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A beginner’s guide to weSRCH

What is weSRCH ? weSRCH Invites you to upload Video, PDF, Presentation and Press Releases publically to the weSRCH website. You can download any file hosted on the site and amend it to complete your requirements. It also lets you implant your presentations on your own blogs, websites and also allow you to share them on social media websites like Facebook, Linked in, Twitter.

What is weSRCH ? ďƒ˜On weSRCH our seo team also promote your uploaded content manually on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Linkedin with taking care not being spam at the same time as well. ďƒ˜We also provide premium features for free to some press releases that has good content and it gets extra benefits of increasing its online presence.

1) Create an Account To start, go to and click on “Register” in the top right hand corner. Create your Account. You will get a verification email in your inbox and need to verify your email to complete the registration process on weSRCH.

Registration Process

2) Upload Process Once you create your account, you will be able to publish content on weSRCH. By Clicking on Publish Button you will get Next screen.

2) Upload Process

2) Upload Process Here... You need to select main domain for which you want to publish your content. 5 Options are there Select the relevant to your topic. Electronics Medical Business Energy Afterhours

2) Upload Process To upload paper please upload PDF file by clicking on browse option. To upload press release you will have two options either upload file or add text in text box at bottom of the page.

2) Upload Process

2) Upload Process ďƒ˜Once the file is uploaded click on go and you will be redirected to the next page for uploading process on weSRCH.

2) Upload Process On this page you need to upload a small icon that should be a part of your PDF. Insert Paper/Press Release Title Insert Author Name Select the exact category and subcategory.

2) Upload Process Putting Keywords and Phrases over here will help people to find your content once they search. i.e. If you have place a keyword “free press release submission” your paper or press release will appear when some one searches “Free Press Release Submission”.

3) Keep content Private / Public

ďƒ˜weSRCH also provides a facility to make your content private, if you don’t want to add it right now publically, you can make it private and can publish it later on.

4) Sponsor Process ďƒ˜Before uploading your paper or Press Release on weSRCH you can Sponsor it by checking sponsor box.

5) Schedule Process ďƒ˜weSRCH provides you facility to schedule your content to publish it later on selected date and time. i.e. if you are working as an SEO and your client or manager wants some number of content to be published on Internet then weSRCH is one of the best option for you.

5) Schedule Process ďƒ˜You just need to go through the entire process and check box of schedule paper for publishing. ďƒ˜Once you click on that next screen will appear in front of you.

5) Schedule Process

5) Schedule Process ďƒ˜Here you just need to select the date and time when and at what time you want your content to be published on weSRCH.

6) Preview Process ďƒ˜Preview your paper completely with this option. ďƒ˜If you want to edit any thing just click on edit option or you can publish your content from here as well.

7) Delete Process ďƒ˜Here you just need to select the date and time when and at what time you want your content to be published on weSRCH. ďƒ˜You can also delete your content any time by clicking on delete option at the bottom of the content.

Wesrch Tutorial