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January/February 2011

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Your customers are speaking! But are you listening?


Sleep Center Superstores in Ocala excel at selling over-60 consumers UNDER COVER

Mom goes on a mission to buy a new mattress BE MY GUEST

‘Science of sleep’ builds customer relationships


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Your customers are speaking. But are you listening?

Actively listening to the voice of the consumer is critical to mattress retailers’ success, especially in the age of digital communication, says Info Retail’s Cindy Williams. She calls on the industry to shift from a product-centric business model to a customer-centric one.

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WAKE UP CALL from the editor’s desk

Does Sleep Savvy sometimes come across as overly critical of retailers? That’s because our mission is to help the mattress industry be the best it can be.

SNOOZE NEWS stuff you can use

Better Sleep Council’s Suite 7 web video series in full swing—with opportunities for stores; FTC changing rules on ‘green’ marketing; customer testimonials essential to retail websites...and more.

UNDERCOVER the customer experience

Sleep Savvy copy editor—and mom of three— Margaret Talley-Seijn recounts her search for a new mattress.

CONSUMER CHECK profiling your customer

Consumers judge businesses the same way they do people: on warmth and competence, a Princeton University study reveals.

BACK TALK supporting customer dreams

Help your customers find the right mattress by using a simple test for spine support.


45 49 56

BE MY GUEST by Ron Wolinski

To help customers make an informed decision about a new mattress, make sure they understand the importance of sleep to their quality of life.

SHOWCASE products & programs for success

What’s new and interesting from companies that market mattresses, components, accessories and services? Take a tour of our winter showcase!

CLOSING WORDS by Gerry Morris Basic qualifying questions aren’t enough. To ensure customer satisfaction, you have to DIG DEEP.


RETAIL ROAD TRIP the selling scene The young management team at the Sleep Center Superstores in central Florida uses consultative selling to establish rapport with the over-60 crowd.

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


revealing the natural beauty of latex

This market, experience the feel you’ve been missing

latex mattress showcase Latex offers unrivaled qualites that make it one of the fastest growing categories in bedding. But all too often, those unique qualities are hidden beneath a confusing array of components. We’ve brought together the finest examples of latex mattress design to give retailer buyers a single location to discover incomparable comfort.

www.latexintl.com 203-924-0700

Showroom B-945/LaS VegaS worLd market/January 24-28, 2011

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WAKE UP CALL from the editor

Why are we so critical of retailers? Because we care!


his issue—which marks the beginning of Sleep Savvy’s 10th year of publication—strikes me as a particularly rich one in its examination of the mattress retail business, together with a wealth of ideas that can be put to profitable use in stores like yours. But as I was doing a final read-through, a cautionary thought crossed my mind: “Uh-oh. There are probably gonna be some readers out there who think we’re beating up on them...again.” Periodically, I get emails complaining that Sleep Savvy is too quick to point the finger at retailers for whatever ills plague the mattress business. (Typically, a disgruntled reader contends that it’s the manufacturers that are causing problems, not the retailers.) So maybe this would be a good time to let you know that our intention isn’t to point fingers or make mattress retailers feel bad. At Sleep Savvy, we’re motivated by a mission—established by the Better Sleep Council of the International Sleep Products Association, our publisher, in 2001—that seeks to make the mattress industry better, smarter, healthier, more appealing to consumers and more profitable. And sometimes that means taking a hard and unflattering look at what’s working against the industry’s best interests. Years ago, I had plans for a career in the theater. After reading a scathing review of a play I liked, a favorite college professor pointed out that critics don’t criticize to be mean. They do it because they love the theater and want it to be the best it can be.

So if it sometimes seems that Sleep Savvy is relentless in focusing on what’s wrong with the mattress business, just know that it’s because we care. Listening to the ‘VOC’ There’s a common theme running through this issue: success and growth in our industry lies in actively listening to the voice of the consumer—the VOC, as cover story author Cindy Williams calls it—and incorporating it into everything we do (page 14). Undercover mattress shopper Margaret Talley-Seijn offers a real-life example of how and why that works (page 23). Regular columnist Gerry Morris urges RSAs to learn how to “dig deep” with each customer (page 56). Building that vital relationship with the customer is at the heart of industry veteran Ron Wolinski’s guest column on selling quality of life instead of mattresses (page 45). Yes, mattress retailers take some hits in these stories for falling short in ways that can lose a specific sale, hurt a particular store and reflect poorly on the business as a whole. They may not be fun to read, but they are meant to be steps toward helping our industry be the best it can be.

nbutler@sleepproducts.org SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


Our adjustable bases move for you! 1 888.550 ERGO



SNOOZE NEWS stuff you can use

Better Sleep Council’s Suite 7 web video series in full swing

Since mid-December, Suite 7, a web video series produced for the Better Sleep Council (BSC) by CJP Communications, has entertained viewers across multiple web platforms and pointed them to information about the important role a quality mattress plays in a great night’s sleep. The BSC is the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA). The series, which includes seven five- to eight-minute episodes, has already been seen by millions of viewers on MyLifetime.com, as well as Lifetime’s online, mobile and on-demand partner channels, including Hulu, YouTube, iTunes and Verizon VCast, among others. New episodes will air through the beginning of February and will continue to be available online following their debut. Suite 7 features an all-star cast of actors, directors and writers, including two Tony winners, one Emmy winner, three Emmy nominees, two Golden Globe nominees, two Streamy winners, four Streamy nominees and two Webby winners (see below). The Streamy Awards honor excellence in original web television programming; the Webby Awards recognize excellence on the Internet, including websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile web. Set entirely in the same hotel room, each week a new couple or group—newlyweds, divorcing, siblings, best friends, business partners, total strangers—checks into Suite 7 where they unpack their “emotional baggage.” The bed in the center of the room is pivotal to resolving their conflict. ➤ To see episodes of Suite 7, go to http://suite7.tv or scan the QR code shown here into your smart phone. ➤ For tips on how you can tie into Suite 7 for your store, turn to page 7.

The ROI from listening is higher than from any other

activity. — Tom Peters

Suite 7 enlists roster of stars as directors, writers and cast


o give each episode of the Better Sleep Council’s Suite 7 web series a distinct style and voice, a diverse roster of film, TV, stage and web talent was enlisted to write and/or direct each of the seven episodes, including Craig Bierko (Damages), Shannen Doherty (Charmed), Illeana Douglas (Entourage), Mark Gantt and Jesse Warren (The Bannen Way), Tony Janning and Sandeep Parikh (The Legend of Neil), Michael Kang (Easy to Assemble: Finding North), Wilson Cleveland (The Temp Life), Susan Miller (Anyone But Me), Bernie Su (Compulsions) and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes). Bierko, Cleveland, Doherty, Douglas, Janning and Ventimiglia also appear onscreen along with a cast that includes Joel Bryant (After Judgment), Henry Dittman (Greek), George Newbern (Nip/Tuck), Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13), Brandon Molale (Reno 911!) and Jaime Murray (Dexter).


Illeana Douglas and Henry Dittman appear in the episode titled ‘Soulmates.’

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011



stuff you can use

Men’s Health UK

Create the perfect sleep environment


ips from the U.S. Better Sleep Council’s Karin Mahoney are among those offered by Britain’s Men’s Health magazine on optimizing the bedroom for a great night’s sleep: “Much like Fernando Torres, mattresses don’t stay in their prime for long. The manufacturer may claim otherwise, but after a mere seven years (shorter if you’re prone to bouncing) you should be looking to bump off your bed, says the Better Sleep Council’s Karin Mahoney. If the genesis of your mattress is hazy, sure signs that it’s time for a change are frequent morning stiffness or noticing what a great night’s sleep you enjoyed elsewhere. To bolster longevity: twist, don’t flip: ‘Most mattresses are one-sided these days, so they just need to be rotated clockwise every six months or so,’ says Mahoney. “Researchers at Oklahoma State University found those sleeping on new bedding reported, on average, improved sleep quality and reduced physical pain. ‘The last thing you want is buyer’s remorse, so really take the time (15 minutes minimum) to lie down in your typical sleeping position when choosing a mattress,’ says Mahoney.” As they say in Parliament: Hear, hear!


Badcock’s ‘Joe’ stars in integrated campaign


adcock Home Furniture & More, with more than 300 stores across the southeast, is engaging consumers with a new campaign that introduces them to “Joe,” an affable guy prone to furnituredamaging accidents. Badcock comes to the rescue by giving Joe’s family the credit they need to buy new furniture. The “With Joe, you never know” campaign uses traditional TV, print and radio, but also taps into social media channels, including a promotional microsite, Facebook page and branded YouTube channel. Customers can watch the commercials at www.KnowAJoe.com and submit their own “Joe” stories and videos for a chance to win furniture. “Research showed that Joe is a very relatable character—everyone knows someone like Joe,” according to Bill Daughtrey, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing. “We’re giving our customers a real reason to engage with us, have fun and see how our brand can improve the quality of their lives,” said Mike Price, president.  Two thumbs up from Sleep Savvy.

Mattress ‘in the dumps’

e spotted these photos on the Torontoist, a popular website on happenings in and around the big Canadian city. The site regularly runs photos of local graffiti art. These were shot by photog-

6 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

rapher Marie Wilson (http://mariewilson.ca/index.html) and published with this caption: “This is a one blue mattress. We hope it feels better soon, but we think it’s down in the dumps.”



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BSC’s Suite 7 offers opportunities for retailers


he Suite 7 web video series (see stories on page 5) is being produced and funded by ISPA’s Better Sleep Council on behalf of the entire mattress industry, and the episodes will continue to be available online indefinitely. The BSC is encouraging manufacturers and retailers to help promote viewership and to create a connection between your business and Suite 7. For example: ➤ Embed the video link in your website. Engage and entertain your customers by linking Suite 7 to your store website. “Joe’s mattress

invites you to enjoy the latest episode of Suite 7…” ➤ Air episodes in the store. Set up a monitor in your bedding department to air Suite 7 episodes on a continuous loop. The

Jaime Murray and Eddie McClintock in the ‘Good in Bed’ episode.

show will bring a smile to customers’ faces, give RSAs something to help break the ice and get customers thinking about the beds they’re sleeping on. ➤ Wrap your messages around it. As a retailer, you’re very familiar with the “donut” ad concept. You can do that with the Suite 7 episodes so that your own messages open and close the segment on your website. Download each episode, then place one of your store ads at the beginning of the episode to introduce it and again after the episode to reinforce store messages. For Suite 7 links and materials, visit www.sleepsavvymagazine.com and look in the Retailer Toolkit.

Revised ‘Green Guides’ to impact marketing claims


he U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued proposed revisions to its “Green Guides” that could significantly impact environmental marketing and green practices claims made by businesses. The guides, last revised in 1998, apply to retailers as well as manufacturers. While the guides are not binding regulations, the FTC can bring enforcement actions if a marketer makes an environmental claim the agency believes is deceptive. As an example, the agency recently took action against companies claiming their textile products were made of bamboo fiber, when they were actually made from rayon derived from bamboo. Some of the more significant proposed changes include an explicit statement that marketers should not make unqualified general claims that products are “green” or “earth-friendly” and more specific guidance on how marketers should qualify “recyclable” claims. A new section deals with the use of certifications and seals of approvals and specifies that thirdparty certifications must comply with FTC’s existing


“Endorsement Guides.” The revisions also contain new guidance on “renewable materials”, “renewable energy” and “carbon offset” claims. The FTC specifically declined to address “sustainable”, “natural” and “organic” claims, noting that other federal agencies seek to define and regulate these terms. The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) has submitted written comments to the FTC. The comment period on the revisions closed in December. The final guides should be out in the spring or summer.

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


Back SupporTer™ • Sleep SenSe™ • chaTTam & WellS™

The world keeps changing but people still prefer to buy products they know and trust. For more than 80 years, the SPRING AIR® name has stood for innovation, quality, and reliability in sleep products to millions the world over. Today, we’re stronger than ever but just as dedicated to earning every day the most valuable asset a brand can have: the consumer’s trust. It’s both our heritage and our future.

