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Mount Oliver ready for fifth annual Community Days Fireworks, wrestlers, live bands, parade on tap for July 28-31 celebration Mount Oliver's Community Days festival is back this week, earlier than in previous years but with a variety of old favorites and new activities the coordinating committee hopes will bring thousands of residents and visitors to the borough Wednesday through Saturday, July 28-31. As it has for the past three years, the celebration will open Wednesday with C&L Shows midway carnival at Transverse Park. Wednesday will be "One Price Night," when adults and children can "ride all night," ftom 7-10 p.m., by buying a single admission. The carnival continues Wednesday through

Saturday, with extended hours Saturday from 211 p.m. New attractions this year include "Pork the Tork," Porky Chedwick, one of Pittsburgh's favorite oldies DJs, appearing Friday from 7:3010:30 at Transverse Field, and the WISH 99.7 Street Treat Patrol from 1-2 p.m. Saturday. Old favorites returning this year include live wrestling at the field Saturday from 5-7 p.m., featuring the PWX wrestlers and country line dancers "E-T," demonstrating and teaching dances from 7:30~9:30 p.m. Thursday. The firemen's parade begins Saturday at noon, marching from Wynoka Street to Arlington Av-

enue. The parade will include bands, costumed characters and fire equipment, as well as local celebrities. This year's honorary parade marshals are Steve Hutter, executive director ofElder-ado senior centers, and Roberta Smith, editor and publisher of the South Pittsburgh Reporter. Zambelli Internationale will present a fireworks extravaganza Saturday at IO p.m. in what has become the event's biggest draw... and biggest expense at over $10,000 ... attracting thousands of residents from throughout South Pitts-

1995. Throughout those years, a small group of volunteers spends an entire year planning, organizing and financing Community Days. This year's coordinating committee members include residents Diane Godesky and Mary Shuey, Dee Hom of Beckman Motors and R~lph Woods of Mount Oliver Mens Shop (also a resident). Although the committee does receive some financial assistance from the borough and other government officials, it is a completely indeburgh. pendent organization, which depends upon volThis year marks the fifth in the current series untary contributions and their own fund-raisof annual celebrations which began in August, ing efforts to pay for the annual celebration.

Residents, HACP express concerns about _ future of public housing families, pr9perty Relocation process moving slowly

Sites could become corn fields

By Rush David Repqrter Intern Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh wants to make the process of relocation for residents of Arlington Heights and Saint Clair Village as painless as possible, but it's not always succeeding, according to the messages delivered by two speakers at the South Side Local Development Company's first Neighborhood Assistance Program town meeting July 15 at the Brashear Association. Scott Smith, a relocation specialist for the housing authoTity, said the agency will not act impersonally despite pressure from the U. S. Congress, which wants "things run like a business, very efficiently." He addressed the concerns ofa small group of Arlington Heights residents who have not thus far participated in the relocation project. He insist~d the agency will keep trying to work with them. "We will not be evicting people," he promised. In fact, Smith gave his business card to dissatisfied residents and told them, "Call me tomorrow and we'll find out what the problem is and we'll fix it." Smith also briefly discussed possible plans for Saint Clair Village. Nothing specific has been decided, he said, but baseball fields, a walking path, or gates for the community have been discussed. Gating a community, Smith said, can greatly reduce unnecessary traffic through the area. Whatever the Housing Authority decides to build, he said, "Saint Clair's going to be a much better community when we're done." (Continued on Page 2)

By Jackie Day Contributing Writer Now that plans to demolish two-thirds of the public housing in Arlington Heights and Saint Clair Village are well underway, there is curiosity and concern for future development on the notyet-vacant sites. "My plans for that site right now are to plant com," Chris Shea, special project director for the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh said in a phone interview. The housing authority owns the property, and has its hands full with a number of city projects, according to Shea, who stressed the passage of time as a crucial factor in making the best possibilities clear for future development. "The community must discuss their needs first and speak [with] one voice," he said. "This process can take a couple of years." The process has already begun through the South Siqe Local Development Company's Neighborhood Assistance Program, a ten-year multi-million dollar total community development funded by PNC Bank in exchange for state Comprehensive Services Program tax credits. The first NAP public meeting, last Thursday at Brashear Center on South Side, encouraged public housing residents to share their ideas on future site development. "We need your help in making Saint Clair village a viable community," said Karen Cellars, president of the Saint Clair Tenants Council. "My fear is ifwe don't [getthat help], we won't have a community." The housing authority shares this fear, according to Shea. It is (Continued on Page 2)

South Pittsburgh Reporter photo

Now that Danny Perella has joined his mother, Diane, in the operation of Josie's Restaurant in Mount Oliver, the family is celebrating its third generation in the restaurant business. Josie's recently took a bronze medal in the 'Taste of Pittsburgh... Pasta' contest sponsored by the leukemia Society. ,

Pasta prize is icing on cake for thirdgenerationfamily Borough seniors should apply now for garbage collection who operates "Josie's"

discount that becomes effective in January of Year 2000 Mount Oliver residents ages 62 and older who qualify will receive a $20 discount on their twice-a-year, $60 garbage collection assessments, beginning in the year 2000, thanks to action borough council took last week. Although the 33 1/3% discount won't apply until the January 2000 assessments, tax officer Jan Mudron urged seniors to· apply beginning this week. Early applications will give her staff time to verify eligibility and add the senior data to the borough's computer system, she indicated. Along with the age requirement, seniors who are eligible must own and live in the single unit home for which the discount is requested. They must have an annual combined family income of no more than $15,000. Income must be documented at time

of application. There are also guidelines for terminating the discount. Councilman Bill Mudron, who chairs the council's committee that includes garbage collection, urged all those who think they may be eligible to apply at once. "Submitting an application two days before or two days after the Jan. I notices go out will be too late," he said. Seniors who think they may be eligible should pick up the simple, one page application forro at the borough building beginning this week, and return it as soon as possible. "Seniors are usually the first to pay [borough assessments]. They're standing at the [office door] .•We want to do something to help them," said council President Marty Palma.

By Jackie Day Contributing Writer Sauteing their finest pasta selections, 12 Pittsburgh restaurants were invited to compete in the "Taste of Pittsburgh ... Pasta" at USX Towers June 22, including Bruschetta 's, Top of the Triangle--and Josie's 'home cooking' Restaurant in Mount Oliver-that walked away with a bronze award for their Fettuccini Alfredo entry. "When they called to invite us I thought gosh, all these big fancy places," laughed Josie's owner Diane Perella, "I was reluctant, very reluctant.'-' Having frequented the restaurant himself and remarked on the quality of food, the coordinator of the contest encouraged her to accept, recalls Perella. Josie's team of cooks collaborated: Tom Bukauskas, Scott Firestone, Betsy Harkins and Perella, who finally decided upon (Continued on Page 5)

Cornfields (Continuedfrom Page I)

a willing participant in going along with community plans in hopes of making Saint Clair and Arlington Heights viable, and feels efforts of Cellars and other public housing residents can help make that happen. Shea emphasized that the focus is more on existi ng neighborhood plans, rather than development of"some big chunk of vacant land." "We have our work cut out for us," he said, "bu~re are co mpetent people like the SSL DC working with the community ." NAP leaders and the community co llaborate to learn what works and what doesn 't. They can help others understand so-


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cial issues and other dynamics of change that have occurred over the past 50 years, which are relevant to -discerning the best course of action here, according to Shea. "Pittsburgh has lost 50 percent of its population since World War II ; we are now down to $350,000 people," he said . "The need for housing is different now." Cramped living, stair climbing and high density make for poor living conditions within public housing communities, everyone wants townhouses, he indicated. Arlington Heights will become a community of all apartments, will retain the lower section units where HACP recently invested in modernizati on . Taking down the multilevel apartment buildings in Saint Clair will result in an appealing interspersed townhouse nei g hborhood . "We can be a se lf-s ustaining communit y ," sai d Cellars, smiling. "We have to give it a shot. "

