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Building off the momentum of the $2.5 million Capital Campaign Challenge, our fiscal year 2017 annual giving drive was student-centric. Our goal was to provide support for experiential learning opportunities such as internships, undergraduate research, and study abroad as well as to enhance the learning environment with high-impact programs that position students for success. We are grateful for your support of today’s students and a premier liberal arts education. Thank you! With this annual report (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017) we recognize individuals whose commitment and generosity this annual giving cycle have helped build a solid foundation for St. Mary’s College of Maryland. During fiscal year 2017, total giving amounted to $1.94 million; total fundraising activity (which includes pledges) amounted to $2.39 million. This support is critical to providing resources that will facilitate the fulfillment of the College’s strategic plan as well as our sustainability and long-term viability. You will notice that we made changes to the annual report’s format – we have included more stories to demonstrate the impact of your philanthropy. Also please note, last fall we successfully converted to a new, state-of-the-art fundraising database. If you find errors or have questions about this annual report, please direct them to advancementoffice@smcm.edu. We hope we will see your name again in next year’s annual report.

Carolyn Curry Executive Director, St. Mary’s College of Maryland Foundation



july 1, 2016 – june 30, 2017 sb yC at eg


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$1.94 million Total Giving Percentages by Category

Includes gifts and pledge payments (not pledges) made July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

THE 1840 SOCIETY ___________________________________________

A St. Mary’s Fund







To t



l io

B Student Success




Support for strategic institutional needs, emergency student needs, and areas of greatest need


Support for experiential learning opportunities and high-impact programs such as internships

C Academic Enrichment 16.9%


Support to enhance the undergraduate learning environment

D General Scholarships 6.4%

Support for students demonstrating financial need and/or high academic merit

E Named Scholarships 26%

Includes endowed and currentuse scholarship named funds

F Capital*


Includes the $2.5M Building Challenge pledge payments and boat donations

Participation by Constituency A





47% 0


A Alumni B Board of Trustees & Foundation Board of Directors C Faculty and Staff


Leadership giving Monument Circle $25,000+ ___________________________________________ The Estate of Joyce P. Bedell ’51 Bonnie M. Green ’74 and William W. Edgerton Gail M. and John W. Harmon Lois Romano and Sven E. Holmes JCS 2009 Holding Company LLC Jean Bickmeyer ’83 and Donald P. McDougall, Jr. ’83 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Patuxent Partnership, Inc. The Family of Jamie L. Roberts Jeanne Brady ’88 and John C. Saum ’89 Marguerite Pelissier and William E. Seale Donald R. Stabile Westport Fund Horseshoe Bend Circle $10,000-$24,999 ___________________________________________ Harry C. Attick, Jr. Jason Spicer and John J. Bell ’95 Sandra Duff ’85 and Willem D. Cassard ’83 Helen G. and G. Thomas Daugherty ’65 Dallas Plugge Dean ’60 Ernst & Young LLP Peter Green Howard Foundation Suzanne Lussier-Jones ’58 and Ronald F. Jones Charles Koch Foundation Ann McDaniel Linda J. Kessler and James P. Muldoon John M. Staples and Raymond S. Raspa ’86 Mark A. Rhoda Jan Mandel-Weitzel and Harry J. Weitzel, Jr. Martha Myers Yeager ’41 Pine Tree Hill Circle $5,000-$9,999 ___________________________________________ Anonymous Eleanor Quirk Abbey ’34 Renee C. Agnew ’74 Bank of America Erna and David G. Brown Calvert County Government Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust Mrs. Bruce E. Davis Carol Gross Galloway ’57 Laraine M. and William B. Glidden

Ardith Z. and James Harle Holly Center LLC JCS Properties LLC Tuajuanda C. Jordan Lorraine Bauman ’74 and Craig R. Lawler ’74 Lisa D. Wood and Michael P. O’Brien ’68 St. Mary’s County Commissioners Schwab Charitable Fund SMCM Student Government Association, Class of 2016 Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities, Inc. Alister J. Thomson Robert S. Waldschmitt Donna Smawley ’76 and Roger F. West Benjamin A. Wyskida ’99 Willow Oak Circle $2,500-$4,999 ___________________________________________ Marian Bolton ’79 and Thomas B. Brewer, III ’81 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Cathy and Donald R. Bryan ’73 Elizabeth A. and Jeffrey J. Byrd Colonial Dames of America Chapter I Community Foundation of Frederick Carolyn S. Curry Susan L. and Joseph W. Dyer Emily B. and Charles C. Jackson Karen H. Abrams and James A. Kenney, III Debra A. Neubert and Lawrence E. Leak ’76 Jean M. and Robert A. Maddox Kristine C. and Robert C. Marbourg Maryland State Arts Council Susan P. and Peter J. Messitte Erik D. Norland ’96 Catherine H. and Alun M. Oliver ’04 Jean A. and Benjamin E. Porto Cathy and Brian A. Porto ’92 Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation Edward K. Reynolds John E. Reynolds ’90 Susan E. Reynolds Jennifer Aschbrenner ’98 and Paul R. Schultheis ’98 Seahawks Youth Soccer Camp LLC Debra L. and Steven K. Siegert The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults Allan D. Wagaman ’06 Andrea Greifenberger and John C. Wobensmith ’93


Bell Tower Circle $1,000-$2,499 ___________________________________________ Anonymous Irene Yeatman ’72 and Paul K. Aldridge ’71 America’s Charities Sherrie Robinson ’81 and Andrew G. Bailey ’83 Rita M. and Richard M. Bank Elizabeth Potter ’99 and Mark W. Barker Julia R. and Robin R. Bates Mary Uzdilla ’92 and Robert J. Bauer Beltway Properties V LLC Maura Lynch and Malcolm Benge Borg-Warner, Inc. Karen Y. Brooks ’96 Leonard E. Brown, Jr. Cindy Broyles ’79 Elaine B. Bucknam ’16 Joyce McQueeney ’86 and Joel M. Carey Lisa B. Carey ’05 and Michael F. Carver, Jr. ’05 Katherine R. Chandler (deceased) Chicago Mercantile Exchange Elizabeth L. Crockett ’07 and Ben Chidester Ellen N. and Brian W. Clarke Tabitha A. Clem ’05 Sandra Buchman ’88 and Michael D. Collins Sharon D. and John J. Credit CSC Service Works Erin K. De Pree Dodge Charitable Trust Nancy R. Dodge Marcia W. Doerr ’85 Maryellen Howard Doldouras ’58 Jennifer Kopetka ’96 and Bryan C. Dunston ’96 Regina M. and Ilya Faden Caralyn Roviello ’01 and Brennan J. Fama ’99 Molly M. Matthews and Lewis H. Ferguson Fishbone of Bonsack, Inc. Diana L. Fitzpatrick ’00 Ilene J. Frank ’96 Kerri T. ’05 and Jerome M. Frank ’00 Kathryn E. and Carl T. Franzen Kelly and Barry S. Friedman ’87 GEICO Philanthropic Foundation Melanie C. ’88 and Christopher Grim ’89 Hammond High School Walter I. Hatch Cherie L. and Timothy L. Heely Hess Foundation Charles J. Holden Helen M. and Allan K. Hovland Karen E. and Craig W. Irwin ’92 Patricia K. Jackson Margaret L. Kessler ’95 Sue McDonald ’80 and Peter S. Kezios ’80

