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PUBLIC IMAGE WORKS! Combining the best of marketing principles and organizing practices to call attention to important issues and 
 to mobilize action for success

What is Social Media?! •  2+ Way Conversations (unlimited # of participants) •  Interactive & Sharable •  Virtual/Technology-based

Social Media Tips •  •  •  •  •  • 

There is not one way to do Social Media# Connect with people – SOCIAL# Be conversational# Post unique, interesting and fun things# Connect to your Mission# You arenʼt trying to convert people to new Social Media outlets, you are trying to reach people who already use them

Prepare to Use
 Social Media •  Review your Core Elements# •  Review your Organizationʼs Priority Goals# •  Include Social Media in your Communication Plan# •  Match Social Media Outlets to your Primary Audiences#

Social Media
 Strategy! •  What are your GOALS for using Social Media?# •  Whoʼs in charge of Social Media Strategy?# •  What is your Voice?# •  Create a Social Media Policy# •  Capacity & Frequency# •  Cross Promote# •  Track#

STORYTELLING BASICS •  Use your Identity language in Promotional efforts
 •  Identify your main Audience and develop stories that will catch their attention first
 •  Be direct and straightforward with language
 •  Find “universal themes” to help develop stories
 •  Remember: Who, What, Where, When, Why & How

NEXT STEPS •  Update your “Regular Communications” Calendar# •  Follow Up Webinar May 2nd @ 10am# •  Session 3: PowerMapping# •  May 22, 29, 30, 31#

•  “Just In Time” additional consultation#


Session 4: Presentation for Social Media

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