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Small Collective. Our magazine or collective hub is a place where we want to share and educate our readers on how to live a happier and simpler life and find value in what we have. We want to support small and local (here in Australia) providing a community of likeminded individuals who are paving the way to a more sustainable future. The Small collective magazine is aimed at women and men who are curious and mindful and looking for a new read that has all things arty, travel, craft, design, culture, nature, music, fashion, photography, eco-friendly, tips and tricks to a more sustainable way of life.

The Small Collective is an independent digital publication, based in Australia. Here at the small collective, we have chosen not to number the pages - as we want you to take the time and explore the joys of each of the beautiful features - here enabling you to be surprised by each page and look forward to the next. Though I understand that you may wish to come back to the section to continue reading or to get your craft on. So don’t forget to use your digital bookmark.

Enjoy!! So come along on this journey and get to know all the wonderful individuals, brands, and organizations that you may have never discovered without this lovely collective! @small_collective



Adam Hapaz

Photographed by Riley kruck

“Stay true to yourself, the rest will come.”

Adam Harpaz is an independent singer-songwriter from Australia. The Byron Bay based musician paints pictures of hope for his listeners through heartfelt performances and lyrical integrity. Adam has been featured on Triple J, performed at major festivals such as Splendour in the Grass/Falls Festival and has sold out shows across the country. After the recent successes of a debut European Tour (consisting of over 30 shows in 10 countries) and reaching over a quarter million streams on Spotify, 2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Adam. We had the pleasure of getting to know him a little better and asking a few questions. Who inspired you to become a musician? For sure Albert Collins (blues singer) + ACDC, which is quite funny because my music is of a softer sort. What is your creative process (do you need to be by the sea or tucked away in a little studio)? There is no fussiness in regards to where the writing takes place. I try to write as soon as I wake up, six days a week. I feel it’s when my thoughts are fresh and the early morning brings to the fore some interesting concepts. I don’t force it though. If the inspiration isn’t

there, I practice or read a chapter from a book. I repeat this just before I go to bed. I also set aside 1 - 2 hours in the day to write or practice (so between 2 - 3 hours every day all up). However, I’m sure this will continue to evolve through the different seasons of life. What is your life outside of music (hobbies, interests)? Surfing, Yoga, a sprinkle of tennis, a love of soccer, more surfing, learning Spanish (slowly but surely). Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? Not yet. Tell me about your favorite (or most memorable) performance venue? Quite recently, I played this insane venue in the North of Spain. There were mountains, pristine bodies of water, I don’t know if that will ever be topped, the absolute pinnacle! What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps? Stay true to yourself, the rest will come. Go check out Adam’s latest tunes at : | @adamharpaz

Photographed by Charlie Hill

Wellness & Awareness You belong everywhere. You belong becuase your blood and bones are made of the ashes of stars and the salt of the sea. And just like the salt and the stars you are the universe, Derived of it. Returned to it. Inextricably connected to it And just as no one can contain the sear or the sky or the spirit, neither is your belonging a fixed proposition, conditional or contained. You belong to the universe. Yourtrue belonging is universal. You belong everywhere.

CAITLIN CADY / Gangster Of Love

Ocean Ripple Photograph by Matt Hardy @mattchardy


The 5 Minute Fix This simple meditation is well-suited to busy daily living and perfect for beginners. Stand barefoot on the earth – it could be on the grass in your backyard; on the sand at the beach; waiting at kindy/school pick up; or any piece of earth you can find on your work lunch break.

“ Incorporating meditation into your daily living can be life transforming. However, for most of us, life is busy and the thought of carving out some time every day to stop and focus on our breathing can feel unnecessary, overwhelming and at times impossible. But, what if you could reap the benefits of meditation with a simple 5 minute practice. By introducing an easy and time efficient sequence, and practicing daily, you can open up to a whole new way of living. My hope is that you awaken your curiosity to purely try my ‘5 Minute Fix’ meditation, and observe how you feel. If you enjoy it, perhaps you could cultivate a daily practice and build on it, at your own pace, with ease and grace. “ With love & light, Carley xx @amare _alchemy

Visualise, sense or simply intend roots (like a strong Oak Tree) coming from the soles of your feet, penetrating the earth and travelling down to Mother Earth’s Core. Plug in there. Begin to breathe Mother Gaia’s energy in, up through your roots into your being – breathing in love and support to fill your whole body. You may like to visualise a colour – perhaps white light with neon flecks or a vivid emerald green. Otherwise simply holding intention is powerful too. As you breathe out send loving energy back down through your roots to Mother Earth’s centre. Repeat this cycle of giving and receiving, and reconnecting with Mother Earth, for as long as desired. State the affirmation and notice how you feel. Affirmation: I am calm, grounded and connected. I trust in the flow of life and relax in the knowing that I am always supported.



From infancy Greenhouse has always been focused on being a health and wellbeing brand. After serving nutritious plant based food for four years at Greenhouse Canteen, we decided to diversify the best way we knew how; by creating a space that we wished existed. Greenhouse the Bathhouse is a communal unisex bathhouse and modern rejuvenation space located at the mouth of Tallebudgera Valley on the Gold Coast. From Wednesday to Sunday, we offer soak sessions and intuitive massages by appointment only. Our Soak Sessions are 90 minute rotations of our facilities at your own pace and can be customised to ensure your time with us is that extra bit special. With options to add on face masks, a plant based lunch catered by Greenhouse Canteen, massages, sweet treats

or even champagne, The Bathhouse is defined by balance. Our space houses two hydrotherapy spas, a custom built wet steam room, a red cedar sauna, magnesium plunge pool, sun deck and lounge area. Rotating between our hot and cold facilities boosts blood circulation, metabolism and immune system. Regular use of facilities can reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing the body and mind; improving quality of sleep. As a company we strive to inspire our community to recognise self care as a necessity, not a luxury. Through a whole body experience. @ greenhouse_thebathhouse


sufferers, family, friends, and health professionals on the many facets of the disease.

Jessica Taylor President of QENDO

Small Collective had to the beautitul opportunity to speak with Jess, President of QENDO (Endometriosis Association) and talk about her Journey and new venture “Peachy Keen“. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your currently role. My name is Jessica Taylor and it’s an honour to be the president of QENDO, an organisation that exists to support anyone affected by endometriosis. The organisation is driven by their desire to make a difference in the lives of those with endometriosis. This team provide support via phone on Australia’s only endometriosis support line, a support worker available 365 days a year to anyone who needs it. They are the EndoSisters that provide one on one support to those stepping foot into the brave new world of endometriosis, the helping hand many of us wish we had when we were first diagnosed. They facilitate our community support groups, where women can come together over a cup of coffee to share their stories and share resources, many of them finding a sisterhood they never knew existed. They organise our education events, where experts in the field of endometriosis give their time to educate

More recently this includes the launch of our schools program in partnership with Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia, to deliver education about periods, pain and endometriosis in schools, emphasising that painful periods are not normal. Most importantly, QENDO volunteers are a collective of strong and inspiring women, without whom I could not hope to achieve so many of my dream and goals. It is an honour to lead them and I am thankful for my team each and every day. When did you notice the Gap? Throughout my work in supporting women throughout their health, I started to notice a real gap in products for women with chronic illness. They were resulting in buying and wearing maternity clothes and for some, this was heart-breaking for some. With this community and my team, we formed and launched Peachy Keen in October this year. Our range has been tried and tested by Wwomen from all cultures facing a range of health issues. The range is something that we’re super passionate about and proud of. Who is Peachy Keen? Peachy Keen, while cute, also stands for PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Chronic Health and You. We’re Peachy Keen to support you, and we continually had this in mind when developing our brand, products and the range we have curated. Having a chronic illness can be very all encompassing, and we wanted to create a brand that would have your back, with the essentials and extras you need to make living with a chronic condition, that little bit easier!

Tell us a little bit about your current range. During the early stages of development, we continuously consulted with sufferers of these health conditions, as well as their support networks to ensure we were getting it ‘right’! The range includes bamboo pyjamas, bedding and selfcare products. Our pyjamas cater for bloating or those days where you just feel yuck! They are ridiculously comfortable and feature extra room and stretch. They are breastfeeding friendly, hospital stay appropriate and for those who are self-catheterizing or who feature a colostomy bag, we have also thought of you too! I also noticed just how many women and girls are sleeping on towels, in fear of destroying their beautiful bed sheets because of flooding, incontinence or wetting the bed, at any age! Our new bedding range caters for all sizes and features the women’s symbol. They are 100% waterproof, non-toxic, machine and dryer safe and most importantly, beautiful! Gone are the days of staining your sheet or sleeping on a towel. They cover your entire bed and feel just like a normal bedsheet.

for me. In fact, the treatments wreaked havoc with my moods and clarity of mind. Someone suggested that I try Chinese medicine and acupuncture, at a point where I needed copious amounts of opioid analgesia to merely get through the day, building up an immunity to their effects. Though it was a slow start, weekly acupuncture eliminated my reliance on opioids. I continued in this fashion until a different pain began to surface, it was increasing and unrelenting. Throughout this experience I was engaged in a constant search for answers about what was happening inside me. Why my body? What could I do? Who could I turn to? I have seen this story reflected in the weary expressions of the women I have met through my work with QENDO, they too have fought for answers, often getting nowhere fast and feeling isolated in the process. I decided that there must be more to this issue, there had to be a community out there, surely I wasn’t doomed to walk this path alone?