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move is highly inconsistent, with residents getting anywhere from 60-120 days' notice to move. The authority's allocation of money and resources to residents is inconsistent as well, she said, and should be based on a unit's size and a resident's needs. The town meeting also featured a report from the South Consortium of social service providers on service delivery. Lola O'Dea, director ofs~rv!ces for the Brashear Assoc1at1on, explained that ~rganizati~ns such as the housing authority, the welfare office and the Pittsburgh Board of Education all operate separately , creating plans to affect Pittsburgh which [can] end up cramming people in public housing. "What the consortium lets us do," she said, "is hold some of their feet to the fire ." The consortium brings in representalives from these large organizations, she said, and asks them to explain planned changes so the consortium can explain the changes to the community at

Flea market, bake sale in Arlington for Meals program

The HACP representative answered questf'O'ns from people with concerns about the Arlington Meals on Wheels will .sponsor a flea market/bake process. Among the concerns sale Saturday, Aug. 7, at Henry Kaufmann Center, 2201 Salishe cleared up were delays in bury Street, IO a.m.-4 p.m. · getting reimbursement money The sale will include homemade soup, fresh baked goods and to people who choose to relomiscellaneous items. cate. These delays, he said, Volunteers and donations of clothing, novelties and appliances occurred when residents did not are welcome. Anyone who wishes to donate can drop off their turn in their former homes' keys on time. pre-priced items to the Meals on Wheels kitchen in Henry Kaufmann Center, mornings the week of Aug. 2. Anyone who moves out but Proceeds will directly benefit the Arlington Meals on Wheels does not want to continue the program, a Lutheran Service Society affiliate which provides relocation process can do so, delivery of low cost, good quality meals to clients in the greater Smith indicated but once resiArlington community who cannot cook or shop for themselves. dents complete ;he process and For more information about the. "Just Hanging Around" flea turn in their keys, they will re~ market or for details about food delivery, call 381-7727 before ceive their money. 11 a.m. weekdays Smith acknowledged he had probably made some mistakes in his work. "It's a learning process," he explained. "It 's not every day you have to help relocate 250 people." Despite mistakes, the housing authority has been residentoriented, he said. Any residents who want a ride from Arlington to examine a potential relocation site will get one, he said, Don't Forget To Visit Our Booth At The Park and anything in a relocation site which is broken is fixed before large. "It has been a tough 2 ½-'.3 anyone is allowed to move years understanding these I there. changes," O'Dea said. The I 1-{e finished by explaining the South Consortium wants ques- I ultimate goals for the relocation tions answered such as, "What project. For one thing, he wants to make the difficult relocation impact will the closing of Arprocess easier than it could be. lington Heights have on local I Smith also wants to break the schools?" or, "What is self-sufstereotype of public housing ficiency?" and "How do you I Public Welcome residents being dis reputable help people move from welfare I people. To this effect, the au- to work?" thority will make public housO'Dea also mentioned a spe. ing communities smaller and cial project of the Brashear Safe spread out to scattered sites, he Teen Program in Arlington said. Heights, with which the consorThe ultimate goal of this, he tium is involved . With the resaid, is to be sure "you'll never location of heights residents, PuBuc know if there's a scattered site the program will be videotap. WELCOME down the street [from you]." in g memorie s and feelings For hi s own part, Smith said, about leaving, to create an "oral "Almost everyone I come in history" of the heights. contact with who's a resident is She then thanked the Brasa good person." • Weddings • Showers • Meetings hear Association for providing Later, Linda Brown-Roach, Free parking Air Conditioned an Ari ington Heights resident, tangib le aid for residents being explained the concerns of some relocated . O'Dea also said that, residents of the heights who are because of the relocation, the FOR GROUPS OF OR MORE Includes: bei ng re located . She presented consortium is shiftin g its emFood, Liquor, Beer, Hall Rental & Bartenders phasis to Saint Clair Village and responses froma survey ofresidents conducted on May 28 . future monthly meetings will be Some of the responses contra- held there. The next Neighborhood Asdicted the "open-door picture" which Brown said Smith tried sistance Program town meeting to create in his remarks . will take place in about three Ma n y residents, she said , months . were frustrated by an inability to com municate with the housing authority. Th is, she explai ned , is because the relocation staff and manager are often not on the same page, leaving residents in the dark. Super During the move ahead, she sai d, " th e housittg auth ority Vitamin K need s to hear co ncern s of tenants .... To have tenants that Eliminate Embarrassing Skin Conditions Fast ... fee l lik e no one's hearing what they' re say ing, there 's no excuse. Th ere are som e good cases, but there are residents who ... have fo ll owed the process to the best of their abi lity and why aren't they getting the hand-ho lding?" Sh e a lso said some res idents At Amsler Pharmacy You'll Find haven't been able to see where • Vitamins and supplements ·, Herbal remedies they wi 11 be relocated to before • Homeopathic medicines • Energy and sports bars they move. • Natural weight loss products • Nutritional drinks & teas • Specialty products for men, women, children and seniors In addition, 13rown sa id rhe We're here to help you stay healthy time frames for res idents who


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Garbage collection, fees come •to forefront during council session

Besides the new $20 senior citizen garbage discount Mount Oliver Borough Council adopted last week, other garbage collection-related matters occupied much of council ' s July 19 meeting .. With more than $70,000 in delinquent fees sti II outstanding, borough solicito ~ Jim Perich introduced a 15-page resolution providing new rules and regulations concerning rubbish, refuse and garbage collection and storage. Tax officer Jan Mudron drafted the document, with the approval of solicitor

Jim Perich. "This will provide clear and simple guidelines for garbage pick-up and responsibility," said Perich .

[The South Pittsburgh Reporter will provide a detailed description of the new regulations next week--Editorj

Also at last week's meeting, council members complained about residents who continue to put garbage at the curb too early, sometimes days too early, for the weekly collections on Monday. Some people apparently do



not realize that the entire borough now has collections on Monday and those who formerly had Friday pickups are still putting out their garbage Thursday nights, according to observations by Councilwoman Jean Miller and others. Assistant ordinance officer John Wagner will notify the worst offenders first. "We' ll give them two warnings, then they will be cited," said council President Marty Palma., who instructed police chief Jack Hindmarch to have his officers notify offenders, as well. There was considerable confusion over the July 4 collection date. For most Monday holidays, garbage is collected on Tuesdays if the contractor is off for the holiday. But the hauler worked Monday, July 5, when some other businesses were closed. Borough residents who did not see the holiday collection notice on the borough's public information cable television channel 7 missed the collection, but put refuse on the curb Monday night anyway, causing it to stay out in the hot weather. In the future, police will notify those who don't observe the proper collection date. In another garbage-related

matter, one or two property see one another. grass or weeds, property will be owners who are part of the If the borough employees cut liened to cover the cost. $70,000 garbage fee delinquency will have their properties put up for sheriffs sale Sept. 7. These qwners owe from $1 ,000 to $3,000 in delinquent debts . Solicitor Jim Perich hopes they 'll pay up. " We don ' t want to own houses, we want to just get the bill paid," Perich said. 20% OFF ON TUESDAYS Ms. Mudron said if the curFor Senior Citizens 55 & Over rent delinquencies are not paid, Eu.ludir1y Sp1 L1,1h Un Mt'nu tlt:m') Only with the new issuance of user Tuesday, July 27 fee statements, the debt will climl> to more than $95,000. Grllled ClloittorTwo: • • • Po1110 • Sal1d • Vfldahle In related matters, 37 propLaver & Onions ......................... erty owners who are far behind Wednesday, July 28 in sewage payments had water Italian •T.....iSalod shut off to their properties July Spaghetti & Meatballs ..... :.~!~1!,T::!'..... 7. Some 15 of those have since Thursday, July 29 paid. In some cases, the water One Grilled Two Grilled was shut off to rental properties Pork Chop Pork Chops where owners are responsible to Friday, July JO pay. Some of those tenants paid All Yo,, Con Eal . the overdue charges to have water restored, and must reShrimp or . claim that money from owners. Beer Batter Fish ... ;!:m~f~;~~~.~. Excessive high grass can now Seafood S679 Macaroni & s499 be another reason for property Platter .................. Cheese • ~ T••••oa owners who ignore warnings to Saturday, July JI regret their action. In three re/Ooz. •T.....iSalod cent cases, borough employees Strip Steak ........•..••.•.. :~~-~~...... cut grass and weeds that were Sunday, August I excessively high. In one such case, officials said, grass was so • Meatloaf . high two workers working at • Oven Baked Chicken ............. opposite sides ofa lot could not Monday, August 2 2 For One Prlc• Dlnn•r S~clals

Beginning with Books needs readers "Wh•rr Friends S,nd Fmnds"

Beginning with Books, a Saturday, Aug. 14 for volunfamily literacy program, will teers to read one-on-one to chilconduct a training workshop dren in branches of the Carnegie Libl'l!J')', and in four county libraries where parents receive literacy training. Volunteers are particularly . needed for nine libraries evenings or Saturdays. For more information, call 731-1717.

