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WORDS OF GR ATIT UDE Talented photographer Aymeric Halbmeyer is sharing his culinary creations, prop styling and photographic vision with us for this year’s Global Annual Culinary Report. We are inspired by his imagination and joy and offer a warm thank-you for his time and dedication in bringing our Love of Food to life in these pages.

Images in this report may reflect activities where safety protocols and social distancing are observed. Sodexo adheres to the highest standards for PPE, safe kitchen practices and compliance at all sites. Copyright © 2022 by Sodexo I All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission.



Cover and Contents photography by Aymeric Halbmeyer


Our Love of Food


Rise and Thrive


Focus on Food


Planet to Plate




Culinary Passion




JOHN WRIGHT Senior Vice President, Global Food

This past year showed just how important it is to listen to our guests—not only to understand what they need, but to be ahead of the curve for food trends that meet those needs. Food has always been a communal experience, intended for sharing. Now, everything’s new for our guests—especially ways to dine and socialize, and our global culinary team has been quick to innovate, ensuring guests can safely enjoy the pleasure of a great meal. Sodexo’s chefs are at the center of helping people adapt. Our guests are searching for greater meaning and how they can make it a reality through their food. They tell us that they are more interested than ever in health, sustainability and transparency. The demand for plant-based dishes is steadily growing, with 60 percent of consumers enjoying a meat-free meal at least once a week. Our chefs have been at the forefront of the dramatic shift to plant-forward foods, and our guests are

responding enthusiastically. You’ll see in this 2022 Global Annual Culinary Report how our teams have embraced this unstoppable movement towards an environmentally friendly diet and taken a consumercentric approach to food through ever-evolving insights into today’s changing workspace. You’ll read many stories about chefs embracing plant-based meals, growing their menu offerings to a point that will allow Sodexo to impact the environment. Three years after its initial launch, more and more chefs are creating dishes using Future 50 Foods, now active in seven Regions and 6,500 locations around the world. It’s proof of how our chefs care for the health of our planet through their Love of Food—and how our guests are changing the world with their choices. I hope you enjoy reading their stories.


Four-Cheese Tortellini, King Eryngii Mushrooms with Marjoram and Pecorino Reggiano by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



LLOYD MANN VP Global Executive Chef, Global Food

It’s been a year of creativity and adaptability. In every culinary development session and casual conversation with one of my fellow chefs, I’m reminded not only of how much the food world is changing, but also the amazing pace we’ve taken in keeping up with it. As John mentioned, our guests are increasingly choosing food that is healthful, sustainable, local and seasonal and our chefs are being creative and bold in their menus to satisfy appetites for plant-forward dishes. The pandemic’s impact on ingredient availability makes it challenging for our chefs to source the widest range of foods, but they’ve certainly done a great job meeting our guests’ needs. In this report, you’ll read how our chefs are now closer to the source of their ingredients, to not only stabilize the supply chain but also ensure that the dishes offered are those our guests want. There

are several stories about hyper-localism, even to the point of some locations growing their own ingredients on-site. Our work with the Future Food Collective and Food for Climate League to educate guests and chefs on sustainable seafood will no doubt have a measurable impact for years to come, as we promote the use of delicious species that keep our oceans healthier. Our chefs’ sustainability efforts go far beyond local sourcing, as well. Our teams are focused on reduced food and energy waste in menu development, from Wasteful to Tasteful in the UK to the global initiative WasteWatch powered by Lean Path. I hope you enjoy this report and share in my appreciation of Sodexo’s chefs, their resilience in unprecedented circumstances and the innovative ways they continue to delight our restaurant guests.


Broccoli Rabe and Brussels Sprouts with Fried Eggs and Pepitas by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



Our Love of Food

Oven-Roasted Zucchini and Sea Bream by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



Delighting our guests and incorporating choice into every menu means responding quickly to an ever-changing market. Our culinary teams bring extraordinary passion, experience and a Love of Food to our kitchens and restaurants each day.



BEING GUEST CENTRIC The average person wants great tasting, quality food. Regardless of the other drivers behind their choices, taste will always be a baseline desire. But beyond taste, how will we excite our guests and keep them coming back? Is it nutrition or dietary restrictions? Indulgence or something to feel good? Maybe it’s basic nourishment, or simply convenience. And how do trends and fads fit in? Plant-based, sustainable, keto, paleo, low sugar, high protein—which of those matters? Some days it will be a singular need, while others will be a combination of rotating motivations. Understanding that variance is critical. How do we meet the needs of a hybrid employee who is at an office one day and at home another? What about a nurse working a night shift versus standard hours? Do students and professors have the same expectations on a university campus? Guest centricity may seem like buzzwords, but they are extremely important. It means we put what we know about our guests first and leave our personal preferences on the back burner. Fortunately, there is an amazing amount of consumer information we can tap into to understand what they need, when they need it and how they’d like it.


Our environments rely on repeat visits, so how can we encourage guests to choose us and limit outside options? We know that… 79% of global consumers are changing their purchasing preferences based on social responsibility, inclusiveness or environmental impact. (Stylus)

53% of Americans say if it was easier to understand the impact their choices have, it would have a greater influence on the choices they make. (Stylus)

60% of European consumers are happy to pay more for sustainable food and drink alternatives. (Stylus)

73% of Brazilian consumers choose plant-based products for health reasons. (Innova)

Over half of consumers in China consume convenience meals at least once a week. (Innova)

Cauliflower wings have grown over 1,000% on menus in the US—not just plant-based meat alternatives. (Datassential)

This level of insight can be powerful when paired with some of this year’s work done to better understand our guests at a behavioral level. Through the Future Food Collective’s research, we learned that certain language about plantbased and vegan options doesn’t resonate with guests. We need to be mindful of every word we use, to not only sell more plant-based dishes, but to remind guests about their options. Additional research on sustainable seafood, Gen Z and Gen Alpha ratified that these generations are much more sustainably minded, emphasizing the importance of communicating this level of detail on our menus. In retail, we’ve reinvigorated our Participation Moments, to better know the “why” behind consumer purchases. While all core moments are still relevant, there are new sub-moments that build upon evolving guest needs. For example, as guest wellness needs expand to become more holistic, “Reboot Me” shifted from being about the body and mind to including the spirit. We’ve introduced consumer attitudes to understand what functional requirements and fundamental needs influence final product choice. This helps local teams ensure their menu offers the right selections to meet their guests’ needs. Over the past two years, COVID-19 turned the world upside down. Underpinned by climate change and technological advancement, the result is a fundamental change in behavior and what consumers prioritize. There’s more cooking at home, fewer trips to the office, more ordering for delivery and more discussion about mental health. So much has changed, while plenty has remained the same. Understanding that balance, while a challenge, is necessary. As the marketplace continues to be disrupted and evolve constantly, there has never been a more critical time to adopt a guest-centric mindset to remain competitive.



CREATING A CLIMATE-SMART FOOD CULTURE FFC and FCL Work to Democratize Sustainable Eating

The foodservice industry faces a big challenge: We need to get more people excited about eating plant-forward, sustainable dishes to lower the carbon footprint of daily menus and provide more nutrient-rich and flavorful dishes. As the Founder and Executive Director of Food for Climate League, I am honored to work with Sodexo on initiatives to meet their bold mission to reduce carbon emissions by 34 percent, reduce food waste by 50 percent, and source 100 perfect sustainable seafood by 2025. Sodexo’s commitments to sustainable practices aren’t just groundbreaking, they’re of the utmost importance, as food and agriculture are key tools for mitigating the climate crisis. But simply offering sustainable options and positioning these options in a way that excites guests are two different tasks. Sustainable eating remains niche instead of the norm. Why? Today’s dominant food and climate narrative tells people that in order to contribute to the common good, they need to give something up. It often highlights what’s not in the food, instead of the flavors and textures waiting to be enjoyed. Further, the messaging mainly targets white, wealthy and Western eaters, severely limiting the appeal of a climate-smart food culture. As experts in food and climate communications, the FCL is working to change this. We research, test and implement food and climate narratives that position climate-smart foods as accessible, enticing and culturally relevant to the masses. We have the opportunity to empower eaters too often left out of the sustainable-eating conversation and widen the popularity and appeal of these sustainable food options.

Last year, with the Future Food Collective (FFC), we researched ways to increase consumer interest in plant-forward menu dishes. Our work confirmed that eaters from all walks of life are eager to eat plant-forward dishes, and that the ways in which these dishes are described on menus is critical to broadening appeal. As a result of our research, FCL developed a Menu Naming Toolkit, available to Sodexo’s chefs and menu planners, with step-bystep instructions to create the most appealing menu descriptions to entice a wide audience. We researched the best dishes to flip from meat and poultry to sustainable seafood and plant-based dishes, and how to name these new sustainable menu options to widen appeal. We interviewed kids ages 5 to 18 across the United States and heard their opinions on seafood and school lunches, then tested menu names in partnership with the market research firm Datassential. With these findings, we developed guides to help Sodexo’s chefs, marketers and menu developers determine the best meat and poultry dishes to flip to seafood or plant-based dishes, and another guide on naming sustainable seafood dishes. Later this year, we’ll also look into the role of iconography and photography on dish appeal. We are honored to work with the FFC to popularize climate-smart food choices. Together, we can build the recipe of a more sustainable future, one menu item at a time!

Eve Turow-Paul Founder and Executive Director Food for Climate League


The Numbers Tell the Story Scientists estimate that we can, through a more biodiverse and flavorful global diet, combat climate change. Some studies suggest that we could sequester all the world’s current carbon emissions with changes in agriculture practices that boost carbon fixation and minimize soil carbon loss. By shifting half the world to sustainable, plant-based diets by 2050, estimates show that we can:

How Can Sodexo Better the World? In simplest terms, the answer is through food! Food and agriculture are leading causes of global warming, responsible for about one-third of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Shifting diets can make a bigger impact on the climate than if we took all cars off the roads. In order for our food system to heal rather than hurt the planet, we need to make sustainable foods exciting and enticing to customers. That’s why Sodexo’s Future Food Collective (FFC) was launched. FFC is a research collaborative founded in a partnership with Food for Climate League (FCL) and key Sodexo vendor partners, now including Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Kerry Foods, Unilever and the World Wildlife Fund. The Collective is leveraging the strengths of FCL—a trailblazing, women-led 501c3—to communicate about, and sell climate-beneficial menu items to the diverse guests we serve. The Collective hosts ongoing innovation sprints as a way to engage vendors, innovate menu options and optimize sustainable offerings and communications, all in an effort to drive sales of foods that are better for us and for the planet.

significantly reduce global greenhouse emissions.

avoid 67 million deaths.

reduce ocean acidification by 32 percent.

increase calorie availability to feed an additional two billion people.




New Menu Naming Toolkit Helps to Maximize the Appeal of Every Dish Studies show that recipe names and menu descriptions can appeal to various audiences differently. Our words can make a dish seem “crave-able” to one individual but undesirable to another. In early 2021, Sodexo launched an evidence-based toolkit to guide the writing of recipe names and descriptions to help us more effectively market to our target populations. The toolkit helps us look at our recipes through a consumer lens and encourages us to consider ethnicity, age range, demographics and more. It helps us understand the impact of the words used to describe a dish. Some can be polarizing or unfamiliar, while others can positively connect with the consumer, whether their focus is health, environment, simplicity or traditions. We tested the toolkit with the 2021 Fall Mindful recipes. Registered Dietitians Micheline Cormier and Berenice Marin collaborated with Chef Jason Casassa to create more captivating names and descriptions, which were then sent to a consumer panel to quantify purchase intent. Applying the toolkit principles resulted in a 109 percent increase in viable recipe concepts for development in the Culinary Innovation Center. The future is bright! Words alone can increase purchase intent. More importantly, how we engage with our guests through recipe and menu items can help create a stronger connection, brand loyalty and help reinforce our Love of Food strategy.


SODEXO CHEFS REUNITE TO INNOVATE PLANT-BASED DISHES After being apart during COVID-19, Sodexo Finland Chefs met in Helsinki for a day of developing sustainable plant-based dishes. The consensus—there’s power in creating and innovating new menu items together.




GOOD FOR THE GUEST, THE PLANET AND SODEXO Sodexo’s Plant-Based Dishes Have a Positive Impact on Carbon Reduction

Part of a chef ’s job is to respond to changing consumer trends. UK&I’s Culinary Ambassador David Mulcahy explains that our chefs are uniquely positioned to help drive behavior change, encouraging guests to take small actions that can have a big impact.

With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and protecting our planet, we have the opportunity to show how the food industry can lessen environmental impact. People are increasingly turning to plant-based or flexitarian diets for their own health and to benefit the planet. The challenge for our chefs is tempting traditional diners to ditch the meat for one or two meals a week. With plant-based ingredients, an array of global flavors and cooking methods like barbecuing, grilling or roasting, we can change the perception of a delicious meal and move away from a dependence on meat.

Alternative meat products are a true innovation, as they mimic the look of meat but have a completely different impact on our diets and our carbon footprint. But it’s not enough to offer this choice: it has to be what people want to eat. With the Future Food Collective, Sodexo has embarked on a journey to move toward our menus having at least 33 percent plant-based offerings. Our chefs developed dishes which capture the imagination and encourage guests to try something different. Building on our Future 50 work, a culinary team of Unilever, Rational and Sodexo chefs used products from Vegetarian Butcher to create new and exciting dishes, including sticky NoChicken teriyaki; NoChicken tikka filled naan; ultimate Tex Mex sloppy joes; Egyptian koshari, NoMince and yogurt dressing; and braised eggs with spiced NoMince, smoked aubergine and tomato, as well as meat-free versions of traditional burgers, curries and lasagnas. We are particularly excited that this approach has positive health and environmental impacts, as well as reduced dependence on farmed animals. Not only are our guests learning about alternatives and options for familiar favorites, but our chefs have also gained new insight about these ingredients. Many of these products have an impact on carbon reduction, as they require less cooking than meat dishes. Once it is safe to do so, we’ll host tasting days, pop-up events and competitions to create even more exciting dishes for 2022 and beyond. The United Kingdom and Ireland was the first Sodexo Region to develop plant-based dishes and menus. Now we’ll work with our colleagues elsewhere to drive this initiative across our global business. There is no doubt that this project is certainly good for the guest, the planet and Sodexo.

