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I pledge to be true to myself and what I believe in. I will trust my choices, and I will not let anyone else determine who I am. Standing up for myself and others, and achieving my goals? That’s My Thing. Negative vibes and gossiping? That’s Not My Thing. I will make choices according to my character. I will rise to meet my SKY.

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Hi SKY Girls! I have been following influential women including Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, and closer to home, Inonge Wina, Monica Musonda, Mzinga Melu, Mukwandi Chibesakunda. What stands out about these women is their drive to succeed, to make a change and their belief in female empowerment. So, from these women, I drew the motto “when you empower a girl, there is potential to empower

a whole generation.”

What does this mean? It means we matter. Yes, You Matter, I Matter! Being a teen sometimes feels like no one listens to us, we feel invisible. We’ve had thousands of SKY Girls take the pledge and tell us what their thing is and what isn’t their thing. Why are we so rooted in this? Because defining who you are, what you want or do not want in your life grounds you and makes you stay true to yourself! It reminds you that actually, you do have a voice, you do matter, and you can know what you want and don’t want, regardless of what people say, or do. In a way that’s what is so perfect about Mukwandi Chibesakunda’s Letter to my 14-Year-Old Self. Mrs Chibesakunda is the first female CEO of Zambia’s biggest bank – ZANACO. She is a formidable force in what is a predominately male dominated industry. But at 14, did she know she mattered? Read on to find out!

It’s the festive season!!! I love Christmas, I love everything from the Christmas carols, to the trees, lights and family lunch - we all know that Fanta and chicken really hits the spot! So in this issue, we give you ideas on gifts you can share with your loved ones and also show you how to make a snow globe! How cool is that?! Go onto our socials and share with us how you celebrate Christmas! The SKY community has a lot of great stuff happening! In this issue learn more about our hosts across radio and TV - Thabo, Tatiana, Tapo and Audrey! You’re breaking for the holidays but we’re going to continue being here for you! So, follow us on all our different social media platforms and tell a sistah to tell a sistah to take the Pledge! Don’t forget to hit us up on the socials for what you want to see (or hear) more of! And let us know what you think of this issue!

Merry Christmas and Happy Festive Season SKY Girls!


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Body Beautiful Hey beauts!

Skincare. What’s the first thing that Is it a struggle or is it something you

comes to your mind when you hear the word? handle with ease?

17-year-old Mupela says,, “I “I naturally naturally have have clear clear skin, skin, II guess guess II just just got got really really good good genes. genes. But But my my skin skin gets dry very easily, I get heat rash when it gets really gets dry very easily, I get heat rash when it gets really hot hot and and cold cold burns burns when when it’s it’s very very cold. cold.

So use Vaseline Vaselineininthe thecold coldseason to retain moisture in my So II use to retain moisture skin, and in the hot season I just brave the heat in my skin, and in the hot season I just brave the rash. heat Also, use Himalayas daily face exfoliate. My rash. IAlso, I use Himalayas dailywash face to wash to exfolionly concern is on the ingredients of some of these ate. My only concern is on the ingredients of some of skin especially from from thesethese big brands that theseproducts, skin products, especially big brands use a lot of chemicals. I would like to see more natural that use a lot of chemicals. I would like to see more products.” natural products.”

Ng’andwe Ng’andwe (17 (17 years) years) prefers prefers to to make make her her own own skincare range, “Because I have eczema I have to skincare range, “Because I have eczema I have to be be very very conscious conscious about about what what II put put on on my my skin skin because because if if I’m I’m not not careful careful it it will will flare flare up. up. But But II use use a a mixture mixture of of Aloe Aloe Vera Vera and and honey honey for for my my face face because because II feel feel like most skin care products aren’t organic.” like most skin care products aren’t organic.” Now Now that that we’re we’re all all stuck stuck home, home, this this is is the the best best time time to to invest invest in in a a skincare skincare routine routine -- whether whether you you buy buy your your products or use home remedies. Not sure where products or use home remedies. Not sure where to to start? start? We We gatchu! gatchu! Let’s Let’s begin begin by by knowing knowing our our skin skin type. type.

Normal Skin

No No major major skin skin issues issues Dewy appearance Dewy appearance

Dry Skin

Feels Feels tight tight in in the the morning morning May May be be itchy itchy May May have have dry/flakey dry/flakey patches patches Dull Dull in in appearance appearance

Oily Skin Skin Oily

Seemsslick slickto tothe thetouch touchand it has a shiny look...` Seems and itare hasenlarged a shiny look Pores Pores areoils enlarged Produces in the T-zone and the cheek areas Produces oils in the and T-zone and the cheek areas Prone to blackheads acne Prone to blackheads and acne

The reason you need to know your skin type is so you know what type of products you need. For healthy glowing skin, follow 3 keys steps: CTM– Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise.

