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Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church

2014 Annual Report

Hynm 680, verses 1 & 2

The Church’s One Foundation

2015 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda February 22, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Hymn 525, vs. 1 & 2 – The Church’s One Foundation Opening Prayer Call to Order – The Rector Report of the Nominating Committee Vestry and Diocesan Convention Delegates – Stewart Thomas Election – Robert Wilson, Parliamentarian and Chancellor Treasurer’s Report – Grady Schleier Foundation Report – Patricia Monfrey Stewardship Report – Mary and Rosser Newton Wardens’ Reports Senior Warden – Stewart Thomas Junior Warden – Nancy Skochdopole Campus Planning Report – Stewart Thomas, Ralph Hawkins Concluding Comments – Bob Dannals, Rector Election Results (if available) Questions and Responses Adjournment and Doxology

Dear People of Saint Michael and All Angels, Frederick Buechner, a well-known Presbyterian minister and writer, in his book Secrets in the Dark, writes this about the church: “Jesus made his church out of human beings with more or less the same mixture in them of openness of heart and sheer cussedness as you would be apt to find in any one of us. The reason he made his church out of human beings is that human beings were all there was to make it out of. In fact, as far as I know, human beings are all there is to make it out of still. Maybe the best thing that could happen to the church would be for some great tidal wave of history to wash [the institutionalism] away ... then all we would have left would be each other and Christ, which was all there was in the first place.” It is striking to step back once a year at the annual meeting and to take stock of all the ways that God has been moving in our lives. Nearly 70 years ago, a small group of Episcopalians – and assorted others – gathered in buildings on the young campus of SMU to become the community of faith which is now called Saint Michael and All Angels. Over these decades we’ve learned that the church is at its truest when it follows and imitates Christ. One thing is clear: a caring, growing, redemptive, inclusive, missionminded community is not something we make up, provide on our own, or buy overthe-counter; it is made, planted and sustained by God’s very Spirit, and it is in direct continuity with the community of apostles called by Jesus and sent out to “love one another as he loves us.” This booklet of reports is a brief attempt to tell the story of how God has been using us during the past year, how we have sought to be faithful, serving, generous, worshipping, learning, and reaching out. Please take the few minutes required to read this wonderful array of short stories of God’s grace and action in our midst. I am deeply grateful to our clergy, staff, and lay leaders for their tireless efforts to advance a portion of God’s kingdom in this place. Faithfully yours,

Robert S. Dannals Rector

Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church Annual Report 2014

Rector’s Report and Brenda Sol, we said hello to the Rev. Bill Murray as our new Vicar. Bill, Jesse, and their boys have brought a vital spirit to our life and work. We have also welcomed Ellen Talley, Erica Bower, Elise Davis, and Elizabeth Keogh to our children’s ministries staff, and we have re-ordered nearly our whole building operations staff, saying goodbye to long-serving employees, Bracken Reece and Marco Reyes, and hello to new Director of Facilities, Don Martin, and new porters. In the fall we bid farewell to the Huddlestons; Kevin having served recently as Associate Priest for Mission and Outreach. And, we look forward to calling two new younger clergy this spring, one to lead our vigorous outreach ministries, the other to foster new work with young adults, including restarting our Pathways to Ministry program.

Author Philip Yancey is a perceptive and thoughtful interpreter of the current church scene. In a recent article, “Taking My Stand With the Church,” Yancey recounts his own story of growing up in a harsh, legalistic and critical church where people were always vitriolic about their own needs not being met, giving very little voice to the whole of the mission and ministry of the The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Dannals church. He goes on to note the Rector characteristics of a parish church that he finds helpful: “Over the years, I look outward and then inward.”

Another primary highlight has been to complete the Formation 20/20 study, goals and implementation plan. During the coming years the parish will experience this work first-hand. The goals include community-building events, a consistent Sunday School pattern at 10:00, electronic resource pages, and formation built around service/mission projects, even while maintaining our important current programs like Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. For adults, the Formation Team is continuing the myriad of regular offerings, including the numerous midweek Bible and study groups, and the guest speakers series and Distinguished Lectureships, and rededicating itself to younger families and young adults. The parish well remembers in times past when we had vital, well-attended classes on Sunday mornings with a focus on family living, raising faithful children, etc. The class led by Greg and Noralyn Pickens on marriage during the past three years has been the seed-work for more of these offerings. Bill Murray is working closely with our youth ministers to continue the several small group and mission activities while re-vitalizing Sunday mornings and large-group activities. And, we continue to be active in renewal and evangelism ministries, primarily Cursillo.

I begin this annual report with the thrilling news that Saint Michael and All Angels continues to “look outward and then inward” – in that order. Our parish is very active in outreach – to meet needs in Dallas, our country and the larger world. Many years ago we found that our parish’s soul is nourished and shaped by service to others, by servant ministries to the least, the last and the lost. This looking outward is consistent with William Temple’s great dictum: “the church is the only cooperative society in the world that exists for those who do not yet belong to it.” Looking inward is important, too. We continue to advance worship variety, Christian formation opportunities, and spiritual growth and pastoral care ministries second to none. In the middle of these efforts the core message is grace and gratitude, the overwhelming reality that in Jesus we experience God’s love freely and unequivocally. Burned by his early church experience of seeing the church as a commodity, an entertainment venue, a retail operation intended to provide captivating “programming,” and a moral whipping post, it took Yancey years to begin to see that without hearing and experiencing the grace of God in Christ, there is no vitality, no sign of life in a local congregation.

Our Preschool and young children’s ministries continue to thrive. This is our largest growth engine in the parish. As we turn the corner in our arrangements with the Episcopal School of Dallas departure in 2020, the Preschool Board, Campus Plan Committee, and Vestry, will be giving Katie Riley and her staff what they need to develop the very best preschool and full childcare center in Dallas County.

I have spent a good deal of my time lately evaluating what we’ve been doing, receiving feedback from groups and surveys, and anticipating where we will be going in the future and what we’ll need from God and each other to get there. Wondering how we can improve the depth and quality of our mission and ministries is one of my chief responsibilities and joys.

Two years ago I asked Stewart Thomas and Matt Waller to cochair a campus planning process based partially on the anticipated departure of ESD’s Lower School. With the imagination and strategic thinking of a stellar team and with the valuable input of the congregation, they are now poised to advance the first

One of the highlights of this past year has been the addition of new staff and clergy. As we bid farewell to the Revs. Mike Dangelo 4

of Jesus. In so many ways our parish has been reaching out to the needs of our world. Through our Mission and Outreach Team, co-chaired by Richard Kelley and Mike Davis, and supported by a vast array of volunteers, we continue to provide and support many important ministries of social concern and justice, seeking to partner with others to build sustainable communities of health and wholeness. The Women of Saint Michael also add an abundance to this mission through the massive benefits of the St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange and the Parish Party. And the corner of our Lanai is filled every Sunday with volunteers from We have also strengthened our financial position in the past the St. Mary’s Guild and the breakfast treats they have baked, year(s). Thanks to the dedicated work of Philip Wiggins and Peggy with proceeds going to the Genesis Women’s Carr, and the generosity of many, we have Many years ago we Shelter. Our special offerings (Christmas, reduced the debt on the Lomo Alto building by half, bringing a stream of income to the found that our parish’s Easter, Episcopal Relief and Development Sunday, Good Friday, United Thank parish every year, and we have increased our giving to outreach through our operating soul is nourished and Offering) generate over $100,000 per year, budget, with a goal of reaching a tithe shaped by service and the participation and generosity of our parishioners adds unaccounted amounts of within the next seven years. Several years to others, by servant outreach energy and resources to servant ago we began a savings plan to increase our building maintenance and repair reserve, ministries to the least, work near and far. We also continue to be a full-paying supporter of both our Diocesan which we have sorely needed this winter the last and the lost. and National Church budgets, and beyond when we discovered a main sewage pipe breakage underneath our parish hall kitchen This looking outward is our regular partners, we are involved in the and gymnasium. We have also benefitted consistent with William wider church – with local, national and international ministries, including: The from several good years of economic growth enabling parishioners to increase their annual Temple’s great dictum: Compass Rose Society, Episcopal Relief and giving. This year is a banner period in the “the church is the only Development, Dallas Faces Race, the Dallas Interfaith Network, Canterbury Cathedral, life of our congregation – we have returned cooperative society in the Community of the Cross of Nails, the to and surpassed the level of giving of the top year of 2008. So far we have reached a the world that exists for Anglican Centre in Rome, St. John’s Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, the Friends of the preliminary goal of $5.2 million in pledge those who do not yet Diocese of the Middle East, St. Philip’s amounts, in near record time. Thanks to the School, five seminaries, Creativity for Peace, high-quality leadership of Mary and Rosser belong to it.” The Haiti Nutrition Program, Episcopal Newton and a very dedicated stewardship Service Corp, The Society of St. John the Evangelist, The Society team, staff and Vestry, we are pleased to realize a 6% increase in for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge (SPCK), FunEd giving for 2015 – over last year. And finally, we have established Micro-finance, two conference centers -- to name a few. The a broader buffet for our Foundation, now receiving undesignated associate clergy and I also reach out through three funds: The (and designated) gifts into an endowment which can be used for Koinonia (meaning “community”) Fund, for inside the parish annual identified operating ministries. This will open up a larger needs; The Good Samaritan Fund, for outside the parish needs; venue of possibilities for asset-based and legacy giving through and, The Rector’s Discretionary Fund, for many unbudgeted wills and estates. We hope each of you will consider remembering outreach needs. Over the past five years, our average annual giving Saint Michael’s in your will, and that you’ll let us know of your to ministries beyond ourselves is nearly $1.5 million dollars. intentions by joining the All Angels Society. phases of an exciting plan that will improve our community spaces, move our preschool up the hallway to a dedicated area presently occupied by ESD, designate a “front door” for our campus, consolidate the staff offices, build a great/parish hall on the first floor, and maximize the income potential of a portion of the “north seven acres” by negotiating a land-lease for commercial use. All of these features have been strongly affirmed by the parish and will enhance our campus for many years to come.

We have been doubling our efforts over the past year in the area of hospitality, parish life, engagement, and new member ministries. Through the valuable work of the welcoming and engagement teams, we have executed newcomer lunches, Neighborhood

In the inaugural sermon of his ministry in his home synagogue of Nazareth, Jesus quoted words from Isaiah: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor ...” Anyone who is baptized promises to imitate this ministry 5

we have a dedicated space for contemporary worship, we will reinaugurate this aspiration and begin a full-energy contemporary service. In the meantime, I am grateful to those who worked hard on this experiment. We simply don’t know what will be a good offering until we try!

Nights, “A World Class Welcome” featuring Omni Hotels C.E.O. Bob Rowling, the Inquirers’ Series, Greeters, connections with newlyweds, baptismal families, those experiencing sickness, death and new birth. Through the Connect Team and the Good Shepherds, we continue to seek out those who are not engaged in ministries, encouraging discipleship and service, both inside the church and beyond. And, oh yes, the Saint Michael’s Farmers Market has been a spark of community in our parking lot during spring and summer, and we’re scheduled for our fourth year this spring.

The final area of our life on which to report is communications. The first thing to report is that we have the best in the Episcopal Church! I realize that some of you think you get too much. Well, get over it! If we didn’t send you high quality (not slick and expensive), thoughtful, creative, and regular communication in eleven different forms, you’d complain. And we’re going to send more! We’re tooling up to be even more digital, and our new resource pages will reach out to those who are not yet part of Saint Michael’s. I still enjoy a good readership of the daily e-devotions, a weekly spiritual exercise that keeps me in touch with the biblical text, and me with you. Simply said: the style, quality, volume and creativity of our information sharing is second to none. I am grateful to our staff and to the many volunteers, including our writers, videographers, photographers, and other technical assistants who help with our enterprise.

The pastoral care network has a stunning array of dedicated and caring people. Through Stephen Ministers, Friends in Christ, LEVs, Funeral Reception Guild, and many others, we have hundreds of parishioners who reach out with love, care, mercy and the touch of God. In the area of our pastoral care, our 7,000 members become 14,000 in the volume of our care and concern, because we tend to many relatives and friends who don’t have a church home. And what of the worship life of Saint Michael and All Angels? What can I say except a profound “thank you” to the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who serve as singers, musicians, acolytes, ushers, vergers, Altar Guild members, LEVs, chalice bearers, lectors, and to those special groups who provide assistance for weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations, ordinations, and diocesan and regional liturgical functions. The variety, depth, inspiration, and dedication are beyond words. The special occasions continue to touch our hearts and enliven our spirits: Homecoming with Larry Gatlin, Saint Michael Presents – Community Concert Series, the Blessing of the Animals, Veterans’ Day, All Saints’ Day, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Feast of Lights, Shrove Tuesday’s Burial of the Alleluias and Ash Wednesday, Lent and Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost. Wow, what a year!