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CLARIFICATION The new Complementary and Alternative Medicine Center, opening Aug. 16 in The Apothecary at UPMC-South Side, will provide only herbal products and nutritional suppltments deemed safe by the FDA. The FDA 's formal approval of such products was incorrectly stated in an article about the opening in the July 20 South Pittsburgh Reporter.

'Night Out' Residents, officials don't want tavern open response was inconsistent. in 1986 and obtained a new By Rush David celebrations ''They'll go into the bar first, owner in took Reporter Intern bring a person out, and tell him over in I 992, and the tavern A bar that has been closed Tuesday, Aug. 3 for ½ years must not be al- to go [without giving him a closed in December 1994. Ac1991. Hartman


lowed to re-open in a residential neighborhood of Mount Aug. 3 promises to be an ex- Oliver, residents and borough citing evening filled with celebra- officials say. tion , acco rding to Debra At last week ' s borough Neumeyer, coordinator for the council meeting, two of those three-neighborhood Block Watch residents told council why they which includes the Arlington , think the bar should remain 120 Brownsville Rd. • 431-5210 South Side Slopes and Mt. Oliver closed. neighborhoods. Every Tues. 8 Sat. - 7 PM Elizabeth Rich of Hays AvThe group will use a Star Wars enue explained that she had attheme this year, symbolizing the tended a zoning board hearing (l)Reg. Games ................ 7S Points "dark side," crime, can never conJuly 7 regarding a continuation quer the "force," the power of 6 Specials ...................... 100 Points of the Williams Street Back good. RMini.Jackpot ........... 500 Points Activities aren't finalized but Street Tavern's non-conformthe block watch plans "pod-rac- ing use application. As a comPropaeuive Jackpot .1,200 Points ing" as a water ride; a Jedi-train- mercial enterprise in a residen(Consolation soo Points) ing station, and an opportunity to tial zone, the bar requires such Early Blrcla U Alter Blrcla tight the ultimate ev il, "Darth an application. Rich, who lives Maul," who will make an appear- next door to the tavern, opII ·e JJ ill .l/atcl, The .llagic # L1·e1:i· Sight ance at the block parties in the posed the continuation. The zoning board voted 2-1 200 block of Fern leaf Street and the 2400 block ofCharcot Street. in favor of allowing the bar to A possible third party is still be- reopen . " The main issue ining discussed with the residents volved [in the hearing] was that the owner of the place had to of Cobden Street. "Everyone is welcome at any prove he was not abandoning of the locations." said Arlington it," Rich said. "We have a lot of evidence Civic Council president, Michele Trafi cante Balcer. "It is a night showing that this man [owner to celebrate our low crime rate Fred Hartman] does not care and the strong character of our about this property one bit," neighborhoods. It is the people Rich said. She added that, at of our neighborhoods who de- the hearing, Hartman produced serve the credit for keeping our no hard evidence that he wou Id communities safe." open it, such as tax receipts. There wi ll be a picnic-sty le Although Hartman owns the covered dish dinner at the Char- property, he reportedly plans to cot Street party, while desserts tum over operation of the es• and beverages will be available tablishment of the tavern to anon FernleafStreet. Children will other person, whose name was also have opportunities to play not available. games and "destroy the Death Rich was one of only three Star" at both locations. people who attended the zonFestivities beg in at 7 p.m . ing board session, but she said Residents should turn on their I8 people signed a petition porch lights, sit outside and vi sit against re-opening the bar and Bar& Grill ~ ... one of the events. many o thers have concerns ~ 40 So. 22nd Street Anyone who wou ld like to about it. have more information about the One s uch res ident, Tom Arling1on/Slopes/Mt. Oliver City Bendow ski, said the Back CU illl J\ ~Hll Block Watch can call 481-6408 . Street Tavern was a real nui11 ·7 Mon · Fri Upper Knoxville sance. "F riday, Saturday, 481-0975 Upper Knoxville Block Watch Thursday nights, there have al.q !!I "~ C,'111 Ahe,'ld & We 11 is sponsoring their annual Take ways been police there," he Gourmet a Bite Out of Crime Pep Rally said. He said police from PittsHave It Ready .• Pizza, Salads & Saodwlcbes Tuesday, August 3 at Saint John burgh provided backup to Vianney Parish, Saint Canice Mount Oliver's officers on Church parking lot al 7 p.m. some occasions. The rally wi ll feature a perfor"We have our hands full mance by the Ca rrick Hi g h with just one bar," Bendowski School Steel Drum Band. Every- said, referring to Don 's Bar at one is welcome, but atlendees are the nearby intersection of MarDine In Only - Not Good With Any Other Offer asked to bring lawn chairs. garet and Hays. Bendowski also explained that patrons of Don's Bar sometimes park illegally in the hand icapped space in front of his home, which is a problem since hi s wife has a handi UP,\1C: Sourh Side sponsors this free lm1lth information series for olde r adult, who capped plate. When he called hal't? questions about he.11th care, today'.s newest treatments, and staying healthy a, the police to report this, thei r the~· g:ruw older. .'·,euior /-le11/1h Series events arc held the last\ Vcdm:,dal' of




"-\ C.?~-... PJ11il ~


~ ~~r




ticket]," Bendowski said about some officers. There was, however, one officer who did write tickets. When he reported this to another police officer, "He told me to mind my own business, [that] it's his discretion." Another officer told Bendowski that he didn't need to write a ticket for the infraction. Rich and Bendowski said they believed the problems would grow worse if the Back Street Tavern was re-opened. Borough Police Chief Jack Hindmarch said he was not aware of the inconsistencies. He said he needs to know the days and times of the incidents and the names of the officers who aren ' t handing out tickets. About the zoning board hearing, borough council president Martin Palma said he had intended to be there to object to the re-opening of the bar, but he was out of town. Council member Don Cornelius was there, but at the he left, he thought the zoning board would not approve it. "I thought the place was better off without the Back Street Tavern," Palma said. "We don ' t need another one." He also said nobody could justify leaving the bar open for economic development reasons. The bar first opened as Dorothy's Bar in 1978 1:ut reopened as the Back Street Tavern in 1984. It re-opened again

cording to research by borough staff, the Back Street Tavern still has a liquor license but hasn 't paid the mercantile tax since 1994 or the business privilege tax, which was instituted in 1997. Palma said council had not officially been notified of the zoning board's decision, but once it was, an appeal would be sent to the Court of Common Pleas within 30 days. "Whether we win or lose, we will be taking an appeal," he said. Assistant Ordinance Officer John Wagner planned to take pictures of the bar to show that the property is in disrepair. He also assured Bendowski that his complaints would be handled. "It's water over the dam here, but you're entitled to the protection of Mount Oliver Borough," Palma said. "If we're going to open a bar, we'll definitely [issue] parking permits."

