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The Wedding Guide

Dramatic Effect On the long list of wedding to do’s, one particular item (aside from your chosen mate) rates No. 1 on the list for many: the dress. In these pages we offer some enchanting gowns – from whimsical to sophisticated to decidedly romantic – destined to make you say, “I do.”

Jessica Williams for the Alvina Valenta Collection

The Wedding Guide

Amy Kuschel

The Perfect Setting

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The Wedding Guide

Hayley Paige for the Blush Collection

Jessica Williams for the Alvina Valenta Collection

The Wedding Guide

Hayley Paige

Create the ultimate gift registry at Red Chateau. Choose your favorite furniture, bedding, accessories and flatware to complement your new life together.

Red SChateau

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For all of life’s celebrations...

N A I F E H P R I VA T E L A B E L Allow us to be part of your love story.

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The Wedding Guide

Francesca Pitera for Jim Hjelm


The Wedding Guide

Hayley Paige

Francesca Pitera for Jim Hjelm

The Hilltop Hideaway at

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he intimate, reserved, and elevated location provides a spectacular view that will make your special day even more memorable. Our facility includes the Millennium Room, Golfer’s Grill, and outside patio which can accommodate up to 300 guests for weddings, rehearsals, and receptions. Our diverse and flexible wedding packages are designed to meet a broad range of expectations. No membership is required to access our facility.

Helen Enox Fabrics COUTURE FABRICS

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ick, Tock T

A planning checklist for your wedding

Wondering where to begin preparing for THE BIG DAY? There are a great many details involved in planning a wedding, and it’s those very details that are often the source of stress and anxiety. Allow yourself ample time to think over the specifics that will make up your celebration, and flexibility to alter your choices and budget while your ideas evolve. Here are some tips to keep you and your wedding on track … and on budget:

expenses they may incur and any possible travel arrangements.

◻Finalize your wedding date. If you are choosing

a major holiday or heavy travel weekend, be sure to send out Save the Date cards. And don’t forget to check the OU and OSU football schedules. This is Oklahoma, and these things matter.

◻Reserve your date and venues. Deposits may be

due at the time of reservation. Make certain to factor in the correct amount of travel time if you plan to have separate wedding and reception locations.

18 to 9 Months Prior

◻Research florists, photographers, videogra-

◻Schedule an engagement photo session.

◻Book your officiant. ◻Begin planning your vows if you intend to write

Announce your exciting news to friends, family, co-workers and the local media with your new photographs.

◻Organize a wedding binder or scrapbook. Look through magazines – bridal, design, food, fashion, lifestyle, city – for things that inspire you.

◻Set the tone. Now is a good time to determine

what kind of wedding you and your fiancée want, whether formal or informal, indoors or out, destination or local, and even what season and time of day you both prefer.

◻Create a budget. Sit down with your fiancée and other financially involved family members to iron out a budget. Determine how much you can spend and what each person’s contributions will be.

◻Hire a wedding coordinator. If you prefer to have a professional wedding planner ease your burden, make certain to factor the cost into your budget based on the level of service you desire.

◻Start the guest list. Start compiling a list of

addresses for invitations. A spreadsheet will help you keep track of responses, gifts and other pertinent information throughout the planning.

◻Choose your wedding party. Give these indi-

viduals ample time to prepare financially for any

phers, bands, caterers and bakers.

your own.

◻Throw an engagement party!

8 to 7 Months Prior ◻Get the dress. Choose your gown and acces-

sories, as well as your bridesmaids’ dresses. You’ll typically need two or three fittings for your dress.

◻Book a caterer. If your reception venue doesn’t provide food services, book a caterer after you have reviewed their offerings and narrowed down your desired menu.

◻Order the cake. Make certain to sample cakes

and other desserts from bakers before making your decision.

◻Book a photographer and videographer. Discuss the shots and angles you may want, and listen to their suggestions.

◻Book a florist. Your florist will want to know your color palette, though final decisions can be delayed for a few months.

◻Book the entertainment. Choose the orchestra, band, DJ or other musical group, but make certain to attend a few performances before making a decision.

◻Reserve hotel rooms. Choose a hotel (or two)

close to the reception venue for your out-of-town guests.

◻Plan your honeymoon. Begin the process of

acquiring a passport or updating an existing one if necessary for your travel plans. Also make sure you make appointments for any vaccinations you may need prior to travel.

The Wedding Guide

6 Months Prior ◻Register for wedding gifts. Choose a minimum of two retailers to give guests options.

◻Create a wedding website. There are

many free and easy-to-use services available on the Internet if you’re not website savvy. If you have an attendant who is, consider tasking that person with this item.

◻Order invitations. While ordering your

wedding invitations, select stationery for menus, programs and thank-you notes. The stationery store can likely recommend a calligrapher if you want to use one. If you plan to send save-the-date cards, this is the time to order those as well. Invitations should be mailed eight weeks in advance, with the RSVP cutoff set at three weeks after the mail date.