Step 1: Cleanse Everything starts with clean skin! If you have normal to combination skin you can use a foam cleanser. You can use a soap with no perfume, and use the lather that forms to wash your face. Oily skin needs a gel base and dry skin can benefit from a cream cleanser.

Step 2: Tone It’s easy to miss out this step but it’s vital. All skin tones benefit from toning as this closes your pores and helps to achieve that glow look – who doesn’t want to glow? You can buy toner in most supermarkets, or just DIY one at home. The easiest one is to simply wrap an ice cube or two in a face towel and rub it gently on your face. But if ZESCO is not your friend, you might not have ice, you can also use lemon juice! If you have sensitive skin dilute lemon juice with water before you apply it to your skin.

Step 3: Moisturise Once your skin has dried from the toner, rehydrate skin with a moisturiser! Depending on your skin type you might want to use something without oil in it, or something more cream based if you have dry skin.

You might have to experiment a few times to know what works for your skin – but most importantly, keep it clean! And regardless of what your skin type is, always remember that the best skin is healthy and loved skin, no matter what that may look like. 7

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DRESSING FOR YOUR PERSONALITY WITH MANENGA OYETAN Hi SKY Girls! A lot of you say fashion is your thing so we asked the amazing Manenga Oyetan, just how you determine your fashion style to suit your personality. Manenga is the woman behind the styling of Mampi, Natasha Chansa, and Esther Chungu for the Stay True music video. And if you ever watched Love Games, she did the styling for that too!

Fashion to me is about expressing yourself, showing your personality, character and attitude through your dressing. I believe fashion is not always what you wear but how you wear it. Growing up my fashion sense and taste came from my ‘Role Models’, people that I looked up to and I would simply try out their style. In my time I had people like TLC and AALIYAH. If you’re starting to find your look, try and find someone amazing to look up to and see if you can get inspiration to try new and different things and just have fun with fashion!


As you grow and understand yourself better, we become more aware of ourselves and our environments and we start to change our dressing to suit those contexts. But what is important is that we pay attention to who we are in that moment and be true to that person, while still enjoying fashion. For example, when I was a teenager I wore baggy jeans and big shirts because that was in fashion. Right now, I would say my style is relaxed lux because I understand myself better and what makes me feel more comfortable, not just about what is in fashion.


Esther Chungu, Natasha Chansa and Mampi for the Stay True music video

When I first heard about SKY, I was in love with the

idea of staying true to yourself, so I made sure that’s exactly what I did for these amazing artists. I chose outfits that matched their personality. Natasha is young and fun, still finding herself and trying new things, but she has more of a tomboy style. I wanted to add some femininity to it, but still keep it playful. Mampi is known for always looking dolled up and glam ready, she was probably the easiest to style because her fashion sense is quite consistent and comes through in everything she does. Esther has a strong feminine vibe and her personality really speaks through her outfits, her bubbly personality and her energy meant her style could be more floaty, and fun, so a beautiful gown and converse seemed like a nice mix for her.

Styling is very much about understanding who you are. If you think of yourself as a brand what would you want your look to communicate about you? Are you more of a down-to-earth chilled out girl? Are you a fashionista? Are you a baddie? Are you approachable? Do you want clothes to hide who you are? Nope, you want clothes to show your personality and whatever you decide to show up in, wear it with confidence! Don’t worry so much about trends because they change, just as your personality and style will there is nothing wrong with that. You’ll be more

comfortable in what you wear if you stay true to who you are.

My Thing: Championing and Supporting Women Not My Thing: Being Judgmental 9

By Mukwandi Chibesakunda 10

Happy Birthday, Mukwandi! Finally, the big 14! Your teen years are yet to be more exciting and maybe even adventurous. There are however three things I would like you to take with you on this journey: the need to stay focused, the need to surround yourself with the right company and keep God at the centre of all you do. I know you are still a little unsure what the future holds and most likely, you are not even thinking about it because you are so focused on the now. I guess that’s OK, but what does your now look like? Oh yes, how could I forget the anxiety of being in Grade 9. You have heard the stories of those that have gone before you, and you want to leave an indelible mark by doing better than they did. I’m so glad you have that focus. If you remain focused and give it your all, impossible is nothing. You will come to learn your grades are not what you wanted. Don’t be hard on yourself; it doesn’t mean you didn’t give it your best, you did, don’t think any less of yourself. You are still an achiever, you

are still intelligent, you are still enough. Keep setting those bars. On your journey, keep good friends. I know you think that the choices you make are solely yours, but your friends influence you more than you think. More likely than not, the friends you have now are the ones you will take with you into your adult life, so make sure they are good friends and make good choices together. You may not realize it, but the world is watching you and the choices you are making. Don’t neglect the character you build and what you want to be remembered for. You will soon get to learn what people will say about you, like “is that the calm…?” but intelligent girl from Roma Girls? She seems so soft, can she lead? People will take advantage of your calmness but don’t let them, take every opportunity and let your light and your strengths shine. More importantly, let God help you shine. There will be challenges, but He will make them more bearable. The journey may seem long, but when you look back, you will discover it was worth the wait.