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. I’ve always been a person with big dreams and goals, passionate about bringing people together, united by their desire to not only press for change but make it happen. Many years ago I recall telling a colleague of mine that one day I was going to lead a women’s charity, one where I could make an actual difference, it’s a comment I hadn’t thought much on until recently until I realised: here I am, doing it. When did your Journey with Endo Began? I suppose my endometriosis journey began like so many others, debilitating pain that I couldn’t explain, trips to emergency that yielded no answers, GPs who didn’t listen, eleven of them in fact. Until I found one who did, and suggested I may have endometriosis. I promptly asked, what the hell is endometriosis? After talking to some of my family, who naturally had questions for me, I was suggested the name of a specialist in Brisbane. After seeing this doctor I was booked in for a laparoscopy within the week, and I had my diagnosis: endometriosis. While relieved to have uncovered a piece of the puzzle, the picture was anything but complete. I tried a number of treatments, varieties of the pill, hormonal treatments, but none of them worked

At first glance it appeared that there was no support near me, and my advice from others outside of Queensland was the same. It was then that I contemplated starting my own charity, but along the way I found QENDO. I spoke at length with QENDO’s president at the time and she gave me an understanding of the community and an appreciation of the history of the organisation and movement. Hearing this I was called to join the cause, passionate about making a difference in the lives of those affected by endometriosis.

This series remains incredibly popular with health professionals and patients alike, and has expanded to three other locations since its inception. What is one of your biggest highlights? One of the biggest highlights has been seeing our organisation grow to a team of over 70, enabling us to expand our services into regional and rural Queensland to help those who do not have the luxury of choice when it comes to doctors or specialists and who often must educate themselves in order to educate a community. I am proud of the diversity of backgrounds of our volunteers, the many different occupations they inhabit, the heterogenous skill set that they bring to our organisation. I recognised QENDO for the great organisation that it was,made up of women who had been trailblazers at a time where social change, particularly on an issue that related primarily to women, was a monumental task. I had big ideas and a vision about where this organisation could go, of how many more people we could help. When did you become the Presdient of QENDO? In 2017 I became the president of QENDO and was able to bring so many of my ideas to life with the help of my team of volunteers. We were able to launch an jewellery and product range that directly raises funds for our support and education services, while also helping people feel part of the endometriosis community through items that raise awareness. In 2018 we held a three part, interdisciplinary education series that brought together some of the best minds in the field to provide practical education for sufferers. We also established our spotlight education talks, the now incredibly popular “An Hour of Endo With QENDO”, which delves into one drop in the vast ocean that is endometriosis over an hour, with a wide range of health professionals donating their time and expertise.

In 2019 we have support groups in 16 (it might be eighteen by now, again, check the spreadsheets) different locations across Queensland, have completed a pilot schools program in 9 Queensland schools, and deliver education events each month across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Our services have evolved to supporting not only those with endometriosis, but also those with sister condition adenomyosis. It means a lot to the QENDO team to provide education and support to this patient population. I, as well as many of my team, also suffer with adenomyosis alongside endometriosis, a disease with even less name recognition than its sister endo, and now we are part of creating change for these women too. | @qendoau

“We also established out spotlight education talks, the now incredibly popular ‘An Hour of Endo with QENDO’ ”

What would be your final message to our readers? If you or someone you know is facing the challenge of walking the path that is the diagnosis, treatment and management of endometriosis, I want you to know that you need never walk alone. I was once the girl working her way through a minefield of misinformation, looking for the right answers, and if I can help someone else in that same position find what they are looking for, I know I have done my job. I couldn’t have imagined being part of such an amazing organisation when I first heard the word endometriosis. A quote that comes to mind when I think about my time with QENDO is one by Loren Eisley: One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?” The youth replied, “Throwing starfish back into the

ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.” “Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can’t make a difference!” After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said…” I made a difference for that one.” That is what we do each and every day at QENDO, sometimes one painstaking starfish at a time, we make a difference. If I know I have made a difference to just one person, that fills me with joy and gratitude, but thanks to my team and the work that we do, I know that we have helped so many more, and will continue to do so. My dreams are still big and my vision is still ever evolving, but I know that I can and will re-write the story on endometriosis, so that perhaps one day there can be a happy ending. | @peachykeenau

LET ’S TALK ASTROLOGY WITH VARIOUS FRIENDS Various Friends is that spark that makes you have an honest conversation with yourself. It’s real, It’s Authetic and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brooke Macqueen from Various Friends - Photographed by Beck Rocchi

Full Moons of the Southern Hemisphere Print + Peachy Plant Prints - Photographed by Beck

It is an exciting time to be an Astrologer with the Astrological renaissance that is happening collectively. I created Various Friends as a way to relate to women in particular mothers. It is my mission to connect, inspire and to share the benefit of Astrology. It is a community that embraces everyone to feel understood, connected and validated. Ultimately because I didn’t feel that way prior to becoming a mother and understanding my own birth chart. Motherhood was a catalyst that propelled me to dive deep and study astrology. We are magical creatures each with a unique poem written inside of us. Our collections draw upon the emotions and the psychology behind astrology and through art, we can share this philosophy. Each piece is designed with the intended purpose of a new insight that is only written in the stars. My husband Adam is the artist behind the brand, he brings my words to life with his creations. The children’s birth chart is such an amazing insight into each and every child. It gives information about their love language, learning style and emotional nature. Like the birth charts, the Full Moon poster

is an educational piece of art. The names given to Full Moons originated in the tribes of North America to keep track of the seasons. As we have completely different seasons in the Southern Hemisphere it seemed fitting to create a Full Moon guide that correlated to our seasons and the reoccurring Full Moons. Various Friends has evolved over time and I combine my two passions of writing and astrology to deliver my message. Influenced by the hidden words of the stars and the tides of the moon, Various Friends draws upon the traditional language of astrology to inspire young and old. I use romantic notions, quotes and poetry to explain lunar cycles and cosmic transits. I want my words to move people and to let them know that they aren’t alone on this journey of life. That together we are all feeling how the sky pulls us in different directions, the ebbs and flows of life. Various Friends is that spark that makes you have an honest conversation with yourself. It’s real, it’s authentic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. | @variousfriends

BALANCE HORMONE SUPPORT Photographed by Bohdi State

Tia Miers, is a qualified Naturopath from the Gold Coast in Australia. Tia has a passion for helping women achieve that amazing feeling of good health! She does so with the use of herbal botanicals, nutritional supplements and dietary/ lifestyle advice. Stemming from a strong belief in the use of food as medicine and self-love. Tia embarked on a career in the wellness industry after experiencing extreme hormonal imbalances coming off the oral contraceptive pill as a teenager. After many disheartening doctor visits and gynecologist appointments, she discovered the power of natural medicine and decided that she wanted to be able to help others in the same way. “Hormonal imbalances affect approximately 75% of women and can present in various ways; irregular cycles, mood changes, acne, low energy, sugar cravings- the list could go on. I have naturoapthically formulated Balance to support female’s hormonal health”.

Balance Hormone Support is a blend of both dried herbs and nutrients to: •

Regulate the cycle

Reduce premenstrual acne

Enhance energy

Improve digestion

Detoxify the liver

Calm the nervous system

Balance blood sugar levels to reduce cravings + regulate appetite

Balance hormone support has a subtle berry flavour (flavoured with a blend of raspberry, blueberry and acai- no added sugars or hidden nasties) with a hint of spice from the cinnamon and ginger. It can be enjoyed in water or added to a smoothie. @tiamiers

Balance has been created to help support your hormonal health. Naturopathically formulated to reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and promote a healthy regular cycle. How balance supports your health and wellbeing: Chaste Tree One of my favourite herbs for female hormone balance. Vitex is wonderful for reducing the emotional symptoms of PMS such as irritability, moodiness and physical symptoms such as changing appetite levels, premenstrual acne, tender breasts and low mood. Peony painful, irregular and heavy periods. Peony is a mild muscle relaxant and possesses anti inflammatory properties. Withania A powerful adaptogen which helps to enhance energy levels. Withania increases the the body’s resistance to stress therefore decreasing anxiety.

Calms and nourishes the nervous system. Passionflower reduces feelings of anxiety and promotes mental clarity. St. Mary’s Thistle Protects the liver and enhances detoxification of hormones + toxins. It is also a powerful antioxidant. Ginger This energetically warming herb enhances digestion, reduces bloating and stimulates circulation helping to reduce fluid retention.

