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This year our school is a composite assortment of people banded together for the purpose of study, fellowship, and work.

Some of our

would路be students are in the armed forces helping to preserve the ideals of democracy, love, freedom, and Christianity that we as a school, people and nation stand for. Rather than limiting ourselves by portraying our school as a band, army, voyage, or any of the other conYentional themes, we chose to present our school as it actually is -

a student body

together in work, study and recreation under the capable direction of our administration.

OIJR BOYS 11\1 THE SERVICE Many of our boys have gone to serve our country. Every day a few more are leaving, but to date we have no report of any of our B. P. C. boys being killed in action. We hope they all come back to us to continue their college work. Our boys in the service are: 2nd Lt. Harvey Alexander ''' Troy Anderson Roy Van Arsdel Ph-3/c Joe Bisq_op Arm 3/c Cpl. Milton Brasher Maynard Brazea l A / S Bernard Brecheisen P. 0. 3/c Pfc. Vernon Bugh Pfc. Reese Canady Pvt. Reginald Carter Lt. Jg. Jesse Cleveland ''' Lander Cleveland Paul Corlett P. 0. 3/c Sgt. Robert Corley P v t. Graydon Cross Pvt. Johnny Douglas 2nd Lt. Lester Dunn ''' Estel Ethridge Ed Fauss V-12 Sgt. Lawrence Fish Cpl. Fred Fopay S / Sgt. James Foreman ''' Gene Gore John Hale V -5 A l e J ames H amilton J ames Hamilton A / S P vt. James Harmon Sgt. Delwin Hennessey *Present rank unknown .

Pvt. Double E. Hill Don Hodges A / S Lt. Vernon Hodges J. C. Horger A I S Sgt. Earl Housinger 2nd Lt. Sam House Pvt. Harriette Hoyt Pvt. Bob Ingersol A le Roy Ingle Lt. John Kromer Marselle Knight S 2l c 1st Lt. J. C. Lambdin Cpl. Glen Lytle P vt. W. L. McGill Robert W. McNeilly Prtr 2/ c Sgt. Harry Macrory Sgt. Raymond Martindale Sgt. Weldon Martindale C apt. Archei Meridith Cpl. Haskel Meridith Sgt. Herschel Meridith SI Sgt. Donald Messer 2nd Lt. James Messer Joe Ed Messer A. S . 2lc Lt. Adolph Miller P vt. Audrey C. Miller Lt. Frank Miller 1st Lt. Alfred Minyard 2nd Lt. Paul Moore

Othel Motsenbacker S 2l c Charles Owens S 2lc 1st Lt. Herman Parrish M / Sgt. Milton Parrish Paul Pearsall 1st Lt. John Peters Pfc. Marvin Peterson Bob Phillips S 31c Elgin Purdy A/S Ale Virgil Rhodes Cpl. Donald Riggs Ale William G. Riggs 2nd Lt. John Ed Roberts P fc . Donald Schuneman Sgt. Warren Scudday Elmer Shellenberger A IS Lt. Delton Shilling James Short C. P . 0. Ens . Willis Snowbarger P vt. Lauris Spinks 1st Lt. Marvin Stockett David Stroman Ph. M. 3l c 1st Lt. Alfred Sullivan Charles Taylor P. 0 . 31c Cpl. Luther Thompson Fred Vaughn S 2l c 2nd Lt. Eugene Royce Wilson P fc . Cecil Wiman P vt. Vernon Wright

To our Friend, who is always willing to help, who always has a minute to chat; who works unceasingly to better our school; who is always a perfect Christian gentleman; who takes no credit to himself - to this friend we present and dedicate our '44 ARROW.




- -- - -







SUCCESS "DEBT FREE IN '43" became a reality on March 1, of the '43-'44 school year when Mr. Stockton paid the last check to the Local Federal Savings and Loan Association of Oklahoma City. Bethany-Peniel College is the first Nazarene College to be entirely free from debt. This was made possible by the many friends of the school and the untiring efforts of Mr. Stockton and others. Our hats are off to these, because of this great achievement.

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Book I








Victory Year

Greetings! Friends of the school year 1943-1944. This is victory year for BethanyPeniel College. March 1, 1944 will be a date long remembered in the history of B . P. C. That day marks the occasion when all indebtedness of the college was liquidated. It means that during the last two years $94,000 of indebtedness has been paid. This is a tribute to the loyalty and confidence of our faithful constituency. Again they have demonstrated their faith in Christian education and their unswerving purpose to make possible a greater and better B. P . C. In another sense this has been a year of victory. The Student Council under the leadership of our energetic president, Charles Browning, brought to successful conclusion the "Book" Campaign. To put into our library one thousand new books in a few weeks time is no small achievement. It is the outstanding undertaking of any student council in the history of the Associated Students of Bethany-Peniel College. But this Council decided upon a plan. Excellent leadership was given to it. Then faculty and students worked the plan. It was just that simple. But it was another one of those "miracles" of cooperation. And so we have demonstrated our confidence in the future. The story is not yet complete. The Board of Trustees, under the leadership of its chairman Rev. W. A. Carter and the Executive Committee, adopted a most forward looking program at the annual session held February 1, 1944. It involves a number of important items. Five thousand dollars was set aside for expansion in the library and the science department. An adequate salary scale was set up for our faculty with provision for graduate study and advanced degrees. Plans were made for the accrual of money each year so that future building needs could be met without incurring heavy indebtedness. In other words, the Board of Trustees demonstrated its faith in the future of the college by constructive and sound educational policies which will meet the needs of a growing college. Last, but by no means least, we have had a good year spiritually. Students have found God in the dormitories, in chapel services, and in revival meetings. We have seen life decisions made; individuals called to Christian service; missionaries trained and embark for foreign fields. Yes, this has been a VICTORY YEAR in every respect. Let God be praised for all these accomplishments. Significant days are upon us. Let us be grateful for what has been achieved. Let us dedicate anew our talents and resources to the accomplishment of greater things for Christ and the church. The opportunities of the postwar world will dwarf, in comparison, the responsibilities we now hold. Christian men and women who have trained minds, disciplined bodys and consecrated hearts will be sorely needed in the rehabilitation of a torn and bleeding world. Character - Culture - Christ! That is our motto. It gives at once our message and our mission. It is to give Christ to the Nations and to help build the Kingdom of God. I challenge you with this high and holy mission! Faithfully yours,

S. T.








MENDELL L. TAYLOR, M.A. Deau of Liberal Arts

FRED FLOYD, M.A., B.D. Dean of Men

ESTER CORLETT Girls Counselor

MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE BURGESS Counselor of Men's Hall

Board of Regents {:{ The Board of Regents meets annually to agree and disagree on matters of school administration, budget, etc. They have the interest of the school at heart; we appreciate these fine gentlemen:

