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By Sophie Ottewell

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This report will aim to highlight the opportunities and threats launching the UK lingerie brand Boux Avenue into the US. Through analysis and research of both the lingerie market and differences between the US and UK consumer, the report will conclude with a detailed marketing strategy plan on how Boux Avenue may optimise their UK potential and launch their brand into the US Market.


Methodology Methodology <No intersecting link>

Research Objectives

Secondary Research

To gain general thoughts and perceptions of the lingerie market within the UK.

Online - Mintel, Euromonitor, etc.

To gain an insight into consumers thoughts on Boux Avenue as a brand.

Magazines & Journals.

To determine Boux Avenue’s strengths and weaknesses within the industry to determine how they may maximise their potential within the UK, ahead of their launch into the US.

Social Platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Primary Research



An online survey was created to find out current perceptions on the UK lingerie market. This survey was distributed amongst social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Focus Group – 8 People Email Interview with Boux Avenue Press Officer Competitor store analysis

The Miss B Blog

A paper survey was then conducted within Derby and Nottingham to enable more knowledge to be gained on Boux Avenue as a brand and its perceptions.


A short email interview was conducted with the current Boux Avenue press officer. The press officer was unable to respond to any of the questions asked due to company policy, but did provide a short outline on the brands current target consumer.

Online Survey – 87 Respondents

A focus group was also conducted to gain a deeper insight into the brand. This was with 8 females aged between 18 and 30.

Paper Survey – 72 Respondents

Various competitor stores were visited both within the UK and US to enable an analysis of their in store environments and a comparison of this to UK Boux Avenue stores.


Brand History Methodology <No intersecting link>

Boux Avenue is launched initially with the opening of six stores and the launch of


Boux Avenue won Global RLI Awards for Rising Star of the Year 2012

2011 Jacqui Ainsley announced as face of Boux Avenue


Boux Avenue won UK Retailer of the Year 2013

#LucyLovesBoux - Lucy Watson for Boux Avenue Campaign



2016 Boux Avenue won UK Retailer of the Year 2014

The Story So Far

Fig 5

(, 2016)

Fig 6


Brand Overview Methodology <No intersecting link>

Current UK Performance Boux Avenue currently with 28 stores in the UK, saw like for like increase in sales of 8.3%, building on 31.7% last year, as well as increased gross margin. (, 2016) Boux Avenues current strong financial position within UK provides the brand with a strength as they launch themselves into the US. The brand will be able to utilise their profits within the UK, to create a unique and compelling presence within America.


“Placing an unrivalled emphasis on detail, Boux Avenue strives to bring a slice of stylish sophistication to everybody’s lingerie drawer.” (, 2016)

Positioning Statement

Brand Essence


Mission Statement

“Born out of a love for lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and all things romantic, Boux Avenue brings traditional service, superior fit and outstanding quality to a modern and beautiful setting.”


“No matter what your age, size or style Boux Avenue is an inclusive brand for everybody. Available in sizes 28-38, A-G cups and sizes 6-18. With an unrivalled eye for detail and passion for customer service, Boux Avenue is your ultimate destination whether you’re looking for everyday essentials or something a little sexier.” (, 2016)


Brand Health Methodology <No intersecting link>



of online survey said that Boux Avenue were their favourite lingerie brand.



of paper survey said that they currently use Boux Avenue products.



of paper survey said that they had heard of Boux Avenue.

A brand health audit determines that although the brand is currently doing well financially, in order to keep these profits and gain market share, they need to work on improving their brand satisfaction. Results from quantitative research conducted suggests that Boux Avenue currently have a high brand awareness within the UK. Furthermore, 30% of respondents from the paper survey said that Boux Avenue came to mind when they thought of lingerie brands. However, evidence from an online survey conducted suggests that brand satisfaction is low as only 16% stated Boux Avenue as their favourite lingerie brand.