I extend my deep gratitude to my clergy colleagues; worship, program, and support staff; to the Vestry; and, to the volumes of talented and faithful lay leaders. I thank my wife, Valerie, for her love and for her abiding interest in and support of the life we share at Saint Michael’s. I am particularly grateful for the extraordinary ministries of our Wardens, Stewart Thomas and Nancy Skochdopole, both of whom are retiring from the Vestry; our Treasurer, Grady Schleier; our Chancellors -- Robert Wilson, Bob Wilbur, Dianna Bowen, Grant Wood, and Arnold Spencer; our Clerk, Margaret Spellings; the Stewardship Chairs, Mary and Rosser Newton; the Foundation Trustees and their President, Robin Robinson; and three retiring Vestry members: Christine Ashmore, Grady Schleier, and Tom Stewart.

In last year’s rector’s report I mentioned an interest among some parishioners in our exploring a new contemporary worship service. During the spring and summer we held several pilot services, tried those services in different locales and at different times. We also explored worship with and without eucharist, and different styles of music. We learned a great deal. We incorporated some of those learnings, aspirations and features into the 11:00 worship time this fall in the Theatre, believing that at the present time we didn’t have an ideal space, nor the regular clergy and music staff to handle one more service. This experiment has been received with mix reviews. Thus, beginning in January, 2015, we have returned that service to nearly what it was before the trial, and we recovered the name “Celebration” for that service. At a future time when

Saint Michael and All Angels may be compared to the Biblical image of the vine, with fruit-bearing branches. There is a liferhythm, a living organism, where branches die and new growth appears. Our beloved Deacon Jim Webb died in late spring, 2014. We miss him every week, share our sympathy with his family, and thank God that we shared life and ministry with him. We continue to be the primary supporters of the church that Jim helped found, The Gathering, a worshipping community of mostly homeless people in downtown Dallas. Now we are called, as Jim Webb was called in his time, to plant seeds of mission that flourish in many instances after we have 6

of our congregation who are looking for meaning and direction? What difference are we making in the ongoing scars of racism, economic injustice in our society and in the world at large? You and I are called to join Jesus’ mission to bring good news to the poor, proclaim release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

gone. Christians who understand themselves as planters, sowers of seed for the future, begin with the knowledge that God is the abundant sower whose activity assures that God’s mission will flourish. And our activity in sowing seeds in mission is to be consistent with the agenda of Jesus. In the fall of 1970, I was fifteen years old and I went with others on a Christian weekend retreat and mission experience. One of our leaders had been a college athlete at the University of Tennessee. We were surrounded by dedicated and faithful young adults, who instilled in us a love of Christ and an appeal to service. Several years ago I wrote this primary youth leader on the occasion of his retirement to thank him for his ministry and to tell him that the seeds he had planted had made a huge difference in my life.

God bless and keep you!

Bob Dannals Rector

What seeds are we planting today? What difference are we making to the communities where we’re connected? To the young people


Senior Warden’s Report

Stewart Thomas Senior Warden

What a joy it is to serve as your Senior Warden. 2014 has been a year of important progress and growth for Saint Michael. We expanded our ministries into the community, we made important decisions regarding our future campus, and we remain financially solid and responsible. Most importantly, Saint Michael continues to serve our community in a wide variety of unique ways, offering real and meaningful help in the building

Meanwhile, our Congregational Care ministry has doubled in size. We provided volunteer receptions for over 60 funerals and over 60 of our Extended Care Cooks deliver meals to a growing number of parishioners. We have also experienced change and growth. We mourn the loss of The Rev. Jim Webb, we said goodbye to The Rev. Brenda Sol and Rev. Kevin Huddleston, and we welcomed our new Vicar, The Rev. Bill Murray. We said goodbye to Bracken Reece and welcomed Don Martin, our new facilities director. Speaking of facilities, we concluded construction of the columbarium, installed the new stain glass doors in the Church, and we erected a new monument sign on Douglas. We made a nice bit of income renting out a section of our north land for a neighboring construction staging area and parking lot; which helped us balance the budget. Most importantly, we concluded a Campus Plan survey and adopted a Future Campus Plan recommended by the Campus Planning Committee.

of God’s kingdom. Our Mission and Outreach Ministry has become the gold standard in outreach ministries, providing relief, rehabilitation, and development locally, nationally, and abroad. We generously gave away over $157,000 from our Christmas and Easter plate offerings and Heart of Giving. We bought and prepared food for 350 homeless persons each month at Austin Street Shelter, served 14,312 Meals on Wheels, served 50 meals each month to AIDS victims, and we started The Gathering, which served spiritual and nutritious meals to over 600 homeless persons. Over 400 parishioners contributed countless hours at Jubilee, including tutoring 130 children in after school programs. Of course, we also sent missioners back to Honduras, Amistad, Cuba, and Rosebud.

Equally important, Saint Michael remains financially sound and fiscally responsible. While we experienced an unfortunately high number of unpaid pledges, the clergy and staff responded and operated within their means. Through solid leadership and sound decision-making, Saint Michael remains in solid financial condition. Behind these impressive figures is the real story: the story of a caring and engaged community who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We take seriously our Baptismal vows and we strive to live lives of meaning and purpose.

Meanwhile, the Women of Saint Michael has grown into one of the most impactful woman’s charity groups in Dallas. Through their generous gifts of time and talent, the Women have donated more than $8 million to non-profit charities since 1958. Grant requests have doubled in recent years, and last year, the Women of the Church awarded over 100 grants to mostly Dallas area non-profits totaling $500,000!

All is not perfect, that’s for sure. We have our challenges and shortcomings. Certainly 2015 will present new challenges and new opportunities. But I am certain that we will meet these challenges with the bold confidence that we are a Church blessed by God, guided by his Spirit, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world.

Our Christian Formation continues to provide a wide variety of excellent programs, classes and retreats from Children and Family Ministries, Youth Ministry, through Adult Education. Whether it is the children’s Vacation Bible School, the 4 weekly adult Sunday School classes, the 15 weekday Bible Studies, the Distinguished Lecture Series, the Saint Michael Presents concert series, or the summer Faith and Literature class, our Christian formation rightfully enjoys its reputation for excellence and variety.

We are indeed very blessed. What a joy it is to belong to this incredibly loving and caring community. I hope you feel the same way.

Stewart Thomas Senior Warden 8

2014 – 2015 Vestry Officers

Stewart Thomas

Senior Warden

2012 – 2015

Nancy Skochdopole

Junior Warden

2012 – 2015

Grady Schleier


2012 – 2015

Robert Wilson


Margaret Spellings



Christine Ashmore

2012 – 2015

Peter Beck

2014 – 2017

John Gorman

2013 – 2016

Beth Hise

2014 – 2017

Kathy Jenevein

2013 – 2016

Rachel Morgan

2014 – 2017

Sallie Plummer

2013 – 2016

Randy Rekerdres

2013 – 2016

Tom Rhodus

2014 – 2017

Tom Stewart

2012 – 2015

Matt Waller

2013 – 2016

Kay Whelan

2014 - 2017


Elections – Vestry Nominations 2015

Eric Conner

Eric has been a member of Saint Michael and All Angels for more than 20 years. He has served as a member of the Stewardship Committee since 2013, sings in the choir, and has been on the Adult Formation committee for three years. Eric has twice served as a tribe leader for the 6th grade Disciples Confirmation class, and has participated in several Bible study classes over the years.

Mark Demler

Mark is involved in several of ministries at Saint Michael. He is in his fifth year working with the Stephen Ministry program, is active with the Men of Saint Michael, and is a Sunday Greeter. He delivers meals to shut-ins as a Meals on Wheels volunteer, and helps cook and serve at the Austin Street Shelter. Mark works as Audit Committee leader with The Gathering, the downtown church for the homeless started by Saint Michael, and prepared its first annual audit for the Diocese of Dallas.

Kathy Kelley

Kathy has been a member of Saint Michael since childhood and has had leadership positions in many of the church’s ministries. She has served the Women of Saint Michael as President, Treasurer, and Cochair of Strategic Planning; and for three years chaired the group’s Gifts Committee, which distributed more than $1 million to charities. Currently she serves on the church’s Finance Committee, the Mission and Outreach Grants Committee, and the Stewardship Committee.

J.C. Snead

J.C. has been a member of Saint Michael and All Angels for more than 30 years and has been a mainstay in the worship services. He has served as an acolyte and chalice bearer for over 20, a master of ceremonies for 9 years, and a verger for 8 years. Currently J.C. is a member of the Worship Committee, the Men of Saint Michael, and has been a delegate to several Diocesan Conventions.

Margaret Spellings

Margaret has been a member of Saint Michael and All Angels for nearly 30 years. She has served as the church’s Clerk for the past three years, drawing on her skills as an attorney and training in financial planning. She has a broad knowledge of Saint Michael’s organization and programming, and has served in many volunteer capacities including the Women of Saint Michael.


Diocese Convention Delegate Candidates One Year Term

(expiring February, 2016) Delegates: Ralph Cousins

Alternates: Chuck Stewart

• Former Vestry member • Convention delegate • Mission and Outreach, Stewardship committees

• Convention delegate or alternate (multiple years) • Mission and Outreach committee • Good Shepherd Ministry

Bill Johnson

Liz Oliphant

• Standing Committee of the Diocese • Board: Seminary of the Southwest • National Board for Theological Education

• Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lector • Convention delegate • Former Diocese of Dallas Executive Council

Phil Ritter

Bill McGannon

• Former Senior Warden • Convention delegate • Mission and Outreach, Stewardship committees

• Executive Council of the Diocese • Bishop Search Committee • Saint Michael Foundation Trustee

Two Year Term

(expiring February, 2017) Delegates: Marla Briggle

Alternates: Plack Carr

• Convention delegate 2007 – 2013 • Member: Altar Guild, Funeral Guild, Wedding Guild • American Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

• Foundation Trustee of the Diocese • Convention delegate • Episcopal School of Dallas Trustee

Cliff Miercort

Robert Smith

• Former Senior Warden • Jubilee Park – DISD committee • Chair, Compensation committee

• Stephen Minister • Funeral Usher

Van Sheets

• Saint Michael Choir • Stewardship committee • Disciples Class teacher

Paul Talbot

• Former Senior Warden • Former Treasurer • Stewardship committee

Three Year Term

(expiring February, 2018) Delegates: Robert Buchanan, Jr.

Alternates: James Wiley

• Stephen Minister • Verger, Acolyte, Chalice Bearer • Convention delegate

• Former Junior Warden and Treasurer • Saint Michael Choir • Adult Formation and Stewardship committees

Charles (Charlie) Sartain

James Kerr, Jr.

• Former Senior Warden • Assistant Chancellor • Acolyte, Chalice Bearer

• Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lector • Lay Eucharistic Visitor • Pastoral Care committee

Donell Wiggins

Blake Hull

• Former Vestry member • Former President Women of Saint Michael • Former Chair Child Development committee

• Former Vestry Member • Convention Delegate • Mission and Outreach, Pastoral Care, Adult Formation committees 11

Finances & Operations

Report on Saint Michael and All Angels Church Finances

Grady Schleier Treasurer



Our finances are sound and our cash reserves are adequate. In 2014, we effectively achieved breakeven with a deficit of $4,493 versus a projected surplus of $7,317. We continue to support Mission & Outreach ministries financially at a high level. Even with an increase in Stewardship, due to increases in expenses, we still have several areas that are in need of funds.

As of February 1, I can report that the total pledges for 2015 were $5,087,959 a 6% increase from $4,798,480 in 2014. The average pledge in 2015 is $4,040, a 4% increase over the average pledge in 2014 of $3,874. The number of pledges increased 3.5% from 1,212 in 2014 to 1,255 in 2015. As treasurer, I am often asked what is the average pledge required to meet the needs of our ministry areas without cuts and with support for growth. My answer is an average pledge of $5,000. As a point of reference, the average pledge at other large Episcopal parishes comparable to Saint Michael range from $5,000 to $8,000. We are grateful to every person who pledges to Saint Michael at every giving level. But in a world of non-profits that ask for our support frequently and in such sophisticated ways, I feel it is so important to prayerfully consider where the church ranks in our giving priorities. I can assure you that the need is great, and we are careful and efficient stewards of your gifts.


Our financial results for 2014 were adequate, but due to an odd circumstance. Our operating revenue came in at $5,665,361 which was $152,640 under budget. This lack of budgeted revenue was due to lower than expected payment of pledges. The good news is the clergy and staff were able to manage expenses below budget by $140,830.