Abilene District

Rev. W. B. Walker Rev. J . Walter Hall Rev. John F. Roberts

Arkansas District

Rev. Holland B. London Rev. R. M. Parks Rev. Agnes W . Diffee

Dallas District

Rev. I. C. Mathis Rev. Chester A. Smith Rev. G. S. Rodgers

Kansas District

Rev. Oscar J. Finch Rev. W. D. McGraw E. W. Snowbarger

Kansas City District

Rev. Jarrette Aycock Rev. Hugh C. Benner Rev. M. Frank Turner

Louisiana District

Rev. Elbert Dodd Rev. W. 0. Fisher Rev. G. M. Akin

Nebraska District

Rev. T . P. Dunn Rev. A. F. Hayes Rev. W. L. Brown

San Antonio District

Rev. W. French Rev. Mark Moore Rev. R. B. Kelley Western Oklahoma District

Rev. J. W. Short Rev. E. A. Green Mr. B. M. Hall Rev. L. W. Collar Rev. Geren C. Roberts Dr. C. B. Strang Mr. A. Leroy Taylor Eastern Oklahoma

Rev. W. T. White Rev. Porter T. Cargill Rev. W. A. Carter Rev. Haley Messer Rev. Vernon Wilcox Rev. W. R. Donaldson Chaplain E. E. Hale Alumni Representative

Chaplain John L. Peters


E. C. HALL, M.Ed. Physics, Education

E. V. GREER, M.A. Mathematics, Zoology

WILLIS B. DOBSON, 1\'I.A. Registrar, English

RUTH N. FESS, M.A. English , Greek


PAULA GREER, A.B. Modern Languages

Socia/ Science

MENDELL L. History~








VERNON A. History~



Religious Education


HAROLD W. REED, M.S., Th.D. Dean of Religion

C. HAROLD RIPPER, M.A. Librarian, Psychology, Religion

C. A. McCONNELL, A.B., Th.D.

Dean Emeritus of Religion





MABEL E. EAKIN, B.S. Home Economics

LORRAINE PITTS, M.A. Typing, Shorthand

MARY J, SEARS Matron of Bud Robinson Hall (She may not be an instructor but does give good domestic advice)

CHESTER C. CRILL, M.Mus. Voice, A Cappella

ALICE F. CRILL, M.Mus. Ed. Piano, Music Theory and Music Education

WILLO MAE BERESFORD, M.Mus. Piano, Music Theory

MARY SMITH, B.F.A., M.Mus. Piano

NAOMI W. DOBSON Assistant in Voice



WAYNE A. SPAULDING, M.A., M.Mus. Music Theory, Piano, Spanish


JOHN STOCKTON Business Manager


M iss Lundy and her assistants in the Business Office

Registrar; Mrs. McConnell, registrar's assistant; and the office force

Book II路

FRESHMEN Freshmen Registration-"September 13, all freshmen please be on hand for registration; why? Oh, so they don't interfere with Upperclassman registration- oh pardon me, the polite thing to say would be-so they will be all ready for entrance exams, orientation, etc ., on Tuesday, September 14." That's the life of a frosh . For the first three w~eks of school, they hear, "Would you look at that freshman rushing that upperclass co-ed" ; "did you hear the freshmen in the dorm last night, they never did settle down," etc., etc., etc. The freshm en turn out for a ball game and yell for their team and a bored upperclassman who has been watching such now for two-three or even four years, says, "Listen to the freshman , yes, I can remember when I used to do that but thank goodness I've learned ... " Poor freshman-everyone looking them over, no one explaining much of anything, criticizing, never realizing that they are going through a phase, that it won't be another month till they'll be as old as the oldest student and next year they'll be looking on, not explaining, criticizing, etc., etc., etc. The first year is a series of impressions, taken by the big brain and then passed on to the medulla oblongata, there to be stored till the next summer. After arrival back at the old homestead they will be pulled out, aired, sorted, pigeon-holed and the freshman comes back to "Registration for Upperclassmen on Tuesday, September 14." But no, don't call them poor freshman , for certainly there is no time when a student has more fun. Away from home for the first time, no one to tell them what to do except the matron and she's after all a small matter. No reckoning days till the first eight weeks. Wow! Why didn't I study? He manages to scrape through, but the finals in May find him still wishing he could settle down and study.



DELENE STOCKTON Secretary路Treasurer

Carroll Hal'\'ille Ruby Wilson Velma King Herbert Daniels

Be•·tie Frances Rea1nes Joyce Pigg Eunice Patterson Jean Purgason

Charles Cutting Juanita Reeves Lois Reeves Calvin Graham

Marie ta Snowba•·ger Gail Vanover Marjorie Rowland Emma


Walte r Dillard Irene Dent Phyllis H endrickson Baxter Cozby

Gel'trude Pugh Nadine French Clarice Slate Marga•·et Rose

Raymond Harvey Helen Harrison Margare t Newell James Hudson

La wanda Watson Wilma Blake Lenore Clouse Marella George

Clifton Robnett Marie Creech Ruth Duby Bob Phillips

D eJuana Le Jeune Virginia Couchman Ruby Golston Ava Lou Melvin

George Moore Pauline Thomas Violet Patterson Eugene Ve rbeck

Glene llyn Hogan Marguerite Cates Dorothy Woodcock Aline Campbell

Joe ])l esser Aline Turbyfill J eanelle Noris Robe rt L ewi s

R e ba

~ -es t

Lillie lVIae Wright G reta Hamsh er


Fre da Hamsh er


Jam es Gillespie Z elma Liste r I\'Ioze lle Hill I\'Iaurice I\'Iahannah

Ruth Emmert H ele n Jones LaDene Whe eler I\'Iary Jo Horn

Cia ud e Northc utt L ydia S ummers Marjo.-ie Griffin James Smith

E rd eeu e C leg g B e ulah Neufeld Helen Eli Naomi Truesd e ll

Marvin Wrightsman Wana Walker Ran1ona Myers Hampton Anderson

Ca rl lnger sol Sudie B e lle Dixon Merlene Shearer Gordon J e nkin s

Albert Gamble Jua nita Baker La Verne Hilton H a rold Stratton

Jr. Chri ste n sen V Rosalie Helm Patricia Hall D e le n e S tockton lr-

D ean .M oore J ea n Mom路e Ahna J ea n Lunn D ewa rd Finch V"'

Kenneth Armstrong J Gloria Starry Marlene Brisco e Charles Borna m a nn

Velma Elrod Robe rt Meyer Marcelie n e Carr

Juanita Gregg D cssel Fisher Mary Ruth Parham

U lma Jean Cook Hele n Harrison Mary Victor

Charles Oliver Floyd Neufeld Dorothy Thompson

Registration .

Tch, Tch, Duby, and at y our age .. . Must you lab el 'em . . .

Refreshments ... Allure ! .. . Concentration Shine boy, Hampty . .. Baa Baa ... Cruelty to dumb frosh.

SOPHOMORE "Hellooooo friend! (Wolf Call) Here I am back again. I've been home for the summer and college is no longer a place to which you go away, or a place to get away from, it is a place to which you come back. Thought those last 14 weeks never would pass, didn't you? Went home, saw the folks , hunted up the old crowd of which there are none left and decided that college was the spot for me from now on." The sophomore is the one who comes strutting back to college, all braggadocio. His enrollment is done with studied casualness. This is old stuff to him. The world is made for his special benefit. He's out of his cocoon and has spread his wings. He now is educated enough that when mischief is in the offing he knows the ropes, it doesn't get hung on him. He goes around passing out information on everything, from the best drink at the Drag to the most comfortable bench on the campus for you and your girl. He wears the most collegiate of clothes, laughs at the freshman who gets up and dashes madly to breakfast, and wonders why he spends so much at the drug store. He has an air of "This is my dish, look me over, I'm a soph, no longer a lowly frosh. Nobody can tell me what to do. I know." Then thud-the air is taken out of his sails. He discovers that everyone else doesn't think he's so smart. There is a thing or two he doesn't know. But cheer up, softie, there's a new year coming and a summer at home will do wonders for your ego.