David Mulcahy Food Innovation and Sustainability Director Schools and Universities Sodexo UK and Ireland


Find out more about how we are reducing our carbon footprint through our sustainability commitments.

Learn more about the Vegetarian Butcher.



CELEBRATING A LOVE OF SEAFOOD Sustainable Fish and Seafood Benefit People and the Planet

With its diversity of flavors, textures, colors, seasons and regions, seafood is a food worth loving. It offers the opportunity to explore our culinary creativity, learn new cuisines, start conversations around environmental and economic impacts and, most of all, create change. Sodexo takes this responsibility seriously and has long been a leader in sustainability by promoting the health of its guests and our environment. Sustainable seafood isn’t just how we sustain the catch, but how we use food to help humans thrive. S U S TA I N I N G E C O N O M I E S

More than ten percent of the global population relies on seafood for their livelihood.1 It is a First Nations community in Alaska, fishing just as their ancestors have done for thousands of years. It’s a daughter making a living fishing for lobsters off the Maine coast. It is a young entrepreneur-scientist-farmer innovating better farming practices. Harvesting seafood means mortgages paid, community infrastructure, quality schools and positive public health outcomes. S U S TA I N I N G E C O S Y S T E M S

Seafood has a fin up in the sustainability conversation when compared to other animal proteins. Across many metrics, including freshwater usage, feed conversion ratios, land use alterations and greenhouse gas emissions, seafood can help combat climate change and some of the detriments of contemporary diets. By increasing the amount of sustainable seafood we consume, we can help sustain the ecosystems that sustain us. S U S TA I N I N G P E O P L E

Increasing our consumption of seafood, especially species rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, has the potential to drive positive public health outcomes, especially when paired with a reduction in red meat consumption. These benefits range from cognitive to cardio-protective. S U S TA I N I N G F I S H E R I E S

Although there is much work to be done, we can fish and farm sustainably. Nearly 80 percent of the wildcapture seafood comes from sustainable fisheries.2 There are exemplary large-scale fisheries, such as those in Alaska, where an abundance of salmon, Alaska pollock, Pacific cod, sole and many other species are responsibly fished and provided to tables across the world. Sustainably farmed seafood is a reality and visionary producers, certification organizations and new technologies have proven we can do it right. US I N G SUS TAI N A B LE SE AF OOD SUS TAI N AB LY

Sustainability doesn’t just mean where fish and seafood come from or how they were caught; it’s also how we use food. Managing waste and serving appropriate-size portions impact sustainability. Market forms, such as frozen and canned seafood, deliver delicious results on the plate and reduce the supply chain’s carbon footprint. As consumers, we can do our part by eating what the oceans and farms are best able to supply, utilizing previously unloved varieties of seafood and taking advantage of regional availability.


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2020


United Nations


Seafood is a celebration of nature. It offers chefs and guests a nearly unlimited range of culinary potential, begging us to explore cuisines and try new species, new flavors and new dishes. Sodexo leads this conversation and demonstrates our commitment to do right by combining creative potential with social and environmental impact. An ocean of delicious opportunity awaits.

Barton Seaver is a renowned chef and one of the world’s leading sustainability experts and educators on how food choices encourage healthier people, environments and communities.

SHARING OUR LOVE OF SEAFOOD WITH GUESTS With Sodexo’s commitment to sell 100 percent sustainable seafood by 2025, we’re sharing the benefits of choosing eco-conscious seafood with restaurant guests.



OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD The Importance of Sustainable Seafood to Sodexo

As Global Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary for Sodexo, Lloyd Mann plays a vital role in protecting fish populations by promoting responsible sourcing guidelines for Sodexo’s 30,000 locations. Chef Lloyd was recently featured in National Fisherman magazine, sharing Sodexo’s plan for 100 percent sustainably sourced seafood by 2025.

Check out Chef Lloyd’s interview with National Fisherman.

Sodexo recognizes that responsible seafood sourcing has both environmental and social implications, and it’s important that we find transparency in our seafood supply chain. We’ve committed to sourcing 100 percent sustainable seafood by 2025, and we’re currently at 77.7 percent of our goal. We’ve also set a target to have fish and seafood comprise 10 percent of the dishes on our menus. Working with our suppliers to source increasingly from responsibly managed fisheries and seafood farms, our collaboration and partnerships have been instrumental. Numerous organizations are helping us shape our vision and develop guidelines, including The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative. Sodexo’s Future Food Collective brings experts in the food industry together to research and work with our chefs on sustainable seafood and health and wellness initiatives. To allow our chefs to take the lead and make the best choices for responsible sourcing, our supply management team created a Sustainable Seafood Sourcing Guide that features a simple red, amber and green rating. The guide informs our development chefs and makes it easy to identify what we should be serving to best protect our oceans. We’re responding to our guests’ calls to know where their food is sourced and that it’s been sourced responsibly. With their favorable response, we’ve been able to offer a wide range of sustainable seafood and broaden the species we feature. Recently, we launched global Love of Seafood campaigns to help our restaurant guests learn more about sustainable seafood, its benefits for the environment and the overall health and nutrition benefits it offers. Our chefs are creating new ways to feature fish and seafood, especially regional and local species, as a delicious choice in our restaurants. We are getting closer to meeting our goals for sustainable seafood, which requires us to work together to ensure oceans and waterways remain healthy and sustainable for future generations.


“Sodexo must lead with a bold vision and embrace sustainable practices in all of its kitchens to be good stewards of the ocean’s bounty.”



Sodexo Live! catering is driven to create the finest menus, partner with the most renowned chefs and connect with the best local producers.

SERVING THE COMMUNITY Convention Center Team Participates in 7th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner


Hard Rock Stadium Executive Chef Leads Another All-Star Season

The Sodexo Live! team at the Pasadena Convention Center participated in their seventh annual Union Station Homeless Services’ Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park. The team prepared more than 250 turkeys, feeding up to 1,000 people last November, with plans to do so again. Under COVID-19 guidelines, dinner kits were prepared in advance and smaller private dinners were held at multiple homeless shelters across the area.

Dayanny De La Cruz made history early last year, becoming the first female head chef of a Super Bowl. Chef Dayanny was also instrumental in helping Super Bowl LIV with their zero-waste goal. This year, she helped Hard Rock Stadium become the first venue to become FARE-certified, with staff training and a wholly separate concession kitchen focused on limiting the use of gluten, nuts, milk and shellfish allergens at Hard Rock Stadium events.


Sodexo Live! Partners with Starship Technologies for March Madness During the 2021 March Madness tournament, the team at Lucas Oil Stadium partnered with Starship Technologies for a beta rollout of contactless deliveries for fans in the premium spaces. During the games, the innovative robots provided fans with complimentary PPE supplies. These initiatives continue to spark positive conversations for future innovations at sporting events, with contactless payments, autonomous deliveries and more.



2021 College Football Championship Wins with Safety Protocols


Top Picks for March Madness’ Final Four in Indianapolis In March, Sodexo Live! at Lucas Oil Stadium, led by Executive Chef Shimelis Adem and General Manager Lynda Fonderoli, created memorable menu items highlighting local flavors and fan favorites, including a Heartland Beer Cheese Steak Sandwich topped with cheese fondue and a Hoosier Fried Chicken Sandwich with pimento cheese. This was the seventh time that Fonderoli hosted college basketball’s biggest event and the third time it was hosted at Lucas Oil Stadium.

For the Alabama Crimson Tide versus Ohio State Buckeyes showdown in January 2021, the Hard Rock Stadium team in Miami prepared several locally authentic menu items, including chicken lollipops, specialty burgers and a housemade Cubano Sausage. All menus were streamlined to reduce wait times and enforce social distancing. Pickup kiosks and online ordering were adopted to get fans back to their seats, plus the venue went 100 percent cashless, eliminating condiment stands and in-seat hawkers.




New Orleans Saints Bring Stadium Specialties to Healthcare Workers The Sodexo Live! team at the Caesars Superdome hosted Sunday Night Football and operated a remote SNF Grill experience to provide more than 300 meals to Ochsner Health healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. The local fare was true to Louisiana, including chicken and sausage jambalaya, sweet and spicy BBQ chicken wings and Ochsner Eat Fit NOLA shrimp and kale salad.


San Diego Symphony Unveils New Menu Ahead of Grand Opening With the opening of the new Rady Shell at Jacobs Park on the pristine San Diego waterfront, the Sodexo Live! team brought a harmonious menu to life, featuring some of the city’s most popular purveyors, like “Top Chef” Richard Blais, Biga and Lola 55. The Shell Provisions is entirely cashless and the impressive food lineup includes flatiron steak, Hawaiian pork sandwiches, roasted vegetable wraps, wood-fired pizzas, smoked carnitas tacos, mascarpone polenta and more.


RETAIL EXCELLENCE Renovated Food Courts Call for New Food Concepts in Orlando

With the newly renovated food courts at the Orange County Convention Center, the Sodexo Live! team, led by Executive Chef James Katurakes and General Manager Peter Minervini, introduced new food concepts incorporating local flavors in true farm-to-table fashion. This includes Parrilla, a traditional Latin grill offering freshly grilled meats and vegetables carved right in front of the center’s guests, and Harvest, live growing towers with fresh, aeroponic lettuces and herbs grown at the convention center.


Championship Game Features Specialties with Local Ingredients For the 108th Grey Cup, the championship game of the Canadian Football League and one of Canada’s biggest sporting events, Tim Hortons Field Executive Chef Tina Rousseau, a local Hamiltonian, created special menu items for the 25,000+ fans to enjoy. Roughly 70 percent of ingredients came from local suppliers found within 100km of the stadium, like Bon Temps, Cookie DOH! and Bar Sazerac.




MAISON LENÔTRE: UNSURPASSED FRENCH EXCELLENCE Celebrating French Culinary Traditions for Generations

The women, men, chefs and Meilleurs Ouvriers de France of the Maison Lenôtre are committed to the highest level of French culinary excellence and dedicated to providing guests with an unforgettable experience that only our creations can deliver. Since 1957, we have celebrated life’s special moments in our boutiques, at custom events and at our cooking school. Generosity and sharing, pleasure and passion are at the heart of our philosophy. Our handcrafted creations reveal a world where every detail is exceptional. From the connoisseur who enters our boutiques to the guest who enjoys our events, from the host of a Le Pré Catelan celebration dinner to the students in our cooking school, everything we do inspires an awakening of the senses and an exuberant joie de vivre.

Maison Lenôtre Is Uniquely French

Maison Lenôtre’s Ambitions


It is a living testament to the French culinary tradition—with flawless interpretations of classic and contemporary handcrafted recipes.

Maison Lenôtre’s home is in France with eleven boutiques in Paris and Cannes. In addition, Lenôtre is found in Berlin, Tokyo, Doha, Kuwait City, Riyadh and Shanghai.


O U R E V E N TS :

We share celebratory moments and special occasions alongside our guests.

Entertaining at Maison Lenôtre offers a chance to astonish and amaze, with a memorable culinary experience and a luxurious setting—all orchestrated by a team masterful at delivering first-class service.


Our creativity is combined with the exacting standards of our pastry-making, and we are meticulous about choosing the best ingredients to illustrate Parisian elegance. M A IS O N LE N ÔT R E I S C O M M I T T E D.

We are aware of the sustainability challenges the world is facing, and we are unwavering in our commitment to creating haute cuisine responsibly.



In the heart of the Bois de Boulogne and close to the Champs Élysées in Paris, Le Pré Catelan is the home of chef Frédéric Anton’s three-starred restaurant, which includes sumptuous lounges, terraces and gardens that indulge all your finest dining desires. O U R C H E FS ’ S C HOOL :

Inspired by our founder Gaston Lenôtre, our school has trained generations of chefs, including some of the greatest names in pastry and cuisine, who promote French heritage and pass along the secrets of Lenôtre’s creativity.






Kitchen Works Co. Brings People Together to Enjoy Good Food We call ourselves “culinarians” and that’s just who we are. We’re passionate about food—how it tastes and how it brings people together. Our favorite foods aren’t fancy. We like the same stuff that everyone loves. Nothing weird, nothing pretentious. Just ordinary food done extraordinarily well. That’s what Kitchen Works Co. offers—uncensored, from-the-heart food that’s a break away from the everyday. So hit the pause button and take some time for yourself in a place that “gets” you. We know what you like: a solid menu of familiar favorites with just enough variety, enough creative spark to keep things lively and interesting. Choices abound, from throwback comfort food favorites on the menu every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner—to daily specials and build-to-order stations. You’ll see an amazing selection of intriguing foods that are just on the edge of your comfort zone. When it comes right down to it, everything here is simple, so there’s nowhere to hide. It’s all got to be amazing, and believe us, we’ve nailed it. We know that during the workday, free time is a premium. That’s why our space is custom-designed and tech-enabled to help you make the most of that “me” time. Check out the slightly unconventional yet totally familiar-feeling food we’ve prepared for you—all in a place that’s chill yet bright, comfortable and energizing. Come on in. . .and act like you own the place! From the moment you walk in until you’re out the door (imagining what you’ll order tomorrow), Kitchen Works Co. is your place to reset, refill and relax.


Rise and Thrive

Crunchy Salad with Hummus, Almonds and Dried Cranberries by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



With empathy and creativity, our culinary teams have worked together in this new normal to reimagine the restaurant experience and engage our guests in new ways.