Robin R. Jenkins ’81 and Eric A. Kuhl ’82 The Herbert M. and Naomi R. Leavitt Family Charitable Trust Lockheed Martin Corporation Allison Dobyns ’80 and Douglas T. Lucas ’80 James R. Matters ’77 Nancy R. and Bernard T. Matus Jill McGovern Judith Sayre ’66 and Daniel P. McGregor Elizabeth Williams and Thomas W. Moore ’96 Susan E. and Steven E. Mull ’78 Jennifer L. Mullendore ’97 Susan B. Klein and Jim Musser Garrett J. O’Donnell ’98 Kathi E. Hanna and Lewis B. O’Hara, Jr. Nadine Kettell-Osborn ’55 and Richard W. Osborn Bozena K. and Anthony S. Pait ’80 Susan G. and Robert W. Paul Tara D. Pettit ’92 Nancy F. and Charles C. Philipp Karen C. Raley ’94 Merrie Ruth Himmelheber ’63 and Lewis G. Raley Beatrice H. and Sheridan E. Reaver, Jr. ’84 Research & Engineering Development, Inc.

Rip It Events LLC RMC, Inc. Gail F. Russell ’81 Katharine A. Russell St. Mary’s County Garden Club Helen S. and John A. Saum, Sr. Lisa N. and Daniel J. Schiffman ’91 Katherine A. and Peter M. Sheils Anita I. Rowe Spiegel ’57 The Springfield Foundation Nancy C. and William E. Stragand Sandra L. Leitner ’89 and Joseph H. Szymanski ’84 Bernard A. Taylor ’83 Susan Davis ’74 and Frank E. Taylor Rosa S. Trembour ’11 Danielle E. Troyan ’92 Kathryn Moffett ’60 and Peter C. Turner UNUM Corporation Elizabeth F. and John A. Utter Ay L. Han and Beth I. Ward ’84 Christina Nelson ’95 and Brad Williams Carolyn F. and John G. Williamson Bruce M. Wilson Gaynelle G. and James A. Wood ’61 Nikola Sutherland ’87 and Martin Woodhams Tara O’Brien ’93 and Michael C. Wu Elizabeth B. Graves ’95 and Jeffrey Young

In 2016-17, the Foundation gave $832,000 in scholarships to the Office of Financial Aid, which helped nearly 200 students, benefitting for example: •

First-generation students

Out of state, in-state, and Southern Maryland students

Students pursuing careers in teaching, STEM, law, medicine

Music, art, economics, political science, philosophy students

Inner city/Baltimore City students.


THE HONOR ROLL ___________________________________________ $100-$999 Anonymous A-Whisco, Inc. AARP Sandra L. Abell Allen S. Abrams ’07 Leah N. and Nicolas T. Abrams ’99 Janice DeGray ’82 and Steven H. Adachi Cheryl L. Anderson ’02 and David A. Adams Carol Linton ’74 and Durand J. Adams Bertrand T. Adanve ’10 Abigail B. and Mark R. Adelman Margaret and Adebayo Adeyokunnu Danielle R. Chappell ’92 and Karl Adler Admiral Sanders LLC Justine Hoewing ’08 and Corey J. Ahearn ’07 Charlotte and Solomon Akwara Barbara Hancock ’93 and Omeed Alaverdi Obdulia F. and Carlos Alcazar Joanna L. Woods and Robert B. Aldridge Kaitlyn M. Alessi ’05 Ryan K. Alexander ’06 Victoria P. and Christopher N. Allan ’76 Ann E. and David W. Allen Donald C. Allen ’84 Christina L. and Frank R. Allen James M. Allen ’77 Pat Alvestad Alisa S. Gassman Ambrose ’85 Anne and Scott M. Anderson ’92 Lemonia N. Stamoulis ’85 and Timothy P. Angelos ’85 Gregory S. Angst ’86 AOL Time Warner Veronica Berruz ’06 and Joshua Araujo Deborah M. Arnold ’74 Carla Maranto-Arnold ’93 and Thomas M. Arnold ’93 Patricia Flanagan ’57 and Robert C. Arthur AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Brooke A. Austin ’11 Pamela P. and Jon H. Baake Melissa L. Leatherman ’88 and Mark S. Bader Janice Taylor Bahen ’56 Cynthia L. Spell ’79 and Andrew H. Baida Kathryn West ’12 and Kevin P. Baier ’12 Danielle S. and Kenneth A. Baird Ann and B. M. Baker Baldwin & Briscoe

Mark B. Baldy Erik L. Balkan ’89 Joshua T. Ballew ’07 Craig Bandes Mary H. and William P. Bankes Debra W. and Eric O. Bargar Morgan Drzewicki ’09 and Richard S. Barr, III ’07 Jean L. and Frank T. Barranco Virginia S. Bartlett ’77 Elizabeth Spies ’02 and Darien S. Bates ’03 Phoebe S. and Scott Bates Jean M. and Clarence W. Beall Jane M. and Dal J. Beavers Christiane Schmitz ’84 and David N. Beavis Becton Dickinson & Company Juliet M. Beers ’14 Kathleen Marks ’85 and George D. Belleville ’84 Laurie M. and Brian M. Belson Benevity Community Impact Fund Kenneth Benjes ’11 Patricia A. and Gary F. Benner Denise Lang Bennett ’88 Lisa M. and David C. Benson Sylvia F. Benson Courtney Kutchins ’08 and Patrick J. Bernhardt ’07 Mary E. Berry Alexandria Wenger ’10 and Warren R. Besore ’07 Jessica E. Fitzwater ’05 and Gerald D. Bigelow, III ’06 Allison M. and Arthur A. Birney, Jr. Daniel J. Blum ’07 Eddie Bobo Gay S. and Donald V. Boecker Sandra J. and David A. Boisvert Kimberly Tufts and Charles E. Bolen ’90 Jill M. and Benjamin J. Boniface ’97 Alice L. Arcieri ’03 and Shawn Bonner Wende C. Peters ’90 and Steven M. Bonsall Gina Maloney and George Borden Angela Borger Christine Flanagan ’13 and Alexander J. Borman ’10 Julia Burton ’08 and Zachary A. Borman ’08 Sharon B. and Donald M. Bouchard Joyce and Robert H. Bowers Elise D. and Gary P. Bowman John E. Bowman, Jr. ’96 Denise Lerch ’82 and Keith A. Brace ’80 Rosita C. Bradham ’97 Anne Marie Himmelheber ’93 and Robert L. Brady Kristin and Jack L. Brandenburg ’73 David S. Braxton ’94 Marianne L. Owen and William M. Bremen ’76

