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Spoil Tax Season Can Be A Great Thing... 1 DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed

3 BEACON AUDIO - Phoenix


7 IRON MAIDEN The First 8

Backpack Designed by frequent Mishka collaborator Lamour Supreme, there are a few features to this backpack that make it additionally cool.You have your standard 17’ laptop compartment and the water resistant shell, but you also have a killer velour compartment for your sunglasses and a hidden stash compartment for other things you may need to throw in the bag from time to time. Plus, the shit looks rad, C’mon.

Albums All eight of these masterpieces of heavy metal were released in the 1980’s. To commemorate Iron Maiden being fucking rad, the band is releasing limited edition picture vinyl of each IRON MAIDEN / KILLERS / THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST / PIECE OF MIND / POWERSLAVE / LIVE AFTER DEATH / SOMEWHERE IN TIME / SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON. It’s important we teach the kids of this earth what good music is.

Gear Bike DC teamed up with SE Bikes to launch a collaborative bike that will only see 2,500 roll off the assembly line worldwide. The new fixed gear bike design details are directly inspired from the classic PK Ripper BMX bike, complete with Floval tubing, Landing Gear fork and Looptail rear end – it does have a very vintage look and feel which will resonate with the pedal snobs. The bike marks the companies first joint venture since their “30 Years of Radness” effort in 2007.

There are a ton of Bluetooth speakers on the market but there are very few that knock like this. Boasting a range of some 35 plus feet and the easiest push button pairing with your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device, the sheer volume of the Phoenix is impressive enough, but the range of highs, mids, and lows make this one stand out head and shoulders above the rest. With strong battery life and killer colorways, this is a must have. $99 $60 $$$

4 iPhone Pocket PROJECTOR


2 IGGY POP Throbblehead

The latest from Aggronautix in a line of punk themed bobbleheads that follow the likes of Keith Morris (Circle Jerks), Milo (Descendents), GG Allin, and even Wendy O. Williams (Plasmatics) comes the one and only IGGY POP. There were only 1000 of these 7 inch plastic masterpieces crafted so if you happen to get your hands on one, it’s golden. Check it out today!

Rmemeber those big clunky, expensive projectors people used to set up in their living rooms and backyards? Not anymore. Brookstone has a rad product that you literally dock your iPhone onto and boom – instant projector onto any surface. Boastina 15 lumen projector lamp and native display resolution at 640x360 means you can project an image 50” with clarity. Perfect for on the go presentations or boredom. $25 $229

For Southern California based Optic Remix, the aim is simple. Fresh lenses, for every budget. Cool collabs and limited edition junk are all just ways to get you to come out the pocket more. The guys at OR have hundreds on stylish eyewear designs that cost a FRACTION of the price of their competitors. From the Run DMC signature series to the timeless Wayfarers, a $20 spot might get you two pair. That is down right unheard of. $ $$$

8 Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin Are we talking about a notebook here? Like papper and pens notebook? Kinda. Moleskin teamed up with Evernote to create a custom notebook that works with Evernote IOS software to turn your notes into digital, searchable text.Yup, your sociology notes or doodles can now be scanned with the Evernote software on these special pages that work hand in hand with the smartphone your applocation is on. $









The Anthropology of

American Hardcore

An Interview with Author Steven Blush

Words By Jasen T. Davis


Stanley Blush is the author of American Hardcore, a book that chronicles the rise and fall of the hardcore punk scene in Southern California from 1980-1986. The books was used as a basis for a documentary of the same name directed by Paul Rachman, featuring interviews and live concert footage of legendary punk bands like Black Flag, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks and Minor Threat. 70’s punk hit America, splattering itself all over the place, energizing the youth and leaving the rest of the country with the feeling that something awful had just happened.When punk came back for another infection, SoCal youth was ready, creating a genre that scared the mainstream media and set an antagonistic tone for everything, including its British predecessors. Blush treats the subject matter with great respect. He’s created a work that could serve as a college textbook, functioning in the same fashion as an anthropological study of the punk subculture. He captures the excitement and adrenaline of that lost era, but reminds us that the savage soul of the punk music lives on and is still with us even now. 11