Delivering Guest-Centric Solutions While Keeping Everyone Safe In March of 2020, Chef Matt Mantini was shepherding a weeklong development session for Simple Servings in the Culinary Innovation Center at North America Corporate Headquarters. Little did any of us—our team of chefs and our vendor partners—know this would be the last live kitchen session for quite some time, as HQ shut down a week later and we all began to work from home. But business couldn’t just stop. In our Schools, Hospitals, and Senior Living Segments, guests still needed to eat with us. Other Segments, such as Corporate Services and Universities, had to find new ways to do business. Recipe development needed to continue, and we needed to do it safely, and limit the number of people in the kitchen. We also needed to adapt to online ordering platforms for our retail programs. Our CIC team applied COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure everyone was as safe as possible in the space. They then began work on two new Services, Modern Recipe and Kitchen Works Co., and a refresh of the Flavours catering program. Mobile ordering and delivery was required for each of these Services, meaning every dish needed to be photographed and added to a digital library using the CIC’s Apicbase. The team tested every recipe on all

three menus, creating high resolution digital photos and also ensuring dishes would hold up to the demands of holding, transporting and delivery, making adjustments where necessary. With our kitchen’s strict quotas, we reached out to our vendor partners, asking if they could provide space to develop recipes for Limited Time Offers and programs that had to be flipped to a pick-up or delivery model. Nestlé, Unilever and McCormick offered space, with Chef Rob Wallauer from Unilever and Sodexo Chef Jason Casassa teaming up and Chef Len King and Chef Rachel Gooding from McCormick joining Sodexo Senior Director of Culinary Rob Morasco to test and photograph the refreshed Simply to Go program. It was here that Rob encountered McCormick’s state-of-the-art digital suite and decided to install a budget-friendly version in the Sodexo CIC. Chef Rajiv Jaggi created an interactive platform for digital sharing using three cameras, a black box which seamlessly moves between camera angles, a slew of LED lights and portable arms to adjust them. He repurposed a lighting rig, angling the cameras to focus on a single workstation, eliminating distractions from the rest of the kitchen.


One of our first post-COVID-19 development sessions was for Healthcare’s International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative menu, a global standard to modify the texture of all foods and liquids served to individuals with dysphagia or difficulty swallowing. Due to the specificity of the program, a Registered Clinical Dietician needed to monitor the preparation of each item. This was originally performed using an iPhone, but the resolution was too low for the dietician to clearly see the items. The digital platform solved the issue and allowed us to stream the dietitians and keep the number of people in the kitchen low enough for social distancing, while giving everyone the ability to comment and ask questions. Coupled with Microsoft Teams, this setup also supports Service Operations Category Review and LTO development by live streaming tastings and cuttings.

Files and presentations can be loaded into Teams, giving participants access to all information, plus the opportunity to record the cutting for future viewing. Even as it becomes less risky to have people together in the CIC, we’ve discovered that these new ways of working are more productive. The digital library has grown to more than 4,000 menu items, and new collaboration methods no longer require travel. We’re producing more work in less time, creating effective, innovative customer solutions, which are greatly needed as our industry recovers from COVID-19.

Lisa Feldman Director, Recipe Management Service Operations, North America




Canadian Chefs Create Uniquely Canadian Love of Food Recipes It’s a new era for Canada. Once a country of adaptation, we are quickly becoming a country of development. Services and programs are created by Canadians, with Canadian guests in mind. Our skilled and talented Food Platform is capitalizing on our momentum and positioning Canada as one of the top global markets in Sodexo. This past July, a team of Canadian culinarians assembled to create exclusive content for Canada’s Love of Food promotions. The Food Platform had contacted Sodexo Canada chefs to share their signature dishes. With dozens of submissions, the Food Platform selected recipes that best reflected the diversity of food across Canada, and the diversity of our chefs. This marked a turning point in Canadian service development, as the Food Platform departed from adapting existing content and instead focused on creating Love of Food content that is new and unique to Canada.

This transformative event occurred at the newly built test kitchen at the Sodexo Montreal office, and was led by Kyle Mason, Senior Manager of Culinary Development for Canada. Kyle was supported in person by Canadian Food Platform Director Kevin Maniaci, Registered Dietitians Emilie Bedard, Fanny Morland and Jean-Philippe Sylvain, and Senior Service Development Manager Kevin Breton, Executive Chef Remi-Paul Duval and Chef and photographer Aymeric Halbmeyer. Senior Marketing Managers Martina Trpcic and Natasha D’Annibale from the Sodexo Burlington office were present virtually. As the culinary team prepared new dishes for the fall promotion cycle, dietitians validated ingredients and portions and the Burlington team offered creative and design input.

Photography by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



The result is the first exclusively Canadian offerings that are sure to delight our guests! More than half of the selected Love of Food recipes are plant forward and are easy to execute in Sodexo kitchens across Canada, regardless of equipment or culinary training. The photography’s colours and textures reflect Canada’s vibrant landscape, tastes and preferences and will be key in promoting the culinary creations. The Love of Food recipes are crafted by chefs from all Segments across the country and are aligned with our Better Tomorrow 2025 initiative featuring local, on-trend and seasonal ingredients. These dishes showcase the passion and creativity of our Canadian chefs and are a perfect example of team collaboration. Look for the uniquely Canadian Love of Food recipes on your next visit to Canada!


FROM FOOD FESTIVALS TO VIRTUAL COOKING LESSONS Corporate Services Teams in Asia Delight, Entertain and Educate Guests


Singapore | First Day of Business The Singapore team officially opened the doors of a new corporate food space in Jurong West on July 19, 2021. With social distancing measures in place, the team held a virtual event and provided a prerecorded café tour, an introduction to team members and a cooking demo of the day’s signature dish. The virtual event was followed by an in-person ribboncutting ceremony led by stakeholders and a specially curated lunch. The new site has seating for 221 guests and features a live station, a pop-up stall, an al fresco dining area and a micro kitchen.


Hyderabad | Independence Day Food Festival The food team organized a two-day festival to celebrate Independence Day on August 15 and 16, 2021 with craveable Indian delicacies and cuisines from different regions. More than 650 guests stopped by to enjoy specialties like colorful Pooris for breakfast, Shahi Thali for lunch and Jalebi for dessert.


Hyderabad | Ugadi Themed Lunch The food team crafted two days of special menus with delicacies from Telugu cuisine in celebration of the Ugadi, or New Year’s Day, for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka in India. More than 570 guests enjoyed the lunch.



Our food teams in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur collaborated to demonstrate two of Southeast Asia’s most popular noodle dishes—Pad Thai and Char Kway Teow, then shared the origins of the dishes and answered questions to help guests at home.

During a collaborative, interactive demo, our Indonesia and India teams demonstrated how to make two local dessert recipes with mango, our favorite tropical fruit. Our chefs also shared the significance of mangoes in their culture and prompted guests to share their personal stories and childhood memories of the fruit.

Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur | Asian Stir Fry Noodles Demo

Indonesia and India | Mango Dessert Recipes Demo





Our chef treated guests to a stepby-step demo on making delicious burgers with wholesome ingredients. A registered nutritionist joined the session to share insights on plant-based eating and how it benefits the body and the environment.

We invited a speaker from Rise Against Hunger, our food donation partner organization, for an insightful talk on food waste in the Philippines and how to help alleviate it through food banking. Our food team chef shared four ways to maximize overripe fruits at home by making Lemon Peel Oil, Infused Sugar Syrup, Dragon Fruit Puree and Melon Basil Sorbet.

Our Hyderabad team organized a live, interactive cooking demo on preparing monsoon snacks and drinks, such as Nankhatai (cookies), Methi Chana dal Pakoda (fenugreek and lentil fritters) and Masala Chai (spiced tea). The choice of the snacks, the musical tea break and the theme itself made the session engaging and exciting for the 90 guests who dialed in to watch the live event and interact with the chefs.

Manila | Plant-Based Burgers Cookalong

Manila | From Waste to Wonder Talk and Demo

Hyderabad | Monsoon Delights Demo


Singapore and India | One Pot Meals Demo Our Singapore and India teams demonstrated how to make two creamy, delightfully spiced soups: Southeast Asian noodle staple Laksa and hearty South Indian dish Mulligatawny. Our chefs also answered audience questions and shared their own culinary journey with these dishes.




Sodexo Italia Launches New Food Delivery Service Brio! is the innovative new food delivery service from Sodexo Italia that’s been designed to meet profoundly changed business needs following the pandemic. This mobile delivery platform showcases amazing dishes freshly made by Sodexo chefs and delivered to employees of various companies. “From design, quality, ingredients, recipes and production to packaging, transport and delivery, Brio! is specifically designed to allow workers to get the most out of their lunch breaks,” commented Enrico Bartoli, Director of Sodexo Italia’s Corporate Division. With input from nutritionists and gastronomes in Sodexo Italia’s Food Intelligence department, the recipes adhere to Brio! nutritional guidelines and offer a variety of ingredients, creativity and colors. With a focus on quality, taste and sustainability, the menu always includes a vegetarian option, minimizes dishes containing red meat and avoids trendy products that require high water consumption. The delivery service is 100 percent green, using packaging made from eco-sustainable, recyclable, compostable, plastic-free materials. Sodexo’s specialist staff guarantees efficiency and safety during transport and delivery of Brio! meals.


DEVELOPING HEALTHY COOKING VIDEOS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA Chile’s Food Platform Teams Create Content for Virtual Employees

Sodexo Chile’s Food Platform chefs and nutritionists developed 11 healthy cooking videos for the wellness and nutrition program Equilíbrate, posting them on social media and the Equilíbrate website. The videos featured the chefs preparing classic specialties like Cochayuyo Fricassee, Leek Soup, Onion and Carrot Cream and Curry, Vegetarian Empanadas, Sugar-Free Chocolate Brownie and Beet Ice Cream. With hundreds of followers on Instagram, these videos share ideas to lift employees working virtually from their daily routine, offering well-being tips to improve their Quality of Life.

See Executive Chefs Javier Olguin and Cristopher Paredes bring healthy cooking techniques to life.




Round Table Chefs Create Twelve New Dishes Corporate Services guests in Perú requested additional healthy dining options during the pandemic, so the Round Table Chefs and Food Platform teams developed 12 new poke bowl recipes to expand the variety of entrée salads with meats. Poke bowls are a hot culinary trend, and the teams set out to impress their restaurant guests with new bowl choices. The results are delicious!


Food at Home, Food at Work, For Now or Later “Freshly Made for You” is the tagline for Sodexo Luxembourg’s La Collection, an original and eco-responsible offering focusing on seasonal flavors and culinary trends. La Collection features chefdesigned dishes served in glass jars that guests can enjoy at the office or at home, teleworking or with the family. Chef Cyril Molard of two-star Ma Langue Sourit restaurant teamed up with Sodexo chefs to create La Collection’s original recipes, so guests can discover new flavors and culinary experiences that delight the taste buds.

Chefs Cyril Molard and Thierry Trocano



Flexibility is Key to Navigating Uncharted Waters With a globally inspired menu, The Social is a guest-driven food experience open to the public at Hilton Worldwide Corporate Headquarters in McLean, Virginia. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, The Social served a population of 1,500 with nine customizable stations. General Manager Michelle Helm guided her team through PPE requirements, supply chain challenges and re-entry timelines, while ensuring safety for her team and her guests. She worked closely with the Hilton Leadership Group to procure PPE and ensure services for the Hilton Executive Committee. Executive Chef Justin Nielsen joined the team in July 2021 and The Social reopened to Hilton employees and the general public shortly thereafter.

Even with a reduced population of just 200, the menu selection and quality remained unparalleled, with fresh made-to-order salads and sandwiches, batch-cooked entrées and soups and an Asian-themed action station featuring local trends and products. Chef Justin brings years of experience, with a passion for authenticity and thinking outside the box. Plant-forward options are abundant and eco-friendly packaging is a focus. Michelle and Chef Justin are fortunate to have a terrific staff who demonstrate flexibility and innovation as they navigate through uncertain times. In the future, The Social will expand catering and reopen all nine stations. Chef Justin is currently experimenting with the woodfired pizza oven and tinkering with a new-and-improved Social Burger.



MEAL SERVICE IS KEY IN BLOOMBERG’S RETURN TO OFFICE PLAN Planning and Coordination Ensure Meals Are Provided in a Safe, Sustainable Way

Pre-COVID-19, Bloomberg LP’s headquarters at 731 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, saw approximately ten thousand people pass through its doors daily before the pandemic. Aside from a robust catering department, none of the Bloomberg offices in New York have cafeterias or offer the general population meal options. Company founder Mike Bloomberg’s philosophy was intentional—to have his employees patronize and fuel local businesses. But this philosophy would soon find itself at odds with the reality of an epidemic-laden metropolitan landscape. Yet, as New York City was grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company pivoted its catering philosophy taking into account the challenges of operating during a pandemic. In March of 2020, nearly all Bloomberg employees had migrated to working remotely. The population at its 731 Lexington Avenue headquarters plummeted by 90%. Like most business districts, Midtown East had seen the closure of most local retail. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health guidelines permitted openings, Bloomberg challenged Sodexo to assemble a meal plan providing hot breakfasts and lunches to encourage the work force to return. At the outset, with the diminished population, the lift wasn’t so challenging. But there needed to be a growth plan that could accommodate meals for the full count of return to office. The Sodexo culinary

team sprang into action, fitting its kitchens with innovative equipment and technology like plating belts and backpack sanitizing systems to ensure safe mass production. Without any issues, the team fed the returning population and vendor partners with nutritious, healthy meals as employees returned to 25% through spring of 2021. Simultaneously the Sodexo team put together a plan to continue the grab-and-go services for a growing audience by engaging local businesses—some of which were able to reopen locations as a result of the new revenue streams. More than a dozen small, minority-owned and local businesses were engaged and folded into the program. In September 2020, the program was introduced to all three buildings that comprise the Bloomberg offices in New York City. Sodexo was providing food for 715 employees and vendors at that time. By fall 2021, the program expanded to serving almost five thousand people daily, utilizing food that is produced both by the on-site team and local vendors. Without catering services to send and reuse any excess production, Sodexo engaged with Copia, a sustainable donations partner who helped funnel leftover meals to several of the city’s shelters at a time when they were in desperate need for donations as most of their regular resources were closed for business.


The many challenges of sourcing, vetting, communicating specific client requirements and tastes, coordinating menu tastings, setting up payment processes as well as synchronizing complex delivery details with a host of potential vendors were met and achieved. Prior to implementation, chefs set up critical protocols for safe food receiving, storing and serving for an unprecedented number of meals daily, while also sourcing and ensuring compostable vessels were utilized for in-house production as well as with every vendor partner. In addition, essential safety guidelines for maintaining food temperatures to ensure safe, healthy food donations were set in place and monitored.

