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bang for the buck


If You Need To Buy, Spend Wisely. 1 Nikon D800

Photo nerds everywhere have been clamoring for this one on blogs across the internet. While the release was postponed due to the disasters that took place in Japan, the 2012 release has been met with unanimous praise. On par with the likes of the NIKON D3X, the D800 now holds the world record for full frame resolution. At 2 times less the cost of a “pro” tagged quality camera, this DSLR boasts 36 megapixels of image quality that few can challenge. Aside from the questionable battery life, the auto focus capability and dynamic range make this Nikon a crucial tool for photographers at every level. $2999

2 BRIXTON – Ladies “Castor” Obviously this is just personal opinion, but something abougt a woman in big bitchy sunglasses and a proper hat is enough to drive a man wild. Not a dumb, dumpy, “I’m trying too hard to look dignified” kinda hat, something subtle, timeless. Brixton, in a word, can easily be described as timeless. Crafting quality headwear consistent with designs that will never look dated, there are few headwear brands on the planet that can hold a candle to these guys. $42

3 NUMARK – Ns6

For the snobby DJ that can’t let vinyl go, down to the new guy championing mp3 – there are few that can argue with how important Numark is to DJ culture. Working in conjunction with Serato, the Ns6 is an all in one 4-channel workhorse complete with it’s own mixer – this is the beefier version of Serato’s Itch that earned rave reviews among traveling DJs. $$$

4 SWATCH – Pink Berry Ladies, sometimes heavy, bulky jewelry just makes too much of a statement. Stop. Swatch has a rad line of feminine watches that still allow you to be fashionable without looking like an asshole. Lightweight, extra long straps for double wrapping, and hot colors to make your wrist pop = one nice little accessory for the times when jeans and a t-shirt will have to do. Not to mention, quality products for a realistic price. $$$

5 PINKY STAR – Red Sparkle Lux With a design that inspires a sincerely feel of the lounge heyday, complete with martini glasses and pencil skirts, Pinky Star crafted their Lux handbag design with the delicate lady in mind. Not too big, not too small, the Red Sparkle Lux works well for the everyday bag or the semi-clutch you are toting your necessities in for happy hour. Style – nothing but. $$$

6 AERIAL7 – Tank Thrash In what has really become the company’s signature design, the TANK continues to standout in an oversaturated headphone market that really needs some substance behind the style. As with every Aerial 7 design, the over the ear headphone ensures rich bass and a healthy blend of every necessary frequency for a proper listening experience. We have said it once and we will say it again - Sleek design, acoustically flawless, realistically priced. $100

7 IVI – ‘Giving’ Polarized Seems kinda loooooooong overdue but streetwear visionary and proskater turned media giant Rob Dydek has officially launched IVI Eyewear. Along with partners designer Jerome Mage and Pete Fox, streetwear just got a dose of upscale style. These bad boys feature Carl Zeiss premium lenses encased in a sleek frame anchored by forged aluminum temples and of course are available in various colorways. C’mon – are you really gonna argue with these dudes on what is fresh? $140

8 Rebelle by Rihanna Born in Barbados, you know a fragrance with Riahanna’s name on it was going to have some sort of Caribbean slant. Having hints of strawberries and purple plums, the blend from perfume purveyors Caroline Sabas and Marypierre Julien of Reb’l Fleur

manage to pull of a sweet scent without coming off as stripper-esque. Most celebrity fragrances bank on the notoriety of the name, Rebelle is smell boner in a bottle. $59

9 Ben Watts Supermodel Skateboard Decks Topless models Jessica Hart, Lake Bell, Elsa Hosk, Behati Prinsloo, and Chanel Iman wearing only 3×1 jeans and photographed by the one and only Ben Watts make for a no brainer. The limited run of decks are going for $400 a pop and were the concept of 3X1 Denim founder Scott Morrison. All the loot generated from the sale of the decks go to the charities of the models’ choice including - Food on Foot, Polaris Project, Goods for Good and Keep A Child Alive. Rad. $$$



5 4 6






ready to go...

