind of work ethic that accompanies decades of experience in the world of fashion and entertainment; his determination is so great that when he got tired of having to outsource his talent, he invested $30,000 in a business model that would require all of his efforts to be in house from the videography to the model management. This vision morphed what was once a computer company into three lucrative entertainment brands: Anerrick Management which manages a wide range of entertainers, including models and singers. Anerrick Productions, the masterminds behind some of your favorite fashion shows in the L.A., and Media Extreme Team, a team of eight photographers and four videographers that will serve up everything from captivating stills to celebrity red carpet coverage. Anerrick Management is booked and busy, dividing its time between booking talent for upcoming L.A. fashion shows and events to expanding the

By Kalliaby Anerrick family with fresh, new talent. The current Annerick Management network is full of diverse faces, including multicultural talents like Puerto Rican model Suheil Laelani Lopez. At Anerrick Management, beauty really is everywhere; the management team goes out of their way to make sure they represent every standard of beauty: short, statuesque, mature, voluptuous, and bi-racial. Their bi-annual event, Glamour & Style, showcases this and more.

Glamour & Style is a bi-annual event whose purpose is to “put the word Fashion back in Fashion Shows.” In addition to its stunning shows and celebrity guests, Glamour & Style gives back to the community through toy drives and donating to charities such as the L.A. Mission, a west coast organization dedicated to helping the homeless. In March, the show was hosted virtually for the first time and aired on Roku and Amazon Fire T.V.’s Jemptv the following month so fans could watch L.A.’s top couture designers grace the

runway right from the comforts of their own homes. On October 27th, they hosted their final event of 2021 for L.A.’s fashion week at the captivating Don Quixote; the red carpet was graced by legendary acts such as Ola Ray and Black Chyna, who walked the runway in Sir Joe Exclusive’s line The Sir Joe Exclusive Collection. Glamour & Style guests were treated to a wide range of talent in luxury streetwear, from the risque and stylish to the avant-garde. Its runways were decorated by the Fall and Winter looks of L.A. brands like House of Syville Couture and E.G.O. Their designs included fetching evening wear, inventive handbags, sexy streetwear, and a fashionable kids line. Recently, Derrick Hutchinson took time from his bustling schedule to give Soul and Salsa a glimpse into the world of Anerrick Management and share his take on the ever-growing world of the fashion industry. SoulandSalsa- What separates your

show from the others in LA? DH: Everything I do is strategically planned. I fill the seats with fashion people only because I know that designers want buyers. I recently sent my crew to Vegas and I told them to recruit people by any means (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas [laughs]). Other shows use models to fill seats and so most of the guests are friends and family members and the show becomes more of a recital so by the time the designer walks out, most of the guests have left because they were only there to see their kid walk the runway. My seats are filled with mall owners, boutique owners, textile owners, magazine owners, TV people, producers, celebrities, people who are interested in buying.

SoulandSalsa- Which designer do you think will be the next big thing? DH: Oh you’re trying to get me in trouble [laughs]. I will say this, there were a few up and coming designers in my last runway show that are very promising. The fashion industry was getting dull. There were people in it for the reward and not the work but there were a couple on the runway that stood out–true artists that think outside the box that [i think] could really move some units. SoulandSalsa- Do you remember your first ever fashion show? Who was featured? DH: Yes, we were [laughs]. We didn’t know any designers, we couldn’t get any designers who wanted to work with us. We had all of our own clothes