Thomas A. Brewer ’05 Henrietta M. and Truett W. Briggs Emily W. and William F. Brittle Dawn L. Weir and Christopher C. Broder Maria Broderick Adriana M. Brodsky Eva Anderson ’63 and Dennis L. Bronson Sara Abell Brown ’71 Michael L. Bruckler Nancy L. Brun Jennifer Shea and Peter J. Bruns Elizabeth M. Lawrence ’08 and Aaron W. Brussat ’07 Robin J. Larkin ’06 and Wesley W. Buck Cheryl M. Wadhwa ’97 and Bill Buff Erin M. Stewart ’08 and Luke Bugel Slobodanka Manceva and Jeffrey J. Buler ’95 Ann W. and Robert G. Bullock, Jr. Brett R. Bunch ’99 Christopher L. Burch Nancy Wilson ’73 and Jeffrey A. Burriss Sandra Kendrick ’80 and Charles R. Burton Karen Crawford and Mark F. Caggiano Virginia I. Foran-Cain and Michael J. Cain Grace D. Gilden and Edgar I. Calin Barbara C. and Roger L. Calvert Susan E. Grogan and Jewelia Cameroon ’89 Camille M. Campanella ’12 Carol Vaughan ’80 and William R. Campbell Capital City Public Charter School Andrea L. and Joseph J. Carbonaro, Jr. Jennifer J. Tickle and John Carey Timothy Carey Margaret A. and Kenneth M. Carlton Betty K. and Jerome F. Carr Patrick N. Carr ’11 Robert V. Carr, III ’98 Merri L. Shaw and Bruce W. Carroll Margaret Fowler ’48 and Robert P. Carter, Jr. Laurence E. Castelli Marianne E. Slingluff Chapman ’57 Elizabeth A. Charlebois Holly E. Chase ’06 Clio A. Chimento ’10 Sandra L. Ames and Philip F. Chimento Holly D. Stewart ’92 and John C. Chipman Choice Hotels International, Inc.

Susan T. Christ ’92 Melanie J. McLean ’97 and Robert Chung Aubrey Banig ’02 and Michael Ciatto Clark Construction Group LLC Kelli L. and Michael A. Clark ’99 Janice Y. Chan ’07 and David L. Clewell ’06 Jennifer and Andrew J. Cognard-Black Chandra Little ’98 and Michael P. Colaresi ’98 Linda D. and Roland M. Colina, Sr. Elizabeth M. and Jeremy S. Collie Jill M. and Daniel P. Comeaux Joan A. Schaffer and Edward H. Comer Joan Schaffer & Edward H. Comer Charitable Fund Michelle L. Compton ’10 Michele M. and Paul E. Conigliaro Kristina S. and Peter G. Cook Eileen Sutherland and David C. Coomes, IV Carol D. Copenhaver ’89 Joy L. ’97 and Albert Cornett Johanna L. Costa ’02 Linda J. and David Coughlin Amy C. Cox ’97 Sharon L. and Lloyd G. Cox, II Paula M. Coxon Linda Trott Crandell ’75 Kristine S. and Jonathan M. Crawford ’86 David H. Cribbs ’74 Muriel Secrest ’04 and Sean D. Croston Carol Crowley Jean McMahon ’84 and John Crumrine Hannah C. Martin ’10 and Geoffrey L. Cuneo ’10 Martin J. Curry ’85 Layne Curry-Davis ’10 Molly A. Cusick ’03 Alexander M. Czopp ’98 Roberta Kienast ’86 and Mark G. Daghir Sabina V. and Scot A. Dahl Roberta Wood ’78 and James W. Davis Robert D. Davis, Jr. Annette D. and Robert W. Davis, Jr. Anne Cullins and Wayne M. Davis ’73 Nancy Bupp and David S. Deaderick Mary A. Barrett Decker Matthew S. Decker ’09 Joanne A. Goldwater and Leon Dement, Jr. Nicole M. Deming ’01 Donna Denny ’81 Elizabeth M. Petruccelli and Dennis D’Eramo Patrice M. Desvigne-Nickens

Karen A. and Scott W. Devine Elizabeth Weller ’01 and Zachary R. Dietrich ’01 Kristin W. and Krishna S. Dighe Sabine L. and Alan E. Dillingham Lewis A. Dillon (deceased) Cheryl L. and John J. DiMenna Michelle A. DiMenna ’15 Barbara N. Dinsenbacher ’56 Ruth G. Dixon Sylvia L. Pabreza and Frank J. Domino Margaret Stubbs ’04 and Jonathan Doran Jean and Stuart T. Douglas, Jr. Dow Corning Corporation Mary E. and Andrew D. Dowdell Rubab S. ’09 and Asif U. Dowla Angela R. Trinidad ’03 and Paul D. Draheim, IV Franziska E. and Carl H. Dubac Peg Duchesne ’77 Nancy M. Dugan ’92 Sheryl-Marie and David A. Dunaway Michael K. Dunn Edel M. Cordova-Dunston and Nelson C. Dunston ’93 Lauren C. Durfee ’07 Linda J. Earley Nancy L. and Crawford A. Easterling, III Theresa A. Sotto ’98 and Michael K. Eaton ’97 Laurie F. and Ronald C. Eckenroth Cathy Jo and Richard J. Edgar Patricia Jones ’82 and Robert G. Edson Dawn M. Keenan and John R. Edwards Laurel T. Eierman ’84 Margaret A. and Joel L. Ekhaus Teresa G. and Samuel G. Encarnacion Jennifer H. and Douglas B. Ernest ’86 Karen L. Espinoza ’14 Brian S. Evans Cynthia and Vankirk E. Fehr Laura and Larry Feidelseit Diana J. Feist Christine R. Wray and John E. Felicitas James T. Ferioli ’11 Nicholina D. Ferramosca ’98 Laura and Irwin M. Feuerstein Dorothy DeWitt Fiddleman ’57 Fidelity Charitable Melissa Harren ’90 and Forrest C. Fisanich ’91 Daniel B. Fisher ’02 Carleen Treppe ’96 and Douglas J. Fisher ’95 Sara J. Fisher Joanna B. Tyzack and Raymond H. Flores


In addition to scholarships, the Foundation, through your contributions, has supported awards for:


A. Studying abroad – in Costa Rica, Ireland, Japan, Slovenia


B. Interning – from the Beltway to San Francisco



C. Conducting St. Mary’s Projects or undergraduate research, for example, 13 students received stipends for food, lodging, and professional development for their participation in the Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), a competitive, interdisciplinary research experience that provides students with a unique, collaborative environment of mentors and peers; students design their projects and develop skills for transferring research into academic and professional settings D. Traveling to national conferences, for example, our Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) traveled to Atlanta for the Annual Medical Education Conference. Your donations also help provide top-tier, high-impact programming for student success, and support for academic departments, athletics, lectures, the Center for the Study of Democracy, for example. (A) Andean Study Tour 2016


(B) Beltway Companies interns Michelle DiMenna ’15 and Tygee Shakir ’15 pictured with Jack Saum ’89, president and CEO. (C) SURF undergraduate research (D) Mariam Adeyemo ’17, representing MAPS, presents her St. Mary’s Project to President Jordan during the 1840 Society Donor Celebration on May 5, 2017.


