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Soccer v. Futbol


Polanski Skated


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Get Lucky


Party With A Purpose





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How much of a fan are you?

If you are rich and famous, you can rape kids.

Spend a litttle money this way.

Chris Cole earns street cred for real.

FMX Star Myles Richmond talks with Fletcher of Pennywise

FINALLY - Ice Cube returns!!!!

Ba Religion Celebrates 30 years with volume.

Meet our homegrown summer Skinnie Girl, Brittany Herrera

Introducing the brains behind Pure Evolution Productions



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Rises in the East, sets in the WEST I have to admit it. For as long as I could remember, something about New York was always so appealing to me. I’d watch the parties in Times Square, the cop dramas that always ended in a rad nightclub somewhere in Manhattan, something about the pace of the city was so intriguing for a Mexican kid who had never really ventured outside of his nest of Southern California. Then came 1996. The gangsta, the killa, and the dope dealer gave me all the reason I ever needed to take pride in where I was from. Ice Cube linked up with W.C. and Mack 10 to form the Westside Connection. Everyday, my shitty headphones blared with songs that sounded more like rallying cries for a West Coast coup. Rap music, even

then had started to become more about Versace and champagne, but Cube was talking about the things I would see, the people I knew, and the places I would pass. They sagged their pants, rocked Starter jackets and Chuck Taylors, and above all else, they could give a fuck about New York. I didn’t have The Beatles, I didn’t have the Clash or The Ramones, and frankly, I was even too young to have N.W.A. I had Ice Cube. More than Impalas and 40oz. bottles of Olde English, Cube made the West Coast more than fashionable, he reminded me it was home. The sun does rise in the East, but it sets in the West.

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words by Alexis Amparan & Katie Evans

Holy shipwrecks? Construction workers have found buried treasure under Ground Zero in New York City and you’d be surprised to know how it got there. When the city expanded into the Hudson River, random bits of trash were used as “filler” to fortify the expansion. A firm had already been hired to curate artifacts found in the construction zone and now they can add an 18th century, 32 foot boat to their museum.

Southwest 1 – Spirit 0.

The saddest part about all this is the kid’s shitty taste in headgear.

The small city of Bell, California made national headlines this month and city officials have been ousted for reportedly raking in 6-figure salaries in one Los Angeles’ poorest areas. Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo ($787,637 annually), Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia ($376,288 annually) and Police Chief Randy Adams ($457,000 annually) will all be stepping down after public outcry and media scrutiny swelled over the excessively pay. Ironically, each of the officials will be entitled to pensions of 6-figures annually for the rest of their lives – this according to the Los Angeles Times. British Non-Profit The World Development Movement is accusing trading giant Goldman Sachs of manipulating prices of wheat, corn, rice and other food basics in 2006. According to Johann Hari of the British Independent, there was an increase up to 320 percent in the price of rice and corn on the futures market, making it impossible for poor people to afford. Goldman Sachs has called the allegation “disingenuous and downright misleading.” Germany is making news by proposing a fat tax. According to AOL News, in 2007 21



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percent of German adults were obese with annual healthcare cost reaching 21.7 billion dollars a year. Conservative Parliament member Marco Wanderwitz has proposed that similar to tobacco and alcohol, indulgences in unhealthy consumables be taxed at a higher rate to help offset the cost to the unobese taxpayer. In happier news, India continues to rule in cost effective innovation.According to an AOL report, India has unveiled the prototype for the $35 dollar tablet computer, similar to the iPad, only at a fraction of the cost. The computer offers word processing, web-browsing, and video conferencing, specifically geared towards students. It is set to go into production by 2011. New York Magazine published findings from researchers at Northwestern and Harvard Universities that found a real life mood map via Twitter. Analyzing some 300 million tweets (entries), the findings reveal that people are most happy on Sundays and the most depressed on Thursdays. The study also revealed that people are much more happy on the West Coast than on the East. This is a very appropriate revelation for the West Coast issue of Skinnie Magazine. <

Spirit Airlines now imposes a fee to stow carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment. And, coming soon…seats that DON’T recline. But they are not worried about making travel completely unenjoyable and Dave Ridley of Southwest thinks they have every right to fee their travelers to death. Of course he does, because Spirit’s fee-jammed business model will likely be their demise and Southwest can continue to be the nation’s largest domestic airline. That’s the spirit, Dave.

That’s right, even on a Sunday Snookie’s homeland is brewing with hilarious, unbelievable news. A New Jersey woman called cops to the scene of a wreck. She claimed she totaled her car after a man held her up at gun point. But, she later admitted that the crash was actually caused by an anonymous man who was driving her car while they were performing sex acts. Seriously? Get a grip, NJ! Your citizens are blowing it.

Thankfully, Most Perverts Are Absolutely Stupid Unfortunately Canadian judges have their moments too. An appellate court reversed the conviction of a man who engaged in cyber sex with an undercover cop posing as a 13 year old boy. What did the accused



7/30/10 12:20 PM




do to convince the court that he was not guilty? He said that he never believed the boy was 13 because he “typed too fast”. Hello? Have you seen a 13 year old boy playing Halo? They’ve got the hand eye coordination of an Olympic gold medalist! The Supreme Court of Canada rectified the situation and the man will soon face sentencing for being a nasty, no good moron.

Send your naughty children to Kansas.


The Difference Between Soccer and Futbol Absolute Allegiance Leads to Insane Violence words by Cody Black

While we Americans might think we’re pretty hardcore fans when it comes to our favorite sports teams, we are absolute pansies compared to the rest of the world and their passion towards soccer. Unfortunately, violence seems to be a common theme when showing loyalty to your team, club, country. What says support like stabbing opposing fans to death or getting crushed into martyrdom during a riot? You’ll see that being a fan of Liverpool or Argentina can cost you your life, and the violence extends beyond the players to their families, coaches, officials and innocent spectators. Let’s take a look at some of the most violent acts ever committed before, during or after a soccer match. This is the difference between FUTBOL and Soccer. Columbia: Andrés Escobar (unrelated to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar) is shot to death weeks after scoring an own-goal which would knock his team out of the ‘94 World Cup. South Africa: In 1991, 40 people died as fans tried to escape a brawl at a match near Johannesburg. Ghana: Hundreds of injured and up to 125 dead after a stampede at a match in 2001. Police shot tear gas into the crowd and many were crushed to death trying to flee the stands. Syria: In what started as a mere fight, Arab and Kurdish supporters turned to rioting and left 25 dead and hundreds injured in a 2004 match. England: In 1973, a Bolton Wanderers fan stabbed a young Blackpool fan to death. The Hillsborough Disaster of ‘89 resulted in 96 Liverpool fans being crushed to death at a match against Nottingham Forest, and remains one of the deadliest football accidents ever. In recent years, some of the top players and officials have



Aug10Mag.indd 10-11

received death threats against them and their families. Belgium: The Heysel Stadium disaster in ‘85 was the result of Liverpool and Juventus fans rioting, causing a wall to collapse, leaving 39 dead and 600 injured. Turkey: Two Leeds fans were stabbed to death in Istanbul before a match in 2000 against Galatasaray. The players also had received death threats before the game, yet UEFA allowed to game to be played anyways. Classy. Poland: Italian superstar Dino Baggio gets stabbed in the head by Wisla Kraków fans during the 1998-99 UEFA Cup. Italy: Roma fans are nuts. In early 2001, 5 Liverpool fans were stabbed by Roma fans. Later that year, 4 more Liverpool fans were stabbed again. In 2006, they switched their sights, this time stabbing 3 Middlesbrough fans. France: PSG fans chased an opposing fan, yelling racist remarks, when a plainclothes officer tried to protect the fan and ended up shooting two men, killing one and seriously injuring the other. Peru: Over 300 fans die and 500 injured in a riot during an Olympic qualifying match against Argentina in 1964. Argentina: In 1939, a police officer shoots two people (including a 9 year old) in attempt to disperse crowd. A referee was almost strangled to death by his own belt when fans went crazy in a match in ‘46. Between 1958-85, over 100 deaths were soccer-related.


Got a gnarly soccer hooligan tale? Submit it to feedback@

A woman in Miami County was recently ordered to close her at-home daycare after it was discovered that she disciplined a child with a horse riding crop. Her business has been in operation since 1995. While it is likely that she will not be allowed to continue babysitting, she may consider building an underground dominatrix den and start picking on someone her own size.

Man’s best friend? A man from Wellington, New Zealand got a real surprise from his four legged hunting partner. While loading his SUV the man was shot from behind. Apparently he had left a rifle on the ground and his dog stepped on the trigger. He was rushed to the hospital where a bullet was removed from his buttock. Wow, I thought this kind of redneck stuff only happened in the south east corner of the USA.

Garmin’s “Kit” is moonlighting. Karen Jacobsen is the Aussie voice behind Garmin’s GPS system and she is also a singer. She has made seven albums and does live performances with a three piece band. She was living in New York pursuing her singing career when she was offered the voice over job for the new personal GPS system. She is now the most frequently downloaded GPS voice ever.

Weight loss pill guinea pigs have little self will. This isn’t really news but…statistics gathered in a study for a new weight loss pill show that only about half of its subjects stayed on course over the period of a year. Of those who did, 48% lost about 13 pounds. So if you can’t make them take the pills and they’re only going to lose a pound a month, what’s all the fuss? Haven’t there been enough seasons of Celebrity



7/30/10 12:20 PM




Fit Camp to confirm that obesity is here to stay?