“I have never bought anything from the Boux Avenue website, it needs improving” “The staff in store seemed inexperienced and didn’t really know what they were doing” “I love how Boux Avenue caters for people with larger busts like me” A focus group allowed for a deeper insight into consumers thoughts on the Boux Avenue brand. Many commented on the stores attempt to provide personalised bra fitting and in store experiences, however many said staff seemed to lack training in the area. Positive comments on the brand were based around their ability to cater for larger sizes, their branding and packaging.


Social Audit Methodology <No intersecting link>

Social Followings Fig 8

Fig 7



52k+ 3.6k+ 500+

Analysis Through conducting an audit of the Boux Avenue social channels, it is evident that Facebook is their most utilised platform. In an interview with the Boux Avenue press officer, it was stated that Boux Avenue are looking to change their focus to a younger target market. Less than two-fifths of Facebook’s adult user base in the US is aged 18 to 34 - meaning if Boux Avenue want to target younger users, they also need to utilise other platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. One platform which may Boux Avenue may benefit from utilising is Snapchat. This allows a more intimate connection with the consumer and is favoured more by a younger demographic. One strength of Boux Avenue’s social presence is the use of their blog and ‘Miss B’ character. All updates on both the brands blog and social media is signed off ‘Love Miss B x’ which enhances the brands direct connection with the consumer and creates a personalised brand experience.


Fig 9

Only 3% of the the brands traffic came from their social platforms (, 2016) –which further highlights Boux Avenue’s need to utilise different social platforms. Boux Avenue need to consider the different ways they may monetize their social platforms. Examples of how they may do this includes: - - - -

Using hashtags on social media to create user generated content Offer exclusive deals and discounts to social media followers Utilising their affiliate programme to collaborate with popular social influencers such as bloggers and vloggers. Signing up to partnership programmes such as RewardStyle which en ables bloggers to post shoppable links to products on their Instagram profiles and other social media accounts.


SWOT Analysis Methodology <No intersecting link>

This SWOT will aim to highlight Boux Avenue’s current strengths and weaknesses within the UK. It will also display the opportunities and threats that they as a brand need to consider when launching into the US.



Strong brand loyalty

Minimum optimisation of all social media channels

Miss B Blog Strong online presence for current target consumer - Facebook Positive Financial Position with the UK

Unclear distinction between two target markets Lack of brand awareness Lack of skilled staff and training

Broad range of product sizes

Poor website usability and aesthetics



The growing lingerie market in the US Utilise new technology within both their stores and online Creation of a sub brand

It can be seen that the brand, although successful, currently holds many areas for improvement within the UK. In order to gain a strong foothold within the US market, Boux Avenue need to work on removing these weaknesses within their brand before they market themselves overseas. Some early strategy ideas for UK optimisation are as follows: •

Make use of all social media platforms, mainly the platforms which target the brands new younger demographic e.g Insta gram, Pinterest, Youtube etc.

Create a sub brand which will clearly define the two different consumer types Boux Avenue are trying to target

• Invest in staff training programmes and the latest in-store tech nology’s •

Ability to utilise the ‘Miss B’ character Utilisation of macro and micro trends to stand out against competitors


Variety of competitors with the US market Lack of brand awareness and loyalty within the US

Relaunch of the Boux Avenue website


Macro Trends Methodology <No intersecting link>

Sustainability & Ethics

Health & Wellness

“Mounting awareness and concern surround the scale, complexity, and interdependence of shared social and environmental challenges globally.” (, 2016)

“People of all ages are more proactively addressing their health a in more holistic and personalized manner.” (, 2016)

Impact on the future As debates on subjects such as global warming increases, consumers will demand more knowledge on how and where brands products are made.

Impact on the future Consumers will begin to favour brands who have the ability to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Impact on Boux Avenue Sustainability is a trend which is extremely popular within the fashion industry, as more and more brands are beginning to create eco-friendly ranges. This is something a very small amount of lingerie brands have caught onto. Boux Avenue have the opportunity to create an eco-friendly lingerie range which will consist of products made from ethically sourced fibres. Creating a range such as this will give Boux Avenue a strong USP and competitive edge.

