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March / April’2013 No: 130

“Now is the time for Istanbul” Istanbul is ready for 2020 Olimpic and Paralympic Games

ILTM-Cannes Matka- Helsinki ATF-Laos Fitur - Madrid BIT- Milan

Destinasyon Vientiane


23rd Year N0:130 March / April’2013

Istanbul Ready for Olympic Games 2020 Istanbul is once again candidate

to Olympics. It had been 5 times

a candidate city. Istanbul is more

ready than ever. With the new arenas,

18 Timur Bayindir Re-elected

modern stadiums, Istanbul is ready to

TUROB President

host all different kinds of indoor and outdoor sporting events. Moreover,

Bosphorus, Golden Horn and Çekmece lakes make Istanbul a more favorable city for Olympics.

Istanbul that hosts 10 million tourists every year, will present famous Turkish hospitality and modern lodging services to millions that will come to the city for Olympics. We can write hundreds of pages to describe historical and natural beauty of Istanbul. You have to see

city of empires with the advantage of Olympic Games. Istanbul that

bridges Europe and Asia continents will give you the joy of being in two continents at the same time.

26 “Now is the time for Istanbul”

Istanbul 2020 is the latest step on a journey that began more than two decades ago. But this time around, we have matched that 20-year dream with commitment and capacity: now the city is ready to deliver.

In this issue, you will read about Istanbul and how the city is ready to host the Olympic Games.

Get ready and Let’s meet at Istanbul Olympics 2020! Suat Töre

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42 Vientiane

48 Küçük Oteller Derneği Kuruldu NewFocus

March / April’2013



New Culture & Tourism Minister for Turkey Ömer Çelik has been appointed as Turkey’s new Culture and Tourism Minister. Ömer Çelik is born in Adana in 1968 and holds a B.S. and M.S. degree from Gazi University, Ankara. His degree is from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the department of Public Administration, and his M.S. degree is from Political Science. He is a political scientist and a strategist. Mr. ÇELİK has been elected as the Deputy of Adana in 22nd, 23rd and 24th periods. During this period,

he has accomplished his duties as the member of NATO Assembly of Parliamentarians Turkish Group; TGNA Commission of Foreign Relations; and TGNA Commission of Environment. Mr. ÇELİK is currently the Chairman of the Turkish American Parliamentary Friendship Group. Çelik has served for years as the deputy leader responsible for foreign relations of the AKP. Çelik had been Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s political adviser since 2002. Ömer Çelik is fluent in English.

Turkey Attracted 1.04 % More Tourists in 2012 Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry revealed that 31.78 million tourists visited Turkey in 2012. This number was 31.4 million in 2011 and 28.6 million in 2010. The number of arrivals in 2012 placed Turkey sixth in the list of countries with the highest number of visitors last year. UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary-General Taleb Rifai estimated in Madrid on Wednesday that the number of tourists increased globally by 4 percent during 2011. UNWTO is set to reveal the official figures for global tourism performance for 2013 on Jan. 29. Of the tourists visiting Turkey between January and December of last year, 6.34 percent arrived for an overnight trip. The majority of these people were passengers in transit on their way to their destination countries. December 2012 saw 12.34 percent more visitors over the same month in 2011 with 1.34 million travelers. On the list of countries supplying the highest number of visitors to Turkey last year, Germany led the list with 5.02 million, followed by Russia with 3.59 million and the UK with 2.45 million. Bulgaria and Georgia made it into the top five with 1.49 million and 1.4 million visitors, respectively.

Turkey’s Tourism Income Surges $23.4 billion

Turkey has boosted it tourism revenues to $23.4 billion in 2012, recording a slight 1.8 percent increase compared to the same period last year, Turkish Statistical Institution data suggests.



March / April’2013

Turkey has become a favorite destination as the number of tourists visiting the country, particularly from Arab regions, dramatically increased in recent years. Revenues have surged due to a sharp increase in tourists as well as their individual average expenditure, which was $795 per person. Turkey obtained 77.9 percent of tourism income from foreign visitors and 22.1 percent from Turkish citizens residing abroad. Despite the figures, the sector has been struggling as crisishit rivals Greece and Egypt maintain reduced hotel prices from the previous year, forcing Turks to reciprocate in order to remain competitive. The largest number of tourists visited Turkey from Germany, Russia and Britain, while the number of tourists from Iran and Syria decreased the most, according to tourism data provided by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


Istanbul 2020 Attends Pan American Sports Organisation Assembly

Chairman of Istanbul 2020, Hasan Arat, took time out from leading a senior bid delegation to the Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO) Extraordinary General Assembly in Jamaica to pledge the strongest possible commitment to all NOCs. Hasan Arat reiterated Istanbul’s promise to NOCs to deliver optimal Games-time conditions for their teams – all set against an iconic backdrop. Arat cited several highlights from the Istanbul 2020 Candidature File: for Pre-Games planning, Istanbul 2020 would fund workshops to enable considerable NOC input to Games planning; for Olympic Village amenities, Istanbul 2020 would provide athlete rooms in legacy configuration to offer unprecedented relaxation and social spaces; and for Games-time convenience, Istanbul 2020 would deliver a unique dedicated Training Precinct co-located with the Olympic Village to minimise athletes’ pre-competition travel. Hasan Arat, himself Vice President of the NOC of Turkey, was joined at PASO General Assembly by Istanbul 2020

Director of Sport, Alp Berker. Hasan Arat commented, “This PASO General Assembly is our first opportunity to meet with NOCs since we submitted our Candidature File last month. When the NOCs read our file in detail, they will see Istanbul 2020 has taken on board the invaluable advice we have received from NOCs over the last few months and years. This advice has enabled us to deliver a technically excellent plan that, for the first time in history, will have four competition zones set on two continents in one iconic city. This guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience for NOCs, their athletes and all involved. “However, even though we have submitted our file, we recognise that there is always more to learn; so we are continuing to build our relationships here at PASO and other upcoming official meetings with NOCs to ensure that their athletes have the best experience possible should Istanbul have the honour of hosting Turkey’s first ever Olympic Games.” Istanbul 2020 Director of Sport, Alp Berker, added, “We firmly believe that NOCs and their athletes are at the heart of the Olympic Movement and as such they are at the heart of our planning. Our bid team of national and international experts are fully committed to understanding the evolving needs and priorities of each NOC and we promise engagement with every committee leading up to the Games, should our bid be successful.”

Istanbul & Antalya top in Turkish Tourism List

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, and Antalya, the heart of the sun-and-sea tourism in the country attract some 80 percent of tourists to Turkey despite ongoing efforts to diversify destinations. Despite ongoing efforts to diversify tourism in terms of both geography and content, Turkey’s two traditional tourist destinations, Istanbul and Antalya, still dominate the sector with some 80 percent of foreign visitors. Istanbul hosted over nine million tourists last year, a 16 percent increase from the period between 2011 and 2012, and Antalya hosted over 10 million tourists, a 1.6 percent decrease. The two cities took almost 20 million of the roughly 25 million foreign tourists that visited Turkey. German tourists comprised the highest share of total tourists both in Istanbul, with 1.7 million, and Antalya, with 2.6 million, followed by Russians and Americans. The tourism ministry and sector organizations are struggling to broaden the country’s conventional, religious and health tourism appeal in a bid to cut risks and maintain sustainable



March / April’2013

revenues. The all-inclusive system at hotels in Antalya is one of the main factors that brings foreign tourists to the city. However, the system decreases expenses for tourists, in turn lowering local tourism revenue. Tourists in Istanbul hail from a diverse background, including Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Iran, Holland, Iraq, Libya, Azerbaijan, Spain, Ukraine, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Visitors from Arab countries showed more interest in Istanbul last year than in 2011, and their numbers reached 1.3 million in a 54 percent increase in 2012. Antalya also draws the attention of tourists from many countries, such as Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Spain, Japan, Latvia, Moldavia, Norway, Uzbekistan, Slovenia, Turkmenistan, Australia, Finland, Iran, Italy, Iceland, Turkish Cyprus, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Slovenia, Syria and Greece. Kyrgyz tourist numbers increased the most last year, growing 19 percent.


Arab Tourists Discover Pamukkale

Turkey has recently become a place of attraction among Arab tourists. One of the most famous tourist destinations, Pamukkale, is among those receiving its share of the growing Arab tourist market. Pamukkale (meaning cotton castle), a natural formation in the Aegean province of Denizli and one of the popular tourist attractions in the country, has typically been visited by tourists from Europe. However, recent figures show that there has been a notable increase in the number of Arab tourists visiting the area. Speaking to Anatolia news agency, Denizli Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Adem Oklu said Pamukkale, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, had been visited by 1,602,195 tourists this year, 1,257,509 of whom are from foreign countries. “The visitor profile shows that mostly European tourists visited Pamukkale in the past, but now the whole world is curious about it. Lots of tourists from Russia and the Far Eastern countries come here. In the recent period, the number of Arab tourists also increased due to Turkey’s popularity in the Islamic world. There has been a 100 percent increase in the number of Arab tourists this year.” Oklu said that a similar increase had taken place in the number of tourists from the Turkic Republics. “With promotions, our goal is to increase the number of countries sending tourists to Pamukkale and to reach 2 million tourists annually,” he said. The most popular month for tourists in Pamukkale was

August. “We got the most number of visitors last year in July, but we reached 234,800 visitors this year in August, while this figure was previously 222,355,” Oklu said. Information was also provided about the works continuing at the Pamukkale ancient ruins. “We have planted 175 flowers in the ancient pool and other landscape areas in the Pamukkale ruins, and we have cleaned the travertine. The restoration work is continuing in the second floor of the ancient theater under the leadership of an Italian excavation team. Also, we finished work and reopened the St. Philippe Bridge on the route to the St. Philippe Martyrdom, which is very important for faith tourism. Projects will continue to make Pamukkale Turkey’s cleanest, safest and the most beautiful area.” To cater for the growing Arab tourist market, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry recently opened a website in the Arabic language, The ministry’s director general for promotions, Cumhur Güven Taşbaşı, said the Arabic-language website would increase the number of tourists from the region visiting Turkey. The website aims to make things easier for Arabs to acquire more information about Turkey, and works are also continuing to provide the same service to tourists from the Turkic republics. In particular among Arab tourists, Turkey has also proved popular among Algerians, especially for the New Year holiday this year. Due to the revolution that shook the country last year Tunisia, which had previously been favored by Algerians, fell behind countries like Turkey and France this year. Istanbul and the southern province of Antalya were particularly popular among Algerian tourists. Algerian investor Es-Seyyid Rabih first visited the southern province of Antalya three years ago and told Anatolia news agency that he was now a devotee of the city. “Antalya is a very clean city; it looks like a western city rather than an eastern one. Service in the city is high-quality and the hotels are very comfortable.” Tourism agency owner Hamdis Masinisa said at least 15 customers made reservations to go to Istanbul every day. “If the number of daily flights increased, this number would increase too,” he said, particularly calling on Algerian Airlines to increase its number of flights to Istanbul. Masinisa said Istanbul was not only a touristic and economic route, but also a gateway to Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and Bangkok.

Turkey Returns to the Top 10 Cheapest Destination in UK The new Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer monitors the price of eight popular tourist items in over 40 holiday destinations worldwide - including dinner for two, light refreshments and sun cream. Spain and Sri Lanka share the top spot for value of 42 destinations surveyed. Turkey returns to the barometer top 10 after resort prices fell 16 per cent in the past 12 months; Portugal and Bulgaria also feature



among the 10 cheapest destinations. Falling prices in Bali and Vietnam have helped these fast-rising Far East destinations to overtake Thailand and take fourth and fifth places in the Worldwide Barometer. Prices have fallen 20 per cent in Egypt, thanks to sterling’s surge in value against the Egyptian pound and lower resort costs. As a result, the mid haul favourite has risen to 13th place in the barometer table - and is 45 per cent cheaper than its rival, Dubai.

March / April’2013

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Turkey at Sofia Holiday & Spa Expo 2013

Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism; Delian Dobrev opened 30th anniversary edition of the International Tourism Fair “Holiday & Spa Expo 2013.” The fair is held from 14 to 16 February at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia. The expo is the largest tourism forum here. This year’s participants include 200 Bulgarian and 70 foreign companies, which is 50 companies more than last year. Beside Bulgaria, host country, Serbia, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia participated with its own pavilion. The expo will be presented and exhibitors from Croatia, Italy, Austria, Spain, Russia, Holland, Germany, Hungary, as well as more exotic destinations - Indonesia, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, India, Qatar, South Africa. For all visitors, the expo is a place where they can choose their favorite holiday destination. With most offers for travel and holidays for Bulgarians come from representatives of Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia, which have the largest stands.