Trusted by millions since 1926

Las Vegas Market

January 24-28, 2011, Showroom B-1125 & 1126

Visit us during the show and discover why so many successful retailers made the SPRING AIR® brand an integral part of their premium mattress programs in 2010.


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Lucky No. 7 wins in decision-making Customer testimonials


ccording to recent research featured in the new book Decide and Deliver by Marcia Blenko, Michael Mankins and Paul Rogers, effective decision-making is affected by the size of the group involved. Here’s some of the eye-opening data: ● Seven people are optimal for an effective decisionmaking group. ● Each group member beyond seven reduces effectiveness by 10%. Based on this data, Sleep Savvy calculates that a decision-making group of 17 or more would be better off not meeting at all.

2-in-5 drivers nodding off at the wheel AAA says that drowsy driving is more common and more deadly than previously thought. In a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 41% of drivers said they’d fallen asleep at the wheel and 1 in 10 admitted doing so in the past year. One-quarter said that they’d driven in the previous month despite being so tired that they couldn’t keep their eyes open. The foundation analyzed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s crash data from 1999 to 2008 and estimated that nearly 17% of fatal crashes—4,400 deadly accidents a year—are the result of sleepy drivers. “Just like alcohol and drugs, being very tired while you’re driving decreases your awareness,” said Peter Kissinger, foundation president. “It slows your reaction time and it impairs your judgment.” Staying awake for 24 hours can leave a person as impaired as someone with a 0.1 alcohol level—the equivalent of consuming six drinks.

Is snoring robbing you of gray matter? New research suggests that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may cause structural defects in the brain’s gray matter, resulting in problems with attention and memory. The cause is the oxygen deprivation that happens when OSA (usu-

10 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


onest words from others help make your products or services more tangible to customers who are visiting you online, according to “10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs,” an article posted on the Entrepreneur magazine website on Nov. 8. “They help your potential customers to build trust in you, especially if

ally accompanied by heavy snoring) interrupts breathing many times each night. Researchers in Milan, Italy, compared 17 people with severe OSA to 15 age-matched controls using MRI and a variety of cognitive tests. They found significant reductions in gray matter among those with OSA. Specific brain functions most strongly affected included executive function, which controls high-order functions such as problem solving, and abstract reasoning. Fortunately, treatment with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) seemed to reverse the damages. The study was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Sleep staves off winter colds Statistics say you’ll catch two to four colds this winter, according to a recent article in Real Simple magazine (www.realsimple.com). One of the best and easiest ways to stave them off is to get a good night’s sleep every night. Sleep regulates the release of the hormone cortisol, which stimulates cells that boost the immune system, Dr. William Ellert, chief medical officer of Phoenix Baptist Hospital, told the magazine. And a well-tuned immune system is crucial for defending against the cold virus. Real Simple cited a recent study indicating that people who sleep less than seven hours are nearly three times as likely to catch a cold.


Sle Sho


stuff you can use

s essential for website you are new,” said John Zhuang, of Winning Interactive, a web design and SEO-optimization firm. “And they help shoppers to confirm whether the product or services meet their needs.” “People love to hear stories from real people,” Zhuang pointed out. To read the complete story, go to www.entrepreneur.com/article/217499.

eep orts

Unscrupulous renovators in your area?


he International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) is working with the Enforcement Division of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection on curbing deceptive practices by unscrupulous renovators who sell used mattresses as new. The Textile Fiber Products Identification Act prohibits misbranding, falsifying or deceptively representing a textile product. Renovators who sell a used mattress as new or fail to disclose the product is used violate this law. If you know of any unscrupulous renovators who are violating this federal law, the association urges you to report them to the FTC by using its online Complaint Assistant at www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en.

Possible SIDS cause identified Researchers in Australia have found that babies sleeping on their stomach have reduced blood pressure and an increased heart rate, which increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. About 40 babies were monitored while some slept on their stomachs and some on their backs. Those sleeping on their stomachs experienced about a 5% reduction in blood pressure, which could mean less oxygen reaching the brain. Babies sleeping on their stomachs also had a more difficult time rousing themselves from sleep, which could put them at greater risk, scientists said.

Extroverts more prone to sleep loss Extroverts who engage in a lot of social activity are more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation than introverts, according to a new study at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Researchers randomly assigned 23 extroverts and 25 introverts, age 18 to 30, to a social group or an isolated group. Those in the social


group spent 12 hours interacting with people doing activities such as playing games, watching movies and talking. Those in the isolated group did similar activities alone in private rooms. The introverts in both groups had no increased vulnerability to sleep loss. But the extroverts in the social group were more likely to have sleep problems than extroverts who were socially isolated. The findings were published in the journal SLEEP.

There’s a link between intelligence and ‘sleeping in’ High-achieving students with high IQs have something in common. They sleep late. According to an article in the Winnipeg Free Press, researchers have found that people with higher IQs and better grades tend to be night owls, staying up late and sleeping in, while people with lower IQs tend to go to bed and get up earlier. Apparently, genetic factors control 50% of our sleep-time choices. Age also has an impact on sleep patterns, with night-owl behaviors stronger between the ages of 17 and 21. But the news isn’t all good for those high achievers who sleep in. Night owls also “tend to be less reliable, less emotionally stable and more apt to suffer from depression, addictions and eating disorders.” Sleep Savvy prefers to turn in early.

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011



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Give a ‘love mattress’ for Valentine’s Day?

Napping contest seeks to revive siesta

hat says you care more than, say, a mattress with a love note on the label, beef jerky in your favorite flavor combination or Oxfords or loafers in your college team’s colors?” That was the question posed by writer Jane O’Donnell in a USA Today story about the popularity of personalized products on Dec. 7. “Shirts, shoes, beds and baubles that are truly ‘you’ are more popular than ever, thanks to all the social-media emphasis on our tastes and traits,” she continued. O’Donnell was looking at custom options for Christmastime giving—which included personalized mattresses from www.create-a-mattress.com, a company that offers to vary fabrics, trims and messages on mattress labels. But it occurred to Sleep Savvy that maybe Valentine’s Day would be an even better opportunity for mattress retailers and their vendors. How about a complimentary satin banner with an “I love you” message and a big red bow with every gift bed?

pain staged its first siesta championship in midOctober, awarding the winning napper a prize of 1,000 euros. Organized by the National Association of Friends of the Siesta, the competition raised awareness of how modern life has eroded the Spanish tradition of snoozing after lunch. Staged in a Madrid shopping mall, the contest outfitted participants with pulse monitors and gave them 20 minutes to nap. Judges awarded points for most original sleep positions, loudest snore and duration of sleep. Eight rounds involving five contestants each were held daily for nine days. Pedro Soria Lopez, a 62-year-old Ecuadorian, won by a snore. The event was such a hit that the association is considering holding siesta contests outside of Spain. Sleep Savvy sees real potential for mattress retailersponsored napping contests in malls across the U.S.



BEDDING BIZ BEAT In September, wholesale dollar sales of mattresses and foundations increased by 4.7%, while units rose 4.2%. But sales weakened in October, when dollars declined by 2.8% and units by 2% compared to October 2009, reflecting an AUP loss of 0.8%. For the 10 months combined, the 20 companies participating in ISPA’s monthly Bedding Barometer sample showed a 7% gain in dollars and 7.6% gain in units compared to January-October of 2009.

Mattresses & Foundations in Millions of Wholesale Dollars Sample of Leading Producers




$389 $381


$417 $370

$389 $335 $325


Percent change +10%

Percent change +13%

Percent change -2.2%

Percent change +7.9%

Percent change +4.7%

Percent change -2.8%







■ 2009 ■ 2010

12 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


Your custo mers are s peak But a ing. re yo u listen ing?

By Cindy Williams

Three old guys are out walking. First one says, “Windy, isn’t it?” Second one says, “No, it’s Thursday!” Third one says, “So am I. Let’s go get a beer.” That’s not only funny; it’s also a perfect metaphor for the situation in the sleep products industry. The voice of the consumer is strong and powerful, and we hear the voice. But are we really listening? Every day, consumers voice opinions, praise, reviews and criticisms about our products, our brands, our stores. Sometimes they’re talking to us face-to-face. But more often—thankfully—they’re talking online or virtually. I say “thankfully” because virtual communica-

14 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

tions—online comments and complaints, blogs, tweets, etc.—allow us to actually listen to consumers. Anyone with ears that can hear or eyes that can read is able to hear what is being said, but listening means being actively involved. Listening means learning what our target consumer loves and hates, what pleases her and what makes her unhappy. Listening gives us a clear understanding of the deal-makers and deal-breakers—a critical step toward utilizing what we learn from the voice of the consumer (VOC). Technology allows us to fully listen, efficiently and objectively. Isn’t technology wonderful? And what an opportunity!



SleepSavvy • January/February 2011



your customers are speaking “Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.” —Josh Billings

Consumers are constantly talking to one another and to the companies they do business with at astonishing rates. Pingdom.com reports there were 1.4 billion email users in 2009, generating 247 billion emails. In addtion, there were 126 million blogs, 27.3 million tweets daily on Twitter, 350 million posts on Facebook and 1 billion videos viewed on YouTube. In 2010, the number of Internet users worldwide jumped to 2 billion, with 2.3 million users in the U.S. alone. These are your customers speaking. Are you listening?

“Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled.” —Horace

The VOC has an incredibly long shelf life. To better understand the reach and power of this voice, take a look at one negative comment that a consumer voiced online to pissedconsumer.com: “(Retailer) has struck again. I purchased a mattress from this company about four years ago. This mattress warranty will replace my mattress but (Retailer) is asking for another delivery fee and the quality of service I am receiving is (bleep)! I have left messages for the VP to call me (and) his assistant to call me—the store manager is rude and could care less about the consumer. I was promised a mattress delivered today but in fact the warehouse did not know this. I called the manager back to discuss this matter when he stated, ‘Could talk to someone else but he could care less.’ I will never deal with this company again. I would advise everyone to stay away from

16 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

the staff and the store.” This comment was posted online in the summer of 2008. Why should you care? Because blog posts remain available to search engines forever! This particular post has been viewed more than 2,880 times, and it continues to receive comments from other consumers. But the really bad news is that when a company leaves negative comments like this unaddressed, they tend to become magnets for more negative comments. My company, Info Retail, recently surveyed 100 consumers who purchased a mattress within the past five years. Findings suggest that 74% of mattress shoppers gather information online prior to shopping in your store. The likelihood that they will discover negative comments posted on the Internet is huge. Now more than ever, negative experiences are having a significant impact on your bottom line. Could it be more than a sluggish economy keeping potential customers from walking through your door?

3-year-old child. How would you handle that disagreement if you were home alone together? How would you handle it if you were in the middle of your neighborhood grocery store? Big difference, right? It’s exactly the same when dealing with the VOC. Your issue with your customer is being settled right in the middle of the world’s largest grocery store and everybody’s watching. Dealing effectively with a disagreement—so your customer feels she has been heard and has been allowed to help devise a solution—will build bridges with that customer and with the others who are watching the disagreement online. Listening, being actively involved and allowing customers to be actively involved, creates such a strong postive voice that the negatives can be outweighed (see Domino’s “Oh, yes we did” case study on page 18).

“My wife says I never listen to her. At least I think that’s what she said.” —Anonymous

We will never be able to prevent some percentage of negative comments about our stores, brands, products or services from being voiced. But a few negative comments are not the real problem. How we handle the negative comments—with so many other people watching— is what’s important. Picture this: You’re in the middle of a disagreement with your www.sleepsavvymagazine.com


your customers are speaking “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said.” —Anonymous

In their book Satisfaction: How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer, Chris Denove and James Power address the importance of completely understanding how an interaction with a customer affects his or her satisfaction. According to the authors, here are the things that are directly affected by customer satisfaction, or lack thereof: ● Loyalty. Satisfied customers are significantly more likely to come back to do business with you in the future. ● Word-of-mouth. Satisfied customers not only solicit others to do business with you, but their opinions carry more weight than all of your company’s advertising combined.