Impact on Boux Avenue Although not a trend which is typically addressed with the lingerie market, due to the rise of consumers caring about their health and well-being, lingerie brands are beginning to incorporate athleisure wear into their product ranges. The health and wellness trend is about consumers feeling better about their lifestyle and within themselves, it contributes to self-esteem, which is where the trend and the lingerie market go hand in hand. Many lingerie brands already stock sportswear, but this something Boux Avenue have yet to branch out into.

Smart & Connected “In a hyper-connected, technology-enabled society, consumers seamlessly integrate the use of multiple technologies into their lives and buying behavior.” (, 2016) Implications for future Technology constantly becoming more and more advanced means that consumers will expect businesses to utilise the newest technologies within their marketing strategies. Impact on Boux Avenue Boux Avenue can utilise new technologies both within their online and in-store environments to create personalised and seamless experiences. Boux Avenue needs to ensure that they are constantly improving and updating their e-commerce and social media platforms.

Fig 10


Micro Trends Methodology <No intersecting link>

Bodily Esteem

Connected Vanity

Consumers challenge the mainstream by openly celebrating body diversity. (, 2016)

Industrialised spaces incorporate digitally optimised mirrors for user appeal.(, 2016)

Impact on Boux Aveue Something which competitors Victoria’s Secret have been scrutinised about in the press is their use of models with figures of unrealistic standards. Consumers are now tired of seeing unattainable body standards featured within fashion campaigns. By featuring a variety of models in all shapes and sizes within their campaign, Boux Avenue will have the opportunity to highlight their broad range of product sizes, but also appeal to the everyday consumer who wants an accurate portrayal of how they may look in the brands lingerie.

Impact on Boux Avenue By featuring digitally optimised mirrors within their changing rooms, Boux Avenue will be able to rival the likes of Victoria’s Secret in the US. These mirrors could address issues with finding the perfect size bra without the use of trained staff. The mirrors could allow consumers to try products on in different colours and materials, without actually having to get changed. These mirrors could work alongside the app mentioned beforehand and allow Boux Avenue to track consumer purchases and reward customers for visiting and trying products on in store.

Functional Appvertisement Branded content extends into useful, problem-solving apps. (, 2016) Impact on Boux Avenue Apps are now being used as problem solvers for brands. In reaction to this trend, Boux Avenue could create an app which goes above and beyond the usual online shopping ability, but allows consumers to find their perfect bra fit on their smartphone. Consumer’s favourite styles and shapes could be saved and product offers could be tailored to the individual consumers purchase habits. Furthermore, consumers can be let in the know of similar styles the brand offers which will match the consumer’s preferences.

Fig 11


Market Health Methodology <No intersecting link>

Fig 12

Market Facts Technavio’s analysts forecast the global online lingerie market to grow at a CAGR of 17.25% during the period 2016-2020. (, 2016)

Fig 13

Victoria’s Secret is the world’s largest women’s undergarment seller, accounting for about half of lingerie sales in the US, a market estimated ¬at $11.94 billion in 2013 according to research firm IBIS World. (The Business of Fashion, 2014) In a cultural quirk that sets it apart from the US and Europe, the UK’s underwear market is led by high street retailer Marks & Spencer, which holds a 26 percent market share. (The Business of Fashion, 2014) “Lingerie collections have evolved to mirror the breadth and pace of seasonal ready to wear collections,” explained Lydia King, buying manager at Selfridges. (The Business of Fashion, 2014)

Market research from Euromonitor shows the extensive growth the lingerie market has seen both within the UK and US within recent years.


Competitor Analysis Methodology <No intersecting link>



Strong brand loyalty Strong social media presence


USP – Annual fashion show

Negative media coverage surrounding unrealistic models

High profile models as celebrity ambassadors

High rate of product fakes created online

A competitor analysis (Appendix 3) has allowed a distinction of both US and UK competitors for Boux Avenue within the lingerie market. From the analysis, it can be concluded that going forward into the US, Victoria’s Secret is highlighted as one of Boux Avenue’s main competitors with their similar product ranges and high quality in-store experiences.

Strong branding consistency

Does not cater for larger size ranges

A SWOT will be conducted for Victoria’s Secret to determine how Boux Avenue may outshine their competitors within the US.