Health Tourism Firms Hopeful of Russia, US Problems in the health sectors of large countries such as the U.S. and Russia may offer the Turkish health tourism industry an increased place in the market, according to sector representatives. Worldwide health sector representatives were gathered at the Istanbul Health Expo Fair, at which Turkey’s opportunities to rise as a health tourism attraction were discussed. Many people from the U.S and Russia have been seeking treatment abroad but Turkey is not on their agenda as much as it could be, according to Filiz Çevirmen, the chairman of the Istanbul Health Tourism Association. She said Turkey should explain its progress in the health sector by promoting it abroad to increase its market share in the $100

Norwich International Announced New tours to the Turkish Riviera for 2013 Norwich International announced that commencing from 4th April; tour operator OSKA-Travel, a member of KENBA Group International will be operating 7 night escorted tours around the Turkish Riviera every Thursday in April. The luxury break includes guided tours to Antalya, Kemer, Pamukkale, Tava & Perga, overnight accommodation in luxury 4 & 5 star hotels and a buffet breakfast. Passengers can have full confidence in their booking as the whole charter is ATOL protected.

Turkish Tourists Spend More

Turkey Attended SATTE 2013 in New Delhi SATTE 2013, which organized at Pragati Maidan - New Delhi, from 16-18 January 2013, will witness a vast participation of many major Indian and global players with B2B exhibition. SATTE 2013 was maintain a good visitor turnout including the right buyers, quality audience and repeat participants, who perceive SATTE as a great platform to reinforce relationships with their company’s current partners and also believe that SATTE 2013 was help in fuelling their business. The enhanced buyer programme for SATTE 2013 offered an incentivized Pre-Scheduled Appointments (PSAs) system that allows buyers to scheduled appointments ensuring opportunities for international and regional senior level buyers and decision makers to source new destinations, travel products and services on the show floor. International organisations and governing bodies including World Tourism

Turkish tourists spent $7.6 billion in the third quarter of 2012, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) said in its quarterly report. Although the number of domestic trips plunged by 7.3 percent compared to the same period in the previous year, trip expenditures increased by 2.1 percent. Some 25.5 million trips – in which travelers stayed one or more nights – were taken by Turks or foreigners residing in Turkey during the



billion sector. Azita Motoghaddam, chairman of an American health market consultancy business, also emphasized Turkey’s potential, adding that there was a large deficiency of doctors in the U.S., given the aging population. “In the U.S., an average of 1.6 million people go abroad for treatment every year, spending a total of $19.2 billion. Countries like India and Thailand are popular destinations, but Turkey has a better infrastructure than these countries,” she said. Lena Kargapoz Tseva, a Russian health specialist, complained about the falling health budget in Russia and said that Russian citizens were increasingly swerving to alternative countries such as Israel and Germany.

March / April’2013

Organisation (UNWTO), US Commercial Service and International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP), Indian trade associations such as TAAI, TAFI, IATO, ADTOI, ATTOI, ETAA, OTOAI, IAAI and FHRAI, continued to actively support SATTE this year too. Turkish Ministry of Tourism also participated with exhibitors from Turkey: Plaza Tur, Geo Turizm, Consul Travel, Hello Turizm, Lite Tour, Travelshop Turkey, Advisor Travel, Pienti Travel, Rockvalley Kapadokya, Worldwide Travel Services, SOT-Sahinoglu, Dorak Tour, Kanon Turizm, Akay Turizm, Barefoot Travel, MZT Queen Travel, Premium Travel,, Catt, VIP Turizm, Fez Travel, Perpax Travel, Funny Tourism. SATTE Mumbai, its companion event, will be held at World Trade Centre on January 21-22, 2013. Considering exhibitors’ feedback, overwhelming response by buyers and overall success, SATTE Mumbai West show in 2013 will be B2B exhibition format (showcase products & services at booths under bare or shell scheme) unlike its previous format of table top expo.

period. “Visiting relatives” was the main purpose of trips taken at 61.9 percent, the second-most-common purpose was “travel-leisure (holiday)” at 30.1 percent while the third was “health” at 3.8 percent. The average overnight stay was 10.9 nights and the average expenditure for the trips was 301 Turkish Liras.


TCA Named Fourth Largest Sponsor of Congressional Travel in 2012

Roll Call recognized Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) as the fourth largest sponsor of Congressional travel in 2012 following the American Israel Education Foundation, The Aspen Institute and the Congressional Institute. Since 2009, TCA has sponsored 15 trips and taken nearly 150 members of Congress and senior staff to Turkey and its neighboring countries to educate Congress on the importance of a vibrant U.S.-Turkey relationship and to bring balanced dialogue to key issues on Capitol Hill. “TCA is proud to facilitate trips to Turkey for members of Congress and their staff, as this personal experience illuminates the deep bonds between the Turkish and American people firsthand,” said TCA President G. Lincoln McCurdy. “Visitors participate in meetings with key Turkish governmental and business officials, leaders of the non-profit community and academia, and are introduced to Turkey’s rich culture, dynamic private sector, and its long history of beneficial relations with the U.S.” TCA looks forward to working with the 113th Congress and the Obama administration to encourage policies and programs that continue to build on the deep cultural, economic, and strategic ties between our two nations.

Great Interest to Turkey at Ferien Messe Wien

Turkey Participated Vakantiebeurs 2013

Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry participated the Vakantiebeurs, an annual holiday expo from 8 till 13 January 2013 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 40 companies from Turkey attended the fair and promoted country’s tourism products and services. A total of 150 countries and more than 400 thousand travel professionals participated the Vakantiebeurs 2013. The Hague Tourism Counselor of Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry; Enis Tataroglu said that the Turkey was the second most desired destination for Dutch tourists after Spain for their holidays that are travelled by airlines. Mr. Tataroglu said that in the first 11 months of 2012, a total of 1,245,841 Dutch tourists visited Turkey. Mr. Tataroglu added that the market share of Turkey is increased from 3.7 to 4.5 percent in 2012.

The 38th edition of the Ferien-Messe Wien held in Wien Congress and exhibition center between January 10-3 with more than 800 exhibitors from over 70 countries. Popular holiday destinations, best kept secrets, recommended means of travelling, an entire range of leisure activities, tailor-made holidays, great bargains, competitions, prizes draws and lots, lots more – all at the ideal booking time. This year Turkey participated with 200 sqm stand and 22 tourism companies to Frien - Messe. Turkey hosted more than 500.000 people in 2012 and 2013 target is more than 2012 from Austria.

Turkey Set To Thrill at Destinations London Get set for adventure Turkish style at this year’s Destinations London! Head to stand E2 between 31 January and 3 February to rid those winter chills with some thrills.... Calling all thrill-seekers and adventure lovers! Turkey is the ultimate all-season venue for ultra-sports, thrilling events and oodles of adventure. Think white-water rafting, canoeing, horseriding, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite-surfing, caving, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, hot-air ballooning... All thanks to Turkey’s superb and great variety of landscapes of awe-inspiring peaks, gushing clear rapids and miles and miles of unspoilt coastline...Track the professionals...Those who can vie with the best, or at least enjoy tracking the professionals, should take note of the 1300-km long 49th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (April/May), the 2013 Alanya ETU Triathlon



March / April’2013

European Championships (June) and the 2013 Mediterranean Games in Mersin on the eastern Mediterranean coast (June/ July). Marathons are criss-crossing the country this year look out for the RunFire Cappadocia Ultra Marathon (July) and the Anatolian Mountain marathon (July). Director of London’s Turkish Culture and Tourism Office, Tolga Tuyluoglu, says: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to showcase adventure travel and sports in Turkey at this year’s Destinations London. Adventure travel will be a big theme for us for 2013 given its amazing variety all across Turkey, with visitors getting to enjoy a different and exciting facet of holidaying there.” The partners at this year’s Destinations London are Turkish Airlines and Antalya Promotion and Tourism Development Agency.

Turkey’s Winterfest to Generate 20 million Tl Winterfest, a festival catering to university students on Uludağ Mountain, a popular winter sports resort in the northwestern province of Bursa, will generate 20 million Turkish Liras this year, according to organizers. Winterfest is organized on three different dates and nearly 8,000 students from 55 universities in Turkey, Greece, Holland and Iran will attend. Some 3,100 rooms have been reserved in 14 hotels, each priced between 300 and 750 liras for four nights and five days. “It is a festival worth 20 million liras,” said Kayahan Gültepe, a founder of the supporting Ark Organization, adding that Winterfest has a prominent place in the economy of Uludağ, as all hotels will reach full capacity during the festivities. According to Gültepe, they hit a record in hosting 7,500 university students from 52 universities and 16 cities in Uludağ last year. Winterfest debuted as a small university tour for 40 people in 1996, and has rapidly grown thanks to popularity among its target group.

TUYED Member Erol Karabulut Winner of Dedeman Tourism Contest

Annual organization of the project contest in the memory of Mehmet Kemal Dedeman, who is the establisher of Dedeman Holding was held in Istanbul. The Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Research & Development Project Contest every year organized in two categories of mining and tourism industries projects. CEO of Dedeman Holding; Murat Dedeman and President of Dedeman Holding Advisory Board; Nazire Dedeman made a welcome speech to all guests representing mining and tourism industries. At the 9th year of the contest, the theme was “How is the perfect media effects of Marketing in accommodation sector?“ This year’s tourism prize winners are: 1st Prize: Erol Karabulut who is member of TUYED (Turkish Tourism Writers Ass.) 2nd Prize: Serkan Karahatay 3rd Prize: Ass. Doç Dr. Özlem Köroğlu, Prof. Dr. Cevdet Avcıkurt and Ass. Doç Dr. Ahmet Köroğlu

Serbia’s and Turkey’s Increase in Tourism Requires Improvement of Legal Cooperation Serbia’s Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selakovic and Turkish Ambassador to Serbia Mehmet Kemal Bozay said that there has been an increase in cooperation between Serbia and Turkey in the field of trade and tourism in the previous period, which requires improvement of legal cooperation too. Selakovic said that it is necessary to establish a firm legal framework that would attract and secure Turkish investors in Serbia. The Minister noted that the years-long cooperation between Serbia and Turkey should be further improved and modernised, which is why a strategic framework of cooperation with Turkey is to be prepared in the near future which will regulate and improve legal relations and the question of legal security.

The 17th EMITT Held in Istanbul The 17th EMITT Exhibition took place from today till 27th of January, 2013, supported by the Turkish Republic’s Culture and Tourism Department. Despite the economic crisis the EMITT exhibition increased in 2012 by 25% compared to 2011, following a five-year continuous growth, with a total attendance of 128,000 people from 60 countries, out of which 57,000 were tourism professionals and 71,000 visitors. The EMITT Exhibition, opened to tourism professionals during the first two days and was open to the public during the last two. EMITT Exhibition hosted Abu Dhabi-UAE, Adigeya, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Crimea, Dominique Republic, Dubai, Dubrovnic, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosova, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro,

Morocco Moldova, the Maldives, the Seychelles Islands, South Africa, Pattaya- Thailand, Peru, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Palestine, Peru, Senegal, Secyhell Island, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa Sudan Tanzania RP, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukrain, Vietnam, Greece and others. Argentina made the scene in the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair (EMITT) as the guest country between the dates of 24th and 27th January 2013. In 2012, 62 countries and 150 Turkish tourist resorts and towns attended to EMITT Fair, which is getting prepared to set a new record with much broader attendance. 60.500 m2 of exhibition area was visited by 4.500 exhibitors, 57.000 professionals and 71.000 vacationists. Compared to 2011 the total number of visitors has increased by 12 percent. NewFocus

March / April’2013



The 41st Istanbul Music Festival Programme Announced

The Istanbul Music Festival organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) under the sponsorship of Borusan Holding welcomes music lovers with a full programme in its 41st year. The Istanbul Music Festival sponsored by Borusan Holding since 2006 will be held between 4 and 29 June around the theme “Time and Transformation”. Programme of the 41st Istanbul Music Festival was announced with a press meeting with the participation of İKSV Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı, Borusan Holding Member of the Board of Directors and Borusan Culture and Arts Chair of the Board of Directors Zeynep Hamedi and Istanbul Music Festival Director Yeşim Gürer Oymak. The 41st Istanbul Music Festival will host approximately 500 local and foreign artists including Vadim Repin, Maxim Vengerov, Shlomo Mintz, Mario João Pires, Khatia Buniatishvili, Magdelena Kožená, Kim Kashkashian, Sol Gabetta, and two of world’s leading orchestras, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie

Bremen and Munich Chamber Orchestra in Istanbul. 22 concerts in total including orchestral concerts, chamber music, recitals, and original programmes will take place within the 41st Istanbul Music Festival. The festival, aiming to embrace the city and meet the audience in different venues, will use the Surp Vortvots Vorodman Church for the first time this year. Hagia Eirene Museum, Süreyya Opera House, Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center, Galata Mevlevi House Museum, Galata Rum Elementary School, Istanbul Modern, and İş Sanat Cultural Center will be among the venues of the festival. The 41st Istanbul Music Festival, aiming to contribute to the contemporary music repertory with its commissions, will host various Turkey and world premieres. The world premiere of “Nasreddin Hodja” commissioned to the esteemed composer Kamran İnce by the festival will be performed by Berlin Counterpoint Ensemble. The Turkey premiere of Cello Concerto, co-commissioned with the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Amsterdam Cello Biennale and Toronto Symphony Orchestra, will be performed by Sol Gabetta.

