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A message from Colorado’s Premier Wedding Dress Expert


ongratulations on your recent engagement! Are you ready to find the most beautiful and meaningful gown you may ever wear? All the

gowns you will see in our store have been carefully selected and crafted with you in mind. Every one of our dresses is constructed from the finest of fabrics to flatter your figure and have you look your best on your wedding day. We have all types of styles to accomodate how unique you are. I’ve worked to put hand touches on numerous styles and designs to help you feel absolutely beautiful on your wedding day. It takes more than 100 steps to create each of our weding dresses and hundreds of hours of careful attention to every detail. We’ve been told time and time again that not only do our brides love our dresses, but even more they love the way we take care of them in our store...where the girl comes before the dress. I invite you to schedule a visit or come on in to our store and let us show you what it means to be a Something New bride. Warmly.

- Mindi




Where the girl comes before the dress M

indi Linscombe, owner of Something New Boutique in Colorado Springs, Colorado, knows what it is like to be disappointed as a bride. Her frustrating experience led she and her husband Jordan to open their store to create a better experience for brides and to ensure that another bride will never have to repeat what happened to her. She says: “When I searched for my own bridal gown for my wedding, it started off as a very disappointing experience. Many of the places I went, treated me like a number or

blatantly cared more about their dresses than they did me—a real customer standing there in the store. I eventually found my gown, but had to go to great lengths— even out of state—to find the experience for which I had hoped.” Since Something New Boutique opened in 2008, hundreds of brides all across Colorado have flocked to the beautiful store. Brides tell us that they come not only for a beautiful, quality bridal gown in a stunning setting, but for the experience where they know “The Girl Comes Before the Dress”. Brides flock to Something New Boutique rather than somewhere

else because they know they will be treated with personal attention to get exactly what they want for their big day. Recent bride, Kelly Carswell, said of her experience: “This place is amazing! I went in there, doing a little dress shopping by myself, totally not expecting to find THE dress... The girls at this boutique were amazing!!! Lisa & Alex were so patient with me and really took the time to understand what it was I was looking for. The gown selection is gorgeous! Little did I expect, but when I walked out of that store that day I had SAID YES TO THE DRESS! And could not be more excited for my dress to come in so I can try it on

again. It made me feel like a million dollars! And the service that they provided was unbeatable! They are a wonderful team and I really cannot even find the words to fully express my experience at Something New Boutique. All I have to say is, if you are shopping for your dress in Colorado, you HAVE TO go to Something New Boutique. BEST dress shopping experience!!!! Thank you so much, girls!” As a recently engaged bride, Colorado’s Best Wedding Dresses invites you to schedule an appointment where you can see what brides from all over are raving about: the elegant lighting, the expanded dressing room space, and a truly intimate boutique experience that has the bride’s goals and focus in mind. Now, Something New Boutique is offering something truly unique and incredible for Colorado brides: a brand new, stunning line of gorgeous gowns that have to be seen to be believed. Mindi says of her new Divina line, “Over the years, I have gleaned tremendous insight into what brides really want by going through the process of alterations and sketching gowns side by side with brides as we focus on what they really want. This experience has allowed me to put together an incredible collection of designs and styles that truly work well on brides. I have used that knowledge to raise our gown selection to the next level and have created even more “something new” options for brides.”

She continues: “Throughout the last year, I have been hard at work personally sketching and envisioning designs for my exciting new line “Divina”. You are going to love it! Here’s what I love about Divina: The designs are gorgeous and the dresses are high quality; I have done hand work to put unique touches on each style.” In addition, a portion of the proceeds from each dress sold from the Divina line will allow brides to contribute back to the rescue, restoration, transformation, and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited men and women in Cambodia. Mindi says: “I’m thrilled with the new partnership I’ve established with Sak Saum, who lives out a ‘people matter’ effort everyday. We’re excited to be able to give back to such a noble organization and cause. I invite you to learn more about what they do at”

The Divina Collection will feature a wonderful balance of classic, simple looks; high-low skirt designs; destination gown options; and even a daring yet elegant long sleeve throw back look. The line pulls from Mindi’s personal experience in being a bride, working with so many wonderful brides at Something New Boutique, and carefully listening to what brides of various ages and body types want for their big day. To see the new line, please call Something New Boutique to schedule an appointment at (719) 2826500 or visit them online at

There are many amazing wedding professionals who have worked hard to help tell the Divina story. The beautiful pictures you see in this magazine are the result of a hand-picked team of incredible talent. The stunning scenes were staged in Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor, a five star five diamond resort. Audrey Hannah of Audrey Hannah Photography captured the visual aspects of Divina extremely well—as you see here in Colorado’s Best Wedding Dresses. Ahndea May of Heirblooms, a rising star accessory designer and photo stylist, traveled across the country to join us and put amazing touches on each model. Ahndea May’s custom-made accessories are available as an exclusive collection made specifically to compliment the Divina line. Brides will love her work and the simplicity of having accessories built specifically for their Divina gown style. Veda Salon

and Spa of Colorado Springs did great makeup and hair for the gorgeous Divina gown models—Heidi Mitchell, Sarah Wenger, Julianna Bevere, and Sydney Galloway. Cory Reynolds, a stellar videographer with Contrast Digital Creative, did outstanding video which you must see on Something New Boutique’s website.

Mindi invites you to come in to she the stunning gowns in person. She says: “I can hardly wait for you to come in to see the looks on YOU and your friends. We look forward to getting to know you and hear about the current chapter of your unique wedding story. If you know someone engaged, please be sure to share this story with them!”

