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These words hardly seem like enough to express appreciation to the generous community that has supported the good work of the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation for the past 25 years and raised nearly $13 million!

June 28, 2013 10 a.m.

Skagit Golf & Country Club Burlington, Washington To support Cancer Care and Cardiac Care at Skagit Valley Hospital

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As we celebrate “A Quarter Century of Giving,” we can see the Foundation’s numerous contributions to the quality of health care throughout Skagit Valley Hospital. Patients and families may not realize it, but the Foundation’s good work is all around them and the fingerprints of this army of dedicated volunteers can be found throughout our facilities. Much of their work is in the form of tangible items to advance patient care and provide comfort, such as: • Rocking chairs and a fetal monitoring system in the Family Birth Center. • Fully funding the Sunrise Inn, a home away from home for patients and families. • A $4 million capital campaign to equip the comprehensive Regional Cancer Care Center with the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment. • Seed money for construction and continuing support for the Skagit Valley Kidney Center. • A $1 million contribution to create a new inpatient Mental Health Center. • An amazing fine art program featuring more than 350 works by Northwest artists. Some of the efforts are less obvious, but no less important, including: • A patient assistance fund for cancer care patients who need financial support. • A staff education fund to provide support for continuing learning and growth by hospital staff. • A teaching hospital fund to provide support for students and residents in training at Skagit Valley Hospital.

After 25 years, the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation’s work continues as they are currently raising $350,000 for the remodel of space to relocate the Cardiac Care Special Observation Unit, a project that will be complete in Fall 2013. Our generous community is also reflected in the good works of the Skagit Valley Hospital Guild, the Skagit Valley Hospital Auxiliary, the Hospice of the Northwest Foundation, the J.E.M. Guild, the Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends and the more than 550 volunteers who spend time helping in countless ways. Congratulations and thank you to the current Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees made up of 25 amazing volunteers; to the 113 people who have served on the Board and the 13 who stepped up as president; to the outstanding Foundation staff including Executive Director Linda Frizzell, Development Coordinator Wendy Ragusa and Development Associate Becky Wells; and, to the thousands of donors, many who are listed in this magazine, for their generous and compassionate support of quality health care here in our community. You have all contributed to a lasting legacy of excellence in health care, right here, close to home.

Gregg Agustín Davidson, FACHE Chief Executive Officer

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spring/summer 2013 / Volume 10 / Issue 2

HealthQuest HealthQuest is published three times a year by Skagit Regional Health and the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation.


In Person: Main entrance located on Hospital Parkway in Mount Vernon. By Mail: P.O. Box 1376 Mount Vernon, WA 98273 Phone: 360-424-4111 Fax: 360-814-2416 On the Web: Physician Referral Line: 360-848-5555 or 360-629-5850

SKAGIT REGIONAL CLINICS Anacortes: 360-293-0308 Anacortes Urology: 360-293-2173 Camano Island: 360-387-5398 Cardiology: 360-336-9757 Mount Vernon: 360-428-2500 Mount Vernon Urology: 360-424-7991 Oak Harbor: 360-814-6200 Sedro-Woolley: 360-856-4222 Stanwood: 360-629-1600


Foundation reaches milestone, Celebrates ‘A quarter century of giving’

Rehabilitation Services

By Mail: P.O. Box 1376 Mount Vernon, WA 98273 Phone: 360-814-2146 Fax: 360-814-2445 The Breast Institute 360-814-8148 SKAGIT VALLEY KIDNEY CENTER AND WOUND HEALING CENTER 208 Hospital Parkway Mount Vernon, WA Kidney: 360-814-8260 Wound: 360-814-2600

For additional copies or more information, contact Outreach and Media Coordinator Linda Wright at 360-814-2325 or go to our Web site at


Skagit Valley Hospital offers comprehensive program


Healthcare reform and you

Community, patients, providers to partner on health, wellness

Cascade Skagit Health Alliance Arlington: 360-618-5000

SKAGIT VALLEY HOSPITAL REGIONAL CANCER CARE CENTER In Person: 307 South 13th St., Ste. 100 Mount Vernon, WA

A generous community


2012 annual report showcases 25th anniversary HealthQuest Classes


HealthQuest Classes


HealthQuest Class


Stanwood and Camano Island

COVER PHOTO Current and past presidents of the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees gather for a group photo. See page 5 for their names.