● Price premiums. Consumers will pay a hefty premium to do business with companies that have a reputation for high quality and great customer service. ● Reduced operating costs. Highsatisfaction companies have lower warranty expenses and spend less on service recovery in general. ● Customer close rates. Companies that garner high customer satisfaction during the sales experience make sales to a higher percentage of shoppers. In need of a different model The sleep products industry is desperately in need of a shift from a product-centric to a customercentric business model, because the customer is now holding you accountable on a very public stage. Learning to change business models will require tough decisions, major changes in philosophy and the combined effort of manufacturers and retailers. However, the result will be the accumulation of actionable intelligence that will allow everyone to establish focused plans for new and improved consumer interactions. Industries that collect actionable intelligence and act on it become smarter and richer. They’re able to continue to evolve and to remain relevant to the targeted market. They enjoy higher margins, higher loyalty and larger ROI. The outdated productcentric model dictates to the consumer—“This is what you want, this is how you will shop for it and this is how you will buy it.” When the consumer gives in and makes the purchase, this model says,

“Now, this is how you will use it and/or return it.” Industries that use the VOC to gather actionable intelligence are following a customer-centric model that thrives on consumer input. The customer-centric model asks, “What would you like?” It seeks to understand, “How would you like it?” It wants to know, “How would you like to shop for it and where do you want to buy it?” If the customer is unhappy, it asks, “How can I help you return or exchange it?” The customer-centric model then wants to understand, “How are you using the product?” and “Are you enjoying it?” Companies that seek the VOC at every touchpoint will be better equiped to integrate robust customer-driven initiatives into their business model and culture—and they will probably still be around in five years.

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” —John Lennon

Your target customers are constantly talking to many people about lots of things—one of them may be you. Just this morning, as I’ve been writing these words, I’ve consulted friends on Facebook, through email and on Twitter. In the last hour, without searching, I’ve read a pal’s take on Trader Joe’s, an opinion on Walmart’s free shipping policy and an opinion on VW Polo. I’ve also seen two tweets from a graphic designer colleague describing what he hates about Adobe Flash 2. He says: “When color picking, the eyedropper doesn’t go away while selecting alpha, so it picks the color of the btn” and “Can’t apply a gradient tint.” What would you do if you were a graphic designer who was about SleepSavvy • January/February 2011



your customers are speaking to purchase Adobe Flash 2? And how many people in addition to me saw his tweets? At the very least, everyone who follows me on Twitter and everyone who follows him—1,000-plus people. Incidentally, did you know that 53% of people on Twitter recommend companies and/or products in their tweets and 48% of them deliver on their intention to buy the product (ROI Research for Performance, June 2010). I’d call that significant!

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is.” —Chris Anderson, Wired magazine

Did you know the VOC has more influence than advertising? If you were in the market for a child safety seat, would you choose a seat that other parents gave a 100% satisfaction rating? Or would you buy the one that gets a 40% satisfaction rating but has a really cool advertising campaign? Most people would believe other parents they’d never even met. According to a recent survey of U.S. mom Internet users, “Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted—nearly 12 times more—than descriptions that come from manufacturers”(online video review site EXPO, eMarketer, February 2010). Some companies in the mattress business are making strides in the area of the VOC and enjoying the benefits. Two examples that come to mind are Tempur-Pedic’s “Ask Me” campaign and Mattress Firm’s “Happiness Guarantee.” The “Ask Me” campaign projects authenticity by relying on current customer endorsements to convince prospective customers of product value. Mattress Firm’s “Happiness Guarantee” addresses a major consumer complaint—the hassle involved in returning a mat-

18 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

tress—and also invites customers to post their “happy” photos on Facebook. A good many others in the industry are attempting to connect with the VOC—some seem appropriate and well strategized; some strike me as just plain scary. If you don’t listen to anything else I say, please listen to this: An online campaign that is not developed around a strong customer-centric strategy can inflict extreme damage upon a brand. If you don’t have the expertise to develop an online strategy, hire someone who does.

What others have done right…and wrong Let’s look at a few case studies outside the bedding industry:

Oh, Yes We Did! Domino’s just celebrated doubledigit same-store sales growth, far ahead of competing chains like Pizza Hut and Little Ceasars. CEO Patrick Doyle attributes the company’s “Oh, Yes We Did” campaign, fueled by consumer participation and feedback. In other words, Domino’s sought out, listened to, assimilated and implemented solutions based on the VOC. First, Domino’s publicized its intention to listen to its customers, regardless of the impact on its established business model. Social media became a critical component of an extremely well-strategized plan. The company listened when customers said the pizza crust tasted like cardboard, the cheese was processed and the sauce was boring. Domino’s chose to make disgruntled customers partners in the process of positive change. It

changed its recipe and entire pizzamaking process, then encouraged customers to critique the changes by posting comments on forums such as Facebook. There are a few negative comments here and there, but the positives have become so numerous that any negatives have lost their power. (For more, read Alisan Atvur’s blog post at http://bit.ly/ayrIlG.) As a result, Domino’s experienced a 14% same-store sales gain in the first quarter of the campaign. Check out the continuing story at www.youtube. com/watch?v=AH5R56jILag. As Doyle said, “There comes a time when you know you gotta make a change.” Would you agree that mattress retail is at that point?

I’m a PC! Microsoft decided to face the VOC head-on by launching its “I’m a PC” campaign in the third quarter of 2008. Customers had been highly critical of the operating system, so when Windows 7 was introduced to the market, so was the “I’m a PC” campaign.

Advertisements featured ordinary users as well as celebrities. The campaign directly addressed consumers’ voiced criticisms and presented Windows 7 as the solution. The result? It was the most successful product launch in the history of Microsoft, and one that actually succeeded in pulling consumers away from Apple.

Oh No, You Didn’t! BP CEO Tony Hayward gave us a really stunning example of how NOT to do it when he botched an attempted apology for the Gulf oil spill disaster on The Today Show by adding, “There’s no one who wants this over more than I do. I’d www.sleepsavvymagazine.com


your customers are speaking like my life back.” Millions upon millions of people around the world saw that video (if you somehow missed it, you can see it on YouTube). Then he apologized on Facebook for the “hurtful and thoughtless comment.” Enough said. Or maybe too much. Change is not optional The mattress business is in a bit of a crisis. Sales are down and the number of customers walking through the door has dropped. Every sale can feel like a live-or-die scenario. But take heart—some of the most remarkable thinking and creativity comes to us in the trenches. When business is great, we tend to get lazy about searching for better ways to connect with our customers. When business is bad, our ability to expand our thinking and to touch our customers is stretched to the max. The consumer purchasing process is changing dramatically—almost daily. Choosing to embrace the change is critical. Remember travel agencies? Industries that have remained product-centric rather than customer-centric are now on the endangered list. Embracing change and being committed to it can help this industry stay off that list. The VOC can be one of the greatest gifts ever given to a company. Every comment or complaint is an opportunity to turn a customer into an advocate. Handled correctly, the VOC can help build strong and lasting loyalty. Take notice: Whether you have a social

20 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

media program or not, consumers are talking about you. Inability to respond adequately, or unwillingness to respond, can be devastating to your business. Steps to a VOC strategy Best practices have established several steps in organizing an effective VOC strategy. But first, I have to say it again: If you do not have the expertise to develop a comprehensive online strategy, hire someone who does. Assuming you do have that expertise, here are a few steps to follow. This is not a complete list, but a few of the top priorities:

1. Formulate a clear strategy. Strategy formulation can be complex. Some of the most important considerations are learning where your customers are sharing their stories about you and/or your products, gaining an understanding of how consumers want to receive the information/services they are asking for, and identifying the tools, resources and methodologies needed to glean this information.

2. Implement the strategy. Acquire the tools and resources identified in Step 1 and begin practicing the methodologies with consistency and commitment. Establish critical benchmarks such as increases in sales, average ticket, etc. Evaluate interactions between the consumer and your front-line employees. Invite and reward feedback from your customers, your front-line employees and any other resources you have in

the field. Invite all levels of management to participate. Develop a plan for expediting responses to the feedback collected.

3. Measure ROI. Track progress, investment and performance every step of the way. A well-strategized and well-executed plan will result in a steady stream of information and data that can be accurately tracked, measured and predicted to provide actionable intelligence. This intelligence will allow you to stay a few steps ahead of the target market. Listening to the VOC, involving consumers, responding to them and staying ahead of them will bring new life to the mattress business. It will give you the power to surprise your customers with incredible products, engaging in-store experiences and fabulous customer service. What an opportunity. ● Cindy Williams is vice president of retail strategy for home furnishings at Atlanta-based Info Retail, a strategy and design firm that helps retailers and manufacturers understand and improve customer buying experiences. Before joining Info Retail, she held posts with Simmons, International Bedding and England Quality Home Furnishings. You can contact Cindy by phone at 770-356-1229 or through the company website, www.inforetail.com, or follow her on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/cinwilliams. More from Cindy Williams Starting in March, Cindy will be writing a regular column called “Cindy’s Insights.” Look for more from her in every issue about creating a VOC strategy for your store. www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

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the customer experience Mom on a mission: A shopper’s quest for a new bed By Margaret Talley-Seijn am your target customer: A 40-ish wife and mother of three young children, with a crazy schedule and a budget that’s tighter than it used to be. I make the majority of decisions when it comes to purchases for our home. But I differ from other typical customers in one way: I have read every word of every issue of Sleep Savvy magazine (and its sister magazine BedTimes) for the past three years. As a copy editor for both magazines, I’ve read hundreds of pages of advice from experts on the most effective ways to sell bedding to people just like me. I also have learned how critical sleeping on a good mattress is to me and my family’s health and well-being. Take a walk in the fuzzy slippers of a typical customer as I embark on the Holy Grail of motherhood: a good night’s sleep.


It’s definitely time You know it’s time to buy a mattress when your husband refers to the bed you share as “the taco.” Our bed is eight years old. In its youth, it was a good bed. But three pregnancies and the resulting three children have taken their toll. And we’ve changed, too. Sleeping in a queen-size bed with a 6-foot, 5-inch husband is not as easy as it used to be. Changing the sheets has become a Herculean task, as the mattress has become heavier, and I swear, thicker, than it was when we purchased it. (Could it be all of those dust mites and other nasty stuff?) I can no longer “catch up” on sleep on the weekend. www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

A couple of yoga stretches and an ibuprofen don’t fix my aches and pains anymore. I’m at the point where I want to invest in a quality mattress— not just get a deal on white rectangle. First talk, then Google What’s the first thing I did when I decided to get a new bed? I called my mother, of course. And my sister. And my friends. And my friends’ friends. I talked to just about anyone that would talk to me about their mattress experience—over coffee, at the kids’ school, at parties, on Facebook, Internet forums, the grocery store. What kind of mattress do you have? Do you still like it? Where did you get it? Was buying it a pain? How much did you pay for it? Did you shop around for a long time? Many of my friends thought I was obsessed—except for the ones who had recently purchased a mattress that had improved their lives. These mattress evangelists were the most

helpful to me, even though they had widely varying recommendations and experiences. (Now that my quest is complete, many of the people I pestered are coming to me for recommendations.) With all of the information and opinions collected from friends and family, plus a small stack of direct mail fliers and newspaper ads, I went online to begin paring down my list. I kept a window open to Google Maps so I could limit my potential excursions to a reasonable driving distance—my child-free time is limited and precious. (There is no way I’m taking them with me. Adults see mattresses; children see trampolines.) Figuring out which stores would carry the most options that fit my budget was no small task. If prices weren’t listed on the website or the site looked like a “webified” newspaper ad, I crossed that retailer off the list. I consider a retailer’s website a part of my shopping experience, so I want the messages to target me, not the mattress. Several sites featured “mattress guides” with detailed explanations of mattress technology and construction. Others had “mattress selectors” with simple interactive questionnaires that made recommendations based on my personal preferences. (IKEA’s mattress guide was an excellent example of the latter, earning Big Blue a spot on my short list despite being an hour’s drive away.) There came a point where the Internet began to complicate the decision more than it helped. With my head spinning, I was more than ready to kick off my clogs and do some seriSleepSavvy • January/February 2011


Day of Sale:

Too Soon:

It Didn’t Work:


Brace Yourself:

You sell a mattress barely 30 minutes after you open your doors on a beautiful Saturday. The birds are singing. The customer calls to complain about “mattress divots.” You tell her they are “body contour adaptations.” She calls again. And again. You miss making a sale while you explain to her that body contour adaptations are normal, acceptable, and within the warranty. You’re forced to leave your brother-in-law manning the store while you act as mattress technician and drive across town to the customer’s house to inspect. With your high-tech “adaptation assessor kit” (No. 2 pencil, ruler, string), you determine the divot…er, adaptation…isn’t covered by warranty. You break the bad news to the customer. She reveals that she’s a world-famous social media expert and vows revenge. Tweet, tweet.