Peace of mind on your special day Twitter/Facebook: VedaSalonSpa IPhone/Android: Veda Salon Photo by Teresa Lee Photography Hair/Makeup by Veda Artistic Team

ABOUT THE PHOTO GRAPHER Audrey Brooks is a Colorado wedding photographer who specializes in elegant, whimsical imagery.

How did you begin your career as a Wedding photographer? I began photographing with my grandfather's Canon A-1 film camera when I was 15. I taught myself manual film skills and developed many of my own images in the darkroom. I was and still am fascinated in the creative process of freezing a moment in time and saving it for later. At 20, I met my husband Brian who introduced me to the digital world of photography and…yadda yadda yadda, here I am. (10 points for the Seinfeld quote) Describe your personal style. While most wedding photography is considered photo journal istic, I compose a more editorial/commercial feel to my images. Elegant, effortless and classy are words that are often used to describe my work. What inspires you? I am mostly inspired by art forms outside of photography such as architecture, fashion and design. I find those other interests emerge in my photography work and strengthen and deepen my love for it. I'm also inspired by light itself. I am constantly aware of what it is doing and how it makes me feel. Its fascinating how affected I am by it at any given moment. Are there other photographers that inspire you? Elizabeth Messina is probably my biggest inspiration within my own field. Jeremy Cowart's energy and humanitarian perspective is so honorable and encouraging. On the more conceptual/directed side, I love Annie Leibovitz. The drama she can create in her work is so moving. What gear or gadgets can you not live without? I would say I am not really a “gadget” person, I only use 2 lenses for 90% of my work, but I would say my Canon A-1 film camera has been my most consistent gadget. It revives me when I feel uninspired or drained creatively. Name a person, place or thing you can’t live without.? My love Brian and daughter Harper. Wherever we are, be it globe trotting, road tripping or enjoying sunsets from the open range on our property, there I am home and have all I need. How do you set yourself apart from the multitude of photographers out there? I am not driven by volume, recognition or numbers. I am driven by art and people. What is your favorite part of photographing a wedding? It's a tie. I love photographing the bride. Photographing women is where I feel most confident and inspired. Women are alluring and I'm always finding ways to share those alluring qualities through the descriptive power of only a photograph.

Audrey has been featured and/or published in many magazines and blogs throughout her career, most notably in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Brides Colorado, Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks. She has been photographing professionally for 7 years and decided to answer a few questions about who she is and what she does.

But then there's the groom. He is so often overlooked and under appreciated at weddings. His beautiful bride can overshadow his importance and many expect him to simply just show up. Yet, in all my years photographing weddings, I have met some incredible grooms. Kind, generous, selfless, giving men who want nothing more than to serve and love their soon to be wives. They are often more nervous than their brides yet much more calm. Grooms are much more than an accessory to a pretty bride on HER wedding day, and I do my best to photograph them in such a way. Best advice to give future brides and grooms? Be all there. Be present and engaged fully in every moment… and include the right photographer so you can remember those moments absolutely.

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1. Fabric


Our dresses are made from the finest fabrics available, including Italian matte satin, silks, chiffon, taffeta, and organza to adorn you on your wedding day.

2. Inner lining and construction The more boning and inner construction, the higher the price of a gown. the price of alterations also goes down as well since the dresses fit so much better.

3. Ornamentation Some of our wedding gowns have over 10,000 individually sewn beads on a dress that can take on highly skilled seamstress 38 days just to sew work, appliquĂŠs, and stunning patterns that will cause you, your fiancĂŠ and your guests to gasp in amazement when they see you.


on: other ornamentation can include lace, bead-




4. The skill of the

Seamstress constructing your gown Every single gown at our store is hand sketched and designed with the most luxurious and exquisite fabrics available and are hand sewn by the most talented artisans on the planet. Every gown at our store is hand selected by members of our staff to be the perfect gown for each of our wonderful brides! Many of our highly coveted and stunning gowns will not be seen at any other bridal salon in our area.


Average cost of a wedding gown is



TOP 10


Wedding Dress Myths by Mindi Linscombe


s a recently engaged bride, you have likely been exposed to a lot of information that will

help you plan the perfect wedding.

ere are many myths and superstitions surrounding

weddings which have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of the

things you hear today simply aren’t true or just downright hilarious. In fact, many wedding traditions followed today are the result of superstitions created by myth and folklore (particularly surrounding avoiding bad luck and evil spirits) and the original meaning has been lost or forgo en over the years.


o, how do you sort through the voluminous amounts of myth and folklore and pick what will de ne your wedding as one you will always remember and one that all of your friends and relatives will envy for years to come. Everyone has an opinion, but how will you know what is just right for you?

Over the years, I’ve heard many di erent myths that brides have believed and have been relieved to nd out that they weren’t true or that they didn’t need to worry about them. From all of the things I’ve heard over the years personally from brides I’ve worked with or from the bridal consultants in our store, I’ve put together a list of the top ten most shocking and outrageous wedding dress myths to help you sort through the misinformation and nd out what will help you plan your wedding without stress, confusion or worry. Many myths you’ll hear con ict with one another and have di erent meanings depending on how they have been used to foretell good and bad luck. Even though most myths brides hear aren’t true, it doesn’t stop them from going all out to make sure they haven’t missed anything and to ensure that their wedding will be great. My goal in sharing these top ten dress myths is to help you know what they are and why they aren’t true so you can say yes to your dress with con dence and excitement. e top ten myths and my thoughts about them are:


A wedding dress should be white. You shouldn’t wear a white wedding gown if you’re not a virgin or if it is your second or third marriage. e most popular color of wedding dresses today is ivory. e color white was traditionally chosen to imitate the color of Queen Victoria’s dress when she wed Albert in 1840. While many have embraced that

tradition, the reality is that prior to that time, the majority of wedding gowns were either silver or red. Today, brides can choose whatever color they wish, whether they are virgins or not, and whether it is their rst marriage, second or third. e only thing that ma ers regarding the color of your wedding gown is that it is a color that you want to wear. Quite simply, it is your choice. One funny poem wri en in the 1800s that describes a bride’s fate depending on the color of dress she got married in reveals the silliness of traditions regarding color. “Married in White, you have chosen right Married in Grey, you will go far away, Married in Black, you will wish yourself back, Married in Red, you will wish yourself dead, Married in Green, ashamed to be seen, Married in Blue, you will always be true, Married in Pearl, you will live in a whirl, Married in Yellow, ashamed of your fellow, Married in Brown, you will live in the town, Married in Pink, your spirit will sink.” Again, it is your wedding and you can choose whatever color of dress you would like to wear that you’ll feel beautiful and comfortable in. at is what ma ers most of all.


