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So the carnival season is over and we’re heading into the summer. Feel that? The heat is on already! We went extra hard with this issue as you can see by the two Intense ladies on the cover. Double trouble! We had fun with Talia and Ashley on the photo shoot. It’s World Cup time again so for our football fanatics, we have something lined up. As usual we have the most delicious eye candy from the SLEEK events of the past few weeks. Try not to get lost in the content as you flip through the pages. #BringBackOurGirls C.E.O. Andrew Bellamy EDITOR Hasani Walters DESIGN DIRECTOR Daniel Ford SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Dominic Bell MARKETING MANAGER Staci Smith COVER PHOTOGRAPHER Lance Brown CONTRIBUTING WRITERS James ‘JB’ Black Oneil Grant William Greenwood MAKE-UP BY Kym Wyatt PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Bellamy Oneil Grant Andrew Ballamy Daniel Ford William Greenwood Lance Brown Athelstan Bellamy Osbourne Chin Larick Green COVER OUTFIT Closet Cloud

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CONTENT 06. About May 09. Diet Mistakes 12. #BringBackOur Girls 14. World Cup 24. The Intense Ladies 28. Premier Leauge Review 32. WTF 42. 28 Stars 44. Threads of Summer 46. Cash for Caps 50. JPS at War 52. Dating Etiquette


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world Cup Wives, girlfriends, best friends, mothers and daughters, it’s getting close to that time again. That once every four years event that steals the attention of the males around you leaving you with the bare minimum. The grandest stage of football competition, the FIFA World Cup; a female’s arch enemy whenever it rolls into town. However, you can’t live without them, and they can’t live without it, so get to compromising. Sit in on the games and see what all the hype is about. Learn a few keywords, as you’ll be hearing them more often than usual for the next month or so.

Offside, free kick, penalty...goal! Don’t be the clown of the game.

And while you’re trying to not be the clown, don’t be the annoying female in the lot. Question after question will get you a red card or worst a ban from the game. All you need to do is SLEEK MAGAZINE | 14

pick a team (choose the one with the more attractive jersey or something since y’all are into fashion) and sit and watch the game. Long before the world’s best players took to the pitch to battle it out for football supremacy, a different kind of war is waged by designers and marketing gurus across the globe. Once just a way to tell this team from that, World Cup jerseys have become a billion-dollar industry. Over the years, the jerseys have become as iconic as the players that wear them, from Brazil’s classic yellow shirts with the green trim to Argentina’s timeless whiteand-blue stripes. This year, designers will once again aim to push the envelope. Mexico, Australia, Germany, Portugal, England, USA, Spain, Argentina and Brazil are some of the standout from the last World Cup. Who will win this year ladies?


t’s on its way to us again! That time of year when your Facebook and Twitter feeds are jam-packed with posts about going to the gym, pictures of salad bowls, and all your Soca-mad friends are posting the latest mix from their favourite DJ and sharing info on the new costumes; yes, Bacchanal is due to take over again this year, and like every year, it looks set to be bigger than ever! There are so many reasons why Bacchanal such a highly-anticipated series of events; that sense of freedom of expression, breaking out of yourself and letting your alter-ego take control, taking in that unexplainable energy that completely captivates all patrons; yes, Bacchanal is an institution, and one that Jamaicans have fallen in love with. As ever, Bacchanal will kick off with the launch of Bacchanal Fridays, then onto the ever-popular Beach J’ouvert

for some paint up, paint up, wine up, wine up revelry, and continuing the colourful theme will be Bacchanal J’ouvert, before the climax, Road March, squeezes the last of our carnival energy from us leaving us tired but counting the days until 2015! We caught up with Bacchanal’s Charmaine Franklin for some insight in what to expect from this years bacchanal ‘We are pleased to again present carnival and have this year enhanced the parade with more frontline costumes and plan to have a king and queen costume’ ‘Carnival is always a time that allows people to have a ‘feel good’ time and express themselves. It is indeed a pleasure to see how they wear their costumes and provide a show for spectators on the road’

S: WHAT MAKES YOU SLEEK? T: Just my persona, my swag. To be SLEEK you have to be somebody who has class and values and at the same time you have to be real. I think that’s what makes me SLEEK, and just how I approach and deal with people. It’s just my whole approach to life. A: Talia is the talkative one so she basically told everything. What makes me SLEEK is how I carry myself with class and respect. I do strive to be intense as well. S: WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF HOSTING INTENSE? A: Meeting all those interesting people. There are so many interesting people out there! Nobody really knows how creative and inventive Jamaican people are. In this position I’ve realised that so much. I’ve been introduced to so many new things. S: WHAT’S BEING ON AN INTENSE SET LIKE?