A common question is, “How much of our budget goes to Outreach?” Here is a simple summary:


At the end of a Stewardship campaign that runs from September to January (we have some 200-300 pledges arrive in January), we project the annual revenue that is available for our ministries. In November, our staff engages in a professional budgeting process in which they forecast costs for their ministry area. We then compare those budgets with the results of the Stewardship campaign. In recent years the needs exceeded our projected revenue, so each ministry area had to trim their requests to provide for a balanced budget.

Directly: Support of the Episcopal Church of the United States and the Diocese of Dallas $657,991 Support of Seminaries 7,000 Mission and Outreach Committee grants 160,000 Allocation of clergy and staff compensation (est.) 1,000,000 Total Direct Support $1,824,991 Indirectly (Off budget, but by our parishioners efforts and generosity): Women of Saint Michael $500,000 (Parish Party & St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange) Christmas and Easter plate $83,652 Backpacks for Kids $35,000 Heart of Giving $38,823 Parishioners gifts of time, talent and treasure PRICELESS

This process highlights three areas where you as parishioners can be of help: • If you are able, please pledge, because our ability to extend our ministry in the world depends entirely on your Stewardship; • Please pledge as early in the campaign as possible so we can avoid the “scramble” to balance the budget in January; and, • Since we commit to our ministries in advance it is important that, as you are able, pledges are paid timely and in full. I am always amazed at the responsiveness and generosity of our parish, and I am thankful for your support.




Thanks to prudent management in past years, we have assets to support long-term initiatives. These are not intended to cover short term operating expenses, but do provide a modest cushion against the seasonality of our revenue. These include:

Saint Michael and All Angels has an excellent finance staff led by our Director of Accounting Rob Baber, and includes Stewardship Coordinator Jenny Andrews, accountants Angelia Hunter and an open position, and part time consultant Darla Sheeley. We have regular contact with other large U.S. churches, and are aware of none our size that is able to operate with such a lean financial staff.

Over $1,801,000 in Restricted Funds designated to dozens of purposes for which the expenses cross more than a single year’s budget, for example, lecture series, liturgical supplies and youth missions.

The Vestry appoints a Finance Committee to oversee and advise on church finances. The members in the past year have been, Rob Baber (Director of Accounting), Steve Black, Bob Dannals (Rector), Bill Felder, John Wilson, Kathy Kelley, Barry Hancock, Casey McManemin, Jim Smith, Stewart Thomas (Senior Warden), Grady Schleier (Treasurer and Committee Chairman), Rowland Robinson (Saint Michael Foundation President), Rosser and Mary Newton (Stewardship Co-chairs) and Christine Ashmore (Vestry Liaison).

Cash reserves not designated to special purposes, which fluctuate seasonally since our revenue is highest around Christmas and lower in the summer. At their low point at the end of last summer, these exceeded $500,000. This essential cushion is modest in relation to the size and complexity of our finances. A bank line of credit for $400,000, which is available if our cash reserves become insufficient to cover revenue and expense timing differences. This line of credit costs us nothing unless we draw on it, which we have not done in several years.

The Finance Committee meets and reports to the Vestry monthly, and its minutes are published on the church website. Audits

The assets of the Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation are completely separate from the church Balance Sheet, but represent important resources devoted to the church’s purposes. At the end of 2014 the Foundation had $3,528,369 in funds designated to various long term special purposes of the church and $2,098,455 in undesignated funds. The Foundation’s undesignated fund assets, as an established policy, do not fund activities that naturally are part of the church’s annual operating expenses. The Foundation trustees ensure that all spending complies with the Foundation By-Laws and individual fund purposes. To ensure coordination with church finances, the Foundation president is an ex-officio member of the Vestry and its finance committee, and the rector and church treasurer are ex-officio members of the Foundation Board of Trustees.

We received an unqualified (or “clean”) audit opinion for our 2013 financial statements, and the 2014 audit will be performed this spring. The church Audit Committee reports to the Vestry and is independent of the staff, the Treasurer and the Finance Committee. Its members in 2014 were Jay Lipscomb (Chairman), Christine Ashmore, Randy Rekerdres, and Daryl Rice. CONCLUSION

We trust this conveys that the clergy, staff and lay leaders at Saint Michael and All Angels are careful stewards of the church’s resources. The church’s financial health is, however, in your hands as you decide how to use the material gifts you receive from God.


In 2013 and 2014 we paid down the mortgage on our commercial office building on Lomo Alto to $1,620,000 from $3,000,000. That mortgage is being serviced by the building’s rental income. This retirement of debt is a result of an effort that is currently underway to solicit gifts to pay off that note which would free the cash flow of that building to support parish ministries. If you have an interest in contributing to this effort, please contact Mary Kardell, our Director of Giving.

Respectfully submitted, Grady Schleier, Treasurer


2014 Revenue and Expenses, 2015 Budget

2014 Budget


Current year Pledges Prior Year Pledges Unpledged Plate Other Credit Card Fees Total Revenues

$4,920,000 175,000 320,000 90,000 341,000 (38,000) $5,808,000

$4,812,080 127,008 329,427 98,366 323,288 (34,808) $5,655,361

$5,389,000 130,000 330,000 100,000 156,000 (35,000) $6,070,000

$658,000 7,000 160,000 $825,000

$657,991 7,000 160,000 $824,991

685,000 7,000 160,000 $852,000




Diocese and National Church Seminaries Mission and Outreach Total Outreach

Net Operating Revenue

2015 Budget

Operating Expenses Ministries Compensation & Benefits $3,246,000 $3,154,125 Other 655,000 599,919 Facilities & Administration Compensation & Benefits 1,353,000 1,400,013 Services, Utilities, Supplies 1,350,000 1,295,797 Total Operating Expenses $6,604,000 $6,449,853

1,530,000 1,408,000 $7,033,000

Expense Offsets ESD Expense Allocation ($629,000) ($618,613) Preschool Tuition (998,000) (996,377) Net Expenses After Offsets 4,977,000 4,834,863

($635,000) (1,181,000) 5,217,000

Net Surplus/(Deficit)



$3,485,000 610,000


Notes on the 2015 Budget

The Vestry and its Finance Committee have approved a budget for 2015 based on forecast revenue of $5,218,000 which represents a 4.7% increase over the 2014 budget. The 2015 budget projects a modest surplus after expenses of $1,000. A few highlights of the 2015 budget: • Small increase in clergy and staff compensation • We have budgeted increases in most ministry areas in support of expanded programs and activities • The Church is currently conducting a facility audit of the entire campus including the 8100 Lomo Alto office building.

We have budgeted $197,000 in the 2015 Budget to address the most critical known maintenance items. Due to the age and size of our campus an annual maintenance budget of $300,000 is appropriate for unknown contingencies. We increased our total giving in our most recent Stewardship campaign, and this year our overall participation was modestly up. We have the need and the opportunity to do more.


Stewardship 2014

Mary and Rosser Newton Stewardship Co-chairs

As members of Saint Michael and All Angels, we are called by God to work together towards a meaningful pledge and tithe. It is the ultimate answering of God’s call in appreciation for his generosity and grace. Stewardship is our collective effort to manage and exercise the financial gifts

that God has given to us.

Six gatherings allowed parishioners to discuss giving needs at the church.

As part of our stewardship duty, we participate in an annual pledge campaign to cover the costs of running the church on a day-to-day basis. Saint Michael and All Angels must manage to a balanced budget. Our financial commitment provides spiritual growth, vision, and strength enabling us to collectively fulfill our Christian mission.

The Saint Michael Preschool and Mother’s Day Out Programs pledged 100% for the first time. The Stewardship committee, vestry, clergy and staff would like to thank everyone that supports the annual campaign. In return, we pledge to be the very best stewards that we can be of the gifts you have entrusted to our care. These gifts will allow Saint Michael to reach out to our members, our community and beyond through worship, Christian education, pastoral care, mission and outreach, and hospitality. Without our collective gifts, none of this would be possible.

Giving is a continual exercise requiring focus and commitment. We began in the spring of 2014 meeting with the Rector, Vestry, and parish leaders to plan the 2015 Stewardship campaign. We began in the summer organizing a large, diverse Stewardship Committee to lead the campaign. Special appreciation goes to Mary Kardell, Director of Giving, and Jenny Andrews, Stewardship Coordinator, whose guidance, advice, and attention to detail drove the success of the campaign.

Mary and Rosser Newton Stewardship Co-chairs

Reaching every member of the Parish and increasing the level of participation were two of the 2015 Stewardship goals. Six Gatherings for fellowship and giving discussions with different ministry areas were held and more than 250 attended. There were three call-a-thons to reach out to members to pledge; and information tables, staffed by committee volunteers, answered parishioners’ questions on six Sunday mornings. For the first time, a three year pledge was available and many members took advantage of this giving opportunity. Reaching out with over 3,000 postcards in early December, as well as personal thank you notes from the Stewardship committee and Vestry, our congregation’s level of participation was the highest in more than a decade.

Stewardship Committee Mary & Rosser Newton, Chairs John Bergner & Chuck Stewart Monique & Tom Black Julie & Bill Borus Marla & Tony Briggle Cindy & Ed Brown Victoria & Stuart Brown Christie and Joseph Cahoon Jean & George Coleman Judy & Eric Conner Mason & Allen Custard Tiffany & Brad Davis Kathryn & Jimmy Francis Hadley & Travis Galt Elizabeth & Eric Gambrell Jenny & Mike Garberding Carol & Mark Goglia Sarah & Rich Grip Ann & Lee Hobson Gloria & Sam Hocking Marta & Colin Holden Helen Holman Kathryn & Bard Hoover Kathy Kelley Elizabeth & Mike Keogh

Our parish collectively pledged more than $5.2 million to support our church ministries in 2015, which is the most pledged in the past ten years. Not since 2008, has the $5 million mark been exceeded. Approximately 45% of our parishioners, or 1,250 families, made pledges, which was a 6% increase over last year. 62 new families pledged and the average pledge increased to $4,098. The number of children pledging doubled using special personal coin collection slots. Families of 17

Marcia King Melinda & Mark Knowles Kathy & Roger Maxwell Reggie & John McFarland Patrick McGee Melissa & Andy McRoberts Susan & Dean McSherry Dr. Keli Jones & Charlie Munson Christine & Warren Paddock Pressley & Jamey Peters Patricia Plettner Kelly Reddell Tom Rhodus Honey Rothermel Jack Rubarth Grady Schleier Kristen & Jim Scott Elizabeth & John Selzer Dottie & Nupe Singhal Nancy Skotchdopole Laura & Paul Sullivan Stewart Thomas Lindsey & Sutton Wheeler Sheryl & Phil Wylie

The Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation are encouraged to include the Church that they love in their estate plans and become members of the All Angels Society. The Foundation’s Current Gift Acceptance Policy is available online at the Church website.

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation of Dallas is to solicit, manage and steward funds to enhance the ministries of the Church we love. By encouraging and assisting Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church with philanthropic initiatives, it enhances and supports its mission. Rowland K. Robinson President, Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation


Grants from the Foundation support the mission of the Parish, and are consistent with priorities established annually by the Rector and the Vestry. During 2014 approximately $141,000 in grants were approved to support Early Childhood Ministry, the Saint Michael Preschool, Clergy Housing, Cuba Church Outreach, Ratelle Speaker Series, and the Saint Michael’s Farmers Market. Grant requests can be submitted at any time and are first approved by the Church Finance Committee and the Vestry prior to any commitment by the Foundation. A grant application form is available online.


The Foundation is a separately chartered, non-profit corporation exempt under Section 501(c) (3) of the internal revenue code. It is governed by a 15-member board of trustees, five of whom are elected to six-year terms by the parish at-large every other year.

Support of the Church Operating Budget

Historically, the Foundation has minimized grants from its funds for needs that are properly within the scope of the Church operating budget. This policy was intended to prevent the Church from becoming dependent upon the Foundation for its normal operating needs. While the policy will not change for all existing funds, the Foundation has agreed with the Vestry to create a new Operations Endowment Fund that will generate income to be used specifically to support the operating budget of the Church, so long as such support does not exceed 20% of operating revenue. The new fund is intended to provide a giving opportunity for those who wish to donate funds that will contribute to the operating budget in perpetuity.