Cinnamon Balances blood sugar levels within the body, helping to reduce sugar cravings and regulate appetite. Magnesium Calms the nervous system, relaxes smooth muscles of the uterus and reduces prostaglandins, therefore reducing period pain. Glutamine Supports digestion by reducing inflammation within the intestinal tract and enhances nutrient absorption. Zinc An essential mineral which regulates hormones, supports the immune system and reduces inflammation + period pain. B-vitamins Enhance the bodies production of energy and nourish the nervous system; enhancing mood and reducing stress. Beetroot Rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre. Beetroot contains iron helping to build blood within the body and enhance energy. Mixed Berries Berries contain antioxidants which help to reduce wrinkling and other signs of skin aging.

Floral Art Therapy Creating natural art is very rewarding and I feel privileged to be able to see first hand just how much joy it brings others. We are naturally drawn to nature as it provides us everything we need in order to thrive in life. Whole foods, natural medicine, spring water and timber materials for shelter invoke feelings of calmness and stability when we are surrounded by them. Similarly, just viewing images of pleasing natural environments can decrease our stress levels and anxiety - reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and headaches. Working with natural elements such as plants and flowers in the form of art has an even greater therapeutic effect as you are creating with your hands and nurturing the mind simultaneously. It allows the brain to focus on one thing, zoning in on the task, conceptualizing and opening new pathways in the mind to broaden the inner creative way of thinking.

I really enjoy sharing the floral workshop environment with others. Both individually and collectively we journey through the creative process. From inspiration and excitement to self doubt and limiting beliefs and then, making small progressive steps of creation we let our minds go and our artistic self takeover. The result is pure joy, a sense of achievement and adoration of not only the process but of sharing this moment with new found friends. I welcome those of you who seek some calmness, creativity and a sense of achievement to join me at a Bo Tany Interiors dried flower workshop. I promise you’ll take home more than just a piece of art. See stories from those who have expressed their love for their own workshop creations at: @ botanyinteriors.

Amy Hogan Botany Interiors

D . I .Y

The Conscious Closet:

SLOW FASHION BY ELLEN CHANDLER ‘Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.’ Lucy Siegle Awareness of the enormous negative impact of the fast fashion industry is gaining momentum thanks to advocates such as Siegle. However, it would be fair to say most consumers find the enormity of the issue overwhelming and are unsure of how they as individuals can make a difference. Fast fashion addict turned slow fashion advocate, Ellen Chandler knows she can have a positive impact. Fashion designer Ellen, works not only at a sustainably sourced fabric store, The Fabric Store in Brisbane but also recently founded her own business as a platform for fashion sustainability education. Taught how to sew by Granny Yvonne, Ellen fostered a love for fashion at an early age. Developing skills at her Gold Coast school Home Economics class Ellen went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts Fashion and Business Marketing at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

Whilst studying Ellen was introduced to sustainable design techniques including zero-waste design but it wasn’t until a friend convinced her to watch ‘The True Cost’ documentary on Netflix and invited her on an Operation Groundswell trip that her mind was opened to sustainable fashion. This trip to Bangladesh completely changed her view on fashion. ‘I knew that when I returned I had to do things differently. I had to start asking questions and educating myself and others on sustainable fashion.’ Whilst in Bangladesh, Ellen, and the Operation Groundswell group of four like-minded women and team leaders spoke with garment workers who had recently joined a union and worker’s rights education initiative. This very personal discussion detailing the female worker’s struggles highlighted to Ellen the importance of the need for sustainable fashion education with respect to worker’s rights and female empowerment. Ellen was also exposed to the negative environmental impact of fast fashion production witnessing the effects on the highly polluted Buriganga River, which almost ran black with pollution and dye from neighbouring factories. The incredible positive change that some brands and initiatives are making was evident in a trip to fair trade village Thanapara Swallows. Popular sustainable fashion brands including People Tree utilise Thanapara for production as it boasts many opportunities for its workers including, free health care, childcare, and domestic violence prevention program. This fair trade village dyes, weaves, sews and embroiders cotton clothing from the cotton fibre. Thanapara highlighted to Ellen

a way that fashion could operate, respecting, people and the planet. Since returning from Bangladesh, Ellen and a friend of hers made a pledge to reduce their fast fashion consumption and decided to not buy anything new but rather make clothing or purchase second-hand. Working at a fabric store allowed Ellen to experiment with making new garments that couldn’t really be purchased second-hand such as underwear. Ellen started posting photos of #memade outfits on Instagram and utilising the hashtag #nobuyyesmake and was surprised to see others joining in! It came as a pleasant surprise to Ellen just how easy it was. Pre Bangladesh trip, Ellen was a self-confessed fast fashion addict, purchasing new outfits almost weekly. ‘My wardrobe was getting bigger and bigger but I found I wasn’t even wearing half of it. Through the practice of making clothing for myself, since it takes time and patience I found that I was making clothes that I actually wore.’ From this experience she has found she is more of a conscious consumer, researching and considering all impacts prior to purchase. Ellen also stresses the importance of seeking natural fibre clothing where possible. She states that ‘pre sustainable Ellen’ wore loads of cheaply made polyester garments but now only wears natural fibres including, linen, cotton, and merino. Natural fibres are not only perfect for our Australian climate but will also biodegrade at end of life, making it a sustainable option in comparison to its counterpart, polyester.

“Fast Fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying - Lucy Siegle”

“I’m driven by the want to do things ‘right’ - right by the environment and right by people”

Ellen outlines a few tips for people becoming more conscious about fashion. • Firstly stop and think if you need to buy that next item? Do you have something similar? Will you wear it more than 30 times? • Check the label and see if the item is made of natural fibres and avoid poly! • Do some research. Ask where it is made. And then ask if the business upholds to any standards. i.e fair trade or even has some ‘sustainable’ practices. • Try some op shops • Know your values and shop by them. There are so many aspects to what makes an item sustainable – is it locally made? Vegan? Made from recycled plastic bottles? Made from natural fibres? Made from a transparent company? Fair-trade? Try shopping online at stores like Well Made Clothes who allow you to shop by values.

Ellen also highlights that sustainable fashion may seem unobtainable to some with a price barrier. But this, however, is only because we have been programmed to think that $2 for a t-shirt is a bargain and not to stop and think about the breakdown of that cost. Sustainable fashion in comparison is more expensive than fast fashion but it is of better quality and when broken down to cost per wear would outweigh the cheap polyester garments that come in and out of fashion. Fashion sustainability whilst a ‘trend’ at this point in time needs to be a focal point for both businesses and more importantly consumers. ‘I hope that in the near future we don’t talk of ‘sustainable fashion’ but just ‘fashion’ with sustainability being a given in business practices.’ Since returning from Bangladesh Ellen has outlined the desire to contribute to the sustainable fashion world. ‘I’m driven by the want to do things ‘right’ - right by the environment and right by people.’ Join Ellen by doing your part.

AUNTY ELLEN Since returning from her trip to Bangladesh with Canadian company Operation Groundswell, Ellen has been seeking an avenue to combine her love of fashion, nephew Jude and endeavor to teach people of the value of sustainable business and conscious consumerism and so, Aunty Ellen was born. Aunty Ellen is a Brisbane / Gold Coast based conscious label providing matching men's, women's and babywear. It began when Ellen started making clothing for her baby nephew Jude. As she was in her year of #nobuyyesmake Ellen decided to make all her Christmas presents including a button-up shirt for her brother in law and with the leftover fabric a matching one for Jude. After receiving many compliments Ellen decided to scope the market and found a gap for simple, natural fibre, sustainable, matching clothing. Aunty Ellen is continually learning and adapting, aiming for sustainability in every aspect of a business. Each garment is handmade to order by Ellen herself in her Brisbane studio. Ellen is committed to sourcing the most ethically and environmentally friendly materials from the end of

designer run fabrics and natural fibres to recycled packaging. This redistribution of fabrics through the use of deadstock reduces production waste and utilises materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. Ellen sources sustainable haberdashery including, coconut buttons, an organic cotton drawstring, and even innovative biodegradable elastic. To ensure garments will be biodegradable at the end of life Ellen uses organic cotton sewing thread (GOTS certified) when suitable. All orders are wrapped up in acid-free and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified tissue paper and sealed with a soy-based sticker all with cute Aunty Ellen little big cats graphics designed by local artist Metty. Orders are then sent out using Better Packaging Co mailers, which made from corn are waterproof, tear-resistant, compostable and reusable. She believes sustainability is all about building a community and giving each other a little hand to do things a little differently. | @aunty.ellen


Australian made sewing patterns adn sewing kits, for beginners and intermediate sewists of the modern era.

Common Stitch was created by Alison Pollard + Charlotte Mackay in 2018, in Brisbane.