A current fund established by Dallas Dean ’60 supported Master of Arts in Teaching students taking PRAXIS II exams (required for certification in Maryland) and edTPA assessments (performancebased assessments used throughout the U.S. to determine entry skills and knowledge of new teachers). R. Austin Gore, the 2016-17 recipient of the Dallas P. Dean Master of Arts in Teaching Scholarship

J. E. D. Flynn, III ’93 Cheri A. and John W. Flynt Iris C. Ford Marianne Wood ’08 and John Forrest Gabrielle A. and Lawrence A. Forte Andrew G. Foster ’11 Paola B. and Dennis A. Foster Jennifer A. and Michael P. Fraioli, Jr. ’97 Julie E. Frank ’12 Marie A. and James H. Franklin Alexander J. Franz ’11 Roxanne Summers and Egon Frech The Carl M. Freeman Foundation, Inc. Mary V. Mattingly-Freeman and John A. Freeman Marilyn F. Seifert ’56 and Edward T. Frisbie Kathleen Hines ’97 and Joshua Fuller Jill A. and William J. Gaebl Ruth A. and William H. Gainey, II Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Judith C. Gallagher ’04 Joanne P. and William R. Gallion ’75 Barbara Galyen Brian P. Ganz Susan M. Broderick ’81 and

Ronald D. Ganzermiller Hannah Powers ’01 and Robert J. Garagiola Daniel D. Garman ’13 Tiffany and Charles M. Garner Catherine W. Carter ’89 and Brian W. Gastle Amanda E. Gearey ’03 Darlene S. VanGaasbeck ’87 and William D. Gentry Meghan E. Geraghty ’07 Irene A. and Peter C. Gerken E. A. Gerner ’03 Maria and Dimosthenis D. Giakoumatos ’98 Crystal L. Gibson Kendra Young ’84 and G. B. Gibson Carol A. Giesen Geraldine M. and Kevin M. Gil Anne-Marie H. Gilliland ’03 Sharon W. Stanley and John J. Giusti Kathleen McManus ’84 and William B. Glascock, II ’82 Kathleen W. and Michael S. Glaser Laura Lear Glean ’95 Veronica E. Gleason Kathryn W. ’93 and Ronald Glockner

James A. Goddard ’72 Leslie D. and Edward W. Goldsmith Marie W. and Robert H. Goldsmith Mikyong and Matthew D. Goodrich Melanie D. Gajekian ’88 and Dennis N. Gordge Helen M. Gordon Brittany Toscano ’08 and Albert Gore, III Laura L. and Joseph E. Gott Benjamin D. Gould ’09 Laura M. and Daniel M. Grable Christine H. and Paul J. Grace, Jr. Jennifer A. Cross Graham ’67 Margaret S. Hedgecock Grant ’45 Olivia C. Schnitzer ’09 and Jordan D. Grant ’09 Deanne E. ’97 and David B. Grayson John H. Greely ’07 Ann O. and Harvey A. Greenberg Susan Welsh ’01 and Michael Greene Dawn E. Joseph H. Greil Antigone A. ’11 and Theodore W. Grillakis Peck ’11 Kathy J. Grimes Lisa and Joshua M. Grossman Erica P. ’99 and Woody E. Grover Mary K. and Denwood A. Grube Joseph S. Guy ’54

Joanne R. Gough and Richard W. Guy ’72 J. C. and W. V. Gwynn Heather L. Haberle ’95 Janet Spates Hagan ’62 Holly A. Garrity and Gary J. Haliskoe Stephanie A. Thompson ’05 and Charles R. Hall Donna J. and Raymond L. Hall Lucinda and Robert Hall Mary Moran and Michael T. Hallett Laura A. Hamilton ’09 Dawn E. Klein ’05 and Stacey L. Hamlet ’05 Adam S. Hammett ’12 Jeanne F. Norton ’77 and Donald F. Hammett ’75 Marcia G. and Gary N. Hammett Jeffrey A. Hammond Dorothy C. and Richard S. Hammond Alice A. Han ’12 Christina and Thomas Hane Suzanne and James M. Hardin J. Christopher Hardman Beverly B. and John C. Hargraves Maija L. Harkonen Lisa M. Harmon ’10 Theresa B. and Ronald J. Harney


Last November, Professor Don Stabile – inspired by the College community’s momentum toward our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal and wanting to inspire others to give during the Giving Tuesday campaign – provided a tremendous $66,000 dollar-for-dollar match when we exceeded the previous year’s record of $65,000. Needless to say, we surpassed the record and within a short 24-hour period, 645 donors provided $152,130 to support student success. …and this was only one of Don’s contributions throughout the year. We are fortunate for all that Don does for St. Mary’s College. Don Stabile presents check to Institutional Advancement: Kelley Hernandez ’08, Jackie Wright, and Karen Raley ’94

Carrie Fulton Harrison ’01 H. Alex Harrison Angela Stocksdale ’83 and James C. Harvey, Jr. ’83 Carol Schmoeller ’04 and Matthew Hatton Kelley A. Gleason ’81 and Albert I. Hawk ’82 Diana Bloom ’96 and Gordon A. Hawley ’95 Jessica L. Hayden ’06 Michael Hays Elizabeth A. Heisler Jennifer W. Smith ’99 and Eric L. Heisler ’00 Conrad A. Helms Galen P. Hench ’13 Nancy Ranneberger ’66 and James B. Henderson, Jr. Amy R. and Mark H. Henderson, Jr. Suzanne K. Henderson ’85 Marianne Koch ’02 and Robert J. Hendricks ’01 Melissa J. and Robert R. Henningsen, Jr. ’79 Leon J. Henry ’88 Katherine L. Gantz and Keith Herbert Pamela Deem-Hergan ’90 and Mark Hergan ’90

Kelley S. Hernandez ’08 Jodene A. and Lance Hernandez Catherine E. Greene ’00 and Eric P. Herrmann ’99 Timothy P. Herzog ’98 Mary-Therese and Daniel R. Hewins Robert L. High, II Hiroko H. and Mark B. Hindle Susan M. Nash and Richard W. Holden Katherine M. and Robert J. Holland, Sr. Teresa Borgerding ’83 and Christopher D. Holt ’86 Wendy V. and Elmer C. Holt, Jr. Sharon C. and Timothy M. Holt ’87 Regina and Christopher L. Honeycutt Lorretta J. and Maurice E. Hopkins Bertha Stone Horak ’50 Victoria H. Marshall ’08 and Travis S. Horrom ’08 Carrie N. Horton ’97 Shannon Houchins Sarah E. and Edward D. Houde Mary Ann Bittner and John Howard Mariesa Hales ’94 and Paul Q. Howe Steny H. Hoyer

Sue K. and Richard C. Hu Kristen Garven Hudgins ’99 Patricia Fisher ’53 and R. S. Hudson Leah M. and Richard J. Huey Andrew D. Hughes ’88 Maegan L. and Michael T. Hughes ’97 Francine Galiano ’66 and William A. Hughes Anne M. and Edward D. Huguenel Timothy S. Humburg ’06 Ann H. Hunt Mary J. and George F. Hurlburt Alexander W. Hutt ’05 William S. Hyatt, Jr. ’98 Suzanne Paulkovich ’74 and Patrick J. Hye Mary A. Blotzer ’76 and David Iannucci Teresa G. and Thomas F. Ichniowski Nicholas T. Iliff, Jr. ’07 Kathryn M. Ryder and Douglas R. Imig ’84 Karine B. Ingersoll ’72 Institute for Humane Studies Sarah H. and Walton N. Irwin ’00 Marcus Israel Barbara A. and Glen R. Ives William F. Jacobs ’75