Mount Vernon Registration

Photo by Linda Wright HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Over the past 25 years the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation has raised nearly $13 million and touched thousands of lives. The Foundation’s work can be found throughout the hospital and clinics from the rocking chairs in the Family Birth Center and blanket warmers in kidney dialysis to the state-of-the-art radiation therapy equipment and spacious new Mental Health Center. The Foundation’s work stretches from fine art and staff education to the Sunrise Inn hospitality house and the Children’s Therapy Program. “We are so deeply appreciative for the great work of the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation and the many dedicated volunteers who put in countless hours to raise friends and funds to benefit our ability to provide quality health care services to the patients we are honored to serve,” said Gregg Davidson, Chief Executive Officer of Skagit Regional Health. “We are fortunate to live in a generous community that continues to support the fine work of the Foundation. Since its creation, the Foundation’s “finger prints” are over many essential projects that would not have happened without their support.” Established in 1988 by then hospital Communications Director Diane Morton, the Foundation supports efforts large and small. The


Skagit regional health

largest effort was the Foundation’s $4 million capital campaign that helped to equip the comprehensive Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center. The center opened in December 2006, with the latest technology including a PET/ CT scanner for diagnosis and linear accelerators for radiation therapy. At an individual level, the Foundation also has a Patient Assistance Fund to help cancer patients in need of a helping hand. “The Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation has generously provided assistance to our cancer patients when they need it the most,” said Director of Oncology Barb Jensen, RN, BSN, MBA. “They have helped us meet patient needs from funding purchases of state-of-the-art equipment to improve patient care to assistance with utility bills and transportation costs. The Foundation has and continues to support the Regional Cancer Care Center in delivering excellent, personalized care to the patients of our community.” Support for kidney dialysis has been a longstanding cause for the Foundation, which assisted the beginnings of dialysis services within the hospital and continued with a

$500,000 contribution to build the freestanding Skagit Valley Kidney Center in 1992. Foundation efforts continue this year with a lobby remodel and the addition of a glass vestibule, shared by dialysis and wound healing patients, funded by the Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends.

“The Foundation made it possible to provide dialysis services in Skagit County, and has continued to support our growth over the years,” said Patsy Good, RN, who was part of the original kidney dialysis team 20 years ago. “We started out with six patients back in 1992 and now serve 115 patients three times a week on hemodialysis and 25 patients on peritoneal dialysis, a home therapy, all of which are life sustaining treatments.” A major recent project for the Foundation was the $1 million contribution to provide a new inpatient Mental Health Center in remodeled space at Skagit Valley Hospital. The new facility, with private patient rooms, opened in 2012 with funding also provided by the state and federal governments and the hospital. “The Foundation has done so much for the Mental Health Center and the patients we serve,” said Clinical Manager Shelly Scarboro, RN, BSN, BC. “Without the generosity of the Foundation, we would not have this amazing new facility. This is an incredible contribution to making our center safe and therapeutic for our patients and our staff.” The Family Birth Center has also been a frequent recipient of Foundation funds. “The Foundation has supported us in purchasing our rocking chairs and completing the furnishing of our Murphy beds in all our rooms. Without their financial support we would

not have a completed unit with the many comforts for our patients and their families,” said Pat Proctor, RN, MSN, Director of Family Birth Center and Medical Pediatric unit. “We appreciate all the hard work they do for our hospital.” Members of the Public Hospital District No. 1 Board of Commissioners also express gratitude for the generosity and support to the Foundation that ultimately benefits the patients and families served by Skagit Valley Hospital and Skagit Regional Clinics. “The support the Foundation provides to the hospital goes way beyond the financial resources; it goes to the core of who we are, a community hospital serving the needs of our residents,” said Commissioner Bruce Lisser. “The Foundation represents a cross section of our community and prides itself in serving the hospital’s needs and those we serve. The Foundation is there in so many places providing the little extras that create a nurturing environment. We are blessed to have such a wonderfully committed group of community members to support our hospital and the healing environment they have helped to create.” Commissioner Balisa Koetje notes the Foundation’s board, volunteers, staff including Linda Frizzell, Wendy Ragusa and Becky Wells, and contributors “demonstrate a selfless commitment to the availability of quality health care services in our community.” “Now, 25 years and $13 million later, we are very appreciative,” Koetje said. “We are thankful for the for the time, energy and commitment in providing the best for our community.”