How did you originally get into the punk scene and come up with the concept for American Hardcore? I was somebody who was lucky enough to fall into it during the 80’s in Washington, D.C. My girlfriend was so hip that she had tickets to obscure punk bands playing downtown in underground clubs. I saw Gang of Four before they were big. I saw the Birthday Party and Bauhaus when they only had a dozen people in the audience. I fell into it the subculture of punk through the radio stations, too. I remember booking the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, GBH, setting up concerts at independent halls and venues. They didn’t last too long because some band would always destroy the place during a show. Why the era between 1980 and 1986? What I got from the scene was that it was an all-encompassing subculture. The indie rock music label started because of this. Youth Brigade started BYO. Bad Religion started Epitaph. This was an American version of punk that had a speed and aggression with an emphasis on speed. It was very different than the British version. I’ve come to this conclusion: In history we talk about the post WWII subcultures like hippies and beatniks. We should also include punk. How do you think the punk music scene was a reaction to new wave? Other punk bands like the Ramones got signed up, but they were at the top, but to be hardcore you had to be into punk and you had to be against what music had become, which was new wave. What happened was in the late 70’s was that you had this Ramones/Sex Pistols thing, and people were really revolted by it, the safety pins in your cheek, the spitting, the violence, etc.The music wasn’t respected by the industry. What Sire Records did was create new wave, which was about promoting music, to treat it as a business, and they pushed punk in that direction. But there were kids in the hardcore scene who wanted punk. These bands became more of a youth culture where the bands dressed like the kids. It was a Lord of the Flies setup, where kids created a scene that was great at first, but then it went to hell. So the early punk scene in Southern California wasn’t about selling out, but it was something more? The music was the bloated reaction to the entertainment industry. Now there isn’t even such a thing as selling out. Now you can be hip and sell out. I don’t like to be the old guys who complains about music, but I find that a lot of kids today don’t want to be bothered with how hard it was to promote a scene years ago. How certain people took the burnt culturally, painfully, lives ruined because they wanted to have a scene of their own, so they pushed. That’s how punk rock became strong, it was about meaning and intensity. We all watched the hippies sold out and there was this feeling that we’d do things different. A lot of bands don’t even have a concept of selling out, now. Do you feel that most modern punk bands have become so corporate that they would be unrecognizable by their punk ancestors? If you talk about the bands of yesteryear, I think they still mean it. Of course it’s not the same when a band gets together 30 years later, but hardcore never really sold out. I certainly feel that we have to be honest about what it is. As for


younger bands, well, let’s face it, there’s a conformity with playing music that’s 30 years old. I don’t think there’s the same social movement. Why did you cover the hardcore punk scene in Southern California? I’m most interested in people who use punk as a way as an attitude, as a lifestyle, and not just because of the music. I feel that the hardcore scene has its roots in Southern California. It came from the suburbs, where kids were brought away from the city to a place of hyper conformity, and it just created this new breed of monster. If you went to a show you could get your ass kicked for dressing the wrong way. It’s 100 percent California lifestyle. It’s a rite of passage. Hardcore is being passed down to the children. I can’t tell you how many 45 year olds with punk tattoos showed up with their kids. I remember being in Appalachia and hearing fathers tell their kids to listen to Simple Man by Lynard Skynard. Now it’s Mommy’s Little Monster by Social Distortion. How did the mainstream view the hardcore punk scene back then? The mainstream hated hardcore. It took thirty years to be accepted, which is why it is to me an art form. It was dangerous, a walled fortress that you couldn’t penetrate. Back in the day there was no chance that record companies would pick up hardcore music. Oh, you could talk to hipsters about 70’s punk shows about how rough it was, but 70’s punk changed the world. They were shocked and disgusted about it, but a small minority who were new to it were clued into the new style. The Sex Pistols and their whole notion of punk, that’s’ where punk started and that’s why it developed the way it did. There seemed to be a lot more violence, back then. Violence and danger was inherent to the excitement, the popularity, the interest in the scene. We talk about how things have become so sanitized. They try to remove hardcore from the violence, but a lot of it is just being flat out honest that you are ok with it. Slam dancing and stage diving was the reality of the culture. Young, male, testosterone, angst, alienation and confusion.That’s what Southern California hardcore culture was about. It was a very violent scene. All of the people who are lionized, who pushed the scene, they were violent. They were into clearing house, starting over, ground zero. Was it a youth reaction to politics? I think the election of Reagan created a whole new mindset in America. We were all going back to the 1950’s. At the time you couldn’t articulate it clearly because it’s happening around you, you are young, but you know something is wrong. It all goes back to Reagan. The fallout of the American Hardcore scene was the re-election of Reagan. There were rock against Reagan concerts and shows that protested the government, like today. Do you believe that the spirit of the scene is still alive? A lot of bands today can all trace their roots back to hardcore, so the spirit is still alive, at least when it comes to the spirit of “Do it yourself.” Its political roots are alive in disparate ways but the pioneers usually don’t get the credit. 13




french riviera The City of Gold

By Alex Mendoza


Welcome to the playground intended for the world’s population of millionaires and those auspicious enough to spoil themselves in an exquisite vacation. Saint-Tropez (Sant Tropetz, “St. Trop”) is a settlement in southeastern France that definitely presents itself as more than just a cozy little seaside town. Positioned on the divine cobalt waters of the medieval Bay of Saint-Tropez, this is someplace that hypnotizes you without first asking your permission. Strolling tourists and unhurried posh cars parade alongside patio cafés and freely roaming yachts floating throughout the harbor that silhouette themselves during some of the most stunning mid-evening sunsets. It continues to be a remedy for the American and European elite, as well as those seeking out a slight morsel of Provincial authenticity and elegant lavender fields. Brigitte Bardot once adorned its avenues and boulevards, which are now lined with trademark stores and socialites. Since the 1920’s SaintTropez has been quite the phenomenon. Apart from the top-drawer nightlife and superior shopping, there are also forty hush-hush beaches distributed along this persuading locality that impart and support seductive moods. And hands down…it is one of the most well appointed cities in the South of France. A true retreat from the ordinary.

Besides the Water Sports

Everything is Famous

It appears that competition among the rich is prevalent, especially among those with massive yachts. They line their vessels up in the harbor challenging to perceive which is the most beautiful, best kept or has the sexiest crew on board. Do you have what it takes? It is quite a sight to observe. Only beautiful people hop on board. Well, depending on what your idea of what “beautiful” may be.