I’ve got lots of time as I’m not ge ing married for six months to a year. Following your engagement, it is easy to get caught in the trap that you’ve got lots of time as you plan your wedding. However, as you’ve probably discovered, time passes quickly and it takes time to construct and complete the intricate details that a wedding gown requires. Brides magazine recommends that you get your dress at least a year before you get married. ere is so much to do as you plan your wedding and your dress will be the centerpiece of

2 |

everything you do. Prices on fabric have been increasing due to the e ects of in ation, so if you see a dress you love, you should get it before the price increases (because it likely will). If you need extra length because of your height, you also need to plan ahead and order your dress early. By ge ing that decision out of the way, you’ll be able to focus on all of the other details that will go into planning your perfect dress. You’ll want to schedule an appointment and I’ll give you a special coupon just for taking the time to read this special report when you schedule your appointment at our store. I’ll give you the details of this coupon at the end of this special report.


In order to nd the perfect dress, you have to look endlessly on web sites and try on lots of gowns at every store in town. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you start looking at pictures of wedding gowns. ere seem to be literally thousands of styles to choose from. e reality is that all wedding gowns fall into one of four basic silhoue es or cuts. ese are: e ball gown is the most traditional of the categories and has a ed bodice and waistline that leads to a very full skirt. 2. e empire has a high waistline (usually a line just under the bust) which falls to a slimmer skirt. 3. e A-line or princess cut features vertical seams owing from the shoulders down to an A-shaped ared skirt. 4. e sheath closely follows the line of the body.


at’s it. Just four silhoue es or styles. We have traveled the world to nd you the best and most a ering silhoue es so you don’t have to. Everything you can and will want to see can be found at our store. When you start shopping,

try on one of each silhoue e or style. en, you’ll be able to see how you look in each one and nd out which one accentuates your best features and makes you feel absolutely beautiful and stunning (as your wedding dress should).


You shouldn’t start shopping until you are the size you want to be on your wedding day. Another variation of this myth is that a wedding dress must t you perfectly before you can buy it. Planning a wedding can be a very stressful experience and stress is a well-known and proven cause of weight uctuation. In our experience, at least 98% of all of the dresses that brides buy at our store require some type of alterations. If you are planning to lose weight, it is easy and inexpensive to adjust the gown you’ve chosen to t you closer to your wedding day. e problem with waiting is that you limit your choices (since gowns require time to order) and especially since a gown you love may be sold to another decisive bride. e majority of brides buy their dresses nine to eighteen months prior to their weddings with this in mind. ey know they should get their alterations done closer to the date of the wedding. ey plan ahead and ensure that they’ll get the dress they love most and then alter it to t perfectly right before the wedding. If you wait, you may have to scramble to nd the dress you want and pay extra in alterations and rush fees that could have been avoided with planning. A good rule of thumb is to buy the dress that best ts you now and you can always alter it down if you lose weight. If you don’t, you don’t have to stress out. Remember, your gown can be altered to t you perfectly and your ancé loves you just as you are. Don’t forget that you’ll relieve a lot of the stress of planning your wedding once you have your dress (since you’ll be able to focus on the many other decisions that go into planning your wedding) and a knowledgeable and competent seamstress can sculpt the dress you’ve chosen to t you like a glove.


You shouldn’t buy the rst dress you try on at the rst store you’ve gone to. is common belief is really an extension of Myth #3 that you have to look and look until you nd the perfect dress. While it is a good idea to look to ensure that you make the best choice (it is your wedding a er all), it is a myth to believe that you can’t buy a dress you love at the rst store

you’ve been to. A er all, you have great taste and are going to pick beautiful dresses from any store that you go to. A large percentage of brides end up buying the rst dress they try on for this reason. eir eye is drawn to a dress they really love and they end up ge ing that rst dress they tried on. ose brides who are indecisive usually come back and end up buying that dress a er they’ve spent time and money on gasoline by driving all over that they could have easily saved by trusting their instincts and ge ing the dress they loved when they rst tried it on. At our store, we even have a special incentive for decisive brides who buy on their rst visit. I’ve a ached a coupon below that you can use when you schedule your appointment at our store. We are able to o er this special savings since we have the price of two visits built into every dress. When brides choose to buy the dress they love most on their rst visit, we pass those savings along to them. Trust your instincts. You may not nd your dress at the rst store you go to, but if you do, don’t hesitate to begin enjoying the euphoric feeling you’ll have knowing that you have that part of your wedding all taken care of. Remember, when you choose to bring lots of friends to help you shop, you also bring lots of opinions. Be careful that you don’t let the opinions of your friends in uence what you really want to wear (because, a er all, it is your wedding).