The trustees oversee professionally managed funds which are invested prudently for capital growth and preservation. The Foundation’s assets are separate from Church assets but very closely coordinated and aligned in spirit. The President of the Foundation serves as ex-officio participant on the Vestry and the Finance Committee of the Church. The Rector, Treasurer, and a Vestry representative from the Church serves in ex-officio capacities on the Board of the Foundation. Donations to the Foundation

Contributions to the Foundation are encouraged when individuals want to give beyond their annual operating support. These contributions may be made to the Foundation in support of unrestricted, temporarily restricted, or permanently restricted funds, representing such areas as Operations Endowment, Clergy Housing, Music, Pastoral Care, Youth Ministry, Outreach/Mission, Columbarium, and the Ratelle Speaker Series. Traditionally, gifts made to the Church from an estate are transferred to the Foundation thus allowing the donor to continue to support the Parish in perpetuity.

Rowland K. Robinson President

All Angels Society

The Foundation established the All Angels Society to encourage all parishioners to designate the Church in their wills. Membership in the All Angels Society signals a parishioner’s commitment to include Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in his or her estate planning. All members of the Parish 18

The Foundation Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Fund Balances - 2014 STATEMENT OF ASSETS, LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCES December 31, 2014 ASSETS Cash and Temporary Investments


Securities (At Market) Mutual Funds Marketable Securities

1,030,680 4,253,383 342,761

Total Assets



Fund Balances Undesignated–Corpus & Income Designated–Corpus & Income


2,098,455 3,528,369

Total Fund Balances




REVENUE, EXPENSES, GRANTS AND CHANGE IN FUND BALANCES Fund Balance-Corpus Beginning Balance Contributions to Corpus Return of Grants Grants from Corpus Dividends, Interest, Royalties Realized Gain (Loss) On Securities Unrealized Gain (Loss) On Securities Corpus Before Transfers to Income Transfers to Income Ending Fund Balance-Corpus Fund Balance-Income Beginning Balance Income Transfer-Current Year Grants from Income Expenses

UNDESIGNATED $ 1,936,741 5,320 62,794 39,421 (10,818) 2,033,458 (79,875) $


DESIGNATED $ 2,600,803 899,582 7,000 (188,000) 74,194 43,656 (20,644) 3,416,591 (104,133)


$ 3,312,458


TOTAL 4,537,544 904,902 7,000 (188,000) 136,988 83,077 (31,462) 5,450,049 (184,008) 5,266,041


132,919 79,875 (55,811) (12,111)


214,167 104,133 (86,591) (15,798)


347,086 184,008 (142,402) (27,909)

Ending Fund Balance-Income







TotalFund Balance



$ 3,528,369




Operations In the pages that follow you will find the accomplishments of several ministries within the sphere of Operations. While the work of these areas is substantive in advancing the vision of Saint Michael and All Angels, what these pages do not do particularly well is provide a portrait of the most valuable treasure of this parish – the people who serve you. It is through the dedication of the volunteers and employees of this great parish that we touch the lives of so many both inside and outside the walls of our church. I encourage you to find some time to meet these women and men who offer their skill and time in service to the Lord.

2014 has been a year of change for my ministry as I transitioned into the Operations ministry at Saint Michael and All Angels. Since my shift in February, I have had the opportunity to experience our buildings as platforms from which the mission and ministry of our parish are launched and supported. The Rev. Greg Pickens To this purpose, the overall Operations Associate for Operations Ministry of Saint Michael and All and Pastoral Care Angels is characterized by one word, “Service.” There are several areas to the Operations Ministry: Parish Administration, Saint Michael Preschool, Accounting, Farmers Market, Facilities and Information Technology and each are vital to the well being of our parish.

The Rev. Greg Pickens Associate for Operations and Pastoral Care

I owe the people of Saint Michael and All Angels many thanks for the myriad of ways you all continue to love and support Noralyn, Annie and me. Noralyn and I continue to teach together during the Sunday Adult Hour. The “Marriage In The Real World” gathering remains strong and is a great source of joy for Noralyn and me. The friendships we have made in that class are some of the strongest we have as a couple. I continue to be blessed by the Dad’s Bible Study that meets every first and third Tuesday of the month. We have the opportunity to gather around the readings for the coming Sunday and talk about the scriptures over a meal. Please call me if this gathering is of interest to you; all are welcome. This year I would like to highlight the Facilities Ministry in this report. Under our new Director of Facilities, Don Martin, the women and men who volunteer and are employed in the Facilities Ministry of Operations are dedicated to the concept of service. I see it in the way they go about their work making sure the building is comfortable, clean, ministries have the environments they requested, and keeping refreshments available as part of a hospitable welcome to all who come to this parish.


Junior Warden’s Report – Building and Grounds

Nancy Skochdopole Junior Warden

The Church completed several new improvements and projects in 2014. Beautiful new gates to the expanded Columbarium were installed, adding to the aesthetics and security of the space. Designed by Max Levy and given in memory of Marianne McConnell by her husband, Tom, the Columbarium Gates were dedicated on February 8, 2015.

The inspiring stained glass doors installed on the south side of the main sanctuary contributed greatly to our worship space. Designed by parishioner Bart Forbes, on warm, sunny days the doors are opened at the end of services, welcoming in the outside.

The new stained glass doors open onto the Columbarium and Nave Courtyard

maintaining the property. The audit will allow the Director of Facilities and the Buildings and Grounds Committee to prioritize better the needed repairs and improvements. • The 8100 Lomo Alto office complex continues to be leased at 100%, thanks to the leadership of the Frederick’s Square Title Holding Company, chaired by Blair Oden. Upgrades have begun on the main lobby, including the staircase, wall coverings and floor coverings, and a re-landscaping project of the courtyard and the building’s perimeter is underway. • Towards the end of the year, a major plumbing problem presented itself in the downstairs commercial kitchen and Parish Hall. Pipes underneath the Parish Hall that remove food waste and water from the kitchen to the grease trap disintegrated and must be replaced. This work is an extensive and expensive repair. Bids have been obtained from several plumbing contractors and the work should be completed in early 2015. • Land located on the north side of the Church next to the new Saint Michael Preschool playground continues to be a revenue source for Saint Michael. Not only did the City of Dallas use it in 2013 to store construction equipment and materials needed to build the new fire house at Douglas and Northwest Highway, it is currently being leased for parking for workers constructing a new building just east of the church. Revenue from these leases contributes to the Church’s operating budget and other needed projects.

Saint Michael’s new monument sign, located on Douglas in front of the breezeway connecting the narthex to the north wing of the building, was completed. The brick, limestone and bronze sign is well lighted and landscaped and is easily seen from the street. It is inviting to all parishioners and visitors. Other work completed or in progress: • In 2014, we welcomed a new Director of Facilities, Don Martin. Don’s extensive background in managing large office buildings and campuses, including St. Mark’s School of Texas, makes him uniquely qualified for this position. We appreciate his expertise and willingness to tackle some tough projects he has already encountered. • In the interim period before Don was hired, the Rev. Greg Pickens Don Martin managed the church complex and Director of Facilities led the search for the new Director of Facilities, in addition to his many other duties. It is no easy task keeping the facilities running smoothly and Greg’s commitment and good nature during this transition should be recognized. • The Church is nearing completion on a facilities audit. Building Solutions is conducting the audit, which will provide a thorough list of areas needing upgrades or attention, such as roofing and electrical/mechanical equipment. The audit will also result in project management plans and software for

As Junior Warden this year, it has been a privilege to work with the many people at Saint Michael who unselfishly offer their time and talents to maintaining this property we love. A great amount of thought, planning and execution is required to keep Saint Michael and All Angels looking beautiful and running smoothly. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Buildings 21

and Grounds Committee for its work. Members include its chair, Tom Stewart, and members Todd Howard, Don Martin, Tom McConnell, John McFarland, Blair Oden, Bill Pardoe, Bob Patton, Matson Pearce, the Rev. Greg Pickens, John Stull, Marvin Thedford, Chris Wiley, and Jim Dauterman. And, we continue to be blessed with an outstanding facilities staff. Thank you for all you do!


The Administration staff of Saint Michael supports all of our church ministries. We have two wonderful receptionists Sandra Cox and Bonita Frederick. They continue to keep happy faces and a positive first impression for us with all the events and activities on our campus. Our accounting team is headed up by Rob Baber, Director of Accounting, with excellent assistance from Angelia Hunter and Jenny Andrews. They work on everything from processing all contributions to paying all of the campus invoices and keeping all financials in line for the Saint Michael ministries and the Lomo Alto office building.

Nancy Skochdopole Junior Warden

Tommy Thedford is our Information Technology Coordinator. He provides support for 68 workstations, several servers, switches, routers and bridges. It is an ongoing effort to keep our campus technology infrastructure running smoothly. Ever wonder about all the family address changes, family additions, email address changes, etc.? These church membership records are kept very organized by our registrar, Celise Stephenson. She also logs all of the births, baptisms, confirmations, weddings, transfers in and outs, and deaths. Kimberly Hughes Robinson, Parish Administrator, keeps track of all meetings and events on the campus calendar. She supports our 60+ staff for human resources needs including administration of the 403b and employee insurance. She also manages the property and liability insurance for the church campus including the Lomo Alto office building.

The Lomo Alto office building is 100% leased.

Our entire team works with each ministry area on a daily basis to ensure all administrative needs are met for parishioners, employees and our expansive campus.


2014 Parish Statistics Holy Eucharist: Saturdays/Sundays Weekdays Private

469 400 245

Daily Office: Sundays Weekdays

55 0

Other Services: Marriages Burials Other

21 99 44

Baptisms-Adults Baptisms-Children Number of Families All Baptized Members as of December 31, 2013 Communicants as of December 31, 2013 Confirmed Adults Confirmed Children Receptions Transferred Communicants Reactivations Other Adds Total Additions Transfers Out-Active Deaths-Active Inactivations Other Losses Total Losses Communicants as of December 31, 2014 All Baptized Members as of December 31, 2014

5 60 2,947

6,926 4,983 6 81 12 49 16 0 164 20 45 144 3 212 4,935 6,821



Ministry Reports


Worship Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is pleased to report that 2014 was a fruitful year for music making and ministry, both in its new and continuing programs. 2014 saw the conclusion of the inaugural season of Saint Michael Presents as well as the start of its second season. On Sunday, March 30, 2014 Saint Michael Presents hosted the Texas Boys Choir in concert. The choir performed to a full crowd of appreciative concertgoers.

Pipedreams founder Michael Barone (center) hosted Dallas’ premier organists in concert.

effective promotions in print, radio, and online that makes the very best of our advertising budget. Last, I’m grateful to Saint Michael’s parishioners who have generously supported the concert series. The Texas Boys Choir entertained before a full house at the Saint Michael Presents concert.

In addition to guest ensembles for concerts, the Music Ministry hosted two guest choirs to sing in services in 2014: the gospel ensemble Appointed and the Select Choir of St. Andrew’s School, Austin.

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014 Saint Michael Presents kicked off its second season with the program Pipedreams Live. This concert featured Michael Barone, host of American Public Media’s internationally syndicated radio show Pipedreams, along with Saint Michael’s music directors James Diaz and Hyeon Jeong, Dallas-area organists, and the Imperial Brass. The concert was recorded for later broadcast on Pipedreams, which is heard on 150 radio stations, satellite radio, and via podcast. To the best of our knowledge, this program was the first Public Radio show taping in Saint Michael’s history. The concert drew a full crowd requiring overflow seating in the Narthex.

Saint Michael’s adult choirs were featured prominently in the August edition of the Preston Hollow Advocate in a sevenpage article titled A High Note, which discussed area church and synagogue music programs. The Preston Hollow Advocate visited on Sunday June 29, a day that featured festal music for Independence Day. Every weekend the Music Ministry provides a diverse musical program for its seven services with music. Saint Michael is blessed to have a talented team of volunteer and staff musicians that offers music to our very youngest through oldest, from traditional styles to contemporary, and from the most quiet and contemplative to the most outwardly joyous. For all who have made music, and all who have enjoyed: Thank you!

In addition to the large numbers at these concerts, a high percentage of Saint Michael Presents attendees have come from outside the parish, so I’m happy to report that Saint Michael Presents is living up to its mission of being “A Community Concert Series”.

Respectfully submitted,

I’m grateful to the Saint Michael Presents committee—Mary and Jerry Andrlik, Jessica Whitt Garner, and Jay Lipscomb— for their expertise, experience, and hard work, which allow Saint Michael Presents to enjoy its continued success. I’m also grateful to Saint Michael’s Communications ministry—Lowell Duncan (director) and Ross Badgett—for their creative and

James Diaz Director of Music


The Altar Guild is dedicated to the enhancement of the worship experience. Our challenge is to educate and update members regarding our duties and train new members. A special bond of love and friendship exists among this multi-generational group. Working together in the preparation of the Lord’s Table is a cherished privilege. Madalyn Teal Altar Guild Directress

Acolyte, Chalice Bearer and Lector Corps

More than 200 parishioners, ranging in age from 12 to 80, assist the clergy in celebrating Holy Eucharist and other worship services. From major feasts, weddings, funerals to daily services, the acolytes and chalice bearers served alongside our priests at God’s Altar for a total of 1,400 services in 2014.

