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Explore the world of online learning solutions with Issuu. Our platform enables you to publish educational content quickly and easily, as well as enhance your online training solutions with powerful interactivity, all while on the go. With our simple upload and edit feature, you can update your courses in real-time without the need for reprints or delays. Streamline your online learning and training process with Issuu today.

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How to optimize your eLearning materials:

  1. Upload your materials as a PDF. (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive.)

  2. Share tips and guidelines via text or through a linked video.

  3. Consolidate links into one publication for further resources.

  4. Collaborate to ensure the entire team is on the same page.

  5. Increase accessibility with Issuu’s fullscreen flipbook

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