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What Are The Benefits Of PDF Document Sharing Over The Internet? Exchange of business information & details with potential users and clients have always been a more critical and important aspect for the businesses. Today, businesses use various free online document sharing sites to share their business documents, corporate presentations and other confidential papers with their targeted users and clients. However, exchange of simple Word or PowerPoint Documents over online doc sharing sites is not always a safe option as anyone can download and change the visual elements and affect the integrity of your business document. This at the end affects your business and brand. However, one of the best possible ways to get rid of such issues to convert your Word or PowerPoint documents into a PDF file format.

Instead of using conventional Word files, using PDF in online document sharing sites may be a far better option as it offers an immense benefit. First and most important benefit that you can leverage from is the cross platform compatibility. Whenever you share files with the clients or users, you may not aware about what kind file format their operating system supports. Using PDF files, you can easily get rid of this issue as it supported by all the platforms, including mobile devices. One of the biggest threat of sharing typical word documents on free online document sharing sites is that users can easily change the visual elements like graphics, images etc. included within the document. This can heavily affect the overall integrity and credibility of your document. However, portable document format (PDF) easily helps you preserve the visual elements present within the document. High-end security is the other benefit that you can leverage from PDF documents. It supports high level of encryption and security measures. It enables you to set a password to

restrict the unauthorized access to the documents over the internet. Moreover, all the PDF documents are in “Read Only� form, which means no one can edit or modify the contents. There are very less chances that these files get infected by virus, malware or any other attacks, which makes them a preferable choice by the giant organizations willing to share confidential and sensitive business details online. Moreover, you can also incorporate various hyperlinks, file attachments, audio, video and so on to make it more interactive for the end users.

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What Are The Benefits Of PDF Document Sharing Over The Internet?