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YIKES Web site questionnaire •

Do you have a current Web site? If so, what is the URL? o What are your top 3 frustrations with your current website? o What do you like most about your current website?

Do you have a hosting company yet? If so, who?

If you have a domain name, do you know where it is registered? (GoDaddy, Network Solutions…)

Who is the main audience for your site?

How many sections do you want on your site? Sections could also be called "pages." Sub-sections are pages under the main section or page. Examples of sections include: Home, About Us, Products, Schedule of Events, Contact Us. Subsections of the About Us page might be: Staff members, company history, location. Please provide a number count.

Will you need eCommerce? (If yes - ask the following) o Will you be selling downloadable, electronic items? o How many categories do you have? o How many sub-categories do you have? o How many products (items) will you have? o Do your products have attributes (color, size, weight)? o If yes to attributes how many sets of attributes, total, will the shopping cart have? o Will you attributes have price variations? For example XXL adds $2 to the base price. o Do your categories have images? o Do your sub categories have images? o Do you want a big image and a separate thumbnail for each product? o What format are your products in (Word, Excel, PDF, on paper)? You will need provide a detailed list of products in electronic format. o This list must include for each product: identifying number (also called SKU number), name, description, price, weight, attributes, taxable, what category and subcategory(ies) it would be put into, image file name and location (what CD/folder the image is on so we can find it). And any other applicable fields like weight, etc. o You will need to provide complete shipping details. o Which carriers will you use for shipping (i.e. UPS, USPS, Fed Ex, etc)? What shipping classes will you offer? Will shipping be quantity based or price table based? Will you provide complex multiple types of shipping? What regions will you ship to (i.e. US only, overseas, etc.). Will there be any handling charges? o Applicable taxes: Are any of your products taxed? If so for which states and at what rate? o Credit card processing: Do you have a merchant account that allows online transactions? Will you just receive the credit card info and process the card offline yourself? If the transaction is going to happen on the Web we need the account information for your merchant account. o Return and exchange policy: Please provide us with your policy on returns and exchanges, by law this has to be posted on the site.

YIKES, Inc. 204 East Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125 T: 215.238.8801 | F: 215.238.8802


Any specific features you would like included? Log in ability, Audio, Video, calendars, forums, blog, subscription services (RSS, email or newsletters)?

What else do you want your site to be able to do? Is there anything else not listed here or discussed above that you want on your site?

What is your budget? And when would you like your site to go live?

What are your questions for me?

Additional Items if they are mentioned: Reporting Do you need reports generated? If so how many and what reports do you need to generate? Will the report be displayed in a browser or written to a text file? Do you need the report to be imported into a database or spreadsheet (like Access or Excel)? Do you need the report emailed? Search Do you need a search function for the site? User Registration Do you need user registration with username and password function for the site? How many users do you anticipate? How much information will be gathered from users? Will this information be required? Will users need to update this information if it changes? Can users pick their username & password or will it be generated for them? Will there be restrictions for usernames and passwords (i.e. minimum 6 characters, with non-alpha-numeric characters) Will users gain access to areas of the site that are otherwise unviewable? Will there be different levels of access? Will we need to track the amount of time users are logged into the site? Do we need to track what users are doing while they are logged in? Will users need to be logged off automatically if they are idle for a set amount of time? Will we have to prevent users from performing a function twice? Calendar Do you want the calendar to be in a grid or list format or both? Is there anything else you want the calendar to be able to do? Do you want events to auto delete once they have passed? Do you need the events page and the homepage hotspot to be linked, i.e. the top 2 events on the events page would automatically feed into the homepage hotspot or would you like to edit that hotspot manually? Do you need pagination for events if the list gets long? Email Are you emails through your hosting account?

YIKES, Inc. 204 East Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125 T: 215.238.8801 | F: 215.238.8802

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