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and we called it the “My Style fashion show”. And it worked! [laughs]. We couldn’t believe it. SoulandSalsa- Who’s your favorite model to work with? DH: Sheba [M.]-I love her! We try to use her every time we do a show. Her traveling mate, his name is Doc, he’s amazing. These two people, if they can get ‘em, we get ‘em. SoulandSalsa- Who’s your dream collaboration? DH: It’s more of a show than it is the models and designers, I would love to work with a show. I would love to work with Art Heart [Art Hearts Fashion]. Only because they pretty much set the bar for everybody else as far as shows are concerned. You compare yourself to Art Heart, if your show is as good as theirs you feel like you did a good thing. They’ve got a huge budget and that makes all the difference in the world. The producer of Art Heart is actually my ex assistant. The student has literally become the teacher. Despite an impressive portfolio that includes partnering with some of the biggest names in entertainment (T.M.Z., the Hollywood Global Film Festival, and eZWay network, to name a few), Derrick is not in it for fame. He’s one of the rare Hollywood gems that promotes fashion for the sake of the art, and his company Anerrick Management reverberates that message. When the company isn’t putting on stellar star-studded showcases, they can be seen posting ads for free modeling classes on their I.G. stories for anyone with the drive and willingness to learn. Fans will have to wait until 2022 for the next “Glamour & Style” event. In the meantime, you can catch Annerick Management, Anerrick Productions, and The Media Extreme team hosting local entertainment events and capturing flicks of some of your favorite celebs throughout the L.A. area. Follow the journey of L.A.’s most diverse fashion show via Instagram @glamourandstyleofficial and catch exclusive behind the scenes footage from some of L.A’s hottest events @anerrickmanagement.

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History of Soul Food By Gustavus Betts

oul Food is a time honored tradition in the Black community. It has its origins in the Deep South in landlocked areas like Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi also known as the Cotton Belt. Soul Food was spread across the United States by African American migrants during the Great Migration or what is sometimes referred to as the Black Migration or the Great Northward Migration. During this time, six million Blacks left the South to the Northeast, Midwest, and the West between 1916 and 1970. The term originated in the mid-1960s when “soul” became a common word used to describe Black culture during the Black Power Movement and the Black Arts Movement. The earliest written use of soul food was in Alex Haley’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Soul Food is one of the most popular types of cooking recognized in North America. Hearty and sumptuous recipes have been passed down for centuries. These recipes have been shared on many special occasions. During U.S. slavery, enslaved Africans were given meager food of poor quality and even less nutrition value, but as we all know - Black folks everywhere always find unique and creative ways to make the best out of any situation. Traditionally, Black grandmothers would cook soul food after church services. No Sunday was complete without a planned feast. These meals were more of a tradition or ritual for many Black families. These Sunday dinners were more than just meals of sustenance, but were an opportunity to spend quality time together to share stories, gossip, and for family bonding. Black grandmothers are the conductors of the soul food dishes passed down from generation to generation through experimental methods. Black grandmothers are central to the survival of their families and the source of oral histories that help families resist oppression of the larger society. Soul Food became a permanent fixture at most family events especially Christmas. There are certain methods used in cooking soul food, such as: baking,

barbecuing, deep frying, grilling,smoking, and stewing. I remember listening to my mother tell my sisters how our grandmother taught her how to prepare collard greens, cornbread, oxtails, and chitterlings and other soul food dishes for Sunday dinner. Years later, I would witness my sister do the same for their daughters - keeping the tradition of cooking soul food alive. Soul Food cooking techniques often meld those of West Africa, Western Europe, and the Americas. These dishes tie Black culture to its African roots and history, and deeply reflect certain staples and methods of cooking. Four key ingredients establish the historical link of Soul Food to the continent of Africa.

Rice, also known as oryza glaberrine, was domesticated around 1500 B.C. along the Upper Niger River. (Another variation, it is argued, oryza sativa was cultivated in China 10,000 to 14,000 years ago.) Rice is not indigenous to the Americas, and the transport of the African variety set the foundation from most southern American culinary soul food traditions such as Hoppin’ Johns. Hoppin’ Johns, also called Carolina peas and rice, are made with blackeyed peas and rice, chopped onions and sliced bacon. Some recipes use ham hocks, fatback, country sausage or smoked turkey parts instead of bacon. This dish bears a strong resemblance to Ghana’s usaakye made with black-eyed peas, rice, and sorghum leafs (a spinach like leafy green), and limestone - used as a tenderizer. Okra: Whether it’s stewed, fried, or baked, okra has become the cornerstone of soul food despite it’s African origins. Okra is likely native to Ethiopia, and made its way to the Americas in the 18th century. In Africa, okra was used to thicken soup, as a coffee substitute, and even to make rope. In the Deep South, okra is usually served fried. It is also used in gumbo and served over rice. Fun fact: The word okra is derived from the Bantu word ki ngombo which translates into English as gumbo. Pork is the choice of a lot of soul food dishes, where barbecue is an art form.