Teoman Ermete Passed Away Turkish tourism industry veteran; Teoman Ermete has passed away. New Focus Travel Magazine offers its deepest condolences to all his family, friends and the industry.

In Brief

Elif Balci Fisunoglu

Seda Ibisoglu Durak

Michael Schlueter

Allan Federer

Fuat Koroglu

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Istanbul CVB GM Elif Balcı Fisunoğlu named Chairman of ICCA Mediterranean Chapter. Dr. Christian Göke as the new CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH as of 01 July 2013. Seda Ibişoğlu Durak appointed Elite World Istanbul Hotel as Sales and Marketing Manager. Ebru Akyürekli Bartoncini, named named General Manager of Solto Alaçatı Hotel. Tijen Günyol Dilber has been appointed as the General Manager of Legacy Ottoman Hotel. Elite World Istanbul Hotel announced the appointment of Sarhan Keyder as the General Manager of the hotel. Michael Schlueter, was the General Manager of Le Méridien Istanbul, newly appointed General Manager of The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. Allan C. Federer named General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. Dedeman Bostancı and Dedeman Park Bostancı that both will be opened in Istanbul in 2013 will be managed by Nadir Kadakal as General Manager. Orhun Inkaya has been appointed to Palazzo Donizetti Hotel as General Manager. Tuncay Marlalı has been appointed as the GM of Nidya Hotel Galataport. Viktoria Riley has been appointed Director of Sales & Marketing at Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas in Phuket, Thailand. Sami Turkay returned to Kaya Hotels & Resorts groub. Fuat Koroglu is the new General Manager at Kempinski Hotel Guiyang. Air Berlin PLC announced the appointment of Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, as the new CEO of the airline. Ali Türk has been appointed as the GM of Dedeman Istanbul Hotel.

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Ebru Akyurekli

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Christian Goke

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3,000 exhibiting companies 197 destinations 82,933 attendees 56,688 m2 total gross space


ILTM 2012 –Cannes

quality is increased and distributions of buyers’ nationalities are good at ILTM 2012. President of Museum Hotel in Cappadocia; Ömer Tosun said that they are going to open first thermal spa in Cappadocia, Turkey. Yaşar Karadağ, ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) President of New Faces Travel said that – the invitation-­--only event where the buyers before had many questions about finest of luxury travel experiences are Turkey and luxury tourism. “Now buyers created and launched – facilitated over especially from Ireland, France, Spain are 51,000 individual meetings between contacting with us what kind of projects the industry’s elite when it took place can we organize not only in Istanbul, December 3-6 in Cannes. The 2012 event Ephesus and Cappadocia but also at welcomed the rising stars of the future other destinations in Turkey” said Mr. in several focused events created to Karadağ. Mr. Karadağ added that Turkey’s provide insights based on the first-­-economic and politic stability have big hand experience of this new generation impact in that. Ceylan Pirinçcioğlu of of travelers and their knowledge of the VIP Luxury said that in 2013 they will travel marketplace. With an Education introduce new tour itineraries to Italy for Programme covering subjects as diverse customers that will be able to drive exotic as ‘The role of children in the family travel cars. Mr. Pirinçcioğlu also announced planning process’ and ‘Gastronomy driving that they have launched a new website travel decision making’, ILTM also hosted 1350 VIP buyers who met with 1350 high---end travel suppliers throughout the event – an over 10% increase on 2011. Tuba Tekeli, General Manager of Sumahan on the Water hotel in Istanbul said that ILTM 2012 is their 5th year. She said, “I start seeing many familiar faces of buyers. I think it is our time to give a break for ILTM”. Tekeli announced that they have opened a new restaurant on December 1st in the hotel called Tapasuma. Tapasuma serves modern Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in Tapas style. Customers will be able to enjoy several meze or appetizers. They can sit at the where they started 8-meter long bar; eat delicious tapas to rent luxurious villas and apartments in and enjoy splendid view of Bosphorus. Turkey and other cities in the world. “At Tekeli said 2012 is a very good year for the ILTM Forum, I felt very happy after them. They have surpassed 2011 numbers I realize that we are serving all possible in 2012. However she is not expecting products of a luxury traveler can ask a better year than 2012 in 2013. Tekeli today” said Mr. Pirinçcioğlu. He added also added that they are very happy with that VIP Space Travel will start in 2014 Turkish Airlines, its services and growing and they are introducing “EcoVip” which network. With the new destinations at will serve economic ecological, VIP tours. its network, new direct flights of Turkish They are going to take travelers to 6 Airlines result with new customers and Balkan countries. No visa will be needed projects. Ajia Hotel’s Sales and Marketing and prices are starting from €389. The Manager Mete Üsküdarlı informed that tours will start May 17 and will continue Istanbul Doors Group is sold to Doğuş until October 2013., Oetker Collection Group however what will happen to organized a press conference at ILTM. Ajia Hotel is not clear yet. Mr. Üsküdarlı The collection, which owns and manages said this year is his 7th ILTM. Adviye masterpiece hotels around the world, Bergemann from AIDA Tours said that announced its newest property, L’Apogee luxury market is growing. “10 years ago, Courchevel located in Le Jardin Alpin. The it is said that luxury is not exist in Turkey hotel will open on 11.12.13 (11 Dec. 2013) now all buyers said Istanbul is one of the and will be supervised by Philippe Perd, most luxurious cities in Europe. Customer the managing director of the Hotel du satisfaction in Istanbul reached to 90%”. Cap-Eden-Roc and Chateau Saint-Martin Mrs. Bergemann added that buyer Hotel in the south of France. L’Apogee



March / April’2013

will comprise 33 stunning suites, 20 spacious double rooms and a spectacular penthouse with its own Jacuzzi and private terrace, offering breathtaking views over Courchevel village. Duncan O’Rourke, COO of Kempinski Hotels attended a press briefing at ILTM. Mr. O’Rourke announced the hotels that are under development, which are: Kempinski Hotel Chongqing - China, opening December 2012, Kempinski Ambience Hotel Delhi - India, opening January 2013 Kempinski Hotel Nikols’kaya - Russia, opening Q1 2013, Kempinski Palais Hansen Vienna - Austria, opening March 2013, Olare Tented Camp Masai Mara, opening January 2013, Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City - Ghana, opening April 2013, Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi - Kenya, opening April 2013, Grand Hotel Kempinski Batumi, Black Sea - Georgia, opening 2015, Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Kiev - Ukraine, opening 2015, Kempinski Hotel Crescent Baku – Azerbaijan, opening 2016 InterContinental Carlton Cannes celebrates its centenary. Since 1913, this legendary building on La Croisette Boulevard has symbolized all the magic of Cannes, but that’s not the only reason it’s famous. It is also famed for the refined glamour it has been cultivating since it was first built a hundred years ago – and yet it doesn’t look a day older. Built by Charles Dalmas in the early 20th century, the Carlton is one of the most dazzling symbols of the legendary Croisette. Francois Chopinet, current General Manager of the hotel organized a press breakfast on December 5 and informed about the spectacular centenary celebrations that are going to take place in suitably epic style, worthy of the hotel’s fabulous history. Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) organized a press conference at ILTM, informing that SLH’s revenue reached US$80 million YTD, a 6% growth when compared to the same period in 2011, and a 6% increase in reservations it has been a strong quarter. “Summer business was buoyant for us, and I am confident that part of our success has been down to the importance we are placing on our website, social media and online business. Interestingly, the number of web visitors accessing the site through smart phones and iPads has doubled in 2012 YTD, from 18% in 2012 compared with 9% in 2011 showing a growing trend that we in the travel business must respond to.” Said Paul Kerr, CEO of SLH. ILTM 2013 will take place in Cannes, 2 – 5 December 2013.


Timur Bayindir Re-elected TUROB President Touristic Hotels & Investors Association (TUROB) organized its 21st General Assembly on February 07, 2013 at Ciragan Palace. Timur Bayindir re-elected as the president for period of 2013-2016. Turkish Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister The new TUROB Board is formed with the following names: 1. Timur BAYINDIR HAREM HOTEL 2. Eşref YILDIRIM ISTANBUL ROYAL HOTEL 3. Vedat BAŞARAN NAR RESTAURANT 4. Müberra ERESİN ERESIN TAXIM HOTEL 5. Esra DEĞİRMENCİ ATAMAN UÇHISAR HOTEL 6. Taner YALLAGÖZ ROMANCE HOTEL 7. Banu DEDEMAN DEDEMAN ISTANBUL HOTEL 8. Levent ERDOĞAN MYDORA HOTEL 9. Hasan EKMEN BARCELO SARAY HOTEL 10. Armin ZERUNYAN HILTON ISTANBUL 11. Kasım ZOTO ARMADA HOTEL 12. Hediye Güral GÜR GÜRAL SAPANCA WELLNESS PARK 13. Asli PEHLİVANLAR ZURICH HOTEL 14. Dr.Faik ÖZTUNÇ TURYİD 15. Ulustan MUHLUOĞLU RICHMOND ISTANBUL Abdurrahman Arıcı, Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Turkish Airlines General Manager Temel Kotil , IH&RA Chairman Ghassan Aidi, HOTREC ( Hospitality Europe) President Kent Nyström and industry representatives attended the TUROB General Assembly.

OTI Holding Announced New Investments in Mediterranean OTI Holding acquires two new 5-star properties in Mediterranean which are currently managed by TUI. OTIUM Hotels International will manage Seven SeasImperial and Kemer Imperial as of 2014. OTI Holding CEO Ayhan Bektaş said that they are operating in tour operator, travel agency, hotel management, aviation, sales agency and security industries in 5 continents with 15 companies. Bektaş added that OTI Holding which celebrated its 20th year in 2012, will continue to announce new properties in hotel management industry in Turkey and abroad. OTI Holding agreed with Iş Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş to acquire Seven Seas Imperial located in Manavgat and Club Magic Life Kemer Imperial located in Göynük, Kemer. Both properties are now managed by TUI. Seven Seas Imperial has 364 rooms and 1128 bed capacity. Club Magic Life Kemer Imperial has 256 rooms and a private beach.