Sarah must be so proud!


Bristol Palin brought home a new trophy for the wall. Levi Johnston, stud horse and former pain in Sarah’s campaign. Apparently Bristol and Levi patched things up and are getting hitched. They were brought together by their son Tripp, or at least during the custody discussions, and fell back in love. I think we were all looking forward to the second coming of the Johnston.

Polanski Skated

Rancho Cucamonga, CA den of sin.

The Director’s Only Punishment is Exile from the US. by Desiree Scott You are a 76 year old film icon. You are an Oscar winning director of such movies as “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Chinatown,” and “The Pianist”. You hold dual citizenship in France and Poland and currently reside in a multi million dollar Alpine chalet. What does all of this mean? This means that you can get away with raping a teenager, free and clear. Roman Polanski pled guilty in 1978 to one count of “unlawful sexual intercourse” with a 13 year old girl. On the eve of his sentencing, he fled the country. Polanski was arrested last year in Zurich when he arrived at a film festival to receive a lifetime achievement award. Recently, on July 12th, the Swiss made the decision to not extradite Polanski and stated that he is a free man. He is free to move wherever he would like in Switzerland, Poland and in his birth country, France. He has also been able to remove his electronic monitoring devices. Polanski can be arrested if he travels to the United States, or any other country that has an extradition treaty with the US. Polanski was first indicted on six felony counts; these include child molestation, sodomy, and rape by the use of drugs. He was accused of slipping a quaalude into the young girls champagne during a modeling shoot. The director pled guilty to one count of unlawful intercourse.The judge agreed to give Polanski a 90 day psychiatric evaluation, but Polanski was released after 42 days because he was deemed mentally sound and unlikely to offend again. The judge wanted to send Polanski back to jail to serve the remainder of the 90 days, with a voluntary deportation to follow. Polanski fled the country on the eve of his February 1, 1978 sentencing.



Aug10Mag.indd 12-13

It is said that there are many gray areas to this case that led to Switzerland denying the extradition. The Justice Ministry pointed out that that the US had not previously pursued Polanski in Switzerland previously and that the victim, Samantha Geimer, has joined in the bid for Polanski’s dismissal. She has previously stated that every time it is brought up, it is like reliving it again for her. The justice minister also added that their decision was neither to excuse Polanski of his crime, nor to decide if he was guilty or not guilty. So, what do the US authorities think of this decision? There are feelings of disappointment toward the Swiss authorities. “A 13-year old girl was drugged and raped,” “This is not a matter of technicality. We think it sends a very important message regarding how….women and girls are treated around the world.” Is this also sending a message that we have all seen too many times before? Do celebrities get breaks when they commit crimes, whether it’s a DUI, rape, or even murder? What kind of message is this sending to our US citizens and people all over the world? If you are O.J. Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan or Roman Polanski you do not have to follow the rules? Paris Hilton was transferred out of jail after only three days, because it was “traumatic” for her. She even admitted that she expected only community service because jail time “never happens”. These cases are sending the message that No, you do not have to follow the rules. These types of cases may also be sending the message that the law and judicial system is weak and that it can be taken advantage of. So, as long as you are a celebrity, or even a reality show cast member, it looks like you can get away with anything in the US!

A bar in the sweet, tumbleweed city of Rancho Cucamonga has been unknowingly harboring a pleasure house and its name is The Beer Mug. The city recently made moves to alter the Mug’s liquor license and

revoke their entertainment license based on repeated scuffles, a shooting and the near death of a 19 year old man who was hospitalized with a B.A.C. nearly 6-times the legal limit. (The man claimed to be a patron of the bar.) Under aged drinkers would not release a statement. Snot is a do, guy goo is not. San Francisco has long been cutting edge and their mandatory compost policy for its citizens is one more proof of this. But, if you thought that compost systems were self-explanatory, you are as naïve as an owner of the Slap Chop. The city’s Department of the Environment has banned all bodily fluids from the compost program except mucus. You really had to clarify this to the hippies? The perfect gift for the flat-chested, wine enthusiast in your life! is now selling a sports bra with a built in, refillable bladder, and flexible straw. While nothing says class like sipping a fine Chianti at abnormally high temperatures through a straw located near your armpit, it does sound worth trying with Boone’s Farm! AND it makes the wearer nearly as curvy as Jessica Rabbit.<




7/30/10 12:20 PM




5 3




We will give you a few good reasons to. 1 Palisades

Drive Thru Longboard It’s sacrilege to claim California status without owning a legitimate, sweetass skateboard. What better way to boast your west coast pride with a longboard showcasing a Rick Rietveld neon-colored design of the very definition of SoCal culture: surfing. Complete with blue 64mm Palisades wheels and black grip tape with the Palisades logo die cut, this board is thoroughbred. $180



Aug10Mag.indd 14-15


Zoo York Chukkas


Flud Turntable Watch


Harry Painties by Nutty Tarts


Fuck The Rain Umbrella

These Chukkas embody both the sleek and the chill aspects of your everyday life. Whether you’re bumpin’ in the club to pick up some fine ladies, out skating with the homeboys, or relaxing at home, these kicks are suitable. With a dark suede exterior and offwhite soles, wearing these makes you both classy and cool. For the casual guy who doesn’t need to try too hard, cop a pair quick.

Whether you spin discs for a living, indulge in music, or just appreciate style, this turntable watch is a necessary piece of ice for your wrist. It has a black leather band and analog three-hand movement with the Flud logo labeling the record queued up. Look badass while checking the time. Perfect for the vinyl enthusiast or the guy who is at least trying to be. Either way, killer gift.

Imagine leaving a bar with a foxy lady, head buzzing as you tear off each other’s clothing. As you peel away her skirt, you see not only granny panties, but a black, curly mound. Imagine how sobering that experience. So sobering, in fact, that you have no problem getting it up, getting ‘em off, and getting it on. Hairy panties: allowing a girl to be both shaven or otherwise.

Fall is approaching, and some people are happiest when it rains. For every other normal person, this umbrella expresses that distinct hatred for wet weather. Now you can tell everyone exactly how you feel, while managing to stay dry at the same time. Don’t be too surprised, however, if someone splashes water on you because they misinterpret your motives. Worst case scenario, this will goat a good laugh.







7/30/10 12:20 PM

Full Contact

IF YOU DON’T KNOW, NOW YOU KNOW. Chris Cole Conquers On His Deck. By James Gobee


it, you obsess over it and you have the time to do it.”Now a 28-year-old husband and father of two, Cole credits people is reputation precedes him the way lightning precedes

like Christian Hosoi, Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song, Paul Rodri-

thunder. His standing in the skate community is characterized

guez and all the Toy Machine and Zero videos like Thrill of it

by a profound respect from his peers that translates into a

All and Mislead Youth for helping inspire him to be the best he

healthy mix of admiration and inspiration. He’s a lover not a

can every day. “A lot of people I look up to don’t even skate

fighter, but he’s also a fighter so don’t get any ideas. Magazine

the way I skate, but that doesn’t matter,” Cole said.

covers, countless awards, podium appearances, representation in video games and a laundry list of accolades have littered

In 2005 when Cole won SOTY for the first time, he didn’t

Chris Cole’s career. While the honors have never been unap-

have his kids yet. Now he has a toddler son and a newborn

preciated, Cole’s success isn’t measured by the kind of love he

daughter and still managed to win SOTY for the second time

gets, but the kind of love he still gives to his profession.

for 2009, but more importantly, continues to build his competitive drive. “The fact that I got skater of the year the first time,

Chris Cole has become a dignified skater in the community

before I had children, was such a huge deal and a life changer,”

because of the plethora of contests he has won and honors

Cole said. “Now that I have children and more responsibility

that have been bestowed upon him. Winning gold medals in

it’s unreal being SOTY for the second time.”Even though he

both the X Games and the Gravity Games, winning first place

is the reigning SOTY Cole doesn’t see himself as a “big name

in the 2010 Dew Cup, winning the Maloof Money Cup two

skater”, just a skater who is trying to do his best.Out on tour

years in a row, first place in the “Battle at the Berrics 2,” the

he is ‘Chris Cole’ but at home he’s ‘Christopher Cole’.

list becomes redundant its so plentiful. While Cole’s notoriety isn’t as weighty as skater/celebs like In 1990 Thrasher magazine began the honor of naming one

Margera, Dyrdek and even Scheckler, his name remains re-

elite skater as Skater of the Year. Since then, there have only

vered for a skill set that is damn near impossible to match. “I

been two repeat winners, Danny Way in 1991 and 2004 and

definitely don’t feel like someone big,” Cole said. “People think

Cole in 2005 and 2009. But if you ask Cole, it’s just another

that we’re all stars and we do this super cool stuff. I definitely

day at the office.

have lived quite the charmed life but I still do all the things that their dads do. I don’t drive some gnarly sick ass car,” Cole said.