ED HURN Vice President

DON BEAVER Secretary

Mildred Akin Ed Hurn Celestine Hehert

Newell Melton Drusilla Bishop Almeta Mizell

Nella Ada Allen Marselle Knight Lillian Weaver

Donnell Beaver W ancla Joy Beaver Doris Haskins

Helen Faye Moore Esther Marie Landtroop Donald Newell

Berta Labenske James Loy Ferry Gracie Houston

Dorothy King Blanche Andrew Lewis Andrew

Donald Doyle Inez Tischmacher Rachel Belcher

Perry Tudor Cleo Tudor Mary Knippers

Wilma Haley Joyce 路w harton Stephen Smith

Cleste r Pulls Gracie Morgan Betty Classen

Naomi Toepfer Bill Gronemyer Virginia Moore

William Marsh Lola Beckel

Della Dawson

Esther Sturgeon

Norma Brown

Talmadge Stands

Howard Bynum

Mildred Russell

Lucky Sophs, dinner at Stocktons - - Barefoot boy with ch eeks - - - Dumb but

happy - - - Invasion- Private Boudoir - - - Boy with "Pick up" - - - Tall, Red and a sailor .

Retis Stewart

JUNIOR The junior is undoubtedly the happiest person on the campus. He has passed that dumb stage, the strutting stage, and is now here for his third year, delighted to see everyone. He has come back all primed and ready to make a success of the last two years, now that he has that nasty requirement in science and math all worked off. So far he has played around made good and bad grades, but at the junior stage realizes that college really is a place to go for an education and that that education may some day be important to him so he determines to make excellent grades for his last two years. Yes, undoubtedly the junior year is the most enjoyable. He doesn't have the cloud hanging over him that he must leave at the end of the year. He discovers that some professors' classes are really fun, sessions in the dorm are a delight, but the old delight at heckling the matron is gone. Yes, the junior has settled to a happy existence of really making his college career a success as well as a pleasure. The activities of the junior year are enjoyed more than any other year. First, the junior play, then the junior-senior banquet, the breakfast the seniors return, and last but not least, the Ivy Ceremony at which time they will receive the challenge from the seniors to come back and match their activities. They are now in the upper half of the bracket.


DEAN WESSELS Vice President


I 1.>1,

3 J7


Burgess Lawrence Burgess

William Dorough Naomi Kreie

Helen Robertson


Sharp .,~

Lewis Patterson Wanda Baldwin

Wilson Orr

Evangeline Hale

Velma Snowharger W ahnona Snowharger

Kenneth Wilson Twylah Phipps

Eva Mav Hornbaker Wesley Meek

Charlc• McClain


Una Wright

Roxie Ann Moore Dean Wessels

Edward Houston Billie Ann Jones

Charlotte Longman Raymond Davis

Paul Briscoe Odean Murphree

Dorothy Hilliard Jacob Stands

Earl Couon Emma Lissa Mayo

Vivian Beckie Eugene Scroggin

Jack Rairdon Louise Lona e

Lee Spradlin Thelma Day

Yivian Sharpton Spe ncet路 John son

Charles 'lfontandon


W. C. f 'owle<

Wasn't it good , Vangie? .. . Two glasses and two straws and .. . Can't find m y saddle ... Flashlight harmony ! . . . Purty backs!

. Easy ther e Dean . .. Twas a good play, Mrs. Miniver


SENIOR Commencement arrives. The dignified senior in the cap and gown is really the saddest, most lost person to be found. His exterior is calm and peaceful but underneath there is terror at the thought that now I am on my own. I'm facing the world. Wrapped up in this diploma in my hand is what represents my college education. With this A .B . I am expected to go out into the world to earn a living. Where will I find a job ? etc., etc. When school starts next fall, I won't be here. There will be another senior class to take my place. How will the place run without our class? Hurried plans are made to meet here next Commencement? Can I come? What if I'm in the armed forces and can't make it? He wanders around saying goodbye to all the little personal places that have meant so much to him. He and his best 666 sit for the last time in their favorite corner of the Drag. They play their last dart game, last game of ping pong, go shoot their last goals in the gym, the last trip to the post office, while wave after wave of nostalgia sweeps over them. Saying goodbye to one's favorite professors and friends doesn't help any and one even feels an appreciation and love for the dear old dean. Then someone in the Commencement address, or in one of the many speeches made at a time like this reminds them that this A.B. is to help them. The college will always be here in case of trouble and last but not least it is possible to outgrow this feeling, that new friends will be made, so the senior is able to leave with his dignity. With a tip of the hat and a wave, they yell so long, for it is a small world and they are sure to meet again.


HARLEY DUNCAN Vice President



Chester Morgan

Louvenia White

Charles Browning




A.B., History



Bus . Mgr. ARROW '44, SecTreas. "B" Club, Junior Play, Senior Play, Dorm Council, Debate, Basketball, Softball, Track

Lila Fay Gregory

Junior Play, S enior Cappella

Play, A

Alfred C. Miller

Pres. Stude nt Council, WHO 'S WHO, Pres. Junior Class, Phi Delta Lambda , College Marshall '43, Bus . Mgr. ARROW '43, A Cappella , Student Council '42, Softball All School '40- '44, Basketball

Zita Mae Holmes




Home Economics

A.B. , Speech

Re ligious Education

S enior Play, Jun ior Play, Home Ec Club

Vice - Pres. Stude nt Council, WHO'S WHO, Circulation Mgr. ECHO '43 , '44, Bus. Mgr. Departmental Play '42, '43, Bus. Mgr. Senior Play, Debate, "B" Club, Track , Graduate Recital, Departmental Play '44

Gospel T eam, P rayer a nd Fasting

Howard Al1en

Margaret Genevieve Boone

L. Elward Green




A.B., History

A.B., History

A.B., Speech

Pra yer and Fasting, Gospel Team, A Cappella, Quartet

Prayer and Fasting, Gospel Team, Missionary Band

Junior Play '42, Senior Play '43 , Departmental Play '44 , Track, Basketball, Gospel Team, Prayer and Fasting

Perry Wayne Cozzens

Bronnell A. !!~r.&j.