limp bizkit

An Interview with Fred Durst

By Patrick Douglas


Limp Bizkit has always been a band that polarizes music fans. Some feverishly crave the hybrid of hip-hop and metal and look at the songs as anthems on how to party proper and get rowdy with the boys. Others downplay the music as nothing more than a product of an angry, egomaniac known for wearing a backwards red cap. The same man who sang about doing it all for the nookie and pleaded with someone to offer up their face as something to break says he’s just a regular guy who is blessed to be able to both inspire and ignite audiences. Fred Durst doesn’t put up a front for people. Make no mistake, the same guy who sings about kicking ass onstage is soft spoken off of it and has no tolerance for people who choose to live their lives as aggressors. “I’m still me. I’m just a messenger. There’s nothing calculated about how I produce these songs and put these songs together for me to react to vocally,” said Durst. “I’m sort of the same guy. I feel like the core of me is who I am when I was born. I know I was dealt a very interesting hand as someone who was going to be bullied and tortured. That’s been going on since I was a little kid. That’s not gonna change. I’m a person who’s put on the world to arouse bullies and there’s something very interesting about my existence. I have that thing about me that just riles up people who love to abuse people.” “I used to feel responsible for the music. Why are these guys out there? I hate these guys in the red caps that are beating up the other fans. What the fuck are they doing? They’re missing the point,” he said. “The irony’s insane. After awhile I just have to not take responsibility and treat it like art.” Durst credits the consistency in writing over the nearly 20 years in Limp Bizkit with his penchant for staying the same guy throughout the ride. “I actually try to sit down and spit something out of the mic, for the most part, I’m a bruised potato,” he said. “The scars are there and you can’t help but think about how this riff gets my heart pumping and my adrenaline going and now I’m thinking about how bad I was treated in this moment or that moment or why I didn’t deserve that or why I did deserve that. The consistency of that type of reaction to the music that we happen to make is still there.That continuity’s there. It’s not like I have a whole new well of things to dig from. It’s not like I’ve become this born again guy who’s turned all his scars to angels and things and I’m trying to get a message out there.” It’s been easy to look at Durst as a poster child and spokesman for the disenfranchised youth over the years. In the song, “My Generation,” Durst sings “We don’t, don’t give a fuck, and we won’t ever give a fuck, until you, you give a fuck about me and my generation.” Even so, he’s never thought about himself as a voice for those youngsters who are looking for inspiration against The Man, rather he sees himself as being a young soul and it translates to the music sometimes. “I’m very young at heart,” said the 42-year-old Durst. “I still skateboard all the time. I have a halfpipe. I can still breakdance. I love discovering new things. I don’t really find myself bonding with people who are decrepit in their mental state at the same age. People who just took this other route. I’ve always been this little kid kind of locked up inside.When you grow up and you are tortured and bullied, that kid gets locked down there and it’s almost like you stay the way you were all the time. If we happen to connect to the disenfranchised youth or people to get where I’m coming from, even though I’m very vague and use bizarre metaphors and every 11

“ The feeling that we

get when we get together, it’s just incredible. ”



once in a while give you a true glimpse of what I’m blatantly saying, I don’t think so. I don’t even wanna be (the voice of the disenfranchised).” Later this summer, the band will release its seventh album, “Stampede of the Disco Elephants,” which has already produced the single “Ready To Go.” The band is now with Cash Money Records and Durst couldn’t be happier. The most attractive aspect to the deal with Cash Money is the freedom the band has to just go with what feels right, according to Durst. “As you get more experience with your weapon, hopefully it’s a natural evolution where you become a natural at your craft and with more time in the game and more time on the job,” said Durst. “With the passion still being your main guide and the main thing you fuel everything off of. We’re at an all-time high when you look at our career in a linear way. We’ve grown exponentially really fast compared to where we were sitting with people who had different expectations.” “With Cash Money, they said ‘Hey, we want you to be on Cash Money and do what you do.We don’t wanna tell you how to be you.We don’t wanna tell you what kind of song or music (to write).You’re gonna do what you do.We believe in the brand. Look what you’ve done this far.’ That empowers us to not have any boundaries and not be making music to impress anyone. What you’re really feeding off of for new material is a passion and honesty so you can maybe have some art from this person,” he added. Bizkit has been around long enough to have a huge collection of classics that every fan at every show wants to hear. It’s a nice problem for a band to have and most embrace it rather than force fans to get on board with new material. If they like the new stuff, great, if not, the bread will be buttered as it always has been. “Billy Idol has some unbelievable songs but when he has a new record, from what it looks like, nobody really cares,” said Durst. “He throws a new song into a set list and nobody listens. It’s the same with us in a different way. We’re very fortunate to have a voice in the world and to be able to go do this and have shows and a lot of people are expecting to hear those (classic) songs.The new material is for listeners who stumble across it that (can appreciate) its purity and honesty. If you’re going out to see Limp Bizkit, we might throw in a new song or two but this music is for us.” Durst admits that the band has never really been fond of recording records, preferring the vibe and environment of playing live. Still, each record is a time capsule for the members of the band and “Stampede of the Disco Elephants” is no different. “When you make records, you go in for that short period of time. We like to go in under pressure and just fuckin’ go big brother style and just live together and get it done and get out and we capture those moments whether good or bad,” said Durst.