If it is meant to be, it won’t be sold before I come back. It is easy to get caught up in the notion of fate and that things happen for a reason. e opposite is also true. Sometimes things happen for no reason at all and for reasons that can’t be explained. When you nd your dress, it is best to decide to get it then, instead of le ing another bride and her mother decide for you. At our store, we dress thousands of brides each year. We are busy and on multiple occasions we’ve seen brides who have trusted fate wake up to the realization that the dress they loved most had been sold. ey cried, pleaded and begged for us to help them get another dress in, but many times it just isn’t possible. e question you have to ask yourself is this: If you’ve found your dress, why would you let another bride and her mother tell you what you will or won’t be wearing your wedding day? Isn’t that a decision you’d rather make? Believe me, you don’t want to return to a store you’ve been to hoping your dress is still there and leaving crushed that it has already been sold.

3 |

I’ve seen that happen on too many occasions and I don’t want to see it happen to you. When you nd your dress, take control. Don’t let the dress of your dreams slip through your ngers and let someone else make the decision for you. You’ve done the hard work and found your dress. Go ahead and get the dress you love and you’ll be absolutely ecstatic leaving the store that no one can take the dress you’ve found away from you. On top of that, you’ll save money by buying your dress on your rst visit. You can use that savings for something else that you’re planning for your wedding. Don’t let the myth of fate determine the consequences of your decisions for you. You decided to marry your best friend and you should also decide to get the dress you love (not let someone else make that decision for you).


It’s cheaper if you or someone you know makes your wedding dress. ere is an old myth that says, “ e bride should not make her own wedding dress; for each stitch up of the wedding garb the bride sews herself she’ll shed one tear during her marriage.” is old saying obviously has no scienti c basis. While it is usually cheaper to do things yourself, such is not the case today with wedding gowns. All wedding gowns are sewn by hand and are done so by artisans and professionals who have years of experience in constructing gowns day in and day out. ere are many intricate details that go into making a wedding gown. On some of the dresses in our store, there are over 10,000 individual beads that are sewn onto each individual dress, all by hand. It takes 38 days for one highly skilled seamstress just to sew on all of the beadwork, not to mention all of the other aspects of delicately placing each piece of boning and fabric to make a work of art. If you are blessed to have a talented seamstress in your family, you are a lucky bride indeed. However, even talented seamstresses recognize that wedding gowns that are produced at the best factories have a level of detail and a ention that even they can’t match or re-create. At our store, we are able to o er gowns at prices much lower than what a close family member can make a gown for (especially if you factor in all of the time it takes to create the gown and do all of the ings). Do yourself a favor and let that special someone in your life help you do the alterations and trust the wedding artisans who construct our gowns to take care of all of the details to make your stunning dress. Regardless

of this advice, many brides still choose to have someone else make their dress only to discover weeks before the wedding that it didn’t turn out right or t correctly. In the end, they’ve had to scramble to get a di erent dress (causing tremendous stress and anxiety). Don’t let this happen to you.


Buying a dress online will save you money. is is a common perception of many brides who mistakenly believe the price they see online means everything else that will happen in the process of ge ing a wedding gown will be the same too. What happens when you buy a dress online versus buying it at a full-service bridal salon and it is dramatically di erent. We recently had a bride named Jessica who experienced this dramatic di erence rst hand. She came into our store in tears because the dress she received looked completely di erent than the picture she saw online. e lace was di erent, the seams were loose and crooked, there was no boning or support, and the dress bulged in certain areas. e company she purchased the dress from wouldn’t refund her money and she was le to either x what she had (which didn’t give her a lot of options) or buy a new dress. She ended up buying a new dress at our store and wished she had done that in the rst place. When you buy a dress from a full service bridal salon, you’ll notice that: Your dress will be perfectly altered to your gure and pressed so that it is wrinkle-free and looks absolutely stunning on your wedding day. An online purchase will arrive wrinkled in a box and you’ll have to pay more to have it pressed. Any beads that may have come loose during shipping or the alterations process will be tightened at no charge. An online purchase leaves you on your own. You’ll have to pay to x any beads that are loose or that have popped o . You can be assured that there won’t be any spots or stains on your dress when you pick it up. Every dress we sell goes through our comprehensive 5-point premium care treatment process. When you purchase a gown online, you really don’t know what you’ll get. A dress purchased at our store ensures you’ll get exactly what you thought and more. Your dress will be perfectly altered to your gure and you’ll know that it will come in the right size. Buying a dress

online is a gamble because you don’t know if the size chart you saw online will really match the dress you’re buying. At our store, what you see and experience will change your belief about buying anything online ever again, forever. Lastly, your dress will look like the sample you ordered it from and you won’t have to worry about any of the details. With all that you have to worry about with planning the wedding of your dreams, you really don’t need the extra stress and hassle of worrying that your dress may not come in correctly or be perfect for your wedding day. Why take the risk? When you order your gown from a full service bridal salon, you can be assured that we’ll take care of all of the details. You’ll be glad you did because you won’t have to stress about the mess that could have happened with your dress.


If you don’t cry, it’s not “the” dress. Emotions are felt di erently by people in varying situations. Not everyone cries when they see a touching movie or hear a tragic or moving story. e way you’ll feel when you nd “the dress” will likely be very di erent from how a well meaning friend or family member may have felt when they found their wedding gown. Just because they may have cried when they found their dress, doesn’t mean that you will as well. Less than 30 percent of the thousands of brides we’ve helped to nd their dress have cried when they made their decision. Instead of crying, these brides typically feel very excited and love to move around in their gown. ey become possessive of the gown they’re in and visualize themselves ge ing married on their wedding day. Another part of this myth is that if everyone in your wedding party doesn’t like your dress, you shouldn’t get it. e reality is, it is your wedding and it should be your choice.