T: On a Friday morning, Gramps is always spinning on the 1s and 2s of Intense so music is always playing. It’s a family setting, so is bere joke. Ashley is the dancer, I have two left foot but we appreciate it. There’s Bigga, the big belly man, and you have all these interesting acts passing through. It’s a relaxed setting so it doesn’t even feel like work. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of vibes and it’s just always intense. S: THE SUMMER’S APPROACHING, WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? T: The beach and food, whole heap of fish and festival. If anybody know me dem know seh I love my belly! So I’m definitely looking forward to that. Just sun, sand, sea, and of course the party scene and hopefully I can make some extra money and get some rest.


A: Something new! I feel like every summer is the same thing so I’m looking for a WOW factor in summer 2014.

S: WORLD CUP! A: Mi nuh too inna the football thing but big up Spain, that’s my side! S: WHAT ARE YOUR CAREER GOALS? A: Right now I’m pursing a degree in industrial chemistry but I don’t know what I’m going to do with it after. I’ve been interested in media production and cinematography so I’m actually planning on doing a course soon to try and get started with that. T: I go to Norman Manley Law School so I’m currently doing my bar exams, they finish next week (last week). So if I pass I will be on to 2nd year and if not I don’t know what’s going to become of me. I’m going to become an attorney and then I don’t know what I’m going to do with it after. More or less I’m thinking entertainment law but media/ entertainment is my passion.


S: HOW DO YOU COPE NOW THAT YOU’RE MEDIA PERSONALITIES? YOU HAVE FANS, AND THEY RECOGNISE YOU WHEN YOU’RE OUT AND ABOUT. A: Really and truly the fact that we’re media personalities still hasn’t sinked in because sometimes when I’m on the road and people come up to me like, “Hey Ashley!” I’m like how do you know my name, and then I’m like oh Intense. But still it’s humbling actually because you’re coming from a place where no one knows you to everybody knowing you. You have to remember that people are watching you and they feel they know you because they watch you every Saturday and Wednesday night. I’m just taking it as it goes, just going with the flow. SLEEK MAGAZINE | 25

T: As Ashley said it’s a humbling experience. But at the same time you have to be careful because you go into people’s home every Saturday so they get used to you and they get used to your personality so sometimes they feel that you and them are bffs or something. I won’t say that a lot of obstacles don’t come your way because people are always judging you but at the end of the day what makes me feel so content in what I do is that there are people out there who just genuinely love you and look forward to seeing you. S: HOW DID YOU ENJOY THE CARNIVAL SEASON? A: I really enjoyed my carnival season…big up mi Frenchmen costume…it did shot still. I was actually supposed to work with Talia…she worked at road march. T: Sell out! A: But I had to have my experience, at least once. My carnival experience this year was amazing! T: I love carnival, I love soca! I neva really guh to bacchanals that much because I wasn’t really feeling it but when it comes to j’ouvert, road march, pandemonium, that’s me. I miss it, the dress up and feathers and everybody just happy. S: WHAT’S IT LIKE WORKING WITH EACH OTHER? A: I just feel like we’ve been working together like since forever, the chemistry is just there. T: At first we have to figure out each other’s personality, but then at the end of the day based on how both of us are, I don’t know if it woulda work suh well if it was some other girl because some people just hard to work with. A: I’m just so comfortable with her. Like she said, if it was someone else I really don’t know how I woulda do it. We keep it real with each other.

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They were doing pretty well. Naming their child what? North West, and all the other ish they did, you know them all. And just when you thought the couple of the past, present and the future is Kimye, Beyonjay grabs you in the elevator and smacks you all over in the little box. Scratch that…that wasn’t Beyonjay, that was Solanjay. All eyes on them now. Solange’s attack on Jay Z — three minutes of punches and kicks, as Beyoncé stood by but did not intervene — was filmed by an elevator camera at the Met Gala. The footage was leaked, but luckily for everyone involved, it did not include audio. Lucky black fools! Sorry, Donald Sterling moment just now. I meant lucky rich folks. Sterling was in the hot seat recently after a telephone conversation between him and his girlfriend was leaked. So…he doesn’t want her bringing black guys to Clippers games or posting photos of herself and black guys on Instagram. He later went on an angry attack against Magic Johnson during a CNN interview. Embarrassing much. Speaking of embarrassment, wah gwan inna dancehall? Wah gwan fi Tommy Lee? Wah di bag a cow bawling fa Uncle Demon? Think yu did seh any bwoy put a foot a get shook. Wah gwan wid Alliance and Gully beefing? Wah gwan fi ZJ Wah Wa? Reports are that he is in jail in the US. Yu do wire fraud fi real Wah Wa? SLEEK MAGAZINE | 32





To be SLEEK you have to be somebody who has class and values and at the same time you have to be real -Talia


There are so many interesting people out there! Nobody really knows how creative and inventive Jamaican people are - Ashley




SLEEK Pre-Summer Issue [May/June 2014]