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In its earlier incarnation, pork was salted and smoked for preservation. Cheap cuts of meat, such as the head, ribs, feet, and internal organs were reserved for enslaved Africans. In order to mask the poor flavor, they drew upon traditional African cooking methods to season these meats by using a combination of hot red peppers and vinegar, which served as the base of different barbecue sauces that are still used today. BBQ actually originated in the Caribbean among the Taino Indian tribe, and was originally called barbacoa which means grilling on raised wood grate. Greens: Many cultures have boiled leafy greens; however, this cooking method was practiced the most in African countries like Ethiopia’s gomen wat - consisting of stewed collard greens, with meat or Ghana’s kontomire -collard greens with tomatoes, onion, smoked salmon, shrimp and palm oil. In America, greens are a common soul food side dish. The juices are causally known as potlikker and eaten with cornbread. Other popular soul food staples include, but not limited to: fried catfish, chitterlings or chitlins, cabbage, candied yams, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, sweet potato pie, oxtails, peach cobbler, banana pudding, and pigs feet. However, the most popular soul food dish is fried chicken. Fried Chicken: Many different cultures fry chicken. However, the U. S. South’s version is the most iconic. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, only African Americans could make authentic fried chicken.Seasoned, coated in flour and fried to a crisp, fried chicken is sometimes referred to as the “Gospel bird,” because of its connection to Sunday church culture in the Black community. In the past, frying chicken created a sense of comfort in Black families and still does to this day. FYI: National Fried Chicken Day is celebrated on July 6th. Currently, forward thinking chefs are reimagining soul food as fine dining. Imaginative creations based on classic dishes, such as strawberry barbecue turkey wings or country fried hot

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chicken style lamb steak have elevated traditional soul food to another level of sophistication. Also, interesting starters like chitterling sausage with appleslaw, cornbread brioche a bread with French origins made with high egg and butter content giving it a light and fluffy consistency. Main course dishes like Oxtails Rillettes with foie gras mousse made

with Vidalia onions, muscadine gelee and truffle toast points paired with visionary cocktails such as the Green Eyed Bandit (Bristow gin mixed with collard green juice, green apple, lime, quick pickles and Kumgust marmalade) does not abandon their soul food past, but gives them a new role in the culinary present.

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Crystal Manning: The Triple Threat

By Kaillaby rystal Manning is a force to be reckoned with. The ath- pandemic to grow your brand? lete/model/philanthropist has been breaking records and CM- Yes, I have added the platform called tiktok as I wanted winning awards in sports since 2007. to stay up on the current trends. Tiktok is really fun and alot The Dallas native attended Cedar Hill High School, where of people utilize dancing videos. My tiktok is used to post she held the Most Valuable Track Athlete title for two con- workout videos. All of my social media media accounts via secutive years in a row. She has since transitioned from IG, Twitter are under the account name:Crystaljumps award-winning track and field star to the USA’s best triple jumper by 2019, overcoming obstacles such as a major inju- SoulandSalsa- You just signed an endorsement deal with luxury sports brand Carbon 38, congratulations! How did ry, personal sacrifice, and the pandemic. that happen and what can you tell us about your collaboraRecently, we caught up with Crystal, who filled us in on tion? overcoming the pandemic, what it was like speaking with former President Barack Obama, and what the future looks CM- Carbon 38 is a good company to partner with. They have the most amazing athletic/leisure clothing. Carbon 38 like for a top-ranking triple jump star. reached out to me on the collaboration with top luxury deSoulandSalsa -What was it like speaking with former Pres- signers. The experience has been a great way to boost my athletic brand as well as my love for fashion. I started modelident Obama? ing at the age of 6. My passion for fashion still lives within. CM- It was an amazing experience speaking with former President Barack Obama. I was definitely trying to remain SoulandSalsa- Your IG profile mentions that you’re a global calm while speaking with him. The energy, his voice and giver, can you give us a glimpse into your charitable and delivery just resonated with me. President Barack Obama philanthropy work? controls any room he walks into effortlessly. This was a huge accomplishment on my journey, a surreal experience and an CM- I do a lot of private giving to charities, families, and individuals across the world. honor to have the amazing opportunity. SoulandSalsa- Could you give us some details as to the na- Currently working as the president of In The Spirit Entertainment on awareness events. ture of the conversation? CM- At the moment I can not but it was all positive things to Athletes for Hope organization, Potters House, Hillsong help the United States and the entire world. Communication United, Global Citizen and the is a powerful tool that continues to reflect broader changes Lebron James Family Foundation are just a few I have supin our world. ported. SoulandSalsa- Did you face any training setbacks during the pandemic?