“Our mental stability on that album was as good as it was in that moment in our lives. That’s a moment. You capture it and move on. You look back and go ‘Oh shit, I remember that. I was sleeping on the floor of the van. I was thinking about too much negative shit or I was partying too much.’ For us, that’s what’s magical about these moments.” The core of Bizkit has mostly been Durst, drummer John Otto and guitarist Wes Borland, known not just for his tasty riffs but for his shtick of showing up for gigs painted in ghoulish fashion. Borland has been on again and off again with the band since it first formed, occasionally taking time off to front his own band, Black Light Burns. Durst respects Borland and knows that the band is at its best when the two of them are together. “I hand plucked him. I knew that I wanted to work with that guy. He’s so creative and different,” said Durst of Borland. “I knew that he was my Eddie Van Halen, if I wanna compare it to David Lee Roth. He quit a couple times early before our record deal so we always knew that he was a free spirit and a semi loose cannon who was on his own mission and we were very lucky to have him.” Perhaps the most welcome thing about working with Borland is the back and forth the two artists have when they write together.There’s no pulling punches or yes men in the process. They bring the best out of each other. “Some of us have a vision and we want to see it through and we want people to cooperate with it but we want people to say ‘That’s probably not a great idea, why don’t you try this?’” said Durst. “That’s the collaboration that you quest for. When I come in full steam ahead and I’ve got that vision, a lot of people don’t have that (honesty) and they just go ‘Ok.” After a while, you get very lonely. I need a balancing board. I can tell you ‘That’s not the riff. That ain’t the beat. Keep going. That bass line’s cool, but try it higher.’ Pulling it out of people. I feel like maybe I was meant to be a producer. Obviously not a singer.” Durst, who admits to turning down a three million dollar advertising deal back in the day with a beer company because “I don’t drink that kind of beer,” says he’s proud of the integrity the band has kept all these years and how they never compromised to please anyone outside of the band. “I can sleep at night knowing I stayed true to who I am and with the vision.The music just happens with Limp Bizkit, let’s get that straight. We don’t walk around listening to rap rock or anything like it,” said Durst. “The feeling that we get when we get together, it’s just incredible. We look in each other’s eyes so many times and have these unbelievable moments. It’s something that’s a rush that you can’t replace. It’s like a drug without doing drugs. I’m very grateful and happy to keep going.” 13

14 15



andrew wyatt Solo Debut By Patrick Douglas


PhotoSebastian Mlynarski

Andrew Wyatt stands before 75 highly trained Czechoslovakian musicians, half a world away and he’s nervous. The sheet music is by his design and there’s a record to be made but with each stop and start, tension builds. Wyatt has worn many hats in his adventures in music but none have been mired with such weight and responsibility as that of composer. It’s not just another day at the office for the New York musician. It’s a chance to do something that most singer/songwriters don’t get to do – bring together dozens of souls in a foreign country with the power of music. “I think it’s like a lot of processes where you just start and as you start walking down some kind of faith is involved and as you start doing it, it will just come to you,” said Wyatt.“If I realized (when I started) how much work it was going to be at the beginning, I might have not done it. As you take it piece by piece, the ideas come together and you start figuring out how to (succeed). “I experienced that on this record. A lot of songs I didn’t know what I was gonna do but as I started messing around with the arrangements, things came to me,” he continued. “I was like ‘That works there and this part works over here.’ It’s quite nice. Although it was a lot of work, it was a lot of busy work. It wasn’t like I struggled so much to get the arrangements. They sort of made themselves heard to me, which is lucky.” The album is called “Descender” and might harken a familiarity to “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Wyatt conjures soft John Lennon-esque vocals and brings it in harmony with a massive string section, horns and percussion. With so much going on in the design and construction of the music, Wyatt had to deal 17

“ I think we’re both

inspired by getting our hands dirty in different kinds of projects whether it would be acting or producing or playing guitar on someone’s record. ”