From as far back as the 1860’s, writers and artists have fallen under the magical charm of this little port town setting and Saint-Tropez turned into “St. Trop”. In the past, one could collide with the likes of Francoise Sagan, Jacques Prévert, and Picasso. Small rounded paving stone streets escort visitors and residents alike through alleys sheltering some the most elegant galleries, restaurants, hotels and shops. The town’s name actually stems from that of an early, renowned martyr, Saint Torpes. Legend has it that Torpes was beheaded at Pisa during Nero’s supremacy and that his cadaver was set in a decayed boat with a dog and a rooster (both symbols of malevolence during that time). His remains settled somewhere near the current location of the town. The diverse atmosphere and untailored ambiance unifies classily with the impressive backdrops situated everywhere you turn. With the influx of Brigitte Bardot in the movie “And God Created Woman” during the 1960’s, this fable-like location became stable in its establishment. Beside the international jetsetters and well-dressed Parisians that garnish this vacation hot spot, movie stars and local stars assemble at Place des Lices and drink Pastis beneath the flat trees in between games of Boules (similar to bocce ball).

Near the beginning of the morning, during first light, you can find unsullied fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh fish up for sale at the Place aux Herbes and Place des Lices. Usual Provengal markets take place each Tuesday and Saturday morning down the street from the well-known brasseries of Le Gorille and Sénéquier. Festive religious/militant demonstrations called Les Bravades des Espagnols commences in May and carries on until June 15th. This is a remembrance and celebration of the victory of the Tropezian mercenaries over the Spanish. There are also opportunities to hike and cycle, but the most celebrated past time seems to purely be people watching. People are inclined to want to see or be seen throughout this tourist Mecca. One of the things to love about the French Riviera is that beauty doesn’t only belong to the young. In Saint Tropez, women of all ages – into their 60s, 70s and 80s still wear the latest fashions and look damn good doing it! Guests wish to park themselves at the open-air cafés, eager to be seen or, in fact, to see someone who is more than just TMZ worthy. One of the most famous sidewalk cafes in Saint Tropez is The Senequier.

Travelers can also visit the nautical museum of the Citadel, with its town walls and gates. It sits on a hill overlooking the city, and is one of the best places to take photos and get a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape. Ramatuelle is the picturesque hill village and grave to actor Gérard Philipe. If you’re interested in seeing some works of art from creators of which have worked and lived in St Tropez then you’ll have to make your way out to Musée de l’Annonciade. A few of the remarkable artists whose compositions grace this museum are: Signac, Derain, van Dongen, Rouault, Braque, Bonnard, Matisse and Maillol. The House of Butterflies, created by Dany Lartigue, son of the famous photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue, is an amazing museum housing over 20,000 butterflies. This collection includes several now-extinct or protected species, and others that are rarities or abnormalities. Also, there’s a tremendously important collection of 15



exotic species from the Solomon Islands and Amazonia on display that have been called “The most beautiful butterflies in the world.” St. Tropez’s genuine temperament can truly be cherished in the off months when there are fewer crowds and you can seize the moment to regard the inviting alleys and avenues.You’ll love the narrow, winding streets.

within these two rooms; one being a bustling bar and the other a lively dance floor. Look forward to a hot, sweaty night, because amid the gang of guests and the music – Papagayo’s can get a little rowdy. Octave Café offers an altogether different vibe. And although you are just as likely to see some sort of celebrity within its castlelike walls, the mood, with its jazz oriented background music, is far more laid back than most clubs.

If You Have Ever Wanted To Go Topless…

Capture the Essence

Hedonistic behavior is the way to go upon the various shorelines. The most outrageous and hottest Riviera beaches of Saint-Tropez are situated along Pampelonne. La Voile Rouge, is undoubtedly the victor when it comes to the exhibition of beach goers. Parents are strongly cautioned to leave their children on the playground equipment at Plage des Jumeaux when treating themselves to such a delight. The infamously decadent Plage de Tahiti resides in the north end of the 3 ½ mile Pampelonne. These slivers of golden sand, like particles in an hourglass, are favored by exhibitionists, whom brazenly wear nothing or next to nothing. So, if you have ever had the desire to go topless, well, this is the place to do it! Bouillabaisse Beach, Caneliers Beach and Salins Beach also outline the peninsula. You’ll need a bike, car or scooter in order to succeed in reaching the beach from town and once you arrive, you can expect parking to go for about $4.95 a day. The myriad of restaurants, concessions, and cafés adjacent to these salient sun-soaked vicinities are adequate enough to hold anyone over. Yes, even if you feel you haven’t gotten your fill of ass and boobies by the time the sun cascades below the horizon.