- Completed Garments - Sewing Kits - Sewing Patterns

The approach for Common Stitch was to start a sustainable fashion brand, that was transparent about the fabrics and process. Down to the point that they also sold their designs as sewing patterns.

Sustainable Sewing

Ali + Charlie both loved to sew growing up and they noticed that this was a skill that was getting lost amongst the new generations. They combined this realisation with their backgrounds in fashion design + graphic design to create Common Stitch. Filling the skill gap by teaching people simple sewing skills and making sewing fun again with inviting simple-to-sew patterns + appealing designs. Everyone has a different budget, and a large part of Common Stitch’s ethos is that sustainable clothing choices should be available to everyone. This lead them to release three different products, at three unique price points;

“Australia’s are the world’s second largest consumers of fashion. On average, one Australian consumes 27kgs of new clothing and textiles every year.” - Jane Milburn, 2016 Common Stitch loves to promote sustainable fabrics, especially ones that are ethically produced. When choosing fabrics, they are known to always look at the entire life-cycle. The main material they use throughout their collections is Linen. Made from the flax plant, it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable at the end of its life. Though the best part about linen is that every single part of the plant is used in the process, with minimal wastage. It is also known to be natures self-cooling fabric and absorbs up to 20% of its own weight in moisture.

Along with linen, they also love to use dead-stock fabrics, to stop them ending up in landfill. All of Common Stitch’s completed garments are made to order, to avoid any wastage. Their sewing patterns are printed on light-weight robust paper, using a lot less trees + water to produce. Finishing it all off, they post everything out in biodegradable / compost-able packaging + post bags. Common Stitch offers the community resources to learn basic sewing skills. By passing on their knowledge and skills, they aim to encourage the spread of slow learning and hands on skills. Hoping that in return, each customer can continue to spread their skills with others around them. @common_stitch

Pipit Loungewear Set The Pipit Loungewear Set is the perfect timeless staple your wardrobe has been waiting for. Take it from night to day if you please, the rules and boundaries are blurred when it comes to this set. Sizes: 6 - 20 Australian Sizing Sewing Level: Intermediate Shorts Features: Pocket, Elastic Waist Top Features: Fluted Sleeves, Button Front Size. Model wears a size 8. Available in: - Completed Garment - Paper Sewing Pattern - Digital Sewing Pattern

Photography : Yaseera Moosa Model: Malia Senaratne Hair + Makeup: Brittany Louise Artistry Location: Soda Studio

Photographer : Troy Freyee Models: Curtis Walker & Sam Curtis

NIKKE HORRIGAN An Australian menswear brand, Nicholas Horrigan the founder and designer was born into a small working-class family as an only child.

Growing up, he would often spend the weekends with his mother in the city shopping, she would tell inspiring stories about these fashion designers and the brands they built. It was all too exciting and Nicholas quickly found himself immersed in the fashion world. He believed that fashion designers were talented storytellers and he wanted to create his own stories and share them with the rest of the world. Fast forward years later, life had other plans for Nicholas. After graduating from high-school, he lost his sense of direction. Photographer: Troy Freyee Models : Sam Curtis

Fast Foward Years later...

Photographer : Troy Freyee Model: Curtis Walker

He was a misfit, a rebel without a cause, a square peg in a round hole. He spent many years trying to figure out where he belonged in the world. Like most, he decided to follow the same path as the people around him. He found himself as apprentice in various trades, joining the Navy and being an underground coal miner. However, none of these paths were truly satisfying Looking into the future, he decided to chase his childhood dream start storytelling. He dedicates his namesake brand to his mother who gave him the nickname “Nikke” as a child. NIKKE HORRIGAN was born. NIKKE HORRIGAN has become renowned for its easy-to-wear modern wardrobe staples, from its minimalist approach to style to its soft casual linen range. The signature low-key luxury of the men’s line has won the label legions of fans. @nikkehorrigan

COR We had a beautiful opportunity of getting to know ‘Cor ‘ the brand and it amazing direction for fashion. When did Cor Start? I started Cor in 2016 with a dream to create timeless comfortable clothing based on sustainable materials, processes and production methods. I feel fundamentally that each garment I make should bring its wearer connection, comfort and longevity while creating a positive impact for the people who make them and our environment. All of my garments are designed, pattern cut and prototyped by me and are made from sustainable fabrics, which are printed with my hand paintings. I have an amazing ethical production unit in Bali that does the final making; this is where all the separate parts come together to create Cor. Cor is such a beauitful name, where did it come from? Not many people know this but Cor is named after my Portuguese roots, with the name translating to ‘colour’ in Portuguese. My first memories are of growing up and going to school on the coast in Portugal where my artist parents renovated a farmhouse amongst the Algarve orange groves. We were very nomadic as a family, growing up in England, Portugal, France and then when I was nine

Mallee Dress in Hinterland print, Paintings of Home collection (Current)

we moved to Byron Bay on the far east coast of Australia. Tell us about Cor as a brand and its aim to promote mindful consumption. Cor reflects the Australian lifestyle and for me Byron will always be home. Growing up, we never wore shoes, were always in our swimmers and clothing was just something you sometimes threw over you bikini. I started Cor in London, where I’ve been living for the last 7 years so I this too has fed into Cor’s aesthetic. My Australian roots have bought a laid back understatement to the brand and living in London has made my aesthetic more refined and modern. Cor’s philosophy is one of connection, slowing down and tuning in. In January I’m moving back to Byron and can’t wait to be completely immersed again in this slow way of life. For me it’s all about a relaxed lifestyle, intrinsically connected to nature and community. The environment inspires every collection; it’s feel, colours

“Cor’s philosophy is one of connection, slowing down and turning in. ”


and textures. Cor has been a journey, to trust myself, believe in what I’m doing and enjoy creating pieces that I myself love to wear. Cor’s philosophy is one of connection, slowing down and tuning in. Cor for me has been a journey, to trust myself, believe in what I’m doing and enjoy creating pieces that I myself love to wear. My Australian roots have bought a laid back understatement to the brand and living in London has made the aesthetic more refined and modern. Cor’s aim is to encourage mindful consumption and a sustainable relationship towards clothing.


Tell us a bit about your personal journey and what lead you to start your own fashion label? As I child I always said I was going to be a fashion designer. I just loved making things, anything. My brothers and I were never allowed a TV and so there wasn’t much else to do besides making things. We were very nomadic as a family, growing up in Portugal, England, France and then when I was nine we moved to Byron Bay on the far east coast of Australia. Nature and creating was always the center of life for us, it was how my parents supported us and how we spent all of our time when not at school. | @corclothes


Photographer Ben Rayner @raynjermain Model Marianne Roussety @marianneroussety 1) Amalia Jumpsuit in Sunbaker print, Casa Lorenzo collection 2) Cassia Shirt in Hinterland/ Tallows trouser in Waves 3) Do Mar reversible top in rust/ Barranco Skirt in Villa print,



leonie Swimwear is a sustainably conscious Australian made swim label with every piece designed, cut and handmade in a sun-drenched studio in NSW coastal town of north Avoca. Handmade with an awareness to detail scarcely seen in today’s mass produced swimwear market, 2019 is shaping up to be Cleonie’s most influential year yet. Cleonie; pronounced ‘Kle-Oh-Nee’ means Goddess of the Water in Greek. It is a family name that has flowed through the last six generations and was dreamt in the imagination of Kitty Scott, a self proclaimed mermaid, lover of the ocean, friend of the sun and creative in the winds. Kitty adores

Chloe Pearce Fragile Off Shoulder Kini with Tuscany High Brief

beautiful swimwear and the creative process of making something from a piece of cloth and a flicker of an idea. She is a graduate of RMIT University. Through the use of ECONYL®, Italy’s finest ethically produced fabric, the brand challenges consumers to collectively minimise their impact on our natural environment. Constructed from 100% regenerated nylon fibre, fishnets and other plastic consumer waste, Cleonie Swimwear has surged to the forefront of Australian sustainable and ethical fashion even shipping all orders in eco-packaging made from certified home compatible satchels, paper and labels.

“Feel alive, stay comfortable and make memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime”

The Australian labels most recent line, COSI, in collaboration with artist Bonnie Gray, is a romantic collection that takes you through a meandering journey into the markets of Italy.

made to order. “With every brushstroke comes a song, with every daring colour comes a word, with every heart idea comes a dance, It’s a beat of simple, joyous wonder’’. CEO and designer, Kitty Scott, urges her Cleonie family to “feel alive, stay comfortable and make memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime. Cleonie is forever apart of your journey”.