A.B., History

Religious Education

" B " Club, Senior Play '43, Basketball

Student Council, Phi Delta Lambda, Pres. Missionary Band, Pres. Prayer and Fasting, Gospel Team

Paul E. Flack Th.B. Religious Education Gospel Team, Prayer and Fasting

Minnie Ruth Mayo

Harley Fountain Duncan

V aleira L. Sharpton




His tory

R e ligious Education

Hon1e Economics

Assista nt Matron, Pres . Girls' D or m, Prayer a nd F asting, Gospel Team

Student Athletic Director, '42'44, Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Vice - Pres. M en 's "B " Club , Bus. M gr. REVEILLE ECHO '44, All S chool Basketb a ll, Track

Pres. Girls' "B " Club '44, Sec . "B " Club '43, Phi Delta Lambda, Bask etball, H ome E c C lub

Luther Ewing Tyson

Albertina Mae Balsmeier

William Henry Harris





Home Economics


WHO'S WHO, Phi Delta Lambd a , Pres . Internation al Relation s F oru m, ARROW Staff '43 , REVEILLE ECHO Sta ff '43, '44

Phi Delta Lambda, College Queen '43, Vice-Pres. Home Ec Club '44, Treas. Junior Class, ARROW Staff '44 Junior Play , Se nior Pla y , A Ca ppella

E d itor REVEILLE ECHO '43 , '44, WHO 'S WHO, Phi Delta Lambda, A Cappella, Jr. and Sr. Play, Debate Coach

John Harper A.B. Mathe matics路

Alice Rose

Trafton De Voight Williams

G ospel T e a m, P rayer & F ast in g, M issionary B a nd

Basketball, High School Coach

F ern e Krey Honsinger

Th.B. A.B., Soci a l Scie nce

Junior Play '42, Department al Play '42 , V ice-Pres. Jun ior Class '42, Softball, Pub lic R e lation s S ecr et ary

Helen E. 1\'lillet路

Clinton A. Rock




Public School Music

R e ligious Education

Hon1e E conomics

A Cappella, Pra ye r and F asting, J un ior Ch oir D irector

P rayer a nd F asting, Team, A Cappella


S ec-Treas. H ome Ec Club, G irls' Se nior Ath letic Director , A ll School Softball, Gospel Team

James Ottis Sayes

Delia Nell 1\'lelton

Lloyd Wyett




Religiou s Education

Home Economics

Re ligious Education

Pres. Senior Class, W H 0 ' S WHO , ARROW Staff '43, '44, Vice-Pres. Junior Class, VicePres. Men's Hall, Dining Hall Steward , Senior Play, Departmental Play '42, Cheer-leader, Jamboree King '43

Treas. Senior Class, Sec. Home Ec. Club '43, ARROW Sta ff '44 , Senior Play, Jamboree Queen '43

Gospel T eam, Prayer and Fasting, Dorm Council '44

Olga Rhea 1\'ll'Kibbon

David Richard 1\'lcKibbon.

Leon Eugene Jennings





Religiou s Education

R e ligious Education

Student Council, WHO 'S WHO , Ass't Editor ARROW '43, Dorm Council, Departmenta l Play '41 , '42, '43 , Sr. Play Director, Expression Teacher

Editor ARROW '43 , WHO 'S WHO, Ass't Editor ARROW '42, Pres. Soph. Class, Student Council '44 , Phi Delta Lambda , REVEILLE ECHO Staff '41- '44, Departmental Pla y '41- '44, Jr. Play, Toastm aster Jr.-Sr. Banquet

Pres. Men's "B" Club '42 - '44, Pres. Men's H all '42-'44, Student Athletic Director '42- '44 , Sec . Gospel Tea m, Track, Softball, Basketba ll

S. David Beeman

Ruth I. Madden


J. Lambert


B.S. '42

A.B., History



Th.B., Theology

Gospel Tea m , Prayer and F asting, Senior Play, Basketba ll

Se ni or Play, Missiona ry Band

Basketball, S oftb a ll, Senior Play, REVEILLE ECHO Staff ' 38, '39

Lois Elaine Stone

Preston Joseph Theall

ldaleene Anderson





A.B., History

Home Economics

Senior Play, Gospel Team, Dorm Council, Orchestra, Glee Club, Certificate Recital

Student Council, Softball, Basketball

Sec. Senior Class, Pres. Home Ec Club, Phi Delta Lambda , Girls' " B " Club, Senior Play

That happy married class .. . They were Junior s then . . . President and wife in society . . . Scene from "Brother Goose" It happens every year . . . We'll soon be seniors . . . Alluring Lou

Poor Brother Goose .. . Big Party with no hangovers.

COLLEGE SPECIALS Robert Nye Lois B est Ronne kamp Mary Margaret B ynum Tom Eppler

Betty Bassett Kathryn Willems Mrs. Ella M. Attawa~颅 Nm路ma Flack

Charles Robe rts R. L. Van Winkle Ralph Jared Waldo E. Van Winkle Louie Lea S teward C lare nce Cotton Garrell E. Wilson Clyde W. Moss Avis Myrtle Hinkle Freddie Dodson Paul Nes mith James Louis Enunert Alton Hawkins Noble Hathaway j, E. Ray

B I S B p





Mitsuko Eto Tessie Stewart Alta Eastman

Maxine Carl .Birdie Porter Mae Francis Cozzens Civilla Frederick

Geraldine Caines Rosemond Allen Eveh'n G•·ibble

Adana Moore

Kittie Stockton .Bernice Dennis Ruth Harpe r J e ne Grosclaude

Dool Ill

CHESTER C. CRILL Dean of Fine Arts

our Fine j'\rts Department, headed bY Professor Crill, whOse songs 路 are always a thrill, and professor Spaulding, whO n禄kes a piano talk, is composed .of manY talented students. This grouP of enthU"ast'c P'an"ts, singers, and speakers, with the orchestra and the ensembles, maY be unharmonious at practice, yet eventuallY theY add a great deal to our en)oyrnent and entertainment.

A CAPPELLA When A Cappella blends into harmony it might well b e compared to a blending of beautiful colors. Even though Professor Crill has been forced to cut his choir in quantity , the quality is above its usual par. All of us have favorite numbers we like to hear such as "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" or Fred Waring's arrangement of "This Is My Country."





DR. HAROLD W. REED Dean of Theology

This is the department of religious technicalities and procedures. They must learn sometime, and that is what this department is for. Practice sermons are preached to each other ; ideas for texts are exchanged; wedding ceremonies, funeral sermons, church dedications; all the things that go with being a preacher. The director of all these activities is Dr. H. W . Reed, the efficient Dean of Religious Education.

RELIGIOUS GUIDANCE Since this is a religious college the church naturally has a definite connection with the school. Dr. C. B. Strang, our beloved pastor, does a great deal to help and direct our lives from day to day. His inspirational messages each Sunday help us through the DR. C. B. STRANG week. An assistant pastor, Rev. Stephen R. Church P astor Bennett has been added to help with the personal work. Anytime anyone calls on either of these men, they are only too willing to be of assistance.


STEPHEN President


The religious generator of the campus which sends an endless flow of spiritual inspiration to the entire student body . Their live wire program

keeps us all aware of the force they possess and of their greatest aim-Evangelism. They keep announcements on all bulletin boards and always remind the less enthusiastic members of meetings and activities. They are a great blessing, and may God bless them in their work.

PRAYER&. FASTING SPINCER JOHNSON The college chapter of the Prayer and Fasting League is most faithful to the vows of the national organization. In their regular meeting every Friday noon they all receive a blessing and inspiration.

MISSIONARY HAND The group of missionaries of the future have banded themselves together to study and pray, that they may be successful in their work when at last they are ready.