Altar Guild

The Saint Michael Altar Guild has approximately 85 members who are arranged into five teams. These devoted ladies are responsible for assisting the clergy and serving the parish community. It takes every one of the Altar Guild members to maintain the Altars, Sacristies, vestments, linens, vessels, candles, torches, silver/brass, flowers and supplies for every worship service. It is our responsibility to ensure everything is in place so worship can be conducted with order and beauty. In the past year, the Altar Guild has prepared and served at the following: • approximately 375 regularly scheduled weekday services; • approximately 400 Sunday services; • approximately 35 services during Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter; and, • every wedding, funeral inurnment, and baptism. Additional Altar Guild responsibilities during the year included: • washing and ironing about 4,000 linens; • providing 2,000 congregational candles; • filling and maintaining 65 oil candles and 30 Altar Guild prepares elements for Eucharist glass chimneys; • stocking the Sacristy with wafers, wine, and other necessities; • repairing or replacing items necessary for worship services; • maintaining inventories; • ensuring the appropriate furnishings are set for services ; and, • preparing the church for special services and events according to the liturgical calendar.

The Saint Michael Acolyte Corps is one of the largest in the Episcopal Church.

Additionally, some 50 lay readers are responsible for delivering the Old and New Testament lessons, the Psalms, and Prayers of the People at the many worship services in the Church, Saint Michael Chapel, Bishop Moore Chapel, Parish Hall, and the Theater. Tony Briggle Acolyte & Chalice Bearer Director


The Usher Corps consists of approximately 115 men and women dedicated to making all people – parishioners and 27

visitors – feel welcome, and to helping provide a high quality worship experience. Our ushers are typically the first and last people that visitors see at our worship services. They provide a friendly, welcoming spirit, and warm greeting to our services. Ushers hand out programs, assist people in finding seats, manage the offerings, and direct the orderly movement of people to and from communion. Five usher teams serve at worship services in the Church, the Saint Michael Chapel, and the Theater. A special team, led by Bill Johnson, is trained for funerals. A team led by Tig Thompson staffs the 7:00 a.m. service in Bishop Moore Chapel, Jim Browne leads the Saturday evening worship team, and Ann James is in charge of the ushers at Sunday evening services in the Saint Michael Chapel. Ushers greet and assist parishioners and guests at all services

Ed Ladd Usher Corps Director


Christian Formation 2014 witnessed several changes and transitions in Children, Youth and Families as well as a restructuring of the program oversight. Please look at each of the carefully prepared reports presented for Children and Family Ministries, Youth Ministries, and Adult Formation. One significant change was adding Adult Formation to the existing troika of Early Childhood Ministry, Children and Family Ministry, and Youth Ministry. Said differently, Saint Michael is working towards an integrated approach for Christian Formation from birth to grave. With this new focus on all education in one department, we have discovered that there is much work to do, so very many ways we can share, and joy in having the privilege of working together as a team.

The Rev. William S. Murray IV Vicar

I have found a need for a more coordinated planning process. Each group does amazing ministry and reaches thousands of souls each year. Our hope is to grow these ministries and programs by setting a standard or regular Sunday morning experience. Again, I ask you to look to each individual report from Shelly Vescovo, Emily Given, and Andy Sahl to learn more about the many programs in our church. I have spent my teaching time running between groups. My primary focus has been teaching in the Forum and the Inquirers Class. I was also honored to work with the Disciples or 6th Grade Confirmation Class as well as the Faith and Literature Class in the summer. Since I was the new guy in town, I also spoke at most of the Stewardship gatherings about the joys of giving. Despite the transitions of folks leaving different ministries and the restructuring of the management of our programs, the staff has managed to lead with love and faith. We have a talented, generous and caring team who seek to serve Christ in all that they do, teach and say. I pray that you seek to celebrate their many successes of 2014 with me.

Blessings Bill Murray


Freedom from Shame and for Blessing” and “Is that God calling?” Christian Vocation for both Children and Adults”.


The particular task for Adult Formation is to provide opportunities for education, fellowship, spiritual formation; for asking questions, discovering answers, growing in our relationships with each other and with God. The classes, retreats, seminars, workshops and lectures Saint Michael offers both to our congregation Shelly Vescovo Adult Formation and the wider community are designed to educate and challenge people in their life-long Christian formation. During the year, the 20 members of the Adult Formation Council meet to plan, implement and evaluate the offerings to our parish and community.

• Home Communions were offered during Lent and Advent. • The Lent Retreat hosted 100 parishioners in hearing Brother David Vryhof from the Society of Saint John the Evangelist in Cambridge, Massachusetts. • The Advent Retreat hosted The Rev. Laurie Brock from Lexington, Kentucky. • Lenten and Advent Meditations, written by staff and parishioners, were published in hard copy and offered online. • The Singles N’ Saints hosted several events during the year including sailing, a Lent and Advent Home Communion (and Christmas Party), and a cooking class. • The Prime Timers continue to minister to the senior members of our congregation with monthly lunches and field trips.

In 2014, these events took place: • In the spring, congregants could choose from four Sunday classes: The Rector’s Forum, Adult Bible Study, Family Foundations, and the Inquirers’ Series. • The summer adult Sunday offering continued the popular “Faith and Literature” series with an average of 100 attending each week. • In the fall, adults could choose between 4 classes: The Forum; Faithful Marriage in the Real World; Adult Bible Study; Inquirers’ and Newcomers Series. • 15 weekday Bible and Book studies met in the spring and fall. • The Distinguished Lecture Series format moved to Sunday mornings in a combined adult class so that more people could attend. A second session with the speaker was offered over a lunch presentation. The Very Rev. Dr. Alan Jones, retired Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, spoke on “The Amazing Journey: Science and Religion and the Quest for Meaning” in March The Rev. Becca Stevens from Magdalene and Thistle Farms spoke on the “The Lavishness of Love: Economics and Justice Lives in Relationships” in the April. Dr. Scott Bader-Saye, Academic Dean and Everett H. Jones Professor of Christian Ethics at the Seminary of the Southwest spoke on “Bonds of Affection in a Culture of Isolation” and “Alone Together: Technology, Youth Culture and the Church.” The Rev. Kathryn Tiede, pastor of Living Water Lutheran Church in Minnesota and the Rev. Dr. David Tiede, retired President, Luther Seminary spoke in November on “Is that God Calling:

Shelly Vescovo Director of Adult Formation

Children and Family Ministry

Emily Given Children and Family Ministry

This year has been one of expanding the reach of ministry, examining ongoing goals, and setting a course for the next chapter. Gifted and joyful staff, coupled with parishioner participation and support, has created many different expressions of ministry and an expanded sense of community. A few highlights are:

Christian Formation (Midweek) • Wednesday afternoons continued to be a place for learning and exploration thanks to experiences such as Lego My Bible (Bible adventure class) and Stained in Glass (Bible study and creative arts class focused on creating stained glass pieces with fourth and fifth graders) My Bible stimulates • Small groups were a source Lego young, creative minds to of inspiration, exploration, illustrate Bible stories. challenge and connection. Groups include MOMS Bible Study, and Women of the Spirit • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd continued to partner with Saint Michael Preschool for weekday enrichment. 30

way to share our Biblical story and experience a condensed version of Compline. (Plus a yummy bedtime snack!) • Good Friday for Families created a place for families to come close to the Holy Week story in ways that were engaging and age appropriate through hands-on prayer, confession, and storytelling.

• Lenten Artist’s Workshop – Families enjoyed an open art workspace each Wednesday evening during Lent. Media included woodblock printing, canvas painting, wire art, collage icons and watercolor. Artists of all ages entered into visual reflections on the season in the most remarkable ways. The culmination of the series was Good Friday art show in the parlor.

Early Childhood Ministry Ministry to/with/for Families with Children Preschool and Younger • Baptismal Guild/Baptismal Support was offered to each person being baptized. A welcoming presence to baptismal families was provided by personal contact, presence at baptismal preparation classes, coordination of parish baptismal gifts, and assistance in linking the family into other parts of the life of the parish. • MOMS Bible Study marked its second full year of exploration of the most popular stories told to children, yet looking at them with our adult eyes. The year started off with the Parables of Jesus and then moved into a lectionary study. • MOMS Escape Club created learning and social opportunities for moms on a monthly basis. Some examples were healthy lifestyles with a speaker for The GEM juice bar as well as a holiday cooking class off campus at Sur La Table. • The Easter Egg Hunt was the perfect combination or fun and fellowship.

Christian Formation (Sunday Morning) Sunday morning continued to grow in exciting ways that expanded knowledge and fostered connections. • NEW - Preschool class was taught by preschool teachers with the assistance of parent volunteers. The material was based on the Sunday scripture readings. • Large Group/Small Group – Kindergarten through second grade experienced a large group/small group gathering in the gym with storytelling, music, activities, prayer, multimedia presentations, small group discussions, and games. Adults took the role of guide in place of teacher. Led by Emily Given. • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an approach to the religious formation of children in which adults and children share their faith life together. They met in specially prepared rooms called atria where the children use simple, beautiful materials to meditate on the scriptures, liturgy and sacraments. It is based upon the educational principles of Maria Montessori. We had 4 atria available on Sunday mornings- two for 4-6 year olds and two for 6-9 year olds. • Children’s Choir – Ashley Westgate worked this year to help form young worship leaders through music, worship participation, and study of scripture introduced in their music. This choir was open to children Kindergarten through grade 3. • NEW – The Bridge group was formed to give third graders a special place on Sunday mornings as well as a few social gatherings throughout the year. Led by adult volunteers and guided by Erika Bower. • Edge Sunday School - Fourth and fifth grade students met in the Edge Room for a large group experience, based on an interactive and conversational model. This hour had elements of music, scripture, popular culture reflections and large and small group activities. Led by Erika Bower.

Two of the participants at the Easter Egg Hunt enjoy their spoils.

• Whole family events for ECM age families were introduced this year by holding the first annual Friendsgiving Bowl game and cookout. • The CFM/ ECM staff welcomed Ellen Talley as a half-time minister. Her role includes administrative responsibility to the church based childcare, preschool Sunday formation, and coordination of new family breakfast.

Worship • Joy, Discover, and Celebration Masses continued to be services which invite children and families into the center of our worshiping community. • Pajama Prayers (Wednesdays during Advent) offered another 31

The Edge learns about living in the 3rd world at the World Hunger Relief Farm

Vacation Bible School attracted nearly 400 to its beach party featuring games, music, fun, and worship.

The Edge The Edge ministry grew and evolved in meaningful ways. A wonderful sense of participation emerged through the implementation of new faith formation initiatives. The parish said goodbye to Suzanne Finan, who functioned in the role of Edge minister as well as member of the collective Children and Family Ministry team. Saint Michael welcomed Erika Bower to the staff in midsummer. Two main highlights of the year were the Edge Lock In and mission trip to World Hunger Relief Farm in Waco.

Vacation Bible School • The parish made a splash with SONSURF Beach Bash. It was a week of music, worship, storytelling, drama, crafts, games and more. • The outreach effort was focused on African water pipelines in partnership with Episcopal Relief and Development. • The very first Jr. VBS started was a huge success. Over 80 toddlers and preschoolers filled the halls with laughter, learning, and music. Family Fellowship • The south parking lot was host to ghostly creatures, lovely princesses and dozens of superheroes during the fourth annual Trunk or Treat. This year was a joint event with the parish wide Chili Cookoff. • It may have been freezing outside but the Family Kickball and Hula Hoop Tournament was a big draw for families. • The Feast of Lights Epiphany celebration was a delightful blend of worship, food, and a deep sense of community. The large Mardi Gras-style magi puppets, sparklers and s’mores created a family friendly feel. • The youth center was packed with families for the Advent Family Fair. Families dined on a full breakfast by Celebration, posed in the Bethlehem photo booth, created their own Advent calendar of family coupons, and had fun in the huge Meet-A-Friend ball pit. Back by popular demand was Saint Nicholas to greet everyone with gold coins and oranges.

Nativity Pageant • Over 100 of the children and youth shared a dramatic retelling of the coming of the Christ child through song and story in the main sanctuary on the last Saturday night of Advent. • The pageant was webcast in real-time and open to the public. The web viewership by friends and loved ones reached far and wide. • Families gathered for a lively dinner in the youth center before the presentation of the pageant.

Family Outreach • This year Children and Family Ministry focused a lot of attention on mission and outreach as a family. Ministry areas included North Dallas Shared Ministries, Jubilee Park and The Gathering.