Be taken away by the senses and the nostalgia of holidays past, let your eyes dance on the colours of fruits. Let time inside stand still. Make memories in pieces true to Cleonie’s venerable aesthetic. Lines drawn with elegance and simplicity, COSI is a | @cleonie.swim collection of natural, charming, classic and uncomplicated shapes. Photographer: April Josie Photography

Although Cleonie’s ethos is firmly centred on sustainability, the brand hasn’t shied away from a commitment to customised luxury. Email through a request for customisation; body shape, bust, a little cheekier for those willing. Cleonie is personal and 100%

Models: 1) Model: Noah Rudd Wearing: Isole one Shoulder Kini with Pisa Mini Brief 2): Dominique O’Brien Wearing: Cosi Maxxam Maillot




Sheree is the owner and maker behind The little boho rainbow. Who is a mother to her darling rainbow baby Emma, and a wife to her best friend Gordon. The little boho rainbow was created after Sheree became a mother. It was a way for her to rediscover herself through creativity. “ I can honestly say I did not expect my rainbow ideas to bloom into what it has become today ”. Each item of Sheree handmade clothing whether it is for a child or a doll is made with much love and care. All of her creations are created from the comfort of her home, situated in the lower blue mountains. Sheree has had the honour in creating a one-off piece for Teresa Palmers (actor), daughter Poet. Feeling blessed to have met such kind people on her journey of creating her handmade business, and businesses that stock her creations such as Anna from The small folk, and Caroline from shop Merci Milo.

Sheree has worked with organisations such as Save the bees Australia, Where she was able to create beautiful doll clothing that reflected her passion for rainbows and bees combined. All of The Little Boho Rainbow followers on social media were able to contribute by purchasing fora greater cause, An amount of 25% was donated from each item of clothing for the Save the bees line. Here at The little boho rainbow, Sheree is passionate about sustainability and ethically sourced materials. All creations are created using 100% unbleached cotton from a local fabric supplier.

“It makes me smile to see all of my creations in their forever homes.” Here priding herself on being able to offer a product created, hand embroidered, sewn, packaged and distributed by herself, by doing so helps lessen the carbon footprint. @thelittlebohorainbow

SJAAN JEWELLERY Sjaan Capill is the designer, maker, and owner of Sjaan Maia Jewellery. Her interest in making wearable pieces started at a very young age. Her making room (the laundry) was always full of crafty bits and pieces that she used to make all sorts of inventive creations. While her skills and choice of medium have evolved, the joy of creating still remains.

Sjaan’s latest jewellery collection is a range of simple, contemporary pieces that are handmade from start to finish in her home studio in Geelong, Victoria. She uses traditional silversmithing techniques to add intricate details to organic shapes and forms. She is passionate about creating unique, handmade jewellery and has a keen eye for detail. Sjaan takes great care when making to ensure all her pieces can be treasured for many years to come. All her jewellery is made with 100% recycled sterling silver and is consciously designed to produce minimal waste. “The 3 in 1 Hoops were born from my idea to create a piece that can be worn in multiple different ways.

I loved the idea of creating something versatile and economical, giving customers the option of three different styles while only having to buy one product. Although a simple idea, it required quite a lot of testing and refining to bring this vision to life and engineer the perfect solution. The hidden gap in the back of the studs sits discreetly against the ear lobe when worn. The hoops can simply be changed or removed by sliding them through the gap.You can even choose to wear both sizes at once, or get creative and see what other treasures you have lying around that you could attach to the stud.” If you want to see more of Sjaan’s jewellery, head to or visit @ sjaan.maia.jewellery on Instagram.

Nativ Basics Nativ basics is a brand with a purpose. The intention is simple but the commitment is deep. The promise Nativ basics makes to its customers is to make everyday women’s basic underwear, better. By founding Nativ basics, Sandy Ronalds wanted to bring a better choice to women who feel the same way about our planet and our future as she does. The products strive toward a balance of comfort, sustainability and price point that suit all women. In a world where nobody is perfect, the path toward improvement requires a collaborative effort. This is something that Nativ basics understand and the organisation has an ethos of shared learning and growth. Throughout the supply chain, Nativ basics strive to make sustainable choices, with a combination of recycled and sustainable materials, the best-practice methods selected for minimisation of carbon, waste and water footprint. The aim to be part of the solution for a better planet, but not to do it alone. Customers are encouraged to share their requests or ideas to help Nativ basics make more of a difference in everything they do. Sandy has already learned volumes from her journey and is determined to continue her pledge to make things better. This will require finding and engaging with more like-minded partners in the supply chain and delivering everyday products with as little footprint as possible. The Nativ basics intimates range is comfortable and practical. Basic underwear in a range of sizes and colours to complement the beautiful shape of al women and to ensure her comfort. @nativbasics | Photographer : Brooke Davies Model: Beth Ellen Hurrell Makeup: Tanielle Jai

THE CONSCIOUS Life Style MINO CERAMICS Ceramic’s is such a beautiful art and dates back to the beginning of the Bronze Age. We had the pleasure of getting to know Mino Ceramics and what lead them to where they are today. Why Clay? The journey of clay is such an exhilarating, emotional one. The continual learning and the rush of excitement when you let all of that creative energy flow out onto the wheel and into your very own handcrafted form. Each piece is a complete mystery as no two ends up the same. Somedays this can feel like a curse but it’s the unique beauty of the art. Tell us about Mino Ceramics? We are Jasmine and Russell, a couple of young creatives who share a love for all things design - Interiors, Architecture, and Ceramics. Mino Ceramics began with a dream of having my very own homewares store before I had even learned the skills of Pottery. One day my mum and I were discussing how

fascinating the art of Pottery is and I realised that I could not only have a homewares store but create my own homewares. I had only ever used a wheel once when I was little and made a few sculptures in Art at school but I became so passionate and determined to learn what it takes. I took a chance and purchased a second-hand pottery wheel and named her “Polly”. Where do you learn your techniques from? My mum, Russell and I devoted all of our spare time to researching the different techniques used and practiced together, teaching each other new skills as we continually progressed. Eventually, they realised that people were becoming interested in the items that they were creating and they now have their own little online store, making homewares and kitchenware. Each piece which is made, is its own one-off, carefully handmade with love and passion from their little studio in their garage. | @minoceramics

Photographer : Olive Cooke

Paddock Hall “Yalbaruba� is a Bundjalung word that means 'place of healing' and is the name the Fewson family choice for their home, nestled far from the road on twenty acres of old macadamia farm in the Byron hinterland. Bought by the family four years ago as a rundown seventies brick house, it now stands unrecognisable after a year of renovations. Completed by owner builder David Fewson, wife Jane and daughter Hannah, who all worked daily on labouring, carpentry, demolition and design. Apon the main house’s completion, the family were looking for a new project, and so nearly two years ago, Paddock Hall was born. The old chicken coop across the drive way was relocated and a one room, studio style guest accommodation was built. Paddock Hall was an opportunity to fulfil our longstanding desire to use old world timber joinery with huge pieces of untreated timber. The design process was an ever evolving and collaborative family affair, that from the outset aimed to achieve a space for easy living that encouraged communion with nature, in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Built entirely of sustainably sourced golden cypress, the structure sits well with the main house and, as intended, looks as though it has always been there. Paddock Hall is a large single room space with an open fire place, two cosy arm chairs, a hand made four poster bed and a fully self-contained kitchen. An old claw foot bath and a day bed on the large deck over-looks the paddock and its residents, Harper the goat and Bubba the sheep. It has proven to be an ideal romantic getaway and city escape, hosting mostly newly-weds from Sydney, Brisbane and the Goldcoast. The success of Paddock Hall via airBnB has spurred the drawings of plans for three more structures to be built on sites around the property chosen to maintain the privacy of all dwellings. The future of the Yalburabah hopefully sees its blossoming as a small wedding venue, hosting retreats, a departure from macadamia farming and mono-culture towards organic, native hobby farming and the completion of a second home for Hannah and her growing family. @paddock_hall

FARM – PRODUCER – CAFÉ Farm and Co: Opens its doors, creating a community of like minded lovers of sustainable farming and nourishing food.

The organic family farm taking produce that extra step, from the paddock to the plate. Farm and Co is an organic market garden, farm store and café on the Tweed Coast. After many years in planning Michele and her family have opened the doors to Farm and Co. Located in Cudgen on the Tweed Coast Farm and Co is foremost a working farm that has grown into a café and produce store through Michele’s hard work, vision and passion. Michele learnt how to grow vegetables from her dad and nana. She grew up in Cooma where school friends taught her how to manage cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. Later training to become a Paediatric Nurse with a Bachelor of Health Science, whilst raising a family of four children. Concurrently studying Biological and Organic Farming. Michele is passionate about sustainable farm practices, healthy living and the importance of connecting with the land and our local environment. “After a career in health I realised that our foundation for good health begins in our farming systems, from the soil up. We grow food without harmful chemical

and we are committed to the growing, nourishing and building of healthy communities”. Farm and Co is open for breakfast, lunch or coffee. Guests are encouraged to breathe in the air and press pause while connecting with those around them and the lush farmland. Guest can also wander through the farm, enjoy the famous sunflowers, feed our pigs and chickens, take just a small moment to get back to nature. Stroll through the farm and see how we grow chemical free fruit and vegetables or simply swing in the hammocks or pick a sunflower. There is also a store with fresh produce picked daily and hand selected treats from third party suppliers with a similar food and farming ethos. Farm and Co is more than just a farm and a café, and the farm scape is more than just a background. Combined these elements create a space where people can reconnect, nurture their soul with healthy food, and be one with nature. Want to learn more? Head over to :

Hunt Skateboards We had a chat with Hunt Skatboard and this is what they had to say : With respect to the innovative, forward thinking & well known skateboard manufacturers out there - to us, it’s about keeping things simple. By keeping things simple, we attract a mindful way of life. No rat race, no competition. Our skateboards are crafted with the mentality of staying true to the core values of the industry. Furthermore, to the Australian surf culture. That is, to the likes of when the skateboard was first invented; it wasn’t about designing something new, rather, it was more about finding an alternative to surfing when there were no waves. This is what we celebrate – a collective that is driven to enjoy life and appreciating something that allows one to do so.