March / April’2013

Rixos Group has Opened its 3rd hotel in Kazakhstan – Rixos Lake Borovoe

The leader in Turkish hospitality, Rixos Hotels is expanding its number of hotels in Kazakhstan by opening “Rixos Lake Borovoe”, the first 5 star hotel in the Borovoe resort zone and their 3rd property in the country. The hotel was launched by Mr. Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan and Mr. Fettah Tamince, Chairman of Rixos Group. International faces including the Pet Shop boys, Mustafa Sandal, Vera Brejneva, Batyrkhan Shukeev and Fire of Anatolia were among the many famous and worldwide known stars invited for the Grand Opening of the hotel. Rixos Lake Borovoe overlooks the beautiful Lake of Shuchie and is surrounded by pine and birch woods of the National Park. The combination of the mountains, coniferous wood and water creates a unique environment

within a natural boundary. The hotel consists of 200 rooms with a modern contemporary design, including 37 Junior Suites, 4 Presidential Suites and 1 luxurious Penthouse Suite. Every room is a spacious, peaceful oasis of calm, where all details were mindfully tailored providing the guest with the ultimate in luxury, from the exquisite lake views to the fine cotton linen on the beds to the heated bathroom floor. Turkish and Italian Restaurants are equipped to indulge gourmands and sophisticated travelers. The authentic “Lalezar” Restaurant invites guests to a gastronomic journey through the Turkish and Ottoman cuisines within a historical Istanbul atmosphere, while the modern “L’Olivo Ristorante” offers the most genuine dining experience of the traditional Italy in a setting framed by a stunning garden with a spectacular lake view. Families with young children will appreciate the all exclusive kid’s club “Rixy Club”, where a professional team of educators and animators together with individually selected programs will turn your kid’s vacation into an unforgettable one. In the hotel there is a 2200 square meter Wellness & SPA center for full relaxation and restoration. Combining complex approach and exclusive comfort, the Wellness and SPA offers a variety of massages and wide range of body treatments for total rejuvenation of our guests. Rixos Lake Borovoe has 5 meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 400 people for various events. A team of professionals are available to organize weddings, receptions, business meetings or conferences.

The Grand Tarabya Istanbul Opened the Doors The Grand Tarabya Istanbul Hotel opened the doors after 350m USD investment by Bayraktaroğlu Holding. Hotel has totally 248 rooms as 168 delux guest rooms, 79 suites, 1 presidential suite, and also 30 fully serviced exclusive apartments designed to cater to the needs of guests requiring the highest level of service and comfort in Istanbul. İzzet Bayraktar, Chairman of the board was very proud of this investment. The Grand Tarabya is a classic in local collective memory as well as a great memory for international guests. With all its glory and glamour, The Grand Tarabya is now entirely renovated, has modernized its tradition and ready to endure its very special place in the hearts and minds as one of the best hotels in Istanbul. Bora Göymen general manager of the hotel said

‘’Combining Turkish hospitality with high standards in service and architecture, in addition to our greatly personalized grand hotel service, we provide our guests an elegant ambiance of the highest quality as a resort hotel ambiance in the city.’’ Hotel is a new member of The Leading Hotels of the World. Vice chairman of The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) Deniz Ömürgönülşen also said ‘’we are very glad to add a new hotel in LHV, which is a totally Turkish investment’’. The Grand Tarabya Istanbul Hotel has also own Therapia SPA, 4000sqm,restaurants, 14 meeting rooms 1,280 sqm ball room, fitness center, indoor & outdoor swimming pools and closed parking for up to 500 vehicles.


March / April’2013



MATKA Nordic Travel Fair Turkish booth attracted great attention at MATKA Nordic Travel Fair which was held from 17 to 20 January 2013 at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. Alanya, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Kemer, Kusadasi and Izmir destination stands are the top attracting stands within the Turkey booth. Chile, Serbia, Reunion, Sudan, Nicaragua,



March / April’2013

and Jamaica and Anguilla attended MATKA for the first time. “Globalisation means that for travellers the globe is getting ever smaller and more accessible. The presence of numerous different countries at the MATKA Nordic Travel Fair is a sign of Finns’ growing enthusiasm for travelling to ever more faraway and exotic destinations,” says Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, Sales Group Manager for the Finnish Fair Corporation.

by Maija Kocaman


March / April’2013



High Demand Continues for ITB Berlin Worldwide demand for floor space at ITB Berlin is high, no more so than from exhibitors representing Arab and Asian countries and South America. The Travel Technology Hall (Hall 6.1) is already booked up and features leading companies in this market. At the eTravelWorld experts will be giving lectures and workshops debating the latest social media and mobile travel services topics. The Gay & Lesbian Travel section in Hall 2.1 is also set to expand. Indonesia, the partner country of ITB Berlin 2013, is represented in Halls 26 and 4.1, where visitors can watch colourful stage events. This year the ITB Berlin Convention is celebrating its tenth anniversary, with numerous leading experts holding lectures and discussions. The show’s Convention & Culture Partner is Azerbaijan, which in addition to being on the combined stand in Hall 3.2 is also showcasing the beauty of the Silk Road in Hall 7.2b. This year marks the second time that ITB Berlin, together with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), is highlighting developments on the famous Silk Road. At the ITB Berlin Convention sustainable tourism, climate change and water shortages are among the topics at this year’s CSR Day. Newcomers to ITB Berlin 2013 include South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011 and is represented alongside other African countries. Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, the United

Arab Emirates and Libya have already booked their places at the world’s largest travel trade show. Iraq occupies an even larger stand than last year. Yemen is back after an absence from ITB Berlin. Asian countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and China are represented on larger stands. Hall 5.2b is fully occupied with India’s displays and a number of Indian exhibitors have moved to Hall 5.2a, where the state of Uttarakhand is represented for the first time. Destinations such as Nepal and Bhutan are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in Hall 5.2a along with various independent exhibitors. After a number of years hosting their own stands Australia and New Zealand are combining again to present a joint display in 2013. This year Papua New Guinea can be found in the centre of Hall 5.2a. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travel (LGBT) has long ceased to be a niche market. The fact that the Pink Pavilion in Hall 2.1 is booked up is proof of this. This year the now famous Vienna Gay Café is joined by a stand hosted by the city of Vienna. Newcomers to the Pink Pavilion are the New York resort The OUT NYC, Czech Tourism, the Monochrome Resort in Thailand and Indjapink, an Indian tour operator and pioneer of gay tours. Also attending again are the ITB partners TomOnTour/Diversity Management, the International Gay &Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), as well as numerous international co-exhibitors including Siegessäule, Spartacus, DERTOUR and Destsetters, and numerous co-exhibitors from Greece and Cyprus. On 8 March at the ITB Destination Days, an event at the ITB Convention, experts are discussing the future prospects of this market.

MITT Welcomes Cuba as 2013 Partner Country The Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (MITT) is pleased to announce that Cuba will be the 2013 Partner Country for Russia and Eastern Europe’s largest travel exhibition. As Partner Country, Cuba will be able to raise the profile of their destination to the Russian outbound market, and raise the awareness of what Cuba can offer as a holiday destination. As part of their stand, Cuba will host a range of exhibitors that wish to draw more tourists from the lucrative Russian tourism industry. Estefania R. Escobar Diaz. Ministry of Cuba, Moscow office Director, commented, “Russian arrivals to Cuba have increased significantly in the past few years. This undoubtedly is the result of close cooperation with tour operators, who love our destination and the airlines: Aeroflot, Transaero, Air France, Cubana de Aviacion, our media partners and our friends. Russian arrivals to Cuba have increased significantly in the

past few years. In 2009, there were 37,000 Russian tourists and in 2011 there was an increase to 78,000. We are very keen to continue this growth and thus decided to become a Partner Country at MITT exhibition in its 20th anniversary year, as MITT`s position on the international markets gives us great potential.” Maria Badakh, Head of Sales, ITE Group plc commented, “We are delighted to welcome Cuba as our Partner Country for the 20th annual edition of MITT. Cuba will enjoy a range of promotion, before, during and after the show, which will draw a high level of attention to the country. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia states that Russia is ahead of other BRICS countries such as Brazil, India, and China in terms of the number of travellers spending vacations abroad. The flow of Russians vacationing internationally has grown by 50% over the past five years to 43.7 million trips abroad, meaning the Russian market is a prime market to target for tourist destinations.” MITT 2012 had an attendance of 82,933, with 3,000 companies from 197 countries and regions exhibiting.

ITM — Intourmarket 16–19, March 2013 at IEC “Crocus Expo’’ ITM — Intourmarket was initiated by the whole Russian tourism industry and strongly supported by Russian Government, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for tourism and World Tourism Organization. This great spring forum brings together hosted buyers & travel professionals from all Russian regions with Russian & international tourism key players. VII International Trade Fair ITM-2012 took place at IEC “Crocus



March / April’2013

Expo” in Moscow from 17 — 20 March 2012 and was again a big success. 1300 companies from more than 140 countries and Russian regions became participants and 76 000 visitors attended ITM Moscow 2012. The gross exhibition space was 29,000 sq.m. One of the most important steps towards European standards in the organization of travel exhibitions is the Hosted Buyers Program: more than 700 best regional tour agencies from all over Russia and 20 foreign participants became winners for ITM-2012. All costs for transport, transfers, accommodation etc. are covered by the Fair Organizers.


KITF – Almaty March 24-26 Central Asia’s largest tourism exhibition will take place in Almaty - KITF at March 2426, 2013, the 13th Kazakhstan International Tourism & Travel Exhibition. Over 550 companies are set to exhibit this year from 38 countries, including 19 national stands. KITF will provide a broad coverage of both the inbound tourism market of Kazakhstan and the outbound tourism. The exhibition will be held in different pavilions to demonstrate the full range of offers in the tourist industry. Pavilion 10 of Atakent Exhibition Centre will feature national stands, ministries of tourism of different countries, and, of course, tourist opportunities of Kazakhstan. As in

previous years, there will be a separate pavilion solely for national tourism organisations, where a central place will be occupied by the stand of the Committee of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It should be noted that KITF 2013 is attended by the business and industry departments of all regions of Kazakhstan (14 oblasts and the cities of Astana and Almaty). The exhibition space of Pavilion 11 will be shared by private companies: travel agencies, hotels, and resorts of different countries and regions. Medical & Health Tourism Section organised as part of the Kazakhstan International Travel & Tourism Exhibition KITF . A joint exposition of clinics, hospitals, recreational centres, resorts and hotels from around the world and Kazakhstan will be presented at the exhibition for the first time in KITF history.

UITT- Kiev will be held at March, 27–29 The 19th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism Exhibition 2013 will be held in Kyiv March, 27–29, 2013. The Ukraine International Travel & Tourism Show (UITT) is universally recognised as the leading travel industry event in Ukraine. With over 50 destinations and a substantial audience, UITT is an effective way to build your business in Ukraine. UITT is supported by: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration, UNWTO, UFI — the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry By exhibiting at UITT, you will be able to fulfil the following aims:

- Explore export markets - Establish large numbers of valuable contacts - Arrange meetings with current customers - Launch a new product / service - Recruit new agents / distributors - Assess the competition - Build media relations - Generate sales leads and resume discussions with lapsed customers - Build brand image - Carry out market research and gain up-to-date market intelligence - Build customer loyalty - Build upon or develop the corporate identity

Carnaval International de Victoria After two successful carnivals, Seychelles hosted the 3rd edition of Carnaval International de Victoria between 8th to 10th February in Victoria, the capital of Seychelles and co-hosted by Seychelles, La Reunion, Madagascar and Zimbabwe. The official launch of the carnival is held on 8 February with the presence of Seychelles President James Michel. Seychelles Culture and Tourism Minister Mr. Alain St.Ange thanked President Michel for supporting carnival which became their biggest travel event within 3 years. Mr. St.Ange also sent his appreciation to partner counties as well as Emirates as being the official carrier of the carnival. After the official launch made by Seychelles Culture and Tourism Minister Mr. Alain St.Ange, foreign and local artists performed live show at the Seychelles International Conference Centre. International floats that attended the 2013 Carnaval International de Victoria included Nothing Hill from UK, South Africa (Capetown), Brazil – Golden Rose Samba School, La Reunion, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Italy-Rome, Italy- Pindilli, South Korea, Indonesia, Belgium, China, India, Germany, USA, Russia, China (Lion Dance), Rodrigue, Mauritius, Emirates, Trinidad & Tobago.



March / April’2013

Cover Story

Hasan Arat, Chairman of the Istanbul’s bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

“Now is the time for Istanbul”


This is Istanbul’s fifth bid for the Games. What’s different this time around? stanbul 2020 is the latest step on a journey that began more than two decades ago. But this time around, we have matched that 20-year dream with commitment and capacity: now the city is ready to deliver.

Istanbul has transformed itself since our last bid. The city has spent an average of $1.5 billion on transport upgrades every year since 2005, and by 2018 another $10 billion will have been



March / April’2013

spent on a series of groundbreaking projects: new Bosphorus road and rail crossings, significant enhancements to public transport and road networks, and the world’s largest international airport. This city has been a physical and philosophical meeting point for a thousand years, and we’re getting better connected by the day. Istanbul has also earned a formidable reputation as a trusted host of some of

the biggest properties in world sport. As the 2012 European Capital of Sport, Istanbul hosted 12 major international sporting events, including the WTA Championships, the IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championships and the FINA World Championships. We have shown time and again that we can provide the conditions athletes need to compete at their best – but with a unique Eurasian flavour you can’t find anywhere else.