◻Reserve transportation. Options for

transporting you and your wedding party are plentiful: limousines, town cars, minibuses, trolley cars, even horse-drawn carriages. The method should fit the type of wedding you’re planning and should be feasible for distance and time.

◻Reserve rental equipment. If your

caterer or venue isn’t providing tables, chairs, linens and dinnerware, reserve these now.

◻Dress the men. Purchase or reserve the groom’s attire, as well as the attire for his attendants.

◻Meet with the officiant. Discuss the

details of the ceremony and ensure that you have all the documents required by the state. Choose your desired readings for the ceremony and run your finalized vows past your officiant if you choose to write your own.

5 to 4 Months Prior ◻Choose gifts. Purchase any gifts you

wish to give your attendants. Arrange for welcome baskets for out-of-town guests, and if desired, select favors for guests to take away from the reception.

◻Book the rehearsal and rehearsal-

dinner venues. Schedule a rehearsal venue, time and menu for all involved in the ceremony. Consider inviting all out-of-town guests as your budget allows. If you plan to host a next-day brunch for your guests, book that venue now, too.

◻Start your dress fittings. Take the

undergarments and shoes you plan to wear with your dress to every fitting. If you didn’t choose your veil/headpiece when you purchased your gown, do so now.

◻Book hair and makeup artists. If you

don’t already have a favorite stylist, visit a

few before making a decision. It’s helpful to offer photos of the wedding party attire.

◻Finalize your music selections. If you’re

uncomfortable on the dance floor, consider signing up for some dance lessons now.

3 Months Prior ◻Create a schedule for your wedding

and reception. Compile a “day-of” schedule of events for all participants to follow for your wedding day, including times and locations for photographs, hair and makeup, any last-minute rehearsals, readings, etc. Consider tasking this item to a trusted relative or friend if you’re not using a wedding coordinator. Make sure to give copies to all vendors involved, as well.

◻Confirm any hair and makeup appointment times. If you want to get a cut and color before the wedding, this is the time to do so.

◻Enter RSVPs into your guest list database.

◻Mail the rehearsal dinner invitations. ◻Schedule your final dress fitting.

Week of the Wedding ◻Print place cards and seating charts, if desired.

◻Finalize your flower choices and cater-

◻Reconfirm arrival times with all ven-

◻Book a room for your wedding night. ◻Purchase your wedding rings.

◻Send a final timeline to your wedding

ing menu.

2 Months Prior ◻Touch base with all your vendors. Make

certain that everyone is in agreement on all the final details.

◻Submit a newspaper wedding announcement. Check the newspaper’s website for any rules about what and how to submit.



◻Notify your caterer of your final guest count.

◻Assemble welcome baskets. ◻Pack for the honeymoon. ◻Take care of as many final payments as you can.

◻Mail the wedding invitations.

◻Prepare tip envelopes.

1 Month Prior

◻Get a manicure and pedicure, or treat

◻Print any programs and menus you

◻Supply any drivers (including hired

require. You should have all the information you need after confirming the schedule with your officiant and finalizing the menu with your caterer.

◻Get your marriage license. Make

appointments for marriage licenses and any bloodwork your state may require. Request certified copies of any documentation necessary. Also, complete any paperwork required to change your name, if you choose to do so.

◻Update your address with the post

office. Complete a change-of-address form through your local post office if your living arrangements will be changing.

yourself and your attendants to a spa day.

transportation and out-of-town guests) with point-to-point directions.

◻Pick up your dress or arrange to have it delivered.

◻Pick up your wedding rings. ◻Break in your wedding shoes! ◻Delegate the details. If not using a coordinator, assign tasks: delivering welcome baskets, carrying vendor tips, transferring bouquets to tables, bustling your dress, being in charge of gifts.

◻Buy a guestbook. If you prefer some-

thing less traditional, consider a platter or jar with little notecards for guests to jot down a message.

◻Purchase attendants’ gifts. The

rehearsal dinner is the time to present these.

◻Assign seating. If you’re having a seated dinner, plan where everyone will sit.

If you write thankyou notes as gifts arrive, you won’t feel overwhelmed after the wedding.


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The Wedding Guide

Inspired Ideas for a D.IY . . Garden Wedding If your dream wedding is a small, casual affair, consider your own backyard for your big day. Free yourself from expensive wedding accoutrements and make it a marriage of creative minds with a few special touches that put a spin on tradition.

Handmade Chinese Lanterns

Be Your Own Baker

Find a few strings of round-bulb or Christmas lights and tie paper mache lanterns to some or all of the bulbs. Dip white or colored tissue paper in wallpaper paste and wrap several layers over a four- to 10-inch round balloon, stopping about an inch from the top. Allow the paper to dry completely, then pop the balloon and discard it. Spray the lantern with acrylic clear coat, then punch two holes across from each other at the top of each lantern. String wire through the holes and tie to the strand of lights.

Order a plain-frosted, tiered cake from your local grocery store bakery and decorate it yourself. Premade gum paste and royal icing flowers are available online in bulk; intersperse them with edible flowers. Cupcakes are another simple and delicious option. If you’re not adept at decorating, purchase candy flowers for topping.