The traditional Nativity Pageant featured more than 100 parish children and youth. 32

Highlights of 2014 include: • Our young people traveled to Costa Rica, San Francisco, and Corpus Christi on mission trips. Seventy-two adults and young people served on our three mission trips this summer. • 208 youth and 70 Disciples are active in the various programs; from stepping stones to mission trips. • A Sunday night Bible study called Circle Up was held this fall. Circle Up hosted several speakers including an author, TV Producer, and a fashion photographer. All speakers presented on intersections of faith and vocation. • Each month this fall a service opportunity for young people was organized including such ministries as Hunger Busters and North Texas Food Bank. • Our small group ministry has grown from being a fun place to talk about Jesus to a place of deep sharing about the joys and struggles of life. This safe place is critical for young people. • Our AXIS and Crosspoint group had a special speaker, Rev. Mike Baughman, on the Wednesday of Holy Week. • The ninth grade focused program “Jump Start” continued to be an important touch point for young people and families as they entered high school. • Encounter Sunday school for 7th-12th graders included a year of dynamic teaching combined with meaningful conversation and community at adult led table groups. • High school and middle school youth served as classroom helpers at Vacation Bible School, allowing for fun intergenerational relationships. • Our traditional Winter Retreat at Camp All Saints (our Dioceses’ great camp) had the highest attendance ever.

Faith in the Home Enrichment - Social Media Campaigns • Lenten Lens was introduced as our version of a picture-a-day devotion. Participation drew from all over the country. • RADVENT’s Instagram style texts and eblasts delivered a daily image to inspire hope and anticipation to people within the parish as well as those who are connected via social media. Faith Formation 2020 • The Children Youth and Family staff studied the work of John Roberto to help guide them on the path to what is next at Saint Michael in the way of forming Christians in knowledge, service, community, and worship. The two goals established were to introduce monthly family breakfasts during the 10:00 formation hour as well as begin to plan a family mission trip in the next two years. Growing Edges of Ministry for the Coming Year • Cultivate more small group community and study • Expand resource development for family and individual faith building • Reach out to families on the fringe • Help to support and reenergize participating members • Expand midweek and “other than Sunday morning” gathering times • Build on the meaningful ways for families to participate in mission and outreach • Foster key leaders and faith-formers within the parish family • Build up ministry involvement and leadership Submitted by: Emily Given, Director


Andy Sahl Youth Director

Youth Ministry at Saint Michael and All Angels continued to be an important hub of community and faith for our 6th-12th graders and their families. While we will describe some events and numbers below, the true ministry occurs not in an event but in the relationships that an event or Bible study fosters. Special thanks to the many leaders that invested their lives in the lives of young people.

The Winter Retreat at Camp All Saints spent a weekend getting in touch with the “spiritual self” in a consumer culture.

• 76 sixth graders were confirmed through the Disciples class program. This program continues to be led by an amazingly gifted team of volunteer adults. 33

• Another step forward in registration was the creation of an online system to allow current families to re-register their children for the next year. This eliminated early-morning lines and lots of paperwork. We heard many positive thoughts from parents. • The leadership team at Saint Michael Preschool attended the Biennial conference for the National Association of Episcopal Schools in California in November 2014. It was an honor to be included among and interact with some of the nation’s top schools. • With a very generous grant from the Saint Michael Foundation, we are now working with Greenlight branding/ advertising agency. They will assist us in moving forward with a plan to help position Saint Michael Preschool to be the leading preschool in Dallas.

The Disciples Class retreat helped prepare Saint Michael 6th graders for Confirmation.

Two pillars that we work on in every program are: 1. Building a sense of belonging and 2. Creating opportunities for young people to use the gifts that God has given them. This means opportunities for leadership, service, and giving kids a chance to wrestle with the hard questions. It also means we spend a lot of time being very intentional about sharing life which means meeting for coffee, sharing highs and lows every time we get together, and putting relationships ahead of our “lessons” or “programs.”

Spiritual • Strengthening our Chapel program was a priority for our school this year. We created a weekly service in the Saint Michael Chapel for all of the PreK classes. Father Greg is telling interactive stories from the Bible to help them learn the teachings of Jesus. Children have been involved in the processional in carrying the cross and this has also brought more parents in as visitors to our Chapel. The Lord’s Prayer grows stronger and louder each week as the children are learning this most special prayer. • We held our first Family Thanksgiving Service in November and invited all families to attend. The Sanctuary was filled with faces young and old as Father Greg led us in a service to begin the holiday season. Children brought almost 80 bags of canned goods to help serve North Dallas Shared Ministries.

Andy Sahl Youth Director

Administrative • Saint Michael Preschool welcomed 133 families with 166 students into our school this year. We currently have about 60% parishioner families and 40% non-parishioner families. • Saint Michael Preschool initiated an online waitlist application system in September 2014. This ensured accurate tracking of interest in our preschool.

Academic • We were thrilled to install the interactive Mimio learning boards in all of the PreK classrooms. We have also integrated the Everyday Math curriculum and it’s made learning the foundations of math both age-appropriate and fun. • Ipads are also now in every classroom thanks to the funds raised by our wonderful parents at the 2014 Chairish our Children Party. • Our current staff consists of 21 degreed classroom teachers and 4 teachers certified as a Childhood Development Associate.

Saint Michael and All Angels church members with young families were given the first opportunity to apply via this system. By the time the waitlist closed on January 8, 2015, we had 81 children on the list.

Enrichments • For children that choose to extend their day at Saint Michael Preschool, we offer seven different enrichment opportunities. These activities included Catechesis, Mr. Donovan, Stretch

Saint Michael Preschool

Katie Riley Director, Saint Michael Preschool


and Grow, Little Techie Tots, Soccer Palz and Dancing Stars. Spanish is a recent and great new addition to the offerings. • Saint Michael will once again host six fun and adventurous weeks of summer camp beginning in June 2015. Events • Muffins and Moms was a special time in May to celebrate the wonderful mothers of our precious students. • Preschool Parents hosted a fabulous Fiesta in October that was well-attended by many parents, as well as several staff members. It was the perfect night for those parents both new and old to our program to spend time together. • We held our annual Donuts for Dads in October. It was a great turnout as the halls and Garden Cloister were filled with dads, uncles, grandfathers and other special friends. • The PreK children held their annual Christmas Program in the Sanctuary. It was truly a special morning filled with lots of sweet voices singing favorite holiday songs. It wrapped up with a nativity procession, poem and songs to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pre-K classes began a weekly Chapel service this year.

Saint Michael Preschoolers learn shapes, colors, and design.

Coordination skills and good exercise habits are taught by Mr. Donovan.


Caring & Sharing The Care Giver Support Group, led by Sandra Klingeman and Liz Wheelan, provides a place for those caring for ailing loved ones to confidentially share their challenges. We have welcomed 215 attendees during the past year. They continue to reach out to the parish by planning events featuring guest speakers who serve as a resource for caregivers.

Pastoral Care

To build the kingdom of God by responding in love to those in need is the mission of Pastoral Care. The Pastoral Care Ministries continue to be a strong asset to our community with a total of 6,834 occurrences of Visiting, Caring, Praying, and Serving.

The Grief Ministry is best known for the Faith and Grief Luncheons held on the second Thursday of each month. The mission of the Faith and Grief ministry is to provide ongoing comfort to persons who have experienced the death of a loved one. The luncheons begin and end with a clergy-led liturgy, a presentation by someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, and small group discussions led by lay volunteers. In 2014, 220 people attended the luncheons.

The Rev. Lisa Flores Associate for Pastoral Care

Each Pastoral Care chair reports monthly to the Lay Leader of Pastoral Care regarding their preceding month’s activity. The chairs of Lay Eucharistic Visiting, Friends in Christ, Congregational Care, the Priest for Pastoral Care, the Assistant for Pastoral Care, and the Lay Leader for Pastoral Care meet monthly to review the pastoral needs of the parishioners and to follow up by responding in love to those in need.

The ministry also offered an Advent Liturgy of Remembrance followed by a reception in December. The liturgy was enhanced by special music and the opportunity to remember loved ones through the lighting of candles and special blessings. Approximately 65 individuals, again from many different congregations, attended the service.

There are currently 21 different lay ministries that reach out to those in our parish who are in need. Each of those chairs of the Pastoral Care Ministries meet a minimum of three (3) times a year to review the status of each ministry and to insure that all Pastoral Care Ministries are working together to respond to those members of the Parish who are in need.

Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one, confidential ministry which provides care to individuals facing life challenges or difficulties. A Stephen Minister is a trained individual who can walk beside someone who needs help facing a loss in their life by providing encouragement, resources and prayerful concern. Each Stephen Minister has more than 50 hours of in-depth study and training. This fall we had 4 new Stephen Ministers trained along with the Rev. Lisa Flores. For all involved it was a powerful witness to what this ministry has to offer.

VISITING Friends in Christ: Under the leadership of Catherine McGee, 17 Friends in Christ made 282 visits and contacts. In the annual Easter Flower delivery last spring, Friends in Christ visitors took Easter Flowers from the altar to 55 parishioners who were homebound and could not attend services on Easter Sunday. Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Led by Ruthie Garrett, has over 25 Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV) who have been trained and licensed to take communion to parishioners in the hospital, at home or in assisted living facilities. The Ministry continues to support those who are unable to come to church on their own. This past year 740 parishioners and their families were visited by an LEV.

Saint Michael has 11 Stephen Leaders and 13 Stephen Ministers, available to serve our parish community. Approximately 348 touches were made during 2014 by Stephen Ministers.

CARING The Card Ministry administered by Pat Moore, Jan Moncrief, and David Henderson, sends cards and notes to provide comfort, support, and to share in life’s celebrations. In 2014, 437 cards were sent to parishioners who celebrated a birthday, had a new baby, were recovering from illness or surgery or a hospital stay, or had lost someone close to them.

Touch Base Phone Ministry provides a personal phone call made by volunteers Barbara Henley and Katy Davis. Barbara and Katy call to provide comfort or share in life’s celebrations. 166 phone calls were made in 2014. Many calls were made to families who had lost a loved one or who are homebound. Christian Yoga: Instructor Annette Lentz, leads this free class every Monday night. The class is designed to help individuals 36

Michael in the most practical, loving, and hospitable ways. I am grateful to Ann Mills, the Good Shepherds, the Extended care Cooks and the Funeral Reception Guild for the superb ministry they do by reaching out to any parishioner who is in need. See Ann Mills report under Congregational Care

gain increased strength and flexibility, to seek spiritual centering and have fun. 356 people attended yoga classes in 2014. PRAYING Centering Prayer led by Mary Ann Webster meets on Tuesdays at 10:00 in the Clergy Conference Room. Those who meet together are seeking to practice centering prayer as a part of learning to live a more contemplative life. They spend 30 minutes in silence and share afterwards about their experience and readings that are helpful to a deeper understanding of this form of prayer. All are welcome. In 2014, over 190 people participated in this spiritual practice.

The Funeral Reception Guild prepares refreshments for families and friends following services.

The Parish Nurse Program serves parishioners by making hospital visits, making home evaluations, and providing basic health screening and information about health issues. Our Parish Nurses also followup with parishioners recently released from the hospital or who are known to have on-going health issues. The volunteers, in addition to being Registered Nurses, have gone through additional training to serve in our parish’s program. On the third Sunday of the month, they are available to take blood pressures and to provide counseling concerning health and wellness topics. In 2014 our Parish Nurses made 246 touches with Saint Michael parishioners.

The Daily Intercessory Prayer Ministry offers prayers from requests that come to them via online prayer requests, the Connect Cards from the Sunday Services, or through a phone call to the church. 68 volunteers participate in this confidential prayer ministry through daily prayer. 969 people were prayed for in 2014. The Prayer Shawl Ministry knitted 129 prayer shawls for those in need during 2014. This ministry, led by Byrd Teague, gathers weekly to knit and for fellowship. I am sad to report, however, that our second knitting group Alterknit disbanded near the end of 2014. I want to send a huge The knitting ministry makes thank you to Nancy Cantwell Prayer Shawls for the ill and homebound. who led this group and offered ministry in the face of many challenges. Thank you knitters! Sunday Service Prayer Teams pray with those in need, as an extension of the Eucharist each Sunday at all services. Prayer team members include young families, mature couples, and single adults. The prayer ministry is always open to new members and is lead by Steve and Mary Ruth McKenney. In 2014, the teams prayed with 634 parishioners and conducted special training sessions to qualify team members to participate in this ministry.

Twice a year Saint Michael’s Parish Nurse Ministry teams with the American Red Cross to conduct Blood Drives at the church.