Sustainability is of paramount importance to Sodexo as well as Bloomberg. Year-end metrics showing 10,900 meals donated to local nonprofits, 57,300 pounds of CO2 emissions saved and 4.76 million gallons of water saved from these donations made for happy clients and helped to keep the team energized and exhilarated to not only support the client’s expectations for return to office but also to execute some of Sodexo’s global core principles of Better Tomorrow. Successfully pivoting the business model to Bloomberg’s needs was critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sodexo team at Bloomberg was keen to take advantage of the situation, approaching it as an opportunity to grow and expand its services.



EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE DURING UNSETTLED TIMES Brethren Village’s Dining Services Team Gets Creative

The Brethren Village Dining Services Management Team in Lititz, Pennsylvania had an opportunity to forge a new path during the recent pandemic. In the face of ever-changing COVID-19 mitigation regulations, staffing shortages and supply chain issues, our team was committed to doing the best it possibly could. In the words of Winston Churchill, we decided, “It will be our finest hour.” Under the leadership of Rick Chambers, our Director of Dining Services, our well-trained and talented culinary team were busy keeping our residents and guests engaged and happy. Almost a year after creating a robust take-out program that included contactless delivery service (known as Knock and Drop), employee home meal replacements and curbside pickup, we increased the number of dining events by using Sodexo’s Culinary Concepts, pop-up dining venues and virtual cooking demonstrations. We ran specials that coincided with virtual cooking demos each month, and the team created themed events that ranged from the Ultimate in Comfort Foods to USDA Prime Wagyu Churrasco Beef—and everything in between. We planned more than 60 special events on top of our assisted living menus and regular dining a la carte services with daily and weekly specials. This commitment to keep our residents safe and engaged was very well received, and we set records for one-day sales. As our dining rooms are once again being filled, our take-out program has maintained higher-than-normal revenues. We continue to pivot and navigate through these uncharted circumstances while maintaining the high level of quality for which Brethren Village has been recognized.


SPIRIT OF SERVICE THRIVES IN TEXAS Embracing Sodexo’s Values in Times of Adversity

This year, the Food and Nutrition team at HCA Houston Healthcare Southeast in Pasadena, Texas, demonstrated the Spirit of Service despite adversity, as the hospital endured four waves of COVID-19 patients and a winter freeze. The team believes these moments offered the greatest opportunity for goodwill. To honor and recognize the hospital staff for their hard work and dedication, the team prepared a Champions’ Breakfast for clients and staff members. HCA partnered with the NAACP and the ACT-SO programs to mentor high school students as they prepared for culinary competitions and the chance for a scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America. As the only hospital to compete in the Chamber of Commerce’s Taste of the Town event, the HCA team faced off against dozens of area restaurants and caterers, preparing more than 3,000 crab cake sliders, mini milkshakes and mango pisco sours for the ’50s Diner-themed contest. Their hard work, creativity and team spirit won them first place in the seafood category and best overall for the People’s Choice Award.



BENTO BOX CATERING FOCUSES ON FLAVOR Beautiful and Delicious Meals Are a Big Hit at USAA

As we reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown, we faced a new challenge. How do we offer elevated catering while maintaining high-quality, attractive, safe and efficient offerings? The solution was to utilize bento boxes as a vessel for catering. We began creating tailored offerings to meet the needs of the Board and Executive Council members at USAA, and, at the same time, infuse fun and new life into our catering events. We focused on flavors that would taste great hot or cold and would maintain quality and flavor while being held under refrigeration. We designed the new catering menus around the bento box compartments to create a colorful meal, such as an achiote grilled chicken breast with an avocado salsa, accompanied by an orange spinach salad, roasted black bean and pumpkin salad, Aztec rice pilaf and tajin-dusted fresh fruit. The bento style of catering has been a hit with our client and allowed the culinary program to show off our talents even with extensive limitations. This simple catering solution has also opened doors and strengthened the client’s confidence in our culinary abilities and our business partnership. Benjamin Drury Executive Chef, USAA


GRAND OPENING UNDER A NEW NORMAL Yuma Regional Medical Center Showcases Its New Café

At Yuma Regional Medical Center in Yuma, Arizona, the culinary team spent three years designing their new Kiva Café, dining room and kitchen. Unfortunately, at the time of the grand opening, the world was shutting down with the start of the pandemic. The beautiful new salad bar could no longer be used as self-serve. A guest survey showed that the salad bar was the most popular option, so opening without it wasn’t an option. The boat-shaped salad bar was turned into a serving area, using the Farmer’s Field and Granary Culinary Concepts. A year later, the salad bar is the most visited station in the café.


Focus on Food

Decadent Chocolate Cake with Raspberries by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



Food is a reflection of culture, and our chefs around the world prepare global specialties that honor traditions, explore new cuisines and raise the standards of culinary excellence.




Sustainable Fish Culinary Concept Debuts in France From ceviche to poke bowls, Sodexo France has debuted the Culinary Concept Poke. All recipes feature the Marine Stewardship Council’s or Aquaculture’s Stewardship Council’s certification for environmental sustainability and use Ultra Low Temperatures (-40°C to -60°C) to preserve the “fresher than fresh” quality of the fish. Poke’s recipes were designed for both on-site dining and takeaway from cuisines around the world. The menu offerings include ceviche, chirashi, poke and tartare and feature many of the Future 50 ingredients, such as cabbage, quinoa, seaweed, sesame seeds and spinach.

SHOWCASING SAVORY TO SWEET AT ENERGY AND RESOURCES SITES Sodexo Teams Celebrate Bread and Dessert Specialties

Bread and dessert festivals are a highlight at Energy and Resources sites, bringing added excitement to the menus. Offering artisan-quality breads and rolls, the celebrations feature regional specialties and traditional breads from countries and cuisines around the world. The popular dessert festivals showcase contemporary sweet treats like carrot cake, cheesecake, doughnuts and the always-popular tres leches de vainilla. The sky’s the limit for showing appreciation for our E&R clients and guests.


QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS FOR DYSPHAGIA PATIENTS A Community Hospital in Singapore Successfully Implements the New IDDSI Framework

Dysphagia, the medical term for swallowing difficulties, affects 8 percent of the population worldwide. Most common in older adults, dysphagia patients require modifications to foods and drinks to reduce the risks of choking and aspiration. Sodexo Singapore enhanced the safety of patients by introducing the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) standards, where food is texturized according to the patient’s therapeutic needs. A team of dietitians, culinary experts, food service staff, the client’s speech therapists and clinical dietitians embedded IDDSI into a community hospital in Singapore. The team incorporated texture ranges from regular to liquidized, adapting and mapping dishes to the IDDSI criteria. Sodexo’s Clinical Nutrition Manager Puay Eng Koh and Registered Dietitians Hui Xin Loh and Terence Tan led the effort to determine safe food sizes for patients, measuring softness and moisture levels of the foods, with the support of Sodexo’s global healthcare specialists. The culinary team created innovative solutions for food preparation while ensuring that the dishes are appropriate and flavorful. Discussions and trials were conducted to ensure adherence to IDDSI standards and that meals were appetizing. Today, the menu includes favorites such as stir-fried Chinese spinach, chicken peratal and tausi fish. Food plays a vital role in patient recovery and maintaining health and well-being. With the success of this project, patients with dysphagia at the community hospital are provided with nutritious, healthy and safe meals.



CARING FOR GUESTS WITH IMMUNITY-BOOSTING INGREDIENTS Sodexo Brazil Develops Recipes with Focus on Health

Rise with Sodexo was launched in 2020 to help clients meet the health and operational challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Sodexo Brazil, it inspired a brand-new collection of central menu recipes that feature ingredients to boost the immune system. Food Platform nutritionists and doctors were consulted to help select ingredients that not only strengthen immunity but are also widely accepted by Brazilian consumers across regions. They identified beef liver, cinnamon, ginger, oranges, sardines, spinach, tuna and turmeric as the top choices. Chef Plínio Viana and the culinary team from Brazil created a recipe book with 31 dishes featuring those ingredients. The recipes and a guest communication toolkit are available to all operational staff, chef instructors, chefs and unit managers on Sodexo_Net, so that everyone has quick access to this helpful and timely information. These recipes support guests on their wellness journeys in 468 Sodexo Brazil restaurants.


Focaccia Bread with Grape Tomatoes and Rosemary by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer




Consumer expectations for flexibility, health and sustainability have changed significantly, especially due to COVID-19. Sodexo Belgium responded to these demands through its latest concept, Modern Recipe, offering our guests the best from Sodexo, including healthy and sustainable ingredients and collaborations with local partners. Modern Recipe provides flexibility to the hybrid workplace for all types of employees and company sizes. With an emphasis on health, vegetables— fresh, local and seasonal—are the cornerstone of every dish. In a unique collaboration with Chef

Bart De Pooter of two-star restaurant Pastorale, Modern Recipe offers premium dishes for the real connoisseur. Our packaging is sustainable, and all dishes follow a short supply chain, thanks to effective collaborations with hyper-local partners, who are carefully selected for their quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Modern Recipe includes restaurants with or without show cooking, shop-in-shop solutions, unmanned micro-markets and vending.


Photography by Adriaan van Looy

MODERN RECIPE REMADE A Swift and Agile Transformation to Our New Normal

When the pandemic hit, Modern Recipe at AstraZeneca in Stockholm was running smoothly, with the full focus on sustainable delivery and the guest experience. And suddenly, over ten intense days, one large restaurant and three cafés were transformed into 17 decentralized food hubs, all individually themed. New employees were hired to assist with this new setup and Modern Recipe was transformed into a new service model, all to offer guests Sodexo’s Love of Food in a safer environment.




Sodexo Finland Brings Simply to Go to Employees’ Doors In Sodexo Finland, we served more than 30,000 guests every day before the new normal. Circumstances have changed, but our passion for good food has not. We want you to have a handmade, high-quality, delicious meal that is environmentally friendly every day. That’s why we launched fresh food from Simply to Go. The increase in people working from home affects how and where people dine. While quality, freshness and responsibility are still cornerstones of the food experience, guests are increasingly seeking convenience, safety and transparency. We wanted to offer a service that meets every expectation. Simply to Go not only celebrates local ingredients, but also employs restaurant professionals. All products

are made by hand in Espoo under professional kitchen conditions to guarantee high quality, food safety, product transparency, traceability and sufficient shelf life. We’ve invested in environmentally friendly packaging solutions, using recyclable cardboard and biodegradable natural materials such as sugar cane. In the metropolitan area inside Ring 3, clients’ employees can order the most popular Simply to Go meals five days a week, choosing to pick up from the restaurant or have the meals delivered their homes. The menu rotates weekly, featuring dishes such as Meatballs and Rosemary, Butter Chicken, Classic Lasagna and Fish à la Wallenberg. Guests order and pay through the mySodexo app.

Experience Finland’s Simply to Go in this video.


EVOLUTION COMES TO SODEXO CHINA Continuous Improvement Brings Efficiency to Corporate Dining

Keeping up with changing times, Sodexo China has launched Evolution to improve client value and the guest experience in corporate dining settings. Evolution was created to meet consumer needs for meal variety and freshly prepared hot meals, while using a smaller kitchen footprint and optimized production and labor. Modern, energy-efficient equipment and a redesigned menu and recipes deliver more consistent quality and taste for corporate guests. The Evolution on-site business model is scalable and can serve between 700 and 2,500 meals daily. Freshly prepared meals are possible in small spaces because

modular food production requires 40 percent less space than a traditional kitchen. We’re working with our vendor partners to develop products for this setup. A robust training program, including 88 instructional recipe videos, ensures our team understands and adheres to quality standards. Sodexo China celebrated its first deployment with L’Oréal in Shanghai and anticipates continued growth as they look to bring a food offer into existing sites and expand this model with new clients, opening new market revenue opportunities in urban office locations.

L’Oréal Client Site

CHEF EXCHANGE BRINGS INNOVATION TO THE CAFÉ A Visiting Chef Shares His Food Traditions with Enthusiastic Guests

Bringing fresh ideas to the café, Chef Exchange facilitates the exchange of a Region’s executive chefs. Each chef demonstrates their traditional cooking techniques and individual style with clients, guests and the on-site culinary team. Chef Tanasekkaran (TJ) Jothi of HCA Houston Healthcare Mainland recently shared the flavors of northern and southern India with HCA Houston Healthcare Southeast and offered this insight into his experience: “In my culture, food is part of our lifestyle. We love to prepare meals for family and friends, and we enjoy when they feel good about our food. I’m proud and blessed to be a chef, and the Chef Exchange program raised my skills and talent to a new level.” Chef TJ’s diverse menu for his visit included shrimp tikka masala, saag chicken, kadai paneer, vegetable korma, channa masala, basmati rice, naan, raita and many other Indian specialties. And the result? Sales in the café doubled that day!




Sodexo Brazil created the Sodexo pelo Mundo campaign to share other countries’ cuisine with guests. These international days create excitement and add value to daily service as “routine breakers.” With inspiration from Food Platform Analyst Isadora Ribeiro, Chef Plínio Viana and the Brazilian culinary team identified the best dishes from cuisines around the world, including Australia, China, France, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Russia and Spain. The marketing team created communications for clients and toolkits for chefs, chef instructors and unit managers, giving everyone quick access to campaign materials. With 100 percent implementation of DRIVE in Brazil, centrally posted menus ensure all ingredients are available. Sodexo pelo Mundo is currently being featured in 836 restaurants. The international cuisine days are a huge success with clients and guests, with 96 percent guest satisfaction with the Germany theme and 94 percent guest satisfaction with the Italian-themed menu.