What are Istanbul’s main strengths? But perhaps the most important difference is that this time around, the whole of Turkey is right behind the bid. The level of government support for Istanbul 2020 is unprecedented in Turkey. For the first time ever, the bid to host the country’s first ever Olympic and Paralympic Games was launched personally by the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We have created a powerful public-private partnership. Our team of National Sponsors is a “Who’s Who” of Turkey’s global brands, and they have contributed the largest private sector investment in any sports bid in Turkey’s history. And of course, the people of Turkey want the Games. 94% of respondents in Istanbul are in favour of hosting the Games, and 23 million Turkish sports fans have already expressed a desire to purchase Olympic tickets, based on substantive polling. We have set lowest price tickets, so they will be accessible to as many people as possible. If we are given the honour of hosting the Games, the Olympic Family can expect a truly unforgettable reception.

The strong alignment of stakeholders and the growing pool of event-hosting experience here mean that we have been able to develop a concept that is founded on technical excellence. We are totally focused on the needs of athletes: today’s athletes, 2020’s athletes, and the athletes of future generations. We’ve set up our Olympic Village to offer sportsmen and women maximum comfort and convenience, with accommodation, training facilities and social spaces all co-located in a single state-of-the-art precinct. Our compact intercontinental concept offers average Village-to-venue travel times of just 16 minutes. We can promise this level of technical excellence thanks to one of the most fertile financial markets on the planet. Last year’s sovereign credit rating upgrade to Investment Grade is expected to trigger an inflow of up to $32 billion in the next two years. Experts predict that Turkey will be the fastest-growing OECD economy from 2011-2017 and Istanbul’s economy alone is now larger than that of 12 countries in the European Union. But of course, the city is the real star: Istanbul just offers the perfect stage for making history. This would be the first ever NewFocus

March / April’2013


Cover Story Games to take place across two continents simultaneously. Just imagine: you could watch beach volleyball in Asia in the morning, rugby in Europe in the afternoon, and in the evening join a celebration on the buzzing banks of the Bosphorus. What an experience. Istanbul 2020’s Games vision is aligned perfectly to The 2023 Master Plan: Turkey’s long-term development programme that culminates in the centenary of the Republic in 2023. That means we are more closely connected to municipal and national development objectives than any other bid in history. Many of the delivery frameworks and partners that will be responsible for realising our vision are already in place, already activated and already delivering tangible results. Istanbul 2020 is pulling together the huge appetite and capacity for growth that exists in Turkey today.

How is the campaign going? We have had some excellent feedback from the Olympic Family so far. The Observer Programme during London 2012, and the Debriefing Seminars in Rio, were absolutely invaluable for our bid team as we fine-tuned a concept that would deliver outstanding levels of service in a Games activated across an entire mega-city. We passed an important milestone in January when we officially submitted our Candidature File to the IOC in Lausanne, and now we are already focusing on the next one: the visit of the IOC Evaluation Commission in March. Our main challenge there is going to be doing justice to our fascinating city in just four days – we wish we could host them for a fortnight!

What would hosting the Games mean for the city? Istanbul would leave a profound and lasting legacy, not just for Istanbul and Turkey but for the region and the entire Olympic Movement. We plan to build twenty brand new world-class venues and significantly upgrade a further five. They will be a major addition to the sports world’s inventory, and they will empower Turkey and other nations in the region to realise a massive untapped sporting potential. Bringing the Games to Turkey – and the region – for the very first time would create a generation of opportunities for the region’s young people. Istanbul 2020 would arrive at a unique moment in the history of Turkey and the region, three years out from the celebration of the Republic’s centenary. Turkey has Europe’s youngest population, with nearly half under the age of 25. Turkey’s first Games would



March / April’2013

offer a once-in-a-generation opportunity to harness the ambition and dynamism of this young, rapidly developing market. Now is the time for Istanbul. But it’s not just about us. A technically excellent Games staged in a setting that makes history and captures the public imagination would fully energise the Olympic brand worldwide. Istanbul offers a channel to a dynamic and growing region of the world providing new sporting and commercial markets for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements as well as all International Federations. Istanbul 2020 will partner with the Olympic Movement in staging a celebration of unity in diversity. Together we will inspire the world and create a more harmonious international community.

Istanbul: the athletes’ choice Maria Sharapova – runner-up at the 2012 WTF Championships in Istanbul “This has been the best WTA Championships I’ve been a part of. The excitement from the people from the second they call your name onto the court and you’re walking out, it’s pretty incredible as an athlete to have that sort of positive energy without even hitting a ball. The appreciation you have from people’s understanding and respect of what you do is really unique.” Serena Williams – winner of the 2012 WTF Championships in Istanbul “The Turkish fans here are so amazing, so nice and so supportive - I’ve never seen so many signs with my name on them. I can’t even explain how that makes me feel.” Bob Bowman – Michael Phelps’ coach, speaking at the FINA World Championships (25m) in Istanbul “I have been really impressed with these world-class Championships here in Istanbul; the level of organisation and support from the crowds and media has been fantastic. There is no doubt that Istanbul has a real appetite and passion for international sports events and I am convinced that this iconic city would make an outstanding host of the Olympic Games.” Neslihan Darnel – captain of Turkey’s national volleyball team “It is a special feeling when you represent your country – when a whole stadium is chanting your name, you want to win something for them. But nothing could compare to winning the Olympic Games for our country for the first time ever, and I strongly believe that nothing would mean more to the people of Turkey.”

Mark Spitz – Seven-time Olympic gold medallist speaking at the annual Bosphorus swim “Considering how much work will be required to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the organisational ability shown during this race highlights the promise of Istanbul. I am here to lend my support. Turkey has never hosted the Games before, but it has a real chance of being selected for 2020. The 2020 Games offer a great opportunity for this country’s young population.” Dirk Kuyt – football player for Fenerbahçe and Holland “I think the quality of life in Turkey is very high, the quality of food, where I live, the security, places to go, the quality is very high. Istanbul in particular can compete with most places in the world.” Seb Coe – Chairman of the London 2012 Organising Committee and Olympic champion, speaking at the 2012 IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul “There were good enthusiastic crowds and a full stadium always helps any event like this. If you’ve got any pretensions about staging an Olympic Games you need to have a track record that people recognise and events like this most definitely help. Importantly, the athletes tell me they were very well looked after and that counts for a lot because the athletes are the most important stakeholders at any event.” Aslı Çakır Alptekin – Winner of Turkey’s first ever IAAF World Indoor Title (Men’s 1500m) in Istanbul “I’m extremely proud for myself and for my country. This shows the power of major sports events to improve national performance: these Championships have been a massive boost to Turkish athletes. I am sure hosting the Olympic Games in 2020 would result in a huge increase in the number of people playing sport in Turkey and improve the performances of our top athletes in international competition.” NewFocus

January / February’2013


Cover Story

A Day in the Life: the Istanbul 2020 spectator experience 08:30 – Leave hotel and walk through vibrant, modern quarter of Beyoğlu.

11:30 – Pick up some Baklava in the Grand Bazaar’s worldfamous labyrinth.

09:00 – Arrive at the newly renovated Inönü Stadium to watch the Rugby Sevens. Breathtaking views towards the Golden Horn.

12:30 – Cross the Galata Bridge to discover the iconic blue domes of Sultan Ahmet and the Hagia Sophia. 14:30 – Take the Metro from Sultan Ahmet to Kazlı Çeşme and walk to the Golden Gate Arena in the Coastal Zone to watch Handball.

17:00 – Cross the Eurasia Road Tunnel – set for completion in 2014 – to the Asian side of the city and the Port Cluster. Soak up the atmosphere in the buzzing, cosmopolitan heart of the regenerated Haydarpaşa Port area. 18:30 – Walk to the Bosphorus Stadium and watch the athletics in the state-of-the-art new venue that will form the focal point of the global celebration. 22:00 – Catch a water taxi back across the strait to Europe and join the party in one of the city’s dozens of live sites.



March / April’2013

Istanbul 2020: an incomparable theatre for the Games Istanbul is one of the most iconic cities on the planet. It is home to a remarkable blend of natural and architectural beauty that has made it a global inspiration for thousands of years. Istanbul will offer a cinematic backdrop to moments of Olympic history with a Games activated across the entire city, the stunning Bosphorus strait at its heart. At Istanbul 2020, every event will provide iconic images that leave indelible imprints on the popular imagination. Istanbul 2020 would embody the shared role of the city and the Games as a unifying force – a place where East meets West; where the ancient meets the ultramodern; and where tradition meets innovation. The Istanbul 2020 Opening Ceremony would take place in a spectacular venue befitting Istanbul’s symbolic story – the perfect curtain-raiser for the greatest show on Earth. The purpose-built waterfront Bosphorus Stadium will be the focal-point, but the celebration will not be confined by the walls of the venue. The 70,000 in the stadium will be joined by half a million spectators along the banks of the strait: each one a part of the audience and a part of the spectacle; together, the largest live audience in Olympic history.


March / April’2013



ATF -ASEAN Tourism Forum

ATF TRAVEX which took place 22 to 24 January 2013 at Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre (Lao ITECC). Celebrated 32nd year, ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) TRAVEX, held with some 2,000 delegates, about 400 heads of National Tourist Organisations (NTOs) and Tourism Ministers, and close to 1,600 TRAVEX delegates from around the world. 9,000 sqm, the ATF TRAVEX – a 3-day travel trade-only exhibition and business meetings platform



March / April’2013

–featured 490 booths from 354 exhibiting companies from the 10 ASEAN countries. The event has attracted 470 buyers from across 56 countries and territories, with a slew of new countries participating this year including: Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Chinese Taipei, Ireland, Israel, Lao PDR, Nepal, Pakistan, Slovenia and Sri Lanka. This year, 141 media delegates from 32 countries were at Lao ITECC to cover the latest happenings in ASEAN travel. Amongst these were media from first time participating countries, Japan and Lao PDR.


March / April’2013



Turkish Airlines Plans More Planes to Istanbul’s 2nd Airport Temel Kotil, GM of Turkish Airlines, said that they will allocate 15 of their total 208 aircraft to Sabiha Gokcen. Additionally, Kotil announced that THY’s total number of destinations will reach 250 by the end of 2013, implying the launch of 33 new destinations this year. Due to capacity concerns at Istanbul Ataturk, the hub for Turkish Airlines, the company has already indicated its willingness to make more use of Sabiha Gokcen, Istanbul’s second located on the Anatolian side. Therefore, Kotil’s comments are in line with market expectations. Under normal circumstances, we would have preferred that the company did not divert its flights and fleet to two airports, however, given the company’s aggressive growth targets and fleet expansion plan and capacity concerns at Istanbul Ataturk, this is a necessity rather than a preference. We do not expect the news to have a material impact on share performance.

Turkish Airlines Decides to add 5 Airbus A330-300 Turkish Airlines decided to add a total of five A330-300 type aircraft to its fleet. Two planes will be delivered for certain in 2014, while the three remaining orders could be placed in 2015 and 2016. Recall that the company had announced in the beginning of October that it was planning to add a total of 15 A330-300 type aircraft to its fleet between 2014 and 2016. However, as far as we understand the current purchase announcement is separate from the earlier one. We re-iterate our view that these steps are in line with the company’s plan of increasing its network and having a greater presence in longhaul flights. The structure of the fleet is would of course have to adjust to this strategy

TAV Airports Selected as Highest Corporate Governance Rate TAV Airports has been selected as the “company with the Highest Corporate Governance Rate” in Turkey at the 3rd annual award ceremony held by the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD). TAV Airports, Turkey’s leading global brand in airport operations is selected as the “Company with the Highest Corporate Governance Rate” in Turkey at the 3rd annual award ceremony held by the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD). TAV took first place on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Corporate Governance Index 2012. TAV Airports Chief Executive Officer Sani Sener remarked, “Since its establishment, TAV has always had a corporate governance mentality developed on the principles of transparency, fairness, accountability and responsibility. For the last three years, we have proved that we are able to sustain this approach with our position amongst the top companies in the world. In an environment still suffering from the effects of the global crisis, the success of companies loyal to corporate governance principles and able to implement them well is evident… This approach has

made TAV a reliable and preferred business partner by investors, particularly finance corporations, as well as other stakeholders. We believe that such work is crucial in terms of the realization of the potential of companies and the Turkish economy as a whole in global markets. We thank TKYD for their efforts in creating awareness in this respect.” After ranking first and second on the ISE Corporate Governance Index in 2010 and 2011 respectively, TAV Airports secured first place last year. TAV Airports maintains its leading position in airport operations sector in Turkey. TAV Airports operates Istanbul Ataturk, Ankara Esenboga, Izmir Adnan Menderes and Antalya Gazipasa Airports in Turkey as well as Tbilisi and Batumi Airports in Georgia, Monastır and EnfidhaHamammet Airports in Tunisia and Skopje and Ohrid Airports in Macedonia. Recently, the Holding undertook the operation of Medinah Airport, the first airport privatization in Saudi Arabia. TAV Airports also operates in other areas of airport operations including duty-free, food and beverage services, ground services, IT, security and operation services. In same context, TAV Airports also operates duty free, food and beverage and other commercial areas at Riga Airport in Latvia. Together with its subsidiaries, the company provided services to approximately 575 thousand flights and 72 million passengers in 2012.