Higher price points than competitors

Although Victoria’s Secret show to be a tough competitor with their strengths heavily outweighing their weaknesses, Boux Avenue currently hold the advantage over Victoria’s Secret. A growing bra size population means that Boux Avenue’s broad range of sizes hold a USP over Victoria’s Secret. The most important thing for Boux Avenue to consider when launching into the US is how they will market this USP and make their in-store experiences rival with the top quality of Victoria’s Secret.

Memorable in-store experience Financial Stability Oligopoly Diverse product ranges

Opportunities Opportunity to embrace plus size market and models Utilisation of new technologies within stores and online purchases Further international expansion

Threats Growing US Lingerie market and online start-ups Lower priced brands and products Bad publicity


PEST Analysis Methodology <No intersecting link>


UK – The EU Referendum “Britain’s special relationship with the US would be significantly damaged if Britain leaves the EU, according to a former US Treasury secretary” (Asthana, 2016)

The uncertainty caused by the EU Referendum means that businesses are unable to plan for the future. If Boux Avenue’s trading within Europe is harmed, it is uncertain of whether this will affect financial figures for the business. Launching into the US at a time of uncertainty means Boux Avenue are unable to determine the likelihood of what may happen. The UK leaving the EU will affect exports, imports and competiveness.

UK - The UK unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest rate in more than a decade but wage growth Consumers have more income –- higher has slowed. (BBC News, demand for luxury goods. 2016) US - The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 4.7 percent in May (CNBC, 2016)

Harder to recruit and find the perfect candidates – crucial for Boux Avenue as they need to provide a good service.

Higher sense of job security means US - The latest inflation that Boux Avenue staff may be happier rate for the United States and more motivated in the workplace. is 1.1% through the 12 months ended April 2016, Rising inflation rates in both the UK as published by the US and US will cause for a high level of government on May 17, business uncertainty in terms of cost 2016. (US Inflation Calcuand prices for Boux Avenue. Launching lator, 2016) into the US at a time of uncertainty may be a risk for the brand. US - Higher gas prices will push up the cost of a Importing Boux Avenue products into variety of goods, they say, the US will currently be costly. Boux while a weakening dollar Avenue needs to financially account will make imports more for this within it’s strategy. expensive. (Bartash, 2016)


UK - The population is also ageing with all regions seeing a faster growth in those aged 65 and over than in younger age groups.” (Collinson, 2016) US - More than a quarter of eligible US population using mobile payments (Mobile World Live, 2016) UK - the percentage of women purchasing online increased from 49% in 2008 to 75% in 2015. (The Guardian, 2016)

An aging population means more consumers of an older demographic. This is beneficial for Boux Avenue as although they are targeting a younger consumer primarily, they also are popular with older generations for the use of their loungewear ranges. An increase in mobile payments means Boux Avenue needs to ensure that their mobile site is optimised to provide a fast and easy transaction service. An increase in online shopping also directly affects the environment in terms of the increasing amount of delivery vans on the road. In order to gain a positive environmental image Boux Avenue may want to consider ways they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Many woman are now speaking out about their rights and demanding equality within the world. Boux Avenue recently sparked fury from consumers when they UK/US – Feminisim featured a woman doing the washing withIn recent years, debates in their window displays. This offended on social media and in the consumers as they believe the displays to media have made the subbe outdated and sexist. Feminism is a cruject of Feminism a huge cial trend for lingerie brands in terms of trend them having the ability to empower woman and make them feel their best.


PEST Analysis Methodology <No intersecting link>

The US Consumer UK Consumers are three times more likely to be careful spenders than those in the US. (Marketing Week, 2014)


UK/USA - The line is blurring further between customers’ physical and digital interactions with the stores they visit. (Tynan, 2016)

Results from featuring digital innovations instore can be extremely positive in terms of profits and customer satisfaction. However, the research and development costs can be extensive. Therefore, Boux Avenue would need to ensure that they have the correct finical ability to encourage such experiences into their store. This may mean launching new technologies within a select few larger stores.