PhotoIsabel Asha Penzlien 18


with stresses of pleasing all 75 of his “bandmates” during the session. Forget the musician who sits in his apartment forging entire songs on ProTools with no one else’s participation; this is the complete opposite of that method. “I was nervous, of course, but I made sure the conductor had my scores about a week beforehand and he had a chance to make any changes and to look them over and see if there was anything confusing for the orchestra and there were (some issues),” Wyatt recalled. “He didn’t change the notes at all but he changed the way they were printed on the page in some occasions.That made it easier for the orchestra to hear and I had to trust him a lot. “He kind of reassured me that we had everything we needed,” he added. “When we would be there and things didn’t sound the way I pictured them in my head, it was very nervewracking to stick up for myself because I felt like it was 70 people against me. If I was asking them to do it again and again, I could see that each time I asked them to do it again, they’d get a little more pissed off at me. By the time I was asking for a third or fourth take, I was really scared they were gonna mutiny. I just kind of forced myself to (overcome) that and it turned out good.” The Czech orchestra was chosen for a variety of reasons, namely a referral from a peer and the fact that it wasn’t quite the cost an orchestra might have run in more obvious cities. “I got the number from a friend of mine who’d used them on another record. They’re kind of affordable compared to doing it in London or Los Angeles and New York is definitely out of the question,” said Wyatt. “I felt that the stuff that they’d done on this other album was good and the string players especially were very good. “I’d never been to Prague before so going there was a slight added attraction,” he said. “It was a very cool city. That’s also the orchestra and the same studio where they’d recorded all the David Lynch soundtracks so that was also big. Once I found that out, that was also a slight motivator going there.” The Creators Project made a short film about the making of “Descender” and showed Wyatt in action, running the orchestra, playing the piano and even singing a live track with the mass of musicians. As Wyatt explained, being there was a blur and the fact that someone got it on film not only helped show the world what he accomplished, but also himself. “At that time, it’s really just stressful,” he said.“I’m glad someone filmed it because I get to go back. When I go back and see the film, I can realize what a beautiful, magical time it was. I think I was just worried at the time about getting it done and I couldn’t enjoy it. I enjoy it now and I’m glad I did it. “It’s one of those things where you have the memory of it and look back and it feels much more free and your memory of it is stronger than your experience at the time,” he added. “At the time, you’re worried about not fucking up.” Wyatt has worked with a handful of projects over the years, including bands Miike Snow and The A.M. While it might appear obvious that controlling an orchestra of people who may or may not speak the same language as you would be more

difficult, it’s not automatically as stressful as writing music with a band of two or three other guys, says Wyatt. “To do good music and to do good songs is never easy and that can happen in a bunch of different ways so I wouldn’t say it’s harder to do this kind of record at all,” Wyatt explained. “In some ways it’s easier because if you get the arrangements right that’s the whole album.There’s some records where the very most slight changes in the way you play change the songs dramatically. “A band is a way easier thing to make changes on the fly,” he said. “I knew that once this stuff was written you couldn’t change it. When you do something with the band, it’s more improvisational and you can be like, ‘Play the drums harder. Play ‘em softer. Don’t play the beat. Change the beat like this.’ Most rock and roll musicians can change that up on the fly but classical musicians don’t like to do that. It’s harder in that regard.” The most exciting thing Wyatt took away from the experience was being able to step up to a microphone, surrounded by musicians and sing live on a couple tracks. “That part I do remember. I remember that being a thrill. That was really awesome,” he said. “Once we felt like we had all the orchestra stuff tight and we had to see if we could get a tape with just the vocals and everything done live, that was really fun. That was a thrill and I’m glad we got to do that.” The album was born of tireless work on the part of Wyatt as he labored over a computer of sheet music, holed up in an apartment. “I was definitely chain smoking,” said Wyatt of the initial writing process. Being that focused is important and so is making sure you don’t become completely disconnected from society, according to Wyatt. “I can be tuned out and spacey and forgetful (when writing) and I think I am that way normally,” he said. “When one part of your brain is tied in to something that’s so astral, it’s difficult to manage those more perfunctory aspects of life. You work out your ways and you learn yourself and you learn to protect that side of yourself while still being able to live up to your responsibilities but it’s complex.” Despite all of the effort and work involved, Wyatt isn’t expecting hoards of music fans to line up with cash in hand, screaming in adoration. He grew realistic expectations years ago and doesn’t hang high hopes on massive success. “Hopes and dreams? I don’t know if I live in that world so much anymore. It is out and I’m happy with it and now I’m gonna do something else,” he said, mentioning that he is currently working on writing a movie script. “Whether people accept it and make it into a well-known piece is not up to me. There’s nothing I can do. “All I can do is show up and make more (music). That’s my side of the story,” he said. “I don’t dwell in hope so much anymore. It’s what is and what isn’t. What is, is I’m here today and I can make music and that’s what I’m gonna do.” 19