Despite its glitzy reputation, St Tropez still retains something of an old world character. Known for its role in the liberation of southern France during World War II, this international tourist hub’s storybook allure has played a considerable part in the notoriety of the entire Côte d’ Azur. Extraordinary views of the Mediterranean Sea, neighboring mountain ranges and the Citadel can all be taken in from just about anywhere. Being relatively near to the remainder of France and northern Italy, Saint-Tropez makes for a pleasant day trip, that is, if it doesn’t lure you in and keep you there. One must sample some of the dishes that are particularly famous in the region, such as bouillabaisse with a glass of burgundy or bourdeaux from one of the many well-known French vineyards. The village also boasts various types of accommodation such as luxury hotels, magnificent villas and character hotels. It is recommended that you rent a villa rather than booking a hotel because even if at first glance villas appear expensive, they are usually capable of housing quite a few people. The summer months turn this city into quite the zoo. But if you plan on coming during this time, it’s worth fighting the wall-to-wall people and the traffic. Eternal perspectives of gorgeousness and the standard of living of this resort town will absolutely win in its conquest for your attention and for votre cœur (your heart). Considering this seaside village is famous more for its multitude of shops and restaurants than its historical significance, there are plenty of possibilities for buying gifts that shout such phrases as “I love Saint-Tropez!” There’s no doubt about it. Anyone who feels destined to unearth a place of unrivaled beauty and take part in self-indulgence should find themselves here at some point. Hollywood comes to Saint-Tropez, but all you have to do is believe that you deserve the best this life has to offer in order to find yourself here.You get more of whatever you focus on.

Subsequent to Midnight An American from Miami maintains one of the foremost venues (Nikki Beach) you’re likely to find in the south of France if you’re looking for that uninhibited, chaotic, and unruly experience. Also flourishing are Plage de Pampelonne and Le Club. Along with cash-only clubs and spring break style amusement, late night dancing and pre-dawn carousing requests can be fulfilled at Les Caves du Roy, located in Hôtel Byblos. Soon after making it inside, the yawning furnishings may surprise you, particularly since admission is free. But if you sincerely want to come in contact with the finest dance club in town, La Bodega de Papagayo starts getting diligent after midnight, with its ambience of elevated energy. Ensembles perform nightly

Vis! Ris! Aime! 17




Still Defying Doubters with Vol. 3 By Patrick Douglas


If anyone thinks that the collaboration between Portland musician M. Ward and Hollywood workaholic actress Zooey Deschanel was simply a hobby, they must not be paying attention to the material She & Him have produced in its short time together. Formed in 2008, the two are currently celebrating the release of their third full-length album, aptly titled “Volume 3.” It’s slated to hit stores on May 7 and marks another chapter in a musical marriage that some thought would never last. “People have seen the project as a whole and not just a one-off,” said Ward. “I think the project still continues to surprise people and you hope that you can continue to surprise people (with each release).” Deschanel and her singing voice have become as synonymous in Hollywood as seeing Rob Schneider in an Adam Sandler movie. Whether you’re talking about her role costarring alongside Will Ferrell in “Elf,” or starring in the TV show, “New Girl,” you know that at some point, Deschanel is going to sing. In fact, She & Him was born from a film which starred Deschanel and employed Ward to handle the soundtrack duties. It was 2005 and a tiny independent flick called “The Go-Getter” was doomed to net a whopping $12,000 in three days of distribution. Deschanel, naturally, was asked to sing a song to close out the movie and Ward offered to help produce it. The film was a dud, the resulting collaboration between artists certainly has not been. As Ward recalled from his first meeting with Deschanel, he knew she was vocally capable from witnessing her sing on the big screen but was more than blown away by her in person. 19

“ I think we’re both inspired by getting

our hands dirty in different kinds of projects whether it would be acting or producing or playing guitar on someone’s record. ”