DR. G. B. WILLIAMSON Aycock Lectures


RECITALS Graduation recitalists-lots of work for the studentbut lots of enjoyment for the audience.







minors in Phy sics and zoology_ In sc;entiflc endeavor, Bethany-Pen;eJ College offers a major in chem;stry and the University of Kansas. The Sc;ence department is Under the superv;s;on of Dr. Grothaus, a graduate of To the student Who has taken a laboratory course 路n h




c ern1s ry,

e pungent srne]]

of ammonium hydroxide, the sharp odor of hydrochloric acid, the common aroma of nitro-benzene, or any of a thousand other characteristic fragrances serve to inspire and stir the inner desire to work an experiment in that "stinky lab."

conom1c If you step into Home Ec classroom you

may hear the girls carrying on like this: s.c., sl. st., k. , p ., blind stitch, tailor tact , darts , cheese souffle, chicken a la King, sauteed pineapple, etc. But don't get alarmed, they are perfectly sensible; and if you don't know what they mean-well, maybe you should take Home Ec, too!


Book IV

STUDEI\IT In the annual election held by the student body last spring to fill the six major student offices, the load of


WILSON L. ORR Arrow Editor

CHESTER MORGAN Arrow Business Mgr.

LEADERS Student Council and Publications fell on th e shoulders of five huskies and a dame.

CHARLES BROWNING Student Council President

ROXIE ANN MOORE Student Council Secretary

ALFRED MILLER Vice President of Student Council


Helen Robertson Alfred Miller

Who's Who in American colleges and Universities is a national organiJames L. Tyson zation whose purpose is to choose the outstanding students all over America; the students with initiative, originality, character, and personality, the ones who do the most to promote the school spirit on the campus, and, using the present as an indication of the future, are most likely to succeed in accomplishing their ambitions.

Wahnona Snowbarger

Dean Wessels Roxie Ann Moore Ottis Sayes

H 0 1\1


0 R

0 C I

E T \'

Helen Robertson President

PHI DELTA LAMBDA-yes, more Greek, but who cares what it stands for , it's bound to be nice because the Greeks didn't put bad words in their books. We know what it means to be a member,

any way-it means that y ou have to make grades above average. We all wish we were members but that's impractical, because if we were y ou probably wouldn't want to be. Well, even if our grades aren't up to y ours we are smart enough to appreciate y ou and envy y our I.Q.

s T

u c D 0 E lJ 1\1



Dave and Charlie

The student council of Bethany-Peniel College has spent its most hectic year under the leadership of C. J. Browning. Work-an unexplored realm for most student councils -was the order of the year, with 1,000 new books in the libr ary; a beautified campus; Monday's programs in charge of the student council, the most painless in the school's history; the week of clean up for the campus with a great deal of paint slinging, scrubbing, and what not ; thanks, gang, it may not be appreciated by some, but we appreciate it.

President - - - - - Charlie Joe Browning

Sophomore Rep. - Steve Smith


Junior Rep. · · - · W ahnona Snowbarger


· · Alfred Miller · Roxie Ann J\lloore

Freshman Rep. · · Rosalie Helm

Senior Rep. · · - · Dave J\llcKibbon Sponsor · ·

· · Dr. Grothaus

Happy landings, pres . . . . 1,000 new books . .. Boost! Boost! Boost! 'em right on the shelves ... Mama, I thought spooks walked on Hallowe'en . . . Poor Dot, starved-for lack of knowledge ... Papa Trash ... Why don't you wear them all the time, Steve-skirts .. . Mmmmmm, clean up !

ARROW {! As you look through this ARROW we hope you find the answer to the question so many have asked - "Why is that light on in the Science Building until after 12:00 every night?" Stop and think, every page was carefully planned and then each detail such as the pictures, drawings, their arrangement and write up was then worked out. Each picture in the book was taken, developed, and finished by our staff in the "Arrow Photo Lab," which is a new addition this year. All of the drawings were made by our own artist. This Arrow you now have in your hands is the product of a year's hard work by the staff. We hope you are as proud of it as we are.

Editor-Wilson L. Orr

T~路 pist s-

Associate Ed.-Kenneth Wilson Business Manager-Chester Morgan Assistant Manage r-Charles Browning Artist-Ruth Duby Sports Ed.-Marcelle Knight Literary Editor-George Moore Feature Editor-Albertina Balsmeier Make-up Editor-Eva May Hornbaker Class EditorsFreshmen-Raymond


Sophomore-Aimeta Mizell Junior--Evangeline Hale Senior-Ottis Sayes

Grace Morgan Delia Melton

ECHO {! The biweekly publication of campus gossip, gripes and goo, "The Reveille Echo," is a great help in breaking the m onotony of school routine. It does one good to get the low down on everybody complete in one small volume-and does writing it give the staff members a thrill-they r eally dig the dirt and not at a W .P .A. pace. Then b esides the dirt the Echo has articles of a more serious nature. The President's Chat by S. T. Ludwig, News Observ ations by Fred Floy d and last but not least Harris's Ed~ torial. Of course w e wouldn't forget "Dottie Dashes" and (his, her, or its) close friend and ally "George" with Kouncil Klues for salt and pepper. All in all we appreciate the efforts of this staff to present us bi-weekly with educational data as well as fun and laughter.

Editor-William Henry Harris

Sports Editor-Dewal'd Finch

S o c i e t~'

Faculty Advisor-Dr. S. T. Ludwig

Editor-He len Robert son

F eature Editor-Gracie Morgan

Columnists-David McKibbon, Luth er T yson, Charles Browning Features-Be tty Classen, Nornta Brown Reporte rs-Doris Haskins, Wanda Baldwin, Stephen Smith, Gertrude Pugh Typists-Don Bea\'er, Eve lyn Gribble, Clarice Slate Business Manager-Harley Duncan Circulations Manager-Alfred Miller Photographer-Wilson Orr


CWhe'le cultuYze and education really come /Yzom by



P erhaps someone should cut the profs in on the dope, because they are under the impression that all the crop of "intellects" and "brains" that breeze around B.P.C. are derivities of their prodding, or results of the dean's early curfew and strict study hours, but just ask any enlightened stooge-even a verdant frosh will agree that cramming and grade points only precipitate headaches-ah the secret of real culture lies in that soothing, succulent, pursuasively, serene, enticing pause that refreshes-"bull sessions."

Between curfew and 7:40 class When the lights are supposed to be out There comes a pause in the days occupation That is known as a bull slinging hour. I hear in the room next to me The stomping and clomping of lots of feet , And laughter and boisterous voices Accompanied by odors of cokes and eats. From the key hole I see A half dozen or more figure s and shapes All drapped over the bed and the chairs Just a talking and eating and acting

In bull sessions "Betty Co-ed" learns all about eat, drink and stay slender theories , and a philosophy about phoreffs and bell-bottomed breeches, and coats of navy blue. It's from "bull sessions" that Joe College, really gets acquainted with the rational and conventional cycles of life-as in women, and blondes. Where else could any one, not only learn, but practice "get- what- you - can- grabtheories?" Where else could an era of good feeling start and prevail, but in "bull slinging." Dorm life, from the "bull session" angle, is the highlight of college memories.