PhotographerMichael Vincent Makeup ArtistJoel Morales Hair StylistNatyssa Marie Taras Wardrobe StylistTal B ProducerTal B 23


24 25



enjoying some

rawken sushi

The new Jewel of Downtown Pomona Words by Giovanni Marks Photos By Jimmy Clinton

There isn’t a better term to lack when it comes to describing this place. It’s just way too awesome. Open since January, this addition to Downtown Pomona’s nightlife scene is THE place to be, all week long. Happy hour is all day monday (perfect for recovering from the weekend or the start of the work week) and 4:30-6:30 tuesday through saturday for the rest of you wrapping up school or work. They have mimosas all day on sunday, guest deejays every wednesday with the extra late happy hour (9pm11pm), college night on thursday with a super active dancefloor…. you get the idea, it’s the dope spot. I forgot to mention that they serve food until 4AM on friday and saturday! You would think the place would be trashed with all of this action, but the decor is impeccable. It definitely has the ambience of an upscale restaurant with some type of very prestigious rating, the service was top notch and them flipping the original brick walled architecture only added to the ambiance. It even has two huge flat screen televisions for the person that just HAS to be at the sports bar. However, I don’t know of any sportsbar serving Lychee Martinis and Japanese Micheladas with their basketball and hockey! This is truly a hidden jewel in a neighborhood full of them, but that’s about to change…


Now on to the menu, these folks went super hard on the signature drinks and dishes and it shows from the onset. They definitely like it hot, incorporating a variety of peppers in the place of wasabi on most of their specialty rolls. While you can try everything on the menu and not go wrong, I was definitely feeling “The Brick” which is them remixing a spicy tuna tartare on a fried rice cake resembling the brick in the walls that are left over from the original architecture. That actually paired up perfectly with the Lycheetini (lychee and lemon juices with Absolut Citron and a muddled lychee at the bottom), let’s say that these were the two mildest things that I tried on the menu. They have a Mango Habanero martini that is straight up bonkers on the tastebuds. What’s really good is that their use of spice adds color to the food, but doesn’t flavor the dishes. There was just enough going on to where I didn’t use wasabi or soy sauce one time, I barely ate the ginger to cleanse my palate between dishes! 27

Eats and 1. Miami Spice This is a clever rendition of a California Roll with cream cheese fried in tempura batter, topped with spicy tuna, kani kama lotus root and spinach tempura bits. They also added their signature Rawken Sauce to the finished production. I had this with the Japanese Michelada and it was a party!

2.The Brick Named after the bricks in the walls of the original building, this is a crowd favorite and it’s easy to see why; Ahi tuna minced on top of a brick shaped fried rice cake would quell the hate of even the most hardcore non-sushi eater, as was the case with the beloved owner of this very magazine…..

3. Bentley Roll They should have called this the Royce Roll, it’s the size of a Phantom! It’s a shrimp tempura roll with cucumber, topped with tuna sashimi, jalapeños, garlic ponzu and their Vive and Rawken sauces. This is definitely one of those “friend splitting/date having” dishes that you go half on in the middle of the night after drinking one of each of their custom cocktails…

4. King Of Tuna Roll This is another one of those that you either split up or get to go and eat it at the house over the course of 2 days. A spicy tuna and avocado roll topped with big eye tuna, cilantro, jalapeños and their ponzu based special sauce, it was the one I ate a third of, took home for later and came back to it being eaten by my roommates. I was sad, they loved it, the end.


d Drinks 5. Seared Yellow Tai Now, this is what was going on, for real. I loved everything I tried but this just had me right away. A lightly torched piece of yellow tail sashimi topped with a slice of jalapeño and a garlic ponzu sauce, this was trouble on a plate.You could marry this plate of food, it was dressed so well!