bass&treble “I first heard her singing voice in the movie ‘Elf,’ and I remember thinking this is somebody who probably has a few records under her belt and is an accomplished singer,” Ward recalled. “She has a voice that’s very hard to forget. That was my first impression was that she’s an incredible singer.” Still, Ward was the musical expert in the relationship and it was still up to Deschanel to convince him that there was also a capable songwriter behind the voice. It all started when Deschanel showed Ward some songs she had been working on in her spare time. “I knew that there was a great record inside of these demos because the voice was unforgettable and the songs were great and if you have those two things, as a producer, it makes making a good record pretty easy,” said Ward. Oddly enough, the actress who had performed on the big screen and on stage since she was a young girl was initially a bit apprehensive about exposing her musical abilities for the world to see. “After the initial shock of letting someone hear the songs (wore off) it actually became quite effortless,” said Deschanel. “As far as my demos go, I have always approached them as a little bit of a dress rehearsal where I can try out harmony parts and play with the songs a bit.” “I for one was really surprised when I first heard Zooey’s demos and that she was such an incredible songwriter and it’s been great to be part of that process,” added Ward. “So much of it was curiosity to see what was gonna happen if we tried to record these songs.” “Volume 3” features eleven original tunes and three covers and shows a mature growth between the two musicians. They’ve only been together for five years but there have been great strides as they’ve learned to play off each other’s strengths. “The things that Zooey loves to do in the studio are different from the things that I love to do in the studio,” said Ward. “We’re both doing what we love in covering a lot of bases between the two of us because we can. We divide up vocals and piano is mainly Zooey and as far as guitars and production and strings and arrangements, these are things that I love to work with. Arranging the drums and the backdrop. Because of this division of labor, we’re able to, I think, accomplish quite a lot pretty quickly.” If the debut took people by surprise and “Volume 2” was meant to prove to people that it wasn’t a fluke, then “Volume 3” is a statement that shows the band is a serious and legitimate project. “We have an infrastructure to support us now that makes things run smoothly, but with each new step we take there are new challenges and hurdles to overcome, but that’s what makes it fun,” Deschanel added. Deschanel admits her dream would be to sing harmonies with The Beach Boys, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or the Everly Brothers. The actress has starred alongside Jim Carrey in “Yes, Man,” Will Ferrell in “Elf,” and Mark Wahlberg in “The Happening,” but is most excited to have Ward be her leading man in the music business. “Matt always has really exciting production ideas that bring out the best in the songs. I feel incredibly lucky to work with him,” she said. There’s a unique retro sound to She & Him and it’s by design. Look at the web site ( and the album covers and you’ll see and hear a steady flow of ‘70s-era innocence. It’s not just She & Him as numerous bands are tapping into retro decades to, oddly enough, make their music feel fresh. “I do feel like whatever it is we experience growing up, whether it be music or books or fashion, it comes around when we’re older and you wanna relive those (eras) because it feels good and it hits home in a way that nothing else can,” said Ward. “I guess it only makes sense in some weird way that we’re constantly wanting to relive our childhood because that’s how the feeling of discovery stays with you forever.” “Volume 3” is another notch in the duo’s belts as they continue to prove to naysayers that there is cause for respect. Naysayers are common when the face of your band is an actor or actress trying to prove their chops as a musician.Ask Kevin Costner or Jeff Bridges or Steve Martin. At this point in the band’s evolution, there’s no reason to worry about uneducated detractors, according to Ward. “It really doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, there’s always going to be some doubters,” he said. “They come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes and flavors and in my opinion they never completely go away. I think they’re sort of necessary in the equation to keep it real. Any time somebody comes along and doubts what you’re doing, I don’t see that as necessarily a negative thing. I see that as an opportunity to convince people of what you’re doing. It makes you work harder and maybe it changes what you do.” “I think it would be strange to live in a world where artistically whatever you do is golden,” he said with a laugh. “I’m very proud of the fact that She & Him are able to put the songs first.” She & Him offers a stress free workplace for Deschanel and Ward as both artists are very comfortable with their respective day jobs. If people like the music, great. If not, it’s not like the band is paying the bills. “Neither of us are putting any unnecessary pressure on the project,” said Ward. “Neither of us are in a situation where we need to go on tour for the next 24 months. It’s just not something that we need to do as opposed to a lot of younger bands that need that. I think we’re both inspired by getting our hands dirty in different kinds of projects whether it would be acting or producing or playing guitar on someone’s record. I think we’re both inspired by that change in atmosphere. That ends up coming into play on She & Him in ways that are sort of hard to measure.” 21





skinniegirl 23


skinniegirl 25


PhotographerMichael Vincent Makeup ArtistJoel Morales Hair StylistNatyssa Marie Taras Wardrobe StylistDeanna Pietersz ProducerTal B

26 27



A Different Take


A Souvenir From Nicaragua That Lasts Forever By Victor Carrillo


Most of us live a good lifestyle that allows us to take vacations from time to time. Some of us decide to travel to Mexico and relax at its beach resorts and explore its rich history. Others decide to be more adventurous and head to Costa Rica for eco-tourism and outdoor recreation. Well there is a new type of tourism emerging and Nicaragua in Central America is leading the way. It is called Humanitarian tourism or put more simply a volunteer vacation. I decided to explore this and signed up with a non-profit group based in Los Angeles called SYRV. SYRV is committed to developing and sustaining programs that provide meaningful contribution and social responsibility supporting human rights, education and social development initiatives. That is a big statement so they came up with the simple tagline, “Make Good Happen” and that is exactly what they do. Monique Evans founded the nonprofit in 2009 and has been taking down groups of volunteers every few months since then. My group traveled to Nicaragua this March and I was joined with people from New York, Seattle, Nevada, Hawaii, the UK and Canada. 14 people in total that included an community driven architect, a school teacher from Compton, a world renown pro-surfer and myself to name a few. My mission was simple, get to Nicaragua, assess the situation, and find out how I can help out. Day 1 / The Road to Jiquilillo We arrived in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua in the morning and met up with the rest of our group. Each member of the group brought a bag of donations with them. Donations would be used during our various stops along the trip and consisted of everything from coloring books, clothing, to Ukuleles.We loaded our bags on a flatbed truck, jumped in a van and drove 4 hours to Jiqulillio. Located on the Pacific side of the country, Jiqulillio is a remote beach village with a population of 5,000. We quickly realized we were in paradise as the sound of the surf throbbed, hammocks swaying the wind, and the locals that greeted us. I guess I should explain at this point what a volunteer vacation is; the concept is simple in that you will spend part of your time volunteering and helping the local community and the other part of your time enjoying your vacation. The enjoyment part of this vacation consisted of Yoga on the beach, boat rides to great surf spots and relaxing in the Central American sun. Day 2 / Water Purifiers and Surfing Our first day of volunteer work was quickly upon us.The most important need for the villages in Nicaragua is clean water. Over the past few months the travelers on this trip raised money through friends and family to buy water purifiers. During day one we visited two schools, Los Zorros and Padre Ramos and delivered them new water purification systems that would last them 2 years. It was amazing to see all the happy kids in their uniforms learning outdoors only covered by a palapa roof. Ironically, hope seemed rampant despite difficult living conditions. After decades of civil war, political turmoil and countless natural disasters, the Nicaraguans, while in dire need of help, remain positive. Along with donating water purifiers to the schools we were also able to raise enough money to donate one per household for 65 families. Keep in mind some of these households have up to 16 people in them so these 65 purifiers were going to help hundreds of people. Day 3 / Beach clean-up and Orphanage visit We gathered our group and headed over to Jiquilillo Elementary school. We prepared a presentation to teach the kindergarten through sixth grade kids about the importance of maintaining a clean beach. Cameron (the school teacher from Compton) also happened to be bilingual so he and I taught the class. The kids