Mrs. Chibesakunda is the Chief Executive Officer of Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco) Plc. Her banking career spans over 14 years in which she has served as first female Managing Director for Access Bank Zambia Ltd Managing Director for National Savings and Credit Bank, Head of Personal and Business Banking at Stanbic Bank Zambia and Executive Director Consumer Banking at Standard Chartered Bank Plc. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Zambia and a post graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Manchester Business School.

Every issue of SKY magazine, one inspirational woman writes a letter to herself aged 14, reflecting on her teenage years and giving much-needed advice.


Comfortable in my own skin My name is Mwenya Chibale and I am a 13-year-old girl. I did not like how slim I was, for as long as I could remember I always had this kind of body and people would tease me about it. Loving my body has always been a challenge. I eventually later got to see my worth. Most of the time I used to see myself influenced by other people’s opinions or what I saw on the internet or even TV but how I see and feel about myself matters the most to me now.

I have always been skinny and I would cry and feel sad whenever someone would make fun of my weight and when I looked around a number of people had bigger bodies than me. I used to think that maybe if I get older I would gain more weight. I started to eat a lot of food because I thought it would help me gain weight and I felt really bad when I did not gain weight. Every person will always have an opinion about it and that never made me happy because regardless of how much weight I gained it was never good enough. I realised that this was my body type and I had to love it for what it was because I could not change it and so I had to own it. I eventually got fed up of trying to compete with other people’s opinions about me. Realising that I was good enough for me, I mattered to me and loving my body for the way it was, made me even more confident. I love being slim because it helps me be good at sports because I like running and I am good at it. I never changed the way I dress because of my body and I am more comfortable in jeans and shorts and it is important to wear clothes that suit you best and that will make you feel better about yourself. Talking to friends that shared their body insecurities with me created a support system. Eating more often may help you gain more if that will help you be more comfortable but it is also important to love your body for what it is and embrace all of your flaws.

Not paying attention to what people have to say about my body and seeing other girls and celebrities embrace their bodies the way they are really made me comfortable in my own skin because it’s my body and I own it.




to Myself By Bwalya Penza

Not knowing what you stand for is one of the top pressures teenagers face. Knowing your core values makes decision-making easy. That’s why SKY is all about being ‘true to yourself’. But what does that mean exactly? If you don’t know what you stand for and you’re put on the spot, you’re likely to make a decision which could land you in trouble. Say your friend asks you to take a topless selfie. If you don’t know what your values are about this, you might agree just to fit in, but at what cost? Once an image is on the internet, it never really disappears.

This five-step system helps you identify and practice your core values.


Make a valuation of who you are – Decide what you stand for. What are your beliefs on things

like lying to gain something or lying to protect someone, drinking alcohol underage or drinking alcohol once you are over the legal age? What are the consequences of these activities and where do you stand on those issues?

Be authentic – being true to yourself is about being uniquely and unapologetically you, no matter what. Sometimes we act inauthentically because of short-term pressures, but in the long term you will be proud to stay authentic through those difficult moments.

Live your core values every day, in everything you do.

Understand that not everyone will be aligned with your core values, and that’s okay. They can do their thing, and you can do your thing. Evaluate – circumstances change, evaluate your core values do they still support you, are they relevant?

If you don’t know your VALUE, you will be in a constant tug-of-war between other people’s expectations of you, and what you expect for yourself. Once you develop the inability to tolerate lack of V-A-L-U-E in yourself and others, you positively change the results. About the author: Bwalya Penza is a certified Adventures in WisdomTM Coach and founder of Just B. She provides various life coaching packages for children aged 7 and upwards. She is very passionate about coaching children to become the best that they can be, to be their real selves and to create the life they desire!

It’s up to you, the decision is yours. Contact details: info@justbcoaching.net bwalya@justbcoaching.net www.justbcoaching.net Twitter: @coachingJustb Instagram: justb_coaching Facebook: JustB Coaching


Career Corner Meet Engineer

Mf ikeyi Makayi

Country Manager at Barloworld Equipment (Zambia)

When thinking of a career, how many times do you think about becoming an engineer? Well it may not be traditionally what girls aspire to but that didn’t stop Mfikeyi from pursing not one but three engineering degrees! According to the dictionary, an engineer is a professional who applies scientific knowledge to the design, building and control of machines, roads, bridges, electrical equipment, complex systems and structures for functional requirements. Mfikeyi didn’t always want to study engineering, in fact, she wanted to study history but her mother wasn’t willing to pay for her to study history, so engineering was the next best thing. Though she was good at all the subjects she had to take to get her engineering degrees, she had to learn to accept that her desired career path wasn’t going to happen, but luckily, she realized she did enjoy science, so she adapted and accepted her new career path. And it has paid off! Today, she holds degrees in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Mining Engineering, and of course is working for one of the leading international suppliers of construction and mining equipment.