6. Japanese Michelada This remix of a go-to classic for the people is Asahi Beer, their secret recipe michelada mix (I could have sworn I tasted ginger but no one would confirm or deny that ingredient) garnished with Japanese pepper and a lime & salt rim. You definitely feel the kick towards the bottom of the glass but again, it only added to the flavor of the meal…

7. Lycheetini Best nickname ever goes to this class act of a drink, ladies loved it on my instagram page and the dudes were bummed because I was drinking martinis at 3 in the afternoon. All of this was a good sign to me. Absolut citron, lychee and lemon juices are shaken the heck up with a muddled lychee at the bottom of the sugar rimed glass for effect and flair. You can have this with the Brick or the Bentley and have a taste collusion or just drink it solo and look like a boss or James Bond.

8. Mango Habanero Martini For the record, I’m not a mango dude. I’m also not really a habanero dude either, so paring these two together in a drink normally wouldn’t even register, LET ALONE A MARTINI.To say I was pleasantly surprised is a gross understatement. I almost ordered another one for the road! This killer in a cup contains tequila, triple sec, sweet & sour and mango habanero mix made this one for the ages and the storybooks. Definitely a must-have whenever you visit... 29

30 31




french riviera The City of Gold

By Alex Mendoza


Welcome to the playground intended for the world’s population of millionaires and those auspicious enough to spoil themselves in an exquisite vacation. Saint-Tropez (Sant Tropetz, “St. Trop”) is a settlement in southeastern France that definitely presents itself as more than just a cozy little seaside town. Positioned on the divine cobalt waters of the medieval Bay of Saint-Tropez, this is someplace that hypnotizes you without first asking your permission. Strolling tourists and unhurried posh cars parade alongside patio cafés and freely roaming yachts floating throughout the harbor that silhouette themselves during some of the most stunning mid-evening sunsets. It continues to be a remedy for the American and European elite, as well as those seeking out a slight morsel of Provincial authenticity and elegant lavender fields. Brigitte Bardot once adorned its avenues and boulevards, which are now lined with trademark stores and socialites. Since the 1920’s SaintTropez has been quite the phenomenon. Apart from the top-drawer nightlife and superior shopping, there are also forty hush-hush beaches distributed along this persuading locality that impart and support seductive moods. And hands down…it is one of the most well appointed cities in the South of France. A true retreat from the ordinary.

Besides the Water Sports

Everything is Famous

It appears that competition among the rich is prevalent, especially among those with massive yachts. They line their vessels up in the harbor challenging to perceive which is the most beautiful, best kept or has the sexiest crew on board. Do you have what it takes? It is quite a sight to observe. Only beautiful people hop on board. Well, depending on what your idea of what “beautiful” may be.

From as far back as the 1860’s, writers and artists have fallen under the magical charm of this little port town setting and Saint-Tropez turned into “St. Trop”. In the past, one could collide with the likes of Francoise Sagan, Jacques Prévert, and Picasso. Small rounded paving stone streets escort visitors and residents alike through alleys sheltering some the most elegant galleries, restaurants, hotels and shops. The town’s name actually stems from that of an early, renowned martyr, Saint Torpes. Legend has it that Torpes was beheaded at Pisa during Nero’s supremacy and that his cadaver was set in a decayed boat with a dog and a rooster (both symbols of malevolence during that time). His remains settled somewhere near the current location of the town. The diverse atmosphere and untailored ambiance unifies classily with the impressive backdrops situated everywhere you turn. With the influx of Brigitte Bardot in the movie “And God Created Woman” during the 1960’s, this fable-like location became stable in its establishment. Beside the international jetsetters and well-dressed Parisians that garnish this vacation hot spot, movie stars and local stars assemble at Place des Lices and drink Pastis beneath the flat trees in between games of Boules (similar to bocce ball).

Near the beginning of the morning, during first light, you can find unsullied fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh fish up for sale at the Place aux Herbes and Place des Lices. Usual Provengal markets take place each Tuesday and Saturday morning down the street from the well-known brasseries of Le Gorille and Sénéquier. Festive religious/militant demonstrations called Les Bravades des Espagnols commences in May and carries on until June 15th. This is a remembrance and celebration of the victory of the Tropezian mercenaries over the Spanish. There are also opportunities to hike and cycle, but the most celebrated past time seems to purely be people watching. People are inclined to want to see or be seen throughout this tourist Mecca. One of the things to love about the French Riviera is that beauty doesn’t only belong to the young. In Saint Tropez, women of all ages – into their 60s, 70s and 80s still wear the latest fashions and look damn good doing it! Guests wish to park themselves at the open-air cafés, eager to be seen or, in fact, to see someone who is more than just TMZ worthy. One of the most famous sidewalk cafes in Saint Tropez is The Senequier.

