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alumasc exterior building products

a unique fusion of premium products, technical expertise and project support

Alumasc Exterior Building Products

The Alumasc Group

Premium products with premium service, providing proven solutions

The Alumasc Group, of which

In Engineering, Alumasc’s

In Building, Alumasc is a

Alumasc Exterior Building

precision components company

leading UK supplier of premium

Products is a part, became

is the leading UK supplier of

products and systems for

a public limited company

aluminium and zinc fully-

specification. Alumasc Exterior

in 1986 and is listed on the

finished diecast components to

Building Products Limited is the

London Stock Exchange.

the automotive, construction,

largest company within the

The Group has over 1,000

telecoms, lighting, electronics

Division. In building interiors,

employees, generating turnover

and defence markets.

Alumasc is a high-quality supplier

of around £110 million through

Alumasc’s specialist industrial

of casing and enclosure systems,

12 UK based operations, with

products companies address a

whilst in construction products

associated activities in

number of market sectors,

Alumasc is a world leader in

Northern Italy and Hong Kong.

including the international

engineered access covers and

Operations are organised into

brewing market along with

linear drainage systems. In 2004,

two broad divisions,

zinc and aluminium alloy

Alumasc acquired Timloc Building

Engineering Products and

supply to the UK and European

Products Limited and Roof-Pro

Building Products. Each

foundry industry.

Limited to strengthen the

division is focused on its

Alumasc Exterior Building

Ongoing investment in

Products Ltd has been a major

engineering skills and state of the

force in the UK Construction

art technology combined with an

Industry for over 30 years.

ingrained service ethic, provides

During that time Alumasc

construction firms, architects,

products and systems have

specifiers and building clients

been specified on some of the

with the products, technical

most prestigious buildings in all

support and lifecycle support

sectors, throughout the UK.

they require for their projects.

Highly regarded brands such as

Alumasc Exterior Building

Harmer, Apex, Derbigum, ZinCo,

Products generates an annual

Hydrotech, Armaseam and M.R.,

turnover in excess of £25 million,

together with Alumasc’s well-

primarily by specification, of

known architectural rainwater

five distinct but interrelated

range are leaders in their

categories of product and system:

Rainwater Drainage Waterproofing Metal Roofing Façades

respective fields.

Designed to perform engineered to last Selection of completed projects include: Canary Wharf, London n Norwich & Norfolk Hospital PFI n Limmerick University Student Village n BMW Rolls Royce Factory, Chichester Millennium Stadium, Cardiff n GHA Housing Improvements, Glasgow n Eden Project, St Austell n Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh n Central House, London n Smaralind Shopping Mall, Reykjavik n National Theatre, London

Building Products Division further.

customers’ needs, striving to provide solutions and develop the constant improvement that fosters lasting relationships.



premium products for exteriors and drainage manufacture and highly focused

Helping the wider environment:

Recycling and renewability:

Credentials and quality assurance

collaboration with other world

In addition to their site specific

Aluminium and cast iron - used

Alumasc Exterior Building Products

class brands, Alumasc has built up

benefits, Alumasc ZinCo green roofs

extensively in Alumasc rainwater

Limited has a quality assurance

unrivalled product and systems

absorb environmental pollution and

and drainage systems - score highly

management system which complies

strength in those complementary

provide biodiverse habitation.

in recycleability. Both are 100%

with BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and has

recycleable in that the recycled

also implemented an environmental

material suffers no loss of

management system. Individual

By a combination of in-house

areas which together make up


the building exterior. Both for

Energy conservation:

new building and refurbishment,

Alumasc thermally efficient façades

properties, and the recycling

products and systems are British

and whether the building design

and roofing systems minimise a

process uses only around 5% of the

Board of Agrément certified, and

is contemporary or traditional,

buildings’ energy requirement, and

energy required during primary

where appropriate have equivalent

Alumasc Exterior Building Products

their installation can help extend

production. Cork insulation and

European/US accreditation. Alumasc

can provide appropriate product

the life of existing buildings.

mineral render aggregates are

is an active member of all relevant

amongst the Alumasc range of

trade associations.

and system solutions.

natural renewable material options for specific product applications.





waterproofing “

A unique combination of world class brands for roofing and waterproofing, all market leaders in their respective fields.