Mfikeyi says that despite her career being quite demanding what she enjoys the most about her profession is how versatile and dynamic it is. Her work is not pure engineering but linked to other sectors such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure and technology, giving her an opportunity to delve into different industries and learn so much more than being in just one industry. It feels obvious to ask how it feels to be a female engineer but Mifikeyi says she doesn’t wake up thinking of herself as a female engineer. Even though there is gender inequality, like in many other industries, and not that many female engineers in Zambia, she sees herself as just a competent engineer, removing the gender identity. This is actually how she stays true to herself, by remembering to chart her own path, and even though you can learn from others, your experience is your own, and most importantly do things at your own pace. So what’s her thing? When she’s not thinking about solving Africa’s problems, she’s into sports, gardening, and reading books. Not her thing? Entitlement. And believing that things should stay the same when there’s room for improvement.

Namwaka Mataa 14

My thing

Not my thing

My Thing Cooking Singing Dancing Not My Thing Arguing Poetry Rude people

Vanessa Muleya 14

Mary Mutibah Lungu 15 My Thing Netball Going to church True friends Baking Cooking

My Thing True friends Swimming Rapping

Not My Thing Fake friends Gossiping Insulting

Not My Thing Sweeping Sports Doing the dishes

Sophia Tembo 16

Kereni Hapuki Phiri 15

My Thing Food Going out Helping

My Thing Music Being me Not My Thing Fake friends Gossiping

Not My Thing Negative vibes Gossiping Rude people

Mecter Muwowo 15

Exildah Ng’andu 14

My Thing Music Sports Cooking

My Thing Music, Cooking Dancing

Not My Thing Fake friends Gossiping

Not My Thing Sports Rude people

Ritanash Sakala 17

Dorcus Noyame 16

My Thing Music Reading Adventure

My Thing Having fun Cooking Doing chores

Not My Thing Arguing Bad influence Gossiping

Not My Thing Negative vibes Dogs Gossiping

Thabo and Tatiana on what`s trending Music, Music, Music! So many great hits being released

and we are not sure we can keep up! Young people are getting really creative and making really good songs from their rooms with apps on their phone! There’s an App called Garage Band that everyone is jumping to to make music. Try it out and let us know what you think! Someone who has the streets buzzing is KD. Young upcoming artist making incredible music from home!


By Precious Mwansa

Natasha Chansa, better known as Princess Natasha Chansa, is a fearless and talented rapper, lyricist, songwriter and dancer. She’s 20 years old and already making her mark in the music industry. She also really is royalty, obtaining the title from her father, His Royal Highness Chief Kaputa of Kaputa in Northern Province. We sat down with her to get to know her and hear her thoughts on a few issues.



Tell us about growing up royalty, what was your upbringing and family life like?


SKY: What’s your favourite song, and why? Natasha:

Big Girls Cry by Sia. The first time I heard it, it made me feel some type of freedom. And I thought to myself, if this is what music can do, I feel like this is what my music should do to people.

I didn’t grow up in my dad’s Chiefdom, I grew up in Lusaka. He’s only been Chief for 15 years so it’s not something I’ve known my whole life and it’s something we’re still learning about. I was raised in a very religious home, my dad’s an elder in the church and everything he taught us was basically from the Bible. It’s like a typical household with church morals and chores.

SKY: There are many SKY Girls out there who look up to you and want to be just like you. What is your advice to them? Especially those who want to make it in the music industry.

SKY: How would you describe yourself?

Natasha: It’s easy to try and be like someone else.

Natasha: I feel like I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m a nerd, but I think I make it work. I’m not really outgoing, and I’m low key socially awkward, but I’m in between an extrovert and introvert. I actually recently learnt what’s it’s called; an ambivert.


Did you always know you wanted to be an artist and make music for a living? How did your family react?


We’re the generation that grew up watching Disney pop stars like Hannah Montana. When I watched them, I told myself I wanted to be a pop star one day. I started writing songs and going to the studio at an early age and grew from there. I also did a lot of variety shows and bonfires and my parents realized this was more than a hobby. However, we reached a compromise that while I pursued my music, I would still go to school as well.

SKY: What has your journey been like? Are you an

overnight success?

Natasha: No. I think I still have a lot more to do, but I’m grateful that I haven’t had as much of a struggle as other artists have had. Sometimes it’s just grace, maybe this is what I was destined to do.



Where do you see yourself in the next five

The best thing you can do is to be the best version of you because everybody else is already taken. So be yourself, understand your uniqueness and use that energy to do something great.

SKY: Why do you think it’s important for girls to be

heard and to have a platform like SKY?