Chef Plínio Viana


THERAPEUTIC STARS OF THE INDIAN KITCHEN Discover the Health Benefits of These Everyday Ingredients

India is a land of rich agricultural heritage, with various vegetables, herbs and spices available in its markets and used in almost every cherished recipe. However, the ever-growing population has changed our living environment significantly. The good news is that most Indian kitchens already contain ingredients that may help strengthen the immune system. Herbs and spices could help fight inflammation and reduce damage to our body cells. Adding fresh greens to our diet makes it easier to cut back on less-healthy ingredients like salt, sugar and fat. Here’s what’s available to help strengthen our health and immunity.




This green translucent fruit derives its name from the Sanskrit word amalaki, which means nectar of life. Amla is a rich source of natural Vitamin C, which is a proven immunity booster. It also contains essential minerals and amino acids along with numerous vital nutrients. Amla may protect against numerous ailments including cancer and infertility.

Cinnamon is a popular spice found in many recipes. It may help manage blood sugar levels and may have a powerful anti-diabetes effect. Cinnamon contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which is responsible for its medicinal properties. It has potent antioxidant activity, helps fight inflammation and has been shown to lower cholesterol.

Moringa is an ideal go-to herb for immunity strengthening. It contains seven times more Vitamin C than oranges, as well as other vital nutrients that may strengthen cells, muscles, tissues and help our body heal. Consume moringa for its high levels of potassium, iron, calcium and amino acids.

Cooking Tip: Add sliced amla to your daily salads.

Cooking Tip: Make a warm and soothing cinnamon tea or coffee on a chilly evening.

Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds are full of nutrients like phosphorous, magnesium and Vitamins B-6 and E. Vitamin E is important for regulating and maintaining your immune system. Sunflower seeds are also incredibly high in selenium. Cooking Tip: Toast sunflower seeds in a dry pan, sprinkle on salt and enjoy them as a snack.

Cooking Tip: Replace cilantro leaves with moringa leaves to make a delicious and healthy chutney.


Turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant that may help to fight oxidative damage and boost the body’s own antioxidant enzymes. This is important because oxidative damage is believed to be one of the key mechanisms behind aging and many diseases. Cooking Tip: Add turmeric to your regular café lattes.


Planet to Plate

Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Radish, Basil and Coriander by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



Eating well and helping the planet go hand-in-hand when sustainably sourced ingredients are on the menu, inviting guests to explore dishes with a light environmental footprint.




A statewide local food purchasing initiative called the Maine Course has a mission to make a positive economic impact through the purchase of local products, produce, services and responsibly harvested, underutilized seafood from the Gulf of Maine. The Maine Course creates opportunities for local producers through collaboration and transparency across diverse communities. The Maine Course partners with the Maine Grain Alliance. Over the next five years, all Sodexo sites in Maine will double the number of dishes with local grains and increase local purchasing by 50 percent. Sodexo’s new commitment will further strengthen the production of local grains, legumes, beans and pulses in the state and help Sodexo teams to gain access to local food.

SHOWCASING MAINE’S YELLOW PEAS Yellow peas are an important rotational crop for potato farmers, but the demand is low. To increase use of yellow peas in recipes, Area Executive Chef Wendy Benney, CEC, created a chicken pakora breading using yellow pea flour, as well as hummus made with Maine yellow peas in lieu of chickpeas trucked in from further afield.

Area Executive Chef Wendy Benney, CEC, and Executive Chef at University of Maine Farmington Doug Winslow test recipes with Maine-grown grains.


THROUGH LOVE OF FOOD, BRAZIL CELEBRATES SUSTAINABILITY A Delicious Pineapple Dessert Honors the Cerrado Biome

Cooking is the art of using food to create happiness. When we prepare a recipe, we offer our affection and care for those who are going to enjoy it. That’s how we started our Love of Food unit, showing affection and care through our sustainable recipes. In September, we celebrated Cerrado, a biome in Brazil that is the world’s second-most threatened. A reservation aimed at the preservation of endangered species was created 30 years ago in the city of Araxá. An environmental development center that’s considered a true temple of the Brazilian Cerrado, it houses 108 animals, 17 species typical of the Cerrado, and specimens of the local flora, which are reproduced for reforestation.

Chef Fabiano Oliveira

To honor the Cerrado, Chef Fabiano Oliveira and the CBMM team created a sustainable recipe reminding us of the traditional sweets from Araxá-MG, using all parts of the pineapple, which is typical of the Cerrado. The pulp is used in the delicacy and the skin in the finishing syrup. One of Sodexo’s greatest challenges is food waste, as tons of food are discarded daily in our production chain. We add sustainable, nutritious recipes to our menu to show our commitment to our business, the environment and our guests. Juliana Paula Da Silva Operational Manager, Araxá, Brazil



Nature’s Harvest was an instant success, averaging 100 guests a day.

MAKING PLANT POWERED A REALITY AT GOVERNMENT AGENCIES The Café at HOPS Opens Nature’s Harvest Serving Meat-Free Dishes

With the growing popularity of plant-based and plant-forward diets, the café at HOPS opened a new completely meat-free station called Nature’s Harvest. Focusing on dishes with ingredients that are delicious, nutritious and good for the planet, it borrows from Future 50 and Sodexo’s Culinary Concepts like Buddha Bowl and Planta. With the guidance and support of Senior Culinary Manager Lance LeMin, District Chef Lucian Weavil, and Senior Marketing Manager Mike Oestreich, the culinary team at HOPS and Chefs Brian Horne and Josh Bonime developed a weekly rotating menu specifically for Nature’s Harvest. The menu features a weekly chef’s special bowl and also allows the guest to create a customized bowl, choosing from more than 30 ingredients, with a base of grains or noodles, veggie- and plant-based proteins, textural toppings and dressings or dips. Nature’s Harvest ingredients rotate weekly and change seasonally to offer the highest-quality produce. Nature’s Harvest was an instant success, averaging 100 guests a day, making it one of the most popular destinations in the café. Reaching beyond the café’s four walls, Nature’s Harvest is featured in a TED Talksstyle video, featuring both the HOPS senior client and Sodexo’s Director of Culinary Development Rob Morasco. In the video, which was created for HOPS employees and shared internally, Chef Rob and the client prepared a Nature’s Harvest dish while speaking about the importance of plant-forward cuisine.


UNITED STATES ARMY PARTNERSHIP SHARES FOOD SERVICE EXPERTISE Officer Hosts NSA Earth Day Celebration Showcasing Plant-Based Dishes

For the fourth-consecutive year, Sodexo Government North America is the sole industry participant in the United States Army’s Training with Industry (TWI) Program. Developed in the 1970s in response to the shortage of officers with advanced civilian and private sector skills, the TWI Program exposes Army participants to skills not traditionally taught through military education. The goal of the program is to create a group of Soldiers who are experienced in higher-level managerial techniques. The selected Soldiers then utilize their acquired skills to improve procedures and practices in relation to the functions of specific Army branches. The TWI program is a year-long residency with Government that allows individuals to explore different aspects of Sodexo’s business to include procurement, offer development and operations. Once the TWI student is integrated back into an Army organization, they can use this information to improve Army operations. Sodexo’s TWI involvement has been so successful that the Army recently approached the company about expanding the partnership to create a similar curriculum for non-commissioned officers. The organizations are discussing details for that second curriculum. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jeremy Patterson is Sodexo’s 2020–2021 TWI participant. As part of Chief Patterson’s year-long residency with Sodexo, he visited client locations to learn operational best practices from the company’s talented on-site managers and teams. During a recent visit with Sodexo’s team at the National Security Agency (NSA), Chief Patterson had a chance to host a special Earth Day promotional meal. Chief Patterson shares his summary of the Earth Day event and the plant-based recipes he selected for the celebration: “The menu for the NSA Earth Day Celebration featured three main entrées and two side dishes of Latinx origin. Many consumers are familiar with the flavors of carnitas, tacos and quesadillas, even if they are not from a Latinx community. The head chef Pedro Duarte specializes in Latinx cuisines, and I believed this would be the best fit for the NSA customers.

“The three entrées I chose for the day were Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos, Impossible Tacos and Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas. Many who are new to plant-based foods are somewhat skeptical to try new items. I believed the Impossible Tacos would be an easy sell for familiarity. Everyone loves a great quesadilla due to the cheesiness factor, but I hoped to sell the Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos the most—and we did. The Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos topped with jicama slaw sold out three quarters of the way through the service. The flavors and textures combined with the superb care given by Chef Pedro made the carnitas the plant-based culinary hit of the day. Jackfruit mimics the texture of a slow-cooked pulled pork and creates extraordinary flavors in the recipe, so everything shined through to the guests’ delight. “As a strong advocate for the vegan lifestyle, I look for opportunities such as the NSA’s Earth Day Celebration to share why I became vegan and choose to eat a plantbased diet. A phrase that I share with others is 'Love all, not some.' Science proves that eating fewer animals, or completely abstaining from eating animals, drastically improves the Earth’s carbon footprint. I knew that I had to utilize this opportunity to demonstrate that eating plant-based can be a delicious and fun experience. I believe the NSA Team and I succeeded at demystifying this kind of diet and I also believe that many guests left the event knowing more about plant-based dishes and with a healthy hunger to try more Earth-sustainable foods in the future!”

CW3 Jeremy Patterson, Sodexo’s 2020–2021 US Army Training With Industry Participant

Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos, photographed by Chef Marjorie Gabriel, Good Health Gourmet



EXPLORING THE JOYS OF PLANT-BASED DISHES UK Chefs Inspired by Recipes and Tastings During Session in London

Health, climate change and animal-welfare concerns are all reasons why young people in the UK are increasingly turning to plant-based meals or opting for meat-free days. Generation Z is leading the way, with 20 percent of those born between 1995 and 2009 now following a meat-free diet. The culinary professionals at Sodexo’s schools and universities play a pivotal role in ensuring diners have access to the foods they choose to eat, designing and creating innovative menus using meat-free alternatives. Our chefs share a passion for producing healthy food that tastes great, fuels young minds during the academic day and encourages good eating habits into adulthood. A masterclass event, held in London in July 2021, was designed to inspire more of our chefs to explore the array of plant-based and meatfree ingredients available and to demonstrate how best to use them to create stunning, tasty and nutritious dishes. David Mulcahy, Food Innovation and Sustainability Director at UK and Ireland Schools and Universities, teamed up with two of the country’s leading plant-based chefs and meat-free pioneer Quorn Foods to deliver the masterclass live. Chefs Chantelle Nicholson and Kirk Haworth are making waves in the plant-based culinary world. Chantelle is chef, restaurateur, Quorn ambassador and author of the plant-based cookbook Planted, which was described in Vogue magazine as “the ultimate cookbook for food-obsessed vegans.” Kirk is cofounder of

plant-based restaurant Plates and spent some of the year taking part in the BBC’s Great British Menu as the show’s first ever plant-based chef. The masterclass demonstrated the versatility of Quorn as an ingredient, touted its health and sustainability benefits and focused on the power of plants. Attendees also learned how to prepare, plate and pair plants to impress diners. The dishes showcased by Chantelle and Kirk would proudly grace any restaurant table. Seasonal produce was at the heart of each of the dishes, which included Quorn en Croute with Tarragon Pesto, Pickled Horseradish, Samphire and Rocket; Quorn and Chia Protein Balls; Salt and Pepper Quorn “Beef”; Sweet and Sour Barbecued Aubergine, Sea Kelp, Pickled Kohlrabi and Watercress. David explained why events like this underpin Sodexo’s continued drive for creativity and food innovation: “In the UK, we are working towards a third of our menus becoming plant based. Chantelle and Kirk shared some incredible insights into creating dishes that meet the needs of a more sustainable future and how ingredients contribute to well-being. The masterclass excited our chefs with recipes, tastings and discussion around how the plant-based sector will grow in the future.” Claire Roper, Head of Marketing and Innovation Foodservice at Quorn, said the masterclass was a great way to “empower and inspire chefs into more plant-based cooking for the good of the planet and people.”





Chef Rob Morasco Demos Plant-Based Bowls at the US House of Representatives The Center for Well-Being at the US House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. celebrated National Employee Wellness Month in June 2021. To kick off a month-long series of events, Sodexo hosted a plant-based meal demo at the Longworth Cafeteria, featuring a live cooking demonstration by Sodexo Chef Rob Morasco. Chef Rob prepared two plant-based and vegan recipes from the Bowlful menu, the Manchurian Cauliflower Bowl and the Tofu and Bok Choy Ramen Bowl. He spoke about the importance of plant-based eating and how it’s beneficial for both guests and the planet. The event was livestreamed to a virtual audience of employees who were working remotely, and a recording of the broadcast was shared with the entire USHR staff. The feedback from Chef Rob’s demonstration was outstanding all around!


Sodexo’s USMC Team and Humane Society of the United States Collaborate on a Special Menu Tasting Sodexo’s West Coast U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) team partnered with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to host a special menu tasting at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California. Focus groups show increasing interest in healthy options, so Sodexo District Manager Diane Keate jumped at the chance to partner with HSUS. Sodexo’s team of 18 professionals, representing all six USMC installations in the region and two active-duty Marines, traveled to Miramar to attend HSUS training. The evening’s tasting event showcased more than 20 different plant-based dishes, including Barbecue Cauliflower Wings, Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos, Crab-less Crab Cakes and Umami Patties. Forty-five distinguished guests, including USMC foodservice and Sodexo leadership, along with Marines from Mess Hall 5500, sampled a wide variety of foods with extremely positive feedback. Diane Keate and the rest of the Sodexo team are looking for the next opportunity to bring this team together again!



Sodexo Teams with Humane Society International to Expand Plant-Based Menus Sodexo is committed to reducing our environmental impact by promoting healthier eating. This approach is anchored on four core factors: responsible sourcing; prevention of food waste; nutrition, health and well-being; and promoting plant-based meals. Eating a plant-based diet means more vitamins and minerals and contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint that comes with raising livestock. Sodexo has partnered with Humane Society International to influence our guests to consume more sustainable, plant-based dishes. Consumers are choosing plant-based and plant-forward options that align with their ethical and environmental values. Environmental and animal welfare organizations recognize that this is a crucial action for a more sustainable future and advocate for plant-based diets.