Our Parish Nurses also coordinate the Blood Drives and the goal is to hold two drives a year. We partner with the American Red Cross and our February drive collected 30 units of blood and the October drive collected 23 units of blood.

SERVING Extended Care Cooks, the Funeral Reception Guild, and Good Shepherds, are three lay ministries that serve members of Saint

The Women’s Cancer Support Group has served the women of Saint Michael’s for 16 years. Attendance for 2014 was 375. 37

Meals on Wheels to mission trips to microenterprise, and for parishioners opportunities to further develop their faith.

These women meet in the parlor, every Monday at 1:45 to offer each other support, encouragement, laughter, and tears in a confidential and non-judgmental setting. This group is led by Sue Patton and Charlie Stobaugh.

In 2014, a task force studied concepts built around “toxic charity” and “when helping hurts” to develop a long-term strategy to focus and enhance the church’s outreach programs. We want to maintain the “Why” we do outreach, but also ensure that we work to build-up those we serve, enabling them to become self-sustaining and maintain their dignity. Giving by Saint Michael Outreach in 2014: • Easter Plate Offerings of $39,774 was donated to help the hungry and homeless in Dallas. • Christmas Plate Offerings of $43,877 was given for nutrition and after-school programs for international, national, and local children. • Heart of Giving donations during the holiday season raised $37,323 for Saint Michael and All Angels’s M&O ministries. • Backpack 4 Kids in September raised $35,000 for this outreach program. • Microfinance maintained its $57,000 loan/grant to FUNED providing small loans to people in Honduras who generally do not have access to traditional lending services.

Recovery Advocates are dedicated to enhancing the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of those who experience substance abuse or other additions. This group hosts trainings and special event speakers throughout the year. Look for upcoming Spring programs! This ministry reached out to over 50 people in 2014 and is coordinated by Melanie McGill. I said this last year and will continue to say it until everyone in our community knows it … I am so very proud of the selfless giving that many in our parish exhibit on a daily basis. Pastoral Care is that quiet, behind the scenes ministry that isn’t flashy or glamorous, but vital to the health and well-being of the community. So many people are touched by the ministry and I know that we will continue to provide that love and support each and every day. If you are a volunteer, thank you for giving so willingly and lovingly of your time and talent to minister to the needs of this congregation. If you are not a volunteer, please consider becoming a part of one of our ministries, it will not only impact the life of another, but yours as well!

Food Ministries – feeding the hungry: Austin Street Shelter: Each month Saint Michael and All Angels buys and prepares food for 325 to 375 homeless people at Austin Street Shelter. On the First Tuesday of each month, 12 to 15 parishioners cook and prepare a homemade meatloaf dinner. On the first Wednesday, the food is delivered to the shelter and later that day, another 15 to 20 help serve the dinner.

It goes without saying how much I appreciate the work of the Pastoral Care team that has been created here at Saint Michael. We are a great team and I am honored to work with each of you. Katherine Bowen – Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care, Terry Demler – Lay Leader of Pastoral Care, Marillyn Seeberger – Pastoral Care Communicator, each of you do so much behind the scenes to support all of us in our ministries, I can’t thank you enough!

Meals on Wheels: During 2014, 182 volunteers for Meals On Wheels drove 14 different routes and served 14,312 meals.

The Rev. Lisa C. Flores Associate for Pastoral Care

By Our Love: On the third Monday of each month, Saint Michael and All Angels volunteers serve nutritious meals to about 50 people with AIDS who live in housing provided by AIDS Services of Dallas.

Mission & Outreach:

Mission and Outreach at Saint Michael and All Angels seeks to provide transformative outreach, balancing justice and mercy built on the continuum of activities from Mike Kelley and Richard Davis relief, through rehabilitation, Lay Leaders for Mission and Outreach to development. We provide relief, rehabilitation and development ministries – from

The Gathering: During 2014, six Sunday meals were served by 70 adults and children Saint Michael and All Angels volunteers to approximately 600 homeless persons. St. Mary’s Guild supplied desserts. Saint Michael and All Angels clergy celebrated five times at the services for this church for the homeless in downtown Dallas. 38

at risk for hunger a backpack on Friday afternoon stocked with nourishing food to help carry them through the weekend. The Rosebud Hunger Initiative: As a result of our Rosebud mission work, the Hunger Initiative provides dinner and homework assistance daily to about 50 children of the Black Pipe community in South Dakota. In 2014, each child participating in the Kids’ Cafe received a winter coat for Christmas and 43 Rosebud Headstart children received a weekend food pack to enrich their nutritional intake. Jubilee Park: Through Saint Michael and All Angels’s seven member Connection Team, 400 parishioners contributed countless hours of time, energy and money to the wide array of opportunities at Jubilee. In 2014, these opportunities include helping: • 130 children in after school programming • Jubilee’s summer camp programs • O.M. Roberts reading program • National Night Out • Painting a mural in the Jubilee library • Annual La Posada re-enactment • Thanksgiving and Christmas Senior luncheons • I Believe in Angels • And various other Jubilee events, programming and task force leadership

The Gathering, a church for the homeless started by Saint Michael, has grown to include representatives from several churches and denominations.

Genesis Cooks: On nine first Mondays during 2014, a group of Saint Michael and All Angels parishioners prepared and delivered meals for women and children at Genesis Women’s Shelter. North Dallas Shared Ministries: North Dallas Shared Ministries provides emergency assistance to people in need with over 60,000 client visits during 2014. In addition to 3 parish food drive months each year, Saint Michael and All Angels volunteers provided job counseling, and helped with the clothes closet, food pantry, and other areas of assistance.

Holidays for our friends in Jubilee Park: I Believe in Angels: This once a year ministry provides toys and gifts for children, teens and the elderly in the Jubilee Park neighborhood. For Christmas 2014, over 100 Saint Michael and All Angels volunteers contributed 1,200 toys to 354 children and 193 Senior Gift Bags over flowing with toiletry and household items.

Parents and children work together to stock the food shelves at the North Dallas Shared Ministries.

I Believe in Angels ensures that the children and senior citizens in Jubilee Park get a joyous Christmas.

Thanksgiving Senior Luncheon at Jubilee: The Thanksgiving luncheon occurred on November 20, with 55 volunteers from Saint Michael and All Angels, who delivered and helped prepare traditional Thanksgiving food, provided decorations and helped serve 150 senior citizens at Jubilee Park.

Food 4 Kids / Backpacks 4 Kids: Giving by Saint Michael and All Angels parishioners in September insured that more than 7,000 backpacks of weekend food was provided to the children at O. M. Roberts Elementary School. This program provides elementary children 39

Education was provided on four days for 230 students, lunches served to 159 children, and a priceless experience for all that participated.

Christmas Senior Luncheon at Jubilee: Over 55 parishioners bought and cooked hams, turkeys, mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, rolls cranberry sauce, and various pies for the Christmas luncheon on December 18. Another 25 parishioners helped serve, carve and greet the Jubilee residents who attended the luncheon and received their Gift Bags from I Believe in Angels.

Honduras Threads: In June, eight Saint Michael and All Angels parishioners took part in a Honduras Threads Mission Trip. They conducted classes in a four-day curriculum in computer skills, sewing skills and sewing machine maintenance. The 65 women in the embroidery co-ops and 10 of their children who were in seventh grade or higher completed the curriculum and received certificates in a concluding ceremony and celebration. During the year, volunteers helped with product inventory, marketing and other services.

Mission Trips in 2014: Amistad: As a result of the financial support of Saint Michael and All Angels and others, Mission Amistad cares for orphan children in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba to become self-sufficient, productive members of their communities with emphasis on keeping biological siblings united and higher education. During 2014, 31 Saint Villa Amistad works to keep siblings as they grow and learn as a Michael and All Angels together community. parishioners have been committed prayer friends to the children of Casa Esperanza, which the church sponsors at Villa Amistad. This commitment involves praying on a regular basis for these children and sending letters and/or cards at least on birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

Sewing skills are imparted to co-op women by Honduras Threads volunteers.

Cuba: During 2014, eight Saint Michael and All Angels parishioners participated in another mission trip to Cuba in efforts to purchase a house in Sancti Spiritus to become the permanent church home of the local mission church. During this trip, the parishioners completed construction projects, dispensed 200 pairs of reading and sun glasses, delivered pharma bags to 75 families, and shared meals with the local children. In January 2015, a house purchase was finalized using the previously raised $53,000, and their first Saint Michael missionaries Eucharist with service was held in their new celebrate parishioners in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. space.

Honduras: During 7 days of February, 23 Saint Michael and All Angels missionaries returned to Tela, Honduras and the local Episcopal church and school, Espirtu Santos. The missionaries worked with local parishioners and senior class members to provide 366 children with fluoride treatments, tooth paste and tooth brushes; fitted and distributed 187 pair of eye glasses; construction at the church and school included air conditioning units, new tile flooring, toilets Bob Dannals works with children in and paint. Christian Honduras on drawing and reading skills. 40

Volunteers of the Good Shepherd Ministry respond to needs within their own neighborhood. This neighbor helping neighbor ministry is the oldest and largest program within the Pastoral Care area. Judy Cole once again Good Shepherd Regional leaders coordinate neighborhood outreach. did an amazing job of leading this ministry in 2014. Regional Shepherds Paula Rzomp, Nita Scholtz, Janice Lee, Judy Cole, Anne Leary, Cora Mason, Mary Massengale and Kathleen Bywaters were responsible for overseeing the Shepherds representing 101 different neighborhoods.

Saint Michael missionaries conduct Vacation Bible School at Rosebud.

Rosebud: In June, 8 Saint Michael and All Angels parishioners traveled to Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation to continue their work with residents to build a stronger, healthier community. They put a new roof on the local Episcopal church, administered fluoride treatments to reservation children, cooked and served dinner to more than 80 residents in the Black Pipe community, and conducted Vacation Bible School at Rosebud.

• The Good Shepherd Ministry enabled parishioners throughout the church to know that Saint Michael and All Angels cares about them. • The Good Shepherd Ministry provided close to 200 Shepherds with an opportunity to get to know and feel connected to the parishioners in their neighborhood. • The Good Shepherd Ministry took a huge burden off the shoulders of the Clergy who would not be able to meet the needs of all those who are served by this Ministry.

Mike Kelley and Richard Davis Mission and Outreach

Congregational Care

The Extended Care Cooks offer their ministry of presence and caring by delivering a home cooked meal once a week to those in need. Last year over 50 volunteers participated in this ministry by delivering over 140 meals to our parishioners. Gay Rekerdres does a splendid job as chair of this ministry.

“And the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” …and that is what we do in Congregational Care. We invite others to join us as we welcome them into our flock, we reach out when others are in Ann Mills need, we care for them as they struggle Director, and comfort them in their loss, simply Congregational Care because once, we were strangers and we found welcome, and in our need, in our struggles, and in our loss, we have been loved and cared for. In 2014, hundreds of volunteers joined in these ministries of compassion, care, hospitality and friendship by reaching out to others. Won’t you please join us in “loving thy neighbor as thyself ” by acting as a Good Shepherd in your neighborhood, preparing meals as an Extended Care Cook or baking cookies for the funerals and memorial receptions hosted by the Funeral Guild. We promise that you will find the heart and soul of Saint Michaels if you do!

Every bereaved family holding a funeral or memorial service at Saint Michael is offered the thoughtful presence and kindness of the Funeral Reception Guild. In 2014 our 45 volunteers baked homemade goods while other volunteers worked before the funerals to beautifully prepare for the receptions. Susie Yeckel, Claire Jones, Dru Francis, Gayle Kesinger, Kay Hyland and Cora McClure continue to do an outstanding job in leading this quiet ministry. Ann Mills Director, Congregational Care


Fellowship September 28 was the Feast Day of Saint Michael and we celebrated with the Procession of Ministries. Each ministry group created a poster/banner that was carried into the services representing their mission. It was a compelling display of over seventy ministry groups and gave a strong visual statement of all that goes on in our Parish.


Lay Ministry Engagement has a goal of expanding and engaging our parish community. We do this by listening to our members, encouraging their faith journey, and welcoming their involvement. I am blessed to work with a group of outgoing, passionate, ambassadors who represent every aspect of our church life, called Marta Holden Lay Ministries the Connect Team. Together we work Engagement to ensure that every member has the opportunity to use their gifts in ministry and find their niche at Saint Michael.

As the church “concierge” I have the pleasure of meeting with new members who are interested in learning more about our church and long time members who are looking for new opportunities to serve. We work closely with Stewardship, Welcome Ministry and Parish Life Events. We look forward to continuing as a resource dedicated to the parishioners of our church family. Let us know how we can help you!