Natasha: There are not so many places offering a listening ear for the girl child. With a platform like SKY, girls are guaranteed an ear and can be unapologetically themselves.

SKY: The music industry is very demanding and

being a young celebrity has its challenges. How do you Stay True to Yourself through it all?

Natasha: I had to slow everything down and also my family remind me that I am still just Natasha aside from everything that’s happening. I still do the chores at home, and it keeps me grounded.

Natasha: The truth is, I don’t know. I just see a lot of growth emotionally, mentally and physically, but I really don’t know.

SKY: We know you live a hectic life, what do you do for fun in your spare time? Natasha: Luckily, my work is my hobby, so it’s fun, but I love playing video games with my best friend, watching videos and being on social media.

My Thing: Breaking Records Set Not My Thing: Stereotypes


in her shoes Why do you enjoy being a girl? Nyemba Tembo Being a girl is empowering, it can also be intimidating in a world where men have the upper hand in society. But overall, being a girl is awesome! I’m a female and that’s my super power.

Harriet T Tembo 17

Memory Mweemba 16

I enjoy singing and I love how as a girl I have a small, feminine voice, I think it sounds good! Also, my body just makes me love being a girl.

I enjoy being a girl because it comes with exposure to different things and opportunities to explore and grow.


Anna Jessica Shankandi 16 Girls make the world go round and I so love my girly features.

Esineya Sakala 15

Mercy Sakala 14

I love being a girl because I can do cute things like interior design and put things in order. And my natural beauty helps me be an inspiration to myself and others.

The features that come with being a girl is what I enjoy about being a girl. Plus doing house chores which is so much fun with music playing in the background.

Kachila Tembo Lusungu Nguni

There is a strength like no other. I feel fearless in the face of any challenge.

I love that no matter what challenges and circumstances we face we always rise up and take them on, we do what needs to be done, we get it done and never give up! We are such tenacious beings :-)

Beliya and Adele Orient Muzyamba 15 I love the fact that I can dress up in all kinds of swag. Be it a dress, skirt, trousers and shorts inclusive. Not only that but I also love playing with different styles of hair.

Beliya: I love that I have so many options to have fun and enjoy life! Being a girl is like living in your own magical world where you get to create whatever your heart desires. I love my gentle heart, caring spirit and overall feminine energy. Adele: One thing I enjoy the most about being a female is that I have so many creative clothing options! Depending on my mood or the season, I am able to express myself with an array 19 of colours, textures, and fits!

SKY Cover Girls! Meet the hosts of SKY Live Radio Show which airs every Saturday at 10am on Hot FM and Kwithu FM

TATIANA, 17 SKY Live Host

“Being part of SKY is a gift, it feels amazing to help other girls”.

Hi, I’m Tatiana, I’m 17 years old and live in Meanwood Ibex. I’m in my first year of Law at the University of Lusaka (UNILUS). I also host the SKY Live radio show every Saturday. When I first started hosting SKY Live, it was nerve-wracking, but as time went by, I got comfortable and started enjoying the show. Sharing opinions with other girls during the SKY Live radio program is fun and exciting. I like the whole SKY movement as it empowers girls, helps us love being ourselves and find the goodness in being girls. I like SKY because it allows girls to understand themselves better, to stay true to themselves no matter the external forces. After all, there is no shame in being who you are. Advice on how to stay true to yourself: Do things that make you happy as long as the decisions you make don’t affect others negatively. Last word: Despite different environmental influences, stick to your beliefs, values and goals without being ashamed of what the next person thinks.


My thing: Watching series, drinking milkshakes and eating sushi. Not My Thing: Dancing, people who carry negative energy and those that try to oppress others because of their gender.

THABO, 15 SKY Live Host

My Thing: Reading, writing and Hip Hop. My favorite artist is Cardi B because she doesn’t mind what people say about her. Not My Thing: Cats and chickens because I was once chased by one.

“What I love about SKY is that it is for girls by girls, which makes it easier for girls to relate as we encourage each other to be true to ourselves and to love being girls!”

Hi, I’m Thabo, I am 15 years old. I live in Kalingalinga, and I’m in Grade 9 at Lusaka Girls Secondary school. I co-host SKY Live radio show along with Tatiana and Mwenya. Being a co-host has been amazing, and the experience is incredible. I’ve always wanted my voice to be heard so that I can impact other people’s lives positively.