Actera Group buys 50% of shares in Çelebi Aviation Holding Fifty percent of shares in Turkish Çelebi Group’s subsidiary Çelebi Aviation Holding were transferred to a private equity fund focused in Turkey, Actera Group, for 82 million Turkish Liras and $97 million, as the company declared on Feb. 5. Çelebi Aviation Holding and Actera’s Netherlands-based subsidiary, Zeus Aviation Services Investments, signed the deal for the sale of the shares. Also, Çelebi Aviation Services’ 22.63 percent of stakes were transferred off board to Çelebi



March / April’2013

Aviation Holding for 90 million liras. After the sale transactions are completed, the shares that make up the holding’s capital, voting quota and holding’s administration control will be divided equally between Zeus and the Çelebi family, said a company statement, adding that the holding’s stake in Çelebi Aviation Services would increase to 77.36 percent. Actera, which is an independent private equity fund company, founded Zeus in the Netherlands with the aim of investing in Çelebi Aviation Holding

Lufthansa to Serve Turkish Food on Flights

Starting this week Europe’s leading carrier is upgrading its onboard product on flights between Turkey and Germany with a uniquely created Turkish food selection. The menus are specially prepared for Lufthansa by YESAM-Culinary Arts Center of the Turkish Cultural Foundation. The preparation of the dishes is handled by the world’s largest airline catering company LSG SkyChefs e.g. at their facility at Atatürk airport. “With more than 75 flights per week between Turkey and Germany we are connecting the two largest countries in Europe which are not only economically but also ethnically in very close and stronger growing ties. For us at Lufthansa it’s the first time to adapt our mediumhaul flight catering to a local selection of exclusive dining opportunities” said Carsten Schaeffer, Lufthansa Vice

President Sales & Services South Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, during a media presentation at Nar Lokantasi Restaurant in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet area. “Clearly, Lufthansa will strengthen its position as leading foreign carrier in Turkey in 2013 – our growing fleet of brand-new Airbus A320 airplanes, new seats, smoother transfer opportunities for our passengers in Frankfurt and Munich and now an even better onboard service will differentiate us from others.” “Each community has its own unique food culture. But only a few of them developed rich culinary cultures, just like the Turkish Cuisine, that continued its existence on three continents throughout the ages. Beyond the bare necessity of food, Turkish Cuisine reflects a unique harmony of art and taste”, said Bea Berke, Lufthansa General Manager for Turkey. “I am convinced that not only our Turkish customers will immediately feel at home, also our international passengers will have the chance to experience Turkey again when flying away”. Working together with Lufthansa and LSG SkyChefs is Chef Vedat Başaran who is also President of YESAM Culinary Arts Center. Over a period of three months him, Lufthansa, LSG SkyChefs and have created something unique. Before these top menus can “take to the skies”, the Chef puts his head together at several meetings with the chefs employed by LSG Sky Chefs. These get-togethers further strengthen the mutual understanding of the catering philosophy; they are fruitful for both sides and an interesting experience. It is a challenging process for both the culinary maestros and Lufthansa. The aim is to ensure that exquisite menus produced in larger batches still bear the exclusivity of the chef. “Turkish Cuisine owes its fame mainly to its diversity. Casseroles prepared with grains, vegetables and meat; soups, dishes in olive oil, pastries; unique flavors of herbs special to Anatolia and an innumerable variety of desserts and many more. The variety of crops grew in the Asian and Anatolian lands, the interactivity within many different cultures throughout history, the new tastes formed in the imperial Seljuk and Ottoman palaces and the sovereignty over the Spice Route played essential roles in the development of Turkish Cuisine culture. We are very proud to bring this tradition and colourful culinary life up in the air and to cooperate with a strong global brand like Lufthansa”, said Vedat Başaran.

Turkey’s Airports Expect 11% Passager Growth in 2013

GM of the State Airport Authority Orhan Birdal, said that they expect 10.8% y/y growth in the total number of passengers carried in 2013e. Birdal reiterated Minister Yildirim’s comments

last week that Istanbul Ataturk Airport will stop serving scheduled flights for commercial airliners, but that rest of its activities will continue once the planned third airport becomes operational. Birdal once again said that Turkey is a constitutional state and they have to and will consider TAV’s losses due to the planned third airport. Lastly, in response to a question, Birdal indicated that whether Turkish Airlines will have a seperate terminal in the new airport is an issue that will be resolved between the airport terminal operator and Turkish Airlines. In line with Birdal’s comments, we also expect low-teens passenger growth in 2013 for the whole sector. On the other hand, Birdal’s comments about planned third airport and Istanbul Ataturk are broadly a reiteration of Minister Yildirim’s comments last week and come as no surprise. We expect the comments to have a limited impact on listed aviation stocks. NewFocus

March / April’2013



Fitur Madrid

The history, art, tastes, and culture of Turkey are being seen and experienced at the FITUR 2013, the International Tourism Trade Fair, was held Jan.30-Feb.2. With a positive outlook in sector which is expected to grow by 4% in 2013, Fitur hosts 9,506 companies



March / April’2013

from 167 countries and over 119,000 participants, including more than 6,000 journalists. Ijlal Kastal Erdogan, Director at Information Council of the Embassy of Turkey, represents Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry at Fitur, Madrid. Mrs. Erdogan said, about 300 thousand Spanish travellers are expected to visit Turkey in 2013.


March / April’2013



BIT - Milan

More than 2000 Italian sellers met over 600 top international buyers from 50 countries in BIT 2013. Bit becomes an increasingly international business hub for all the industry players, from destinations to operators, from travel agents to travelers. This was the feature that strikes attendees on the four days of Bit – International Tourism Exchange, in fieramilano, Rho from 14th till Sunday 17th February.



March / April’2013

Turkey also attended with one of the biggest stands to BIT and 23 Turkish tour operators, agents and hotels promoted their services during four day. Turkish tourism director of Italy; Enis Uğur organized a press conference and cocktail party. Mr. Ugur said that Turkey hosted 714.000 Italian tourists in 2012 and expects about %3 increase in 2013. Turkish Airlines Milano office director Fatih Ozluk informed that Turkish Airlines flies 7 destinations in Italy but it will be 13 different cities in 2013.


March / April’2013


Destinasyon Madrid Blue Route - Museo del Prado - Puerta de Alcala - Barrio de Salamanca - Plaza de Colon - Plaza de Cibeles - Gran Via - Plaza de Espana - Templo de Debod - Teatro Real - Palacio Real - Puerta de Toledo - San Francisco El Grande - Catedral Almudena - Plaza Mayor - Puerta del Sol - Circulo Bellas Artes - Museo Thyssen - Museo Reina Sofía - Jardin Botanico - Museo del Prado

Madrid’e bizim gibi iş amaçlı gidip şehri tanımaya ancak bir gününüzü ayırabilirseniz ne yaparsınız? İşte size bir günlük, dolu dolu bir günlük Madrid programı. Bir şehri en güzel yaya olarak tanıyabilirsiniz. Zamanınız kısıtlıysa en güzel seçenek artık tüm Dünya şehirlerinde bulacağınız ‘’Hop in Hop bin’’ üstü de açık otobüsler. Kahvaltınızdan sonra hemen Madrid’in ünlü Prado müzesine gidin. İster otobüs turunuzdan önce, ister sonra bu müzeyi mutlaka gezin. Müzenin hemen yanında Madrid City tur yazan bilet satış noktasından günlük 21.- € olan biletiniz alın. Hergün 10- 18 arası yapılan bu turlar için size verilecek haritada iki ayrı renkte tur güzergahi bulacaksınız. Her ikisini de arka arkaya yapacağınız iki ayrı, mavi ve yeşil turdan önce birine karar verin. Hava da güzelse üst katta açık alanda kameranızı hazır edin turunuz başlıyor. Önceden bilgi edindiyseniz yada duraklarda gördüğünüz yerleri beğendiyseniz otobüsten inip 10-15 dakika aralıkla gelen bir diğer otobüse binerek turunuzu sürdüreceğiniz için keyfinize göre zamanınızı ayarlayabilirsiniz. Otobüsünüzden hiç inmeden iki turunuzu 1.5 – 2 saatte yapabiliyorsunuz. Bu nedenle keyif ve zaman sizin.

Green Route - Plaza Neptuno - Plaza de Cibeles - Plaza de Colon - Museo Esculturas - Museo de Ciencias Naturales - Nuevos Ministerios - Santiago Bernabeu - C.S.I. Cientificas - Museo Lazaro Galdiano - Serrano - Museo Arqueologico - Puerta de Alcala - Alcala - Puerta del Sol - Plaza de las Cortes - Plaza Neptuno

Bir Günde Madrid Turunuz sırasında öğle yemeğiniz için deniz ürünlerine ne dersiniz? Önerimiz Casa Gallega. Muhteşem tarihi binalar ile dolu alışveriş ve eğlencesi de ünlü cadde Gran Via’da inip yakinindaki Bordadores 11 adresindeki bu restoranda İspanya’nın çeşidi çok bol kabuklu deniz ürün ve farklı denizlerin balıklarından çok değişik pişirme teknikleri ile kendinize bir ziyafet çekin.

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid

Madrid Gran Via

Turunuza yemek sonrası kaldığınız noktadan devam edip dilediğiniz yerlerlerde molalar verin. Ama akşam için size önerimiz, İspanya’nın olmazsa olmazı Flamenko ve Paella. Muhteşem bir şov ve nefis bir paella ile 1 günlük şöleninizi taçlandırın.Cafe de Chinitas yine Gran Via’ya çok yakın Torija caddesinde 7 numarada.Ama rezervasyonunuzu gün içinde bir ara yapın.Tel: 91 559 51 35

Prado Museum Madrid

Madrid 1 günde bitirilemeyecek güzellikler ile dolu. Her zevke göre seçenekleriniz bol ama kısa süreli bir seyahate sığdırdığınız bu tur ile sonraki Madrid gezileri için de bir altyapıya sahip olursunuz.Keyifli geziler. Jardines de Sabatini Madrid



March / April’2013

Puerta del Sol

Destinasyon Vientiane

5 gece kalacağımız Vientiane’de ilk sosyal program olan yarım günlük şehir turuna katıldık. Budist tapınakların ağırlığı çektiği turumuzda Wat Onteu, UNESCO Dünya Mirası Geçici Listesinde bulunan That Luang, Wat Sisaket, Wat si Muang gibi önemli dini merkezleri gezdik. Başkanlık Sarayı önündeki şehrin en güzel bulvarı Lane Xang üzerinde bulunan görkemli Patuxay kapısını da gördükten sonra şehrin merkezine yol aldık. Birbirine parelel tek yönlü Setthathirath ve Samsenthai caddeleri şehrin alışveris ve eğlence merkezi. Bu caddeler üzerinde onlarca Budist tapınağı da birbirinden farklı mimarileri ile ilginizi çekecektir.



aos fakir ama onurlu insanların yaşadığı ülke. Dünyamızın patronu Amerikanın savaşla ilgisi bile olmamasına rağmen, 70’li yıllarda bölgeye attığı milyonlarca ton bombanın yarısından fazlasını bıraktığı ülke. Neredeyse herşeyini, tüm değerlerini kaybettiği bu savaş sonrası yaralarını sarıp şimdilerde turizme umut bağlayan ülke.