“A plant-based diet is no longer a trend. It is a social shift. Two out of five Singaporeans are already embracing a more flexitarian diet.” James Liauw, Head of Food Platform, Malaysia and Singapore

Launched in 2020, the partnership with HSI began with culinary training for Singapore Schools and Universities chefs, led by HSI’s consultant Chef Shalu of Little Green Kitchen. More than 200 plant-based recipes were added to menus, along with training on cooking techniques and recipe development. Sodexo and HSI look forward to additional collaborative events to create a humane and sustainable world that improves health, well-being and animal welfare.




Waste is commonly dealt with using the linear Take-Make-Dispose method. At Sodexo, we aim to transform that model into Take-Make-Reuse, also known as the circular economy approach, ensuring that there’s no need for a new resource when you can use “older resources” that would have ended up in landfills. This closes the loop, allowing us to take less from the environment and use what we already have. At United World College of South East Asia’s (UWCSEA) Dover Campus in Singapore, the circular model has nine steps, starting with the harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables on campus to using the collected compost to fertilize the herb garden, completing the cycle.

Sodexo’s team collects fresh herbs from the garden for daily meals. Compost fertilizes plants in the herb garden, creating a circular loop.

After 24 hours, food waste is ready to be used as compost.

All pre-consumer food waste is collected and weighed.


9 8 7



All food and horticulture waste undergo a 24-hour process of fermentation.

All compostable waste is transferred to the composter.

2 3

Chefs track food waste in the WasteWatch system.



After tracking all kitchen and dining hall plate waste, new and improved targets are set each week.

Students segregate their plate waste into bins.


On campus, the circular flow system helps to solve the issue of unseen pre-consumer waste, such as vegetable trimmings and coffee grounds, not only making teams more conscious when they plan menus, but also allowing them to maximize the value that can be extracted from the food that’s purchased. The circular approach is supplemented with other sustainability initiatives, such as sending cooking oil to be converted to biofuels used for local transportation service and power generators. Sodexo has eliminated single-use plastics on campus and plays its part in saving energy by ensuring that equipment has a positive rating by the National Environmental Agency. Adopting a circular approach helps to ensure the site uses resources more sustainably and reduces waste. The food industry has a key role to play in promoting sustainable practices, and Sodexo is in a unique position to drive behavioral change with the success of this circular economy approach.


701kg cooking oil converted to biofuels

1,836kg reduction in greenhouse gases

Equivalent to 820,000 smartphone charges



Cold Pasta Salad with Sliced Almonds and Crumbled Feta by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



Our amazing and talented chefs are recognized the world over for their contributions, expertise and willingness to share their knowledge.



GLOBAL CHEF GOES HYBRID International Chefs and Heritage Recipes Thrill Guests—In Person and Virtually

NorAm’s Global Chef Program continues to evolve in these digital-centric times. Our latest virtual iteration—trialed in the Universities Segment—featured a hybrid of in-person events and live broadcast sessions with our international chefs. Chefs from Belgium, Brazil and South Africa offered an international culinary experience like no other. Centered around prerecorded cooking demonstrations, we hosted live watch parties for guests at more than 35 universities. Our Global Chefs joined us on-screen to share their recipes, discuss their culture and answer questions from our audience in real time, ranging from their favorite comfort foods to their must-have kitchen gadgets. As we broadcast the cooking demonstrations, many guests were able to taste the menu items in real time served by our on-site culinary teams. Consumer recipes were also shared so guests could prepare these authentic dishes at home. Although creating a virtual version of a successful interactive program is complex, we were able to pivot and bring Global Chef to our guests in a revised format. We’re hoping we can soon (and safely!) welcome even more Global Chefs to the shores of North America. Through the collaboration of the Sodexo culinary family around the globe, we continue to demonstrate that there’s no limit to showcasing the absolute passion and Love of Food we all possess. Desmond Fannin Global Chef Program Lead North America


Global Chef Steve Passchyn | Belgium Chef Steve Passchyn launched his culinary career at the age of 8 preparing meals for his family and by the age of 14 was enrolled in the famous Hotelschool Ter Duinen culinary school. After serving as a sous chef in Antwerp, Chef Passchyn joined Sodexo Belgium more than 20 years ago and has managed new initiatives and teams in Brussels; he’s currently focused on menu management systems and training. Seeing people enjoy food he’s prepared makes Chef Passchyn happy.

“I love making great food and finding out what’s new in the marketplace.”


Plant-Based Tartare

Flemish Beef Stew with Mixed Greens and Potatoes

Chocolate Tartlet

Global Chef Jessica Bueno | Brazil Chef Jessica Bueno began her culinary studies with the goal of being a gastronomic critic to unite her passions of writing and eating. During an internship at a daycare center in São José dos Campos in São Paulo, she had an opportunity to cook and fell in love with it. After completing school, she worked as a buffet chef, hosting weddings, social and corporate events, and in 2019 she joined Sodexo Brazil. She’s passionate about Brazilian history, traditions and cuisine. “I like to bring all that Brazil has to offer to my dishes,” she says.

Learn more about Global Chef Steve.

“I decided to be a chef because I believe this is my contribution to the world.”


Tomato Stuffed with Palm

Salmon with Passion Fruit and Banana Puree

Creamy Cheese Mousse with Guava Confit

Global Chef Bongani Hlatshwayo | South Africa Chef Bongani Hlatshwayo always dreamed of being a chef, helping his mother in the kitchen until he was old enough to cook by himself. He attended the Swiss Hotel School South Africa and Le Calabash, a culinary school in France’s Loire Valley. He’s been a head chef for restaurants and caterers and is currently a chef for Sodexo Catering in Parktown, Johannesburg. “I love being challenged to think out of the box with event catering because I get to be versatile and try new ingredients for the clients to enjoy,” he says.

Hear from Global Chef Jessica.

“You can’t help but feel inspired by the diverse traditions, cultures and cuisines in South Africa.”


Creamy Peri Peri Chicken Liver

Beef Kofta Curry with Rice, Beans and Peas

Blueberry Malva Pudding and Caramel Sauce

Get a glimpse of Global Chef Bongani.



COMPOSTING FOOD WASTE ON-SITE IN SWEDEN A Revolutionary Composter Reduces Environmental Impact

At AstraZeneca in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sodexo has installed a food waste composter—manufactured by Solserv—that uses microbial technology to compost organic waste, reducing waste volume by up to 90 percent in about 24 hours. The finished compost stays on-site and is used as a soil enhancer and fertilizer on plantings and lawns, eliminating the need for waste to be hauled away. The process is simple: food waste is collected and placed in the composter and microbes turn the waste into compost in 24 to 48 hours, then compost is collected from the machine for use in gardens. In 2020–2021, 200 kilograms of food waste was collected monthly, resulting in 20 to 40 kilograms of finished compost each month—an inspiring sustainability achievement!

See more about the food waste-to-compost life cycle.

“A PAUSE FOR YOU” OFFERS A DELICIOUS BREAK Round Table Chefs Demo Recipes for Employees Working from Home

Our culinary teams from Latin America, together with Human Resources, created “A Pause for You,” a fun online activity offering a culinary presentation for employees working from home during the pandemic. In each 45-minute session, the chefs shared step-by-step directions for popular recipes, used videos and photographs to demonstrate each recipe, answered questions live and provided tips and advice for making the recipes at home. More than 100 employees tuned in for 12 demos and received recipes for Charquicán with Fried Egg, Lemon Pie, Pizza, Pumpkin Soup, Quiche and Tuna Omelet.

Javier Olguin, Chef Ejecutivo Plataforma Food Carolina Bustos, Jefe de Responsabilidad Corporativa Chile Hellmut Schulbach, Chef Ejecutivo Segmento Health Care

Mario Olguin, Chef Ejecutivo Plataforma Food Javier Olguin, Chef Ejecutivo Plataforma Food Michael Gallardo, Coordinador Recursos Humanos


A MORE SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEM Sodexo Canada and the Humane Society Strengthen Partnership

Sodexo Canada and the Humane Society International announced their mutual commitment to build a better food system. The Canadian branch of The Humane Society, known as HSI/Canada, and Sodexo Canada have common goals—to promote a more sustainable, healthier and more humane food system. In the summer of 2021, Sodexo Canada took the HSI/Canada Forward Food Pledge and committed to transitioning 20 percent of current menus to plantbased dishes by the end of 2022. HSI/Canada is supporting Sodexo Canada with access to in-person and online culinary trainings, recipes, menu development support, educational sessions and responsible sourcing strategies. Led by the Corporate Responsibility Team and the Segments and supported by the Food Platform, the new plant-forward recipes will be available in the newly created Canadian Food Management System. With these new techniques, Sodexo sets a meaningful example for the foodservice industry in Canada. The partnership will result in access to sustainable and healthier food, increased offerings of delicious and nutritious plant-based meals and snacks, a reduced carbon footprint, the opportunity for engagement initiatives and events and a direct impact on improving animal welfare and reducing greenhouse gas emissions on-site. This transformative commitment will make Canada’s foodservice industry more compassionate, sustainable and nutritious.



“IMAGINE” COOKBOOK SHOWCASES CULINARY PASSION Campus Canada Creates an Extraordinary Recipe Collection

Find culinary inspiration in the pages of the Imagine Cookbook.

Sodexo Canada’s Education team’s new e-cookbook Imagine showcases the culinary passion of chefs and the campus teams across Canada. The cookbook is a food journey through signature dishes that tell a story about our culinary teams—who they are, where they come from, how they live and what they believe in. The cookbook’s goal is to encourage joy in everyday dining, either at home or in our dining operations across Canada. Food is not only our business, but also our greatest pleasure, providing Quality of Life for students, faculty, staff and guests in our dining rooms, restaurants and cafés. Executive Chef Leanne English, Marketing Director Anna Nguyen and Marketing Manager Mona Law created this recipe collection with the support of Martin Lapointe, Vice President of Operations for Sodexo Campus Canada. Many of the photographs were taken by Aymeric Halbmeyer and prepared by Chefs Yanick Perrin and Hugo Dupuy.



Celebrating Brazil’s Culinary Heritage through Local Ingredients

Brazil’s rich cooking traditions are derived from the many cultures that make up the country, from the native inhabitants to the Portuguese, Africans and Europeans who settled there. Chefs Ricardo Fontana Machado and Frederico William Emanuelli Franca and their culinary teams in Brazil use local and organic ingredients from family farms and urban gardens in their farm-to-table kitchens. They often prepare Bahian abará, a popular snack of ground black beans, onion and red palm oil, cooked or steamed in a leaf and served with dried shrimp and caruru, an okra stew. The chefs have also reinterpreted vatapá, which uses local ingredients with a lower supply chain impact, such as bread containing chestnuts, roasted and ground peanuts, coconut milk and shrimp. Honoring local products and producers, they re-create chicken and stuffed okra with mushrooms and quinoa polenta from the Minas Gerais region and offer local cheeses, oils, coffee and cachaça in their restaurants. Using traditional recipes and ingredients, the chefs of Brazil are keeping many culinary traditions alive.

Chef Ricardo Fontana Machado

Chef Frederico William Emanuelli Franca



GROWING AND HARVESTING RIGHT ON-SITE At Finland’s FoodHub, Sustainability Is a Priority

In the pursuit of lowering carbon emissions, FoodHub, Sodexo’s restaurant on the Keilalahti campus in Espoo, Finland, launched a new initiative called Greenhub—a hyperlocal food production system that allows the restaurant to produce its own vegetables, fruits and herbs within the same building footprint in which they are consumed. On-site food production allows FoodHub to grow its own salad vegetables in a sustainable way and harvest them for daily use in its kitchen, and it’s an inspiring and impactful idea that saves the planet’s resources.

Learn more about FoodHub’s hyperlocal food production.

SPROUTING A RECYCLING IDEA Sodexo Poland Creates an Eco-Friendly Greenhouse

What can you do with several thousand plastic cups that cannot be used in cafés? Start seedlings and grow basil! In July 2021, the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive took effect, banning single-use plastic products—which meant being creative with thousands of plastic cups left from a previous food service provider at a Shell client site. The idea was to convert the cups to pots and an unused warehouse to a greenhouse to grow organic basil. The team planted 600 seedlings and hundreds more every two weeks. Guests were asked for ideas to save water and participants were given a free basil seedling. Many interesting ideas were received and guests sent photos of the dishes they created with their basil. The team continues their mission to reduce waste and raise awareness. They have a grateful client and satisfied guests enjoying fresh herbs.


CURATING PARTNERSHIPS FOR SUSTAINABILITY True Grass Farms Engages with Chefs in California

At LinkedIn San Francisco, we have partnered with True Grass Farms for sustainable beef. Located in Tomales Bay, California, True Grass Farms raises grassland-finished Wagyu Angus crosses and offers whole animals for sale—to respect and celebrate the life of the animal as a whole being. In their philosophy of Participatory Ecology, chefs and farmers share a common goal in regenerating landscapes. We’ve now used three whole cows in our café, and it’s been a transformative process, with the responsibility to use the whole animal after receiving 600 pounds of meat and bones at one time. We shared our story with our café guests during a virtual farmer talk with True Grass Farms. Alicia Jenish-Mc Carron Executive Chef LinkedIn

Guido Frosini of True Grass Farm | Paige Green Photography

BRAZIL’S “CUMBUCA” POTS PROJECT A Novel Way to Serve Proteins

Always looking for new ways to present proteins to guests, Brazilian culinary teams created a “cumbuca” concept. Cumbuca translates to pots in English—a perfect name for the petite porcelain ramekins that feature intriguing and innovative protein offerings.

Chefs Levi Viana da Silva and Bruno Willian de Souza




Creating excitement for guests is as easy as “rolling in” a food truck. Sodexo team members at the Deutsche Telekom account transformed a standard serving station into a popular street food stop for enthusiastic guests. With street food menus from America to Germany and Asia and themes from burgers to pancakes, this counter makeover created a fun stop for guests and a budget-friendly way to bring the street food experience into the restaurant.