Cole grew up in Pennsylvania and started skating when he was

He goes on to describe his family friendly, compact car

eight years old and for two years he only skated on the curb

complete with cracked windshield and always in need of new

in front of his house.“When you’re younger, it’s your whole


entire life, Everything about your life is that hobby.You love


words by Elysia McMahan


Aug10Mag.indd 16-17



7/30/10 12:20 PM

Full Contact Why has Cole become somewhat of a living legend? One of the biggest achievements for Cole was “Back to the Berg”. Known as the Wallenberg Four, the four-stair jump measures 6-feet tall and 18.5-feet long. Hundreds of onlookers came to watch amateur skaters and professional skaters alike try and clear the four-stair gap in this big trick contest. As Cole arrived PHOTO: PEP WILLIAMS

to the Berg, he saw the mass of people that were there to support and witness this beast of a gap. Cole’s first attempt turned out to be a thrashing bail that makes people cringe when they see it. He came down the crowded roll too fast and couldn’t land his 360, rolled and slammed the back of his head on the concrete giving him the certainty of a concussion. Cole immediately jumped to his feet and grabbed the back of his head to check for blood. After realizing that he was not bleeding, he went right back into it. His very next attempt he threw down his 360 and stuck it clean. The hundreds of people that gathered around to watch went absolutely insane. “If you want to do something bad enough, you just got to do it,” Cole said. At the end of the Zero, New Blood video, Cole was the first (documented) person to land a 360 flip off the Wallenberg Four. He attempted the 360 flip 68 times over a span of three hours. Cole remembers this being the worst toll over one trick.“I get beat down, it’s like my role,” Cole said. He would try the trick over and over after eating shit. In Zero’s “Strange World” video he did a backside 360 kickflip at the Carlsbad gap. Cole went to Carlsbad High 12 separate times, each time staying for two hours attempting that trick.“I feel like my role in skating is more than doing hard tricks,” Cole said. “It’s to be an example for those who are working

With his future in mind Cole will not be taking a part in the 2010 X Games but is currently working on his website and a new Zero video called, Cold War. He will be defending his championship title in the 32-man S.K.A.T.E. tournament called the “Battle at the Berrics 3”. He will also be making appearances, this summer,



for something.”

with Dyrdek’s Street League as the battle between Cole and P-Rod is taken to the next level.No matter


how small of a deal Cole tries to make himself out to be, he has etched his name as one of the best skaters celebrity notoriety. Part of it is his sheer ability, but respect on Cole’s level can only come with the kind of hustle his has proven to time and time again. When was the last time you tried ANYTHING 68 times?



Aug10Mag.indd 18-19


to ever step foot on a deck without a reality show or



7/30/10 12:20 PM


Myles Puts Fletcher In The Hot Seat

F: I’d say it’s just as bad as ever. I think being in a band you never really grow

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview one of my idols, Pennywise

up.You’re surrounded by so many kids and youngsters that you kind of just

guitarist Fletcher Dragge. Pennywise, who has managed to stay relevant for over 20


years, with a rabid fan base, has weathered many storms. Formed in the late 80’s, in a time that punk had all but disappeared, and influenced by the true pioneers of

how old you are. Living that lifestyle you really don’t know what day it is. I

punk rock, Pennywise was able to put their own melodic, surf theme on punk rock

mean, I don’t know what a weekend is, I’m just out there doing it. There’s

and resurrect a whole new punk scene. I would say that if you’re a die-hard Pen-

free beer sitting on the counter everyday when you pull into the club and a

nywise fan, then you’re probably also a die-hard Fletcher Dragge fan. I have always

big bottle of Vodka. So, what are you going to do? You’re gonna drink. I’m not

heard the many horror stories of torture and initiation that many road crew and fel-

really slowing down, unfortunately. My liver doesn’t like me.

low musicians have endured while on the road at the hands of Fletcher. I wondered

Artist on Artist:

Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise & FMX rider Myles Richmond Talk Shop His reputation precedes him the way lightning precedes thunder. His standing in the skate community is characterized by a profound respect from his peers that translates into a healthy mix of admiration and inspiration. He’s a lover not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter so don’t get any ideas. Magazine

covers, countless awards, podium appearances, representation in video games and a laundry list of accolades have littered Chris Cole’s career. While the honors have never been unappreciated, Cole’s success isn’t measured by the kind of love he gets, but the kind of love he still gives to his profession.

Chris Cole has become a dignified skater in the community because of the plethora of contests he has won and honors that have been bestowed upon him. Winning gold medals in both the X Games and the Gravity Games, winning first place in the 2010

what was true and what was road lore, while at the same time scared that I may

M: What about Zoli? Is he used to this kind of stuff? Does he get a pass from

become a victim. He is intimidating, standing at 6’5” 270, with a huge “Fuck Off ”,

you or is he subject to the same treatment as others?

tattoo on his back, a PW carved in his arm, a meandering tattoo line on his arm that

F:You’re with 12 dudes on a bus that are all pretty much drunk every day from

was later made to look like stitches. I learned the road stories I heard were watered

like 3 O’clock in the afternoon on…maybe noon, I don’t know. On our bus

down versions of the truth and just the tip of the iceberg.

there’s the band and the crew. Everybody is kind of like a family, so it’s a party from 5 in the afternoon till 5 in the morning every single night. There’s a lot of

M:You recently got a new singer, Zoli. Were you guys friends before?

shit that happens. The cool thing about Zoli is he’s sober because he likes to

F:Yeah we did a lot of touring with his original band Ignite. They have been

drink Jack Daniels and he doesn’t do too well on it. So, he’s in the AA program

around for 15 years, great hardcore band. He would always come up and sing

and we just get ripped and torture him. He’s like “Listen we need to tone

songs with us. He actually sang in the Misfits for a couple years after Michael

down on the partying and we need to really be on our A game” and we’re just

Graves took over for Danzig. Then when Jim decided to leave the band he

like “Fuck you dude, you’re not coming in here after 20 years telling us how to

was at the top of the list. You know we tried out a lot of different people but

run the program. Pennywise is a party.” It’s pretty classic being able to torture

at the end of the day he kind of just fit the profile as far as being able to sing

him. He’s the new guy, that’s what he gets.

the songs, having the same political stance as us and just being a cool dude to hangout with. He’s also just crazy enough to be in Pennywise. We’re all pretty

M: Ever regret not filming all the crazy shit that went on backstage, in the ho-

fucked up.

tels, etc.? I mean let’s face it, people have made a lot of money off of the kind of antics you’ve been doing for 20 years.

M: I’ve heard that being on the road with Pennywise can be crazy. Is it still out

F: Totally. It’s something you regret but at the same time living it is way better

of control?



Aug10Mag.indd 20-21



7/30/10 12:20 PM


than having to worry about filming it. I think sometimes when the camera comes out, people start faking it too. It’s one of those things. We have a lot of really cool footage in the vault. It’s not really something we focus on, but we probably should have a videographer with us at all times. The couple of times we’ve tried to do that, they usually got the short end of the stick. M:You guys have some of the greatest and most loyal fans in the world. Do you have any good stories that relate? F: Yeah. I always like this one. I’ve told it a few times. We were playing a club in Belgium and we were obliterated as usual. I think we were riding around in like a 1969 Mercedes European van. We loaded up the van after a gig all wasted, got in there, cranked up the stereo and took off. We were driving down the freeway just singing our asses off. We get to the next destination, staying in some apartment with a promoter, drinking beer and all of a sudden, cars start pulling up outside. People walk up and they’re like “Hey, is this yours?” They’re pulling out cymbals and shit. Then they pull out a guitar and ask, “Is this yours?” and I’m like “What the fuck?” Turns out we didn’t close the back door on the van and all our equipment spilled out all over the freeway. The rad thing was, these kids that were leaving the show with their parents saw all this stuff fall out of the van. So these fans picked up all the shit and brought it all back to us. They found out where we were and they brought us our entire backline. M: Anything you look back on and wish you could change? Any regrets? F: I have a ton of great stories and had a ton of good times. I wouldn’t change anything that’s happened in life. Traveling the world, drinking free beer with your friends and having a different adventure every night is pretty unparalleled.

Fletcher Grill Myles I’ve always liked the idea of people that push the limits of whatever they’re into. I think guys that ride FMX push the envelope of their sport maybe more than any other sport. It’s cool because I have played at many demos where I’ve watched these guys ride, I’ve hung out with them and some of my music has made it onto the soundtracks of their videos. You realize how

What was your defining X Games moment thus far? My moment was definitely being the first person to do a double front flip.

Who do you see as being the biggest competition for you this year? The big vert dogs like McCann, Kagy, and Robinson are always the biggest competition. you agree?

shake at this year’s games? lot of demos for the Marines in San Diego and Yuma, AZ. Besides that, What runs through your mind in Yeah this is my redemption year from last year. I’m just hanging at home and enjoying life! those seconds before a run? gonna stick the double fronty again and pop off a

What does bringing home the Gold in X Games mean to you?

Nothing really. I know that my time is coming good trick on the quarter pipe. F: Supporting our troops…I like that. So how long have you been soon, so I take a deep breath and relax as much riding? Being that you compete all year as possible. M: I have been riding for 16 years.  I got my first X bikeGames when I was 9 round, what about the

I would be so stoked if I could bring a gold medal home from X Games. It’s always been a dream of mine and I want to make it come true.

haveyou been especially loving it ever since. It’s actually kind of a gets hyped? How do you plan to make years theold and crowds and the judges remember Mega become that funny story.Well, My dad hadramp an oldhas 1970 Suzuki something RM370 which he Iused to you? love to ride.backyard. X Games I is the doing only place I can ride me around in our loved that.  Ithat remembered my

I’m just gonna lay it down!

