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PUBLIC IMAGE WORKS! Combining the best of marketing principles and organizing practices to call attention to important issues and 
 to mobilize action for success

WHY POWER MAP? •  Organizing 101: Relationships are powerful •  Connect to the people who can really help you achieve your goals •  Heightened awareness prepares you for more connections – within your organization and in networks


POWER MAP •  •  •  • 

GOALS - from Action Plan AUDIENCES - from Identity Evaluation COMMUNICATIONS - current priority IMMEDIATE NEEDS


Power Mapping Worksheet Contact TOP 5 SUPPORTERS


Goal #1 Goal #2 Goal #3


Audience #1 Audience #2 Audience #3

Comm Priority

Immed Needs Need #1 Need #2

Full Info? Action Step

Best Contact w/in Org


POWER MAP TIPS •  •  •  • 

MAP relationships based on goals & priorities CENTRALIZE information about relationships Be STRATEGIC about your outreach Use a MANAGEMENT TOOL to track action & tasks •  INTERACT with your Power Map regularly •  Keep it SIMPLE until it becomes part of your culture

NEXT STEPS 1)  Identify how many segments of “web”# 2)  Pick top 5 people most supportive of your efforts – are you engaging them well?# 3)  Plot information & ACTION STEPS# 4)  Pick one NEW & UNCONNECTED person for each segment of your “web”# 5)  Plot information & ACTION STEPS#

Power Mapping