This year Neighborhood Nights continued to grow thanks to our gracious hosts and wonderful team of volunteers. Members of Saint Michael, who live in the same geographic area, were invited to gather for a purely social time in one of our parishioner homes on a Sunday evening. We had ten gatherings in 2014 with approximately 600 people attending. We heard how fun it was for folks to meet other members from their community who belong to our church. We are planning our 2015 schedule now and if you are interested in hosting or helping, please give us a call.

Marta Holden Director Lay Ministry Engagement

Welcome Ministry

The Welcome Ministry is led by 10 Steering Committee members, chaired by Sherry Wilson, and over 100 volunteers who strive to make all who enter the doors of Saint Michael and All Angels feel welcome. The Steering Committee meets periodically over lunch, which is coordinated by Lynn Hood, and the meeting begins with an inspirational devotion by Karen Wiley.

On Homecoming Sunday our worship services were highlighted by country singer Larry Gatlin, we provided breakfast under a tent, and more than 100 ministries were represented at the Ministry Fair. This event serves as a kickoff to the church’s new programming year and educates parishioners with creative and colorful displays of all the opportunities for engagement.

Bob Rowling, CEO, Omni Hotels and Resorts

Country Singer Larry Gatlin led old time gospel songs at Homecoming services.

In conjunction with Lay Ministry Engagement, we began the fall focusing on Saint Michael’s reputation as an inviting, hospitable church. We kicked off our hospitality emphasis with a World Class Welcome dinner featuring keynote speakers Bob Rowling, CEO of Omni Hotels and Resorts and Jon Hunter, Omni’s Vice President for

Parishioners packed the Parish Hall for “A World Class Welcome” dinner and presentation. 42

Adults with their families and mentors following Confirmation with Bishop Stanton on May 11.

or those who haven’t thought about their faith in a long time. During 2014 we confirmed seven adults, received ten adults and reaffirmed seven.

Operations and Services. The message of how to extend a world class welcome: practice it, and mean it was well received by over 300 parishioners including most of our Welcome Ministry volunteers.

Patti Flowers and Adele Broughton, Mentor Coordinators, did a wonderful job of matching each of our new confirmands with one of our parishioners prior to both 2014 confirmations.

The Welcome Booth was re-activated in the fall of 2014. This mobile desk located across from the St. Mary’s Guild treat tables every Sunday morning from 9-11 is happily manned by young family volunteers who are available to answer questions, greet and guide anyone in need of a little assistance between services and Sunday school.

Those who transfer to our church continue to be given a special welcome by the team. Delicious homemade coffee cakes, prepared lovingly by Nancy Wilbur, are delivered to the transfers’ homes by Valerie Dannals and Christi Morrow. We are grateful for the many volunteers who make Saint Michael a welcoming place to serve and worship.

Our warm, helpful and growing team of Sunday Greeters has extended a personal welcome to all those who come through our many doors, both guests and parishioners. Seventy-five volunteers, coordinated by Terry Demler, rotate through the vestibules of our worship spaces to welcome and assist in any way they can. They also greet the thousands of people who attend church at Christmas and Easter to encourage them to come in, hear the Christian story, and invite them to become a part of our church family.

Ann Mills and Tish Visinsky Welcome Ministry Coodinators

Parish Life Events

What fun we had in 2014! Our year began in the most glorious way with an elaborate Feast of Lights Reception. Hundreds of parishioners attended the Twelfth Night Epiphany service, and then followed the three Magi to the candle-lit Garden Cloister for the annual Burning of the Greens and a dinner fit for a king, Tish Visinsky Director, Parish Life including s’mores roasted over the fire Events pits. The Perot Center brought its mobile planetarium and hosted star gazing programs in the gymnasium for our Feast of Lights guests.

Newcomers’ Luncheons were held in the spring and fall. Over 50 newcomers and visitors joined us for a delicious meal coordinated by our volunteers. The gathering concluded with a presentation by the Rector. The Inquirers’ Series is a Sunday morning class held from 10-11 in the Parlor each fall and spring. Led by the Reverend Michael Dangelo (Spring 2014) and the Rev. Bill Murray (Fall 2014) along with clergy and lay ministers, our Inquirers’ class is for all seekers – newcomers, long-time churchgoers, skeptics, 43

The Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, complete with Mardi Gras beads and hot pancakes flipped by the Men of Saint Michael, is a multi-generational dinner loved by all ages. The Wednesday evening Lenten suppers continued to be held before the Evensong services. Parishioners enjoyed Simple Soup Suppers this year, and as always the meals were graciously served by volunteers from various ministries within the church. The meaningful Easter Vigil service and reception rounded out our Lenten offerings for 2014. The festivities didn’t end when school came to a close in the Spring, we hosted summer receptions to keep our parishioners engaged over the break. Ice cream sundaes during Memorial Day weekend, pie for the Fourth of July, milk and cookies to welcome our new Vicar, popcorn and popsicles for Back to School and donuts for Labor Day were devoured as we spent several relaxed summer Sundays together.

The Good Shepherds ministry won “Best Costume” at October’s Chili Cookoff – Whooo ters Chili.

Super Bowl Sunday and due to the incredible response we moved up the 2015 event to be part of a Fall Festival featuring Trunk or Treat and a Farewell to Rev. Kevin Huddleston on October 26th!

Fall was a flurry of events back to back in 2014. Saint Michael and All Angels kicked off the fall season in September with our Homecoming! Close to a thousand of us gathered for worship with our special musical guest Larry Gatlin, a big country breakfast and ministry fair.

The annual Veterans Day Service and Reception continues to grow and this year we packed the Chapel to overflowing! This evening provides us with an opportunity to spend time with some of our heroes which this year included over 75 veterans, their families, and friends. We sent hundreds of Christmas cards signed with messages, prayers and thanks by our parishioners along with a care package filled with requested supplies to military troops deployed in the Middle East. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to Veterans Day, a new military ministry group has formed and they have decided to call themselves “Operation: Appreciation.” More than 50 parishioners weighed in that once a year was simply not enough, they want to do things throughout the year for active military and veterans and will be working on new initiatives beginning in the spring of 2015.

Ministry Fair showcased the 100+ Saint Michael ministries.

An elaborate World Class Welcome dinner was co-hosted by the Parish Life Events team on September 18th. Over 300 of our parishioners learned from Bob Rowling and Jon Hunter, experts in the field of hospitality, how to continue to grow and expand our hospitality and welcoming efforts at Saint Michael. The always popular Blessing of the Animals was held on Sunday, October 5th and many of our furry friends were blessed by our clergy and given St. Francis medallions for their pet collars. Believe it or not we hosted not ONE but TWO Chili Cook Offs during 2014. The first annual cook off was hosted on

Saint Michael’s veterans were honored at the Veterans’ Day worship service and reception. 44

• In May, the Wilkinson Center honored the Women of Saint Michael with the “Can Do” Spirit Award for its outreach supporting charities that serve the poor and needy.

A Cookie Swap was hosted by Parish Life Events on Sunday, December 21st, where we collected hundreds of homemade Christmas treats to serve on Christmas Eve. Our Home for the Holidays Christmas Eve Open House reception was attended by parishioners, their families, and friends. Guests popped by the Parlor for some hot apple cider or cranberry punch, cookies and savory snacks before or after the worship service they attended. A huge thank you to the hundreds of Parish Life Events volunteers who shared their time and talents with this ministry. Thanks to you, the events at Saint Michael and All Angels in 2014 were an incredible success! Tish Visinsky Director of Parish Life Events

The Women of Saint Michael were presented the Wilkinson Center’s “Can Do Spirit Award” for its outreach supporting area charities.

• In September, the Women of Saint Michael hosted over 95 executive directors and representatives from community agencies to roll out the new Gifts Committee grant guidelines. • The Women of Saint Michael honored thirty-five past presidents at the first ever “Presidents Luncheon” in late September, at which a new plaque was unveiled commemorating the tenure of every individual Women of Saint Michael president since its inception in 1958. • The Fall and Winter Speakers Series attracted larger audiences than ever before (more than 160 women at the inaugural

Women of Saint Michael

Whitney Grogan WOSM President

The Women of Saint Michael is comprised of all the women who are members of our parish and wish to become involved. Our purpose is to “be the extension of Christ’s kingdom by uniting the women of the parish in a program of worship, study, service, fellowship; and leading them into the service for the Church, in the parish, the community, the diocese, the nation, and the world.”

This year, our goal was “To Be the Change that We Wish to See in the World,” and our efforts to achieve the goal are highlighted in our activities this year, detailed as follows: • The Saint Michael’s Woman’s Exchange, with its more than 150 volunteers, raised $350,000 for community outreach, and held book signings for several authors, including local celebrity chef Dean Fearing and his Texas Food Bible. • The Exchange has also worked diligently with the new owners of Highland Park Village to extend the lease with a new store in 2015 and preserve the presence of the Exchange in the Village for many years to come. • The twenty-nine members of the Gifts Committee researched and carefully reviewed 121 grant requests, and awarded support to 101 Dallas area and other non-profit agencies, totaling $500,000.

The new Women of Saint Michael Presidents Plaque was unveiled at the President’s luncheon in September.

lunch!) and featured nationally-acclaimed speakers, including the President of the George Bush Presidential Center, a former Ambassador to the OECD, an expert on Brain health, as well as two best-selling authors. Overall, attendance at luncheons increased by more than 50%, 45

• The Women of Saint Michael coordinated the United Thank Offering, a ministry of the national Episcopal church, for Saint Michael and All Angels. • A group of energetic parishioners planned the Woman’s Retreat with Rev. Becca Stevens, at Camp Allen. • Underwriting for the Parish Party, “Let There Be Light,” surpassed our goal of $100,000 for the February 6, 2015 event… almost a 40% increase above the highest level of underwriting for any previous year.

Farmers Market

The Saint Michael’s Farmers Market continued with a strong third season, expanding its outreach into the community and solidifying its role as a neighborhood gathering place. Total shoppers exceeded 9,000 over the twenty-one week season, averaging 400 shoppers each week. The market began on April 5 and was open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to Noon through September 6. There were between 21 and 33 vendors each week, with products ranging from organic meats, eggs, produce, cheeses, specialty baked goods, prepared items and more.

Few efforts in the history of Dallas can match the positive change created by the St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange. For over fifty years, many dedicated women have donated their time and talents to the Exchange. The profits from there, combined with the bi-annual Parish Party, have enabled the Women of Saint Michael to give more than $8 million to nonprofit charities since 1958.

The addition of music, provided by the Discovery Mass Band, and the opening of the Saint Michael’s Preschool playground made the market even more inviting to shoppers from all over the neighborhood. They were able to sit and enjoy a breakfast taco or a cup of coffee after being greeted by church volunteers, who also shared information about other parish activities. The Farmers Market added an outreach effort during the season, collecting items for different charity recipients each month. The partner organizations included North Dallas Shared Ministries, North Texas Food Bank, Children’s Advocacy Center, Community Partners and Jubilee Park. This volunteer-led effort was successful and well-received. A Farmers Market advisory committee was formed during the year. It focused on raising funds to support the market’s operation through a Friends of the Farmers Market campaign. Moving forward, the committee will facilitate more marketrelated events and programs.

Saint Michael’s Farmers Market opened every Saturday during the summer attracting more than 400 customers a week.

The 2015 season is scheduled to begin on April 11 and run through August 29. Meg Carstens, a parishioner, will be the new director for the 2015 season.

And few organizations in the history of Saint Michael and All Angels can match the energy, enthusiasm and passion of the Women of Saint Michael and its members, for whom we are all grateful. We continue daily to live our goal “To Be the Change that We Wish to See in the World.” Whitney Grogan President 2014-2015


Saint Michael’s Farmers Market opened every Saturday during the summer attracting more than 400 customers a week.

Bishop Lambert picks up fresh produce at the Saturday morning farmers market.

The farmers market became a Saturday morning gathering place for families.


Clergy of Saint Michael and All Angels The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Dannals Rector

The Rev. Ariail Gores Deacon

The Rev. William S. Murray IV Vicar

The Rev. Michael Harmuth Sunday Associate Chaplain, Episcopal School of Dallas, Lower School

The Rev. Lisa C. Flores Associate for Pastoral Care The Rev. Greg Pickens Associate for Operations and Pastoral Care

The Rev. Pamela Theodore Sunday Associate The Rev. Neal Hern Sunday Associate

Photography generously provided by Ray Hand, John Scott Glass, Smokey Goodrich, and Pat Flautt.

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2014 Annual Report  

A look back at all the wonderful things that happened at Saint Michael and All Angels during 2014

2014 Annual Report  

A look back at all the wonderful things that happened at Saint Michael and All Angels during 2014