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(Conlinuedfrom Page I) the recipe of their newest cook, Bukaus°kas, to take the stage. Performing again, Josie's will have a booth at the Mount Oliver Community days, offering their everyday homemade winners: pierogies, huluski (cabbage and noodles), meatballs, hot sausage and more. "Everything is homemade. Even the mashed potatoes, and they are so good," boasted Perella. "We sell so much mashed potatoes and liver here." The majority of Josie's clientele are senior citizens. Most are Mount Oliver residents and regulars who rely on the restaurant for more than mashed potatoes. · "Some people eat three meals a day here," said the owner. ' But it was their famous $2 breakfast specials that got people coming back, recalls Perella. "I had to do something to get people to know us," she said. "Mount Oliver business district isn't what it used to be. It's gone down, and I'm looking for the day when it comes back." Perella reflected on the time of Sears and Fashion Hosiery stores, multiple bakeries, a theatre, clothiers and to when her mother owned Josephine's Restaurant on Amanda Street, where Diane, her younger brother and mother also lived. "I worked with my mom from age 14," she said. "I walked in one day after school and the place was packed. She handed me a note pad and pencil and put me out on the floor to take orders." Diane has been in the restaurant business ever since. Fifteen - years of catering knowledge acquired from the Greentree Marriott led her into a six-year-catering business of her own through the Mount Oliver VFW, thus delivering her back one block away from where she began, establishing a restaurant of her own. ''This has always been a dream of mine," she said. "I named [the restaurant] after my mom. Everyone in Mount Oliver called her 'Josie' ." · In keeping with family tradition, Diane's youngest son Danny works every day, seven days a week, for the family business. Husband Carmen, retired from J&L, keeps busy washing dishes and performing other necessary duties. Diane continues to cook, but counts on the reliable team of her staff more than ever since recuperating from a recent illness. The catering business keeps them cooking: filling wedding orders,

Fire Auxiliary luncheon Aug. 4 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Mt. Oliver Fire Department's next monthly luncheon is Wednesday, Aug. 4, noon in the firehall, 120 Brownsville Road. Donation is $6 per person. Buy tickets at the door. Everyone is welcome.

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412/808•3342 to receive a Josie's Restaurant photo

The "J Team" from Josie's Restaurant in Mount Oliver out cooked larger Pittsburgh restaurants to take a bronze tMdal in the leukemia Society's "Taste of Pittsburgh ... Pasta" contest last month. The Team used chef Tom Bukauskas' recipe for fettuccini Alfredo to take the prize. Team tMmbers are, from left, Bukauskas, Jennifer Huber and Dan Perella, son ofJosie's owner, Diane Perella. for meetings, birthdays and their more recent endeavor, tail-gate parties at Three-Rivers Stadium. After entertaining on his own for 12 years, one customer sought Josie's catering for his tail-gate event: ribs, hot sausage, meatballs, tossed salad and fresh fruit. "He and his wife used to do the cooking," said Perella, "now they have me doing it." Diane works to accommodate everyone, she says. Wedding showers, chamber of commerce and Kiwanis meeting attendees, Pennsylvania Umpires Association members, family gatherings or large groups can dine in the back partitioned section. Front tables are available for regular clientele, and for Diane hersdf, who usually can be found in her own customary spot nearest the kitchen. "I think "they like seeing me here and talking," she said. "I love the customers, they keep me here."

Flag will fly in borough office in memory ofFred Omer, long time borough engineer At the close of the July Mount Oliver Borough Council meeting, ·Ruthann Omer, borough engineer, presented council with an American flag that had been draped on the casket of her father, Fred Omer, who died the week before the meeting. Ms. Omer said the firm her father started, Gateway Engineers, had been Mount Oliver's designated engineering consultant since September of 1984. At the time, the elder Omer turned over the responsibility for managing the borough 's engineering affairs to her. "When he saw how much fun I was having here, he wanted it back, but I wouldn 't give it to him," Ms. Omer joked, then indicated her father always maintained an interest in the affairs of Mount Oliver. She said she frequently diseussed \1111'

borough projects with him. Before he became ill with cancer, Fred Omer sometimes visited projects, particularly road .I ,projects, underway in the borough to offer .suggestions and r.ecommendations. His daughter always referred to her father as "Mr. Omer" when relaying those suggestions to borough council. Because of his interest that lasted through his lengthy illness and almost until his death, she said her family wanted the borough to have the flag awarded posthumously to her father, who was a veteran. She indicated the family wanted the flag to be hung in the council chambers, and officials agreed . Out of respect, friendship and affection for Fred Omer, borough council adjourned their July 19 meeting in his memory.

Classified Deadline: Noon, Thursday


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Suoday, August 1

v,,. .. S11•p ,,, Salad Grilled Shrimp .......... Roast Beef .................. . v.,. , , , ,,.. s515 ,,,.s,,,.,, Mooday, August 2 Lon don BroII ........~ .. e............ Ovtr Rice With ,\'a/ad d!

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TUESDAY, l1.JLY2'7, 1'99

• Bingo FRIDAY, JULY 30 7-? p.m. Upper Level • CAL Sllowa Carnival Win prizes and cash. Proceeds benefit 2000 Community Days 7,11 p.m. Lower Field Carnival rides, games and food for all ages, including new 'QIURSDAY, JULY 29 attractiqns ALL ACTIVITIES AT TRANSVERSE PARK • Non,Proftt-Spouored • C&L Sllows Carnival Games of SkUI Hd Cbance 7-11 p.m. Lower Field 7-? p.m. Lower Field Carnival rides, games and food for all ages, including new Help local non-profits raise funds for programs and services attractions that benefit the community • Non-Profit-Sponsored WEDNESDAY, JULY 28 • 81010 At Transverse ParA: Games of Skill and Chance 7-T p.m. Upper Level • C&L Shows Carnival 7-10 p.m. Lower Field Win prizes and cash. Proceeds benefit Community Days 2000 7-11 p.m. One Price Night Lower Field Help local non-profits raise funds for programs and services • CarCrulse Carnival rides, games and food for all ages, including some that benefit the community 7:30-10:30 p.m. Lower Field new attractions Enjoy the Custom & Classic Cars their owners brought to show • Bingo • Live Band "Sour Mash" off 7-? p.m. Upper Level 7:30 - 10 p.m. Lower Field • Porky Cbedwick Win prizes and cash. Proceeds benefit Community Days 2000 • Non-Profit-Sponsored 7:30-10:30 p.m. Lower Field • Covntry Line Dancing with E-T Games of Skill and Chance Join the Legendary Hall of Famer at Transverse Park p.m. Lower Field 7:30-9:30 7-10 p.m. Lower Field SATURDAY,JULY 31 Afavorite al the festival. Come see and learn country line dancHelp local non-profits raise funds for programs and services ing that benefit the community


Firemen's Parade Noon, BrowasvUle Road, Wynokl to Ar111pon


a&~,~~' ;i I ~'l;ii'IZ•I =t•};l;t•l ~fa

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Marching bands, fire equipment, marchers and more will begin lining up on Wynoka Street at I I a.m. Parade begins ·at Noon ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES AT TRANSVERSE PARK • Wish 99. 7 Street Treat Patrol 1- 2 p.m. Lower Field Passing out free samples of Hagan Ice Cream • Free Face Painting 1 p.m. till 1 Lower Field Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center - Head Start will provide free face painting to youngsters on the lower level of Transverse Park • Health Screeninp and Information 1 p.m. till ? Upper Level UPMC - South Side and Magee Womens Hospital will offer health information on the upper level , • C&L Shows Carnival , , ·1i 2 p.m. till ? to~~ f leld : Carnival rides, games and food ft> Ju;{lges, including some new attractions ,. i • , • • . · .,. • Non-profit-sponsored Games t>f kiR and Chance 2 p.m. till? \, Lower Field 1111 Help local non-profits raise fun · for programs and services that benefit the community ·• • • •o • Bingo 3 p.m.-! - Upper Level_d~ Win prizes and cash. Proceeds benefit 1999 Community Days • Live Band "Smokin' Section" :1 7:30 p.m. Lower Field Jam with this Live Blues Band, sure to be cool on a hot summer night • Live Wrestling with Professional Wrestlen PWX 5-7 p.m. Lower Field Those good guys and bad guys are back! Come see them perform live!