Christiane M. and Eric S. Jacobson Kristina Jacobs-Woods ’97 Benjamin A. James ’00 Bonnie A. Barrows and Thomas R. Jameson ’85 Margaret E. Jarboe Krishna P. Jayaraman Amanda L. Jengo ’14 Judith R. and Lloyd D. Jenkins ’72 Jobson Sailing, Inc. Janice and Gary Jobson Johnson & Johnson Mark A. Johnson ’13 Denise L. and Mark S. Johnson Stephen R. Johnson ’13 Susan R. Johnson Beverly B. and Charles H. Johnston, Jr. Divina M. and Gerald S. Johnston ’79 Jay Johnston David Jondreau ’97 Linda T. Jones Sherry L. Jones Toni C. and Thomas B. Jones Jennifer L. Jordan ’91 Kathleen McGuire ’73 and John M. Joyce Joyce L. Judd


New named funds that were established this fiscal year:



A. Kate Chandler Fund for the Study of Literature, Writing and the Environment Spearheaded by her colleagues, the fund recognizes Kate’s passion for her scholarship and students, respect for the natural environment, and a deep spirit of caring. Sadly, Kate passed away on April 1 after a two-year battle with cancer. The first awards were given to Andrew Wildermuth ’17 and Sarah Fellerman ’18 at Awards Convocation 2017. B. Joanne Klein Memorial Award Faculty member Mark Rhoda created this award in memory of Joanne Klein, his partner and longtime professor of theater, film and media studies, who passed away in October 2016. The award is given to students conducting scholarly and/or creative work in live or screen media, especially in the area of socially engaged art. The first award was given to Margaret Faust ’17 at Awards Convocation 2017 C. Laraine M. and William B. Glidden Undergraduate Research Endowed Fund Laraine Glidden, professor emerita, and Bill Glidden created this new fund to help defray expenses that students incur in the process of conducting and/or presenting undergraduate research.



D. Jamie L. Roberts Seahawk Fund Deeply inspired by Jamie’s legacy and the Jamie L. Roberts Stadium groundbreaking, Board of Trustees Chair Sven Holmes decided to provide a $10,000 challenge match for those making gifts to the Jamie L. Roberts Seahawk Fund, a fund established to benefit athletics. The challenge was met – the fund was $22,985 on June 30. E. Bonnie Marie Green Scholarship Bonnie Green ’74, created this new financial need scholarship for first-year or transfer students who are Maryland residents and first-generation and/or underserved. F. Donna L. Smawley West Scholarship Donna West ’76, created this new fund to benefit biology or environmental studies majors. These endowed and current funds help make up the 221 named funds within the College’s Foundation. (A) Kate Chandler (B) Mark Rhoda, Joanne Klein and friends (C) Bill and Laraine Glidden (D) Groundbreaking Jamie L. Roberts Stadium (E) Bonnie Green ’74 with Steny Hoyer (F) Donna West’76




Amy L. and Steven J. Judlick Barbara A. Kable ’71 Catherine M. and Oliver R. Kangas Barbara Smith ’96 and Bradley R. Kappel Amy S. and Michael L. Kass Barbara Kimmelshue ’63 and Vernon B. Kearns Elizabeth Davis ’48 and Francis Keefer R. B. Keiner, Jr. Kate E. and Theo Kelderman Marie A. and Donald T. Kellaher Carol Taylor ’64 and Michael L. Kennedy Julia and Thomas W. Kerner ’92 Michael Kidd Hilary Roberts-King ’93 and Byron M. King Darcy A. and Dwight J. King-Leatham Jonathan C. Klontz Marcia Y. Knight ’87 Parker Sutton and Paul D. Knott Beth and Andrew S. Koch Eleanor L. Koerner ’09 Jessica A. Beyer ’03 and Mark J. Kohr, Jr. ’02 Lisa M. and Eric F. Konecke Danielle Winner ’97 and Adam T. Koontz ’97 John C. Kopec ’95 Monica A. and William G. Kostelnik Lydia K. and Louis C. Kovacs Elizabeth S. and Kim J. Kowalewski Peter J. Krech ’08 Marcy W. and Stuart M. Kreindler ’97 Martha J. Krieger Katharine A. Fritz ’04 and Stefan Kunz Michael W. Lamar ’12 Sarah K. and Charles R. Lamphere Lawrence S. Lanahan ’97 Charles D. Lange ’10 Tracie and Dwayne A. Langston ’82 Leslie W. Butler and John D. Lanier, II ’78 Rose C. and Raymond G. LaPlaca Rebecca F. Albrecht and Paul Larrabee Kimberly D. and Randolph K. Larsen, III Lisa Swanson ’90 and Kevin P. LaTulip, Jr. ’92 Gloria Tom ’73 and Richard P. Lawrence Renee Rosenwald ’83 and David M. Layshock Eric W. Lee ’11 John R. Leitch ’01 Ellen Richardson Lemaster ’84 Melissa Beck ’92 and Hans D. Lemke ’93

Lisa A. and Marcus Lemke Scott J. Leppert ’95 Barbara Williams ’73 and David A. LeRoy Katharine W. and Christopher A. Lertora Laura Whitman ’82 and Henry A. Leskinen ’84 Darren J. Leu ’12 Angela Gaitan and Jack J. Levenson ’98 Elizabeth L. Lewis ’07 Jeffrey Lewis Linda Foard Lewis ’68 Constance Corcoran ’85 and Ernest Lichtfuss Marjorie Higman Liden ’44 Matthew P. Lindblad ’99 Sandra Miller ’89 and Frank R. Link, II ’89 LinkedIn Julia A. Lockard ’55 Robin H. Locksley Julianne Dolan ’86 and Gregory L. Lockwood ’85 Celeste and Neal A. London Graham W. Long ’06 Jennifer M. Long R. G. Long, Jr. Brandi VanMeter ’95 and Brian P. Lopez ’96 Michael A. Lorenzini ’87 Pamela Duket ’74 and Howard R. Lunsford, Jr. ’74 Krasimira B. and Thomas F. Lusby, III Jean C. Gwaltney and Robert W. Lyford Lisa K. and Brian D. Lyman ’00 Katy E. Arnett ’00 and Todd C. Lyons Catherine A. and Gerald T. MacCurtain Lawrence P. MacCurtain ’11 Theresa D. and Jeffrey D. MacDonald ’76 Michelle A. and Paul F. Macek Dana K. and David F. Maciorowski ’96 Martha H. and John G. Maclay Leah C. Bentley ’96 and Brian Madden Bridget Carlson ’07 and Robert W. Maddox ’07 Amy M. Maenner ’15 Christine M. and James A. Magee ’85 Kimberly A. Baltzell ’79 and John D. Maine Juliana Taymans and David B. Malouf Robin Veidt ’95 and Theodore T. Manson Patricia S. and Henry F. Manspeaker ’73