Inspired by the glory of the 50’s,60’s & 70’s skate nostalgia and the industries early pioneers, our journey began when we were kids. Crafting make-shift cruisers in Dad’s back shed after hearing his ‘radical’ youth stories, and making some stories of our own. Since then, those early experiences & developments manifested into a skateboard brand that embodies a deep appreciation for something tailor made and hand crafted. Original, yet with a modern versatility and minimal change to the overall development of skateboard manufacturing. Our skateboards are hand-made in the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Since 2015. @hunt_skateboards

“This is what we celebrate - a collective that is driven to enjoy life and appreciating something that allows one to do so.�

Wandering Folk Outdoor lifestyle brand Wandering Folk was concepted 7 years ago in the bushy outskirts of Sydney by Sharnee Thorpe, a freespirited Textile Designer, who was camping with her Husband in their charming 1969 Comer Campervan and had nothing to sit down on after a huge downpour outside. The idea of a creating a picnic rug was born when Sharnee failed to find a durable waterproof design on the market that she’d be happy to take along on all of their outdoor adventures. After two years of development, the first Wandering Folk picnic rug was launched in 2014 and has since grown into a globally recognised company, inspiring their customers to get outside and connect with nature and each other. Wandering Folk offers waterproof picnic rugs in a range of prints and picnic accessories - cushions, cooler bags and glassware, that are not only practical, but make your picnic or glamping experience more comfortable and beautiful. Wandering Folk picnic rugs are made of durable cotton canvas and feature unique hand drawn artwork by Sharnee, inspired by travel, nature, wild flowers and vintage exotic rugs. The art is digitally printed on top and coated with UPF30+ so your print will stay vibrant and has a waterproof canvas base to keep you dry from the damp ground. For a global artisan touch, the rugs are adorned with hand-made cotton tassels on each corner and every picnic rug comes with its very own woven cotton strap, so you can easily carry your rug wherever you roam.

Photographer : Lyndon Foss

New Collection Wandering Folk relocated to Byron Bay in 2017 and in 2019 opened a beautiful customer showroom, partnered with 1% for the Planet and Rainforest Rescue and collaborated with 70s inspired clothing label Nine Lives Bazaar on an exclusive rug design. Three new prints are launching before summer, bringing the total to twelve original rug prints, all lovingly hand-drawn by Sharnee. Wandering Folk loves inspiring and connecting with fellow free-spirited wanderers through its Instagram platform, where you can find yourself a regular dose of lavish picnic spreads, wanderlust, van-life, breath-taking interiors as well as re-posts of favourite customer picnic images.


Their online Folk Tales Journal is another platform created to inspire, featuring Q&A’s with makers, travellers and like-minded companies encouraging you to wander wide. | @wanderingfolk Visit : 4A/11 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay, NSW 2481




Photographers: 1) Lyndon Foss 2) Beccy Smith 3) Nogani Moore from Gani Photography 4)Nine Lives Bazaar collaboration rug shot by Kat Youngberry





T H E T H I F T E D WAY Thrifting, op shopping, preloved finding… whatever you like to call it, I love it and always have! I could thrift all day! I guess you could say it’s a little addiction of mine. It feels a lot like a big treasure hunt and at times (when my little one isn’t in tow), I find it therapeutic! At first it was all about the cheap bargains, harvesting cool vintage one off items for your wardrobe or home, plus of course saving lots of dollars. Since making small changes in my life to help build better choices for the earth, I’ve become more aware of what I buy- especially clothing! Purchasing second hand is a great way for me to do so. It’s one of the best ways to keep unwanted clothing out of landfill and extends the life of a perfectly useable piece of clothing. @thethriftedway is my approach to share that with others- a space where I can get a little creative, educate, keep myself accountable and even make small profit, whilst also encouraging people to do the same. Win win! Now some people don’t find thrifting as fun as others but gifts and gift wrapping can get a little more exciting. With the festive season coming up, something to think about is all the wrapping paper we use once, rip up then dump straight into the bin.

H O W T O C R E AT E T H E B E S T W R AP P I N G ! A piece by Levi Thompson

Will you give these earth friendly alternatives a go? I hope this has given you some inspiration. Make it a challenge and get thrifting! Below are a few great ways to create recycled gift wrapping. I always go straight to the arts and crafts/material section. Go here first and avoid your normal trip to Kmart! There are always left over materials ready to be re-used... what better way to wrap your gift! Look for colour tones accordingly and get creative. Here’s a package I wrapped in a beautiful sage coloured fabric. Tea Towels Usually close by will be tea towels. You’ll come across some with amazing prints or patterns that you probably won’t find on most wrapping paper. Plus, once the recipient receives their gift they will have a teatowel love and use! Pillow Cases I haven’t used this method yet but I will be! It’s kind of like filling a traditional Christmas sock, but you fill a pillow case instead and use that as a gift wrap alternative. Brown Craft Paper (my favourite) Create a simple, rustic look tied with a piece of cotton, rope or twine (again, dig through those arts and craft bins). Bind together a small bunch of dried flowers as decoration… and waa laah, perfect! Don’t forget to let friends and family know this is something you’re doing differently this year and hopefully they will join you. @thethriftedway

“Effectively remove 1 million single-use bottles�

Win the war on waste at your place! Zero Co is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from every Aussie kitchen, laundry and bathroom. This audacious goal came about when our Founder, Mike Smith, and his wife, Alyssa went travelling overseas for a year. Throughout that time, they noticed plastic in farflung places where no plastic should be. And that got Mike thinking about how to change things up. How to create a business model that would stop the production of new plastic and solve the problem of plastic waste.

Ma, and former CFO of QBE Insurance’s Equator RE Division, Alana Burton.

Mike came back to Australia in March 2019 and started working on a solution. Mike is super passionate about not focusing on the plastic problem – everyone knows it exists. With the average Aussie household of four buying and throwing away more than 200 single-use bottles for their personal care and cleaning products (every single year) he wanted focused on creating a solution that would reduce that number to zero. And Zero Co was born.

We’ve been inundated with messages and emails from all over Australia (and the world!) from everyday people who are keen to get behind an alternative to single-use plastic packaging. It’s been an incredibly heartening experience to be able to gain such an incredible amount of traction in a few short months. We firmly believe it’s a clear sign that consumers want solutions to the plastic problem and that the response sends a clear message to the powers that be that it’s time for change.

He spent months working on the business plan and poured his life savings into the project. In addition, he raised $600,000 in a pre-seed capital round and secured an experienced group of investors including Adelaide Crows chairman and former St George CEO Rob Chapman, tech entrepreneur and founder of Kanbay, Raymond Spencer, chartered accountant and former KPMG Director Jennifer

Our goal during the Kickstarter is to inspire 14,000 Aussie households and business to go Zero which would effectively remove 1 MILLION single-use bottles in our first year of business. We’re a third of the way there with over 350,000 bottles already. We’re simply blown away by the positive response.

In October this year, we launched a Kickstarter campaign calling on all Aussies to help fund the first production run of a range of planet-friendly, plastic-busting household products that get delivered directly to the consumer via a circular delivery system. After just eight days of launching, we hit our target and have raised an additional $560,000 with a week to go of the campaign.

It’s simple: you order, we deliver, you return, we refill. Our dispensers are made from plastic waste collected from the ocean and designed to last a lifetime. Our refill pouches are made from 100% recycled plastic and re-used again and again and again. Our plant-based formulas are vegan and cruelty free, contain no palm oil, SLS, SLES or EDTA, are septic and grey water safe and are backed with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Your products and their lifecycle / benfits to the environment. Our planet-friendly range of plasticbusting, home-cleaning and personal-care items are delivered direct to your door (carbon neutral) via a closed loop delivery system which means you can wave byebye to single-use plastic bottles.