Travelers can also visit the nautical museum of the Citadel, with its town walls and gates. It sits on a hill overlooking the city, and is one of the best places to take photos and get a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape. Ramatuelle is the picturesque hill village and grave to actor Gérard Philipe. If you’re interested in seeing some works of art from creators of which have worked and lived in St Tropez then you’ll have to make your way out to Musée de l’Annonciade. A few of the remarkable artists whose compositions grace this museum are: Signac, Derain, van Dongen, Rouault, Braque, Bonnard, Matisse and Maillol. The House of Butterflies, created by Dany Lartigue, son of the famous photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue, is an amazing museum housing over 20,000 butterflies. This collection includes several now-extinct or protected species, and others that are rarities or abnormalities. Also, there’s a tremendously important collection of 33



exotic species from the Solomon Islands and Amazonia on display that have been called “The most beautiful butterflies in the world.” St. Tropez’s genuine temperament can truly be cherished in the off months when there are fewer crowds and you can seize the moment to regard the inviting alleys and avenues.You’ll love the narrow, winding streets.

within these two rooms; one being a bustling bar and the other a lively dance floor. Look forward to a hot, sweaty night, because amid the gang of guests and the music – Papagayo’s can get a little rowdy. Octave Café offers an altogether different vibe. And although you are just as likely to see some sort of celebrity within its castlelike walls, the mood, with its jazz oriented background music, is far more laid back than most clubs.

If You Have Ever Wanted To Go Topless…

Capture the Essence

Hedonistic behavior is the way to go upon the various shorelines. The most outrageous and hottest Riviera beaches of Saint-Tropez are situated along Pampelonne. La Voile Rouge, is undoubtedly the victor when it comes to the exhibition of beach goers. Parents are strongly cautioned to leave their children on the playground equipment at Plage des Jumeaux when treating themselves to such a delight. The infamously decadent Plage de Tahiti resides in the north end of the 3 ½ mile Pampelonne. These slivers of golden sand, like particles in an hourglass, are favored by exhibitionists, whom brazenly wear nothing or next to nothing. So, if you have ever had the desire to go topless, well, this is the place to do it! Bouillabaisse Beach, Caneliers Beach and Salins Beach also outline the peninsula. You’ll need a bike, car or scooter in order to succeed in reaching the beach from town and once you arrive, you can expect parking to go for about $4.95 a day. The myriad of restaurants, concessions, and cafés adjacent to these salient sun-soaked vicinities are adequate enough to hold anyone over. Yes, even if you feel you haven’t gotten your fill of ass and boobies by the time the sun cascades below the horizon.

Despite its glitzy reputation, St Tropez still retains something of an old world character. Known for its role in the liberation of southern France during World War II, this international tourist hub’s storybook allure has played a considerable part in the notoriety of the entire Côte d’ Azur. Extraordinary views of the Mediterranean Sea, neighboring mountain ranges and the Citadel can all be taken in from just about anywhere. Being relatively near to the remainder of France and northern Italy, Saint-Tropez makes for a pleasant day trip, that is, if it doesn’t lure you in and keep you there. One must sample some of the dishes that are particularly famous in the region, such as bouillabaisse with a glass of burgundy or bourdeaux from one of the many well-known French vineyards. The village also boasts various types of accommodation such as luxury hotels, magnificent villas and character hotels. It is recommended that you rent a villa rather than booking a hotel because even if at first glance villas appear expensive, they are usually capable of housing quite a few people. The summer months turn this city into quite the zoo. But if you plan on coming during this time, it’s worth fighting the wall-to-wall people and the traffic. Eternal perspectives of gorgeousness and the standard of living of this resort town will absolutely win in its conquest for your attention and for votre cœur (your heart). Considering this seaside village is famous more for its multitude of shops and restaurants than its historical significance, there are plenty of possibilities for buying gifts that shout such phrases as “I love Saint-Tropez!” There’s no doubt about it. Anyone who feels destined to unearth a place of unrivaled beauty and take part in self-indulgence should find themselves here at some point. Hollywood comes to Saint-Tropez, but all you have to do is believe that you deserve the best this life has to offer in order to find yourself here.You get more of whatever you focus on.