Advice on how to stay true to yourself: Being true means not allowing anyone to determine your choices, what is wrong and what is right should be determined by yourself. Last word: I’m preparing for my final exams. It’s hectic, but I’m studying hard so that I can make myself and my parents proud.



the scenes

Stay True of the

music video


e u Tr lyric s by

u g n u h C r e h t s a E s n Natasha Cha Mampi FT


Esther Chungu

Girls make the world go round Girls make the world go round Girls make the world go round Girls make the world go round Look at the SKY Look at the stars So much room for you and I to be what we want to be Young girl Young ruler Young Queen You can touch the SKY


Nothing will get in my way, I'm unstoppable (ohohoo) Please tell the DJ to turn up the radio (ohoohoo) I know the SKY has no limits You'll see me rise like the phoenix Nothing will get in my way, I'm unstoppable (ohooohoo) Its Royalty Straight from the bottom to the top They was trying to put me in a box But I had to be me, and stay true to myself I had to give it everything that I've got I break all the records they set that's my thing Stereotype? That's not my thing I'm hoping (I'm hoping ) to make you see That you've got the power

and you are a Queen Say I am phenomenal I'm all the way up on a pedestal (yeah) I am unstoppable What’s in me is far from the usual (So tell'em say ) I am phenomenal I'm all the way up on a pedestal (yeah) I am unstoppable What’s in me is far from the usual Nothing will get in my way, I'm unstoppable (ohohoo) Please tell the Dj to turn up the radio I know the SKY has no limit So you'll see me rise like the phoenix Nothing will get in my way, I'm unstoppable


You are meant to fly You are meant to shine You are beautiful, powerful Girl you are You are meant to fly You are meant to shine Girl you beautiful, powerful Girl you are Smart girl you wanna stand out Make your own way don’t follow the crowd Basakuname boza abo, bazaku sokoneza

Hold your head up high No matter what you are going through Let every challenge you face make a better woman out of you Fix your crown and rise Somebody’s looking up to you Girl power ain’t no phrase It’s an attitude


Nothing will get in my way, I'm unstoppable (ohohooo) Please tell the Dj to turn up the radio I know the sky has no limits You'll see me rise like the Phoenix Nothing will get in my way, I'm unstoppable


You are meant to fly You are meant to shine You are beautiful, powerful Girl you are You are meant to fly You are meant to shine Girl you beautiful, powerful Girl you are


Girls make the world go round Girls make the world go round


Sporty Girls

Matter By Denise Cohen

Suwilanji Mpondela

“Excel, adjust and always be ready to move with the times because change happens.”

Suwilanji Mpondela is the definition of a goal digger. She is a silver medalist in international sporting events, an economics student, a business owner, and in 2019 she became the youngest Chair of the Athletes Commission for the National Olympic Committee of Zambia, the youngest Chair of an Athletes Commission in Africa. In this Q&A the 20-year-old gets honest with us about her career, her friendships and her true self.

How old were you when you won your first medal? What was that like?

Who is your friend group and why is it important to have friendships?

My first medals were in school. I can’t remember which one was the first because I have lots of those. Professionally, I won my first medal when I was 16. I really didn’t expect it, I thought I didn’t have it in me to compete at an international level after only training in the Zambia national team for less than a year. I think that gave me motivation, knowing that if I achieved that with limited training then I definitely had something in me that I should nurture and keep going. I was 16 years old when I won a 4X100 meters silver medal. Consistency is the key.

My squad! We call ourselves the boujie babes. I’d literally say they’re like my sisters, we’re family. From my friends I’ve really learned the importance of having grounded people around you, especially if you want to succeed in life. You don’t have to do the same things, I’m an athlete, one of my friends is a doctor, we all do different things, but we all bring something to the table and that helps us grow as a group, as individuals. I think the energy of my friend group is intentional and honest.

The Athletes Commission, how did it feel being chair at such a young age?

I’ll be extremely honest. About a year ago, I don’t think I would have been able to say I was being true to myself because who I thought I was, was based off of what others thought I was or other people’s validation of me. The more that I learned about who God says I am and how that’s the most important thing, I think I’ve been more confident. So, I’d say my first go to in staying true to myself is understanding the woman that God has set me out to be.

I think that was one of the best moments of my life for me. It definitely showed me the power that we have as young women. I say this because often times I’d doubt myself, even the day of the election I was doubting myself because of the men I was up against, looking at their ages and their achievements. From that election I’ve learned that age doesn’t really matter, if you’re focused, if you know what you want, and if you carry yourself confidently enough to trust your power and your abilities. That moment really helped me gain confidence in myself and what I am able to do.


How do you stay true to yourself?

My Thing: Family, friends and shopping Not My Thing: Crowds and negative energy


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Meet your SKY TV Hosts! AUDREY

Hi! My name is Audrey Kangwa, I live in Chalala Rockfield. I’m a Law student at the University of Lusaka. I am one of the hosts of Stay True. I was so excited when I was selected to be a presenter off my audition video, as I’ve never hosted a TV show before. I love singing, playing games (my favourite is 30 Seconds), watching Netflix and engaging in conversations so I can understand human nature and learn from people’s different life experiences. As the saying goes “experience is the best teacher”, so instead of experiencing something, I would rather learn from someone who has already been there, done that. I’m also passionate about winning souls, I have an online Bible study where I share my little knowledge on the Bible and encourage people in their faith because I believe salvation is such a great gift. My thing: Watching reality TV shows, making song covers and social media.