Oft' Repeated Quotations "You're pretty and you're sweet."-Nida Allen. "I'm impressed."-Jo Horn. "You're mean to me."-Celery Hebert. "Oh, clap! "-George Moore. "Are you engaged?"-Doris Haskins. "D-0-N-'T K-N-0-W."-Shirt-tail Gang. "V for me."-Adana Moore. "Just admiring the campus."-Ruth Duby. "Dave said-"-Norma Brown. "Tough or Tuff"-James Gillespie. "Kid-o" (sickening, ain't it)-Dean Wessels. "Twirp? No such word in my dictionary."-Dobson. "Information, please."-Ad. Council. "Those mean old girls-just because I have a car!"-Bobbie Louis. "How's you grade point?"-common salutation. "I didn't do it."-Raymond Harvey. "Boogie, has anybody seen Boogie?"--P. J. "Professor, I'd like to add a point."-Steve Smith. "Anybody can be salty if they'll sweat enough."-Ken. Wilson. "I'm hurt-only five letters today."-Lou White. "One, two, click, three."-Orr. "Good John."-Emma Lissa Mayo. "Yeah, but Murder ain't nice."-Harris.

Book V


* {;[ The B Clubs are organizations to stimulate the interest in athletics. It lifts the standard of competitive sports, furnishes incentive for more spirited competition, and contributes to the betterment of sportsmanship. The B Clubs take care of and work out the schedul2s for all games, track events, etc. They select the all-school team, sponsor the jamboree and take care of the gym and equipment. This year finds an adequate group working for membership in the B Clubs. The r equirement for membership is a letter in basketball, track, or tennis.





LEON AND HARLEY Athletic Directors

SOFTBALL ~ "Watch that pitcher wind up? Here it comes, fella , hit it! "

Yells like those are loud and plentiful on the softball diamond. Yes sir, this is the game we all like to watch, yell about, and get sunburnt at; pealed noses and pink faces are sure signs of a good softball game in the near past. We all enjoyed y our games, boys-gals, too!



HJ\SKETHJ\LL Lights, camera, action-the annual Jamboree has started and the basketball season is on. The people are already discussing the chances of the various teams. The boys prance around warming up in their warm up pants-wonder why they don't ever take them off? ... The season was a very good one but due to the shortage of men the sophomores and juniors were forced to pool their men and choose one team. Even though the upperclassmen did their best, the freshmen won the tournament.

Doesn't Iniss 'en1





fifTH \'E~R
























Track and Field Day comes in the latter part of April, giving the boys ample time for preparation. It follows close on the heels of basketball, so the boys are generally in good condition to turn out some excellent competition. A first place winner in any field receives five points, second place three points, and

third place one point; and the hearty athlete who is able to win eight or more points, letters, and is admitted into the "B" club. The whole school is turned out to enjoy this exciting day.

:JJiar'! School year 1943-44 Bethany-Peniel College Dear Boys: We've missed you in our fun this year, while you were with Uncle Sam. We know you'd like to know all that has gone on, so the secrets of "Dear Diary" are going to be revealed for your benefit. September 13-Usual frosh registration-with a surplus of cute girls in evidence. September 14-0ld students registered, of course sleeping late and then standing around looking bored with the same old routine. Something new was added this yearfreshmen orientation (to teach the freshmen how to study and where the library is) also, that night we had freshmen convocation by C. Harold Ripper. (Yes, they still say C?????? Harold.) September 17-The get acquainted party-yummmmm whose water melon patch did you rob, Mr. John? October 7-8-At last, freshmen initiation, same old fuzzy hair, same old setting up exercises, and same old servant duty for upperclassmen. October 8-Freshmen-sophomore party, at last the freshmen are full fledged eds and coeds. Due to a new idea of the Ad Council all the parties were the same night, the juniors went to Flathead Club. (Remember how pretty the moon could be on the silvery lake.) The seniors had a party at Camp Don Shelley-so many of them are married I don't imagine they were interested in looking for a moon on a lake. Oh yes, look at the snap pages and you can see all the party pictures. October 12-24-The fall revival was held by Rev. Howard Sweeten. October 25-29-The Student Council had a clean up week-renovating both dorms ... ending with an all school Hallowe'en party. November 10-Wolves had a party-so did the wolverines. More fun! More excitement! The boys captured the flag-ate hot dogs-black coffee-and where oh where did the goats come from on third floor? November 11-The Stocktons gave a duck dinner for the sophomores-lucky people. November 25-The formal Thanksgiving banquet, with black bow ties and long dresses-Remember the carnations you bought me last year? November 26-The pipping, snortin', rootin' tootin' Jamboree. Ottis and Delia were elected king and queen of the Basketball Jamboree. December 3-Junior play with Helen Robertson as Mrs. Miniver. December 10-29-Beginning and end of Christmas holidays. December 29-J anuary 4-Aycock lectures with Rev. G. B. Williamson. January 1-A Cappella party. January 6-Freshmen class went to Don Shelley's for a party. More fun, more people lost, and more mud; wasn't it a dark night?

DIARY January 16-Glee Club Party at Crill's. January 17-20--Those dreadful exams, but "hon" just as you did last year, I set the curve, but I'm not saying on which end. January 24-Lots of new people, and a chance to start over and do better than last semester and I will not leave all my studying until the night before those exams. January 31-Executive Board Meeting. February 1-Everyone went around with the best manners on when they thought a board member was around. Funny, they don't look as bad as I thought they would. They aren't even ogres, are they? February 2-Wedding bells for ye old editor. Don't let her make the ball too big nor the chain too heavy. February 11-Chester Morgan made a good goose in the Senior play, "Brother Goose," and William Henry Harris was an excellent little boy who sincerely believed that "Murder ain't nice," or is it especially in extreme cases when it comes to Lou White, as Lenore. February 14-Formal Valentine banquet with the girls in charge. Leap week issue of ECHO with Ass. Ed., Helen Robertson editing. Nice job! March 3-Elward Green's degree recital-pretty stage. March 3-19-The spring revival with Rev. DeLong. March 24-The certificate recital of Doris Haskins and Della Dawson. Nice blond beauty-nice auburn beauty. March 30-The sophomores had their banquet sort of early but everybod y reported a marvelous time. April 7-The departmental play "Family Portrait" was presented. Big crowd there! April 13-Freshman banquet. April 14-David Beeman's recital in Speech. April 18-Junior-Senior Banquet. May 8-Term Work due. I made my deadline by slipping down t o Prof. Floyd's about midnight and left my theme inside his screen door. Will he know it wasn't there at ten? May 12-Commencement Ensemble program. Very good. The last chapel program, lots of presentations, and nice and lengthy as usual. Ivy ceremony and of course all the seniors were nice and weepy . May 14-Baccalaureate Sunday. Seniors looked nice in their caps and gowns. May 15-- Commencement. May 15-Tra la la music week-anywhere and everywhere. Semester Exams-May 15-19-Hon, I truly meant to study along this time, but somehow or other I've had to study and cram all week, when will I learn. But I made it. May 23-Summer school started and the old grind was on.