X Games has been called the biggest platform for Action


gnarly thesecompete guys are whenwith/against? you watch them ride in person. I’ve seen Myles

a couple of times at X-Games couple There has definitely been a fair share ofride crazy Pretty much everyoneand onathe roll ofin.demos. I think He wemakes all it never before done tricks preformed at X Games. enjoyI each other’s company on that big roll look pretty easy. was pretty stoked to be able to meet and in. interview him. I think that it’s the biggest contest of the year and Do onyou regrets from all the riders know it. That’s why they all goF:crazy What’s going in the have world of any Myles Richmond? previous years that todoing a when it’s their turn to ride. M: Lately, just been riding and trying to stayyou busy.  Iwant have been


Aug10Mag.indd 22-23

actually ridememega ramp. I get pretty hyped to used mom would also take to the localSo motorcycle shop and they just get on the ramp again. to let me sit on the little Yamaha PW50’s and when we had to leave


Who else are you stokedtheyto would have to carry me out while I was crying because I wanted



7/30/10 12:20 PM


one so bad (laughs). My parents finally gave in and got me a Yamaha PW80. It

F: It seems to me that the level of competition has gotten pretty out of hand.

was sweet!

The tricks are getting progressively harder. Where does it go from here? M:Yeah, the evolution of the sport is insane. The riders nowadays are riding

F:Yeah, that’s probably around the age I started riding around in empty lots

unbelievably well and it is really hard to keep up. You either need to go for it

when I was a kid. A lot of kids grow up riding, but how did you make the

and be willing to get hurt or lay back and stay conservative.

jump into FMX.   M: My best friend used to live right down the road from where Chuck

F: What is going to be the next insane trick someone tries?

Carothers and Doug Parsons used to ride and practice. I basically showed up

M: Not too sure. I think maybe a double backflip combo or a front flip

and wanted to ride with them and they were cool enough to let me! Chuck

combo…something along those lines.

was my riding buddy for the first few years of my career and if it wasn’t for him always pushing me, I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

F: The Super Bowl of actions sports. Any good stories over the years come out of X-Games?

F:You’re a mellow dude. Don’t you have to be a little crazy to ride FMX?

M: It would have to be the 2008 X-Games in Mexico City. It was an up and

M: I don’t know, I guess you have to be a little warped. I like to have a good

down event. The first night I had an awesome battle with Ronnie Renner in

time for sure.

step-up, which he ended up winning, but we went back and forth for about an hour and a half! The next night I felt really awesome, but had a bike malfunc-

F: Lots of broken bones?

tion on the take-off ramp when I was doing a flip and crashed. I was fine but

M: Not as many as you’d expect. I broke my collarbone and broke my left

it sure did put a dent in my weekend!

wrist, which I had to have surgery on. But other than that I have just had bumps and bruises…knock on wood!

F:You got to interview me about life on the road and all of the crazy shit that happens. What about you?

F: How have you managed that?

M: I cannot even compete with you at all on road antics, Fletcher. I think the

M: My secret is not getting burnt out! I love riding, but at this point I need

craziest thing I have done was try to duck out of a taxi cab fare because this

to take breaks every now and then because it becomes more of a job then a

guy took us around a loop for like 5 miles and it was a ton of money. We got

good time. Which, I don’t want that at all. Also, I try to be consistent and not

out and tried to bolt but the next thing you know the cops were on us like

ride over my head.

white on rice! Basically we had 2 choices.  Pay the cab driver or go to jail and I definitely wasn’t going to jail that night!

F: Smart man. How do you train? M: Lately I have been running and getting into more fitness type things. The best training in my opinion would be just riding every day or as much as you possibly can.  



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QUALITY CONTROL ICE CUBE RETURNS TO RESTORE THE WEST AS THE BEST For as many times as it has been used in music journalism, if

that has never been afraid to fly in the face of the status quo. His arrival

you had to choose one word to describe his career, incendiary, might

in music was an emphatic one. Easily the most skilled and stylized emcee

give you some semblance of what the last few decades has encom-

in N.W.A., his verse on the flammable “Fuck Tha Police” single, instantly

passed. ‘I’ve been writing gangsta shit since ‘83/when y’all was still scared

solidified him as an articulately brutal, viciously vivid storyteller, chroni-

to use profanity’ - as an artist, Ice Cube’s musical legacy is one that

cling the experiences of Los Angeles street life. Decades later, thankfully,

has been marked by a series of milestones that have not only had a

little has changed.

profound impact on the foundation of hip hop music, but have transcended what is recorded on wax to help shape contemporary pop

Cube has managed to remain relevant even as hip hop has transitioned

culture. As a member of the seminal group N.W.A., Cube’s dynamic

from a voice of a disenfranchised generation, to the bass riddled sound

lyrical prowess and unapologetic aim would propel the group to his-

of crass commercialism littered with silicone, dance crazes, and all things

toric clashes with the FBI and conservative watchdogs across America.

shiny. The change in the message has seemingly fueled Cube, giving him

As a solo artist, Cube continued to voice his discontent, taking on the

something new to fire lyrical shots at. “This new generation has seen a

music industry, the plight of urban America, and the infamous split with

different side to the music. There’s an obsession with athletes, celebri-

his former N.W.A. cohorts. Reinvention would take shape in the highly

ties… They see quick money, people going from nothing to something

volatile, vehemently West Coast propaganda that was Westside Con-

overnight. I mean, why get a college degree when they can just be a rap-

nection. In a rap rivalry that would spill into the streets of Los Angeles,

per.” Adamantly different, Cube has never been one to ride trends. Mak-

Cube was at the core of a beef that would reach the highest ranking

ing music that omits pushing the opulence hip-hop has become infamous

officials in some of the most notorious Black and Mexican gangs in

for factors in heavily on his longevity.

existence before a truce was called between the trio comprised of Cube,W.C., and Mack 10 and Cypress Hill. Approaching three decades

His latest effort, the emphatically titled, I Am The West, has continued

of influence that has seen Cube transition from the vocal booth, to the

Cube’s reputation for relishing in controversy. Having already debuted

silver screen, from behind the camera, to behind the desk, it would be

two singles, the anthemic “I Rep That West” and “Don’t Drink The Kool-

unfathomable to imagine hip hop music without one of it’s most pro-

Aid,” the second has set off a firestorm of speculation that Cube took

lific, commanding personalities, Ice Cube. On the verge of releasing his

jabs at some of the industry’s biggest names. While Cube denies that the

ninth studio effort, I Am The West, the antagonistic disposition of Cube

song takes shots at Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem, and the New West

remains alive and well with a statement that addresses an issue Cube

Contingency, Cube does not apologize for stirring the pot. “I’m ain’t gon-

agrees is in dire need of revitalization – respect for the West Coast.

na name names but what I will say is that I’m always cocked and loaded for anybody who has something to say. Really what it’s about is you can’t

“Hip Hop has narrowed itself. It’s become ‘Escapism’ rap.The smoking,

expect the OG’s from the West to step down if you ain’t gonna do some-

the clubbing, the women, the jewelry, these are all the things that let

thing better. Don’t buy into that bull shit that they feed you.” While Cube

you escape from reality. Don’t worry about the light bill, don’t worry

does flourish in talking some shit, he is no stranger to criticism himself.

about the phone bill,” Cube explains his insight into the current state of hip-hop. “Back in 93’, 94’ the music started gravitating towards no

Recently, bloggers took to their keyboards as new West Coast artists like

social commentary. Ice-T, KRS-One, Public Enemy, what they was talk-

Jay Rock and Glasses Malone had apparently began a bit of an exchange

ing about was too real for the establishment. So you had a whole

with Cube. Pertinent sites and blog mainstays began circulating posts and

generation thinking, ‘this is what I gotta do and say to be a star.’” Both

scrutinizing Twitter rants from both sides.Writers began long-winded ex-

as a solo artist and as a collaborator, Cube’s signature sound is one



Aug10Mag.indd 26-27



7/30/10 12:20 PM

Bass & Treble

aminations latent with an Old West vs. New West banter that Cube says, has no idea where it came from. “Anything that shines the spotlight on who we are and what we are about is a good thing. I wouldn’t have drawn that line in the sand though and separated the Old from the New. More power to ‘em for reppin’ the West but you have to respect the past and build on it.” A bit of an enigma, Cube has not only cemented his legacy as a musical pioneer, but has parlayed his success into a highly influencial film career. Arguably, his appeal onscreen began as the novelty of a hardened rapper who could fit a typecast role. His stirring performance in Boyz N Tha Hood as the stoic, Doughboy, instantly gave him a dose of credibility he has managed to build on since. From comedy (most notably the Friday franchise) to family films (Are We There Yet?), Cube on film has functioned much in the same way he has done on the record, unconventionally. Ironically, his onscreen persona is something that hasn’t always boded well when making the kind of music Cube does, “I don’t know any genre of music that ask its performers to experience every lyric they write and perform the way hip hop does. You gotta be a victim and get shot, or you gotta be a killer and go shoot, or you gotta have a prison record in order to spit rhymes. It’s like what you do in the booth (recording) comes secondary. I’m a believer though that the true artist always prevails. It don’t matter what happens outside the booth.” With plenty happening outside the booth, Cube has only increased his output.