Caitlin Dreyer ’14 and Christopher D. Marquette ’14 Amy Brewer ’95 and Christopher S. Marshall ’95 Helen M. and John F. Marshall Jorge Martinez Maryland Charity Campaign Marie T. Ransley and William T. Marx ’81 James A. Massey, Jr. ’12 Eric S. Massimei Laura K. Mateczun ’11 Suzanne E. Matheson Fawne D. Robinson Matthai ’10 Catherine Hernandez Ray ’77 and Paul D. Matthai ’74 Heather Jensen and Gregory F. Matthews ’94 Jennifer Anthony ’09 and Sean A. Matthews ’08 Stefanie S. Matthews ’08 Elizabeth L. and Timothy S. Matthews Elizabeth N. and Gabriel A. Mbomeh Mary Stanton ’74 and Fred L. McCarthy, Jr. ’79 Tenille A. McCatty ’01 Catherine C. Chow and Jabez J. McClelland Joyce A. and Melvin A. McClintock Keri Moffatt ’00 and Jeremy A. McCumber Darren R. McCutchen ’11 Robyn J. Ertwine and Dennis M. McDade ’82 Patricia R. and John C. McDonald Megan L. McDonough ’09 Nancy McQuade McFalls ’95 Emily and Patrick S. McGarrity ’99 Patricia Smith ’74 and George M. McGill Sarah Chalberg ’96 and Andrew P. McGlone ’96 Bridget McGovern ’12 Shelia and John P. McGrath ’78 James J. McGuire Mary A. and Stephen R. McHenry ’81 Elisabeth Anton-McIntyre and Brian J. McIntyre ’85 Kathryn and Thomas B. McKay Cornelia Dixon McKee ’52 John B. McKendrew, Jr. Kathleen McKenna ’64 John M. McKibben ’76 Karen A. and Christopher T. McPhaul Carolyn H. and Joseph M. McQuighan Lisa M. McQuighan ’05 John T. Meiser ’90 Mellon Chiropractic Clinic PC Lauren S. Menser ’01 Merck and Company Sarah G. Mercure ’00

Heidi E. Coxon ’04 and Jay Merrill Suzanne L. Merryman ’68 Jane E. and Craig E. Messersmith Julia H. and Zachariah P. Messitte Holly B. and Steven Meyer Jill T. and Jack Meyerhoff Victoria O’Hara and Gerald E. Meyerman Sara Martin-Michels ’76 and Franklin P. Michels, Jr. Catherine R. and John V. Michel, III Doris G. Miklitz ’88 Linda J. and Robert H. Milburn, Jr. Leigh Langmead ’04 and Patrick A. Miles ’92 Kelly Shaughness ’91 and Gregory J. Miller Lauren Wilmer ’98 and Nathan R. Miller ’98 Jennifer L. Marbourg-Miller ’02 and Robert J. Miller ’02 Elisabeth C. Walcott and Stephan E. Miller ’85 Diane Dixon ’00 and Shawn C. Milleville ’03 The Millison Foundation, Inc. Rachelle L. Millison Monasue and Milton D. Mills Michelle L. Milne DiAnn C. and Katsunori Mita John and Richard J. Mitchell ’98 Jean A. and William H. Mitchell ’67 Paula A. and William T. Mitchell Sharon R. Miyagawa ’14 Lisa M. and James J. Moderski Theresa Boyd ’97 and David W. Mohr ’97 Britta Muehlberger ’83 and Nick J. Monaco Katherine H. Monahan ’12 Dominique S. Monie ’98 Emily Smithson ’09 and John J. Moore ’09 Elizabeth C. and Richard D. Moore Courtnay A. and Todd E. Moore Leah B. and John S. Morabito, Sr. Linda and Brett Morgan Katherine A. Morgan ’13 Todd B. Morgan Ashani T. Weeraratna ’91 and Pat Morin Suzanne Doyle-Morris ’97 and Geoff Morris Sigrid J. and Kenneth G. Morris Martha A. Cifrese and Michael R. Morrissette ’77 Frances de Peyster and David H. Moulton Gwendolyn T. Degentesh ’02 and Michael R. Mravca Barry R. Muchnick Kelly M. Muldoon Caitlin A. Mullett ’10 Christy Boesler Mullins ’97 Charles S. Murphy, III ’79 Kiely E. Murphy ’09

Daniel T. Murtaugh ’90 Elfin and Charles D. Musgrove Andrea Buntz ’02 and Christopher A. Neiman ’05 Christine A. Wooley and Colby D. Nelson Ellen Ascherfeld ’57 and John R. Nesbitt Margo H. and Alan R. Newhouse Kathryn Lange ’06 and Bradley D. Newkirk ’04 Christine Lanoie-Newman ’97 and Daniel K. Newman Robin L. and Gregg M. Newman Phuong-Loan and Ho Nguyen Christelle G. Niamke ’05 Keith A. Nichols ’05 Colleen E. and Michael J. Nichols ’85 Michael J. Nickel ’91 Jenny Norris ’78 Angela Baker ’09 and Robert H. Norwich ’10 Nicholas M. Novak ’98 Joanne R. Juhnke and Michael P. Oakleaf ’98 Thomas R. Oakley Gloria D. and Carl A. Occhipinti, Sr. ’92 Janice Iacona ’78 and Andrew M. Ockershausen Erin C. O’Connell ’91 Jennifer A. Ogden ’02 Brian M. O’Hara ’92 Carol A. Baumerich and John J. O’Hara Stephanie Bowers ’02 and Daniel L. Oldham ’02 Patrick N. Oliphant ’08 Anya Parker ’02 and Ryan J. Olsen ’02 Emanuela M. Orahovats Megan and Charles A. Orifici ’97 Juliana Arrogancia-Orlando ’78 and Dominick A. Orlando ’79 Joanna R. Bartow and Joseph Orlando Ann Wenner ’52 and Clark L. Osteen Catherine G. and Robert C. O’Sullivan Shirley Bowen Palermo ’48 Kristin L. and Patrick C. Paolini, Sr. Patricia C. and Robert Parkinson Kevin A. Parks ’07 Helen J. Parshall ’14 Barbara J. and Joseph A. Pastel Kristin and Michael J. Patrican Suzanne L. and John B. Patterson Miranda Williams ’04 and Baptiste Paul Nicholas M. Pennington ’06 Shelby A. Perkins ’14 Kathleen M. and Christopher F. Perlick Mary J. and Jerry Perrizo Carolyn Canoles Pervi ’65


Maura Lee ’02 and Brad Peterson Audrey F. Feffer and Timothy C. Peterson Marlies and Anthony J. Petruccelli Lisa Yang and Paul J. Petruccelli Stephen Petruccelli Kelly and John C. Petz Barbara Van Devanter Pevey ’54 Jeremy O. Pevner ’09 Shirley B. Mihursky and Robert M. Pfeiffer H. T. Than and Kim-Quyen V. Pham Richard A. Pike ’81 Katherine E. Pitcher Julia P. Plant ’11 Allison M. Plaut ’12 Christie and Scott Poffenberger Kimberly R. Williams ’07 and Andrew N. Politz Susan A. and Laurence B. Polsky Jennifer and Charles F. Porcari Briana McDowell ’09 and Thomas F. Porter ’09 Kathleen A. Nixon and Charles L. Posner Cynthia C. and Michael S. Pototsky Ann C. Ashbery and Russell C. Powell Joanne M. and Philip D. Power Thomas G. Powers ’80 Pamela T. and Michael S. Prenger ’73 Gregory E. Primiano ’11 Eula B. and Robert H. Prine Joanna D. Purich ’13 Kimberly M. and Todd M. Purring ’86 Debra Eshleman ’78 and Steven E. Purvins Molly Jones and James H. Quinn Elizabeth Wyatt ’88 and Christopher R. Rahl Giselle M. Rahn ’07 Lisa Weber and John R. Raley ’01 Mary M. and Raymond W. Raley Kathleen A. Ramsey ’12 Jeffery T. Ranta Raytheon Company Amy M. Forsberg ’93 and James E. Reaves Amir B. Reda ’11 Lindsay and Anthony S. Reedy ’04 Amanda M. Rees ’15 Eric R. Rees Kyle E. Reichard ’17 Maria Arafiles-Reif ’00 and Robert E. Reif ’98 Andrew R. Reighart ’13 Reilly Benefits, Inc. Diane G. and David A. Reumont, IV ’75