It is be er to order a dress than to purchase an in-stock dress. Some brides believe this myth because they think or feel that the dresses they try on at a bridal

store have also been tried on by “hundreds” of other brides. is is very unlikely since most bridal retailers bring in brand new gowns to their stores several times each year and they are constantly refreshing their inventory to showcase the latest trends and fashions that brides in their respective areas are looking for. Since this is the case, the dress you try on has likely only been tried on by a handful of brides who all did so under the careful direction and supervision of their bridal consultant (so as to preserve the delicate detail, beadwork and fabric of each gown which is sold to and worn by a bride). is is another reason why it is such a good idea to be decisive when you nd the perfect dress. We’ve seen brides come back extremely frustrated and disappointed because the dress they loved was purchased by another more decisive bride literally hours a er they le the store. Don’t let that happen to you. Another reason why it is a good idea to buy your dress when you nd it out of stock is because there is an extra shipping, handling, and processing fee to order in a gown this way. Most bridal retailers get special incentives and pricing on gowns when they purchase in bulk and those same savings aren’t available to them if they are only purchasing one gown just for you. You can avoid this extra cost by simply purchasing the gown you found on your rst visit. If you have you heart set on special ordering a gown that will be made for you, we will be happy to assist you in making this happen. If you choose to order a dress, remember to plan plenty of time to order as outlined in myth #2. I hope this article on the top ten most shocking and outrageous wedding dress myths has been helpful to you. You’ll notice that I have included a coupon below that you can use on your dress for your rst visit. Please call us at 480-5170027 to schedule your appointment now and we’ll help you say yes to a dress that you will love and treasure forever. We look forward to meeting you in our store soon. Mindi Linscombe is the owner of Something New Boutique Colorado’s #1 choice for f brides, located at Rid 11550 Ridgeline Drive C Colorado Springs, CO. S can be reached at She i or by v visiting

$100 OFF any wedding gown over $999 on your first visit

Cannot be combined with any other o er or promotion. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Only valid on gowns purchased over $999 on your rst visit.

Mindi Linscombe


PLANNING CALENDAR Congratulations on your recent engagement! As you’re enjoying the glow and excitement of your new commitment to each other, here is a wedding planning calendar to help you plan your perfect wedding.


Did you know that the average cost of a wedding gown is:


Helpful Tips:

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any wedding gown over $999 on your first visit Cannot be combined with any other o er or promotion. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Only valid on gowns purchased over $999 on your first visit.

Your wedding gown is the most important aspect to your future wedding plans. Your other decisions will come together easily after selecting your dress. Schedule Your Appointment Today:


Your Local Bridal Expert Mindi Linscombe is the owner of Something New Boutique—Colorado’s #1 choice Mindi Linscombe is the for brides, located at 11550 Ridgeline Drive Colorado Springs, CO. She can be reached at or by visiting

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he quest for your wedding

gown can be one of the most exciting and fun-filled parts

of planning for your wedding. Your gown will set the tone for your entire wedding and there are few other times where you will be so lavishly pampered as you are magically transformed into a beautiful bride before your very eyes.


Did you know that the average cost of a wedding gown is:


Before you buy your wedding gown, here are ten things that you need to know and do.


Get a clear picture of what you want your wedding to look like in your mind. Close your eyes and envision yourself as a bride. What do you see? Are you going to be walking down an aisle, getting married outside or uttering your vows by the so glow of candlelight? Will you be wearing a full ball gown with your hair up and a long owing veil? Or are you dressed in a owing, romantic gown that accentuates your femininity? Write down six adjectives that best describe how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. For example, you may write words such as: traditional, romantic, princess like, lavish, minimalist, sexy, sophisticated, etc.


Try on the different silhouettes of gowns to find out what looks best on your figure. All wedding gowns fall under four basic silhouettes. ese are: the ball gown (the most traditional of the categories, has a full bodice and waistline that leads to a very full skirt), the empire (has a high waistline which falls to a slimmer skirt), the A-line or princess (features vertical seams owing from the shoulders down to an A-shaped ared skirt) and the sheath (closely follows the line of the body). An experienced bridal consultant can point out the features of how you look in each. You should let her know what you like about each style as well.

Gown Silhouettes


Select the color and fabric of your gown. e same dress style can look and feel quite di erent in a di erent color or fabric. Even though white has traditionally been the color of most gowns, more and more gowns are being designed with color in the details. You may want to consider an o white, ivory or blush/champagne color as a way to enhance your complexion. Choose a color and fabric that best re ects the mood you are trying to create at your wedding. When choosing the fabric, keep in mind that it will be the basis for the overall look and feel of your gown and will in uence cost more than any other single thing. Textured material and overlays such as chi on, tulle, and organza can also be used to create a special look for you.




Determine what features you want on your gown. ese features include the type of neckline, waistline, train, beadwork or lace on the bodice and skirt, and other decorations or embellishments. Once you have determined which silhouette, color and fabric you like best, determine if the gown will have sleeves, straps or if you prefer strapless. You will want to try on a variety of gowns to help you nd what you like best as you bring “the perfect gown” into closer focus.



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Accept help from knowledgeable and professional bridal consultants. A good bridal consultant will ask lots of questions to get more clarity about your special day. They will want to be helpful to you and may have some recommendations for you. An expert consultant has seen gowns on many women in various shapes and sizes and will be able to recommend a dress that will look great on your body. Let an expert’s opinion guide you to considering some shapes or styles you might never have imagined wearing. However, your consultant should make you feel comfortable and free to express your own opinion. From the moment you enter the salon, be mindful of the way you’re being treated and of the way the salespeople make you feel. Do they treat you with respect? This is your special day and you deserve help that makes you feel comfortable and happy.