SAUCES DEBUT IN INDIA Innovation Streamlines Food Prep

Sodexo India chefs are innovating an array of products that bring convenience to on-site food services. They’ve successfully developed multiple flavors of sauces and a food concept that is deployed across multiple Segments, as well as a range of Indian gravies that have streamlined the retail operations at key Healthcare sites. Every region in India has its own version of Biryani and Sodexo chefs have developed multiple authentic bases to satisfy every preference. Sodexo’s key Healthcare sites have consumed more than 14 tons of Indian gravies in the past year and these new convenience products have helped the Segment dish out mouthwatering authentic recipes to their guests.


BLISS CRAFT BAKE SHOP Impressive New Bakery Commissary Designs Custom Sweets

During a global pandemic, the Bliss team came together to provide sweet relief. When our units began downsizing at the onset of COVID-19, our pastry team was at risk of losing their jobs and our guests missed the comfort of fresh-baked desserts in their cafes. The Bliss team saw solutions that worked for everyone—and a new opportunity and purpose emerged. Developed in San Jose, California, Bliss is an innovative bakery commissary that crafts incredible baked items in-house. Instead of purchasing desserts from outside vendors, we remain true to our mission. Using the same exacting standards as Good Eating Company, Bliss utilizes the best ingredients and organic products when available, sourced seasonally, sustainably and locally. The team at Bliss creates fresh ready-to-bake seasonal desserts and baked goods for Good Eating Company and Sodexo restaurant guests. “We’re selling the aroma,” says Chantal Randolph-Schall, the District Manager who spearheaded and led development. Housemade frozen cookies are the primary seller of the offer. Executive Pastry Chef Efrain Roman is also adding a variety of ready-to-bake muffin mixes and scones to the offer. The board of governors includes Ashley Marmaro, who ensured financial viability, as well as creative designer Leneia Weston, Director of Experience and Creative Solutions, who contributed to the brand concept, operational readiness and guest experience. Bliss Craft Bake Shop serves the Bay Area, and the concept was designed to be scalable for use across the country. The recipe collection is currently housed within the Good Eating Company recipe database and will soon be available to all locations.


Culinary Passion

Nettle Gnocchi with Burnt Lemon, Roasted Almonds and Crumbled Parmigiano by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer



Culinary is our passion and we live it every day at our events and in our restaurants, creating unforgettable menus and memories for guests to savor.




HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA As the official hospitality service for Henley Royal Regatta, Sodexo delivered fabulous food for more than 1,700 guests at the world-renowned rowing event on the River Thames. Guests enjoyed a five-course meal with British produce, Cured Loch Duart Salmon and 28-Day Aged Westcountry Beef. Food waste and sustainability have been at the forefront for Ian Page, Head Chef for Sodexo Live!, who accented this year’s menu with salmon and broccoli trimmings that could have gone to waste and featured them in a Salmon and Broccoli Tart canapé. “With the return of the Regatta this year, it has never been more important to offer outstanding hospitality to those who watch the action from the riverbank. We know that Sodexo’s attention to detail contributes to the unique atmosphere and makes it a day to remember.” Daniel Grist, Secretary and Chief Executive, Henley Royal Regatta

Cured Loch Duart Salmon, Horseradish, Cucumber, Pea Purée and Exmoor Caviar

Chef Ian Page

West Stowell Farm 28-Day Aged Beef, Warm Fregolla, Broccoli and Broad Beans


Sodexo Chefs embrace sustainability and locally sourced British ingredients for the UK’s most prestigious events.

ROYAL ASCOT Royal Ascot racegoers dined on exquisite menus at the famous five-day festival of horse racing. Specialty dishes in the Royal Enclosure included a seafood platter of smoked chalk stream trout, poached Scottish salmon, langoustine and prawn salad and roasted fillet of beef with truffle-whipped potato and bone marrow crumble. 1711 by Ascot, a joint-venture hospitality service between Ascot Racecourse and Sodexo, also created gourmet picnic hampers to bring the Royal Ascot experience for at-home celebrations, highlighting local ingredients and products, such as Red Pesto Pâté with Scottish Oatcakes, Roasted Sweet Onion and Gruyère Quiche, Traditional Pork Pie, Lemon Posset Pudding and Raspberry and Vanilla Battenberg Cake.



CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW Pheasant was on the menu at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Chef Ian Page saw an opportunity to promote British Game Assurance pheasant and invite more people to try this sustainable and healthier meat option. He created Clarence Court Quail Scotch Eggs and Pheasant Kiev, a luxury twist on a popular dinner classic featuring foraged broccoli, confit apples, celeriac, black garlic and pickled mushrooms. The culinary team kept food waste and miles to a minimum by sourcing ingredients as locally and as responsibly as possible for Chelsea Flower Show’s prestigious Gala night and its on-site venues Jardin Blanc, the Ranelagh Restaurant and Champagne & Seafood Restaurant.

Chalk streams are unique habitats, spring-fed by water that has been filtered through the chalk downland. There are only 210 chalk streams in the world and 85 percent of these are found in southern England. The beautiful clear water is nutrient rich and is reflected in the beautiful clean taste of the trout.

“I use chalk stream trout as much as possible instead of salmon. Chalk streams are less than 5 miles away from where I live and where I grew up. The quality of the trout is always on point.” Ian Page


Chalk Stream Trout Hosomaki Roll with Pickled Ginger

Pheasant Kiev with Mushroom and Yeast Crumb, Confit Apples, Celeriac, Broccoli, Truffle and Verjus Sauce

Clarence Court Quail Scotch Egg with BGA Pheasant




UK’s Fooditude Answers the Call to Create Meals for Those in Need COVID-19 put the brakes on what Fooditude loves doing the most—bringing happiness with tasty meals. When they closed their corporate catering kitchen in early 2020, a group of volunteer chefs pivoted to create an Emergency Response Kitchen, using their large facility to cook nutritious meals for the most vulnerable and isolated people in the London Borough of Southwark. Fooditude responded to requests for assistance, preparing an average of 2,500 meals each week, totaling more than 37,000 meals. In December 2020, they brought festive joy to those in need with 1,100 Christmas lunches. And from January to July 2021, volunteer employees prepared 6,300 vegetarian meals, funded through Fooditude’s own fundraising, Southwark Winter Grants Fund and Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation. Fooditude partnered with Bermondsey EST, Foodcycle Norwood and others to feed those who were lonely, sheltering at home, unable to afford groceries or experiencing store shortages, highlighting the issues of stark food poverty and isolation in the community. Fooditude’s efforts were recognized with the local fire brigade team getting involved with a few deliveries, a feature in Big Issue Magazine, and with our MD, Dean Kennett, invited as a guest on BBC MasterChef UK’s special episode for hospitality heroes who fed frontline staff or those in need during the COVID crisis.

“We were delighted when Fooditude contacted us to donate freshly cooked meals. The feedback has been heartwarming and really helped with not just residents’ morale, but the volunteers’ too! We hope to continue to provide this bit of love and care by getting more meals out to those who most need them during these unsettling and often lonely times.” Sam Vacciana Bermondsey Employment Skills and Training



Chef ’s Table Raises Funds for UH Seidman Cancer Center At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, the Five Star Sensation biennial culinary event took a fresh approach. In the past, the fundraiser was a tent-covered celebrity chef extravaganza with crowds of thousands, but due to COVID-19, the UH Sodexo culinary team transformed the event to a Chef’s Table gourmet meal delivery experience. When donors contributed between $2,500 and $5,000, they received a chef- and vintner-created meal for up to ten people, including appetizers, entrées, desserts and beer and wine pairings. Under the leadership of Culinary Director of University Hospitals Anthony Verona, CEC, CCA, the Sodexo team prepared, packaged and delivered the meals. Funds raised support the cancer center’s work to identify new therapies, expand access to cancer screenings and offer patient- and family-centered care.



30 YEARS AT THE TOUR DE FRANCE With great pride, we celebrate three decades of partnership with the Tour de France! Sodexo has been providing unforgettable culinary moments for the world’s most legendary cycling race since 1991. Thank you to our teams who bring energy, talent and creativity to this world-class event.


#SodexoProud #TourdeFrance #LeTour



Stop Hunger Events Growing by Leaps and Bowls Sodexo Live! and Nestlé Professional collaborated with the Stop Hunger Foundation to serve more than 1,500 meals in high-risk communities. In “The Big Soup” event, the groups teamed up with volunteers and ProStart students to create approximately 150 gallons of delicious chicken noodle soup. The Big Soup launched during Servathon 2021 at the Wilmington Chase Center in Delaware and the team created a playbook to help other sites implement it. During Hunger Action Month in September 2021, the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation hosted three more events with Nestlé Professional and Sodexo Live! teams and venue partners at the Baltimore Convention Center, Wilmington Chase Center and Nashville’s Music City Center, producing enough soup for more than 4,500 meals for people in need. “The Stop Hunger Foundation plays a crucial role in the betterment of the local communities we serve, and it’s our honor to play our part alongside our venue partners who share the same vision,” said Roxanne Moore, Executive Director of the Stop Hunger Foundation. “Together, we work to address and overcome the root causes of hunger. We are most impactful when we can form creative and strategic partnerships that result in innovative solutions like The Big Soup event that bring hope to people, especially children who struggle with hunger.” AB O U T S ODE XO S TOP H U NG ER F O U N DATION The Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation is on a mission to ensure that every child in the United States grows up with dependable access to enough nutritious food to enable them to lead a healthy, productive life. The Foundation relies on effective partnerships, volunteerism and fundraising to achieve their mission. Servathon is Sodexo’s largest global Stop Hunger Foundation event. Every April and May, Sodexo empowers its employees around the world to join forces, engage their teams and fight hunger in their local communities.

Team Baltimore

Team Nashville

Team Wilmington




Gastronomy is part of Perú’s DNA. With thirty-six Energy and Resources remote sites throughout the Peruvian territory, each geographical area has favorite regional dishes. The Region’s chefs created new recipes to bring favorite back-home flavors to employees. After researching specialties and dishes from each area of the country, they developed 121 new recipes that increase guest satisfaction and bring a little flavor from home to sites near and far.

MADE IN HACKNEY FEEDS THE COMMUNITY Sodexo Volunteers Lend Their Culinary Skills for a Worthwhile Cause

The pandemic has changed so many lives and livelihoods but it’s created opportunities to give our best to others. As a response to COVID-19, the East London community cooking school Made in Hackney initiated an emergency direct-to-door community meal service to provide free meals to households that needed food support. On June 3, 2021, Sodexo Development Chef Malcolm Smith, Culinary Director UK and Ireland David Mulcahy and Finance Manager Irene Athanas headed to the Made in Hackney community food kitchen to help prepare more than 500 meals for delivery. Volunteering as part of Sodexo’s Stop Hunger week, the team cooked and packed meals, tidied the kitchen and offered their support to the delivery couriers. They finished the day by presenting a zero-waste cooking class at the Hackney Community Cookery School.

GREAT FOOD AT THE “STATE FAIR” Endless Fun (and Cotton Candy!) Greet Returning Guests at LinkedIn

For client LinkedIn, themed café takeovers help entice employees back into the office. One of the most successful café themes was the state fair, featuring popular fair foods and games for guests to enjoy. The Sodexo team crafted and created fair foods and treats from scratch—including hot dogs! The festivities also featured farm stand displays, cotton candy, a local coffee snow cone, ring tosses and other games that guests could enjoy.



Sodexo Team Creates Imaginative Ways to Say Thanks to Hospital Colleagues The Sodexo team at Vidant Beaufort Hospital in North Carolina shared culinary love with the whole facility, from the nursing, administration and environmental teams to the food and nutrition staff, retail customers and patients. They created culinary spirit lifters to thank the healthcare facility heroes and honor teams within the hospital. With themes like You’re a Lifesaver, We Donut Know What We Would Do Without You, Wish S’More Nurses Were Like You, You Are All That and a Bag of Chips, and Sip Sip Hooray, the team pairs favorite snack foods and caring notes.

challenges they’ve had to overcome with COVID-19, including a staffing shortage, budget cuts, the loss of key team members and surging patient loads. The culinary team’s mission is to make a difference in someone’s life and provide a loving thank-you to all departments throughout the hospital. Their creative ideas have brought fun and joy to every recipient, and they’ve compiled an entire program of ideas that’s shared with other Vidant Hospitals.

The team at Vidant Beaufort Hospital is led by Denise Hewitt with Clinical Nutrition Manager Jiuseppe Russo, Clinical Dietitian Brandyn Jones, Chef John Phillips and a host of client team members who contribute to the account’s success and the culinary love it shares. Their “can and will do” attitude is inspiring, given the

COOKING VIDEOS POPULAR IN CLEVELAND COMMUNITY Sodexo Chefs and RDNs Share Nutrition and Cooking Advice

Sodexo chefs and registered dietitians have leading roles in videos created for University Hospitals’ UH Rainbow Ahuja Center for Women and Children. The videos educate patients and community members with limited budgets to shop for and cook healthy meals that will improve their diet and health.

Chef Anthony Verona

Chef John Ellis

Located in Midtown Cleveland, the center offers programs and services to address the health and social needs of the surrounding community and partners with nearby Dave’s Teaching Kitchen for cooking classes and grocery store tours. While nutrition classes, tours and cooking demos began in 2019, the pandemic inspired Sodexo RDNs and Chefs Anthony Verona and John Ellis to create monthly videos that are posted to the Healthy UH portal, with topics including meal prep, grocery shopping, budgeting and nutrition and featured at-home recipes costing $2 or less per serving. The classes and tours are part of the Food As Medicine initiative at University Hospitals, addressing the correlation between food and wellness and exemplifying how a healthier diet with fresh food can prevent or lessen the severity of certain diseases or medical issues. The online store tours and cooking demo videos have been viewed more than 45,000 times in just nine months.



Apple Pie with Cherry Purée by Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer This apple pie features zero-waste ingredients.



Our amazing and talented chefs are recognized the world over for their contributions, expertise and willingness to share their knowledge.