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Bass & Treble

Helming the documentary that chronicles the ties between the street culture of Los Angeles around the rise of N.W.A. and the Oakland Raider Football Organization with Straight Outta L.A., Ice Cube has received accolades once again for his skills outside the booth. Already swelling with anticipation, talk of an N.W.A. biopic has been confirmed, but Cube is quick to make a correction. “I wouldn’t call it a biopic. Between Dre, Eazy, and myself, you could do a biopic on each one of those personalities by itself. This is a lot more than a biopic. We are working hard to get this right. But there’s five different, major personalities all with a different take on how we became N.W.A. We wanna tell all of the story, the break-up, everything. We wanna do this right.” For now, the next task in line for Cube remains what he is unwaveringly addressing with his new album, I Am The West. As songs about New York garner more radio play in Los Angeles than songs from Los Angeles artists, it seems there is no more appropriate time for Cube to return. In the opening line of his first single, “I Rep That West,” Cube states, “You know what West Coast niggas is gonna tell me? This is too West Coast.” This is a problem Cube has no problem taking on full steam. “We ain’t encouraged to do it. Radio programmers don’t encourage west coast music. So you have west coast artists doing music that ain’t traditional west coast music.” Notorious for a hood swagger that leans much more towards gangster than playboy, West Coast music was put on the map by Cube and is returning with every line he delivers. But more than restoring the legacy to hip hop, Cube stylistically commands that the listener pay attention to what is being said. Devoid of mindless jibberish, catchy dance hooks, or any of the other gimmicks rap music has relied on for so long, Cube continues to make the kind of music that not only makes you nod your head, but use it. The west coast has always churned out anthems that have been undeniably hood. Cube made it so that being hood didn’t mean court cases and drug dealing, but being real. When I Am The West drops, the West Coast will have reason to walk tall once again.

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Bass & Treble

The Philosophy of Punk Rock Bad Religion Celebrates 30 Years The Only Way They Know How By Eric Bonholtzer



Aug10Mag.indd 34-35

In an industry where bands are often lucky to make it past ‘one hit

48-year old punk rock legend comments mirthfully, explaining it’s a strange

wonder’ status, Bad Religion has defied the odds and crafted a legacy

dichotomy because, “a lot of people my age don’t listen to my group now.”

in punk rock. Not only did the seminal group just celebrate their 30-year

Part of keeping relevant in the music scene is staying true to core fans

anniversary, but they are gearing up to release their 15th studio album, The

while at the same time giving something new on each release, and Gurewitz

Dissent of Man on September 28. Founding member and lead guitarist Brett

explains the progression that influenced the sound of The Dissent of

Gurewitz explains his view of why Bad Religion has stayed relevant for over

Man, “In terms of what the songs sound like, they’re not anything that are

three decades, “I think our topics are perennial, the subject matter for our

immediately familiar to people, they’re quite different from the last two re-

records are the great philosophical questions.” The musician, who has co-

cords.” He quickly adds, though, that “there are a lot of songs that are good

written the majority of the band’s albums with lead singer Greg Graffin, ex-

old-fashioned Bad Religion songs, fast melodic Southern California hardcore.

plains how the philosophical overtones of Bad Religion’s songs really strike

Still, there are a bunch of songs that are a departure.” While statements

a chord with listeners, “Greg is a doctor of philosophy and I’m a science

like that might worry some core fans craving the old fashioned hard punk

nerd, so this is something that we’re passionate about and always have been.

sound of Bad Religion’s last three albums, Gurewitz explains that they have

It’s the kind of subject matter that doesn’t run out, so we talk about the

nothing to fear as The Dissent of Man will appeal to all tastes. “When I say,

big questions in our music.” The kind of music they play compliments the

‘experimental,’ I mean they’re experimental for us, but anything other than

subject matter. “Bad Religion plays punk rock,” Gurewitz explains, “and that’s

fast punk rock with big background vocals is experimental for us as a band.”

music for young people, and young people are engaged in those sorts of

He gives a few examples of the varied sonic landscape of the new album,

questions so that’s what helps keep us relevant intellectually.” Gurewitz also

“There’s a song with pebble steel guitar, there are some big rock and roll

adds with a laugh that the fact that punk rock appeals to mostly younger

sounding songs, there’s one song that I would dare to call a ballad, but while

crowds, means that there are always new fans, “I think the young audience

some songs veer from the straight and narrow Bad Religion path, they’re

is our core fan group. We may have older fans, but I never see them,” the

cultivated so that fans can appreciate them.”



7/30/10 12:21 PM

Bass & Treble BASS & Treble

Many of the greatest albums come from a natural progression, and

the whole school, so there wasn’t anyone else to be in a band with.” The

to bow out at the peak and all of those things contributed to my acrimoni-

With success comes responsibility and since rejoining, Gurewitz has had the

Gurewitz explains that Bad Religion had no set plan going into writ-

chemistry paid off and Bad Religion recorded several hit albums. During

ous departure from the band.” While Gurewitz experienced success on

difficult job of balancing running a hit record label and writing and recording,

ing and recording The Dissent of Man. “It wasn’t premeditated, Greg

the same period of time, Gurewitz formed the record label, Epitaph, which

his own and Epitaph continued to grow, the talented musician/record label

a task made even harder because Gurewitz is also a devoted family man.

and I just start writing,” he states. “It was a year where we both

Bad Religion signed with. Things went smoothly for awhile and the band

entrepreneur couldn’t resist the magnetic pull that comes from writing and

“This year I managed to run a label, have a baby and write a record and

went through a lot of interesting changes in our families and in our

produced multiple hits, but after the release of the Stranger than Fiction

recording music with friends. “I missed them,” Gurewitz says. “They’re my

even I don’t know how I did that,” he says with a laugh. Still, Gurewitz and

professional lives. Greg wrote a book this year, his son went off to

album, Gurewitz departed from the band to focus on his blossoming record

childhood friends that I spent years and years with and wrote tons of re-

his bandmates’ dedication have paid off and that is why Bad Religion has

college, I moved from the city to the suburbs, and my wife and I had

label. “We weren’t getting along very well,” Gurewitz explains, “My company

cords with. We had lots of good times together and everything had cooled

endured and flourished for over three decades. He adds that “as long as the

a baby, so the songwriting took on a different character.” Gurewitz

had been going through the roof with big hits from bands like The Offspring

down, so we became friends again, and decided to record again.” Gurewitz

fans will keep listening to us we’ll keep making records.” With The Dissent

adds, “Before anyone gets worried, keep in mind we’ve done this

and Rancid and it was kind of the perfect storm. I wasn’t having any fun in

returned to the band for the recording of The Process of Belief, and Bad

of Man about to be released, it is clear the Bad Religion is only adding to an

kind of experimentation before.” He considers two of Bad Religion’s

the band, my bandmates and I were quarreling a lot, and since a new label

Religion has grown even more popular since the reunion.

illustrious punk rock legacy that shows no signs of slowing down.

most successful albums to be experimental, “With Recipe for Hate

had picked them up, I figured it was time for me to bow out.” Gurewitz

and Stranger than Fiction we stepped out and tried new things.” He

adds that, at the time, he knew it was the right move. “I was about 32 and I

explains that the last three albums, beginning with The Process of Be-

figured I was at the peak of my career and it was a romantic notion of mine

lief, were designed to go back to Bad Religion’s roots. “We came out with Process and the last few records and that was almost stepping back saying ‘we’re going to be very conservative and play it safe and make some very fast catchy punk rock songs,’ but maybe we were playing it too safe. That’s why this record is a breath of fresh air.” He explains that the title of the album, The Dissent of Man, is a play on the famous book The Descent of Man by naturalist Charles Darwin, who is best known for evolutionist theory. Gurewitz says that, while there is no overarching theme to the release, the title is a reflection of the album’s message, “the record puts forth the humanistic world view that mankind needs to rely on each other.” He adds, “this is probably the most personal record to date in terms of the writing by Greg and myself. It’s an extremely personal vulnerable album where we just laid our souls bare and did some honest writing.” The personal and philosophical insights raised on The Descent of Man are a mainstay of Bad Religion’s recordings, and Gurewitz explains how even the band’s name is evocative of the complex questions facing mankind, “It’s not meant to be against one religion, we use a cross symbol so maybe people think we don’t like Jesus, but I think Jesus was awesome. I think he was trying to reform Judaism in the same way Martin Luther was later trying to reform Christianity. I like a lot of what he said, like I can read the Sermon on the Mount and really get behind that.” He explains, though, that he does not stick to one particular dogma and in general eschews organized religion, “I don’t like organized religion. Religion, while I think it’s unavoidable, human psychology has evolved in a way where religion is inevitable, I believe that it’s done far more harm than good. So the band name is in favor of a secular humanistic worldview over religion.” However, Gurewitz clarifies that, “being against religion isn’t the same as being an atheist. I’m not an atheist, I believe in God. I don’t need to believe in religion to believe in God. I don’t think anyone knows who God is, including me,” he relates. “I think there’s something to be said for having a view of life which is based on human reason, and I don’t think that’s incompatible with a spiritual life that comes from nature and the grandeur of the universe.” The kind of probing and searching questions that Bad Religion raises fits well with the punk rock genre, and coupled with great music, has helped the group achieve success. Gurewitz and the other members of the group have been asking these kinds of questions since the band was formed in 1979, “We were just four guys who met in the lunchroom in high school, and since we all went to the same school we said, ‘let’s be a band.’” He adds, “We were the only punks in



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FOR THE CONTINUED... RECORD Foxy Brown-Eye Brooklyn-based raunchy rap queen Foxy Brown seems to be in the midst of a comeback. Long removed from her heyday alongside contemporaries like Lil’ Kim, Brown was recently arrested for mooning her neighbor after a dispute. According to the Associated Press, this was her second brush with the law over an ill-fated relationship with her neighbor Arlene Raymond.

