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From chains to brooches

Scotland in Later Prehistoric Europe


S c otl a nd in Lat e r Prehi sto ri c Euro pe


From chains to brooches

Scotland in Later Prehistoric Europe Edited by

Fraser Hunter and Ian Ralston


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From chains to brooches


Acknowledgements vii List of contributors ix List of illustrations xi  1  Introduction   Fraser Hunter


2  Facing the Northern Ocean: the British Late Bronze and Iron Ages in their continental perspective   Barry Cunliffe


3  Bronze objects for Atlantic elites in France and beyond (thirteenth–eighth century bc) 19   Pierre-Yves Milcent   4 The Later Bronze Age and Early Iron Age in the southern Low Countries: where East meets West   Eugène Warmenbol


5  Changes in iconography, votive practices and burial rites at 500 bc in southern Scandinavia   Flemming Kaul


6  ‘I have not been able to discover anything of interest in the peat’: landscapes and environments in the    Later Bronze and Iron Ages in Scotland   Richard Tipping


7  Keeping up with the neighbours? Changing perceptions of later prehistoric societies in central Britain   Colin Haselgrove


8 The contribution of contract archaeology to Iron Age research in Scotland   Andrew Dunwell


9  Bronze Age architectural traditions: dates and landscapes   Rachel Pope


10  Within these walls: household and society in Iron Age Scotland and Ireland   Ian Armit


11 The hillforts and enclosed settlements of Scotland: an overview   Ian Ralston


12  Belief and ritual(isation) in later prehistoric Scotland   Martin Goldberg



S c otl a nd in Lat e r Prehi sto ri c Euro pe 13  Craft in context: artefact production in later prehistoric Scotland   Fraser Hunter


14  It’s pretty, but is it Celtic art? North British decorative metalwork in its European context   J V S Megaw & M Ruth Megaw


15  Scotland in Europe    Stratford P Halliday


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From chains to brooches


The papers in this volume were delivered at a conference held by the Society in Edinburgh on 19–21 September 2008. The conference was organised by a sub-committee of the Society’s Research Committee, chaired by its convenor, the late Ian Shepherd, and comprising Dr David Clarke, Dr Simon Gilmour, Dr Fraser Hunter, Dr Brendan O’Connor and Professor Ian Ralston. For tremendous assistance in the practical aspects of organising what was a memorable and well-attended conference, thanks are due to the Society’s Director, Dr Simon Gilmour, and its staff, especially Jacqui Clabby and Jan Paterson. The editors were invited to take the proceedings of the conference forward for publication – a process which has proved more protracted than we intended owing to pressures of other work, but we feel the resulting papers are worth the wait. The conference was supported by Aberdeenshire Council, Historic Scotland, National Galleries of Scotland, National Museums Scotland, RCAHMS and the University of Glasgow. The publication has been grantaided by the Marc Fitch Fund, Robert Kiln Trust and National Museums Scotland.


S c otl a nd in Lat e r Prehi sto ri c Euro pe


From chains to brooches

List of contributors

Ian Armit University of Bradford Barry Cunliffe University of Oxford Andrew Dunwell CFA Archaeology, Musselburgh Martin Goldberg National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Stratford P Halliday University of Edinburgh Colin Haselgrove University of Leicester Fraser Hunter National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Flemming Kaul National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen J V S Megaw and M Ruth Megaw ✞ Flinders University, Adelaide Pierre-Yves Milcent Université de Toulouse 2 Rachel Pope University of Liverpool Ian Ralston University of Edinburgh Richard Tipping University of Stirling Eugène Warmenbol Université Libre de Bruxelles