CM-Yes, I did. As an Olympic athlete I have to train every day and because of the pandemic all of that stopped. Everything in America was shut down. Although places opened in other parts of nation Los Angeles, California was still shut down. L.A had high cases of Covid-19 the outbreak was growing rapidly by the hour, minute and second. We were ordered to stay inside and to not gather with anyone that is not from our household. The only reason we were allowed to be out was for necessities and emergencies. As a USA triple jumper, it is extreme training that is required. I had to create unique ways to train. I built a home gym on my own but it did not have everything I needed to sustain and build strength. The local park became my new track. The new training system with the park and the home gym was my new normal. SoulandSalsa- How did you work around that? CM- I stayed focused and determined to reach and achieve all of my goals that were set for Olympic trials. SoulandSalsa- Did you utilize any new platforms during the

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Crystal Manning: The Triple Threat SoulandSalsa- Tell us about In The Spirit Entertainment.

SoulandSalsa- Where do you want to travel for fun?

CM - I am the President of this amazing company with the highest professional standards while promoting the Arts, Culture & Health/Wellness. In the Spirit Entertainment is an independent organization that was started in 2015 which seeks funding by government, foundation, corporate and individual support. Our focus is to educate and provide opportunities for independent artists, in the field of Arts and Entertainment, including, animation, film, music, television and stage plays. Along with artists with aspirations to excel as actors, comedians, musicians, directors, producers, singers and writers. Our goal and my push is to continue to promote health and wellness to countless people that are suffering from serious health issues, especially now since COVID 19 pandemic, and mental health awareness that is at an all time high. At the present time we are in Ghana, Canada and USA. The goal is to add health awareness in all events and projects moving forward.

CM- Hawaii would be the ideal location to travel for fun. Hawaii has beautiful beaches and the culture is very intriguing. I am excited for the luau dances. SoulandSalsa- What are your go-to items when packing your travel bag? CM- I make sure I have dresses, heels, makeup, green tea serum, and most importantly my jewelry and purses to match outside of my workout gear. SoulandSalsa- What are you up to now and what are your future goals?

SoulandSalsa- What’s your relationship with fashion?

CM- Right now, just working on being the best version of myself and that is my goal. Goal sets; is to get muscles stronger in the weight room. To design fashion on a larger scale, the crystal jumps fitness and clothing line. Work on In The Spirit Entertainment to complete awareness events as well as produce films in different countries.

CM- Fashion is my first love so I incorporate it with my track outfits. Once for black history month at a USA track & field indoor national championship I designed and wore a Michael Jackson inspired uniform with the glitter glove and all. The uniform design made track & field news and received extreme notoriety. My everyday look is a fashionable dress or skirt set. The fashion looks are paired with matching jewelry, sunglasses and purses.