Bring along someone whose opinion you trust and respect to help you in your search. is person could be your mother, sister, bridesmaid, honor attendant, a close friend or another relative. An extra set of eyes can be helpful, but limit the number of people who come with you. Too many opinions will likely confuse you and lead to a frustrating experience. Such feedback can be invaluable. But, remember, it is your wedding, so you should make the nal decision a er careful consideration of your choices.


Make your decision. Making your nal decision doesn’t have to be stressful. You have your mother or friend and your consultant to help you. Be sure to give yourself a chance to look at several options before you buy. Trust your own instincts. You have likely been visualizing this day for some time. Ask yourself these three questions of the nal dresses that you are seriously considering: 1) Which dress do I feel the prettiest in?, 2) Which dress accentuates my best feature?, and 3) Which dress most ts my personality


Be aware of traditions or religious guidelines that may influence how your gown should look. Di erent pastors, clergy or o ciants of weddings in various religious and/ or ethnic backgrounds require that your head, legs or shoulders be covered. It is best to check with your ceremony o ciant to nd out if he/she has any guidelines that may need to be considered before you buy your gown. is will prevent embarrassment on the part of you and your guests.

An extra set of eyes can be helpful, but limit the number of people who come with you. Too many opinions will likely confuse you and lead to a frustrating experience.

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or style? Try on each gown and go through this process until you have eliminated all of the dresses to the nal one. Once you’ve found a gown that is everything you’ve imagined, smile and relax – you’ve done it!


Have your dress altered to match your exact figure. Once you have your gown, nd a professional seamstress, who is an expert at altering wedding gowns, to help you make the nal alterations that will help your dress t perfectly. Many bridal stores will have their own seamstress on site to help you. is process usually involves an initial tting and one to two more alteration appointments. Following these tting appointments, your dress will be pressed. You may want to wait until a few days before your wedding before you pick it up.


Look for the final touches that will help you complete your gown and make your wedding day special. Once you’ve found your gown, look for matching elements such as veils, shoes, and gloves that will make your transformation into a new bride complete. You may want to ask your bridal consultant for suggestions for these nal touches. With these ten tips in mind, your quest for your wedding gown should now be an exciting, ful lling and wonderful experience. Have fun!


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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Look for Your FiancĂŠ and Groomsmen at Your Wedding by Mindi Linscombe


ow that you have your dress, its time to plan a time for your fiance’s and his groomsmen to find the perfect tuxedos so they all look their very best on your big day. To help you in your quest to help each of the men at your wedding look stylish and fashion forward, I’ve prepared this

special report to help you know some of the most important things you’ll want to consider before you pick

out the perfect tux and accessories for each of them. I’ve also included a special coupon that your groom and each of the groomsmen can use when you call to schedule an appointment at our store for them. The Right Tuxedo for

Style, Theme and Formality

vest, tie and pocket square, but the color

the Right Body Type

The first thing to consider when picking

of the tuxedo itself. You will have plenty

While most tuxedos will fit most body

out attire for the men in your wedding is

of options with the many tuxedo colors

types properly (when sized correctly),

the style or theme of your wedding day.

available. The most traditional color for

it may surprise you that there are some

Will your day be formal, informal, colorful,

tuxedos is basic black. If you are going

tuxedo styles that are designed to for

classic, trendy, or modern? The style

away from the classic look on your big

certain occasions and particular body

of your wedding will play an important

day there are a number other colors to

types. The following are some of the

role in what you choose for your men’s

choose from; chocolate brown, khaki,

more common styles of tuxedos:

formalwear. If your style is simple and

light or dark gray and navy blue are some

informal or if you are having a beach

great choices if you want a darker color

wedding, choosing a suit for a more

but are trying to get away from black.

relaxed and informal look may be a good

There are also white and ivory tuxes,

way to go. You may also choose a three-

many times only the groom will wear one

piece option with pants or shorts, a shirt

of these to match the bride and the rest

1-button tuxedos – these are the most traditional of all tuxedo styles; they are always appropriate for formal occasions and are the style that show the most of your vest or cummerbund

and tie to achieve a casual,

2-button tuxedos – these tuxedos are

laid-back look. If you’re

a bit more formal and fashionable than

planning a day that will be

the 1-button tuxedo, but they still have a

traditional and formal, you

traditional flair

may choose to wear a full

3-button (or more) tuxedos – This is the most formal of all of the styles of tuxedos. Here are the di erent types of lapels: Peak lapels – the very first tuxedo ever

tuxedo complete with a vest or cummerbund and tie. If your look is trendy and modern, you may choose to skip the vest and go for

worn was a one-button, peak lapel style,

the tie only look. Once you

this style is still the most common and

choose which pieces you


wish for all the men to wear then you can start to think

Notch lapels – this style of lapel is the most popular. More than 90 percent of all rentals of tuxedos have a notch lapel.

about color. Colors After you decide on the style

Shawl collars – a very traditional choice,

of your wedding, you’ll need

not the best choice for rounder bodies (as

to determine the colors the

it tends to accentuate that even more)

men will wear. This not only includes the color of the

2 |

of the wedding party will wear a di erent

are a bit broader a jacket with a shawl

should be worn throughout the men in

darker colored tux or suit. You can get

collar which is rounded o and smooth

the wedding party.

very creative with the coordination of

with little detail and one or two buttons

your vest, tie and pocket square. Mix

that cuts in at the waist will elongate the

and match patterns and colors that

body. Another thing to keep in mind when

compliment each other for added

thinking about finding formalwear for

variation and interest. If you’ve chosen a

larger men is that black is very slimming.

two-tone bridesmaid dress, you can mix

The peak lapel is a classic look along with

your vest and tie or tie and pocket square

the notch lapel these jackets usually have

with the two di erent colors for the

a deep v which can be very flattering for

perfect compliment.

all body types. Variation is created with

The Jacket The jacket is a very important piece to your tuxedo look. This decision can

subtle details such as tone on tone satin bands, chalk striping, pin striping, and tone on tone texture.