UK/USA - Forbes calls Omni-channel retailing is now expectmobile the “solution to ed by consumers as they strive to be an omnichannel world” able to seamless integrate their devicbecause of the way these es into their everyday retail experidevices create the bridge ences. A creation of an app will allow between in-store and digiBoux Avenue to react to this, however, tal worlds. (Bratt, 2016) Boux Avenue need to be able to use Omni-channel retailing to collect data about their consumers so they are able to offer the very best products and services, in the right place, at the right time.

- Boux Avenue currently market themselves as a “luxury brand with affordable prices” within the UK. However, due to the above mentioned fact, there may be an opportunity for Boux Avenue to market themselves as a higher priced luxury brand within the US.

Americans are five times more likely to be self-confident than Brits. (Marketing Week, 2014) -

Self-confidence is a crucial factor in the purchasing of lingerie in terms of how the particular garment makes a consumer feel.

US consumers are more affected by emotive advertising. (Marketing Week, 2014) -

Emotive advertising should be a strong consideration for a lin gerie brand with product being connected with the subjects of love, sex and relationships. Boux Avenue’s Miss B character could be incorporated into the brands advertising campaigns to create an emotive story

In the US 66% of all time spent researching products is done on mobile devices. (Marketing Week, 2014) -

This statistic proves that mobile optimisation is key for Boux Avenue moving into the US. The Boux Avenue is currently opti mised for mobile usage, however, the brand may want to consid er creating an app to make purchasing easier for consumers on their smartphones.


Brand Positioning Methodology <No intersecting link>

Fig 14

High Price

Analysis Luxury



Low Price

Within the UK, Boux Avenue finds itself positioned at a mid-price in between the areas of Practicality and Luxury. From looking at the map, it would be said that Boux Avenue may benefit from steering their marketing towards being a luxury brand, as it is a less saturated market. However, their large range of practical sizes are something Boux Avenue are famous for, so they should not neglect this. One way in which Boux Avenue can position themselves as a practical brand with a more luxury edge is through providing cutting edge in-store experiences and personalised touches.


Brand Positioning Methodology <No intersecting link>

Fig 15

High Price

Analysis Style



Low Price

The creation of a US brand positing map enables for a viewpoint into the current gaps in the market within the US. The two main identified is Comfort & Low Price, and Style & Low Price. Boux Avenue prides itself on the same customer service experience as Victoria’s Secret but at slightly reduced prices. Boux Avenue has therefore been placed in between the brands Victoria’s Secret and Aerie – two brands who currently rival each other within the US Market. By positioning themselves between the two, Boux Avenue may have the chance to broaden their consumer landscape and grasp the attentions of both of these retailers’ consumers.


Consumer Profiles Methodology Fig 16

<No intersecting link>

Target Market “Our target market is very wide-ranging from early 20s through to mid 30’s as a core consumer, but we also reach an older market with loungewear and accessories, and are aiming to target the 18-24 segment going forward this year.” (Harris,2016) In an interview with the Boux Avenue press officer, she stated that Boux Avenue have a few different consumer types. The two main being the 18-24 and early 20s to mid 30’s segments. These consumers and their attributes will be highlighted in the featured pen portraits. An emphasis will be on the 18-24 segment going forward to promote to the US market.

The Ideal US Consumer Demographics: Name: Lucy Martin Generation: Millennials Age: 22 Gender: Female Education: Strategic Design & Management (BBA) at Parsons New York Occupation: Student

Geographic’s: Urban/Rural: Urban

Hometown: New York, Manhattan Housing: Student Apartment

Physiographic and Behavioural: Lifestyle: Active and social student Hobbies: Blogging, Social Media, Shopping with friends & going for lunch. Lingerie purchases per month: 1-2 Purchase influences: Special Offers, Personal Treat, Special Occasions

The 20’s to mid 30’s consumer

Fig 17 Meet Isabelle, a 21 year old fashion student and retail assistant living within central London. She prides herself on always keeping up with the latest trends on a budget. She is a typically girly girl with her favourite colour being pink. She is constantly browsing through her Instagram feed to find new products. In her spare time she enjoys watching beauty vlogs, keeping fit and going for drinks with the girls.