Rollator tests simulate extended mattress use. 0.0%

Don’t leave this kind of impression on your customers. Mattress breakdown has become a destructive problem in the sleep industry, and customers left in the hole may try to get their money back. But mattresses topped with Softech’s fabric-encased coils maintain their structural integrity and are far less susceptible to breakdown due to extended use. Nearly three times less than Visco foam and nearly ten times less than polyurethane. Check out BeddingComponents.com/Softech to learn how Softech can provide years of pampering comfort and lasting quality. And top your mattresses with Softech, which will leave your customers with a good impression.

© 2010 Leggett & Platt, Incorporated

-10.0% -20.0%

Softech® Visco Latex Poly

-30.0% -40.0% -50.0%

Percent of firmness breakdown on commonly used mattress toppers.




the customer experience ous lying down. My list of retailers was down to a big box, a mattress chain and a mid-range furniture chain store. Here’s how they went: The big box After a good experience with IKEA’s online mattress shopping guide, I was stoked to test the mattresses in real life. (Because IKEA is so unlike any other retailer, I’m identifying it by name). The mattress area is a bit off the beaten path, by IKEA standards. The bed selection is large and I couldn’t discern the logic behind the groupings. All of the beds look alike and within a few minutes of hangtag gazing and cross-referencing my notes, the Swedish names began to run together. The wandering hordes and the occasional husband slipping in to take a nap were distracting. Before long, I couldn’t keep track of which beds I’d already tested. And I still had to figure out which foundations (or bed slats? Do I need bed legs, too?) I needed to consider. Confused, I waited for a blueaproned IKEA elf to appear and cheerily give me a hand. None arrived, so I captured one in the textiles area. A nice guy, but I knew more about the beds than he did. At that moment, I knew I would not be buying my bed from IKEA—or any other big box or warehouse retailer. It was a little too much like flying nofrills on Southwest Airlines. I drowned my sorrows in ligonberry soda and a plate of Swedish meatballs. The sleep shop Several of my friends had purchased their beds from a national chain with a store located nearby. The website featured a simple interactive mattress-matching tool and loads of information about sleep and health. Surely these experts would be great at matching me with my best bed. The store’s clean and straightforwww.sleepsavvymagazine.com

My mattress shopping wish list 1. A place to put my purse, other than the bed or the floor, while testing mattresses 2. A great pillow with a fresh, fabric pillowcase that is mine to use while testing mattresses 3. A store interior and beds that smell clean and fresh 4. A salesperson that never once looks at his watch 5. Prices for all sizes of beds clearly marked on the website and in the store 6. A salesperson who first asks me how I’m sleeping, then shows me mattresses 7. After a rest test, a salesperson who comes behind me and neatens the bed 8. Privacy from people passing by store windows while I’m lying down on beds.

ward space in a relatively new shopping center said “mattress expert.” More than 25 mattresses, grouped by brand, lined three walls, with signage associated with each brand placed on, just above or at the foot of the beds. A “value center” of mattresses hung listlessly on a rack on the fourth wall. Signage draped from the ceiling touted the retailer’s “comfort system,” breaking up the beige-onwhite-on-beige monotony somewhat. My first overall impression was of competence, although a bit impersonal. My second impression: There are a lot of mattresses in here! Two salespeople were on the floor of the otherwise empty store. The younger man, clearly a trainee, greeted me politely after getting the “Go get ’em, tiger!” nod from the senior RSA/manager. I explained that I needed to replace and upgrade my bed within my budget. Without further ado—and without

asking what my budget was—the salesman led me to the second-most expensive mattress on the floor. Test-driving the luxury sedan that you know you can’t afford is what makes shopping for a minivan bearable, so I stretched out on a comfortable latex bed on an adjustable base with two fabulous pillows that cost several thousand dollars more than I planned to spend. Reluctantly getting up, I told the RSA that this was beyond my budget. He showed me several other higher-end mattresses, explaining technical aspects of each one and touching on mattress protectors, financing options and delivery services. Forty-five minutes later, the RSA hadn’t inquired about my sleep or needs, nor had he explained the value of an expensive mattress. The senior RSA, who had been hovering around fielding questions occasionally, didn’t either. Finally, I was led to the “comfort system” area, where the RSA helped me complete a nifty diagnostic program—you answer a few questions about your sleep habits, lie on the mattress and let the system make a recommendation. The younger RSA finally took on a sleep consultant role, with every mattress he showed from then on falling within my recommended comfort range. The experience began to feel more like he was helping me buy the right bed rather than selling me the expensive mattress. Much time would have been saved if the sleep consultation had been done first—with or without the snazzy technology. But then, things fell apart. After spending more than an hour and a half in the store, the senior RSA/ manager began to turn up the heat. First, with me standing just three feet away, he flat out asked the trainee if he was going to “close this deal.” Then, when I said that my husband would need to come SleepSavvy • January/February 2011



the customer experience

My three kids have taken their toll on our old mattress, shown here. After eight years, it was definitely time for a new one.

in and test the bed, this supposed sales pro asked, “What do I need to do to get you in a bed today?” I was out the door in less than five minutes—fed up and frustrated.

26 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

The furniture store After my experience with the mattress specialists, my expectations were low. This whole thing had become a drag. But I still needed a bed. I didn’t have high hopes for the fur-

niture store, located behind an older shopping center in a working-class neighborhood. The chain’s website is as straightforward as the store, with the focus on value. It’s a no-frills operation—clean, if a bit cluttered. The prices listed online were higher than some posted in the store and in the newspaper ads, so an in-store visit suggested some savings. The “sleep shop” is located in a front corner of the store—a small, well-lit area with 12 queen-size mattresses shown with nice bed frames. Simple signage for the retailer’s own branded line of mattresses is featured on one wall. Prices for all sizes are clearly marked at the foot of each bed, and a small rack of mattress protectors is squeezed up against the wall. Unfortunately, the mattresses did look a bit haggard, and



the customer experience compared with the rest of the store, with its many vignettes, the selection seemed rather small. After a few minutes of sitting on random mattresses, a salesperson came from the back of the store and asked if she could help. She asked a few questions about what kind of bed I liked, “Hard or soft?”,“Thick or thin?” (who asks for a hard, thin mattress?) and if I slept alone. Then, she suggested three or four beds for me to try out, noting which ones were on sale, and retreated to the sales desk, leaving me to test at will. When she returned about 15 minutes later, I asked if there were any other mattresses in the store (the website showed more options) and if they carried any latex or foam. Turns out there were other mattresses, integrated into the bedroom vignettes.

While I tested a foam mattress, my salesperson approached with another customer. I got off the bed to give her a chance to test it, but before I could get my shoes on, she lay down and pronounced the mattress “weird feeling.” She asked me what I thought. I said I liked it, but that it did take some adjusting to if you’re used to an innerspring bed. Whether it was a masterful bit of sales savvy or just dumb luck, the salesperson stood there and let her two potential customers discuss our sleep preferences. She then walked the other lady over to the sleep shop. When the RSA returned, she said, “It looks to me like you’ve found your bed,” noting my conversation with the other customer. When I mentioned that I’d be returning with my husband so he could test it, she said,


“That’s usually a good idea,” adding that if the kids came along, they could enjoy the bunk bed in the kids’ corner. Clearly, she had been paying attention—I had only mentioned my children in passing, much earlier. She gained my trust just by listening. My salesperson suggested I look at the chain’s catalog when I said I needed a frame, too. Flipping through, I found a page with a script for selling mattresses. It wasn’t intended for customers’ eyes—and the RSA didn’t follow it. But the things that won her my business weren’t in the script: Listen. Pay attention. Care about your customer—her health, her budget, her time and her needs—and you will be rewarded. That’s got to be easier than memorizing mattress facts. And it mattered a whole lot more to me. ●

It’s likely you haven’t thought about that phrase since you were a kid. However, it’s shaping the way Pristine® manufactures bedding fabrics. Now that bed bugs are becoming a national epidemic, we’ve developed barrier fabrics used for mattress encasements and pillow covers that have been proven to effectively block bed bug bites. Pristine’s one-of-a-kind nonlaminated fabrics allow air and moisture vapor to pass through while also creating a barrier to bed bugs and irritating allergens.


Pristine is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.

To learn more about how Pristine® Bedding Fabrics can protect your bottom line, simply contact Traci Broughton, Pristine Product Manager at 1-888-733-5759 or email traci.broughton@precisionfabrics.com. www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


Š 2010 Simmons Bedding Company. All rights reserved. POCKETED COIL is a registered trademark of Dreamwell, Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Simmons Bedding Company.


A 9-million-pocketed-coil-man... and counting. ®

For decades, Simmons® Beautyrest® has had strong sales, a higher average retail ticket and created an army of loyal customers. And, while getting results like these takes expertise and experience on our part, we couldn’t have done it without the help of George and so many other dedicated sales associates. Thanks to their efforts, Simmons has sold an astonishing 37 billion Pocketed Coil® springs. Making Beautyrest® far and away the bestselling mattress with Pocketed Coil® technology.






RETAIL ROAD TRIP the selling scene

Sleep Center Superstores-Ocala Chad Pelt (left), Brent Spaulding and Steve Branham

Central Florida chain takes a customized approach to selling the over-60 crowd By Barbara Nelles Photography by Stephen Floethe



t’s been eight years since highschool buddies Chad Pelt and Steve Branham—both are in their 30s now—opened their first sleep shop. Currently, they own and operate four stores and a clearance center in the Ocala metro area in north-central Florida. The stores are part of the southeastern sleep shop franchise based in Biloxi, MS. With a number of nearby recreational lakes and the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean each within an hour’s drive, a large proportion of the buying public is retirees. Many are wealthy second-home owners. The newest Sleep Center Ocala store opened in 2010 in the midst of a recession—a sure sign the two owners are doing something right.

One thing they did right was hire 20-something District Manger Brent Spaulding as their right-hand man. Between the three of them, they’ve perfected a strategy for selling to folks twice or three times their age. “It takes a certain sensitivity and a particular approach for a young person to sell to a 60- or 70-year old,” Spaulding says. “It’s a gentler approach. You have to be respectful of the age difference, behave intelligently and diplomatically, and take the time to earn the respect and trust of an older customer. In the sales process, we aim to allow the customer to determine what is best for them, without the high pressure. It just doesn’t work for someone half your age to tell you ‘no, you’re wrong, you need this.’” SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


RETAIL ROAD TRIP the selling scene

Inside the newest Sleep Center Superstore in Ocala.

The Sleep Center Superstores sales staff—called “sleep consultants”—is a diverse group, ranging in age from early 20s to 60s. Each is coached in finding their own particular sales style. There is no scripted sales pitch at these stores. “Everyone has a different comfort level and manner in dealing with consumers—we’re all different,” Spaulding says. “The most important thing to realize is, in order to buy from you, customers have to like you.” One RSA is a retired nurse. “He really inspires confidence in customers, relates well to them and can talk about all types of health issues from spinal alignment to medications and sleep,” Pelt says. The mattress qualification process can be physically demanding for elderly customers or those with medical conditions. RSAs are taught to be cognizant of that, ready to help and to prequalify shoppers as

32 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

much as possible. All extra-thick mattresses are displayed on low-profile foundations. “Most older folks won’t even try to lie on a bed that looks too high,” Spaulding says. “Many people who come in have medical issues that make trying out beds challenging. We always stand ready to offer a helping hand to someone having difficulty sitting up or standing from a horizontal position.” “We want to avoid micro-managing our people,” Branham says. “We train them in our philosophy—it’s a consultative approach—and the execution is up to them. But they are given plenty of practice and feedback in creating their own successful style.” Spaulding tells his staff to think of the mattress sale as akin to walking into a doctor’s office. “We’re not selling mattresses; we’re here to help people—by selling better sleep, better health and a better life.”