The Sword __________________________________________________________________________________________ words by Alex Mendoza

Austin, Texas natives, The Sword, are something of a nostalgic beast. They evoke hints of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin and Slayer – sometimes all at once. And for a group that pays homage to the sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s heavy metal catalog, the band has managed to create a dedicated fanbase since 2003. There are no musical gimmicks, as literary-inspired lyrics are strange bedfellows with sci-fi inspired heavy metal. The Sword’s latest album, “Warp Riders”, represents an epic collection of songs that are unapologetically massive in scope and scale. Think of the conceptual albums that literally seemed on the verge of collapsing under their own weight, but not due to excess and waste. “There was less pressure to come up with new material,” frontman JD informs. “I felt like we had more time to write, and that always makes the creative process easier.” The Sword has bold ambition for its latest album, planning a trilogy of three music videos to coincide with songs from the new album. It is literally an all-encompassing media project that expands upon the thematic elements of “Warp Riders”. Metal music is again, massive, as originally intended.

Kings of Leon Get Shitted On St. Louis’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre was not kind to rock band Kings of Leon. During a recent performance, the band had to cut the set after just three songs due to, get this, pigeon shit. The wingedrats of the sky apparently continued pooping on the band from the rafters during the set.

Some Long Overdue Bush After some nine estranged years, Gavin Rossdale and original drummer Robin Goodridge have come together to announce that the band will be releasing a new Bush record and tour to support. Working with producer Bob Rock, the word is the new tunes will be available sometime October.

Fucking Die Already!

Far East Movement ____________________________________________________

words by Kristie Bertucci

From interns at Interscope to being signed talent, Far East Movement, remain proof that dreams come true. Kev Nish, Prohgress, and J-Spliff started the group while in high school and later brought in LA Radio giant Power 106’s DJ Virman, to perfect their mix of genres. Their last record, “Girls On the Dance Floor,” was top 5 hit among several major markets, while their latest hit, “Like a G6,”is setting clubs ablaze. “We started out with hip-hop and dance music,” Kev mentions. “But we pretty much pay homage to all genres by experimenting with sounds.We were actually experimenting with dancefused tracks way back before it was as big as it is now. Call it whatever you want—techno-hop, electro, party rock—it’s all the same vibe though.” FM has had a busy 2010, touring with Lady Gaga after being handpicked by the pop songstress. “We always want to make our live shows as strong as possible,” Pro mentions. “We learned a lot from Lady Gaga and we like sponges around her,” Kev chimes in. Spending the summer touring with Robyn and Kelis, FM is indeed the buzzworthy success story deserving of the hype.



Aug10Mag.indd 38-39

It’s confirmed, Justin Bieber continues to be the white Canadian kid with the heart of a mainstreamed black R&B artist who will not go away. Bluewater Productions has announced they will be publishing a comic book of the dork in October chronicling the heartthrob’s rise to fame. Wow.



7/30/10 12:21 PM


KEEPIN’ IT REEL words by Katie Evans

What Base Would You Go To With A-Rod? We’re all used to pop singers becoming bad actors, but what about sports superstars? This remains to be seen for baseball luminary A-Rod, but judging by his fellow cast members, you can pretty much guess. Alex Rodriguez of MLB fame will star in the upcoming romantic comedy “Friends With Benefits” alongside Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, and Mila Kunis. It hasn’t been released whether he is playing himself or a character, but rest-assured, the film probably won’t be anything special.

Now He Can Get a Job He’s Actually Good At


The Expendables

Release Date: August Studio: Lionsgate


This is it, the big summer blockbuster film of a lifetime. An all-star, all action, orbs-to-the-wall movie starring everybody. A team of mercenaries is sent to South America to depose a brutal warlord, only to discover that the mission is not what it appears to be. Stallone has gone the distance in making a film that only he could make, which is also a salute to the action films of the 80’s and 90’s. Hell, yes.

Middle Men

The Last Exorcism

Release Date: August 6th Studio: Paramount Pictures

Release Date: August 27th Studio: Lionsgate



Patrick Fabian is the Reverend Cotton

conservative businessman living in the





Marcus, a protestant priest who

free-wheeling 90’s, decides to make

performs exorcism for money. Losing

big bucks in the business of Internet

his faith increment by increment, he

porn (there’s porn on the Internet. No, really, there is!).

agrees to do one last exorcism, only to find out that the

But being a married man with children doesn’t mix with

devil is very real. It seems that ever since The Exorcist this

his new career, and then there’s the FBI, terrorists, Russian

particular slice of the horror genre has been well done, but

mobsters, porn stars and all the sleaze that comes with it.

there’s always room for one more, right?

The Other Guys


Release Date: August 6th Studio: Columbia Pictures

Release Date: August 27th Studio: Screen Gems

The action comedy genre is a stealth

Six career criminals, each a specialist in

hit in Hollywood. Mix the funny with

a skill suitable for robbing banks, team

the fury and you get good results, aka

up for one final score. Matt Dillon is a

Pineapple Express. Will Ferrel is funny, and Wahlberg can handle action, svo let’s put it all together, shall we? A New York City detective specializing in forensic accounting (Ferrell) teams up with another detective who prefers the action in the streets (Wahlberg). Can this odd

veteran detective on the case to stop them. This is an action/crime/thriller for anyone who wants a slick film about bad guys being bad, and anything with Matt Dillon is improved by his presence. It’s likely though the

Orlando Bloom, the “prettyboy” from Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings has received an honorary degree from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. This means, he gets a diploma without actually finishing college. It’s pretty clear from his movies, though, that he probably hasn’t passed many acting classes, but at least it’s landed him a supermodel fiancée.

I Am Norton’s Inflamed Sense of Rejection Edward Norton will no longer be starring in the next Marvel film, and not for budgetary reasons. The Marvel studios booted him out stating that he is not collaborative or creative like other cast members, such as Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. Instead, Mark Ruffalo may take over his role, thus begging the question: Will The Avengers turn into a comic-book rom-com?

Joaquin’s “Lost Year” Now An Indie Film Everyone was confused in 2008 when Joaquin Phoenix decided that making hip-hop was his true calling, instead of the acting profession he had nearly perfected. Now, fans are to be allowed a peak inside the mind and reasoning behind this sudden decision. Brother-in-law, Casey Affleck, directed an independent film documenting this decision and new journey of Phoenix’s. This film, I’m Still Here, is set for release in early September, with Affleck frequently reassuring that it’s “not a mockumentary.”


show will be stolen by the novelty of a shitty Chris Brown appearance and T.I. ‘s first film since his prison release.

couple rise up to the occasion to fight crime?


words by Jasen T. Davis


Aug10Mag.indd 40-41



7/30/10 12:21 PM




Scarface In this rags to riches classic, Al Pacino was the murdeous druglord with the heart of gold.

Blue Velvet Dennis Hopper reamins one of the creepiest characters on film in this cult classic noir.



Available On: August Studio: Magnolia


Nearly dead, intolerable old man Jacques meets nearly suicidal, charming young homeless Lucas and takes him in. Jacques even teaches Lucas how to run his dive bar and names Lucas as his successor. All is well for about five seconds until a woman walks in and steals Lucas’s heart. This odd love triangle makes for a preposterous ending which is like the last shot of room temperature Rumple Minze you shouldn’t have taken.

the ghost writer

La Mission

Release Date: August 3rd Studio: Summit Entertainment

Release Date: August 10th Studio: 5 Stick Films

McGregor, is



Shot in San Francisco’s Mission District,

autobiography for an ex-British Prime




where the Bratt brothers grew up, this

Minister whose previous ghost writer

story is framed in believability. The

is found dead. Ironic. He is suddenly

lowriders, machismo, and Mexican

thrown into a political whirlwind of hearsay and cover-ups

culture are all present. So are the struggles with alcoholism,

thick enough to blot out the sky. It is beautiful to watch, but

the law, and prejudice against homosexuals. At least for one

not nearly gravitational enough to be disturbing. This is an

man, Ché; played by Benjamin Bratt, discovers his son is gay

open casket viewing. But let’s not forget, there might be a

he goes off the deep end, violently and without restraint.

moral dilemma watching anything Polanski.

Spoiler alert: he comes around.


happiness runs

Release Date: August 3rd Studio: Lionsgate

Release Date: August 3rd Studio: Strand Releasing

Roger Ebert doesn’t get what all the

Despite its upbeat title, this is no

kids know…Kick-Ass is supposed to

Friday night family flick. Unless you live

be funny, modern and entertaining.

on a polygamist, post-60’s, drug-addled

Training Day There is a reason Denzel Washington won an Oscar for playing a dirty cop. One of the best performances, period.

Boyz N Tha Hood Ice Cube plays a drug-dealing, gang banging ex-con who wants to be a great brother, great friend, and loved son.

What really shocks is that, at times, it

commune where everyone is doped up

is the exact opposite. In a good way! As things go from

and over sexed. Happiness Runs is a semi-autobiographical

hilarious, to poignant, to desperate - tears of laughter

flick which explores the consequences and entrapment

become something else. Watch it and then we’ll all help the

LA Bamba

imposed on the unwitting offspring of the love generation.

nearly septuagenarian, Ebert, figure it out. So much more

Raised without rules or guidance they have become an adult

than the standard superhero movie.

created, teenage wasteland of drug abuse and promiscuity.