Current and past presidents of the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees. Front row, seated, from left: Steve Harmon, Jaynie Roozen (current president) and Corey Mendoza. Second row, from left, Vicki Cooley, Hebeltje Dykstra and Chris Cammock; back row, Debra Lisser, Mary Hudson, Judi Seegert, Lou Kupka-Schutt, Tony Pickering and Fran Hansen.

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Joel Meckstroth, ARNP, and Devyn Nixon, LPN assist Jim Mitchell with a cardiac assessment.

Investigations in Cardiology:

Tests help doctors diagnose heart disease Cardiologists spend significant time using tests to investigate possible diagnoses, determine the etiology or origination of a patient’s symptoms, define risk factors, monitor disease progression, evaluate associated co-morbidities and make a prognosis. Each test is used to determine if the structure, function, perfusion (blood flow) or conduction of the heart is working in a normal, healthy way. “That’s cardiology in a nutshell,” said Vidhu Paliwal, MD of Skagit Regional Clinics. “If I know those four things, I know what is going on inside my patient’s heart.” Many cardiac diagnoses have similar symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness and even leg pain. “Chest pain can come from hundreds of causes,” said Dr. Paliwal. Using the symptoms as a guide, the cardiologist will prioritize which tests will be best for the patient.


Skagit regional health

As a cardiologist, Dr. Paliwal’s role is to then narrow down the list of potential diagnoses and form an impression, called a clinical diagnosis. From there, he uses specialized tests to substantiate the diagnosis, he said. Here are some of the routine tests your cardiologist may order when trying to diagnose a cardiac issue. The structure and function of the heart and the blood flow within the heart can be assessed using the following tests:

♥ Echocardiography ♥ Doppler Ultrasound ♥ Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) ♥ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) ♥ Computed Tomography (CT Scan) Electrical (conduction) problems in the heart can be identified using:

♥ Electrocardiograms (ECG or EKG) ♥ Electrophysiology Studies (EPS) ♥ Holter Monitoring

Some tests are used to show problems with circulation in the coronary arteries and how blood is pumped through the heart and body:

♥ Cardiac Catheterization ♥ Coronary Angiogram ♥ Exercise Stress Tests ♥ Nuclear Stress Test ♥ Stress Echocardiography ♥ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) ♥ Computed Tomography (CT Scan) ♥ Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan) The results of the test(s) help to confirm the clinical diagnosis and treatment options are discussed with the patient. Dr. Paliwal noted that tests are often repeated after a diagnosis is confirmed to ensure that the treatment plan is working. Patients with cardiac concerns are encouraged to speak with their healthcare provider who can refer them to a cardiologist if needed. For more information about Skagit Regional Clinics – Cardiology call 360-336-9757 or 360-293-0308.

SRC cardiologists bring heart health message Skagit Regional Clinics Cardiologist Yelena Rosenberg, MD and Interventional Cardiologist Elizabeth Gauer, MD provided more than 100 people with a message about heart health and prevention at the Women’s Health Luncheon Feb. 13 at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon. The two physicians discussed signs and symptoms of heart disease among women, along with the need for patients to be engaged in their health and wellness and for providers to be watchful on behalf of their patients. “For my patients, I know persistence pays off. Being consistent and sticking with the program pays off,” Dr. Rosenberg said. “This is truly a topic that is near and dear to my heart because heart disease is the number one killer of American women.” Knowing your numbers, including blood pressure and cholesterol, along with a healthy diet that is filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lower fat and sodium, plus exercise are all beneficial to heart health. Dr. Gauer reinforced the importance of physical activity. “Exercise is very good,” she said. “Get out and move.”

Schedule a Screening Today 360-814-2424 It’s fast and easy. So much so, you’ll walk away with all test results in-hand. Just $39, call 360-814-2424 for more information.

Comprehensive cancer care; close to home Cancer care is advancing rapidly. Physicians and staff at the Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center provide patients with the latest evidence-based cancer treatment available in convenient locations in Mount Vernon and Arlington / Smokey Point. The Regional Cancer Care Center’s team of cancer experts meets weekly to review and discuss treatment options, incorporating a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals to develop an individualized plan for each patient. Medical oncology is available at Mount Vernon and Smokey Point, while radiation oncology, using high-energy X-rays to treat tumors, is available in Mount Vernon. The Breast Institute connects newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with the right specialists at the right time, so patients receive rapid, accurate and organized information regarding treatment options. Care is coordinated by a patient navigator who assures that patients are seen by a team of highly trained and educated physicians, all committed to a patient’s recovery from diagnosis through treatment.

Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. These accreditations are key indicators regarding the quality, safety and clinical excellence of a program, requiring a cancer care center demonstrate comprehensive care, including a full range of stateof-the-art services; a multidisciplinary team approach to coordinate the best treatment options and has access to information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options. The Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center is a network member of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), which brings together the best of three internationally renowned cancer-care institutions: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine, and Seattle Children’s. This formal relationship with SCCA provides physicians with access to clinical trials and the latest in diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

The Regional Cancer Care Center has received accreditation with commendation from the American College of Surgeons and The Breast Institute is accredited by the National

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


New SRC neurologist has local connection Skagit Regional Clinics recently welcomed the addition of neurologist Peter Struck, MD. Dr. Struck knew from a young age that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and become a physician. Since childhood, Dr. Struck always enjoyed solving puzzles and was fascinated with how the mind works. As a graduate of Mount Vernon High School and the University of Washington with a degree in philosophy, he further deepened his interest in problem solving. During his time at Chicago Medical School, he determined that the field of neurology was the best fit for him. Neurology encompasses a broad field of impairments including stroke, seizures, headaches, and brain tumors. Dr. Struck completed his neurology residency training at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. “Neurology is very intellectually stimulating,” said Dr. Struck. Each of

his patients is like a puzzle. He is able to pull information from the patient’s history and description of their symptoms to form a diagnosis and care plan. In addition, he enjoys the personal interaction with each of his patients. Dr. Struck completed a neurophysiology fellowship at State University of New York in Syracuse, which focused on the relationship between brain activity and activity of the nervous system. He treats patients suffering from a variety of neurologic conditions, though his special interests are in treating patients with peripheral neuropathies or radiculopathies (types of nerve damage), myasthenia gravis and ALS. In addition, Dr. Struck treats many patients who suffer from frequent headaches.

“I enjoy seeing the relief that comes with treating chronic, longstanding headaches,” he said. During his training, he performed a clinical rotation at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, which is one of the premier headache centers in the country. There he was exposed to leading edge treatments that he hopes to offer to his patients in the near future. Botox is one new treatment option for patients with chronic migraines that was recently approved by the FDA and is covered by many insurance plans. This is an option for those who have exhausted medication management for their migraines, said Dr. Struck. The field of neurology is always evolving because much of the brain is uncharted territory, Dr. Struck said. Over the last 10 years, novel drugs have become available to treat neurologic conditions. This is great news for Dr. Struck and his patients who benefit from greater treatment options. In his free time, Dr. Struck enjoys listening to classical music, hiking, playing tennis and golfing.

Skagit Regional Clinics welcomes new neurosurgeons Nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults have suffered from back pain during their life. When back and neck problems do not go away on their own, patients can be referred by their primary care provider to a neurosurgeon who can determine if surgical intervention is necessary. Skagit Regional Clinics offers neurosurgery three days per week with the recent addition of Dr. David Baker and Dr. Barry Landau. David Goldman, MD has been caring for neurosurgery patients at SRC


Skagit regional health

since the program was established more than a year ago. David Baker, MD received his medical degree at Tulane University School of Medicine followed by a Neurological Surgery residency and fellowship at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. Barry Landau, MD attended the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington and received Neurological Surgery residency training at Northwestern University in Chicago.

David Goldman, MD received his medical degree at the University of Missouri in Columbia. He went on to complete a Neurological Surgery residency at the University of Missouri Hospital and fellowship training at Oregon Health Sciences University. All three physicians are certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. They also work at Fourth Corner Neurosurgery in Bellingham.

Certification Hospice Medical Directors achieve board certification in hospice and palliative medicine The advancing fields of Hospice and Palliative Medicine specialize in providing care for individuals with serious illnesses. Whether offering expert management of pain and other symptoms, education and guidance with difficult medical choices, or emotional and spiritual support, the goal is to improve the quality of life for both patient and family. Hospice and Palliative Medicine was officially recognized as a new medical subspecialty in 2006, with the first board certification exam administered in 2008. Three local physicians recently became board certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Drs. Leslie Estep, Janet Hansom, and Edwin Stickle all serve as Assistant Medical Directors for Hospice of the Northwest. In order to be eligible to sit for the exam, candidates were required to demonstrate at least 800 hours of clinical involvement in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Preparation for the exam, in addition to clinical work, included continuing medical education courses, self-study and mentoring by Hospice Medical Directors Paul Johnson, MD and Anita Meyer, MD. The recent exam was the last time physicians were able to achieve board certification without completing a medical fellowship.