STUDENT DIRECTOR\' Akin, Mildred L. 822 W. 6th St. Elk City, Okla. Allen, Howard F.

Beckel, Vivian A . 814 N. Mueller Bethany, Okla. Beeman, S . David

Butler, Lotus Veatrice Route 6 Lubbock, Texas Butler, Mildred M.

Coss, Alfred A . 1309 N. W . 9th Okla. City, Okla. Cotton, Clarence Ed.

Route I

Box 371

207% N. Peniel

Route 3

McRae, Ark. Allen, Nella Ada Route 1, Box 259 McAllen, Texas Allen, L. Rosemond Vivian, La. Anderson, Hampton D . 306 N. W. 6th Bethany, Okla. Anderson, M. Idaleene 306 N. W . 6th Bethany, Okla. Andrew, Blanche H. 124 N . Peniel Bethany, Okla. Andrew, Lewis E. 124 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Antrim, Patricia R. 300 N . W. 2nd Bethany, Okla . Armstrong, Ada T. 218 N . Donald Bethany, Okla. Armstrong, Kenneth S. 301 S. Donald Bethany, Okla. Atkins, Delores J . 400 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla . Attaway, Ella Bell General Delivery Bethany, Okla. Baker, Juanita M. 1423 Chester St. Stillwater, Okla. Baldwin, Wanda L. Box 509 Idabel, Okla.

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Bethany, Okla.

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Gila Reloc. Cent.

509 Merriwether

615 N. Rothsay

Rivers, Arizona

Clovis. N. Mex .

Minneapolis, Kan.

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Route 1, Box 96 San Angelo, Texas

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Moore, George C. 2450 Brandon Dallas, Texas Moore, Helen F. Route 1 Rocky, Okla. Moore, M . Dean 1109 Lowry St. Stillwater, Okla. Moore, Roxie Ann 2450 Brandon St. Dallas, Texas Moore, Virginia L . Route 1 Roff, Okla. Morgan, Gracie N. 9012 S. W. 16th Ave. Seattle, Wash. Morgan, lVI. Chester 9012 S. W. 16th Ave. Seattle, Wash. Moss, Clyde W. Abilene, Texas Murphree, J. Odean Hamlin, Texas Myers, Ramona 805 N. Washington Ave. Roswell, New Mexico Neal, Mary Frances 611 N. Donald Bethany, Okla. Neal, Morris L. 611 N. Donald Bethany, Okla. Neal, Melba L. 207 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Neely, Elna Diane 114 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Neely, Madie Karen 114 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Nesmith, Paul R. 409 S. Eddy Ave. Denison, Texas Neufeld, Beulah F. 206 S . W. Main Bethany, Okla. Neufeld , Floyd J. 206 S . W . Main Bethany, Okla. Neufeld, Sharon 206 S. W. Main Bethany, Okla. Newberry, Emma E. 916 N. Poplar Wellington, Kan. Newell, Donald L. 110 N. College Bethany, Okla . Newell, Margaret R. 110 N . College Bethany, Okla.

Nix, Mary Beth 101 Asbury Bethany, Okla. Noris, J eanelle 917 Watkins St. Conway, Ark. Northcutt, Claude, L. 1019 Evans St. Bonham, Texas Nye, Robert N. Bethany, Okla. Oliver, W. Charles Little Rock, Ark. Orr, Wilson Lee 1000 N. Missouri Roswell, N . Mex. Pace, Betty J o 310 N. W . 5th Bethany, Okla. Pace, Lorena lVI. 109 S. Peniel Bethany, Okla. P ace, William A. 221 N. Rogers Bartlesville, Okla. Palmer, Scotty 811 N. Asbury Bethany, Okla. Palmer, Sherry 811 N . Asbury Bethany, Okla. Parham, Mary Ruth 2163 18th St. S. W . Akron, Ohio Patterson, Eunice 1106 5th St. Wichita Falls, Tex.

Niedo, Jose ph Bethany, Okla.

Pigg, Margaret J. Idabel, Okla.

Patterson. Violet L. Portales, N. Mex. Patterson, W. Lewis Route 2 Abernathy, Texas Payne, Effie M. 511 N . W. Main Bethany, Okla. Payne, Robert C. 511 N. W. Main Bethany, Okla. Phillips, Dennis T. 301 N. Redmond Bethany, Okla. Phillips, Robert E. 301 N . Redmond Bethany, Okla. Phillips, Virginia Lee 130 W . Main Bethany, Okla. Phipps, Twylah L. 304 W. St. Louis Wetumka, Okla. Pickens, Elsie M. 112 N . College Bethany, Okla.

Porter, Birdie N. Route 1 Windom, Texas Powell, Alice J o 101 S. Asbury Bethany, Okla . Powell, Cleon G. 101 S. Asbury Bethany, Okla. Pritchett. F. Lucille Route 2, Box 325 A 3 Okla. City, Okla. Pugh, Gertrude A. 510 W. Ruthledge Yates Center, Kansa s Pults, J. Clester 113 N. W. 1st Bethany, Okla. Purgason, Jean A . 1813 Santa Anna San Antonio, Tex. Rairdon, Jack T. 2116 S. Central Okla. City, Okla. Ray, J. Edward 109 N . Asbury Bethany, Okla. Reames, Bertie F . Route 1 Altus, Okla. Reazin, Lawrence V. Route 1 Hugoton, Kansas Reazin, Leone Mae Bethany, Okla. Redwine, Luverne S. 725 N . College Bethany, Okla. Reeves, Juanita V. Vici, Okla. Reeves, Lois A ven Vici, Okla. Riley, Cecil H. 1109 N . Walnut Okla. City, Okla. Ripper, Marvel D. 501 N. Willow Bethany, Okla. Roberts, Charles L. Bethany, Okla. Roberts, Helen M. 111 S. Donald Bethany, Okla . Robertson, Helen L . 906 E. Broadway Newton, Kansas Robnett, Clifton E. Bethany, Okla. Rock, Clinton A., Jr. 125 N. Redmond Bethany, Okla. Rock, Golda Marie 125 N. Redmond Bethany, Okla. Rock, Mildred Mae 125 N. Redmond Bethany, Okla.

Ronnekamp, Lois B. 610 E. 5th St. Claremore, Okla . Rose, Alice Herd 202 S. W . Main Bethany, Okla. Rose , Cody T . 202 S. W . Main Bethany, Okla. Rose , Margaret B. 821 E. Madison Harlingen, Tex. Rowe, Floyd W. 1519 S. E. 29th Okla. City, Okla. Rowland, Marjorie M. Box 31 League City, Tex. Russell, L. Mildred 904 Lucille Little Rock , Ark . Sanford, Elaine 403 N . W. 1st Bethany, Okla. Sanford, Marion E . 406 N. W. 2nd Bethany, Okla. Sanford, Mary J ewel 406 N. W. 2nd Bethany, Okla. Sanford, Richard H. 403 N . W. 1st Bethany, Okla . Sayes, James Ott is 6120 Willard Shreveport, La. Scroggin, Eugene W. 110 N. P eniel Bethany, Okla. Scroggin, Jeannie K . 110 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Sharp, D avid L. 802 Grant Carthage, Mo. Sharpton, L. Viv ian Route 4 Center, Texas Sharpton, V a leira Route 4 Center, T exas Shearer. Homer F. 626 E. Highland S an Angelo, Tex as Simpson, Geraldine Piedmont, Okla. Simpson, Henry P. General Delivery Bethany, Okla. Slate, Clarice W. 2020 W. Walnut Springfield, Mo . Sledge, W ay ne D. B ox 567 Duncan, Okla.