Alumasc Waterproofing Systems have been used independently and in various combinations on projects throughout the UK. The main illustration above shows

Derbigum: The composite sheet waterproofing for single layer and built up applications,

a ZinCo Intensive Green Roof laid over Hydrotech structural waterproofing, on a major City of London development.

with legendary product quality reflected in worldwide usage exceeding 550 million square metres. Recipient of the FRA Product Excellence Award 2004 and BBA Certified for 30 years’ lifespan.

Hydrotech: The monolithic waterproofing for concrete structures, BBA Certified for lifetime performance whether used for protected roofs, plaza decks, green roofs, water features or access roadways.

ZinCo: The European market leader in green roof technology combined with Alumasc technical expertise. ZinCo has a worldwide reputation fostered by close links with the FLL, (German based Landscape Development Research Society), the recognised 6

European voice for green roof standards.


façades “

Façade solutions for the 21st century, combining aesthetic vibrancy with long term weather protection and thermal performance.

Alumasc M.R. Render and Insulated Render Systems have been widely used on every category of building from small scale structures of complex shape such as the converted water tower shown in

M.R. Insulated Façades Architectural Render Systems The Alumasc façades offer is based on complementary ranges of lightweight

the main illustration, to large commercial and residential buildings of more regular configuration.

and traditional renders and external wall insulation systems, providing long lasting and architecturally vibrant solutions for every building context. Through the M.R. brand, and more specifically the Swisslab system, Alumasc is the leading provider of insulated render solutions for social housing with 4 million square metres currently laid in the UK. The lightweight silicone and mineral render ranges, whether applied directly to solid walls, suspended from the structure as cladding, or used in conjunction with insulation are establishing Alumasc as a leading façades provider in the premium new build sector.



metal roofing “

A synthesis of engineering and aesthetics providing architecturally powerful roofing solutions in metal.

” Armaseam and Skyline have been used extensively in combination on large and medium sized projects. The systems individually have also been paired with other Alumasc systems and products.

Armaseam Standing Seam Skyline Fascia Soffits

The main picture shows a dynamic stand alone application of Armaseam as tiered,

Armaseam is the focus of the Alumasc metal roofing offer: a standing seam,

near flat roofs on a prestigeous harbour

zip-up metal sheeting system for curved, pitched or virtually flat roofs, and

development. The centre photograph

available in a range of decorative non-ferrous metals including copper and

shows Armaseam as the waterproofing

zinc, as well as aluminium and stainless steel. Armaseam is complemented

base for a ZinCo extensive green roof.

by Skyline – a bespoke fascia soffit system based on a series of bold generic shapes. When used together, Armaseam and Skyline provide architects with almost unlimited scope for the creation of distinctive and innovative roofscapes.



rainwater “

Rainwater collection by design: a complete range of engineered solutions to complement both contemporary and traditional architecture.


Alumasc Architectural Rainwater Systems have been used on every category of building, from the football training facility shown in the main picture, to more straightforward building forms of

Architectural Rainwater Systems

both traditional and modern design.

Alumasc is the leading UK manufacturer of Architectural Rainwater Systems cast in aluminium, backed up by quality control procedures second to none from design to completion, including in-house powder coating facilities. For the heritage sector, the cast aluminium range is complemented by cast iron and GRP systems. Alumasc is also at the forefront of contemporary design, with state of the art extruded and pressed aluminium systems giving the option of secret fix, and an integrated fascia soffit system incorporating standard gutter profiles.



drainage “

Total building drainage solutions, from a range of products and systems renowned for engineering integrity.


Harmer Engineered Drainage Systems when used in combination have provided a total solution to both internal and rainwater drainage on buildings ranging from apartment blocks, hospitals and

Harmer Engineered Drainage Systems

hotels to large retail, leisure and

Alumasc’s well established and comprehensive range of products under the Harmer

industrial complexes.

brand provides a unique single source for innovative, market leading solutions across the whole spectrum of rainwater handling and building drainage, with alternative ranges in metal and plastic. Harmer Rainwater Drainage provides a total solution from roof outlet to collection for storage and recycling, or discharge to below ground drainage. Harmer Internal Drainage provides a total solution from connection of plumbing fittings to link with the underground sewer.



from product selection to project solution... a seamless implementation process The Alumasc Four Part Business Proposition for building exteriors and drainage is based on integrated