Kate is a 30 year old business woman and mother. She works as a Marketing Manager in central Manchester and enjoys coming home to her little girl. She is recently engaged and spends her spare time planning her wedding, going for lunch with friends, and reading.


Ansoff Matrix Methodology <No intersecting link>

Existing Markets

Existing Products

New Products

Market Penetration

Product Development

Quicker development of new ranges to keep up to date with fashion trends and fast fashion.

Creation of a sub range to cater to younger markets – younger, fashion forward styles.

Creation of a loyalty scheme to reward consumers for their Boux Avenue purchases.

Expand into the Athleisure wear market to react to Health & Wellness trend.

Emphasis on promotion of Swimwear range as competitor Victoria’s Secret pulls out of selling swimwear.

Creation of eco-friendly lingerie range.

Further expansion and promotion of plus size ranges.

New Markets

Work alongside bloggers and vloggers to be ambassadors for Boux Avenue.

Market Development


Development of international franchise opportunities.

Branch into men’s underwear – create an in-store environment comfortable for both men and woman to shop for undergarments.

Use of social media to network with and create international online customer’s e.g promotion via international bloggers and influencers.

New product ranges e.g Beauty, Hair, Make-up, Skincare. (An ability to cater to the younger market)

Analysis An Ansoff Matrix analysis has been carried out to determine the most optimal strategy for Boux Avenue. In order to provide minimum risk, a mixture of Market Penetration and Market Development would be beneficial for the brand within the UK. However, launching into the US, the brand needs to determine ways to stand out within a heavily saturated market. A strategy of Diversification may be crucial for Boux Avenue to have the ability to differentiate themselves from competitors.


UK Methodology Strategy <No intersecting link>

Fig 18

SMART Objectives o

To increase sales by 40% in the next year from the 18-24 segment.


To increase brand satisfaction by 50% in the next year.


To increase traffic to the Boux Avenue website from social plat forms from 3% to 20% in the next 6 months.

Sub brand - Miss B In order to reach their new target demographic of the 18-24 segment, Boux Avenue may introduce a new sub brand – Miss B. The new sub brand will provide new ranges which cater for a more fashion forward, and younger consumer. It will also broaden the Boux Avenue current range offering by introducing skincare and make-up. The name ‘Miss B’ plays on the brands already present character which is utilised on social media platforms. The brand will be ideal to take over into the US as it will rival competitors Victoria’s Secret sub brand ‘Pink.’ It will also appeal to the US consumer’s preference of emotional marketing, with the opportunity of the Miss B character being utilised more within the brand and incorpo-

Fig 19

rated into a marketing campaign.

Fig 20


UK Methodology Strategy <No intersecting link>

Social Media

To build a stigma around the new Miss B brand before launch, separate social media profiles will be created for the brand featuring exclusive giveaways of products before their launch. Particular attention should be paid to social channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, as they target a younger demographic. Bloggers such as Sarah Ashcroft will be gifted products in exchange for a feature and review. The products being featured before launch by bloggers will give them a sense of exclusivity, allowing consumers to desire the products before launch.

Fig 21 - Example social media post

Introduction of a snapchat account will allow consumers to see behind the scenes action of the new brand coming to life. A snapchat filter could also be created to alert potential consumers of the new brand. After launch, introduction of a hashtag such as #MissBLoves will encourage users of the brand to create user generated content and potentially start a trend of social media.

Brand Satisfaction An audit of current staff should be carried out to ensure that all are correctly trained in customer service and bra fittings. Digitally optimised mirrors should be introduced into fitting rooms to enable consumers to find their perfect fit bra. Boux Avenue should complete a full redesign of their website. It should feature helpful sizing charts, customer reviews and live chats with â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Miss Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to allow consumers to get 24/7 help. An app should be created which enables consumers to find their perfect bra fit. This app will work alongside the digitally optimised mirrors in store in saving perfect recommendations and customer favourites. It could also work as a loyalty card to reward consumers with exclusive discounts.

Fig 22


US Methodology Strategy <No intersecting link>

SMART Objectives o

To gain an initial brand awareness within the US by enhancing sales from the market by 60% within the first year.