• Zambelli Internationale

Fireworks Extravaganza 9:30 p.m. Lower Field Here 's what everyone's been wailing/or!

Mount Oliver Community Days '99 is pi"~duced and coordinated by the nonafflliated, nonprofit Mount Oliver Community Days Committee, with the assistance of community-minded residents, non-profits, businesses and government officials. All expenses are covered through voluntary donations and fundraising efforts of the committee. f'orgot to make a donation to Mount Oliver Community Days '99? There's still time to help finance next year's event. Visit one of the committee-sponsored booths (bingo, upper level; duck pond, lower level). Or send a donation in any amount to Mount Oliver Community Days 1000, 101 Brownsvil/eRQad,MountOliver, PA 15210.






- -· T1J!SDAY, IULY 27, 1999


r 2000




-ountCommunity Days oli"er .July 28 - .July 31 All Events At Transverse Park (Trans.verse Ave at Rustic) Unless Otherwise Indicated


Wednesday · July 28 C &L s•ows

Saturday- July 31



Browns"'1le Boad, 'Wylloka ID Arlhlgton






• Fire Units • Bands • Marching Groups & More



•Ill.tea• Qaaea

Saturday - July 31 C&L SHOWS CARNIVAL

l Start


Thursday - July 29


WISH 99. 7 Street







. C&L

. :.-·suows CARNIVAL

/fl II


Treat Patrol


...• Rltlea · · f···; lGaaes I

· l-2p.•.

Line Dancing With E.T.

Free Bagan .lee ,·,,: ... · Cre11111

• Footl





Friday · July 30 f

Professional Wrestling 5-7

l ••Smokin, Seetion"

~ ·


land 1t 01-

tance lesses

rered !Torts

-----~--""~ '?


7:30 - 9:30

l!PMC - South Side & Magee Hospital

CARNIVAL 7-11 • Rides • Games • Food




lipper LeFel Shelter

Booths • Carieatures • ~ • GaDtes • Food • Bingo ·•

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I Thanks to All These Mount Oliver Community Days Major Contributors I

Mount Oliver Residents Pittsburgh Home Savings Mount Oliver Borough Mount Oliver UPMC - South Side Hook & Ladder Company Presdge Bank Farnsworth Funeral Home Fayette Bank Beekman Motors State Bep. Frank Gigliotti

Don's Bar Sout h Pittsburgh Reporter Pittsburgh Christian Fellowship Patent Construction





TUESDAY, JULY 27, 1999

John Palmer, was police officer Aug. 3 new date Mt. Oliver reports economic development progress, in South Side, dies at age 89 for S. S. forum requests government money for future T?acf projects South Side Planning Forum's Retired Pittsburgh Police Officer Sgt. John Palmer, passed away Monday, July 19, at the age of 89. Sgt. Palmer had been a policeman on the South Side for 38 years, and retired in 1975 . A member of the Fraternal Order of Police, he was a longtime usher at St. Basil's Church. Hi s late wife, Anne, was the organist and choir director of the former St. Michael's Church on the South Side. Mr. Palmer is survived by his son, David; sister, Tess Vaglia; brother Charles; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Friends were received at Boron Funeral Home, 1719 Brownsville Road, Carrick . He was buried in Queen of Heaven Cemetery.

Market House still has some seats available for Atlantic City trip CitiParks Senior Interests and the South Side Senior Center at the Market House are planning a trip to Atlantic City Sunday and Monday, Aug. 8-9. Cost of the trip is $89. The fee includes two casinos and a non-ca s ino hotel. There will be one night 's accomodations at the Howard Johnson hotel , a continental breakfast and casino bonuses. Bus will leave at 7 a.m. Aug. 8 and return about I 0:30 p.m. Aug. 9. To register or for more information, call 4888404 or stop at the Market House.

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summer meeting , replacing those regularly scheduled for July and August, will be Tuesday , Aug. 3, 5:30 p.m. at Brashear Center, 2005 Sarah Street. This is a change from a previously announced date for the summer session. Representatives from J. B. Kreider Printing company will present a plan to expand their business to property they are considering purchasing 'o n Muriel Street. The agenda will also include progress reports on the LTV site development; the South Side Riverfront Plan; historic designation expansion, recently approved by Pittsburgh City Council for the 2500-2700 blocks of East Carson on the LTV site, and the South Pittsburgh Planning Process. There will also be reports on the forum's annual meeting and endorsement of CHOC, a Hazelwood-based environmental protection program. The meeting is open to the public.

Local pastor leads sub-committee at Orthodox council The Reverend Basil Carpenter has a leadership role on a committee hosting the 12th AllAmerican Counci l of the Orthodox Church in America July 2530 at the DoubleTree Hotel and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. Father Carpenter, pastor of Holy Assumption Orthodox Church, South Side, is chair of the liturgical appointments subcommittee for the council. He coordinated the opening Divine Liturgy at the convention center July 25 and will organize ten other services at the council. The Orthodox C hurch of America meets periodically to discuss issues affecting church life. Its last council was held in Chi cago in 1995 . This counci l's theme is "On Behalf of All and For All" and wi ll be shown in presentations and discussions by theologians and speakers suc h as Bishop Kallistos ofOxford, England . Local church members are invited to participate in activities at this gathering. For information on public events and religious services, call Gregg Nescott at 367-8264 or visit

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To schedule an appointment or a FREE phone consultation with Dr. George·w. Kukurin, call 381-4453 M-F, 9-6 2415 Sarah Street, South Side

Mount Oliver borough officials still are reluctant to give out any specific details about several economic development projects pending in the borough, although they are reporting "progress" on several proposals. At the latest borough council meeting, it was engineer Ruthann Omer who provided the still-sketchy details. Ms. Omer said she has been talking with representatives from businesses and churches along an unspecified portion of Browns vi lie road, to "discuss their concerns and problems" with possible development, and to attempt to get some financial aid for those that have sewer problems that could be increased by development. "We welcome any development that is done properly," she said, "because they [developers] leave and leave it with us. We want to make sure it's done properly [in the first place]." The engineer also commented briefly on two other specific developments. Of the apartment building for elderly residents planned for the former Tubby 's Field on Ormsby Avenue, she said she's now working on sewer taps. Concerning an on-again, off-again, on-again plan for a mega drugstore on the site of the Mount Oliver Foodland on Arlington A venue, she said the two companies are back in negotiations. Earlier this year, Rite Aid was identified as the firm wanting the site, but early negotiations between the property owner and potential purchaser fell through. At last Tuesday 's meeting, Ms. Omer would say only that the possibility for a drug store on the property is moving forward , without identifying the company involved. "Whether it's the same company or not, they must start over and come to the planning commission and council," she said, and repeated her caution about doing development in the right way . In another part of her report, the engineer asked for, and approved, co uncil 's approval to submit a request to the county for payment of more than $29,000 to El Grande Industries for the fourth and final phase of improvements to Giffin, Rustic, Onyx and Transverse aven ues in the 1999 road program. The approval, which is subject to receiving and verification of a performance bond by the engineer and solicitor James Perich , is ne cessa ry even though the contractor won't receive payment for severa l months. "It takes six to eight months to get through the cou nty pro-· cess," she said. Turning to the year 2000 road program, the engineer reminded counci l s h e already has a $100,000 state grant for next year's work, but is applying for a $218,000 county grant. Allegheny County requires 60-40 matching money for such fund-

ing, and she plans to use the state money she· has for that match. "I'm hoping to use the state money to leverage the county funds," she said. Toward that end, solicitor Jim Perich introduced a resolution that will serve as a formal request for funding from the county's Department of Economic Development. Ms.Omerisalsoapplyingfor county matching funds for two other borough projects: $37,000 for the Walter Street sewer project and and another S 150,000 for the continuing

conversion of the former swimming pool property on Ormsby Avenue to active recreational use. Concerning another sewer project, the engineer said she's had a few reports of flooding in the Anthony Street watershed, a situation that has plagued residents and the borough alike for many years . "The only way we'll get funding [to completely alleviate the flooding] is through [money allocated by] a federal budget line item," she said, adding she plans to attempt to get the project in the federal budget.

my Je de

City police review board conducts meeting to hear citizen complaints Pittsburgh's Citizen Police Review Board will conduct a board meeting to hear and act on citizen complaints at 6 p.m. today, July 27, at the North Side Senior Center, 5 Allegheny Square. This meeting is open to the public.