Going above and beyond When mattresses are delivered, many of the stores’ older customers are standing by with a vacuum, ready to clean under a bed they haven’t been able to move since it was purchased. The Sleep Center’s delivery team is coached to be as helpful as possible and do whatever it takes to make it easy. They get plenty of unsolicited praise for their work, Spaulding says. They’ll detach and reassemble headboards, arrange bed skirts and move mattresses and furniture into other rooms of the home. They’ve also been known to deliver an old mattress to another family member’s house. “We find that by performing these small tasks, our customers will go out of their way to recommend us to a friend or neighbor,” Branham says. “It’s so important to do all you can to satisfy the customer. It leaves a lasting impression.”    www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

RETAIL ROAD TRIP the selling scene

In-store ‘putts’ popular Appealing to the stores’ large leisure demographic, one of the Sleep Center Superstores’ most popular promotions has been dollars off for every successful putt—each store features a putting green. Print ads often include nostalgic fun facts that strike a chord with those in their 60s and above. Tongue-in-cheek print ads invite folks to come in “just to take a nap.” There’s also a lighthearted disclaimer in some ads: “The use of our products may result in extra energy, increased awareness, uplifted spirits and an overall sense of well being.” With its promotional bedding, closeouts and floor samples, the Sleep Center’s Mattress Liquidation Center fills a need for area residents on fixed incomes. Some store promotions target this group, too. A free gas card with purchase was offered when gas prices skyrocketed. A recurring popular promotion is the “free cash drawing,” which helps the store expand its mailing list. The public is invited to come in and enter a drawing for $1,000 or $500 with no purchase necessary. Entrants must provide a name, address and phone number. Print is the store’s preferred advertising medium—television makes little financial sense with Ocala halfway between two different TV markets, Orlando and Gainesville. Newspaper, direct mail, billboards, and radio get most of the ad dollars. The partners adjusted their advertising budget downward during the toughest portion of 2009, but raised it again in 2010 to stay ahead of a recovery. Social media is also getting close scrutiny, Spaulding says. Adults over 60 are increasingly online and even taking to Facebook and other applications in growing numbers. All Sleep Center franchisees have www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

part ownership in the company’s recently launched e-commerce effort. Nine brands, big selection The franchisee’s five stores vary in size from 2,900 to 7,500 square feet and show 40 to 75 beds, plus an assortment of futons and accessories. Brands carried include PureLatex Bliss, Scandinavian Sleep, Sealy, Simmons, Spring Air, Southerland, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic and Enso. There’s also a sizeable selection of decorative frames and adjustables, largely from Leggett & Platt. The bigger stores have more room for POP, which the partners consid-

er an important sales tool. It acts as a reminder for RSAs and helps product information sink in with consumers, they point out. The stores also have flat-screen TVs that air manufacturers’ video loops showing product information, factory tours and the like. Since each brand has its own selling story, vendors’ beds are grouped together. “We try to carry a complete selection from each of the major brands, at least six or more beds, to give consumers plenty of choice,” Branham says. “We make use of every square foot. The most expensive beds are up front and you work your way back to the less expensive ones.”

True believers in accessories


leep Center Superstores offer a large selection of sleep accessories— pillows, protectors, toppers, feather beds, sheets and more—on shelving along the walls and at the entrance. “We’re a sleep shop, so if a product has something to do with sleep, we want to sell it,” Spaulding says. “We know that a good pillow can help sleep as much as a new mattress.” Pillows are from Leggett & Platt, Tempur-Pedic and Pacific Coast. Sleep Center claims an amazing 40% to 60% attachment rate with accessories sales. How do they do it? RSAs are taught a deliberate approach to selling accessories, Spaulding explains. They must “plant the accessories seed” early on in the sale so customers don’t see these items as add-ons. “At the beginning of the sale, we simply let the customer know we offer sheets, pillows and protectors. Then, the thickness of a mattress is the chance to bring up the subject again,” he says. “Throughout the presentation, whenever appropriate, our associates mention pillows and protectors.”

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


RETAIL ROAD TRIP the selling scene

The newest store is on S.W. College Road in Ocala

Queen price points open at $299 and top out at $7,000 for the Tempur-Pedic GrandBed, but the stores’ best sellers are in the $599 to $1,199 price range. Average unit selling prices have ticked up steadily through the years, the partners say, citing two primary

Las Vegas World Market January 24-28, Building C-1350 Specialty Sleep Association High Point Furniture Market April 2 - 7 Pavilions on Main 3 Space M-335

reasons: Increased specialty sleep sales and the resonance of the better sleep, better health marketing message with consumers. As a result, Ocala’s Sleep Center Superstores have experienced yearover-year growth since opening in 2002. ●

Attract New Buyers with the ZzZ-Chest Cabinet Bed • Free standing • Hundreds less than wall beds • No installation required • Low minimum order • East & West Coast & Canadian distribution


y day it’s an accent piece,TV stand or whatever customers desire. By night it’s an extra bed. This free-standing, space-saving furniture features roomy storage drawers, a stationary, easily reached top-surface and a raised sleeping platform. Closed it’s a compact 22-inches deep and easily opens into a full-length twin, double or queen size bed. Costs hundreds less than wall beds. No installation required. ZzZ-Chest is perfect for: • Home Offices • Small space living such as apartments and efficiencies • Resort property where extra beds are needed • “Down-sized” living Available in fours styles including the new promotionally priced Studio line.

dealers & distributors wanted east coast - southeast - midwest open

34 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

US Patent No. 7,574,758 B2

Arason Enterprises, Inc. • 410-703-4412 • www.fu-chest.com


Give their sleep a silver lining.






SilverShell™ Mattress Protector, made with the latest antimicrobial technology, utilizes pure elemental silver to safely and effectively inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. Lab-tested to kill 99.97% of bacteria, even after 60 washes, SilverShell provides a healthier sleeping environment, extends a bed’s life, protects mattress warranties, and adds an extra layer of comfort for a deeper, more restful sleep. Call your Leggett & Platt representative to learn more or see us January 24 – 28, 2011, at Las Vegas World Market Center B-1326.


[ home textiles ] © 2010 Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group, a division of Leggett & Platt, Incorporated

New Strategies for Reshaping Your Business

RETAILER REGISTRATION IS JUST $269!* Keynote: ‘Blue Oceans’ – Navigating your way to undiscovered markets

The All-Industry Event for Mattress Manufacturers, Retailers, and Suppliers l




Discover how to transform your business by changing the way you interact with customers Hear a panel of mattress manufacturing and retail executives as they discuss the issues and obstacles to establishing more productive, collaborative partnerships Learn about the latest developments in used mattress recycling, including the results of a recent pilot program, retailer involvement and emerging trends Hear important information for manufacturers and retailers on how the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will affect your business

Exhibits included!

Dr. Roch Parayre, business strategist and fellow at the Wharton School will share how companies such as Netflix and Southwest Airlines have achieved industry dominance, not by battling competitors, but by identifying “blue oceans,” the untapped innovative market spaces ready for growth. Find how how you can help your business flourish by uncovering your own “blue oceans.”

March 16-18, 2011 | St. Petersburg, FL Timely, information-packed sessions with expert guest speakers Manufacturer-Retailer Panel: How Can We Work Better…Together? In a candid discussion

you’ll hear what industry executives have to say about the issues, the obstacles and their perspectives on how retailers and manufacturers can establish more productive, collaborative partnerships to grow the mattress business for all.

Put Money in Your Pocket: Redesigning the Customer Experience. Businesses from car dealer-

ships to hospitals have achieved excellent results by making dynamic changes to their customer experiences. Join Mike Wittenstein to find out how applying customer experience design concepts to the mattress business can mean big gains for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.

The Power of Social and Digital Media. Your social media presence is more important than ever. Hear from the Better Sleep Council’s new public relations firm about the importance of using social and digital media to communicate with the masses. Also learn why video is becoming the platform of choice to reach consumers. The Sustainable Mattress.

Recycling continues to be an important issue for the mattress industry, as more communities are either refusing used mattresses in landfills or are charging large disposal fees. Hear about ongoing used mattress recycling programs, new mattress recyclers and technology, retailer involvement and other efforts to address these issues.

CPSIA Implementation: Am I Complying?

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 included many new testing and certification requirements for manufacturers and presents significant questions manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of consumer products. This overview will help you navigate the new rules and understand your new obligations.

Network and Build Relationships at Relaxed Social Events! Connect with customers, colleagues, and business partners. Don’t miss the annual ISPA Golf Tournament!

ISPA Women’s Network Cocktail Reception Calling all women in the mattress industry! Help celebrate the new ISPA Women’s Network, a volunteer networking and professional group established to serve the rapidly growing number of women in all sectors of the industry — manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers!

Renaissance Vinoy® Resort & Golf Club Bring your family or guest to this elegant hotel on Tampa Bay featuring a championship golf course and spa just minutes from the excitement of St. Pete Beach. Discounted hotel rates for Conference attendees. Book your hotel room now — before they sell out!

To register and for conference and hotel details, visit

www.sleepsavvymagazine.com and click on the ISPA Industry Conference logo.

One spouse/guest registration is free (receptions only) with each full conference registration! *Early bird registration by February 4, 2011



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CONSUMER CHECK profiling your customer

Princeton University study

Consumers judge brands the way they do people


eople evaluate brands and businesses in the same way that they instinctively perceive and judge other people—in terms of warmth and competence. And these judgments are predictive of purchase intent and loyalty, according to a study by the Relational Capital Group and a team of researchers at Princeton University. The study, conducted in mid2010, evaluated the impact of warmth and competence perceptions on purchase intent and loyalty with eight recognized national brands: McDonalds, Burger King, BP, Shell, Tropicana, Minute Maid, Tylenol and Advil. A demographically balanced group of 1,042 U.S. adults participated. “This study shows that purchase intent and brand loyalty are heavily influenced by consumers’ perceptions of the warmth and competence of those brands,” said Princeton’s Dr. Nicholas Kervyn. Chris Malone, chief advisory officer of the Relational Capital Group, said this insight has the potential to reshape the way companies manage and market their brands. “Since the emergence of mass market brands, products and services have been defined by their features and benefits,” he said. “This new study suggests that features and benefits are simply an incomplete subset of the broader categories of warmth and competence that consumers perceive and judge brands against.” www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

Faces were the first logos According to Dr. Kervyn and coresearcher Dr. Susan Fiske, social psychologists have deduced that as humans struggled for survival they had to develop an ability to make two kinds of judgments with speed and accuracy. The first was discerning the intentions of others toward them—their warmth. The second was to judge the ability of others to carry out their intentions—their competence. In studies across 36 countries, researchers have validated warmth and competence as universal dimensions of human social perception. Warmth includes traits like friendliness, helpfulness, sincerity, trustworthiness and honesty. Competence is reflected by traits such as intelligence, skill,

creativity, efficiency and effectiveness. The researchers reported a strong statistical correlation between perceptions of each brand’s warmth and competence and consumer intent to purchase. “These findings are consistent with other studies we’ve conducted that validate the influence and predictive power of warmth and competence on human behavior,” said Dr. Fiske. “In effect, it shows that people were the first brands and faces were the first logos.” Falling short of expectations The study also revealed that all eight brands fell short of consumer expectations on two critical warmth-related dimensions that are highly predictive of brand loySleepSavvy • January/February 2011



profiling your customer alty: “honest and trustworthy” and “acts with your best interests in mind.” “Without those traits, genuine human trust and lasting brand loyalty are impossible,” said Malone. “It seems that in the eyes of consumers, the policies and practices of many companies consistently suggest that the company is primarily focused on advancing its own self-interest and can’t be trusted to do what’s in the best interest of the consumer, especially when no one is watching. News headlines provide fresh examples almost weekly.” Some highly successful companies like Zappos (see box) have instinctively used warmth and competence to build legendary brand loyalty,

Malone said. “But the warmth and competence model and its potential have been virtually unknown outside the field of social psychology. Now companies and brands have the opportunity to consciously apply the model to build more durable and lasting consumer relationships.” ● The Relational Capital Group is a professional development and advisory services firm that helps companies strengthen the business relationships that drive their growth, productivity and profitability. In particular, they apply their expertise to the advancement of customer relationships, colleague/team relationships and brand relationships. For more information, visit www.relcapgroup.com.

