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c Become a first time giver to Smoke Rise. c Become a consistent and regular giver to Smoke Rise. c Begin tithing 10% of my income to Smoke Rise. c Give above and beyond my tithe to Smoke Rise, on a consistent basis. My commitment is $

weekly $

monthly $


Name : ____________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________ City, ST ZIP: ________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Env. #: _______________________________ E-mail address: _____________________________________________________________


If there is no pre-printed label above, please PRINT your complete information above. Thanks!

This giving estimate may be raised or lowered at any time by calling the church office.

Bring your pledge cards by Sunday, March 22, 2020

and as an expression of my commitment to Christ and His church, I pledge to:

Keep this stub as a reminder of your commitment.

Looking Forward to a New Chapter at Smoke Rise, in response to God’s love

I expect to give: $ weekly $ monthly $ annually to God, for others, with believers...in 2020

Ways to give                                                     Â Â? Â?   Â?                 Â? Â           

     ­     €          ­            ­   

Looking Forward

to a New Chapter, I commit to worshipping, learning, caring, serving In and giving in support of God’s work through the Smoke Rise Baptist family of faith.


Profile for Smoke Rise Baptist Church

2020 Pedge Card  

2020 Pedge Card