In addition to her Hospice of the Northwest position, Leslie Estep, MD practices at North Cascade Family Physicians in Mount Vernon and serves on the Palliative Care Consult Team at Skagit Valley Hospital. She said she believes strongly in forming a partnership with her patients; treating each of them as an individual, a family member and part of the community. She also enjoys collaborating with other providers. “One of the things I value most about palliative and hospice care is the opportunity to work as part of an interdisciplinary team,” Dr. Estep said. Janet Hansom, MD, also practices at North Cascade Family Physicians. She said she sees hospice and palliative care certification as a natural extension of her family medicine career and an opportunity to expand her expertise. “I feel this part of medical care often gets lost in the maze of technical choices we are presented with when disease becomes complex,” Dr. Hansom said. “I have always seen my role as a family physician to help my patients achieve their optimum quality of life. Greater knowledge in the field of Palliative Medicine can only help me enhance that ability.”

(Above) Assistant Hospice Medical Directors, from left, Edwin Stickle, MD, Janet Hansom, MD and Leslie Estep, MD are joined by Medical Directors Anita Meyer, MD and Paul Johnson, MD. Maintaining a practice at Physicians Care Family Medicine in Sedro-Woolley and serving on the Palliative Care Team, Edwin Stickle, MD said he strives to meet patients in whatever phase of life they find themselves. Keeping current on advances in medicine is another goal. Obtaining the Hospice and Palliative Medicine certification will enable him to do both. “The care of the dying is a special skill, and it’s helpful to learn from the accumulated experience of thousands of other doctors across the country who are taking care of the same types of patients,” Dr. Stickle said. Hospice of the Northwest is a nonprofit, Medicare certified agency offering services in Skagit, Island, San Juan and Snohomish counties. The organization, along with the Hospice of the Northwest Foundation, recently relocated to 227 Freeway Drive, #A in Mount Vernon. The phone numbers remain the same: 360-814-5550 and 1-800-894-5877. Palliative Care Consult Services at Skagit Valley Hospital can be reached at 360-814-5351.

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Full service physical, speech and occupational therapy “In most cases, we’re able to restore function back to normal,” Steffan said. Therapists also assist patients with a range of unique conditions including: Lymphedema, characterized by swelling from damage to lymph nodes that often follows cancer surgery.

Skagit Valley Hospital is home to a comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Department offering physical, speech, occupational and hand therapy with the goal of restoring function and quality to patients’ lives. Physical therapy is often prescribed following orthopedic surgery and will begin shortly after surgery while the patient is in the hospital and will continue on an outpatient basis in the hospital’s well-appointed gym and Rehabilitation Services Department. “All the research shows that there can be complications from bed rest and immobility,” said Physical Therapist Kerrie Steffan. “People need to get up and move and we’re here to help make that happen.” Physical therapy helps patients restore range of motion, gain strength, reduce pain and regain the ability for everyday tasks, work or sports. Often chronic pain patients are able to decrease or eliminate medications.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), which can be treated with vestibular therapy to help patients decrease dizziness. “We can ‘cure’ them of their dizziness usually in one or two visits,” Steffan said. Women’s health is for women dealing with urinary incontinence and/or pelvic pain. Patients planning to have a total joint replacement are encouraged to attend Skagit Valley Hospital’s Total Joint Replacement Class (see page 35) which provides each patient with a post-op plan that will get them up and moving quickly, which is key to recovery. “I love it when people go to the total joint class because they know how to prepare, what to expect when we come in to see them in the hospital and have a plan for their full recovery,” Steffan said. Many patients see physical therapists as a result of an injury or chronic pain. Therapy sessions last 45 minutes and

(Above) Certified Hand Therapist Neil Plume, OT, CHT, works with patient Berit Schweiss. Right, Physical Therapist Lindsay Kizinkewich assists Carol Crawford as he walks with a cane.