“I know that I will benefit from staying true to myself, for this very reason I appreciate and applaud the SKY Girls platform because as girls we need reaffirmation that it’s okay not to conform to what others are doing.”

Not my thing: Undermining a person’s ability to be better and to grow. Last Words: One of my favorite quotes is a scripture which says “And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we do not faint” Galatians 6:9. It inspires me not to give up whatever I am doing, because I believe I will reap in due season, which pushes me to Stay True To Myself as empowered by SKY Girls Zed.

TAPO Hey there! I am Tapo Muyovwe, I live in New Kasama. I co-host

Stay True with Audrey. I just finished doing my A-levels and I’m currently waiting to go to university to study International Hospitality Management because working in the tourism industry is a great way to meet new people and get a taste of adventure through traveling. I am a very adventurous and outdoorsy person so you will definitely catch me where wild things are, bonding and becoming one with Mother Nature. I’m also a people person “a social butterfly” therefore I love face to face interactions and getting the chance to meet different people. I am an outgoing bubbly girl who’s always willing to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Embracing my weirdness is definitely my thing. I was born to stand out so I stay true to myself by not bothering about fitting in. My Thing: Making people laugh and putting a smile on their faces. Not My Thing: Negativity is NOT MY THING and neither is littering nor being rude. Last Words: What sets you apart sometimes feels like a burden and it’s not. A lot of the time it’s what makes you great. - Emma Stone

“I’m super excited to be part of SKY! It’s amazing to be part of a movement that empowers girls especially in their teen years because the choices they make in these years have the biggest impact on their lives.”


Catching up with school It’s time to hit the books and catch up with everything we’ve missed! Here are a few tips for surviving this tough comeback after the pandemic.

By Muzya Musokotwane




Make It Visual Use a highlighter to identify important headings and information. Colour code – assign colours to common themes in your notes, textbook and handouts. Your brain handles colours really well – so add more colour! Draw pictures or figures to accompany the information you are trying to learn.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Aim for 6-8 hours every day.



A Study Group


If you can’t read,


Group studying can be more effective when you need to study more challenging topics. Get a small group of your friends together (4 to 5). Set a regular time to meet each week to learn together.

Watch documentaries, videos and tutorials to gain more information on what you are studying.


Plan Your


Test Yourself

Study Time

Test after each topic. Use exercises or past papers in every study session.

Make sure you have the syllabus for each subject. Decide which topics you will study in each session. Space out your studying and take small breaks when you start to “zone out”. And most important choose a good location to study from, one where you can concentrate.

Don't Tip#7


It’s all about planning - you have this in the bag. Hope these tips help. Happy studying!

USEFUL RESOURCES: MTN Zambia TeleSchool MTN eTutor App Practice quizzes and past papers from Grades 5 - 12.





www.khanacademy.com Practice Exercises, instructional videos and personalized learning dashboard so you can track your progress in maths, science, and IT.

www.duolingo.com Practice English, French, Spanish or Italian in a fun and addictive way.

www.studyblue.com Make your own flashcards or use ones created by other learners. You can also track your study progress.


CHRiSTMAS GifT IDEAS By Namasiku Kayama


The pressure is on when it comes to gifting our loved ones. Don't worry SKY girls, we've got your back with awesome ideas this joyous season! Check out 4 of our favourite gift ideas for 2020.

Phone Case Accessories

Necklaces, bracelets or earrings are always a go-to. They have sentimental value, and your loved ones will truly treasure them.

DIY Snow Globe

The festive season is here, and we're all excited about receiving and giving.

A cute phone case cover or pop socket will never go wrong.

Charity Giving

Collecting your old clothes, shoes and accessories and handing them over to a less privileged person will fill your heart this festive season.

What you’ll need: A jar Glycerin Glitter A small toy Glue

Your friends and family will know you spent a little more time on them. That thoughtfulness is always appreciated.

How to make it: Remove the lid from your jar and decide where you want to place your toy. Place it over the jar top. Apply glue to the bottom of the toy. Then, press it down onto the lid, and hold it for about 2-5 seconds. Fill the jar with water. Bottled water is ideal and will be more transparent. Leave a little room at the top for glycerin, glitter and space for your toy. Add the glycerin. Pour in some glitter. But don't overdo it!

and a Happy New Year!

Seal the lid. Keeping the glass jar right side up, just place your lid onto the top of the jar, and seal it. Shake it up. Shake your snow globe gently and enjoy your lovely craft!


Moods& Emotions

Find and circle all of the words that are hidden in the grid. The remaining 12 letters spell an additional word.