The FourthatPart deliveryAlumasc of the four key factors make up a top class systems offer: Business proposition

Alumasc Resources Premium Products

Technical Support

Approved Installers


A constantly evolving range

Comprehensive data for

A rigorously trained

A comprehensive choice of

of quality proven, world class

specification and use of all

and monitored installation

Alumasc warranties, giving

products and systems, fully

products and system is

network for each specialist

protection for up to 20 years,

accredited to UK, European

available in published form,

system to ensure correct

with the additional option of a

and USA standards.

and on the company website.

application on site.

pre-paid insurance underwritten

Delivery of the Alumasc Four Part Business Proposition is supported by:

• An enthusiastic and committed

• A carefully developed and

workforce backed up by

nurtured supply chain for

professional management and

world class products to

sales teams.

complement the in-house

• State-of-the-art and quality

manufacture and to ensure

accredited production

a fully rounded and

facilities for aluminium and

comprehensive offer for

render products, with a

exteriors and drainage.

by specialist area managers and

factory finishing capability

• A strong research and

using the latest CAD technology

for the former.

development capability.

This is backed up by pro-active

warranty, ensuring long term

support on a project basis, led

peace of mind.

including Architectural

• Technical support for design

Desktop and Autocad.

and costing, based on the latest CAD technology and a comprehensive range of


technical literature.


proven solutions with added value ...the Alumasc hallmark

Partnering As a pioneer in collaborative working as encapsulated in ‘Rethinking Construction’, Alumasc is committed to working relationships of mutual trust, based on direct and effective lines of communication for all factors affecting the client’s business.

• Product design • Terms of contract • Logistics of supply

Added value for the building client

Added value for specifiers

Added value for the main contractor

A choice of straightforward

The Alumasc Four Stage Process

The Alumasc network of

and comprehensive

offers comprehensive technical

carefully selected and rigorously

warranties to provide

support on a project basis, via

monitored installation specialists

lifecycle reassurance for

teams of product specialists

for each product and system

the building client. In addition,

assigned to each product or

ensures compliance with project

and where specifically

product group. At pre-contract

specifications, compliance

requested, Alumasc will liaise

stage the support includes

with project programmes and

with the approved contractor

performance calculations,

general compliance with

for the project to ensure that

written specification and CAD

good working practice on site

agreed maintenance checks

detailing for the project, and

– thereby ensuring fault free

are carried out to schedule

the service is extended

installation to tight programme

and to specification. Seamless

to providing general technical


implementation through

advice throughout the contract.

the Alumasc Four Stage Process enables the project

• Dealing with product and operational problems

specification, maintenance

All Alumasc projects are of

to be balanced against risk

equal importance and the

at the project inception,

client will have the level of

and formalised into a risk

contact within Alumasc to

management programme

ensure that this commitment

where required.

regime and warranty cover

is realised.



premium products โ€ข proven solutions

Product Literature Product literature is available on the following:Alumasc Aluminium Rainwater Alumasc Traditional Rainwater Harmer Engineered Drainage Systems Derbigum Single Layer Roofing Membrane Hydrotech Structural Waterproofing ZinCo Green Roofs Armaseam Standing Seam Roofing and Skyline Fascia Soffit

Alumasc Exterior Building Products LTD White House Works, Bold Road, Sutton,

M.R. Insulated Faรงades Alumasc Architectural Render Systems

St Helens, Merseyside, WA9 4JG United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)1744 648400

Technical Literature

Facsimile: +44 (0)1744 648401

For technical details on the above range of products there



is a comprehensive suite of technical literature Rainwater Drainage

Product and technical literature hotline

0808 100 2008 A unique fusion of premium products, technical expertise and project support All reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this brochure, all information, recommendations and guidance notes on the use of The Products are made without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond the control of Alumasc Exterior Building Products Limited (The Company). The customer is responsible for ensuring that each product is fit for its intended purpose and that conditions for use are suitable. The information contained in this brochure and advice arising therefrom is free of charge and accordingly on the terms that no liability nor liability for negligence will attach to the Company or its servants in relation to any such service arising out of or in connection with this brochure. The Company pursues a policy of constant product development and information contained in this publication is therefore subject to change without notice.


Waterproofing Metal Roofing Faรงades