Alexander M. Rhoades ’17 Jordan M. Riccio ’05 Margaret and Thomas P. Rice Brooke H. and David W. Riegel ’86 Leigh-Ann and Dirk A. Rinehart ’79 Sylvia Vieth Rivers ’78 Mara Swaim ’05 and John Roane Karen L. and Joseph Roberts Deborah A. O’Donnell and William C. Roberts Catherine A. and Rigoberto A. Roca Elizabeth Haan ’00 and Jeff A. Rockenbaugh ’99 C. M. Rockhill ’67 Christopher N. Rodkey ’10 Evan T. Roe ’12 Aviel I. Roshwald Lauren Blount ’09 and John D. Ross ’09 Jennifer Williams ’95 and Corey E. Rossman Kevin A. Roth ’93 Zachary R. Rowe ’17 Janet B. Rowland Robert G. Rudd ’13 Christy L. Russ ’97 Katherine M. Marshall and Kirk R. Ruthenberg Patricia A. Aud and William J. Rutter Galen Largay ’03 and John Ryley Katherine H. Ryner ’86 St. Paul Travelers Foundation Lauren K. Sampson Walter J. Sampson ’02 Nicole E. Yesalavage ’09 and Warren R. Samuels ’09 Lorna L. Sanchez ’97 Karla Sanders Christopher S. Sarampote ’94 Barbara S. Saurborn Midori K. Savage Kathleen M. Kurz and Michael J. Savonis James A. Scaltrito ’80 Matthew J. Schafle ’10 Theodore Scharfenberg ’12 Sarah Taylor ’63 and Bruce R. Scheible Laurie K. Scherer Jeanne M. and Stephen Schlussel Janet I. and Marc A. Schoenecker Sue A. and Kurtis E. Schofield ’77 Patricia Kueseth ’58 and Charles F. Schwaebe Kevin D. Seeger ’11 Vera M. and Gregory Seekins Christopher P. Seigh ’90 Carolyn Page and Will P. Sheils ’02 Gary L. Sherman Penelope M. Karr ’74 and Blaine J. Shissler Christine C. and George M. Shriver, IV

Maureen and Kim R. Siegert Maryanne and Michael S. Siegert Shannon M. Siegert Paige L. Hannon ’05 and James C. Silsby ’03 Kimberly L. Silvi ’07 Allison D. and James E. Simmons Erin M. Sines ’97 Kelly D. and Edward J. Sirianno ’82 Jennifer L. and Bruce Sivak Leslie Skelley ’91 Catherine S. Skinner ’11 Margaret T. Slingluff ’55 Karen Lyding Smallwood ’76 Angela D. and Richard A. Smedley Jeffery Smith Steven T. Smith ’95 Jennifer Smythe Louise K. Snell Paula J. and Donald E. Snodderly Robert P. Snyder Thao T. Phung ’06 and Charles R. Soper ’06 Lara N. Southgate ’11 Mary T. Spargo ’11 Susan S. and Paul E. Speer Robert F. Stancil ’88 Erik D. Stanford ’09 Donald Stapleson ’80 Ellen and Gerald Starnes State Farm Insurance Co. Steamroller Rugby Supply Pamela S. Mertz and Johnathan Steere Joyce Poore ’63 and Andrew P. Stefancik Virginia M. and Charles W. Stein Ellen B. and Jonathan L. Steiner ’92 Becky B. and Lewis T. Stevens Craig Stevenson ’03 Ricky L. Stewart ’98 Sigrid P. and H. W. Stiles Kathryn Allen ’47 and James C. Stone Jane and James D. Stone Karen A. Storms ’92 Nancy Long ’55 (deceased) and Jack E. Stouffer Robert W. Stouffer ’14 Jennifer M. Oliver ’99 and Robert W. Stout ’99 Susan Hilbinger ’79 and Scott G. Strickland ’90 Cynthia B. and James D. Stultz, Jr. Subaru of America Kathryn Holmes ’02 and David F. Sulkowski ’02 Elsie Bailey ’01 and Jason R. Summers ’02 Katherine E. Siguenza ’09 and David M. Sushinsky ’02 Nancy J. and George F. Sushinsky Brian K. Sutherland ’03 Joanne S. ’79 and Kenneth A. Swain Tiffany M. Swales ’10

Heather K. and Joseph W. Swartz ’98 Ann Kopp ’81 and James P. Sweetman ’83 Katharine S. Swiggett ’11 Meha J. Desai ’97 and Ira D. Symes ’97 Beth Caradine and Michael S. Taber Suzanne R. Borenzweig and Alexander M. Tait Nicholas G. Tait ’17 Megan A. Uglik Talley ’08 Jean M. Illingworth and Christopher E. Tanner Anina Y. Tardif-Douglin ’11 Helen R. Rhee ’91 and Tarik J. Taybi ’90 Barry W. Taylor Lauren C. Taylor ’14 Loretta A. Taylor Amelia K. Tenberg ’13 Frederick L. Thane Joyce D. and M. W. Thayer Carol Thebes Elizabeth M. Thomas Joseph G. Thomas, Jr. ’99 Derek K. Thornton Carol A. and Robert C. Thornton ’73 Elizabeth A. Pickard ’94 and Kurt A. Thoroughman Susan C. Thorpe Rebecca M. Banwarth ’99 and Steven M. Thur ’00 Jane H. Sypher ’74 and Larry Tierney Paula M. and Michael W. Todd Theresa Tenaglia ’08 and Benjamin A. Toll ’07 Trace International, Inc. Tri-County Abstract, Inc. Dana B. Burley and Sidney Trieger UBS Foundation Lisa K. Valentine Pamela R. and Claude P. Valliere Veronique N. Valliere ’87 Mary Harryman Van Vlaanderen ’51 Justine E. Van Wie ’90 Nancy Elwood ’84 and Jerrold A. Van Winter, II ’83 Katherine E. VanderWende ’10 Patrick T. Vargas ’92 Verizon Foundation R. J. and Alfred E. Victor Megan Brown ’07 and Fernandino L. Vilson ’09 James E. Vines ’05 Visa, Inc. Marisstella R. and Brian D. Vismale ’89 Nancy S. Graf and David C. Vollmer Drew Von Tish Amanda Kellaher ’01 and William Walker Alexander T. Walls ’13 Nicholas B. Ward ’02 Anastasia E. Wash ’14