The new Lenôtre school of culinary arts opened in Rungis in the outskirts of Paris in September 2021. The grand opening was celebrated with a symbolic ribbon cutting—a ribbon created in sugar by our chefs! This important milestone in Maison Lenôtre history marks the culmination of a dream to allow passionate people to perfect their culinary skills. To meet this challenge, they put excellence at the heart of training and make generosity the foundation of their teaching methods. At the grand opening, Lenôtre welcomed three renowned chefs as part of the 2021–2022 long-term training and certification classes:

• Apollonia Poilâne, third generation of Poilâne bakers • Yann Couvreur, Pastry Chef • Frédéric Anton, Michelin Starred Chef of Le Pré Catelan and Jules Verne restaurants Attending the grand opening were Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, CEO of Sodexo Live!; Sophie Bellon, Chairwoman of Sodexo’s Board of Directors and Interim Chief Executive Officer; Olivier Voarick, CEO of Lenôtre; Stéphane Layani, President of the Rungis International Market; and Bruno Marcillaud, Mayor of Rungis.

Catch a glimpse of the grand opening of Lenôtre!



Martijn van Vliet, the Head Chef of Sodexo Netherlands Culinary Community, won the BIC Azolla Cook Off in April 2021, making a delicious burger with Azolla as an ingredient. This innovative competition was organized by BioArtLab at Sodexo’s client site Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Chef Martijn competed with top chefs Eveline Wu (owner and chef of six Asian restaurants in and around Eindhoven) and Dick Middelweerd (owner and chef of a two-Michelin star restaurant in Eindhoven) to create the ultimate Azolla burger. Azolla is a water fern that grows very quickly and contains a lot of protein, making the plant suitable as a meat substitute. “I compiled the burger from all the sustainable initiatives at Sodexo,” said Chef Martijn. His burger incorporated several Future 50 ingredients, including several varieties of tomatoes, sweet potato and lentils. He used both fresh and dried Azolla, adding it to the burger and the sauce. Vendor partners contributed to the burger, with leftover bread transformed into a tasty bun using a special ingredient from Verstegen Spices and Sauces, and the lettuce from vegetable supplier Van Gelder’s indoor vertical farm. Oyster mushrooms, grown by Sodexo in coffee grounds, added a bacon-like bite. The cooking competition was livestreamed, with home cooks, apprentice cooks and employees of the company behind Azolla also competing. All entries were innovative, beautiful and delicious, and the judges were unable to choose a winner based only on taste. “As our burger consisted only of sustainable ingredients,” Martijn said, “it was declared the winner, as it best suited the sustainable character of Azolla.” Martijn’s prize was to attend BioArtLab’s team meeting, but claims the real reward was being able to bring Sodexo’s innovation and sustainable initiatives to life in the competition. Watch the Cook Off here.




I was born on the west coast of France and enjoyed summers on my grandfather’s farm and at the seashore. It was natural to pursue a culinary career, with the aromas and tastes of fresh ingredients all around me as I really liked food. I completed four years of cooking school in France, with a focus on restaurant management and pastry desserts. I worked in some of the best kitchens, including my apprenticeship with Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée. I relished the Michelin Star work and the highly disciplined kitchens—creativity at its finest! With a Canadian working visa, I settled in Québec at the Académie Culinaire as a chef and a tutor. I enjoyed teaching—explaining cooking techniques taught me a great deal. I joined Sodexo as Executive Chef at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, where I could focus on my unique part in a bigger machine. I always look for new challenges and opportunities to improve menus and the way we work. My key focus is always on WHY a guest should choose to eat in OUR restaurant instead of any other. At the Museum, I would create menus based on the season, visitors and exhibits. It was exciting finding a way to express emotions through my menus without budget limits for A-list visitors. When we had an exhibit related to Napoleon, I created a dessert which symbolized his death—a combination of Mille-Feuille and Belle Hélène (referencing the island of Saint Helena and Napoleon’s imprisonment in Russia). We said, “You will now end your meal like he ended his life.” The visitors loved it. Due to COVID-19, I took another role as Sodexo’s General Manager for a banking client’s office

restaurants. These restaurants have a bigger menu and a variety of dishes to work with. I enjoy the budget challenge when creating menus. At the museum, I would create the most beautiful tendollar sandwiches. At the bank I need to create beautiful sandwiches, but they can only cost three or four dollars. My passion for reducing food waste is something I’ve carried with me from childhood. Nature takes time to grow vegetables and meat and it’s just disrespectful to throw away food meant to be eaten. Photography is another passion. Some of my photos have been featured in past Global Annual Culinary Reports. When you are happy with what you do, time flies. I don’t see the hours pass whether I’m cooking or taking photographs. You are never done learning. I’m pretty good in the kitchen, but I learn new things every day. Any success I have is due to the team around me. Sodexo is like a big family— everyone can make an impact and bring something to the table. Everything in my life has made me who I am today. I love learning about different elements of catering and different parts of Sodexo. There are many ways to do things, and I often create combinations to see if they can work. I love to be amazed every day. In kitchens, we work with emotions. We create for our menus, and I think it’s beautiful…even with a four-dollar sandwich.

Chef Aymeric Halbmeyer Executive District Chef and General Manager for Sodexo Québec, Canada


BEST IN THE WORLD AT THE HALLBAR AWARDS Chef Aymeric recently won Best in the World at the Hallbar Awards for his culinary photography in Sodexo's Global Annual Culinary Report.



THE LOVE OF FOOD INNOVATION CHALLENGE Chef Sam Blackburn Takes Top Honors in Inaugural Contest

The 2021 Love of Food Innovation Challenge showcased the skills and creativity of more than 70 Sodexo chefs, challenging them to celebrate street food and sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring that we offer our clients and guests the latest innovations and culinary trends. Chef Sam Blackburn was named the grand-prize winner with his Jackfruit Stir Fry. His winning recipe featured plant-based ingredients with a low carbon footprint, taking top honors for its authenticity, creativity, appearance, profitability and deployability. Chef Blackburn, a Senior Technical Support Manager of Culinary in the Healthcare Segment, was inspired by the aromas and memories of his first kitchen job at an Asian fusion restaurant. Featuring plant-based jackfruit in a traditional noodle stir fry, his dish’s small environmental footprint will be enjoyed by guests through the Love of Food promotion series. Chef Blackburn won an all-inclusive weekend getaway to Napa Valley, provided by challenge sponsors San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. The panel of judges for the 2021 Innovation Challenge included Segment leaders and celebrity chefs Daniela Soto-Innes and JJ Johnson, who helped select the winning recipe from our 10 finalists, including Arin Antonio, Joseph Boljonis, Sarah Falls, Joseph Fasy, Kevin Kable, Karin Mann, Chase Nowlin, Jennifer Ross, Charles Tibbs and Sam Blackburn, who each submitted a video of their dish and shared its inspiration for the final round of judging.

Click here for Sam’s Jackfruit Stir Fry recipe.





IT’S A BURGER THROW DOWN! UT Southwestern Hosts a Creative Competition

In celebration of National Burger Day, six frontline culinarians from William P. Clements University Hospital in Dallas, Texas competed in a burger throw down competition. The six contestants were challenged to work with supply chain, procurement, sous chefs and executive chefs to invent their own creations. The judging panel consisted of the support services celebrity client team and UTSW nutrition services frontline employees. Representing the frontline judges were a dietitian, diet clerk, retail supervisor, patient services ambassador, cashier and storeroom clerk. The winning burger, “Juju Double Bacon Smoked Cheddar Burger” by Judy White, consisted of locally sourced Texas wagyu, sweet bacon jam, cherry wood smoked bacon, aged smoked cheddar, baby arugula, tomatoes, roasted garlic aioli and sweet and spicy horseradish pickle on a sweet Hawaiian brioche roll. Culinary Operations Manager Keith Foreman with Executive Chef Ed Cao, CEC, and Executive Chef Robert Hora and the UTSW Sous Chefs set up the team for success. “I love witnessing the love for food and teamwork,” Foreman stated. This event proved to be a catalyst for team building and a morale boost for the front lines during these stressful COVID-19 times. Paul Crocker, Operations Manager said about the event, “The energy was euphoric and brought the cohesiveness of the team together on a whole new level!” The level of support and participation from the client made for a fantastic experience. Donald McLaughlin, Assistant Vice President Support Services stated, “The burger throw down was wildly successful and showcased the talent of the UTSW culinary team. Their ability to engage the team members into participating was a laudable accomplishment and offered some terrific hamburgers to taste! Overall, I was impressed and cannot wait to participate again.”




From a very young age, Chef Kavita was fascinated with food and how it is made. The moment Chef Kavita stepped in her first professional kitchen, she fell in love with the organized chaos and knew that Chef is the only title she wanted. She completed her diploma in hotel management from the Institute of Hotel Management, Dadar and pursued a specialty course in bakery and confectionary as well as a diploma in nutrition and dietetics flight kitchen.

Kavita Kothoke Check out Chef Kavita’s Breakfast Energy Bar recipe here.

Chef Kavita has more than thirteen years of experience in the food industry where she has worked in different kitchens including Corporate, Industrial and Flight kitchens. She’s been with Sodexo for more than four years and has worked on multiple sites, including HDFC House and Goldman Sachs. Chef Kavita is currently working at Google, where she leads a team of 14 to ensure that health, well-being, innovation and quality are the focal points of every dish served.

With more than a decade of experience, Rohan has been associated with leading hotel chains, including the Hyatt and Marriott groups in the UK, UAE and India. A trained chef and passionate baker with experience in European, Arabic, Oriental and Indian cuisine, Rohan is a postgraduate in Culinary Arts Business Management from Thames Valley University, London. Prior to joining Sodexo, Rohan was with the Renaissance Hotel as a Chef de Cuisine, leading a team of 42 cooks and chefs. He has had the privilege of serving Chief Ministers to the President of the country and various celebrities and aristocrats.

Rohan Shinde You’ll find Chef Rohan’s Chickpea Salad recipe here.

Rohan joined Sodexo in 2018 as a Project Manager for the Food Platform in Bengaluru. As part of the Portfolio and Service Development team, he has been a crucial team member in developing and deploying multiple food offers. He’s actively deployed Foodiverse, Sodexo’s global food hall solution, across multiple sites in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, with activities ranging from menu development and food trials to training the on-site staff. He also actively supports new bids site mobilization, the creation of menu cycles for different Segments in the Region and operational support for menu enhancement, special events, food trials and site-specific food promotions.


Rushikesh hails from the heart of Mumbai, the financial capital of India. He took an avid interest in cooking right from his early childhood days, with a curious palate and desire to explore different cuisines. After graduating from culinary school, Rushikesh was exposed to an array of food in India and abroad. His key assignments included working with brands like ITC and Adlabs Imagica. Rushikesh’s widespread experience has made him an expert in multiple aspects of kitchen operations and in making wood-fired pizzas. He has also been associated with iconic restaurants like Goa Portuguesa.

Rushikesh Rane

Discover Chef Rushikesh’s Zatar Chicken with Tasting of Dips recipe.

Rushikesh is currently deployed in Mumbai’s Wokhardt Hospital and has trained Healthcare teams and provided kitchen support for mobilizations including Manipal Hospital in Goa, SMBT Hospital in Nashik and Alexis Hospital in Nagpur. Considered to be a champion trainer in kitchen operations, he is known for his expertise in planning, coordinating and expediting the day-to-day handling of any kitchen. Rushikesh also conducts Indian and international food promotions at multiple sites on a regular basis. In 2017, Rushikesh completed his First Global Chef tour to China, where he visited multiple sites to showcase Indian food and host VIP events across Segments. His food was well received, with his Pepper Fry Prawns and Goan Fish Curry being popular.

Santosh’s kitchen journey began at a young age as his mom’s helper in his household kitchen. Cooking for the family made him happy, and it became his life’s mission to enlighten the taste buds and serve people. Santosh’s motto is, “I am not serving food. I am serving happiness.” A Hotel Management graduate from Mangalore University, Santosh’s career spans over 23 years in hotels, resorts and industrial kitchens in India and internationally, with brands like Taj, ITC, Le Meridien, Orange County resorts and Best Western. He started his career as a bakery and confectionery chef and went on to develop an expertise in Indian, Pan Asian, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines.

Santosh Mishra Get the recipe for Chef Santosh’s Golden Corn Basket here.

Santosh has been associated with Sodexo since 2016 and currently heads the kitchen at the prestigious Jindal Global University. He supports kitchen operations at existing sites and the mobilization of new accounts. Santosh has been instrumental in standardizing infrastructure, operational and administration requirements for kitchens and dining halls. Santosh oversees high-profile events and while doing so has served celebrities and diplomats, including President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu and former Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat.



FIRST PRIZE AWARDED TO CHINESE FOOD PLATFORM CHEF Award Recognizes Sodexo’s Talented Culinarian

Sodexo China is pleased to celebrate the personal success of Qiu YanBo, Culinary Expert. Known by the name BoBo, he won First Prize in the Shanghai Catering and Cooking Industry Vocational Skills Competition held in December 2020. His win recognizes the incredible culinary talents that support our business growth.

SODEXO CHINA CREATES A NEW R&D MASTER STUDIO Sodexo Awarded a Grant for Food Innovation in China

Sodexo Culinary and Food Innovation Director Paulo Chen is a respectable culinarian in China and is based in Shanghai. He was awarded a grant to create a research and development studio in Shanghai, with Sodexo topping 20 other enterprises for the funding. Sodexo China is the first foreign company to be awarded this privilege. The government will continue to allocate research and development funds annually for Sodexo to further its strategy for being a leading innovator in the food industry.



GSK Global held a friendly transatlantic competition between teams at its UK and US sites, showcasing culinary classics from each nation. Looking to engage guests and teams during COVID-19, the event saw fantastically positive feedback from everyone involved. The UK menu included Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas; Toad in the Hole and Chicken Tikka Masala, while Team USA served CarolinaStyle Pulled Pork, Philly Cheesesteak and Shrimp and Grits. With such spectacular food, the guests were definitely the winners!


LOOKING AHEAD Sodexo chefs are passionate about delivering delicious, fresh and innovative food every day that reflects stewardship of the planet and our Love of Food. As our guests seek authenticity, choice and balance, now more than ever, our chefs will continue to deliver quality dishes and experiences that reflect their talent and passion for their craft.

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