When not putting in the hours in training, Crystal is an actress, model, and youth mentor leader. She is involved with In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, which empowers the arts through health and wellness. On Crystal’s growing list of expertise is fashion design. The clothes she wears on the runway while competing, and the clothes she wears off, are her original pieces. You can follow Crystal Manning’s journey on IG: @crystaljumps.

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Anime Streetwear: It’s For The Culture

n the 2010s, a new wave of fashion began to surface from the underground nerd and blerd scene. This style of apparel would combine vibrant prints, striking graphics, and supreme Japanese art, paying homage to an art style that has influenced the arts and culture for decades: anime streetwear. According to, one of the first appearances of anime in streetwear came from the 90s skating scene in Cali. “The first notable crossover between anime and streetwear came back in the ‘90s when artist Jeremy Klein put Hentai-style drawings of [a] women’s body on Hook-Ups’ skate decks.”. Later, anime fans would be treated to crossovers from some of the biggest names in urban wear, such as Bape X One Piece, Supreme X Akira, Adidas X Dragonball Z, and Air Jordan X Slam Dunk. Although anime collaborations can be found throughout fashion history, it wasn’t until recently that we began to see streetwear brands whose entire collections were centered around Japanese animation. Before anime streetwear was introduced to U.S. mass markets, anime fans were given limited options and would have to seek anime apparel through specialty shops like Hot Topic, custom sites like, or try their luck at their local department store. Although licensed anime memorabilia was available, there was a desire for something more fashionable as Agustin Yujin, founder of anime apparel brand Yujin, articulates, “We were tired of seeing only regular designs, and couldn’t find a place to buy some fashionable Anime Streetwear clothing, so we thought: Why not? Maybe some-

one like you shares our passion for the culture.”

Anime streetwear combines the high-quality flair of casual streetwear with the passion of anime fandom. It was born from the hearts of fans of the Japanese art style who didn’t feel like their love of anime culture was adequately represented in fashion and decided to take matters into their own hands. “As years went on, I kept wishing that there was a tasteful clothing brand that represented this part of me. A brand that celebrated the beauty of the art, culture, and styles born from manga, but there was nothing. Nothing I would be proud of wearing, at least, not for a long time.”- Wesley Zhang, CEO of anime streetwear brand Bibi Sama.

Anime streetwear has come a long way, expanding from the basic selection of graphic tees and hoodies to premium sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, denim jackets, varsity jackets, and more. Brands like Kaomoji, a Netherlands-based brand that has been slaying anime streetwear since 2015, have taken it a step further with their eye-catching accessories and decorative face masks. Collaborations are crucial in the anime streetwear community; brands often partner with independent artists worldwide to achieve high-quality anime aesthetics. It’s not uncommon to see collaborations among streetwear brands and popular anime franchises who join forces to produce official licensed products for the culture, such as Hypland’s recent collaboration with Naruto. Wearing anime apparel isn’t just trendy; it’s an identifier. It unites a subgroup of people and grants them something they’ve been missing in pop culture all along: a sense of belonging. Considering the magnitude of Otaku culture, it won’t be long before we’re introduced to more anime-themed designers, trends, and brands. For now, you can check these brands out at their online stores, on social media, or at your local anime conventions.

Teen’s Tech Wish List

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By Janina Akporavbare



any teenagers crave freedom. An easy way to get this is by obtaining a driver’s license and a car. However, most teens do no just want any car, they want a Tesla. It is not shocking because Tesla has soared in popularity in the coming year. The new design, the fact that they are environmentally friendly, and the price drop have made them very attractive.

their work done. “I must have a new IPad because it helps you so much, ‘’ said Erin. “I use it to take notes for class.” AirPods 3rd Generation

Kaylene, a senior in highschool, agrees with this fact and wants one herself. “I would like a Tesla for New Year’s,” she said “ You can do so much with them. Plus, I could go anywhere.”

Everyone enjoys listening to music. Apple has reinvented it to say that people do so. AirPods make listening to music more personal and enjoyable. They also allow for students to enjoy their favorite tunes anytime. This is why many teenagers will be asking for the latest AirPods. “I spend a lot of time listening to music,” said Tori. “I really would like new AirPods so that I can continue this habit.”