To increase social interactions with the brand by boosting their online followings by 30% over the next 6 months.

o To increase the amount of blogger/celebrity relations by 30% within the next 6 months by signing up to influencer programme RewardStyle.

US Market Entry

Fig 23

The US Market Entry Strategy for Boux Avenue will aim to incorporate the same strategy built for the UK along with more promotional events to gain new consumers from the US market. To ensure that the brand is not taking too many risks when launching into the US, the brand will first aim to introduce concessions within Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores to gain initial brand awareness. The concessions will still aim to incorporate innovate technologies such as digital mirrors, to rival the likes of Victoriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Secret. A specific emphasis will be put on the location of New York, as this is where the Boux Avenue story originates from. The brand will aim to launch within the US around Valentines Day, a time where sales are high for the lingerie market.

Fig 24

Fig 25


Promotion Plan Methodology <No intersecting link>

The Press Event

Place - In order to announce the launch of Boux Avenue into the US. A press event will be held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. The event will be held in the Eloise suite as it represents the girly and glam image that Boux Avenue portrays. Price - There will opportunity at the event to purchase Boux Avenue products after they have been fitted. Prices within the US will aim to slightly underpin the prices of Victoria’s Secret. Promotion - Promotion of the event will mainly be via social media coverage. A behind the scenes coverage will be documented on a live snapchat story and a dedicated geotag snapchat filter will be created for attendees at the event to use whilst at the event. All invitees will receive a pink ticket with details of the event beforehand. They will also leave with a goody bag with Boux Avenue products for them to review on their social accounts after the event. People - The event will aim to target the consumer profiles mentioned before in this report. The launch event will be invite only – the brand will aim to invite high profile bloggers, celebrities and social influencers to gain social coverage of the event and generate some buzz around the brand. The exclusivity of the event will aim to portray an exclusivity to the brand. A highlight of the event should be Boux Avenue’s range of products, so plus size bloggers will be invited to promote the brands larger range of sizes. A selection of staff will also be on hand at the event to create a similar atmosphere to what will be within Boux Avenue stores. The staff will be there to hand out refreshments, talk about the products, and provide free bra fittings. There will also be a talk at the event introducing the brands innovative digital mirror technology. Product - The event will aim to hold a small selection of each of Boux Avenue’s product ranges. It will not only feature Boux Avenue products, but also promote the new Miss B range. Ranges will be organised in size order, highlighting the range of sizes Boux Avenue have on offer.

Fig 26 Fig 27

Fig 28


Implementation Methodology Timeline Start of social media promotion for Miss B

Nov 2016

Dec 2016 Bloggers sent Miss B products for review

Relaunch of Boux Avenue website & launch of app

Dec 2016

Launch of Miss B in UK stores and digital technologies

Jan 2016

Feb 2016 US Press Lauch

Boux Avenue launches in Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores in New York

Feb 2016



Both the US and UK strategy combined will allow Boux Avenue to gain a foothold into the US market. By creating a new sub brand, it will allow the brand to cater for a larger market and create more specific ranges. The implementation timeline ensures that the strategy is concluded for the US range to be launched around Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s day, a perfect sales opportunity for lingerie.

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54 Appendix 1 - Sample Focus Group Transcript Interviewer: I am Sophie Ottewell and as part of my programme of study am undertaking research into the brand Boux Avenue. To enable me to answer my research questions I wish to talk to you about your experience of the brand. The focus group will be a focussed discussion and will take approximately 20 minutes. We will concentrate on the following: - Your opinions of the brand - Your experiences of the brand The focus group/interview will be taped and transcribed, and should you want a copy of the transcription then please ask me and I will arrange for one to be sent to you. The information you give me will be used in support of my work and will be written up in my project. Anything you say will be treated with the strictest confidence and your contribution to the discussion will not be attributed to you as an individual, what you said will be used for illustration only; to reinforce a point that I am making. The tapes will be kept in a locked room and the transcripts on a password protected computer. Both will be destroyed once I have completed my degree and graduated. Are you happy for the focus group to commence? Interviewee: Yes. Interviewer: How did you initially find out about Boux Avenue? Interviewee: When it opened in my local shopping centre. I think I had heard of it before but I didn’t really know much about it until then. Interviewer: What words would you use to describe Boux Avenue?