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• For Rent


HOMES/APTS. FOR RENT - South Side· Mt. Washington - Allentown • Knoxville • Arlington. Free List • 24 Hrs. a Day. 1012 E. Carson St. Call Realty Counseling Co., 381· 1166. tfn KNOXVILLE - 5 rooms, bath, insulated windows, hardwood floors. $270 plus gas. 4316918. tfn KNOXVILLE - 3 rooms , bath, insulated windows, hardwood floor, $210 plus gas for heat & cooking. 431-6918. tfn MT. OLIVER - Spacious I BR apartment. Ceramic and hardwood floors. $360 plus gas, heat, and electric. (724) 9412230. 7/27 MT. OLIVER - Furnished apt., 3 room, bath. No pets. 8852755. 7/27 MT.OLIVER-3 rooms, bath, equipped kitchen, w/w, clean. $300 plus g&e. 724-935-2279. 8/17 MT. OLIVER - Brownsville Rd., 2 BR apt., equipped kitchen, w/w carpet, porch, laundry, convenient. $415 plus electric. 6554341. 8/3 MT. OLIVER - 5 rooms plus sunporch, $250; 6 rooms plus sunporch, $275. Both include steam heat & hot water, insulated windows, hardwood floors, new electric. laundromat, storage, convenient. 431-6988. tfn MT. OLIVER - 5 rooms & bath, $270 plus electric & gas for heat & cooking. 431-6988. tfn MT. WASHINGTON - Row house, 2 BR, insulated windows, H/W floors . $300 plus all utilities. 431-6918. tfn OAKLAND-3 bedrooms, Pitt sh uttle & PAT bus at door, equipped kitchen, new windvws, $575 plus. 390-1050 tfn PARKING SPACE - Available on Carso n Street near Eckerd Drug. Great for restaurant valet parking. 341-6639. 8/10 SLEEPING ROOM - $50 a week. 481 -5471. tfn

BR, 1.5 baths, remodeled, move

in condition, $42,900. Owner financing. (412) 953-3069. 8/3

• Commercial Property ON SARAH - Office or retail store, 24' x 54', tin celling, J BR apt., on 2nd floor, separate utilities. $9,000 crant. S109,000 Reduced to $99,900. Io•;. money down. Financing available. Call Norman at Carlson Real Estate Services, lac. 488-0288. tfn

• Real Estate Wanted PROBLEM SELLING YOUR HOME? - We buy. Cash or terms. Prom pt reply . 412-8511186. tfn SOUTH SIDE FLA TS- Will buy any property, any condition, cash. 884-1923. tfn

• Commercial Rent CARSON ST. - Wholesale or office space, AIC, below /0th St., 540 sq.fl. Must rent this month! $425 month. (All utilities included) 390-/050. tfn KNOXVILLE STOREROOM - Brownsville Road, 2,200 sq. fl., Ist floor, 2,200 sq. fl. basement. Rear delivery, A/C, fire rated. Ideal for auto parts store. $800 plus g&e. 431-7181 . tfn MT. OLIVER - Offices, Ist floor, Brownsville Road, 700 sq. fl., w/w, A/C, $395 includes all utilities. 431-7181 . tfn

• Garages For Rent BROWNSVILLE RD. SELF STORAGE -907 Brownsville Rd. Newly constructed concrete block self-storage, individual garages, secured facilities, fenced, well lit, each unit IOx 15. 881-0292. tfn • For Rent

ALLENTOWN - Living. room, bedroom, kitchen. No pets. Call afternoons, 431-2697 9/7 BELTZHOOVER - 3 rooms near busline. Bath, kitchen, yard, parking. Rent $250 plus utilities and security. (724) 6772518. 7/27 BELTZHOOVER - 2 story house, 2 BR, insulated windows, hardwood floor. $330 plus all utilities.431-6918 tfn CARNEGIE- I BR apt.$285 month plus g&e and security deposit. Credit check required. 344-9478. 7/27 CARRICK - I BR, equipped kitchen, bus line, laundry hook ups. $385 plus g/e. 431-6563. 7/27 CARRICK - 3 room s, I st floor , w/w , A/C, equipped kitchen, porch. $425 incl udes utilites. No pets. Non-smoking premises. (412) 882-2252.8/10 CARRICK AREA - 4 rooms & bath, equipped kitchen, w/w carpet, porch, laundry. $350 plus electric. 655-4341. 8/3

• For Rent SOUTH HILLS AREA - 3 BR house. Fenced in yard ,

newly painted and remodeled. Section 8 only. References. 431-4854. 7/27 SOl}TH SIDE - Near South Side Hospital. No pets. $450 plus utilities. Available 9/01199. (814) 466-7410 8/10 SOUTH SIDE - 123 12th Street, furnished, carpet, no alcohol, no drugs. $250, everything included. 431-4989.8/10 SOUTH SIDE - 3 furnished rooms, bath, 2nd floor. $300 plus g&e. Convenient to everything. One person. No pets. 4811633. 8/3 SOUTH SIDE - 2 BR house, $385 month plus utilities & security deposit. Credit check required. 344-9478. 7/27


For Sale ROOM -.. ; · HOUSE ON = W. CARSON L :t 1f =- 1... EIK. w/w, 1.5 baths , small yard. $29,900 For Rent • 3 BR - Whole house on Josephine, $675 plus g&e. • 1 BR ON JANE - Modem efficiency, A/C , washer, dryer, all amenities , everything included. $590. • 3 BR WHOLE HOUSE on Josephine. $675 plus g&e.

111 IIJ~ • 6

Call Nonnan at


Serving The South Pittsburgh Communities of • Allentown • Arlington • Belnhoover • Bon Air• Carrick • Knoxville • Mount. Oliver • Mount Washington • South Side Since 1939

ROBERTA F. SMITH Editor & Publisher WM. T. SMITH, JR. General Manager OPEN:MONDAY tbru THURSDAY 9 a.m.-4:00 p.m. CLOSED SATURDAY & SUNDAY OFFICE ADDRESS: 1301 E. CARSON ST., 2nd. FL. MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 4285, PGH. 15203 E Mail:

Telephone (412) 481-0266


(412) 488-8011

,. ,.,.


TUESDA \', JULY 27, 1999



Reporter Classifieds Never an extra charge tor • Headings • First Words Boldface



• For Rent

• For Rent

I bedroom with panoramic view of Pgh . Dining area, li vingroom, equipped kitchen, washer, dryer and more. $875 plus g&e, ref. No pets. 431-4422, 488- 7997. 7/27 SOUTH SIDE FLATS - 3 rooms, 2nd floor, equip. kitchen, w/w. $350 plus utilities. 8853862. 8/3 SOUTH SIDE FLA TS - Studio, security, w/w, stove & refrigerator . $275 plus utilities, references. 431-9290. 8/3 SOUTH SIDE FLA TS - 5 rooms, equipped kitchen, laundry hook-ups, w/w, no pets. Security. $500 plus. 481-2074. 7/27 SOUTH SIDE FLA TS - I BR, living room , kitchenette, A/ C. Second floor, private parking. $395 plus utilities. 8843759. tfn SOUTH SIDE FLATS - 2 rooms. $300, everything included. 431-9544 or 661-5173 . 7/27