March / April’2013

Nüfusu 7 milyon olan ve komünist tek bir parti ile yönetilen Lao PDR - Laos Demokratik Halk Cumhuriyetinin yalnızca 800 bin kişinin yaşadığı başkenti Vientiane bu yıl ATF-Asya Turizm Forumu‘na ev sahipliği yaptı. Bangkok’dan 1 saatlik uçuşla vardığımız küçük ama modern ve sevimli Vientiane havaalanında kısa sürede 30 USD ‘a vizemizi alıp 30 dakika

Buddha Park da görülmesi gerekli yerler arasında. Yüzlerce ilginç insan, hayvan, tanrı ve şeytan figürleri ile birleştirilmiş Buda heykellerinin yanında, Hint tanrıları Şiva, Vişnu ve Arcuna’yı da karekterize eden heykeller ile dolu park 1958 yılında inşa edilmiş ve Amerikalıların yağdırdığı bombalardan belki de tanrıların gücü ile kendini koruyarak günümüze kadar sağlam kalmış.


March / April’2013


Destinasyon Vientiane

içinde çok yeni açılan Landmark Mekong otel’imize vardık. Yol boyu güney doğu Asya şehirlerinde görmeye alışık olduğumuz yapılaşmanın yanısıra tek tük yeni ve modern binanın olması ülkenin ekonomik durumunu açıkca belirliyordu. Ancak caddelerin düzenli ve çok temiz olması bizi şaşrttı. Otelimiz Landmark Mekong ise hemen Mekong nehri kıyısında şehrin en görkemli ve modern binasıydı. Kısa bir dinlenmenin ardından 5 gece kalacağımız Vientiane’de ilk sosyal program olan yarım günlük şehir turuna katıldık. Budist tapınakların ağırlığı çektiği turumuzda Wat Onteu, UNESCO Dünya Mirası Geçici Listesinde bulunan That Luang, Wat Sisaket, Wat si Muang gibi önemli dini merkezleri gezdik. Başkanlık Sarayı önündeki şehrin en güzel bulvarı Lane Xang üzerinde bulunan görkemli Patuxay kapısını da gördükten sonra şehrin merkezine yol aldık. Birbirine parelel tek yönlü Setthathirath ve Samsenthai caddeleri şehrin alışveris ve eğlence merkezi. Bu caddeler üzerinde onlarca Budist tapınağı da birbirinden farklı mimarileri ile ilginizi çekecektir. Bu iki caddede şık kafeler ve restoranlar çok ucuz fiyatları ile hizmet veriyor. Mekong nehrine daha yakın Setthathirath caddesinin nehre inen sokakları üzerinde de yüzlerce bar, cafe, restoran, masaj salonları ve küçük butik oteller göreceksiniz. İnanılmaz ucuz fiyatlara konaklayabilir ve güney doğu Asya’nın ünlü masajlarını da başka hiçbir ülkede bu kadar ucuza



March / April’2013

yaptıramazsınız. Geleneksel yumuşak Lao masajının farkını da ancak deneyerek yaşayabilirsiniz. Sokaklarda dolaşırken haritamızda İstanbul Restaurant işaretini okuduk. Hemen nehre inen sokaklardan Ban Mixay üzerindeki İstanbul Restorana giderek Cem ve babası İdris Turhan ile tanıştık. Şu büyük planetimizde nereye gidersek gidelim, en ücra köşelerde bile bir Türk’e rastlamadan döndüğümüz olmadı. Bizim girişken insanlarımız Dünyanın heryerine dağılmış. Etiler’li Cem de 9 yıl önce bölgeye gelmiş ve 6 yıldır Vientiane’de restoran işletip, Türk yemeklerini hem Laos’lulara, hem de turistlere tanıtıyor. Önce kahvelerini içip hikayelerini dinledik, ertesi gün de yemeklerini tatmak ve siftahımızı yapmak üzere öğle yemeği için tekrar uğradık. Annelerinin yaptığı mükemmel Türk yemeklerini, kebablarını tattık. Laos’da gerek et ve gerekse sebzeler gayet güzel. Bazı baharatlarımız dışında malzeme sıkıntısı çekmediklerini öğrendik. Restoranın dekorasyonu ve yemek kalitesi iyi, fiyatlar çok ucuz. Laos mutfağı bize uygun, etler lezzetli, yemek çeşitleri güzel. Şehrin en populer restoranlarından biri de Kop Chai Deu. Canli müzik, bar ve restoranı ile turistlerin en çok rağbet ettikleri mekan. Fiyatlar yine ucuz. Laos para birimi Kip.1 Usd= 8.000 kip. Bu populer restoranlarda 10 dolara Laos biranız dahil mükemmel yemek yiyebilirsiniz. Ayrıca nehir kıyısındaki yolda da çok sayıda restoran, cafe ve bar var. Akşam saat 18- de gece pazarı kuruluyor ve her türlü eşyayı çok ucuza alabiliyorsunuz.

Ban Mixay üzerindeki İstanbul Restorana giderek Cem ve babası İdris Turhan ile tanıştık. Şu büyük planetimizde nereye gidersek gidelim, en ücra köşelerde bile bir Türk’e rastlamadan döndüğümüz olmadı. Bizim girişken insanlarımız Dünyanın heryerine dağılmış. Etiler’li Cem de 9 yıl önce bölgeye gelmiş ve 6 yıldır Vientiane’de restoran işletip, Türk yemeklerini hem Laos’lulara, hem de turistlere tanıtıyor.


March / April’2013


Destinasyon Vientiane

Sosyal programın devam ettiği 2.gün bu kez şehir merkezine 25 km kadar uzaklıktaki Buddha Park turuna katıldık. Yüzlerce Buda heykelinin yanısıra, Hindu dini karakterlerinin heykellerinin sergilendiği Buddha Park da görülmesi gerekli yerler arasında. Yüzlerce ilginç insan, hayvan, tanrı ve şeytan figürleri ile birleştirilmiş Buda heykellerinin yanında, Hint tanrıları Şiva, Vişnu ve Arcuna’yı da karekterize eden heykeller ile dolu park 1958 yılında inşa edilmiş ve Amerikalıların yağdırdığı bombalardan belki de tanrıların gücü ile kendini koruyarak günümüze kadar sağlam kalmış. Şehre dönüş yolundaki bir köyü de ziyaret ettik. Laos’a yerleşmiş bir Fransız kadının kurduğu atölyelerde yerel el işi ürünler yapılıyor ve turistlere satılıyor. Şehirde konaklama olanakları geniş.Lüks oteller kaldığımız Landmark otel ve yine nehir kıyısındaki Don Chan Palace ve Mercure. Ayrıca BW zincirine bağlı oteller, küçük butik oteller ve guest house’lar ile şehirde 5 USD den 150 USD ye kadar yer bulmak mümkün. Ulaşım için en iyi ve kısa yol Bangkok’dan uçakla. Yağışsız periyod Kasım –Mart en güzel zamanı. Vientiane dışında göremediğimiz 2.büyük şehir Luang Prabang’da UNESCO Dünya Mirasına giren tarihi eserleri ile bir diğer turizm destinasyonu.



March / April’2013

Şehre dönüş yolundaki bir köyü de ziyaret ettik. Laos’a yerleşmiş bir Fransız kadının kurduğu atölyelerde yerel el işi ürünler yapılıyor ve turistlere satılıyor.

Laos fakir bir ülke.Kişi başı milli gelirleri 1280-USD yi yeni yakalamış. Ama halk onurlu ve kanaatkar. Sokaklarda hiç dilenciye rastlamadık. Sakin ve huzurlu bir yaşam hakim. Bunda komünist rejimin de mutlaka payı var. Cezalar ağır.Şehir içi ulaşım taksi yada tuk tuk’lar ile ve çok ucuz. 50-80.bin Kip’e yani en çok 10 USD’ye havaalanı dahil en uzak köşeye ulaşmanız mümkün. Ülkede tarihsel olarak Fransız etkisi fazla. Yabancı yatırımcılar geleceğin destinasyonu olarak yatırımlara başlamış. Kaldığımız Landmark oteli de bir Çin-Laos özel teşebbüsü ile inşa edilmiş. Laos’u 2012 de 3.3 milyon turist ziyaret etmiş.Turizm gelirleri 500 milyon USD. Ülkede 380 otel, 1500 guest house ve 42.000 yatak var. Laos turizmden daha fazla kazanma gerektiğinin farkında ve turizme inanıyor.


March / April’2013


Focus On Bülten

Küçük Oteller Derneği Kuruldu

Küçük Oteller konusunda ülkemizin özellikle bazı bölgeleri, örneğin İstanbul, Ege sahilleri, Kapadokya bölgesi gibi, daha yoğun olmakla birlikte, hemen hemen tüm illerimizde artık özellikli küçük oteller bulmak mümkün ve bu alanda yatırımlar da devam ediyor. Türkiye’ye gelen yabancı misafirlerin önemli bir oranı, küçük otelleri tercih etmektedir. Bugüne kadar, kendi kendilerine yollarına devam eden Türkiye Küçük Otelciliğinin artık ciddi ve güçlü bir organizasyon altında buluşmaları ve her anlamda dayanışma içinde olmaları için Küçük Oteller Derneği kuruldu.

İzmir 2013’e %22 Artışla Başladı İzmir’e 2013’ün ilk ayında gelen yabancı ziyaretçi sayıları belli oldu. İzmir’e deniz yoluyla gelişler yüzde 150’yi aşkın oranda artarken havayolu ile girişlerin yüzde 24 azalması dikkat çekti. 2013 Ocak ayında havayolu girişlerinde bir önceki yıla göre yüzde 24,03 azalış, denizyolu girişlerinde ise yüzde 151,64 oranında artış görüldü. Toplam girişlerde yüzde 21,82 oranında bir artış gerçekleşirken, bunun yüzde 46’sını havayolu, yüzde 54’ünü denizyolu girişleri oluşturdu. İzmir’e gelen yabancı ziyaretçilerde ilk dört sırayı oluşturan Almanya, Fransa, İtalya ve İngiltere’den gelenlerde ise yalnızca Almanya pazarında düşüş yaşandı. Almanya’dan gelenler geçen yılın aynı dönemine göre yüzde 20 azalarak 6 bin 620 oldu. Buna karşılık Fransa’dan gelenlerde 48,60’lık, İtalya’dan gelenlerde yüzde 243,82’lik ve İngiltere’den gelenlerde ise yüzde 71,93’lük önemli artışlar olduğu dikkat çekti.

Polonya Pazarı son 3 yılda %40 Büyüdü 2012 yılında Türkiye’yi 488 bin Polonyalı turist ziyaret etti. Polonyalı turistlerin Türkiye’ye dinlenmenin yanı sıra kültür ve arkeoloji turizmi için geldiği belirtildi. Türkiye’ye gelen Polonyalı turistler tatil tercihinde birinci sırada Antalya, ikinci sırada Muğla Bodrum, üçüncü İzmir Efes, dördüncü Kapadokya ve beşinci İstanbul ili olduğunu ifade edildi. Türkiye, Polonya pazarında birinci sırada yer alıyor. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanı Yardımcısı Dr. Abdurrahman Arıcı, yaptığı açıklamada, son 3 yıl içinde Polonyalı turistlerde yüzde 40 oranında artış olduğunu söyledi. Son yıllarda Polonyalıların deniz, kum ve güneş turizmi yanı sıra kültür ve arkeoloji turizmine ilgi gösterdiklerini belirten Arıcı, Efes, Side, Perge, Xanthos, Letoon, Telmessos, Termessos, Sagalassos ve Myra Antik Kent’in Kültür ve Turizm Bakanı Yardımcısı Dr. Polonyalı turistleri ağırlamada önemli antik Abdurrahman Arıcı şehirler olduğunu kaydetti. Arıcı, “Polonyalı turistlerin büyük çoğunluğunu Antalya, Muğla, İzmir ve Kapadokya bölgesine geliyor. Antalya’ya Side’de denize giren Polonyalılar plajda güneşlendikten sonra bölgede bulunan Helenistik, Roma, Bizans ve değişik medeniyetlere ait arkeolojik zenginliği görüyor. Bu turizm için artı bir değer” diye konuştu.