Zappos’ 10 Corporate Values


nline shoe retailing powerhouse Zappos is widely acknowledged as a model of corporate creativity and outstanding customer service. Here are its values: 1. Deliver “wow!” through service. 2. Embrace and drive change. 3. Create fun and a little weirdness. 4. Be adventurous, creative and open-minded. 5. Pursue growth and learning. 6. Build open and honest relationships with communication. 7. Build a positive team and family spirit. 8. Do more with less. 9. Be passionate and determined. 10. Be humble.

Source: Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

Let Us DOUBLE Your Twin Mattress SALES

I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE STILL SINGLE It’s Fast. It’s Easy. It’s Comfortable. When customers learn that their daybed or two twin beds can easily become a king, twin sales go UP!

CKI. We Help You Sell Mattresses! See Us At The Las Vegas World Market Center Jan. 24-28, 2011 • Bldg. #C1350 Specialty Sleep Associates

888.222.2217 www.CkiSolutions.US

40 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011



I N N O VAT I O N is at the hea r t of what we do. INTRODU C I N G T H E WO R L D ’S O N LY













WELLNESS For an overall improved sense of health.










PERFORMANCE FIBERS increase oxygen levels in the body.

W. Silver Products Competitively priced bed frames. In stock, in all sizes and ready to ship. Call today for a price list.

What’s under your bed? It should be a steel bed frame from W. Silver Products. Our frames are manufactured from recycled rail steel for superior strength. Shipping from El Paso, Texas.

Customer Service 915-886-3553 or Toll Free 877-246-3553


supporting customer dreams

Help your customers get plenty of rest—the right way


he price of restless nights on an uncomfortable mattress—especially one that has seen too many years of service—can be more than lost sleep. It can be inadequate spinal support and pressure points that lead to circulation problems, muscle fatigue, morning achiness and chronic lower back pain. To assist your customers in finding the ideal new sleeping surface for their bodies, make sure the mattress conforms to the curve in the lower back. To check whether a mattress is too firm, too soft or just right, invite them to lie on the bed for several minutes, giving the mattress time to adjust to their body weight and contours. Then ask for permission to try a small test to check the back support (never do this without asking first). Slide your hand under the curve of the lower back. Your hand should just fit between the customer’s body and the mattress. If there’s extra space there, the mattress is too firm. If your hand won’t fit in that space, the mattress is too soft. You may also want to repeat this test under the customer’s neck (without a pillow). Make it personal Because people have different body weights, as well as different comfort preferences, assisting your customers in making the right choice must always be a highly personalized process. A mattress that passes the hand test for a 100-pound person may not be right for a 170-pound sleeper, so gently encourage your customers to set aside any embarrassment they may feel. There is no substitute for lying down and taking the time to carefully rest-test each sleep set for 10-15 minutes before making a buying decision. When it’s the right one, everybody wins.

Brought to you by


Talk back...


We’re dreaming your dreams. Life is full of new additions, at Restonic we pride ourselves on being with you through every stage of life. Restonic is the go-to brand that provides a relationshipbased business for all our retailers. We are proud to support your dreams, both big and small, while providing your customers with high-quality, luxurious bundles of joy. restonic.com

Back Talk sponsor Restonic and Sleep Savvy want to hear from those of you on the mattress sales floor. Let us know what you think about the information we’re presenting and what you need to know to help you sell more and better beds. Talk to us at talkback@restonic.com.

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

www.sleepsavvymagazine.com 9024 Dream 34375x10_SS.indd 1


4/13/10 7:42:34 AM

Become A WorldBed Sponsor Consumers Respond to Socially Responsible Businesses

“Employees and customers wanted to help ... to be part of a noble endeavour.” —J.D. Nespoli, Relax the Back

80% said that companies who support

causes win trust (up from 59% in 1997).

84% said they have positive

associations with companies who strive to make the world better.

78% said they are more likely to buy a

product associated with a cause.

Statistics from the Cone/Roper Benchmark Survey of Cause-Related Marketing.

WorldBed is a humanitarian organization that provides cot-sized foam mattresses, made with water resistant medical-grade covers, to disaster areas in need. “WorldBed created a unique way for the sleep products industry to help disaster victims all over the world.” —Michael Nermon, Ergo

“We’re proud to contribute ... this is both our privilege and responsibility.” —Herman Tam, Leggett & Platt

Join the Leaders Who Support WorldBed

Visit us at the Las Vegas Market

Specialty Sleep Association Showroom C-1350

Join our Cocktail Reception

Jan 25, 2011 • 5:00pm Leggett & Platt Showroom B-1326 Food & drink sponsored by Deslee Textiles & Wright of Thomasville

Innovation Redefined™

Royal Packaging, Inc.

VISION photodesign inc.

Find out how you can donate or get involved. 951.901.8424 www.worldbed.org

BE MY GUEST by Ron Wolinski

In today’s competitive environment, you have to do more than just sell product You must offer more value, build relationships and provide more information that truly benefits your customers. The mattress category provides retailers with the greatest opportunity to offer service, knowledge and value that can make a difference in the lives of our customers. We must take a consultative approach. We must not sell mattresses; we must sell quality of life. We can accomplish this by using a program I call the “Science of Sleep”— something I am conducting seminars on around the country. The challenge that we all face with our customers is their lack of knowledge regarding the importance of quality sleep and the benefits that can be gained when they invest in a quality sleep set. Consumers simply view a mattress as a commodity and, in some cases, a necessary evil. To help consumers make an informed investment decision, we must educate them by sharing the latest research that illustrates the importance of sleep and how it affects every aspect of their daily lives. We must provide solutions, and we must relate to the female customer and her family. The forgotten dimension The keys to a quality life are exercise, good nutrition and quality sleep—often the forgotten dimension. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Sleep determines our alertness, energy, mood, thinking, productivity, safety, longevity and especially our health. The sleeping brain promotes synaptic www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

growth. This is how the brain promotes memory, problem-solving, decision-making and creativity, largely during deep sleep and the REM (rapid eye movement) stage. Share with your customers the fact that when we are asleep, it’s not like parking our car and it merely sits there. It’s a dynamic process. We sleep in 90-minute segments. In the early stages, our body is healing itself. In the later stages, including REM, where dreaming is at its height, the brain is working on the areas of creativity, decision-making, problem-solving and memory. If we are not getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep and reaching those later stages, we are cheating ourselves. Researchers say that every hour of sleep deprivation below eight hours results in a 25% loss in productivity. Six hours of sleep or less lowers our resistance to viral infections by 50%. And we need undisturbed sleep for maximum benefit—six hours of continuous sleep is more restorative than eight hours of interrupted sleep. Your customers need to understand how sleep loss affects their daily lives. The results can be mood swings, anxiety, depression, decreased motor skills and impaired cognitive performance such as the inability to concentrate and remember. Sleep loss affects our communication and decision skills. It affects our productivity and ability to handle complicated tasks. Women and sleep The quality of sleep is especially critical to women. Because women influence an estimated 85% of mattress sales, it’s very SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


BE MY GUEST by Ron Wolinski

important to show her that you understand her particular needs. Women have significant sleep quality problems. Women sleep less than men. Women have shorter periods of deep sleep. Women are more vulnerable to partner movement. Women are more prone to insomnia (53% more than men). The menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause also impact their quality of sleep. According to data from sleep expert Dr. James B. Maas of Cornell University: ● 51% of women recognize the impact of their sleep problems ● 46% say it impacts their ability to accomplish household duties ● 34% say it impacts their marriage ● 28% say it impacts how they deal with their children ● 27% say it impacts their job performance ● 24% say it impacts how they care for and maintain their family relationships. In The Mom Factor: What Drives Where We Shop, Eat and Play, author Nora Lee says that 75% of America’s 108 million adult women are moms. They purchase not only for themselves, but an average of three other people. You need to make every mom aware that you understand her needs and concerns and that you can help her develop solutions for herself and her family. Sleep loss and health New scientific research continues to unmask the effects of chronic sleeplessness, and the results are enough to keep you up at night. Here are four of the most

46 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

devastating effects, according to the American Heart Association: ● Sleep loss can lead to diabetes. A recent study shows that people who sleep less than six hours a night appeared to have a higher risk of developing impaired fasting glucose, a condition that can precede type 2 diabetes. ● Sleep loss can raise your blood pressure. Another study found that a lost hour of sleep—one hour less than the recommended eight— increases the odds of developing high blood pressure an average of 37% over five years. Skipping two hours raises the blood pressure risk 86%. This can lead to heart attack or stroke, among other problems. ● Sleep loss can make you gain weight. Several recent studies have confirmed that there is a link between the loss of sleep and weight gain. In one study, participants who slept six hours per night were 27% more likely to become obese than those sleeping seven to nine hours. People getting five hours of sleep were 73% more likely to become obese, and those sleeping only two to four hours were 67% more likely become obese. ● Sleep loss can make you vulnerable to cancer. Yet another study

showed that even when people are taking preventive actions that have been proven to lower cancer risk, such as exercising and eating right, inadequate sleep seems to counteract the benefits. One of the major problems your customers experience is the loss of sleep and productivity due to backache. Americans spend an estimated $50 billion each year on low back pain. According to the National Institute of Urological Disorders and Stroke, back pain is the single biggest cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work. Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. Oz Show says that most cases of back pain are mechanical or nonorganic, meaning they aren’t caused by serious conditions such as arthritis or injury—improper posture or lack of spinal support is at fault. Dr. Clayton Dean of the Maryland Spine Center says replacing a mattress every five to nine years is a great idea, especially for those who wake up with back stiffness or pain. A new mattress that provides the right support and comfort can make a big difference in back health. The mattress as an investment This kind of information must be shared with your consumers to help them understand the value and importance of quality sleep. Stress the fact that a mattress is an investment, not an expense. Using the Science of Sleep approach helps accomplish this by: ✔ Answering the consumer’s request for information and knowledge

Let’s talk about sleep!


BE MY GUEST by Ron Wolinski

✔ Enhancing the retailer’s value to the consumer ✔ Supporting the importance of product features and benefits ✔ Stressing that the investment in a new sleep set is “something for me” ✔ Removing the commodity product association ✔ Facilitating the step-up story to premium bedding ✔ Accelerating the purchase cycle. Using this process is a mindset. We must internalize that we actually have the ability to change the quality of life of our customers— we are not just trying to make a sale. When we use a consultative approach, we demonstrate that we are focused on establishing longterm trust and solid relationships.


Using the Science of Sleep results in a win-win-win. Customers win because their investment in a quality sleep set will improve their quality of life. Retailers win because they truly provide knowledge and value that will separate them from the competition—this is the type of information that cus-

tomers probably have not received in other stores. The sales consultant wins because he/she has developed a deeper, knowledge-based relationship with the customer— and probably made a better commission because the customer made that important investment in a quality sleep set. ●

Ron Wolinski is vice president of performance groups for Profitability Consulting Group and has 27 years of experience in the home furnishings industry. He has held executive posts in sales, marketing and training for a number of companies, including Art Van Furniture, Simmons, Value City Furniture and La-Z-Boy. Ron has been a pioneer in industry education, including the establishment of corporate universities for Thomasville Furniture, Simmons and Art Van. Currently, Ron is conducting seminars around the country on “The Science of Sleep—Don’t Sell Mattresses, Sell Quality of Life.” You can contact him by email at rjwolinski@yahoo.com or visit his company’s website at www.profitabilityconsulting.com.

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


You sleep better because we are FXI. Rest assured, our engineers and innovation specialists are creating new solutions and producing ground-breaking comfort technology every day. We are a company committed to introducing new possibilities in bedding that will uniquely revitalize your customers, and energize your business. We are FXI. We are the future.