Sarah Street, 3 BR house, equipped kitchen.yard. $500 plus utilities, deposit and references. 4210596. 7/27 SOUTH SIDE FLATS - Furnished 4 rooms & bath, equipped kitchen . $400 plus electric, security. 441-8561 . 7/27 SOUTH SIDE FLA TS - Partially furnished 2 BR apartment. $350 a month, security deposit required. Pay own utlilties. References ; 2 BR furnished apartment $485 a month utilities included Security deposit required. 488-6280. 7/27 SOUTH SIDE FLA TS - Efficiency $295 plus g&e. IBR $390 plus g&e. 2BR $690 plus g&e. Aug I st. 921-2606. 8/3 SOUTH SIDE FLATS-13th St., efficiency, $285 plus g&e. 634-7276, leave message. K.IIO





Large beautifully renovated apartment. Ideal for living and in-home office, art studio, or 23 bedroom apartment. Laundry area, intercom and parking. $650/month. 381-2065. 7/27 SOUTH SIDE SLOPES - 3 BR duplex . Magnificent city view. Tastefully remodeled, new equipped kitchen, ceramic tile, paddle fans, laundry hook up. $675 plus util. 421-4556. 8/3 SOUTH SIDE SLOPES -

18th Street, 3 rooms & bath, equipped kitchen, w/w carpet, laundry, bus. $315 plus g&e. 655-4341. 8/3 SOUTH SIDE SLOPES - 4 bedrooms, plush w/w, equipped kitchen, w/d, spacious rooms, new bathroom, nice view, $695 plus utilities. Available 9/1/99. 390-1050. tfn SOUTH SIDE SLOPES -

House, 5 rooms & bath, w/w Large living room , BR, carpet, equipped kitchen, porch, e9uipped kitchen, $390 plus bus. $435 plus utilities. 655ut1lit1es, security. 322-0170. 4341. 8/3 SOUTH SIDE SLOPES - 3 rooms & bath, w/w carpet, equipped kitchen, porch , bus. $275 plus utilities. 655-4341. 8/3 BOLD or I SOUTH SIDE SLOPES ITALIC I bedrooms, spacious rooms2, SOC PER WEEK I unique layout , w/w, equipped , close to pool & bus. WEEK ADDITIONAL I kitchen Lots of parking. Only $425 plus I g&e. 390-1050. tfn



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: MAIL TO:P.O. Box 4285 I Pittsburgh, PA I 15203-0285


• Lost Grey and red camera in a black fanny pack with money. Pictures on film are very sentimental and most important to me. Dropped while unloading vehical in Mt. Washington, Mt. Oliver, South Side or Airport parking lot. Reward! 381-1681 or P.O. Box 59318, Pgh., PA 15210. 7/27 CANON CAMERA -

• Wanted To Buy AAA ANTIQUES - We buy old furniture , old toy s, war souvenicrs, comics, old quilts, toy trains, Coca Cola items, 4887832. tfu ANTIQUES BOUGHT & SOLD - Now at 'Tiques & Toys, 2729 Brownsville Rd ., Brentwood, near Maytide St. We pay fair prices for furniture , glassware,jewelry, old toys and all typl!s of toy trains. Call anytime, 882-5520. tfn CASH FOR JUNK CARS -

And trucks. Call anytime, 4310459. tfu WANTED -Old Wooden Furniture: Fancy bedroom sets; Dining room sets, 1950 or earlier; Big mirrored mantles; Bookcases; Trunks; and, cedar chests. Cash paid. 412-821-0858. tfn

• Personal

• Personal

HOLY SPIRIT - Thanks for answered prayers. E.K. 7/27



the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved, adored, glorified and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. Say this prayer nine times a day and your request will be granted by the 18th day. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. K.A.H. 7/27 PRAYER OF THE BLESSED MOTHER - (Never Known

To Fail.) Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven , Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God. Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech You from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make Request). There are none that can withstand Your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. Say this prayer three times aday for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to yo u . A.C. PRAYER OF THE BLESSED MOTHE !l - (Never Known

To Fail.) Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vi ne , splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh· Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my Mother. Oh Hol y Mary, Mother of God. Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech You from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make Request). There are none that can withstand Your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. Say this prayer three times a day for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. V.G. PRAYER OF THE BLESSED MOTHER - (Never Known

To Fail.) Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel , fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven , Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin , assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary , Mother of God . Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech You from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make Request). There are none that can withstand Your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. ay this prayer three tim es a day for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it wi ll be granted to you. V.G.

To Fail.) Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven , Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God . Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech You from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make Request). There are none that can withstand Your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. Say this prayer three times a day for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. J.C.

• Business Opportunity TURNKEY OPPORTUNITY

- Gallery & Gift Shop. Everything included. (412) 381-6800.

• Party Needs MR DJ. - Music for your special occasion. Announcements, variety of CD's, Quality sound. John, 881-5341. 8/3


- I 190rmsby ave., Mt. Oliver. IO a.m.·9 p.m ., Tues.-Sat., 3811800. 8/3 1

• Help Wanted EARN $7-$20 - Per house, phone sales. 572-6700. tfn HAIR DRESSER- Full time, part time. Experience required. Rocco at 43 1-4554. tfn LABORER - Mechanically inclined, between 9-10 hour depending upon ability. 344-9478. REAL ESTA TE SALES-Put

your local knowledge to work. Join the winning Team! Call Maria Sauro Moore, CENTURY 21 Ri se/Mcilrath located in Carrick, 884-1600. tfn

•Misc.For Sale

til'es I and u

And used furniture. 381-2065. 7/27


ANTIQUE OAK SHOWCASES - Fixtures and much

more,(412)381-6800, 12-5p.m. 7/27 FREE INSTALLATION -

Swimming pools. 19x31x4, includes filter, ladders, huge deck etc. $699 installed. Call BPI 1800-548-1923. Established 1969. 9/21 GIRLS CLOTHING - Summer and winter. Sizes 2T to 4T and5to7. $25abag. 381-7387. 7/27 LIGHT FIXTURES - Various Depression-Era lighting fixtures. Best offer. 381-1568. 8/3 OFFICE FURNITURE-8 ft. conference table & 4 quality chairs, $42S. 3 desks, 48 x 30, $90 each. 4 desks, 40 x 24, $70 each. Secretary working center, $175. Large wood executive desk, $350. 3 comp. chairs, $55 each, individual chairs and more. Lost lease, must sell, 881-6131. PICNIC TABLES $60 Adult swing seat, 540; Swing set, $85; Deck chairs, S40; bathroom cabinet sink, $25; desk, $45; 2 large kitchen cabinets, $40 ea. 481-5471, 916 McArdle Road. tfn VARIOUS ITEMS - Tent, chiffonrobe, tires, tapes, car parts, Xmas stuff, albums, rug scrubber, odd stuff. Leave message. 771-5352. 7/27


Apply in person , DiSalla' s Pizza, 2212 E. Carso~ '>!. tfn RECEPTIONIST/OFFICE HELP - PT/FT, South Side

location, nexible hours. Experie nce helpful , but will train right person. Good opportunity. Reply' to : South Pittsburgh Reporter, "Dept. M", P.O. Box 4285 , Pittsburgh, PA I 52030285. 8/3

PART TIME HELP Looking for interested, hard working students, seniors, stay at home parents or any individuals looking for part time work

Must be available on an as need basis for inserting newspaper in the bindery department of a local South Side printer for the shifts of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to midnight. $6.00/per hour