Keep the Décor Simple Easy Style

Ask the men to wear light-colored suits. The women can choose similar dress styles in differing pastel colors, or go with an allwhite theme and add colorful wraps for the women and coordinating ties for the men.

Rent chairs and tables for the ceremony and reception. Long tables are ideal for serving the hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Smaller round tables can accommodate up to six guests per table; cover them with white tablecloths and sprinkle them with flower petals. If your yard is too small for the number of tables you would need, simply place chairs all around for seating, and rent the smallest cocktail tables available for guests to set drinks on.

Make Your Own Bouquets

Plant flowers in your yard that will become the bouquets and centerpieces. A romantic bouquet can be cut from a sea of wildflowers, planted from a seed mix. For a stark, monochromatic effect, plant calla lilies. Try cosmos or zinnias for a splash of color. Start your seeds indoors about six weeks before planting time and plant them in your garden after the danger of frost has passed. By mid-summer, you’ll have all the flowers you need.


Transforming the Wedding of Your Dreams into Reality

photo | BRC Photography

Bringing a fresh look with modern design, OKC’s premier event company, JAM Events & Productions, is raising the bar in rentals, designs and productions.

3720 W. Robinson | Ste. 106 (Brookhaven Village) Norman, OK 405-801-3377


Full-Service Wedding and Reception Packages


Vineyard Wedding and Indoor Reception

Photo Supplied

This setup, from JAM Events and Productions, features custom design with a modern look. Call JAM at (405) 602-2324 today to schedule an appointment or visit jameventsokc.com

Perfect Blend of Rustic and Elegant Reception in OK’s Exclusive and Unique Wine Cave



Owner, Events Consultant

claurenridge@aol.com By Appointment Only


6000 West Waterloo Rd. Edmond, OK

on Waterloo between May and Penn


Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Specialist

A Proud Oklahoma Family Business Since 1997



klahoma’s newest event production company, JAM Events and Productions, is creating big waves in weddings across Oklahoma. JAM is bringing to the table for brides a ‘one-stop’ event planning resource. Supplying everything from rentals to photo booths, DJs, lighting, linens, dance floors, catering, HD videography and more. Services can be found at www.jameventsokc.com. The response from brides has been an overwhelming welcoming reception for JAM. Providing a service that hasn’t ever had a presence in Oklahoma before – ‘onestop’ wedding shopping is now possible. By calling (405) 602-2324 brides can set up an appointment to visit the beautiful showroom and speak with a coordinator. JAM’s premier rental, the JAM Photo Booth, is unlike any in Oklahoma. A full hard-shelled booth, coupled with features never-before-seen, it is Oklahoma’s premier booth. Call JP Wilson at (405) 602-2324 for more information.

The Wedding Guide


Farmers Market Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK

b2e2 inspir3e2d! 311 South Klein Avenue, Oklahoma City

FROM 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Experience premier 2013 show events! Ooh La La Boutique: pay nothing shopping! Bridal Beauty Bar: get pampered at the show. POP the Question: ask our wedding planning professional your most pressing planning question. Plus, an unforgettable Fashion Experience!

Sponsored by:

Society of Edmond Wedding Professionals

Marianne’s Rentals for Special Events Mitchener-Farrand Jewelers Innovative Event Solutions Running Wild Catering The Wedding Belle scan the tag to pre-register! Tony Foss Flowers admission $10 at the door; Tuxedo Junction BOGO with pre-registration Moliere Bridal 405-206-2931 Paper8 www.OKCPWG.com

No matter how formal the wedding, a relaxed and cheerful rehearsal dinner is a terrific complement to a nuptial weekend. Many couples opt for simpler celebrations, and the more casual the venue, the better.

Bowled Over

A little friendly competition is good medicine for wedding jitters, and burgers, beer and bowling make for a low-stress good time. Take this opportunity to give your guests a little wedding remembrance (and bowling necessity): socks. Sooner Bowling in Norman and RedPin in Bricktown are great venue options. If you want to up the ante, consider hosting your rehearsal dinner at one of the local casinos, or reserve a suite at Remington Park and watch the horses run.

Backyard Barbeque

Gather your soon-to-be blended families together for a backyard bash. An event this friendly and open makes it virtually impossible not to get caught up in the conviviality. Decorate picnic tables with checkered tablecloths and small vases of flowers. For dessert, serve individual ice cream cups. It’s simple and fun and bound to be a hit.

Ride ’Em, Cowboy

If you don’t mind a little travel time, plan your rehearsal for early in the day, then take your guests to a ranch and soak up some Western heritage. Start the camaraderie on the drive by transporting your group via chartered bus, then take advantage of the great outdoors – fishing, horseback riding, whatever suits you. Tatanka Ranch in Stroud is just a little more than an hour’s drive from downtown Oklahoma City, and Meadow Lake Ranch in Sand Springs is about 15 minutes west of Tulsa.


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DressingDown the Rehearsal

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Slice Wedding Guide 2013

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