Subsequent to Midnight An American from Miami maintains one of the foremost venues (Nikki Beach) you’re likely to find in the south of France if you’re looking for that uninhibited, chaotic, and unruly experience. Also flourishing are Plage de Pampelonne and Le Club. Along with cash-only clubs and spring break style amusement, late night dancing and pre-dawn carousing requests can be fulfilled at Les Caves du Roy, located in Hôtel Byblos. Soon after making it inside, the yawning furnishings may surprise you, particularly since admission is free. But if you sincerely want to come in contact with the finest dance club in town, La Bodega de Papagayo starts getting diligent after midnight, with its ambience of elevated energy. Ensembles perform nightly

Vis! Ris! Aime! 35



@ Yost Theatre







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06/05 Method Man & Redman @ Ventura Theater

@Colony Nightclub

@Colony Nightclub

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05/24 Hollywood Babble-On @ Hollywood Improv 05/26 The Damned @ El Rey Theatre 05/29 ComedyJuice w/ Greg Proops @ Hollywood Improv

06/09 NHM 100th Birthday Bash w/ Devo @ Nat. History Museum 06/06 Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson @ Gibson Amphitheatre 06/07 Maz Jobrani @ Ice House 06/14 92.3 Freestyle Explosion @ Gibson Amphitheatre

06/20 Dita Von Teese “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!” @ House of Blues Hollywood


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Lucha vavoom 10th aniversary

@ mayan theatre

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05/24 Kings of the Mic @ The Joint

@Hyde Bellagio

Jersey Boys @ American Muscle Car Driving Experience



Liquid @ Aria

Liquid @ Aria



05/24-27 Punk Rock Bowling @ Downtown Las Vegas 05/25 J. Cole @ Haze 06/09 Rodney Carrington @ Hollywood Theatre

05/26 MDW: Chris Brown @ The Palms 06/07 Ray Romano @ The Mirage 06/19 She & Him @ Boulevard Pool 6/21-23 Insomniac Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 @ LV Motor Speedway

06/08 The Offspring @ Boulevard Pool @Marquee


Afrojack @ABSINTHE

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presidents day weekend at body englis and the joint @

hard rock hotel & casino

Photos: Scott Harrison / Erik Kabik Photography, Carlos Larios / Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hew Burney 41

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05/25 Limp Bizkit @ The Observatory

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

05/25 MDW5: EC Twins @ Sutra 05/28 Fleetwood Mac @ Honda Center 05/29 Lamb of God @ The Grove of Anaheim

05/31 Jim Jefferies @ Brea Improv 06/13 Jim Gaffigan @ the Grove of Anaheim 06/22 Power 103 FM: Powerhouse 2013 @ Honda Center 06/29 House of Dreamz @ Yost Theater

06/15 Designer Drugs @ Yost Theater


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Vans Warped tour

@ The GREat park of irvine

Photos by Jen Reightley

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05/25-26 Intervention Pool Party ft. AfroJack & Gareth Emery @ Hard Rock Hotel Pool

@ Fluxx

@ Fluxx

@ Fluxx

Intervention Sundays @Hard Rock Hotel

Intervention Sundays @Hard Rock Hotel

Intervention Sundays @Hard Rock Hotel

Office Twins @ Ivy

Foundation Fridays @ Ivy

Life in Color @DayGlow Rebirth

Life in Color @DayGlow Rebirth

05/24 Brad Williams @ Irvine Improv 05/28 Local Brews, Local Grooves @ House of Blues San Diego 05/31 Pablo Francisco @ American Comedy Club

06/11-30 San Diego County Fair @ Del Mar Fairgrounds 06/13 Skinnie Magazine & acropolisRecords present Battle for Warped Tour Finals @ House of Blues San Diego

06/28 Christopher Titus @ American Comedy Club

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05/25 Taste of Brews: I.E Beer Fest @ White Park

@Luna Supper Club

@Luna Supper Club

@Vive Tequilla Lounge

@Vive Tequilla Lounge

05/24 Essex & Nasty Nate @ Vive Lounge 05/27 West Coast Thunder XIV @ Soboba Arena 05/31 Eddie Griffin @ Ontario Improv

06/07 Jamie Kennedy @ Ontario Improv

@Vive Tequilla Lounge

@ Rawken Sushi

06/01 Scotty McCreery @ Spotlight 29 Casino 06/14 Mel Entertainment Business Mixer @ Margarita Rocks 06/21 Cindi Lauper @ Pechanga Center

06/29 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2013 @ San Manuel Amphitheatre


@Vive Tequilla Lounge

@ Rawken Sushi

@Vive Tequilla Lounge

@Vive Tequilla Lounge

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