Heather H. Wasson ’04 Meredith B. and John M. Watters Katherine D. and Thomas B. Watts Donna J. and William L. Watts Margaret E. McCusker and Tin A. Way ’94 Jennifer L. Wurzbacher ’88 and Michael T. Wazenski Brianne L. Smithson ’00 and Andrew J. Weaver ’98 Robin L. and Dean C. Weil ’74 Margaret M. and John E. Weir Wells Fargo Joshua G. Wenger ’03 Alice Tetelman and Martin A. Wenick Kathleen S. Stover and William E. Wenker Pauline Poirier ’00 and John D. Wenrich ’97 Corinne A. Wentworth ’12 Toni G. and Frederick M. Werblow Kimberly K. and W. Dean Westcoat Nina Bonano ’02 and Hasan Wethers Linda Sloan ’88 and John G. Wharton, Jr. Julie M. Webster ’90 and James R. Wheal ’92 Craig F. Whitaker Regina C. and Peter L. Whitesell Mary Asay ’73 and Alan L. Whitney Lauren E. Hudacik and Stephen C. Whitney ’96 Lynn E. ’93 and Michael J. Whitson Michael R. Wick Elaine V. and John M. Wigginton ’71 Susan G. Wilkinson ’76 William Wilkinson, III Valerie Dyson Willard ’06 Sally W. and Henry C. Willett Elizabeth Sutton Williams ’58 Elizabeth N. and Scot A. Williams Vivianne and Thomas H. Williams Holly L. Gorton and William E. Williams Diane Wilshere Nancy T. and Richard V. Wilson, Jr. Betsy King ’80 and Steven R. Wimbrow Linda M. and Louis E. Wince ’67 Sarah Jardeleza ’03 and Curtis L. Winger ’03 Natalie Schaefer ’09 and Adam J. Wisneski ’09 Kathleen M. Cummings and Ned C. Wolfe John P. Wollick ’80 Laura Carrier ’02 and Andrew Wood Eleanor Dennis Wood ’49 Elizabeth W. and James G. Wood ’97 Elizabeth Hammett ’61 and Sandy F. Woodard ’62


The Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship Fund In June 2007 – on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary – the Class of 1957 proudly announced the establishment of The Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship Fund. The scholarship benefits students who have academic merit and financial need, and who demonstrate involvement in service to their schools, churches, and/or home communities. So far, the fund has provided two four-year scholarships: Gregory Cooke ’13 and Alhaj Khadar ’17. It was the ultimate goal of the ’57 scholarship committee to grow the fund’s corpus to $50,000, and on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary, the goal was exceeded. Members of the Class of 1957 pose with President Jordan. Row one: Bonnie Manwell, Carol Gross Galloway, Patricia Arthur, Ann Suthowski. Row two: Marianne Slingluff Chapman.

Mary Gray Woodburn ’56 Jean R. Worthley Jacqueline A. Wright Anne McCoy ’78 and John D. Wright Steven F. Wrobel Leigh Wildermann ’96 and Michael T. Wynn Nancy Bassford Yannayon ’75 Nicole Ring ’03 and Grant R. Young Randolph T. Young ’93 Lisa A. and Eric Youngborg Your Cause LLC Diana L. and John A. Yurich Benjamin R. Yzaguirre ’04 Kay A. Zagrodny ’12 Mark Zemanski Lei Zheng Katarina J. and Carl N. Ziegler ’00 Adam D. Zimmerman ’10 Cynthia L. and Daniel W. Zimmerman Gifts made in memory of ___________________________________________ Thomas M. Barrett Justin Lawrence Bates Joyce P. Bedell ’51 Karen Marlow Bennett ’79 Paul P. Blanchette Erika Dar Brightful ’07

Grace and Fred Brown Pamela Brenda Buccelli ’58 Tara Lynn Call ’91 Joseph Carroll Katherine R. Chandler Lucille Clifton Jennifer Pulos ’92 and Daniel Edson Collis ’92 Edward R. Cook ’58 Russell Crenshaw Benjamin Franklin Cumbo ’09 Hampton Davey Bruce E. Davis Michael DeMeo Paul Ryan Di Iorio ’12 Helen Watson Dillon ’58 John Duchesne Marsha T. Evans ’04 Mark W. Fedders ’74 Thelma Hall Gladding ’58 Fortunato N. Gordon Ruth and Everett Gruber David Shane Hayes ’98 Daniel Stephen Haynos ’81 Agnes Heisler Thomas P. Jackson Dan Klein Joanne Klein Janet Kosarych-Coy Andrew F. Kozak

Louise Victoria Lusby ’05 Patrick K. Mahlon ’11 Thomas Mara Nicholas Talarico Paskowsky Pricia B. Paulkovich Jaie Michel Perrizo ’08 John R. Petruccelli ’81 Larry Reid Jamie Lynn Roberts ’11 Tom Rowe Cheryl L. Rudd Lindsey Paul Rudolph Harry Siegert Joshua Leland Siegert ’04 Nancy L. Stouffer ’55 Mary and Fred Trembour Fay VanWie Craig Weingarten Zachary J. Yates Gifts made in honor of ___________________________________________ Eleanor Quirk Abbey ’34 Joseph Anthony Patricia Bass Betty Blythe Elizabeth Briggs Katherine R. Chandler Jennifer Cognard-Black

Laura Cooper Ellen Sophis Daghir Richard J. Edgar Michael Glaser Elizabeth Hayden Laura Henry-Stone Lance Hernandez John W. Howell, Jr. ’07 Linda Jones Jessica R. Konecke ’16 Lisa M. Leung ’04 Barry Muchnick Shelby Newman Jacqueline Paskow Robert Paul Alexander J. Roca ’13 Caitlin Schoen Sahar Shafqat Donald R. Stabile Charley Stout Robyn E. Strayer ’83 David M. Sushinsky ’02 Lauren C. Taylor ’14 Elizabeth Valenti Abigail J. Wolkenberg ’16




President Tuajuanda C. Jordan, PhD

A gift today will count towards the fiscal year 2018 annual giving cycle (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018).

Board of Trustees The Honorable Sven Holmes, chair Ann L. McDaniel, vice chair John C. Wobensmith ’93, treasurer Rear Admiral Tim Heely, USN Retired, secretary Members Carlos Alcazar Anirban Basu John Bell ’95 Arthur “Lex” Birney, Jr. Cindy Broyles ’76 Peter Bruns Donny Bryan ’73 John Bullock Peg Duchesne ’77 Susan Dyer Bonnie Glick Elizabeth Graves ’95 Gail Harmon The Honorable Steny Hoyer Captain Glen Ives, USN Retired Lawrence Leak ’76 Katharine Russell Danielle Troyan ’92 Sharon Phillips ’18, student trustee Allan Wagaman ’06, Alumni Council president Laura Cripps, HSMC

Foundation Harry J. Weitzel, president Bonnie Green ’74, treasurer G. Thomas Daugherty ’65, secretary Nicolas Abrams ’99 Peter Green Christopher Holt ’86 Donald McDougall ’83 Michael O’Brien ’68 Brian A. Porto ’92 John C. Saum ’89 Paul Schultheis ’98 Tuajuanda C. Jordan, PhD Carolyn Curry, executive director Boat Foundation Robert Waldschmitt, president Barry S. Friedman Gary Jobson Clarke T. McKinney ’78 L.G. Raley William Ward Adam Werblow Tuajuanda C. Jordan, PhD Carolyn Curry, executive director

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St. Mary's College of Maryland Foundation Annual Report 2017  

St. Mary's College of Maryland Foundation Annual Report 2017