Esai Morales’ character Bob drops one liners that are scummy, but he really does love RICHIE!!!!!!!!

words by Alexis Amparan


Aug10Mag.indd 42-43



7/30/10 12:21 PM


locals only

Destined For The Main Stage

Gina rene

The soulful songstress with a higher state of thought effortlessly blends melodic vocals, poignant lyrical awareness, and crafty style to deliver an offshoot of hip hop that very can do well. Look for Gina Rene to be another shining example in the new generation of soul-based hip hop.

the bullets


The Devil Wears Prada Zombie EP

Label: Ferret Available On: Aug. 24th It’s sharp, it’s slicing, it’s fucking combustable. These might all seem like strange adjectives for a band that is technically considered Christian, but put your reservations aside and crank this shit the way it was intended, LOUD. Easily becoming one of the genre’s biggest names, TDWP’s latest EP is a fine offering of metallic release.



The Arcade Fire

Katy Perry


Special Moves

The Suburbs

Teen Dreams

Business Casual





Drawing songs evenly from their 11 years of music making, Mogwai’s first live album is something to behold. Long time fans of the band will likely get the most out of it, indulging in the staggeringly clear, reverb-free sound so seldom found in Mogwai’s songs. Some tracks stray from the originals, but never detract, as the whole album flows to make one soothing piece. must have.

Making a departure from their nearly-orchestral album of three years ago, The Arcade Fire’s latest is self-proclaimed as a mix of Depeche Mode and Neil Young. Admittedly, this holds true in the sense that it sounds like a typical combination of poppy drumbeats, cheerful guitar, and matching piano to form unremarkable, generic “indie rock”. If that’s your jam, dig this. Otherwise, stick with Neon Bible.

Katy Perry’s sophomore album is everything one would expect it to be: another pop ensemble full of borderline trance beats and consistently stuck-in-your-head lyrics. With an image made for modeling and a voice made for country music, Perry’s at least well-liked for what she does. In essence, Teenage Dream is good club music when you’re drunk off your ass, but maybe not any other time.

It’s about time these BAMFs came out with some new jams, isn’t it? Business Casual seems to be a continuation of their last, Fancy Footwork, but with a band like Chromeo, that’s acceptable. Here, they maintain their funky electronic guitar riffs over simple, heavy beats, bestowing us with an album great to relax and foot tap to, or to go ballsout and get down to.

Drops: Aug. 24th

Drops: Aug 2nd

Drops: Aug. 24th words by: Katie Evans


Aug10Mag.indd 44-45

The immediate conclusion would be to Backed by the organist of dirty reggae juggarnuats The Aggrolites, Roger Rivas and Los Bullets crank out vintage reggae, layered with soul, funk, and R&B that remains as infectious as it is stylish. The musical IQ of the ensemble rings apparent in every song they deliver. Destined for bigger and better.

Mention this ad to save 13% off any one item!!


With a name like Elevators, it would be a bit ironic if the band resorted to anything less than an elevated state of musical integrity. Luckily for fans, this group shines with multi-genre hip hop that takes you on a journey that is far removed from the standard club knockers.

Drops: TBD SKINNIEMAGAZINE.COM • 45 7/30/10 12:21 PM


BITS & BYTES Strong Hopes for Ubisoft’s” Asssassin’s Creed” Franchise Based on reports by the people at Ubisoft, preorders for the title, “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood”, are up 20% compared to the preorders for “Assassin’s Creed II” this time last year. Since May 2010 the sequel has sold around 9 million units worldwide. Judging by the positive reception to the game’s e3 trailer, as well as the higher preorder numbers, it’s safe to say that this latest entry might be the highest selling in the series thus far. Once November 10th rolls around and the game is finally released we’ll see if this momentum pushes forward.


Metroid: Other M – Wii GENRE: Sci-Fi Action/Adventure Systems: Nintendo/Team Ninja

Retro Studios revolutionized the Metroid franchise with its bold, first-person shooter approach.Team Ninja takes the helm this time, offering an invigorating combination of third person and first person aspects for Samus’ latest outing. The gameplay is fast-paced, with a slew of new moves at Samus’ disposal.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Madden NFL 11

genre: RPG Systems: PSP Drops: AUG. 2010

genre: SPORTS Systems:ALL Drops: AUG. 2010

The original Kane & Lynch was a game full of promise, but fell short of the mark. This time around we find the duo in the midst of Shanghai, where over the course of two days and two nights they will be hunted by police and Shanghai’s shady resident underground mafia-esque group. The visual style is reminiscent to shaky videos found reminiscent to the film, Cloverfield.

Football buffs will surely be jonesing for yet another incarnation of the long-running Madden franchise. The time around they’re pulling out all the stops to give players the idea they’re playing a game in the pros. The game allows for three-on-three online play, improving upon the errors of the system implemented in the last title.


- Wii

Characters such as a Minotaur and a Gorgon are surefire bets for a kick-ass game; especially when the game pits these characters in one-on-one battles. Instead we get a lousy title with dismal controls that are as unresponsive as your partner when asking for afternoon delight. Disappointment guaranteed.


iPad vs. PSP vs. DS? It probably never crossed your mind to think that one day if your iPad (if you own one that is) would one day make your PSP or DS seem less interesting? Such might be the case since steady streams of games made popular via Facebook are making themselves available on the iPad. Plus with the PSP and DS rumored to switch to 3G platforms there could very well another battlefield on the horizon with a new competitor in tow. Sounds more epic than it actually is, but that just means more games for consumers to choose from. Kojima & MGS 5 It’s hard to dismiss Hideo Kojima’s name from the “Metal Gear” franchise because he was the pioneer that revolutionized the way games are played. Originally he stated the last title would be in fact his final game as director for the series. Yet in an interview with Famitsu magazine it turns out Kojima is working “on something great<

words by Alex Mendoza


Aug10Mag.indd 46-47



7/30/10 12:21 PM

Skinnie girl

Skinnie girl Meet August’s Skinnie Girl,

Brittany Herrera

Photographed by: Hair by: Ashlee Sundblad Makeup: Amanda Womack Photo Courtesy of



Aug10Mag.indd 48-49



7/30/10 12:22 PM


To many, the life of a club promoter might lean more towards leisure than work. Walking into clubs by skipping the line, free cocktails, an endless social pipeline, loud music, beautiful people, basically, turning that endless pursuit of a paycheck into crafting a reputation as the “it” person when it comes to nightlife fun. Where are the applications? For Southern California nightlife purveyors, Joe Scott and Ryan Thomas, the product might be the party, but the hours that go into the packaging remains the passion. Far removed from the cliché of party all night and sleep all day, the team have gone from aspiring promoters, to full fledged entrepreneurs. Earning a positive reputation in such a saturated market hasn’t come easy, but for Pure Evolution, a good time is serious business. What began as an idea of creating the ultimate nightlife experience for party goers has evolved into a full-fledged company that goes beyond the usual promotions of special nights at clubs, bars and lounges. Both have a background in promotions (Scott having been in the scene since 2000 and Thomas having more than six years of marketing experience under his belt) and joined forces in back in 2007 when they first met each other. What’s in a name? For the enterprising duo, Pure Evolution carries significant ties to both Scott and Thomas’ roots, as the moniker was initially a budding clothing line. “The line was named Pure Evolution Clothing and was carried in multiple stores throughout Southern California,” Thomas explains. “The inspiration behind the name was based on the concept that we are all constantly evolving, and the goal was to do it in the most pure way possible. We began doing a lot of fashion shows and sponsorships in the club scene, which is where I discovered the promotion industry. From there I began learning the business and helping with events every once in a while. After getting my feet wet and seeing the potential that this industry had, I decided to dedicate myself full time to it. I then met and partnered up with Joe Scott.” In just three short years, Thomas and Scott have cemented Pure Evolution as one the most sought after production companies in Southern California, no easy feat for a region often jaded to nightlife newcomers. Currently comprised of two primary managers, Rick Blackmon and Jimmy Phu, a team of more than 75 people in total, not including connecting and working with hundreds more in the scene, both Scott and Thomas have no plans of getting complacent.


They Got You Covered. Pure Evolution Productions’ Ryan Thomas and Joe Scott Go To Work by Kristie Bertucci

Not only do they produce some of the best weekly events, but they also provide amazing special event productions, party bus and limo services, Sin City extravaganza packages and have also opened up the hottest spot in Belmont Shores, EVO Lounge, which is currently at the top of their list of priorities and focuses at the moment. “There are three main aspects that set Pure Evolution apart from other nightlife companies,” Thomas explains. “First, we are one of the only companies that offer a wide range of events in different cities, whereas most companies only do events within their comfort zone or the city they live in or near. Second, is that we own and operate our own venue. Finally, we have a commitment to always being honest and upfront with everything. Promoters have a reputation of being shady in this business but we always make sure to live up to our reputation of being very trustworthy and always delivering on what we promise.”