were well behaved and were ready to answer questions, it also helped that we were giving out sunglasses for correct answers. After the class we broke into teams and hit the beach to do some real clean-up.The kids were amazing and had fun while they picked up 15 hefty bags full of trash. After a stop at the estuary for lunch, we jumped in the back of a flatbed truck and drove to the local orphanage. It was a new building and well maintained, around 20 kids mostly girls lived there and they were all smiles when we arrived. We spent the rest of the afternoon coloring with them and teaching them how to play a Ukulele. Day 4 / The Dumpyard in Chinandega We headed to the nearest big town which was Chinandega. Here we would be put to the test and emotions would run high. You see for some reason the Nicaraguan government seems to think it’s a good idea to put people that need a place to live next to the landfill, or dumpyard as they call them. We drove on the back of the flatbed truck with bags of donations in hand. When we arrived there was a line of around 65 kids with bowls in their hands. It was our job to feed them the one free meal they get every 2 days and hand out clothing donations. So we began our job and some team members were feeding the kids a stew of leftover chicken parts while the others were handing out clothes. The line kept getting longer and longer and then the inevitable happened, we ran out of food. I will spare you the details but it was tough to leave knowing that they needed so much more. Day 5 / Playa Gigante and English Lessons Our third and my final destination was Playa Gigante - located to the north, it is known for being a small fishing village with great surf breaks. As we got closer to the more popular tourist areas we got to meet some amazing people from all around the world.The hostel we stayed in was ran by John from Berkley, California and his wife Pili from San Sebastian, Spain. This was the first time that SYRV was visiting Gigante and the first time any group was bringing water purifiers to the village. Our host Mateo hailed from Encinitas but has lived in Gigante for 3 years. He married a local girl and well, he’s there to stay. He helped us organize the 35 families we gave the water purifiers too. The second part of the day included basic English lessons with the kids at the local school and a beach clean up to end the day. All of the foreigners that live there are learning Spanish from the locals and in return teaching them English. The hope is that more tourists will come and allow for more jobs other than being a fisherman or housewife. Day 6 / The Long journey Back Home It was hard to leave knowing that so much still needs to be done. But I have seen with my own eyes how much hope there is for the people of Nicaragua. I met so many amazing people from all around the world that are willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference. The beach villages of Nicaragua are truly paradise, almost as if you are going back to more simple times. Mosquito nets and flatbed trucks serving as Taxis aside, tourism with a purpose is not only an opportunity to make a small difference, but to capture a glimpse at a completely different perspective of the world as we normally consume it. The fulfillment is met with a sense of urgency to find more ways to continue helping. There is no souvenir or keepsake that is longer-lasting or more rewarding. Skip the travel agent next time – opt to Make Good Happen. For more information or to donate please visit: Special thanks to my friends at Rogue Status, Billabong, our host Monique Evans and all the people I met along the way. 29







choice By Alex Mendoza


Listen Closely... 1


“Channel Orange”


“Go! Pop! Bang!”





“In Pursuit Of…”

Frank Ocean

Rye Rye

Passion Pit



If one track summarized the tempered ambition of Frank Ocean’s latest R ‘n B opus, the mantle would immediately find itself in the hands of “Pyramid” – a 10minute long suite of various half-lidded movements, Ocean serving as the soulweary narrator. Streaks of soul-tinged energy work harmoniously with Ocean’s lyrical delivery; various meters chronicling the personal state of cloudy affairs, all too ironic within the confines of Ocean’s own personal Sunny California backyard where the chaos unfolds in lethally small doses.

Call it the abridged rap version of “Chinese Democracy” if you will in terms of the delay factor. Though it is interesting to observe Rye Rye flirt her pop ambitions, as her debut “Shake it to the Ground” featured impressive lyrical prowess and a clear-cut chemistry with Baltimore rap producer, Blackstar. Boldly, she decides to play the role as the daring musical omnivore, tackling dance tunes such as “Never Will Be Mine, ft. Robyn” before shifting to a tribal shuffle with Tyga on “Shake, Twist, Drop” – all with relative ease and authenticity.

Beneath the hazy allure of Passion Pit’s impossibly catchy choruses (“Constant Conversations” and “Take a Walk”), there is an unabashed sense of relenting. Frontman Michael Angelakos designs lyrics that suggest a deeply rooted sense of a nameless longing, creating relatable characters and concepts involved that peer beyond the synthetic aesthetics of the David Guetta Lite club landscape. An ideal soundtrack to the end of the world, but not without a sense of fuzzy flair and melody to spare.

The sultry voice of New Zealand’s latest import, Kimbra, suggests maturity well beyond her years. Similar in terms of vocal tone to Lana Del Rey, Kimbra succeeds where Lana Del Rey failed – delivering on the hype following her involvement on the Gotye single, “Somebody I Used To Know”. She embraces a distinctive sense of rhythmic and melodic savvy, utilizing exposition to an effective degree on “Settle Down” – adding layers upon layers that never feel like a burden, but a breathtaking experience with each listen.