March / April’2013

SETUR, Tatil Kafası Promosyonu Başlattı SETUR başlattığı Tatil Kafası uygulaması ile Facebook takipçilerine yaz, kış, yurt dışı, safari ve daha birçok tatil konsepti sunuyor ve hayal ettikleri tatili tasarladıktan sonra Facebook kapak fotoğrafı olarak kullanma imkânı sunuyor. Tasarımlara kendi yüzünü yerleştirebilen kullanıcılar iyiden iyiye tatil havasına kapılıyor. Tatil kafanızı tasarlamak için tek yapılması gereken adresinden SETUR’un Facebook sayfasındaki uygulamayı ziyaret etmek.

Lufthansa Grubu Türkiye’de 1,5 milyon Yolcu Taşıdı

Lufthansa Şirketler Grubu bünyesindeki havayolu şirketleri 2012 yılında Türkiye’de taşıdıkları toplam yolcu sayısıyla rekor kırdılar. 2012 yılında 1,5 milyondan fazla yolcu Lufthansa, SWISS, Avusturya Havayolları ve Germanwings şirketleriyle uçmayı tercih etti. 2012 yılında Lufthansa havayolu şirketi uçaklarıyla taşınan yolcu sayısı 1 milyon kişiyi geçti. Lufthansa uçaklarının en yüksek doluluk oranı ise Ekim ayında % 86’ya ulaştı. Lufthansa Türkiye Genel Müdürü Bea Berke Türkiye pazarının önemini vurgulayarak şöyle konuştu: “Lufthansa için Türkiye stratejik açıdan büyük önem taşıyor. 2012 yılında ulaşmış olduğumuz rakamlar memnuniyet verici. Lufthansa’nın Türkiye pazarındaki konumunu güçlendirmek ve hızla büyüyen bu pazarda daha da gelişebilmek için çalışmalarımızı sürdüreceğiz.“ Genel Müdür Berke sözlerine şöyle devam etti: “Türkiye - Almanya hattında haftada 75’i aşkın sefer gerçekleştiriyoruz, bu seferlerde sunmakta olduğumuz hizmeti 2 Ocak 2013 tarihinden itibaren Türk Mutfağı’nın seçkin örnekleriyle zenginleştiriyoruz. Uçaklarımızda ikram edilen menüler Turkish Cultural Foundation bünyesindeki YESAM - Yemek Sanatları Merkezi tarafından Lufthansa için özel olarak belirleniyor ve dünyanın en büyük havayolu catering şirketi LSG Sky Chefs‘in tesislerinde hazırlanıyor.” Lufthansa global: Lufthansa Grubu etkin kapasite yönetimi ile 2012 yılında verimliliğini artırmayı başardı. Geçtiğimiz yıl içinde dünya genelinde 103 milyonu aşkın yolcu Lufthansa

Lufthansa Türkiye Genel Müdürü Bea Berke

Grubu bünyesindeki havayolu şirketlerini tercih etti. Böylelikle Lufthansa, Germanwings, SWISS ve Austrian Airlines 2012 yılının Ocak-Aralık ayları arasında yaklaşık 2.5 milyon kişi taşıyarak, yolcu sayılarını bir önceki yıla kıyasla yüzde 2.4 oranında artırdı. Buna paralel olarak uygulanan esnek kapasite yönetimi ile arz edilen koltuk kapasitesi 2012 yılı içinde yüzde 0.6 , havayolu şirketlerinin satışları ise yüzde 2.2 oranında yükseldi. Böylelikle Şirketler Grubu genelinde kapasite kullanım oranı yüzde 1.2 artışla yüzde 78.8 düzeyine ulaştı. Lufthansa Havayolları taşınan toplam yolcu sayısı içinde 74.7 milyon kişilik bir paya sahip bulunuyor. Böylelikle Lufthansa Havayolları’nı tercih eden yolcu sayısında yüzde 2.4 oranında artış kaydedilmiş oldu.

Uluslararası İstanbul Mutfak Günleri İstanbul’da Gerçekleşti WACS ve TAŞFED işbirliğinde 5-10 Şubat tarihleri arasında Tüyap Fuar Merkezi’nde düzenlenen 11. Uluslararası İstanbul Mutfak Günleri Yarışması ‘na 25 ülkeden gelen 400’ü yabancı 2000 şef katıldı. TAŞFED Başkanı Yalçın Manav ev sahipliğinde geçen yarışmalarda aşcılar hünerlerini birbirinden farklı yemek çeşitleri ile gösterererek yarıştılar. 11. Uluslararası İstanbul Mutfak Günleri, Eser Otel’de gerçekleşen Gala Gecesi ile son buldu.

Kapadokya, 2013 Ocak ayına da hızlı girdi

Türkiye’nin önemli kültür turizm merkezlerinden biri olan Kapadokya bölgesini, bu yılın Ocak ayında ziyaret eden yerli

ve yabancı turist sayısında geçen yılın aynı ayına göre yüzde 15 oranında artış sağlandı. Nevşehir Valiliği’nden yapılan açıklamaya göre, peribacaları, oyma kaya kiliseleri, yeraltı şehirleri ve sıcak hava balonculuğu ile ünlü Kapadokya bölgesindeki tarihi ve turistik yerleri, bu yılın Ocak ayında 72 bin 665 yerli ve yabancı turist gezdi. Geçen yılın aynı döneminde ise bölgeyi 63 bin 201 bin yerli ve yabancı turist ziyaret ettiği bölgede, yılın en çok ziyaret edilen mekanlar arasında Göreme Açık Hava Müzesi, Kaymaklı Yeraltı Şehri ve Derinkuyu Yeraltı Şehri ilk sıralarda yer aldı. Kapadokya bölgesinde Göreme Açık Hava Müzesi başta olmak üzere Zelve, Açıksaray ve Mustafapaşa Ören Yeri, Nevşehir, Ürgüp, Hacıbektaş Veli Müzesi, Çavuşin, Gülşehir St. Jean, Mustafapaşa ConstantinEleni, Karanlık, Tokalı ve El Nazar kiliseleri ile Özkonak, Tatlarin, Kaymaklı ve Derinkuyu yeraltı şehirleri, yerli ve yabancı turistlerin ziyaretine açık bulunduruluyor. Bu arada, bölgeyi 2012’de 2 milyon 572 bin 816 yerli ve yabancı turist ziyaret etmiş ve 2011 yılına ait olan turist rekoru kırılmıştı. NewFocus

March / April’2013


Focus On KÄąsa KÄąsa

23rd Year

N0:130 March / April’2013

KISA KISA YĂśneticiler

New Focus MayÄąs / Haziran 2013 N Ebru AkyĂźrekli Bartoncini, Solto AlaçatÄą Hotel’e Genel MĂźdĂźr oldu. ATM - Dubai N Silence Istanbul Hotels &Convention Center’Ĺn Genel MĂźdĂźr MITF - Moscow Pow Wow - Las Vegas YardÄąmcÄąlÄąÄ&#x;Äąna Orhan Genceli getirildi. BITE - Beijing N Serkan AydÄąn Kefaluka Resort Bodrum’un yeni satÄąĹ&#x; ve pazarlama mĂźdĂźrĂź oldu. Turizm fuarlarÄąnda daÄ&#x;ÄątÄąlacak. Haber ve ReklamlarÄąnÄąz için son gĂźn N Royal Adam & Eve Hotel’in iĹ&#x;letme mĂźdĂźrlĂźÄ&#x;ĂźnĂź 27 Nisan 2013 Olcay Orhan Ăźstlendi. N Dedeman BostancÄą ve Dedeman Park BostancÄą otellerine Nadir Kadakal,Genel MĂźdĂźrĂź olarak atandÄą. N Seda Ä°biĹ&#x;oÄ&#x;lu Durak Elite World Istanbul otele satÄąĹ&#x; ve pazarlama mĂźdĂźrĂź oldu. N Orhun Inkaya Palazzo Donizetti Otel genel mĂźdĂźrĂź oldu. N Tuncay MarlalÄą Nidya Otel Galataport genel mĂźdĂźrlĂźÄ&#x;ĂźnĂź Ăźstlendi. N Sami Turkay Kaya grubuna Pazarlamadan Sorumlu BaĹ&#x;kan YardÄąmcÄąsÄą olarak geri dĂśndĂź. Tesisler N N N N N N N N N N N

Antalya Lara’da bulunan Miracle Resort Otel zincirinin ikinci halkasÄą Ä°stanbul KurtkĂśy’de açĹldÄą. Mercure Istanbul Altunizade oteli açĹldÄą. Seven SeasImperial ve Kemer Imperial 2014 yÄąlÄą itibari ile OTIUM Hotels International markasÄą ile iĹ&#x;letilecek. Voyage Otelcilik ‘in KiriĹ&#x; World Otel’i beĹ&#x; yÄąllÄąÄ&#x;Äąna kiraladÄą. Concorde De Luxe Resort, “HolidayCheck- Top Hotel 2013â€? ĂśdĂźlĂźnĂź kazandÄą. 5 yÄąldÄązlÄą Sky Tower Otel, 72 milyon dolarlÄąk yatÄąrÄąmla DĂźzce’de açĹldÄą. KÄąbrÄąs Mercure Otel’i Merit Otelcilik tarafÄąndan 20 yÄąllÄąÄ&#x;Äąna kiralanarak “Merit Parkâ€? adÄąyla hizmet verecek. Radisson Blu Otel Kayseri açĹlÄąyor. Cevahir Ä°stanbul Asia kapÄąlarÄąnÄą açtÄą. ByOtell Flora Residence kapÄąlarÄąnÄą açtÄą. A’jia Otel, Best Luxury Contemporary Hotel 2013’te ‘en iyi otel’ ĂśdĂźlĂźne layÄąk gĂśrĂźldĂź.

HavayollarÄą N THY Gabon Libreville uçuĹ&#x;larÄą ile Afrika networkunu geniĹ&#x;letti. N THY Almanya’nÄąn Firedrichshafen - Ä°stanbul arasÄąnda uçuĹ&#x;larÄą 2 MayÄąs’ta baĹ&#x;lÄąyor. N THY TĂźrkiye’nin rĂźzgar sĂśrfĂźnde parlayan ismi Lena Aylin Erdil ile sponsorluk anlasmasÄą yaptÄą. N Lufthansa “FlyVentureâ€? adÄąnda ĂśdĂźllĂź, eÄ&#x;lenceli ve baÄ&#x;ÄąmlÄąlÄąk yaratÄącÄą bir mobil oyun sunuyor. N Pegasus havayollarÄą Kutahya-Zafer havaalanÄą uçuĹ&#x;larÄąna baĹ&#x;ladÄą. N TĂźrkmenistan havayollarÄą yeni BOEING 777-200 uçaklarÄąnÄą filosuna katÄąyor. N Malezya havayollarÄą One World grubu Ăźyesi oldu. Acentalar N Etstur’un beĹ&#x;incisini daÄ&#x;ÄąttÄąÄ&#x;Äą Ă–dĂźlleri bu yÄąl da sahiplerini buldu. N Berlin merkezli Alman tur operatĂśrĂź JT Touristik, Frankfurt ve DĂźsseldorf çĹkÄąĹ&#x;lÄą 1 haftalÄąk KKTC tatillerini kataloga bastÄąrdÄą ve satÄąĹ&#x;a sunmaya baĹ&#x;ladÄą. N Bu yÄąl 55. YÄąlÄąnÄą kutlayan Çelebi Holding’in yĂźzde 50 hissesi yĂźzde 100 TĂźrk sermayeli Ăśzel yatÄąrÄąm fonu Actera’nÄąn kontrolĂźndeki Zeus Aviation Services’e satÄąldÄą. N Odeon Tours, EMITT boyunca tĂźketicilere yĂźzde 5 ekstra indirim fÄąrsatÄą sundu. N GTI Travel, Polonya’nÄąn Ăśnemli acentelerini MÄąsÄąr’da dĂźzenlenen 6 gĂźnlĂźk Workshop organizasyonunda aÄ&#x;ÄąrladÄą. N Jolly Tur Antalya’da acentalarÄąyla buluĹ&#x;tu. N Kuoni Pamfilya ile yollarÄą ayÄąrdÄą, Polarwest ile anlaĹ&#x;tÄą. N Pronto Tour 2013 için yĂźzde 25 bĂźyĂźme hedefliyor.

World Travel Guide & Diary'13 ÇĹktĹ 3

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March / April’2013


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New Focus March / April 2013  

New Focus Travel Magazine March / April 2013 issue is published. It's cover story is Istanbul's 2020 candidacy for 2020 Olympics

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