After a Thursday night at EVO when Thomas and Scott hosted a special event for pro skateboarder Darrell Stanton’s newest skate video, I was able to witness firsthand just how dedicated these two are to their business. Although defined as promoters by nature, they acted more like businessmen in a meeting. Both made sure VIPs were taken care of, were running back and forth to handle any problems at the front door, and made sure to fix any hiccups that always seem to happen throughout the night—all without having a single drink or indulging the image of the sleazy promoter we have all ran into. “Sure, there are some nights where we’ll have a drink or two by the end of the night, but for the most part, we aren’t here to party,” Thomas says. “We are always here on the busiest nights and make sure that business is taken care of first.” It’s this kind of dedication that segued from Scott and Thomas working with Southern California venues, to running their own. Taking what used to be a dive bar on the very bar-populated 2nd Street in Belmont Shores, both have transformed the place into a very plush, upscale lounge vibe that is currently the only place on the 2nd Street strip to offer bottle service and a dance floor. Having barely opened January of this year, the place has already become the destination in town, usually reaching capacity by 11 pm on any given night. “When Ryan and I became managing partners there on New Years Eve 2010, we got to see our dream and idea come to life,” Scott explains. “I’m guessing having a child would be a good analogy. It’s great to see where it has already come to, and I’m very excited to see what happens next.” Thinking outside the box and going beyond the realm of club promotions Scott and Thomas recently added party packages and Vegas trips to the scope of Pure Evolution’s business offerings. “I have been going to Vegas all of my life, and with the amount of clubs and party people in Vegas everyday, this was an easy transition,” Scott explains on how the Vegas idea arose. “Our reputation in Southern California has afforded us some great connections in Las Vegas. The plan is by 2011, we will have access to every hotel and nightclub in Vegas.” Injecting some responsibility into nightlife, Pure Evolution began a limousine and party bus service as a way to look out for close friends who wanted to party in outside their proximity without having to worry about drunk driving. “Unlike other companies, we offer the transportation, drinks on board and can have our VIP hosts walk our guests into almost any club in Southern California without having to wait in any lines or pay a cover charge. The real benefit is eliminating the worry of driving, we want our guests to have fun and continue to,” Thomas describes. The kicker is this, Thomas and Scott, have managed to stay very real people, despite their high-profile jobs. Always surrounded by dedicated friends and loving family members, both see each person they meet as a potential friend instead of a networking possibility. “I learned long ago that you have to look at every person you meet as a potential lifelong friend, not just a customer,” Scott says. “Most of the people that I’m friends with today, I’ve met doing what I love to do: putting a smile on someone’s face, making their birthday the best ever, creating a memory they will never forget or just having someone say ‘Thank you, I had a great time.’ That’s really what we are doing this for.”



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OZZY OSBOURNE @ Amoeba Records

INDEX ________________________________________________________________ LOS ANGELES




p.058 Weekly Club Listings

p.062 Weekly Club Listings

p.064 Weekly Club Listings


p.066 Weekly Club Listings

p.068 Weekly Club Listings

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

p.059 KROQ’S Weenie Roast p.060 Ink-N-Iron Festival

To Receive Updates on Skinnie Scene Club Listings or To Submit Your Events, E-mail: to be Added to Our Weekly Skinnie E-blasts.



Aug10Mag.indd 54-55



7/30/10 12:22 PM



Photos Courtesy of Karen Curley, Amanda Davies, Sean Myers

LA CALENDAR 08.02.10 Bret Michaels @ UCLA Tennis Center

08.03.10 Circa Survive @ Bootleg Theater, LA

08.06.10- Silversun Pickups @ The Greek Theater, LA Ozzy Osbourne @ Amoeba Records

08.07.10 Hardfest w/ Crystal Castles, Major Lazer @ Los Angeles State Historic Park

08.07.10- Ringo Starr and His All Star Band @ The Greek Theater 08.11.10- Empire of The Sun @ The Music box, LA

08.26.10 Mai Tai DJ RUMBLE Finals! @ Mai Tai Bar, Long Beach



Aug10Mag.indd 56-57



7/30/10 12:22 PM


SKINNIE SCENE LOS Angeles Nitty gritty

Rage Against The Machine - Sound strike

@ The Hollywood Palladiu, Photos By Karen Curey



Aug10Mag.indd 58-59



7/30/10 12:22 PM





Photos Courtesy of

Las Vegas for Labor Day


Go GLAMOROUS at the Palms All Weekend There is no better place to close out the summer than Las Vegas. The N9NE Group’s, Sol Shafer, gives the details on GLAMOROUS at The Palms - more than a party, a Labor Day weekend experience. Labor Day Weekend is yet another destination weekend in Las Vegas. What is the plan for Glamorous in terms of being a draw other than music? Glamorous draws for a combinations of reasons. Top quality DJ’s, over the top production and an affordable experience. When you have all of these things in place it makes it easy for someone wanting to come out for the weekend to choose the Palms.

08.05.10 Ludacris @ Pool At The Palms 08.07.10- Blood, Sweat & Tears @ Cannery Casino Hotel 08.08.10- Kid Sister @ TAO Beach at the Venetian 08.08.10- Kid Sister @ TAO Beach at the Venetian

In terms of production, what are the themes going into this weekend experience? We always try and go for something new and fresh that people will remember for a very long time. I am not going to give away our secrets and suggest you stop by and see firsthand why we are the industry leaders at what we do.

08.13.10- Lady Gaga @ MGM Grand Garden Arena 08.14.10- “Lost 80’s Live” with Flock of Seagulls, When In Rome, and more @ Mandalay Bay Beach

Benny Benassi, BT, Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Eddie Halliwell, John O’Callaghan, Gareth Emery, The Crystal Method and Donald Glaude - this is an all star roster of dance music’s best. What was the determining factor in selecting talent for this weekend considering the heavy competition?

When putting this together on paper in the initial stages we wanted to make sure that we gave people a little taste of everything within a very short period of time like festivals do. This makes it very appealing to people that all love different styles of music. A little taste of a lot is sometimes better than a lot of one taste. How would you best describe this weekend for the first time attendee to Las Vegas’ Labor Day festivities? Bring plenty of sunscreen, come well rested and make sure you pace yourself and drink plenty of water. It’s hot out here! Are there any particular artists you are especially excited to see perform during Glamorous? I have two very close friends on the bill that I am always excited to see. Eddie Halliwell who always delivers one crazy amazing set that certainly worth watching. And of course Markus Schulz that steps up to the plate every time with his massive pumping trance sounds. Yeah I have goose bumps already!

08.18.10 Bob Dylan @ Colosseum at Caesars Palace 08.19.10- Vertical Horizon @ Rio Suite Hotel & Casino

08.20.10 ZZ Top @ Las Vegas Hilton




Aug10Mag.indd 60-61



7/30/10 12:22 PM


SKINNIE SCENE orange county

Photos Courtesy of Erik Faiivae, Angela Jugon, Amanda Davies and Christian Sosa


08.02.10 Matisyahu @ HOB Anaheim


08.06.10- Norm MacDonald @ The Improv, Irvine 08.08.10- Blondie @ OC Fair, Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa 08.11.10- Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, OC Fair, Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa 08.13.10- Rush @ Verizon Amphitheater, Irvine

08.15.10- Ted Nugent @ HOB Anaheim, Orange County 08.24.10- John Mayer @ Verizon Amphitheater, Irvine

08.31.10 Green Day w/ AFI @ Verizon Amphitheater, Irvine



Aug10Mag.indd 62-63



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Photos Courtesy of


08.01.10 Soilwork @ Ramona Mainstage



Intervention @ The Hard Rock

Intervention @ The Hard Rock



Intervention @ The Hard Rock

Intervention @ The Hard Rock



08.07.10- Ludacris @ Belly Up Tavern (Solana Beach) 08.07.10- Silversun Pickups @ SOMA

08.14.10 Coheed & Cambria @ 4th and B

08.16.10- Chromeo @ HOB 08.20.10- Bill Maher @ Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay 08.21.10- Weezer @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheater 08.22.10- Cyndi Lauper @ HOB

08.25.10 John Mayer @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheater



Aug10Mag.indd 64-65



7/30/10 12:22 PM


SKINNIE SCENE Inland empire

Photos Courtesy of Erik Faiivae, Angela Jugon

IE CALENDAR 8.06.10- The Donnas @ The Glass House, Pomona 8.06.10- Jeffree Star @ The Vault, Temecula

08.11.10 Billy Idol @ Pechanga Resort and Casinol

8.11.10 Vans Warped Tour w/Andrew W.K., Sum 41, The Casualties @ Fairplex, Pomona

Sundaze @ The Pool

8.12.10- BB King w/Buddy Guy @ San Manuel Casino 8.14.10- Lewis Black @ Pala Casino Spa and Resort, Pala 8.14.10- Ozzfest w/Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue @ San Manuel Amphitheater, Devore

08.21.10 Rock The Bells w/ Lauryn Hill, Wu-Tang Clan and Rakim @ NOS Event Center, San



Aug10Mag.indd 66-67



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Aug10Mag.indd 68-69



7/30/10 12:22 PM



Aug10Mag.indd 70-71



7/30/10 12:22 PM



Aug10Mag.indd 72-73



7/30/10 12:22 PM



Aug10Mag.indd 74-75



7/30/10 12:22 PM



Aug10Mag.indd 76-77

7/30/10 12:22 PM


August 2010 • ISSUE #103

7/30/10 12:23 PM Aug10Mag.indd 78-79




Aug10Mag.indd 80

7/30/10 12:23 PM

Skinnie Magazine Issue 103  


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