The Los Angeles based electronic duo clearly has an affinity for the icy and pristine electronic sentiments of Depeche Mode and prose-like lyrical narratives, but they are not afraid to indulge on their penchant for employing broad, dramatic strokes that focus on the ambiguous emotional palette of the human condition. Tracks such as “On Display” and “Sapphire” are part dance anthem, part tragedy, while others such as “Plague Fixed on Repeat” and “No Consolation” entrench themselves deep within delicately tempered tales of loss and salvation – all of which are constantly ever-fleeting.

Google it... Son! 31






cntrl - AlT By Alex Mendoza


Play at Your Own Risk 1





The Walking DeadEpisode 2: Starved For Help

Sleeping Dogs


Madden NFL 13

Persona 4 Arena

PS3/X Box 360

PC/PS3/X Box 360


PS3/Wii/X Box 360

PS3/X Box 360

This is a series of five downloadable episodes. In Episode 2 the inhumanity of man against man takes center stage. Decisions made in the first episode affect how characters treat you in the second episode, placing you in countless situations where you will have to decide between four pieces of food for ten people, or other difficult moments. Rest assured - your moral compass will find itself tested in a way no game has tested it before.

Sleeping Dogs is very different from a Grand Theft Auto clone. Its central character, Wei Shen, is a morally ambiguous character that sidesteps anything that might have thrown in your direction – giving players the chance to earn skill points as a Cop, Triad, or Face – a mechanic that measures how the people of Hong Kong view Wei. The game is a constantly evolving system set deep in the heart of a hyper-realistic Hong Kong, it refuses to let go, and missions that will push players to the brink.

Trying to categorize Dyad is a challenge, but try to imagine an arcade shooter and a puzzle game having a love child, with some music game elements tossed in for good measure, and you might have an idea about what Dyad has to offer. The game works through a deceptively simple approach, asking the player to travel through 26 wormhole-type levels of profound beauty, while attacking orbs to gain bursts of speed in various ways. You will not be disappointed.

Madden NFL 13, the addition of the Infinity Engine places real-life physics into the gameplay, which in turn forces a considerable amount of strategy. Furthermore, the sleek presentation matches the closest resemblance to an actual CBS broadcast, from the accessible menu design, right down to commentators improvising their lines. Who would have thought? Madden is actually fun to play once again.

2D fighters are something of a nostalgia-inducing experience, as few present day fighters have successfully incorporated the current aspects of gaming technology, that was until Persona 4 Arena arrived. P4A is one of the most gorgeous and breathtaking fighting games to hit the next generation family of consoles. High definition characters and their fluid animations give way to witnessing special effects spectacles that evoke classic Japanese Anime battle scenes. A RPG and relentless brawler mixed into one.

Final Verdict: Buy it!

Final Verdict: Buy it!

Final Verdict: Buy it!

Final Verdict: Rent it!

Final Verdict: Buy it!

32 33






For your viewing By Cristina Fucaloro


Digging Deeper than Blockbusters 1




The Master

How to Survive a Plague

End of Watch


5 17 Girls

Paul Thomas Anderson’s film centers on an influential man (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who begins a religion that grows rapidly in America during the 1950s. The film focuses on the calamitous relationship between the master and a young man (Joaquin Phoenix) who becomes his dutiful right hand man. Though the producers object to any references to Scientology, Anderson’s film is sure to invoke some of the religious controversy that is still so much embedded in today’s society.

Two coalitions, ACT UP and TAG, during the height of HIV/AIDS, took on the pharmaceutical companies to find new drugs that would extend the lives of those living with HIV. This controversial documentary presents footage of the activists, many of whom were HIV positive men with no medical training, fighting to prevent HIV/AIDS from being unbeatable and unlivable. Through their efforts, the activists succeeded in finding new drugs, along with new hope for the epidemic that threatened a nation.

In the midst of growing inner city gangs comes a film about two cops (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena) who work the merciless streets of Los Angeles. Using various camera techniques, including handheld and surveillance, “End of Watch” reveals the encounter between cops and the gangs they attempt to stop. Action and drama ensue as it exploits the harsh realities of not only the streets of Los Angeles, but the streets of all cities plagued by gangs.

From the directors of “Jesus Camp” comes this gritty documentary that reveals the crumbling economy and its effects on the residents in Detroit. The film interviews residents as they strive to understand the problems within the economic structure and how to repair it. Haunting imagery delivers the themes of desperation and despair as “Detropia” will open the eyes of its audience to a city that has yet to triumph over a long economic down slope.

Inspired by the shocking event at a Massachusetts high school, “17 Girls” tells the story of a high school student who becomes pregnant and convinces her friends to become pregnant too. The film exploits the unrelenting consequence of peer pressure, body image and sex in high school. Not only does the film explore the relevant issue of teenage pregnancies, but it also ensures the ongoing debate of the importance of safe sex education.