IPad Pro

iPhone 13

Nowadays, schools have gone completely paperless. Students use technology to complete their homework. Therefore, it is no surprise that many young adults want the newest verisimilitude of the IPad. It’s new features will make it even easier for them to get

The newest iPhone has gotten on many people’s list. With its new features, this is not a surprise. Many teenagers want to upgrade their phones. This was a key candidate. Even though it can cost up to $1000, people will want it. This is because it has improved battery life,

better camera, faster charging, and improved video making capabilities. Thus, teenagers can capture their lives vividly and make professional tiktoks with it. While doing this, they do not have to worry about it dying. Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watches can now do everything phones can do. Plus, they are small and easy to carry around. For athletes, this is great because they can track their movements, helping them reachtheir goals. For students, they have entertainment everywhere. So even when teachers tell them to put away their phones, many still are able to utilize their Apple Watches. This is why it is not surprising that the Apple Watch Series 7 is a must have New Year’s gift. The new design has even gone above its predecessors. The watch has a bigger screen, new colors, brighter display, faster charging, and more durable. This makes it the perfect gift.

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4 Fantastic Places to Eat on or Near San Antonio’s River Walk

he most visited tourist destination in Texas, the San Antonio River Walk gets 11.5 million visitors every year. Known as one of the most romantic spots in one of the most beautiful cities in Texas, the River Walk hosts around 225 weddings each year. Annual events include the upcoming Day of the Dead River Parade, a televised event on Friday, October 29 at 7:30 PM, and Christmas Caroling on the river barges. Unbelievably, the San Antonio River was almost drained and redirected underground in the 1920s to solve the periodic flooding problem. Fortunately for us and the $800 million tourist dollars it brings in each year to the city, architects devised a plan to control the flooding and tame the river with a sense of style rivaling Venice. Although work on the River Walk was put on hold during the Depression, in 1939 the WPA (Works Progress Administration) dedicated $325,000 to complete the River Walk. Outside the city center to the south, the River Walk has now been extended into a biking-hiking trail that connects each of San Antonio’s four missions, built

in the mostly Romanesque style in the 1700s. In total, it actually spans more than 15 miles total. Just 2 1/2 miles of it, however, wind through downtown lined with the shops, hotels, romantic restaurants, and night clubs we typically think of as “the River Walk.”

statas with a prickly pear margarita and a sampling of Texas tapas at Boudro’s have you experienced the best in contemporary classic Texas cuisine. Plus, this is a great place for seafood and traditional Tex-Mex dishes as well. 421 E Commerce St.

No doubt, a river boat tour is a convenient way to hit all the highlights efficiently so you’ll have plenty of time for the main attraction: delicious food and libations.

Tony G’s Soul Food

Here are some of the best ethnic eateries on the river: Casa Rio Founded in 1946, Casa Rio was the very first restaurant to open on the new River Walk, so it’s situated in a great location just down the street from the Alamo and the old Joske’s Department Store building (now the Shops at Rivercenter). Indeed, this is one of the best places to enjoy mariachis out on the patio. 430 E Commerce St Boudro’s Not until you’ve had the blue crab to-

Although it’s not technically on the River Walk, it’s not very far away and worth the trip if you’re looking for the best soul food in San Antonio. The menu includes amazing catfish, fried chicken, pork chops, yams, and even unforgettable tacos. Indoor/outdoor dining in a family friendly environment. Don’t miss the all you can eat jazz brunch on Sundays. 915 S Hackberry Ocho Called the “Most Beautifully Designed Bar” in Texas, Ocho is actually part of the Havana Hotel. With a rich Cuban-Mexican influence, it is considered perhaps the best restaurant in San Antonio (with plenty of competition!). They serve awesome breakfast dishes, including Sweet Plantain Griddle Cakes. For dinner try the rack of lam

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4 Fantastic Places to Eat on or Near San Antonio’s River Walk

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