Smith, Barbara Je a n 210 N . College Bethany, Okla. Smith, Francis G. 117 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Smith, Houston T. 117 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Smith, James R. 507 E. 8th St. Ada, Okla. Smith, J. Stephen 3547 E . Capitol St. Wash., D. C. Smith, Paul N. F. 1621 Woodbine Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. Smith, P riscilla R. 117 N. Peniel St. Bethany, Okla. Snowbarger, Marieta Marienthal, Kansas Snowbarger, Velma L. Route 2 Sylvia, Kansas Snowbarger, Wahnona 501 W. lOth Da llas, Texas Spradlin, Lee G. 106 N . E. 1st Bethany, Okla . Stands, C. Talmadge 201 N. College Bethany, Okla. Stands, Jacob E. 200 N. College Bethany, Okla. Starry, Gloria D . Route 2 Yukon, Okla. Steward , Louie Lea Box 1748 Longview, Texas Stewart, Retis W. 312 N. College Bethany, Okla. Stewart, Tessie M. Route 6, Box 400 San Antonio, Tex. Stockton, Kittie J. Box 127 Buffialo Gap, Texas Stockton, R. Delene 503 N . Donald Bethany, Okla. Stone, Lois Elaine Route 1, Box 79 Burrton, Kansas Stratton, W. Harold 1810 E. Gordon McPherson, Kansas

Streigel, Evonne J. 209 S. Beaver Bethany, Okla. Stumpff, Donna L. 307 N. Redmond Bethany, Okla. Sturgeon, Esther M. 416 E. Fillmore Phoenix, Ariz. Summers, Lydia M. Cheyenne, Okla. Swanda, Rita Jo 513 P eniel Bethany, Okla. Swigart, Carolyn R. 405 N. Donald Bethany, Okla. Taylor, Mendell 203 N. Donald Bethany, Okla. Taylor, Ruth 718 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Taylor, Wilma J. 718 N. Peniel Bethany, Okla. Theall, Preston J. Route 1, Box lG Silabee, Texas Thomas, D. Pauline 705 N. Elm Ponca City, Okla. Thomas, Euline C . 313 N. College Bethany, Okla . Thompson, Dorothy L. Box 194 Davenport, Okla. Thom pson, Gladys L . Route 2 Overton, Texas Thompson, Raymond L. 719 N. lOth St. Independence, Kansas Thrash, Dewana L. 113 N. Mueller Bethany, Okla . Thrash, Harold R. 113 N. Mueller Bethany, Okla . Tischmacher, Inez 3603 Entopia St. Greenville, Texas Toepfer, Naomi Ruth Route 4 Kingfisher, Okla. Transue, Earl W. 315 E. Cherry Ave. Ponca City, Okla. Truesdell, Naomi J . 1211 W. Munson St. Denison, Texas Tudor, Cleo A. College Annex Bethany, Okla.

Tudor, Perry E. College Annex Bethany, Okla. Turbyfill, Margarite Aline 326 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Tyson, Luther E. 218 S. E. 6 Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Vanover, N. Gail 550 Doucette St. Beaumont, Texas Van Winkle, R. L . Bethany, Okla. Van Winkle, Waldo E . 208 S. College Bethany, Okla. Vaughan, W . Fred 1515 W. 32nd St. Pine Bluff, Ark. Verbeck, Eugene R. 103 S. A sbury Bethany, Okla. Victor, Mary L. 523 N . E . 5th Okla. City, Okla. Wagner, John Ray 201 N. Donald Bethany, Okla. Walker, Wana G. H a llsville, Texas \V a tson, Lawanda M. 179 W . Guthrie Medford, Okla. Weaver, Lillian 675 Madison Beaumont, Texas Weir, Waulea C . R oute 3, Box 326 C 路Bethany, Okla. Wessel, Vvanda L. Piedmont, Okla. Wessels, Dean H. 603 W. Page Dallas 8, Texas West, R eba Eileen Box 309 404 Clayton Ave. Poteau, Okla. Wharton, Joyce lVI. 630 11th St. Lake Charles, La. \Vheeler, E. LaDene Wauneta, Nebr. Whisman, Mildred Madill, Okla. White, M. Louve nia 302 S. 9th Durant, Okla. Wickham , Alma Jo 109 N. College Bethany, Okla . Willems. Kath a ryn Corn, Okla .

Willey, Ella L. 600 N. Redmond Bethany, Okla. Willey, Erma Jean 203 S. Dona ld Bethany, Okla. Williams, Thressa 915 Cumberland Little Rock , Ark. Williams, Trafton D. 915 Cumberland Little Rock , Ark. Wilson, G a rrett E. 525 S. E. 18th Okla . City, Okla. Wilson , Ruby E. 532 N. Emporia ElDorado, Kan . Wilson, W. Kenneth 812 N. Kansas Roswell, N. Mex . Winder, Jacqueline lVI. Route 3, Box 258 Okla. City, Okla. Wisler, Sallie Lee 113 N . W. 2nd Bethany, Okla. Wood, Jackie R. 5509 N . W . 40th Bethany, Okla. Woodcock, Dorothy M. Lake Charles, L a. Woodring, Edith M . 124 N. W. A ve. Bethany, Okla. Woodring, Hester R oy Bethany, Okla . Woodring, James R. 307 N. W. 5th St. Bethany, Okla. Woodring, Lou Ell a 307 N. W. 5th Bethany, Okla. Wretlin.e-. Betty L . 818 N. College Bethany, Okla. Wright, Lillie M ae Pineland, Texas Wright, Un a M . 811 s. 5th Kiowa , Kansas Wright, Vera L. 214 N . Dona ld Bethany, Okla. Wrightsman, Marv in D. Bethany, Okla. Wyett, Lloyd D. 144 S. Florence Wichita, Kansas Yarbrough, Daniel J . 106 N. W . 2nd Bethany, Okla. Yarbrough, Patrici a 113 N. A sbury Bethany, Okla.


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BETHANY, OKLAHOMA "TV e are deeply grateful to God, the loyal N az arenes, and friends on our school zone for making it possible to have Bethany-Peniel College out of debt March 1, 1944."

Registration Dates in 1944 SUMMER SESSION I

MAY 23 - JULY 18







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Rev. Holland London

This is the fellow who is the "why" of your ARROW this year. He is the one who de signed its cover, planned its every page, and took virtually every picture within its covers. His is the genius and the ambition that made possible an ARROW during this year of wartime shortages. As a combination editor and photographer, he can't be beat. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with an editor like this. We salute you, "Editor" Orr! THE STAFF

WICHITA FIRST CHURCH Extends Congratulations to the Class of 1944 and to the "Arrow" Staff P . J . B A R T R A M , Pastor

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Photography /or the 1944


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1944 Arrow  

Yearbook of Bethany Peniel College