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Reviews By Precious Mwansa BOOK REVIEW:

Becoming Michelle Obama This book was gifted to me last year. I immediately fell in love with it, the cover was so beautiful, and her picture really stood out. Michelle Obama invites us into her world, taking us through different stages of her life from childhood to First Lady. What I love most about this book is that it’s about hope. It inspires you to continually improve yourself whether you’re a girl just entering her teens or a teenager heading to adulthood. I love that she doesn’t only describe her best moments but also her disappointments which makes the book more relatable. In the preface, she says, “Even when it’s not pretty or perfect. Even when it’s more real than you want it to be. Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own”. Becoming is available in Book World, Grey Matter and Amazon.

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The Princess Switch This Christmas movie stars Vanessa Hudgens (from High School Musical) who plays two people; Stacy, a baker, and Margaret, a duchess about to get married to Prince Edward. One week before Christmas, they meet at a baking competition and realize they look exactly the same so Margaret, who wants to experience life as an average person, asks Stacy to switch places with her. If you’re into romantic holiday movies, this one is definitely for you. Although it is a romantic comedy, I learnt that it’s easy to admire someone else’s life and if you get a chance to switch, you will see that everyone has their own challenges so always appreciate your own life and be yourself. This movie is available on Netflix and part two, The Princess Switch; Switched Again, is out now.


La Piazzetta An Italian restaurant located in Kalundu, not too far from Great East Road. The menu consists of classic Italian cuisine, which is very comforting and homemade. The atmosphere is casual, and the prices range from K60 to K250, which is fair for the quality of food they serve. I ordered a portion of lasagna as well as the Four Stagioni Pizza. When it arrived at the table, I was eager to dig in. Everything looked so beautiful and appetizing. The entire meal was fantastic, but the lasagna was my personal favourite. On the menu, it is described as minced beef cooked in Italian herbs and tomato ragu layered by homemade pasta sheets with sauce and cheese. It delivered everything it promised. Each bite was so well balanced, and each of the layers was really tasty. I would highly recommend La Piazzetta to anyone who loves authentic Italian comfort food.



SKY Advice Advice Hi SKY Girls, we receive lots of your questions through

our FB inbox and we’re always happy to be here for you and reply to all your questions! Keep sending them through, we’ll answer on SKY Live and here in the magazine. And we promise to NEVER share your name if you don’t want us to – so your questions are totally anonymous. Keep sharing beauties!

Question: Dear SKY Girls, My friend feels like being a girl is not amazing. So I wanted to find out from fellow SKY Girls, how you respond to the question ‘Why is being

a girl so amazing?


It’s an amazing thing being a girl! Sometimes the world seems so tough for a girl but it is also amazing being a girl! We have so many more clothes and shoe options than boys! Fashion exists because of us, let’s be honest. Is there such a thing as boy talk? No because girl talk is the best thing ever. The bond of sistahood is special, like nothing else, no one can explain this better than a girl. We can multitask! Cook, clean, and do TikTok challenges – we’re a whole vibe! And if those aren’t enough, the world keeps reminding us that we run the world – hello Kamala Harris!



Hi SKY, I am 12 years old in Grade 8. My friends go out at night a lot and I am not allowed to because my parents say I am too young. I really don’t want to be left out of my group of friends. What should I do? Should I sneak out?


Don’t worry baby girl, and don’t think as if your parents hate you or don’t want you to go out they are just trying to protect you, they have been there done that, and probably doing what they think is best for you. We wouldn’t advise sneaking out, that is not safe and it’s not the best way to do things. Try speaking to your parents to see if you can reach a compromise – maybe you can reassure them you are responsible and you will be home by a certain time. But if they still don’t agree, remember you will have many other opportunities when you are older, maybe now it’s best to just enjoy your own company.


I have two friends and they don’t seem to like each other at all. Every time we meet up they end up arguing over something, and sometimes it is really nothing. I have tried to talk to both of them but it seems they just never get along. What can I do to bring them together?


Hi! My advice is that you can only do so much, each and every person has a choice, just advise them, if your advice doesn’t work out then leave them. They know why they don’t like each other, you cannot change how they both feel about each other but you can help them change by talking to one person at a time, get to know why they don’t get along and what the problem is. If they have made it final not to get along then you have nothing in your power, pray for them. Not everyone has to get along but if you have a good relationship with them, you just have to hang out with them separately. Good luck!


I have a friend who is never happy for me. Whenever I achieve something it’s like a bad thing for her. She becomes quiet and even stops talking to me. She was never like this before, and I don’t know what to do. I really miss our friendship. What should I do?


Aww sorry to hear this hun, SKY sisters should always support each other. Try to talk to her when you find a suitable moment and when she is not upset about anything, be open and share your feelings tell her how you feel and find out what is going on, do this in a calm way, since you said she was never like that there must be a reason for her to do that, she might be going through some stuff. Remind her how important your friendship is, and be open to hearing what she has to say to. We hope you your friendship works out!


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