Your first order Zero Co order comes with a set of dispensers (made from plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans), a set of reusable refill pouches (made from recycled plastic diverted from landfill) and a postagepaid return envelope. You simply empty the contents of the refill into your dispenser and pop the refill into the reply paid envelope and send it back to us by dropping it in a post box or booking a pickup. We then clean the pouches, refill them and ship them back out to customers. Over and over and over again thereby creating a circular supply chain that waves bye-bye to single-use plastic. Delivery is carbon neutral and free for orders over $80. The initial product range includes laundry liquid, stain remover, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets, handwash, bodywash, toilet cleaner, multi-purpose spray, bathroom cleaner and air freshener, with plans to expand the range next year. Everything inside the bottles is 100% designed and made in Australia from plant-based formulas.


Follow the journey and learn more on how you can reduce the waste in your house and track which part of the ocean you have help cleaned up. |





olistic health and plastic free living made easy with these 3 DIY recipes from Bernita, founder of The Green Bee Co. an online platform making sustainable “attainable” for individuals and businesses.

Bernita comes from a management and marketing background within the spa and wellness industry which gave her a load of knowledge and insight into products ingredients and what works with the body. “Knowing what I put on my skin and use in my life, has always been just as important to me as what I put in my body” she says. “After watching Stink, the movie, and on embarking on a toxic-free and plastic-free journey, I decided to DIY it”. Over the counter products are lined with potentially harmful ingredients, as well as fragrance – and the chemicals used to formulate scents, are not disclosed to the public. So our best protection is to know what exactly it is we are using, and the best way to do that is to whip up a few recipes of your own. Bernita recommended using only pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are safe for internal and external use, as over the counter essential oils can be filled with synthetics and fillers. If you’d like to learn more about ordering oils or incorporating holistic health, plastic-free living, and other ecofriendly and sustainable living ways into your life, head over to contact page and get in touch. Don’t forget to tag @thegreenbeeco with the hashtag #thegreenbeeco when trying out all the above DIY recipes. Here are Bernita’s go to’s for body-care, skin-care and home-care.



• 3 tbsp bentonite clay 1. Place coconut oil in a bowl of hot water to liquefy.

• 3-4 tbsp coconut oil, melted • 1 tbsp xylitol

2. Measure out all ingredients and stir until blended.

• 2 tsp baking soda

3. Store in glass jar

• 1/4 cup filtered water + more, if needed.

To note: Balancing out the baking soda with xylitol make the mixture less salty. Essential oils will add therapeutic benefits as well as aid with the aftertaste. Using therapeutic grade oil means less drops due to increased potency. Using an amber glass jar will aid in the lasting power of active ingredients.

• 5 drops of peppermint essential oil • 3 drops clove essential oil • Small glass jar

Secatibe runtum earum sincilla velenimus auta nobit raecus di omniet


SKIN-CARE: REVITILIZING BODY SCRUB WHAT YOU’LL NEED 3 tbsp fractionated coconut oil 5 drops peppermint essential oil 2 drops lemon essential oil

Optional extras: - Flower petals for texture and for a lavish extra - Coffee granules to aid poor circulation Combine: Mix all your ingredients together until well combined. Add coconut oil 1 tbsp at a time until your preferred consistency has been reached.

8 tbsp fine or granulated sugar (dependent on whether you prefer a softer scrub or the latter) Jar / tub

HOME-CARE: GENTLE FABRIC SOFTNER Combine & Use: Combine ingredients and use ½ cup per wash. Optional Extras: - Flower petals for texture and for a lavish extra - Coffee granules to aid poor circulation


To note: Essentials oils are added for antibacterial properties and help soften fabric. The smell is not always prominent after washing.

31/2 cups distilled white vinegar 1/2 cup filtered water 10 drops essential oil (lemon & wild orange, or lemongrass, or lavender)

Photograph by Brooke Lark

1L dispenser bottle


A MINI EMBROIDERY TUTORIAL Sit back and relax and step into the world of Sara Robson, from the Creative Co-op and her beautiful Crafts : Hi, my name is Sara and I am the founder of The Creative Co-op. I have been embroidering since before I can remember, every Christmas holidays my cousins and I would stitch our way through the seasons of Kath & Kim at my Grandmother’s house in Evans Head. I’ve recently started teaching creative workshops on the Gold Coast to share my love of craft with others, you can find out more about our workshops through our Instagram @thecreativeco.op. WHAT YOU WILL NEED • Embroidery Needle • Embroidery Thread (separated in half to use only 3 strands at once) • Fabric (choose a tightly woven material with minimal stretch, try up-cycling a piece of clothing or pillowcase you know longer use. • Pencil or Heat removable pen • Embroidery Hoop • Once you have filled your leaf, you can outline the leaf for a bolder look using a contrasting coloured thread and only 1 strand of thread. • Finish off your hoop by gluing the fabric to the back of the inner hoop. Once dried trim the excess fabric. TIPS • Use fabric-friendly glue! • Choose a pretty spot for your stitched embroidered artwork.


Let’s start by finding your favourite plant or leaf, mine is a Monstera Leaf. Bring up a photo of the leaf on your phone and using your phone as a lightbox, transfer the pattern onto the fabric by tracing around the leaf shape and any defining details. • Transfer the fabric with a pattern into the centre of

your embroidery hoop.

• Choosing the relevant colour thread cut the length of

your fingertip to your shoulder. Split the thread into 2 groups of 3 strands. • Thread your needle, double over the embroidery thread

and tie both ends in a knot at the bottom. • Fill your leaf using the satin stitch method.

TIP keep your stitches going the same direction as the veins on the leaf to keep it as realistic as possible.



“Helping reduce the consumerist mindset our cultures have normalised�


to grow dependent of a product that is literally effecting all of our tomorrows. Twelve months since the launch of our signature Travel Essentials pack, a combination of truly practical Essentials designed to enable a path for plastic free travel, we are working Almost two years have passed since hard to evolve. starting the trip that changed our destiny. Backpacking Asia was a Whilst promoting the refusal of confronting adventure where we single use plastic, water safety is a inevitably acknowledged the havoc major concern of the international plastic is wreaking on our environment. traveller with waterborne pathogens still found in over 105 countries. We It was eight months of bliss experiencing acknowledge the many circumstances such rich and vibrant cultures, but equal that require a greater Travel Essential dismay, witnessing the negative impact capable from two of the several million foreigners travelling these countries daily by simply buying a bottle of water. We had travelled to developing nations where 80-90% of plastic waste is mismanaged and felt no choice but to be part of the solution, thus starting our journey towards plastic free travel. enda Essentials aims to become a movement that brings nature loving explorers together, a network of conscious minded travellers aware of the path we sow. It’s the belief we can all reap a better tomorrow with the conscious choices made today.

Although travelling these countries enabled us to open our eyes to the plastic crisis, we never saw Asia as the problem. Reflecting on our travels throughout 5 continents, we saw how plastic was a systemic issue, completely infiltrating our lives and in merely a few generations we have allowed ourselves

and have designed a Global Purifier that we aim to put in the hands of all those travelling with purpose. Think of a Global Purifier adaptable to the favourite bottle you likely already own, not only eliminating the need to purchase plastic bottles, but helping reduce the consumerist mindset our cultures have normalised for long enough. Designed by Travellers for Travellers, And always with the Earth in mind. @sendaessentials


My name is Sally and I’m the founder of Poplar. I live with my husband and a cheeky golden retriever named Charlie on a farm in Margaret River, Western Australia. Living in the bush, we sadly see the impact of plastic and rubbish on our native wildlife and beaches. Poplar was born from a desire to reduce this devastating effect that plastic and waste has on our natural environment as well as encouraging us all to take responsibility for our own waste footprint. Our vision for Poplar is to provide beautiful and sustainable products to help reduce plastic use in the home, with the idea that many people taking small steps can have a big impact and inspire others to be environmental change-makers. Living a low-waste lifestyle can be cost-effective and easier than you think! Our most popular product is our handmade beeswax wraps. The wraps are made from 100% certified organic cotton infused with Australian beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin and are plastic-free, reusable and compostable/biodegradable. An environmentally-friendly and beautiful alternative to single-use plastic cling wrap, Poplar beeswax wraps are designed with minimalism in mind while being good for the planet and for you. The wraps are used to wrap around sandwiches, bowls, fruit, cheese, and more. Our beeswax wraps are proudly handmade in our farm kitchen in Margaret River, Western Australia. We carefully cut, wax and fold each wrap by hand, so each is unique.  Thank you for your support and for joining this journey to reduce your plastic waste! POPLAR | |

MAYDE TEA - Certified organic - Hand-blended - Naturopath formulated - Free from artificial colours & flavours - Delivered in recyclable packaging

After embracing tea in her own health journey, naturopath Kate Dalton now shares her passion for plant-based healing and natural living through the Mayde Tea collection. She truly believes that nature provides us with the best resources for preserving our health.