FXI.com Š2010 FXI All rights reserved.

S howcase In each issue distributed at the Las Vegas Market, Sleep Savvy offers our advertisers an opportunity to contribute information and photos showcasing their products and services, with an emphasis on what’s new, exciting or successful. Showcase appears in Sleep Savvy’s January/ February and July/August issues. Here are the contributors featured in this section:

America’s Mattress Arason CKI Sleep Solutions Ernest Hemingway Ergomotion Fabritech InnoMax Latex International Leggett & Platt Mega/Brand Source

Natura Precision Fabrics Restonic Simmons South Bay Spring Air Tempur-Pedic Therapedic W. Silver Products Vivon

Just as the literary works of Ernest Hemingway earned him both the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes, the mattress brand that now bears his name rivals these accomplishments with its superb craftsmanship and ultra-premium quality. The Ernest Hemingway brand embodies a persona of romance, adventure, substance and heroism. The Ernest Hemingway Ultra Luxury Plush Nobility is an English-style hand-tufted mattress that features an encased-coil unit (941 coils in queen), with Talalay latex foam, pima cotton and wool comfort layers. The Nobility also features a 90-coil, 8-way hand/wire-tied box spring secured to hand-selected, kiln-dried timber. For more information, contact Stuart Carlitz at bedshop@aol.com. See the Hemingway line in Las Vegas showroom C-1350. Ernest Hemingway 1375 Jersey Ave. North Brunswick, NJ 08902 Phone: 800-233-7467

With so many consumers concerned about the presence of mold, mildew, and stain- and odor-causing bacteria, stores can’t stock enough antimicrobial products. But many of the existing products are made with chemicals, which makes some consumers wary. Leggett & Platt’s Consumer Products Group, sensitive to both issues, introduces the SilverShell™ Mattress Protector, made with the latest antimicrobial technology that utilizes pure elemental silver, which safely and effectively inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Independent lab tests proved that the SilverShell™ Mattress Protector performed exceptionally, even after 60 washes— the rough equivalent of five years of regular washing. That’s the kind of assurance that will help consumers sleep soundly. Visit the Leggett & Platt Las Vegas showroom B-1326. Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group 12352 E. Whittier Blvd. Whittier, CA 90602 Phone: 800-876-2641 www.LPCPG.com

At Natura, we’ve been creating quality organic mattresses for 16 years—so how do we up the ante when what we’ve done in the past is already leading the pack? How about a posh new aesthetic? Check. Increased organic content? Check. A luxurious new feel? Check. Introducing the NaturaOrganic™ 2011 Mattress Collection, featuring: seven-zone certified organic latex cores for pressure relief and cushioning precisely where it’s needed; opulent helpings of certified 100% organic NaturaGrow™ wool to wick away moisture, buffer pressure points and maintain temperature comfort; and scrumptiously soft, certified organic cotton-knit ticking for a fresh, off-gassing-free and chemical-free finish. From the grassroots of the emergent organic and natural bedding industry to polished, stylish collections, the answer has always been Natura World...because organic doesn’t have to mean homespun. Visit us in Las Vegas showroom A-950. Natura World Inc. One Natura Way Cambridge ON N3C 0A4 Phone: 888-NATURA3 www.naturaworld.com

This information was provided to Sleep Savvy by the advertisers

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


S howcase InnoMax launches body-balanced support designed to excite the marketplace with the new InnoPedic, featuring the choice of specially formulated and posturized MemoryCell® or all-natural latex with motionactivated and energized core support. InnoMax outperforms the competition with the new Sleep Quotient™ AdjustA-Rest® Super Quiet air support inflation system for extreme digital air performance. Also new from InnoMax is the fabulous and energizing Night Magic™ 7-pod massaging sleep unit for beds of any type, turning the ordinary into a high-tech, invigorating sleep experience—designed to achieve a very high perceived value at an amazingly low wholesale price point! Visit us in Las Vegas showroom C-1350. InnoMax 530 W. Elk Pl. Denver, CO 80216 Phone: 800-466-6629 www.innomax.com

Fabrictech International is introducing the world’s first mattress and pillow protectors featuring Celliant® performance fibers, which help the body reduce pain, heal faster and sleep better. In clinical testing, Celliant® has been proven to increase the body’s oxygen levels, which is widely recognized to aid in comfort, healing and recovery. Increased oxygen levels and circulation can have added benefits, including faster healing, minor pain reduction and better quality sleep, all leading to an overall increase in performance and an overall improved sense of health. Fabrictech PureCare Celliant® mattress and pillow protectors work equally well through any type of covering including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing. Contact Sean Bergman at 414-212-5359. Visit us in Las Vegas showroom C-1532. Fabrictech International 218 Little Falls Rd., Ste. 2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Phone: 414-212-5359 www.fabrictech.com

50 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

Restonic is taking the seven-time Consumer Best Buy winner to the next level by introducing the ComfortCare with an 800 individually wrapped coil construction to enhance the consumer sleeping experience. Our exclusive Marvelous Middle technology, combined with specialty density foams and zoned support, helps prevent partner disturbance. The luxurious cover is a circular knit with an infusion of Lurex, silver and platinum. Price points are $699 to $1,999. Restonic is also giving new meaning to sleep with the new Restonic HealthRest Line. HealthRest beds feature both memory foam and latex, with several solid core foam units in the $899 to $2,199 price points. The lush covers have a textured upholstery border fabric and feature either bamboo rayon or Outlast yarns. Visit us in Las Vegas showroom B-0926. Restonic 737 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14203 Phone: 800-898-6075 www.restonic.com

It’s no surprise that quality of life has a lot to do with quality of sleep. But if your customers suffer from allergies, a good night’s rest can be hard to come by. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. The secret is Pristine® Allergen Barrier Bedding from Precision Fabrics Group. This advanced line of bedding creates an impenetrable barrier between your customer’s body and the irritants that get in the way of restful sleep. Unlike other barrier fabrics, Pristine is soft, breathable and strong enough to withstand repeated washings. To achieve a good night’s sleep, your customers shouldn’t have to give up what matters most: comfort. For information, email: Traci.broughton@precisionfabrics.com. Precision Fabrics Group 301 North Elm St., Ste. 600 Greensboro, NC 27401 Phone: 336-510-8009 www.pristinefabrics.com

This information was provided to Sleep Savvy by the advertisers

S howcase Simmons Bedding Company introduces a new Beautyrest® NXG® line that features a zoned Pocketed Coil® spring construction for support and zoned NXG® foam, which is known for its heat dissipation and quick recovery properties. Simmons’ best-of-both-worlds combination offers superior back support, pressure relief and comfort. Suggested retail pricing for the line is $1,599 to $3,999. For more information, visit www.beautyrest.com. Visit Simmons in Las Vegas showroom A-525. Simmons Bedding Co. 1 Concourse Pkwy., NE, Ste. 800 Atlanta, GA 30328 Phone: 770-512-7700 www.simmons.com

W. Silver Products is a world-class manufacturer of bed frames. We make a complete line of bed frames to meet the needs of the furniture industry. Our products are manufactured with recycled USA rail steel that is delivered to our steel mill in Vinton, TX. Because we are able to manufacturer our own angle iron from the rail steel, all of our products are assured of being made from the highest quality raw material available in the industry. Our bed frames are available in all sizes and types of mobility and are easy to assemble. If you are interested in a new line of bed frames that are of the highest quality and competitively priced, call W. Silver Products. W. Silver Products P.O. Box 12904 El Paso, TX 79913 Phone: 915-886-3553 www.wsilverproducts.com

Available exclusively to BrandSource dealers, the new HGTV Green Home mattress collection by Serta delivers innovative, comfortable and affordable sleep solutions to your consumers. Our green advantages include: ● Organic cotton and linen covers ● EcoSense memory foam ● Soy-infused foams ● 95% recycled steel ● Sustainable lumber In addition to advantageous benefits and product support, the new HGTV Green Home collection is backed by extensive national and regional advertising campaigns—an opportunity not to be missed. Contact Gerry Wong, Director-Bedding & Sleep Experience, gwong@megagroup.ca or 800-361-5928 ext. 225.

The incredibly ultrasoft Regency Cloud pillow-top mattress topper from Cadence Keen Innovations (CKI) has the look and feel of down, but is 100% hypoallergenic, stainand moisture-resistant, and washable. Generously filled with a unique polyester fiber gathered in small clusters, the Regency Cloud provides an extraordinary level of comfort and features a soft, 100% satin polyester cover backed by the industry’s leading moistureresistant barrier. Our unique, signature process called “chain stitch, multi-needle, continuous closed pattern” provides a resiliency that lasts for years with plump clusters that do not move or lose their shape or support over time. Available in 3” and 6” thickness, the Regency Cloud pillow top is made in the USA and comes with a three-year limited warranty. For more information, contact Steven Gordon at 888-2222217 or visit www.cadencekeen.com.

Mega Group/BrandSource 1070 Lionel-Daunais, Ste. 200 Boucherville, QC J4B 8R6 Phone: 800-361-5928 www.megagroup.ca

CKI Sleep Solutions Dba Cadence Keen Innovations 3020 N. Federal Highway, Ste. 3 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306 Phone: 888-222-2217 www.cadencekeen.com

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SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


Big dream

Do dreams realy get this sweet? Experience the ‘Dream Big’ display—showcasing the newest sleep innovations and bedding designs—center stage in the Grand Plaza at Las Vegas Market this January. Luxurious choices. Streamlined buying. Special events and original seminars just for mattress and bedding retailers. All your resources and connections in one efficient location. You might think you’re dreaming. But you’re not. You’re at Las Vegas Market.

Win Your Dream Vacation in the “Get Your Zs” Giveaway* A lavishly elegant, five-star, first-class dream vaction can be yours. Simply attend Las Vegas Market and collect “Zs” from as many bedding showrooms and booths as you can. The more showrooms you visit, the more chances you have to win. *Rules and restrictions apply. Complete details and contest rules are available at www.LasVegasMarket.com/getyourzs

Highlights at Las Vegas Market for Mattress and Bedding Retailers Include: • Grand Plaza ‘Dream Big’ Mattress and Bedding Display • “Get Your Zs” Giveaway • ‘Dream Big’ Opening Night Reception, with complimentary food and drink, and live musical performances with Emmy-award winning choreography. • Informative seminars featuring Furniture Today’s Bedding Outlook Report, Selling “Green,” and a Better Sleep Council social media panel discussion.

© 2010 World Market Center LLC. All rights reserved.

LAS VEGAS MARKET MATTRESS RESOURCES Aireloom/Kluft | Amisco | Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems | Aspen Home | Bedroom Distributors Inc. | Big Tree/Big Sleep | Boyd Specialty Sleep | Chili Technology LLC | Classic Sleep Products | Comfort Solutions by King Coil | Comfortaire | Corsicana Bedding | CottonBelle | Diamond Mattress | Dormia | Eastmen House/Eclipse International | Electropedic Adjustable Beds | Englander Mattress | Enso Sleep Systems | Fashion Bed Group | Five Star Mattress | Furniture Resources | Gold Bond Mattress | GreenSleep/Sleep Tek Ltd. | Hollandia International | Hollywood Bed & Spring Manufacturing Company Inc. | IBC | International Bedding | Kittrich Corp. | Knickerbocker | Latex International/RejuveNite | Leggett & Platt | LMP Worldwide LLC | Maco Furniture | Magniflex | Natura World | Night & Day Furniture | Organic Mattresses Inc. (OMI) | Otis Bed Manufacturing | Pacific Coast | Pure Latex Bliss | Rest-Medic Sleep Products | Restonic Mattress | Reverie/Protect-a-Bed | Sealy | Serta | Simmons | Somerton | Specialty Sleep Association | Spring Air | Springfield/Silver Rest | Stylution | Symbol Mattress | Tempur-Pedic North America LLC | Therapedic | Vivon Life LLC | Wallbeds! Williams Imports | Xsensor Tech ...and many more!

