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Dear Readers, Dear Readers from other countries! Many citizens of Upper Palatinate are pleased to welcome you here. In the region are hundreds of freestanding homes which can be leased by authorized people, like recognized asylum seekers. As we have seen by now, many owners would rent out to people from foreign countries with a pleasure.

There is only one problem we are concerning: We have heared about several cases where renting offers renting to people from abroad - here granted asylum seekers - were misunderstood. If you were pleased at the beginning, there is no fear of foreign people, and most owners will be happy to let out, at at the time of the house tour it seems the persons apparently effected by local third parties - we call it were incited - if there is a chance to buy the whole rental home. Sorry, but this is really not the question you shoul ask about house owners in Upper Palatine. This sort of people love their property, which they have created over many years during some trouble. In Upper Palatine very often there is a sentiment to acquire house owners property for an apple an an egg. You understand? This means, some inhabitants still live in a time during which it was possible acting this way againt people's property.


Inhabitant property owners dont like such questions. They dont like to be addressed on an intention to sell due to long time vacant apartments for rent. In Upper Palatinate empty dwellings very often have to do with the fact, someone wants to buy entire houses at the lowest price. This is why most homeowners leave their homes empty, than having listen again and again to these questions.

Asking such questions, you surely will never get a home for rent! We think such things are intented to keep the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) free of asylum seekers. In our meaning this also is a kind of rassism.

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Now, we need your help: If you are a asylum seeker or a person acting for them, and someone has recommended to make a purchase request, please report such incidents to our editors office. Than we are able to investigate the perpetrators and let them lead back to the ground of the German Constitution! Your's,

The editors office of WENEZIA™ and DEEZ™ Note: We are acting against rassism, antisemitism, extremism and xenophobia, but sometimes we need the help of third parties.


Michael W. Zach, Ludwig-Müller-Str. 2, D-92693 Eslarn. Phone: +49 (0)1 63 709 30 31 Fax: +49 (0)9653 40 70 001 Email:

WENEZIA - SpecialEdition 01.2016 - EN  

WENEZIA - SpecialEdition 01.2016 - EN. Information for asylum seekers inside Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz). mission statement: We are acting...

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