Apply in person at: Typecraft Press, Inc. 45 South 23rd Street


-WI washl disco 3201,


Law leges elimi debril 343-'i TRA

lars, J


Rem Plum ence. sure1 381-~ F&I

interi Paint 655-1 FRA

-Al phalt cat walls rocks pairs; rree and fi HAN

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wall, and t work HAN doori door1 roofo pairs, rior, ( Free RAL TRA

prove roof! game eleell RE- l

speci1 ing, s chard 38 1-! REC


boxe wirin able Curti


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• Lawn Care

MISCELLANEOUS WIN- FRED'S TREE & LAWN DOWS - Doors and building SERVICE-We offer summer materials. 381-2065. 7/27 clean up, thaching, tree& stump removal, hedge removal, gutter cleaning. Fully insured. Senior • Auto Parts citizens, I 0% discount. 882tfu AMANDA ALL TIRE-Used 2642. tires $5 and up; used rims, $5 PRIME CUT LANDSCAPand up. State inspection & state ING - Enjoy your weekends emission tests. 381-6909. tfn while we do your lawn care!·We offer - mowing, shrub pruning, bed edging, re-mulching of beds, • Appliance Repair aeration, de-thaching, reseeding, BRA Y'S REPAIR SERVICE plant design and a fertilization - Washers, dryers, stoves, dish- program for weed free lawns. washers, refrigerators. Senior We also construct precast or discounts. Phone (412) 928- wolmanized tie retaining walls. 3201, Fax (412) 937-9791. 9/7 Phone answers 24 hours. 3814504. Fully insured. Free esti-. mates. State certified lawn & turf • Hauling ·applicator. I 0% Senior Discount, landscaping only. Jeff HAULING, MOVING Lawn Maintenance. Local col- Koch, owner, 381-4504. tfn lege students willing to help you William N. Doht eliminate junk pile-ups, yard GENERAL debris, moving your treasures. CONTRACTING 343-7289. tfn TRASH REMOVAL - Cel• Roofing • Siding lars, yards, houses cleaned out. • Soffit & Fa~cia Call 481-5471, ask for Ray. tfn



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Sales, lnatallatlon • Senlce • Hardwood Ploora

hlW 412-602-0156


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314 Rustic Avenue Mt. Oliver _ (412} 081-1171

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Our Name Says It All Fully Insured FREE ESTIMATES MIKE

ALESCIO PLUMBING & HEATING - And co·m'j;fete Remodeling. Reg. Master Plumber, over 20 years'experience. Free estimates, fully insured. Senior citizen discounts. 381-6660 tfn F & L PAINTING- Exterior, interior, insured. Quality PPG Paints. Ken, 381-9295, Fred, 655-2761. tfn FRANK'S CEMENT WORK -All types: New or patch; asphalt patch; masonry work; Bobcat work; All kind retaining walls; Tree cutting; hauling dirt, rocks, slag or junk; Chimney repairs; Painting, inside, outside. Free estimates. Hiring laborers and finishers. 481-2223. 8/10 HANDYMAN - Roto-tilling, general cleaning, painting, patch and reseal asphalt driveways, install blinds, shades, rods plus more. 488-7842. 7/27 HANDYMAN - Roofs, drywall, decks,' wallpaper, interior and exterior painting, cement work. Call Frank, 673-2073.tfn HANDYMAN - Windows , doors , siding, repair garage doors, gutters, downspouts, roofing, decks, cement work repairs, painting interior & exterior, drywall, paneling. Insured. Free estimates. 481-9313. tfn RALPH'S GENERAL CONTRACTING - Home improvements & general repairs, roofs, siding, painting, gamerooms, decks, plumbing & 8/3 1 electricial. 882-7462. RE-MOD-ALL - Exterior specialists. Windows, doors, siding, soffit & fascia, roofing. Richard Mehrenberg, contractor, 381-5047. tfn REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN - 220 lines, breaker boxes, residential/commercial wiring. Free estimates. Reasonable prices. 381-0797, ask for Curtis. 8/ I0


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TUESDAY, JULY 27, 1999

South Pittsburgh athletes bring medals home from senior ga~esgroup, that had IO and tied for eighth place with Oakland. Elder-ado centers and Elderberry Junction of Goodwill Industries also participated in this year's event. Not only did the South Side center have the most participalffl, but when awards were

For the second straight year, the South Side Market House senior center had the most participants, 56, in the annual Citiparks Seniorlnleresl Pittsburgh Senior Games. The only other South Pittsburgh center to place in the top 10 is the Mount Washington

• Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • Mountain Dew • Brisk Ice Tea

Mach ines In Both Schwartz Markets!

• South Side


1317 E. Canon Street

• Allentown

800 E. Warrlngton Avenue


Celery ................ ....


Green Peppers ...... ..


Bahed Goods

o::;: ' 19 Bread ..................... ~ 1 :=~~~.~~. . . . .'=' s119 $


Dair Products Assorted na,on • Save SJ.79




$ Cheese .................... l:.:. Allt.


Chicken ................. it;.

San Giorgio• Save Sl.19

~}:.~~~~~.~ .......... Jb.$


=~ . . . . . . . = ° :r:is :r~:;~ s

.~~= . $149

1 : : : : ......................

Bumble Bee • ID OU or WalBI'

~~.~!~~··········· 2 ~ $1 Upton

::s . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1 ~




USDA Choice • Boneless



2 s300

Hefty • Sare S3.19

buy 008 got 001




~~hen Bap ........

2 :.!$300

Our Own • Bulk

Hot Sausage ~$149 -


Spllt BrBUt. Tblrbs, Orumstiz

Regular or TlllD Sllced • BoaslBSs

Fann Fresh •

149 ~~:: .~~~~·· · · · · Il .$ 159 ~~~:::~.~~. . . . . . . . 99°

~::!~~.~~·············· ~.$189 2 59 59



Stuffed Chicken Legs or Thighs ...........

. . . . .1,.$1 ~:::::e . . . . . . . . .11.$1 189 :~~s. . . . . . . . .~. . . ~ 99° 89 189 :~~n . . . . . . . . . . . . .89° i~::s . . . . . . . . . . .. $1 Our Own • Rep/u or Suf)Br Roi

Thom Apple Valley


USDA Choice • 80DB1BSS


USDA Choice • BoaeltJSs

:::::::: ............... Jb.$239 DIJll SUced $179 Turkey Ham ............ Jb.


Pickle & $ Pimento Loaf ......... Jb. 229 Lando' Lakes $289 Sharp American .... lb. DIJll SUced $269 Swiss Cheese ......... Jb.

softball toss and spot shot basketball; second place in bocce, darts and kooshball and third in archery, 2 ]-basketball and table tennis. Shirley Grab of South Side tied with Rose Snyder of Troy hill for the first place women's winner spot. Each had eight awards. Ms. Grab competed in the women ' s 60-64 class and brought home gold medals in bocce, 21-basketball, kooshball, .spot shot basketball and table tennis; silver medals in horseshoes and shuffleboard and a bronze in darts. Other top local medalists, all from South Side, included Ralph Bowles with seven ; George Carter and Frances Sokol with six and Frank Cashi, with five. Phyllis Haduch of Mount Washington i lso had five awards. Four time medalists included Eleanor Crusan of Mount Washington; Andrew Farmer, Ann Paslowski and Loretta Priore, all of South Side. Three medals each went to Bernard Bright of Elder-ado, and Betty Farmer, Rosemary Quallich, Pat Toney and Lois Walsh, all of the South Side center. Local dual male medalists included Robert Baker, John Masur, Walt Wachynich and Fran Walsh, all of the South Side, and James McGrath of Elderberry Junction and Bill

Srcdnicki of Mount Washington. Females who earned two awards included Rosalie Nesbitt and Joan White of the South Side and Virginia Turba'; Mount Washington. A number of local participants earned one medal each.

2521 E. C.1111 St.


From 10:30 am Dally 80/IMIIJUI Soap, & C/JJIJ S/'ftldl#u

The Best ID Cbar·Grllled

• Chicken• Burren • Fillets • Rlba • Tuna • Sauaare • Pork • Sllrllllp . WlDp


1 0. t!

ch~J to



2212 £. CARSON ST.



Wed. cl FrL 4-8 .m.

Pi~ atten spons R~I as WC pcopl work the Call, ter thi

We Can Deliver All


:::: ......................$

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to senior games competition, came in second, behind 84year-old Jake Ranka of Sheraden for the top competition honors. Zaidel, who competed in the men's 70-74 age group, earned nine medals to Ranka's ten. The South Sider earned first place in horseshoes,

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handed out during a citywide celebration held at the Market House, many went to the local seniors, including those for the runner-up male with the most medals, and one of two who tied for the first place female award winner spot. Stanley Zaidel, a newcomer

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