Las Vegas Market January 24–28

Register and make your travel arrangements today for best rates and availability at www.LasVegasMarket.com For more information about attending Las Vegas Market, please contact Barbara Rhea at Barbara.rhea@wmclv.com

Exhibitors, for assistance in promoting your bedding brand at Las Vegas Market, contact Ryan Mahoney at ryan.mahoney@wmclv.com

S howcase Are you a high-profile salesperson with strong business acumen? Are you currently running a sleep shop for someone else but know you could do it on your own? You can own your own business with the fastest-growing sleep shop chain in the industry! America’s Mattress® is looking for potential candidates to open and run their own sleep shops in select markets nationwide. Our minimum market requirements for one-store operations could provide an aggressive operator up to $1 million in sales revenue, providing $50-$75k in owner’s salary. We provide a complete turnkey operation that includes: ● Serta partnership support ● Operations set-up ● Real estate selection/negotiation ● Complete retail support ● Advertising campaigns and creative ● National network membership and buying support of over 360 locations ● Up to $50,000 in capital to get started. Call 1-888-774-4448 or email kmackey@serta.com TODAY! Visit us in Serta’s Las Vegas showroom, A-710. America’s Mattress 2600 Forbes Ave. Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 Phone: 888-774-4448 www.Americasmattress.com/business_opportunities

The Sleep Science Supreme memory foam mattress is the crown jewel of the Sleep Science brand from South Bay International. This luxury mattress boasts three layers of the highest quality visco memory foam currently on the market. The three top layers of this mattress are made up of 7-pound, 6-pound and 5-pound memory foam, creating a plush sleeping surface. Sleep Science is committed to the highest quality and comfort in luxury specialty bedding and is one of the leaders in supporting their customers’ e-commerce drop-ship programs. Visit us in our new Las Vegas showroom B-0950. South Bay International 2665 Pomona Blvd. Pomona, CA 91768 Phone: 909-718-5000 www.southbayinternational.com

Extra support…and value…where you need it most. Therapedic’s exclusive HourGlass polypropylene insert increases support and firmness by 18% at the shoulders and hips and 13% at the lumbar area. This flexible technology has been paired with our three-zone coil unit in order to offer tailored support to every part of the body. These zones of support are further enhanced by our patented reactive coil design. As weight bears down on individual coils, they respond with increasing support. By conforming to the shape of the body and providing tailored support from head to toe, BackSense with HourGlass mattresses offer exceptional value from a trusted global brand at price points from $399 to $999. See our exclusive support feature in the Therapedic Las Vegas showroom B0822. Therapedic Sleep Products 103 College Rd. East Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 800-314-4433 www.therapedic.com

The advantages of Leggett & Platt’s Softech compared to foam and other mattress toppers are easy to feel. Mattresses topped with Softech and its fabric-encased coils are far less susceptible to body impressions. In rollator tests that simulate extended mattress use, Softech overwhelmingly outperforms all other mattress toppers, in some cases by a margin of 10-to-1. Softech’s motion-activated coils dramatically reduce partner disturbance and, as an innerspring, sleeps 28% cooler than foam, according to research done by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research. To learn more about how Softech tops the competition, go to www.BeddingComponents.com/Softech. Leggett & Platt P.O. Box 757 Carthage, MO 64836 Phone: 417-358-8131 www.Leggett.com

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S howcase Latex International is expanding ComfortMatch with its new Pillows for the Body. ComfortMatch is a training system designed to help customers find the perfect Rejuvenite pillow for their size, comfort preference and sleep position. Pillows for the Body are resilient Talalay latex toppers—available in both plush and firm feels—wrapped in a luxurious, circular knit, zippered cover. Retailers can place them on any mattress to provide upgraded comfort, pressure relief and temperature regulation. Pillows for the Body guarantee exceptional, long-lasting comfort and conforming body support without quilt materials, barriers and body impressions that tend to affect feel. For information, contact Tom Eisenberg, vice president, at teisenberg@latexintl.com. Visit Latex International in our Las Vegas showroom B-945.

The biggest innovation in the sleep business in more than 10 years can be seen at the Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 6-9) and the Las Vegas Market (Jan. 24-28). Vivon Life introduces the world’s first Positional Mattress line where all of the moving parts are contained inside the mattress! Vivon also announces that the biggest name in massage has now partnered with them to introduce the world’s first massage system that is actually integrated into the mattress. Patent-pending innovations put all of the moving parts inside the mattress so the operation is very smooth and virtually noise-free. The Vivon line of premium mattresses represents the intersection of technology and comfort with a lifestyle approach to appeal to today’s consumers. Visit Vivon in Las Vegas showroom C-1538.

Latex International 510 River Rd. Shelton, CT 06484 Phone: 800-528-3987 www.latexintl.com

Vivon Life 30799 Wiegman Rd. Hayward, CA 94544 Phone: 877-361-7263 www.vivon.com

The new Havana queensize cabinet bed from Arason is free-standing— no need to attach to floor or walls. This space-saving cabinet features a twotone finish of caramel color bamboo and espresso birch trim that blends with dark and light color decors. Clean lines and modern styling reflect the popular, best-selling, transitional furniture. Rustic Asian-style hardware adds to the beauty of this practical sleeper cabinet. For people who need an extra bed in a home office, small apartment or vacation property, this is an affordable alternative to Murphy beds or sleeper sofas. When closed, this cabinet is 64w x 51h x 22d (inches). It easily opens to a full-length, queen-size bed and houses an 8-inch, bi-fold mattress.

In the burgeoning industry of adjustable beds, Ergomotion stands alone in providing a quality product with innovative design and excellent service. The company’s design team includes CEO Alain Clenet, whose experience in automobile technology combines classic and reliable construction with the innovation and technological skill of senior product designer Joe Ermalovich. The result is a top-of-the-line adjustable bed that fits your customers’ interior design as well as their lifestyle. Ergomotion offers unsurpassed luxury for the mind and body. The dependability of the company’s customer service delivers peace of mind. Combined with the proven health benefits provided by the ergonomic elements, this makes our bed a dream to sell. If you are wondering where to turn for a product that moves you, your answer is Ergomotion.

See us in Las Vegas showroom C-1350.

Visit us at the Las Vegas Market in showroom C-1415.

Arason Enterprises Inc. P.O. Box 3274 Annapolis, MD 21403 Phone: 410-703-4412 www.fu-chest.com

Ergomotion Inc. 19 E. Ortega Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone: 888-550-3746 www.ergomotion.us

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About Campbell Mattress...our manufacturing facilities are located in Cape Girardeau, an historic area of Southeastern Missouri on the banks of the picturesque Mississippi River. We pursue our very simple goal ...to design and produce sleep sets that our customers have such confidence in that they feel secure in recommending Campbell Bedding to their family and friends.

Cotton plays a critical role in the bedding industry. Much effort goes into developing a fiber comparable to cotton but this really has not happened. We are one of the few companies that garnetts our own raw cotton which also gives us a distinct advantage over most bedding manufacturers in maintaining our superior quality.

Home of better made bedding. Visit us on the web at: www.campbellmattressco.com

If you like a great night’s sleep, you’re going to love our Relax-O-Pedic beds.


100 South Minnesota Cape Girardeau, MO 63703 573-334-7148 • Fax: 573-334-8110


A very special kind of company

GET SMART. GET SAVVY! ➤ Our circulation reaches more sleep products retailers ➤ Our features, tips and ideas make retailers smarter ➤ Our advertising rates represent excellent value ➤ Our retailer readers rave about Sleep Savvy

The smart place to advertise For information and a copy of our new 2011 Media Kit, contact Kerri Bellias, sales director, at (336)945-0265 or email kbellias@sleepproducts.org www.sleepsavvymagazine.com

SleepSavvy • January/February 2011


CLOSING WORDS by Gerry Morris

To sell for keeps, you have to dig deep


ecently a friend of mine, Fran, purchased a mattress. Within a week, she was calling me to find out what to do because she didn’t like it and thought something was wrong. It sounded to me like the mattress was sagging because Fran had not purchased a new foundation or a new frame. Her biggest problem? She couldn’t return it because it was an “as is”— either a floor model or a comfort return. Fran was unhappy with the mattress, the brand, the RSA and the company. Fortunately, the company ended up taking care of her and she is sleeping well now. But let’s take a look at what went wrong with the initial sales interaction. The first problem was that Fran specifically sought out a thick, soft model that she had slept on at a friend’s house for only one night. She had always slept on a firm mattress. The RSA took her right to the soft mattress without further questioning. The RSA did suggest a new foundation, asked if she needed a frame and told her the mattress didn’t qualify for a comfort return. But Fran didn’t think her old foundation looked worn out and she thought she didn’t need a frame because her bed had wood slats (with no center support). She accepted the responsibility of choosing an “as is” mattress because she liked the value and didn’t anticipate that she wouldn’t like the bed. Finally, the RSA didn’t mention any accessory items such as pillows or mattress protectors.

Learn how to ‘dig deep’ Asking the standard qualifying questions is not enough, as this story

56 SleepSavvy • January/February 2011

demonstrates. Effective selling requires being thorough and probing. To ensure customer satisfaction, you have to DIG DEEP: Develop a relationship by focusing on your customers’ needs and asking lots of open-ended questions. “How do you feel about buying a new mattress? I understand and I know how to help you. I’m going to ask a lot of questions to make sure we get the right one.” Inform your customers about the connection between deep, restorative sleep and a quality mattress.“Did you know that recent studies confirm that sleeping on a new, comfortable, quality mattress actually helps improve not only our health, but also our happiness and productivity?” Gather as much information as possible by asking follow-up questions. “Can you describe your frame to me? Have you looked to see if the center is supported? If not, call me when you get home and we can add a frame to your order.” Demonstrate how to really get the feel of a mattress. Most people don’t do that until it’s already in their home.“Lie in the position you normally wake up in. Take enough time to see how you

feel, starting with your feet and working your way up.” Experience—and expectations: It’s imperative to find out what your customers’ experience has been with their previous mattress and what they expect from a new one. “Tell me about the bed you’ve been sleeping on. How long have you had it? Did you like it at first? Do you know that softer beds visibly conform to your body?” Enhance customer satisfaction by including accessories as a part of every sale. “Do you know the difference between a mattress pad and a protector? A protector keeps your mattress clean, fresh, odor-free and sanitary.” “How often have you been replacing your pillows?” Policies: Thoroughly explain your company’s policies such as delivery fees, warranties, returns and comfort guarantees. “Let’s make sure you understand how we can ensure satisfaction with your new mattress.” When you DIG DEEP, you rise above the competition! As former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach said: “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” Gerry Morris is an author, consultant, training coach and member of the National Speakers Association. With more than 20 years of experience in the mattress industry, Gerry has helped manufacturers, retailers and RSAs around the world increase their sales. To find out what Gerry can do for your company, call 903-456-2015, email gmorris@innerspring.net or visit www.innerspring.net. www.sleepsavvymagazine.com


the perfect complement

to your bedding business

With five lines of pillows and luxurious Pillows for the Body mattress toppers, Rejuvenite top of bed products are the perfect complement to any mattress on your floor and to your selling process. Our exclusvie ComfortMatch system makes it easy and profitable to make pillows a part of every sale. Pillows for the Body help you create a custom feel for consumers while reducing comfort returns. Call 800-LATEX-US x347

Follow Rejuvenite on match

pms 7427, 7408, 431


Sleep Envelope

Natural Comforter & Mattress Protector Guaranteed to...

Solve the biggest complaint of couples who share a bed

We Guarantee it. Or Your Money Back Visit us for more info during Vegas Market, Jan. 24 - 28 World Market Center A946

The Sleep Envelope™ Fitted Deluxe Mattress Protector • Washable NaturaWool™ Comforter • A complete sleep solution supported • by a money back guarantee

Printed on Recycled Paper

Proud Members of Printed on Recycled Paper

www.naturaworld.com | natural & organic • mattresses • pillows • comforters • toppers & pads • baby & kids

Profile for International Sleep Products Association

Sleep Savvy Magazine Jan/Feb 2011  

The magazine for sleep products professionals

Sleep Savvy Magazine Jan/Feb 2011  

The magazine for sleep products professionals