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Photos Courtesy of Jamie Barren of EVENTVIBE


04/08 Rihanna: Diamonds World Tour @ Staples Center

@Colony Nightclub

@Colony Nightclub

@Colony Nightclub

Friday Control @ Avalon

Friday Control @ Avalon

Friday Control @ Avalon

Friday Control @ Avalon

@ Sound Nightclub

Saturdays w/ Wes @ Drais

Saturdays w/ Wes @ Drais

04/09 Red Hot Chili Peppers @ The Music Box 04/19 Krush Grove 2013 @ Gibson Amphitheatre 04/18 Bad Religion @ Hollywood Palladium

05/05 Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie @ The Wiltern 04/20 Maz Jobrani @ Hollywood Improv 05/25 Fleetwood Mac @ Hollywood Bowl

05/29 Imagine Dragons @ Hollywood Palladium


Los angeles | Skinniescene

Lucha vavoom 10th aniversary

@ mayan theatre

Images by Karen Curley 39

Las VegasSkinniescene

Photos Courtesy of Danny Mahoney/XS nightclub, SpyOnVegas, Isaac Brekken/WireImage


04/12 Slumber Party @ Haze

Xzibit @ Hyde Bellagio

Xzibit @ Hyde Bellagio

Snoop Dog @ Hyde Bellagio

Xzibit & Dr. Dre @ Hyde Bellagio

Liquid @ Aria

Liquid @ Aria

Bruce & Brody Jenner at the MJCI Gala @ Aria

Will Smith & Michael Phelps at the MJCI Gala @ Aria

04/17 Of Monsters & Men @ Boulevard Pool in The Cosmopolitan 04/19 Daniel Tosh @ Aces of Comedy at The Mirage 04/28 Trace Atkins @ The Smith Center

05/03 Paramore @ The Joint 05/05 Kaskade: Summer Lovin @ Marquee 05/10 Ray Romano @ Aces of Comedy at The Mirage 5/20 Ladies Weekend @ Convicts Club House

05/24-27 15th Annual Punk Rock Bowling @ Downtown Las Vegas Will Smith & Michael Jordan at the MJCI Gala @ Aria


Chevy & Jayne Chase at the MJCI Gala @ Aria

Las Vegas | Skinniescene

presidents day weekend at body englis and the joint @

hard rock hotel & casino

Photos: Scott Harrison / Erik Kabik Photography, Carlos Larios / Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hew Burney 41

Orange countySkinniescene

Photos Courtesy of Taylor Eszlinger, Acropolis RPM, ClubDistrict


04/25 Crystal Castles @ Fox Theater

Detour Live @ House of Blues Anaheim

Detour Live @ House of Blues Anaheim

Detour Live @ House of Blues Anaheim

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

@ Yost

Rebel Bingo @ Yost

Walk Project @ AVEC

Walk Project @ AVEC

04/11 Merle Haggard @ Grove of Anaheim 04/17 ATL-J @ The Observatory 05/1 The Killers @ Honda Center

05/04 Fight to Unite Tour ft. KMK @ Yost Theater 05/2 Bryan Callen @ Brea Improv 05/7 Simon Baker @ Tapas Bar 05/15 The Rolling Stones @ Honda Center

05/22 Mobb Deep 20th Anniversary Tour @ Yost Theater


Orange countySkinniescene

Vans Warped tour

@ The GREat park of irvine

Photos by Jen Reightley 43

san diegoSkinniescene

Photos by Jeremy Wassink &Bobby Riviera of,


04/09 Perfect 10 Comp. @ Pussycat Dolls Dollhouse

EDM @ Fluxx

EDM @ Fluxx

EDM @ Fluxx

EDM @ Fluxx

Sunday School @ Hard Rock Hotel

NC Takeover @ Ivy

NC Takeover @ Ivy

NC Takeover @ Ivy

Nectar @ Fluxx

Nectar @ Fluxx

04/11 GWAR w/ Wilson & Warbeast @ House of Blues 04/19 Charlie Murphy @ American Comedy Club 04/25 For the Love of Wine @ Andaz Wine Bar

04/26 Gabriel Iglesias @ Valley View Casino 05/05 Pier Pressure Cinco De Mayo Party Cruise @ California Spirit Yacht 05/11 R.O.C. Race 2013 @ Del Mar Fairgrounds 05/16 Beer Fest @ Belly Up Tavern 05/26 Fortune’s Memorial Day Pool Party @ Andaz Rooftop

05/29 Marilyn Manson @ House of Blues

44 45

inland empireSkinniescene

Photos Courtesy of Vive Tequilla Lounge, Rawken Sushi,


04/14 Lucha Libre USA @ Citizens Business Bank Arena

Above Wonderland @ San Manuel Amphitheater

Above Wonderland @ San Manuel Amphitheater

Above Wonderland @ San Manuel Amphitheater

Above Wonderland @ San Manuel Amphitheater

John Pena and Ronda Rousey look-a-like @ Rawken Sushi

@ @ Rawken Sushi

@ Rawken Sushi

@ Rawken Sushi

Nate @ Vive Tequilla Lounge

@ Rawken Sushi

04/11 Brian Regan @ Fox Performing Arts Center 04/12 Sheryl Crow @ Pechanga Center 04/18 Wayans Bros @ San Manuel Casino

04/20 Mitch Fatel @ Ontario IMPROV 04/19 Skid Row @ Marquee 15 05/2 Aziz Anzari @ San Manuel Casino 05/3 Ron White @ Pechanga Center

05/24 Billy Idol @ Pachanga Center 05/23 Frestyle Dance Party @ San Manuel Casino


Skinniesceneinland empire

MEZ Sports Presents


Photos by Alan Rivera

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