Shirts Shirts provide another opportunity to add character to your wedding day attire. There are several di erent shirt styles to choose from. The collar is the most noticeable detail of the shirt that you will have a chance to pick out, there are lay down, banded, and wing-tip collars. When you are choosing which sort of collar you will want it is important to keep in mind what style of tie you will want the men to wear. A lay down collar will normally

sometimes be overwhelming, but it is nice


accommodate any style of tie, while a

to have options! There are many di erent

The trousers for the tuxedo jacket will

banded collar is typically worn with no

factors you should consider when picking

be determined, somewhat, by the jacket

tie. The wing tip collar looks best with

out the jacket for your tuxedos. The build

you’ve selected. If the jacket you’ve

a classic bow tie or string tie. Pleating

of the groom and wedding party should

selected has a pattern or details in it

is also added to some styles of cotton

be one major factor on which you base

there is, more than likely, a matching

shirts to give a traditional look. The basic

your decision. If the majority of the men

trouser to go with it. If you’ve chosen

colors for shirts are white and ivory, which

in your wedding are tall and slim they

a solid jacket without pattern, you can

should be based o the brides wedding

will look great in many di erent styles.

usually choose from a flat front or pleated

dress. You can also choose colored shirts

One look that slim men can pull o that

trouser for your wedding party. The front

such as pink, blue, black or chocolate,

many others can not is a longer jacket

of the trousers is where you will see

some of which may also have a whisper

with four or five buttons. For guys who

the di erence between pleated and flat

stripe. Microfiber material is the latest

front they are just as their

most popular material today providing a

names say flat in the front

very smooth texture and feel and often

or pleated. The side of the

many color options.

trouser will typically have a satin stripe down the side of it on both legs. You should take into consideration the overall size of your wedding party. If your men are more on the athletic side, you could sport a flat front tuxedo. If your men are not very fit and need a little room in their trousers, a better choice would be a pleated trouser for your group. In general, the same style and color trousers

3 |

Accessories, Vests and Cummerbunds Accessories put the finishing touches on your whole wedding day look. The vest or cummerbund, tie, pocket square, studs and cu links, and shoes not only bring your whole look together but are also another great way to reflect your own personal style. Vests and cummerbunds can drastically alter the look of your tux. In the past a cummerbund was a staple for all tuxedos, recently, vests have become all the rage they seem to be a more flattering way to add color to your tux or just keep the guys looking great when they decide to take o their

jackets. Vests come in many di erent

color or black but some of them do come


colors and textures and there are even

in a textured or patterned fabric. The

Shoes should be the last thing you pick

camouflage and tropical prints to choose

Windsor tie has become increasingly

out. You should only pick shoes that

from. You may choose to have the men

more popular in recent years; it creates

match once you have the rest of the tux

in your wedding wear neither a vest nor

a more modern and slightly more casual

all figured out. The classic shiny black

cummerbund if you are going for a more

look than the bow tie. Windsor ties come

tux shoe is the most commonly chosen

casual look.

in a wide array of patterns, textures, and

option; there is also a shiny black shoe

colors. Some other less common ties

with a square toe that is becoming

that can create very unique looks are the

increasingly popular. There are many

cravat, string, bolo, and cross over ties.

other ways you can go with your shoe

The cravat is usually tied in an ascot knot

selection, there are matte shoes in black

and is a vintage look usually paired with

and brown, usually these look best with

a cut away jacket. The string, crossover,

a more casual look such as, a suit, in the

and bolo ties are perfect for a western

corresponding color. If the color you

themed wedding they look great when

have chosen for your tuxedos is white

paired with a dark jean and casual jacket.

or ivory then a shiny white or ivory shoe

In many cases the groom chooses the white or ivory accessories. The vest, tie and pocket square should match the color of the bridal gown if you decide to go with white or ivory. The groomsmen typically go in the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses, but the same pattern as the groom. The ushers of the wedding can vary with an accent color

would look best. There are even shiny

or a neutral color, such as silver. The

Pocket Squares

fathers of the wedding should have a

Pocket squares are a great way to add

neutral color, like black, to be easily paired

a splash of color to your tux jacket;

up with the moms of the wedding. The

they come in many di erent colors and

patterns and style can all be the same, but

patterns. Many people match the pocket

the colors can vary according the role of

square with the tie they have chosen,

the person in the wedding.

or choose a completely di erent accent color. Pocket squares can also be folded

Ties Ties come in many di erent styles, patterns, and colors. The di erent tie styles can really change the look of your formalwear. Bow ties are typically a more classic and formal look, they are

in di erent ways; folding techniques range

black sneakers made as a tux shoe for the man who can’t live a day with out the comfort of tennis shoes. These days people are getting very creative allowing their groomsmen to wear actual tennis shoes or other matching shoes. In some western themed weddings a cowboy boot is appropriate.

from basic to exotic. Some of the

No matter what you choose for all the

more popular folds are the winged pu ,

men in your wedding to wear try to take

three fold stairs, and the four point crown.

into consideration what they will feel

Any way you fold them pocket squares will

comfortable and look great in. Remember

add a little bit of personal flair and color.

you will look back at your pictures from

Cu inks and Studs

often a

Cu inks and studs give your shirt a


very polished look. The selection of cu links varies greatly from a

$40 OFF

simple black and silver to a show stopping diamond studded

any tux rental plus an additional

accent or a personalized

$10 OFF

link with an engraved

if your fiancé buys her gown at our store

monogram. Again,

ed Bridal Tux o Savings

the style of your wedding should be kept in mind when picking out all accessories.

