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a message from

the big boss The Missguided brand which I was lucky enough to start-up in 2009 has grown extensive amounts since the day the website launched. From being the only employee within the business to collaborating with some of the most renowned famous faces, I have watched the Missguided brand grow from strength to strength. Now the real mission for Missguided is to build a truly global brand. Right now, 80 percent of our business is in the UK, and we’re seeing really strong growth figures internationally and demand for the Missguided brand internationally. Our kind of growth is something that most retailers would be happy with. But to be honest, I’m not happy with it. We have some aggressive plans and targets in place for this year. I want to make Missguided a global, household name. This brand book aims to ensure we create a brand which can be recognised internationally, and must be referred to at all times by employees to ensure that the Missguided brand name and attributes are always used correctly. I want all of my Missguided employees to be familiar with the Missguided way of doing things, our history, our mission to become a global brand, and ultimately what we believe in.


we are



We are an empowering, courageous and on trend fashion brand designed for the digital girls of today. With garments both designed and produced by our personal bold in house talent every single day - we are not fast fashion, we’re rapid fashion. Our site stocks pieces only seen on the most style conscious girls of today. Influenced by bloggers, vloggers, catwalks, celebs and everything hot at the moment, Missguided is not just a website, but an online fashion empire which is growing by the day. At Missguided our number one priority is to provide leading fashion styles at the lowest prices possible, not just within the UK, but internationally. Our site now features competitive delivery to 160 countries worldwide, and we don’t plan on stopping there.

We are Missguided, We are real. And we do things the Missguided way.



ÂŁ100,000 turnover


missguided opened US concessions

the missguided website lanched


nicole scherzinger collaboration



pamela anderson collaboration

missguided opened UK concessions



who is the



The Missguided girl is a fashion forward style icon who loves to stand out from the crowd. She’s always rocking the latest catwalk fashions, and is known for her confident and fearless attitude to match her endless and unique style.

the missguided girl is the one to watch.





MISSGUIDED girl Our customer is a 16-30 something fashion conscious female. She consumes popular media, follows the latest celebrity news, and is constantly in search of that perfect outfit for the weekend. She places a high importance on personal style, is confident with her look but also likes to take inspiration from friends, bloggers, celebrities, social media and lifestyle magazines.

At Missguided we like to connect with our consumers on a personal level, which is one of the reasons we decided to introduce the #babesofmissguided hashtag onto our website and all of our social media accounts. The #babesofmissguided are a diverse collective of talented and empowering woman; the dreamers, believers, thinkers and do-ers who represent all shades of creative expression, from fashion to music, to photography, modelling and blogging.


The hashtag allows our consumers to share their favourite purchases from our site and build a buzz about Missguided on social media. The hashtag represents the fun, light-hearted and young tone we like to address all of our consumers with, and is the tone which should be used within all of Missguided marketing materials, the website, app and social media accounts. 17

the missguided hq

Here at Missguided our staff are just as important to us as our consumers. That’s why we recently moved into a swanky new set of offices in Manchester. Our work space aims to make the workplace a fun, vibrant and unique place to be, much like the Missguided girl herself.



MISSGUIDED product range Since our start-up in 2009, Missguided have aimed to grow our range of products in order to serve the individual needs of the Missguided girl. We now not only sell our original product range of clothing, shoes and accessories for woman, but also the following ranges which can be seen listed below: •Missguided Petite •Missguided Plus •Missguided Active Wear •Missguided Lingerie •Missguided Sleepwear •Missguided Swim •Our Peace + love luxury range At Missguided we are constantly changing and evolving to keep up to date with the latest fashions. We have been lucky enough over the years to collaborate with some of the hottest #babesofmissguided. Our in house designers ensure our ranges are unique, chic and cutting edge. 21


MISSGUIDED branding guidelines

the old logo



the new logo

The original handwritten Missguided logo has recently been reworked in order to magnify the power of the Missguided empire. The new bold and striking typeface encapsulates Missguided’s strength within the fashion industry into a logo that is recognised internationally.