Respondant 1 - Lily Keyse, 22 Interviewee: It sounds weird, but I am obsessed with the smell when you walk in! Everything is so perfectly organised and it’s so easy to find what you want. The only thing I would say is the staff in store seemed inexperienced and didn’t really know what they were doing. Interviewer: Have you ever shopped online with Boux Avenue, if so, how was your experience? Interviewee: I love shopping on the Boux Avenue website when they have a sale on as it’s so much easier than being in store. That being said though, I don’t really like the layout of the website, it seems a little outdated and good do with being a bit more modern. Interviewer: Do you follow any lingerie brands on social media, if so, why do you follow these brands? Interviewee: Who don’t I follow?! I follow so many different brands, and I think mainly it’s just for inspiration. I love looking at what other brands are creating at the moment. Interviewer: Do you follow Boux Avenue on social media? Interviewee: I’m not sure that I do actually, no. Interviewer: Have you ever entered into any promotional giveaways on social media? Interviewee: I sometimes do yeah! I never really win anything so I’m not sure why I keep entering though. Interviewer: Have you ever had a bra fitting, if so, what was your experience?

Interviewee: Slightly overpriced but stylish.

Interviewee: Yes I had one at Boux Avenue actually! This is why I thought the staff aren’t that great. When I had my bra fitting the lady just seemed to be guessing at my size and didn’t seem to really know what she was doing.

Interviewer: What products have you purchased from Boux Avenue before?

Interviewer: What problems have you faced finding the perfect bra?

Interviewee: I sometimes treat myself every now and then to a lingerie set but not all the time because they are a little pricey! I am getting married next year and I have got my eye on some of the wedding lingerie.

Interviewee: I would say I struggle a lot because I have a larger bust size with a small back, but Boux Avenue is one brand that really caters for this. If I am really desperate for a perfect size and I have a little extra money, Boux Avenue is always a brand I turn to.

Interviewer: How would you describe the Boux Avenue in store experience?

56 Appendix 2 - Online Survey Results


Appendix 4 - Focus Group Sample Consent Form

Appendix 3 - Competitor Analysis Brand Essence


Target Market


Products & Services


Sexy, Bold, Provoking UK



-Retailer of sex products -Fancy dress stockist

-Sex toys -Lingerie -Sleepwear -Swimwear -Fancy Dress -Hosiery


Comfortable, Practical, Durable



-Renowned bra fitting services

-Lingerie -Shapewear -Hosiery -Nightwear -Maternity -Bridal


Young, Confident, Flirty



-High profile models -Annual Catwalk Show -In-store experience -Fashionable products

- Lingerie - Apparel - Gymwear - Sleepwear - Bridal - Accesories - Hoisery - Fragrance & Toiletries


Cheep, Cheerful, Fashionable


Under 35’s

-Fashion forward affordable pieces

-Bra solutions -Hosiery -Lingerie -Sleepwear -Active wear -Maternity


Inclusivity, Passion, Quality


Under 45’s

-A store which caters for a wide range of sizes and genders.

-Lingerie & Men’s Underwear -Hosiery -Maternity -Swimwear -Shapewear -Bridal


Adore Me

Stylish, Confident, Convenience



-Personalised subscription service

-Lingerie -Sleepwear -Swimwear -Plus Size -Bridal



Real, Uplifting, Fresh



-Unretouched images and real life models

-Lingerie -Apparel -Swimwear -Sleepwear -Beauty


Luxurious, Sensual, Exquisite



-Intricate detailing and dream like marketing. -In-store experiences.

-Lingerie -Swim -Nightwear -Bridal -Accessories


Ann Summers


Victoria’s Secret



Agent Provocateur

-Quality, good fitting lingerie.

60 Appendix 5 - Sample filled in survey

Boux Avenue UK/US Market Optimization Strategy  
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