Mayde Tea blends are a delicious salve for mind, body and soul, allowing you to savour nature’s healing power at any time of day. Every tea is created in harmony with your body and the environment, made with herbs harvested in their native location where they thrive best. The result is a collection of fine-quality teas with the highest therapeutic value and distinctive flavours. | @maydetea Photographer: Michael Taylor | @michaeltaylor


Meet Rubie, she is the amazing face behind “ Can’t handle the Scrunch”. Rubie is currently studying a Bachelor of Design and in her spare time is creating quirky and unique recyclable scrunchies with an amazing cause to support 1 million voices campaign. These scrunchies are made from recycled elastic, thread and sourced from preowned materials. (The majority are discount cut-off’s and OP shop finds, which often end up in our landfills). All washed, sanitised and ready for use. These scrunchies will last forever, you will never need another hairband again so why not buy one or a few. These scrunches are the ideal gift for yourself, a friend, mum, sister, brother, whoever has hair and wants to style it up. We asked Rubie about her driving force behind this venture and her charity of choice. There are so many girls, women, children who are living their lives in the struggle, but in a different way, a way we exploit. These people are suffering due to unfair labour laws, in sweatshops, in

terrible conditions, malnourished, suffering under unfair labour laws, and struggling to eat and provide for themselves and their families. They need a voice, they need to be heard and helped and that is how I found the 1 million voices campaign, who stand up and fight for women and children in need all around the world. 50c from every scrunchie sale is donated to the 1 million women campaign. This is in hopes that you remember that there are so many people out there who are struggling, all in different ways, voiceless and in need of help and support. Buy a scrunchie and wear it knowing that your purchase has not only gone to help me live my dream of designing and creating for others to bring happiness and normalise my need to stay indoors but you are also giving a voice to the voiceless, helping them through their struggles. If you would like to learn more about Rubie and her wonderful cause head over to her socials for updates on new scrunchies and information. @cant_handle_the_scrunch

ENA “The Ena range is made from high quailty products using botanicals that are as close to nature as possible.”

Lindy’s idea for Ena was born far away in Machu Picchu, as she sat at the Sun Gate watching the clouds part to reveal the ancient Incan ruins. It was a turning point in her life where she felt incredibly calm and her vision was clear. She would leave her old life behind in television and advertising and study massage therapy. Lindy’s nature is one of a nurturer. One who truly cares about people and the world we live in. It was a perfect fit. During this period Lindy learned from respected teachers how to create her creams, lotions, and balms from natural, high-quality botanicals. So popular were these products that Lindy decided to start her own line of allnatural body care products. Ena, named after her grandmother Ena, was born. The beautiful design was a priority for Lindy when she briefed her design team.

Lindy wanted to inject personality, colour, and style to her range. One that reflected her sense of fun and casual Australian style. What the designers came up with was uniquely Australian, with a nod to the Australian landscape. While stemming from the colour palette of the land, it goes with every bathroom and kitchen from fresh white to the bold and impactful. The Ena range is made from highquality ingredients using botanicals that are as close to nature as possible. It’s with this in mind that each product is meticulously tested and considered. Containing only 100% genuine essential oils in all of their products, you can be confident that using Ena will benefit your wellbeing and the environment. | @enaproudcts Photographer : Andrew Lloyd

Photographer : Desfura

Model : Emily Nash

BARE SKINFOOD A certified organic skin care company, which has been specially designed to be suitable for those with sensitive skin as well as accommodating to all others.

Bare Skinfood is a certified organic skincare company, which has been specially designed for those with sensitive skin as well as accommodating to all other skin types.

with their uniqueness. We also wanted to bring transparency back into the beauty industry and build a brand that our community could have complete faith in, with no tricks or gimmicks.

Our products are all certified organic, veganfriendly, water-free, hypoallergenic, palm oil-free, eco-friendly and made in Byron Bay.

For our range, we looked to ingredients we loved but gave them a gentle twist. Instead of getting vitamin C from harsh citric acids, we got it from softer plums, berries, grapes, and apricots. We also looked to anti-inflammatory ingredients and topical antihistamines such as the Quantong berry.

Bare Skinfood was created after dealing with extreme sensitivity, eczema, acne and combination skin. After always having reactions to other products that claimed to be gentle, I craved ones that would not only help my irritated skin but also give it all the extra benefits I longed for – to be even, supple and radiant. Our mission was to create high-quality products that would make our customers feel amazing in their bare beautiful skin and to fall in love

The range is also loaded with beautiful butters, oils, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, & E, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids along with an abundance of antioxidants to thoroughly feed your skin and make it feel the best it can be. | @bare.skinfood

SETTLER HIVES It’s absolutely taken off since they have launched in 2018, almost one year ago! They now have over 65 stockists in five states here in Australia (including Tasmania) and British Columbia - Canada, Nashville - USA, Barcelona - Spain and London - United Kingdom. We are spoilt for choice as there is plenty of opportunities to get your hands on these amazing collections and you two can build a beautiful garden to call your own.

Settler Hives all started with two beehives and now it has blossomed into a beautiful family business. We had the opportunity to delve into a little piece of Roger, Hayley and Scarlett world and here is what they had to say: Hey! My wife and I are backyard beekeepers with our 2 year old Scarlett. Our love for the bees started with just two beehives in the backyard while we were working in Canada living in a barn in a blueberry field. Now we don’t just keep bees, we feed them! We’re passionate about being apart of this culture of mindfulness. We want to create feel good products that benefit our surroundings and help shape a positive culture of getting outside. With flowers, herbs and garden greens sourced from the best seed houses in the world. It just made sense, we love food and bees multiply our food source (through pollination) and bees eat flowers.’ Settler HIves collection of seeds ranges in variety fromFlower Nectar, Edible Flowers, Natives, Cut Flowers, Herbs and Garden Greens. All packaged from their little Queenslander in Toowoomba. Roger works as a full-time carpentry and Hayley manages seed operations (along with Scarlett) during the day and the little trio pack seeds at the dining table at night. We love it so much we’re shaping settlers so we can start working as a family unit full-time. To be together, and more than to DO something, together. Ultimately by feeding bees, we are feeding ourselves. Savour life outdoors – feed your soul, eyes, and colony. Roger & Hayley Mason Backyard Beekeepers | @settlerhives

Photographer: Sabine Bannard

OLIVE ROSE DESIGNS Give a Card that Grows A Card shows that you cared enough to remember and a greeting card expresses all the human emotions. It allows us a vast variety of sentiments. So next time you are debating to shoot a quick text, email or giving an actual greeting card, ask yourself which one conveys the kind of message you wish to send. These beautiful hand-drawn cards are printed on 100% Recyclable Seeded Paper, made here in Australia by skilled hand papermakers. Give a Card that Grows makes a card that much more fun and memorable! By giving a gift that keeps on giving! There are currently two selections to grow: Daisies or bottle brushes - with a variety of designs. HOW DOES IT WORK? As your card not only has a beautiful illustration on it, it also has numerous amounts of seed which have been pressed into the paper. Once the card is received and admired, there are two options: • Tear the card at the fold and savour the illustration, for wall art or another gift and plant the other Or • Plant the whole card. Once you have picked, you simply soak the paper in water and then pop it into the fresh soil, which enables sunlight to reach it. Over the course of the weeks, you water it and watch it grow - as simple as that! | @oliverose.designs

Crawford & Co Handmade Crawford & Co Handmade is an Australian based small business that creates natural, eco-friendly Kitchen Blocks, Soap Bars & Soy Candles. With a strong focus on conscious living and sustainability, who strives to create high-quality products for a healthy home. Shae (owner and creator) has recently released the ‘Little Travellers’ Range which allows you to travel sustainably, feeling fresh and clean. These beautiful soap bars come in a miniature 60g twin pack in a reusable cotton pouch, suiting the needs of every global traveller! Natural Soap Bars : • Synthetic Fragrance-Free • Palm Oil Free • Paraben-Free • Phthalate Free • Vegan-Friendly

Photographed by Jenna Aigus


Wanderlightly Deodorant Balm, Bug Balm , Body Balm

Wanderlightly was created in 2015 after Sarah ( Founder ) first hand experienced the devastating effects of pollution around the Islands of Tonga. Here vowing to go Plastic Free for the year to share with others how they could reduce their use practically. Within the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Sarah created the Deodorant for herself as she struggled to find one that was natural, ethical & Plastic-free. Sarah has spent countless hours researching & formulating products in which every part of the process & supply chain has been considered to reduce environmental impact. Resulting in each product being kind to both our skin & the Planet! They are Vegan, cruelty, palm oil, aluminum, paraben, SLS & all the nasty stuff

free, local & organic where possible. The Balm tubes are made from recycled paper with plastic-free plant lining that is home compostable & recyclable. (Many tubes are still lined with plastic, even though they may not look like it) . “Every part of the process has been infused with love - it’s the main ingredient in all the Balms!” It was important for Sarah to create a business that supports the Earth, 5% of all sales & workshops go towards Australian conservation initiatives planting 1300 trees in Tasmania last year to assist in carbon drawdown. | @wanderlightly








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