In order for the Missguided logo to be deemed legible, white space around the edge which is equivalent to half the size of the logo must be present. 24



MISSGUIDED The Missguided brand badge is to act as a support graphic to the main logotype. The brand badge is available in three different variations which all represent an internationally recognisable graphic that can be altered to fit and adhere to the constantly evolving fashion world of today.

brand badge

In connection with the main logotype, the colour of the famous Missguided strapline “Peace, love and fashion� and Missguided URL are flexible, but in most circumstances they should be identical in colour to the Missguided logo.



our primary colour scheme



C=0 M=30 Y=11 K=06

C=100 M=100 Y=100 K=100

C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=0

colour scheme




At Missguided, we like our marketing campaigns and materials to be in keeping with our brand image which we believe to be unique and on-trend. Therefore, we allow for the introduction of various colours, patterns and textures into our marketing materials and campaign images as long as these colours represent a current trend within the market and fashion world of today. One pattern we have recently introduced into the Missguided brand scheme is the marble effect which can be seen on the right hand side of this spread. The three primary colours of the Missguided brand do not have to be used together and can be used in different variations as long as at least one is present.


The above variations of pink, black and white are the colours to be used predominantly in any form of Missguided branding products.

our secondary colour scheme

C=17 M=22 Y=16 K=0

C=20 M=0 Y=7 K=0

C=0 M=27 Y=29 K=0

Above are some examples of colours which can be used alongside our primary colour scheme. At Missguided our branding guidelines have room for growth and change as long as in keeping with the brand image. However, our primary elements of font and colours must always remain present.


ABCDEF abcd123

when to use:

Steelfish is the primary font used for the Missguided logo and tagline. The font should not be used for anything other than for the sole purpose of representing the brand logo and tagline.

The font can be used in various pt sizes.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@ÂŁ$%^&*()


Noveo Sans

when to use:

Noveo Sans is the primary font used to promote the Missguided brand. No other variations of the font should be used within any materials promoting Missguided.

The font can used in various pt sizes, however, when used on marketing materials and images created for social media, it should be ensured that all characters are in lowercase.

ABCDEF abcd123 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@£$%^&*()

when to use:

Diara Sans Pro is the primary font used for any descriptive text both on the Missguided website and on Missguided marketing materials.

The font can be used in various pt sizes.


Diaria Sans Pro

ABCDEF abcd123 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@£$%^&*()


MISSGUIDED advertisements The size and format, and therefore the design of advertisements will be determined by the publications in which they are to appear. On the right hand side of the spread are some examples of the varied ways in which the Missguided branding can be used in ads: clean, editorial punchy and cool. These advertisements are also an example of how the primary and secondary colour schemes for Missguided may work within our advertisements. Missguided rely heavily on social media as a form of advertisement, but we also work to create offline ad’s, meaning that it must always be ensured that advertisements are creating to a high quality standard for both print and online viewing.



MISSGUIDED website As our primary form of communication to our consumers, our website is crucial to us in ensuring we are keeping it regularly updated with the latest trends and products. With Missguided designing and creating new products every single day, it should be ensured that our website is updated at this exact same speed. Our website should also ensure that it is in line with our branding guidelines, and should always feature a large graphical element as the main feature of the homepage which reflects the current fashion trend of the moment.



MISSGUIDED concessions As the Missguided empire continues to grow we have been lucky enough to open concession stores within both the US and the UK. Our most recent Missguided concession opened in Birmingham Selfridges in March 2016. We want our concessions to represent the feel of a luxury shopping environment whilst still encompassing our brand image and values at an affordable price. Our famous colours of pastel pink, white and black can be seen within all of our concessions, alongside our marble effect pattern.



MISSGUIDED app In March 2016 Missguided also launched our brand new app in response to the fast paced and digitally immersed market which thrives today. Our Missguided app should always be in keeping with the current brand guidelines set out within this manual, and any updates must always highlight the same trends featured on our primary website at that given time.


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Missguided Brand Book  

Missguided Brand Book  


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