Cannot be combined with any other o er or promotion. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Tux rental must be booked more than 7 days prior to event date.

4 |

your big day for many years and you want everyone to look their best! Be sure to give this coupon to your groom and his groomsmen. Mindi Linscombe is the owner of Something New Boutique— Colorado’s #1 choice for brides, located at 11550 Ridge line Drive Colorado Springs, CO. She can be reached at info@somethingnewboutique. com or by visiting www.some

Mindi Linscombe

SOUTHERN ................. CHARM

Laura Lee Anderson Photography

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Sweet Southern Blooms With so many wonderful wedding blogs, magazines and of course Pinterest, how do you pick the flowers that are right for you and your special day? I’m a firm believer that flowers are a reflection of who we are. Some are sweet smelling, some are plain looking, some are colorful striking and some are very delicate. Every flower has something that either reminds us of grandma’s perfume, something our mom grew in her garden or the flowers that your groom to be gave you when he proposed. These are the flowers we love to incorporate into your special day. They are an old memory creating a new memory, and this is what we LOVE to design with our brides more than anything, it’s the start of a new family tradition. When it comes to picking the perfect palate, or theme of your wedding, so many factors can come into picking the right flowers to match your big dream. Season is a big part in that, those pictures on sites are a very handy tool but can be heartbreaking to find out your flower isn’t in season.

Budget always play a factor in picking the perfect floral’s as well. Flowers can be expensive, but looking back at your pictures, I’d rather see a beautiful centerpiece than a bare table any day and a good florist will help you create the perfect centerpiece with budget in mind. Choosing a florist that becomes your inner designer will ensure you get just what you envision and budget shouldn’t always be the deciding factor when picking the right florist. So whether you’re picking flowers that are sweet and chic with southern grace or simplistic and classic with detailed perfection, pick the ones that show off your style. You only have one day to share with your family and friends that will ever be this grand again. Don’t lose your style by trying to recreate something in a picture, make sure you put your own spin on it and make it as unique as you are and become the style that other brides will want to recreate themselves. .................

Cheri Taunton - Owner Southern Charm Wedding and Events

WEDD ING W EIGHT LO SS B y Davi d Ka thman n & V eron ica C astro

wedding dress is Congratulations! You are getting married and buying your wedding the perfect dress, but have a few of those stubborn pounds you want ntt to t lose. Well, we have 5 solutions to melting fat away and achieving that wedding day body:

1. Women are afraid of getting bulky when lifting weights,, especially especially anything over a three pound pink dumbbell. However, you do need to lift heavy weights using multi-joint multi-j - oint -j The effect effec ff t off lifting ffec lifti f ng heavy movements over a full range of motion, like the squat and deadlift.. The inncrease your testosterone, weights will increase your lean body mass, decrease your fat mass,, increase ean muscle mass, no matter increase strength, and much more. An increase in testosterone and lea lean ubborn inches on your hips how small, from lifting heavy weights will help to get rid of those stubbo stubborn , much better than aerobic exercise alone for women.. 2. the gym too. A fers ffe ers ttoo bu bur burn rn fat ffaat aass a fuel source during exercise, but not as much during rest (glucose aka sugar is preferred at rest for women; 1). You will burn a lot of calories during an intense exercise, but even more calories throughout the day after a hard workout (compared to an easy aerobic workout). Calories burned during exercise and throughout the day, in combination with your extra lean muscle mass, leads to a rise in your metabolism; which equates to even more fat loss! 3. In order to grow that lean muscle mass you need to ingest protein. Protein will help you to recover from workouts, repair and aid in the growth of your muscles, and raise your metabolism even more! A diet that consists of at least 0.68 grams of protein x your body weight may be necessary in order to maintain lean body mass when restricting calories; thus, losing weight mainly from fat. Also, a diet that restricts carbohydrates (low carb) as a means to decrease calories (compared to a low-fat diet) is more effective at losing body weight, specifically body fat. 4. Speaking of nutrition, it is essential to eat a well balanced diet in order to get the necessary vitamins and minerals. One vitamin in particular that may aid in weight loss is Vitamin D. A lack of outdoor activities and / or use of sunscreen leads to a decrease in Vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D could lead to certain health conditions, loss of muscle strength and fat accumulation. Increasing Vitamin D through supplements (i.e. pills) may be necessary to reap s. 5. If all this information, along with planning your wedding is an overload, do not stress. I repeat, do not stress! Stress can lead to an accumulation of fat. Excessive stress leads to the production of cortisol. Cortisol, in turn, leads to fat accumulation. Exercise should be viewed as means to get the body you desire and an escape from the stress of every day life; which leads to an improvement in body composition (decrease in fat mass) and psychological health. Take the information provided and use it to your advantage to transform your body into the body of your dreams. If you need help in that pursuit, we here at Pro Fit S&C can help you achieve that dream and offer discounts to Something New Boutique future brides. Come pay us a visit, so be looking in that wedding dress! Disclaimer: The materials and content contained in this article are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Readers of this article should not rely exclusively on information provi ded in this article for their own health needs . All specific medical questions should be presented to your own health care provider.

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not all… s ’ t a h t , PLUS 9.95 r Savings! Select styles are $6 Special Ring Beare ing party’s rentals $50 off the Rest of the wedd

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Something New Boutique 2014 Bridal Magazine  

Something New Boutique in Colorado Springs is the home of the exclusive "Divina" bridal line and Colorado's Best Wedding Dresses. This issue...

Something New Boutique 2014 Bridal Magazine  

Something New Boutique in Colorado Springs is the home of the exclusive "Divina" bridal line and Colorado's Best Wedding Dresses. This issue...