Skagit regional health

are often scheduled for four to 12 weeks, which allows the therapists and patients to get to know each other. “I will need to have surgery to repair a torn ligament in my thumb,” said Berit Schweiss, who is working with certified hand therapist Neil Plume, OT, CHT to keep her thumb in alignment to prevent orthopedic changes until the surgery can be done. “It has been fantastic to work with Neil. He explains everything thoroughly, is helpful and fun.”

HealthGrades awards: Three years in a row!

• Joint Replacement Excellence Award™ High school athlete Armando Reyes started physical therapy at Skagit Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services on the recommendation of his physician due to an MCL tear in his knee incurred during a basketball game. Reyes says he has been working with many of the therapists. “It’s fun and a different workout every time,” he said. “They have been focusing on balancing, bending, and strengthening. I play basketball and football and want to play at the college level.” One of Reyes’ therapists, Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT, says that the therapists have been focusing on high-level sports-specific agility and coordination exercises to help him return to sports. “Right now, I want to get better fast for football,” Reyes said. “My knee is feeling much better.” Carl Crawford, who also works with Kizinkewich, found a professional, friendly environment at the hospital’s Rehabilitation Department. Crawford was a parapalegic from a non-traumatic spinal cord injury that happened in February 2012 and spent seven weeks at Harborview in Seattle. Following the spinal cord injury he was wheelchair bound, and progressed to walking with a walker with physical therapy. “I came to Skagit Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services in April 2012 for therapy and was doing really well; I was able to walk without a cane. Unfortunately, in July 2012 I broke my hip so I needed to come back for additional therapy,” said Crawford, who is currently able to walk a short distance with a cane. “The first time I came here I said to my wife D.J. (Donna Jean), ‘we’ll never look anyplace else!’ All the therapists

(Above) High school athlete Armando Reyes goes through some exercises to build balance and strength under the watchful eye of Physical Therapist Lindsay Kizinkewich.

here are really professional, they know what they’re doing and they make it a fun place to come. They’re doing a great job here!” Speech pathologists work with a wide range of disorders related to strokes, head injuries and other neurological impairments. This may include problems related to speech, language, and/or cognition. Speech deficits may include slurred, hard-tounderstand speech. Language disorders may encompass reading, writing, word-finding and understanding information. Cognitive deficits include problems with memory, attention, problem-solving and executive functioning (organization/ planning/initiation). Therapy often focuses on retraining skills, learning compensatory techniques, home activities and education. Our therapists work with a variety of impairments that involve voice and/or swallowing. Diagnoses may include, but are not limited to: head and neck cancer, vocal nodules, aspiration pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease. Therapists can help with vocal hoarseness, gastroesophageal reflux, chronic throat clearing or coughing, vocal cord dysfunction, food or liquids getting “stuck” or going down the “wrong pipe.” Therapy may consist of diet texture modification, instruction in compensatory strategies, therapeutic exercises, electrical stimulation, and ongoing education.

• Ranked among the top five in Washington for overall orthopedic services and joint replacement

Two years in a row! • Skagit Valley Hospital ranked as one of HealthGrades America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Joint Replacement™ • Ranked among the top 5% in the nation for Joint Replacement • Recipient of the HealthGrades Gynecologic Surgery Excellence Award™ and rated among the top 10% in the nation for Gynecologic Surgery • Ranked among the top 5 in Washington for Gynecologic Surgery

Five-star service! Skagit Valley Hospital received fivestar ratings from HealthGrades for 2013 in the following categories: • Overall Orthopedic Services • Joint Replacement • Spine Surgery • Total Knee Replacement • Total Hip Replacement • Back and Neck Surgery • Carotid Surgery • Gynecologic Surgery

For more information about the Skagit Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services Department, call 360-814-2184. HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Skagit Regional Health seeks volunteers for Patient and Family Advisory Council

Skagit Regional Health to join

Mayor’s Wellness Challenge Skagit Regional Health will once again join in the Mount Vernon Mayor’s Wellness Challenge in August and September with weekly events at Skagit Valley Hospital. The first Mayor’s Wellness Challenge in August 2012 drew 1,500 participants during 31 days of free events designed to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy community. Skagit Regional Health will offer free wellness events each Wednesday from mid-August to mid-September at Skagit Valley Hospital in tandem with the weekly Farmers’ Market on the Kincaid Street lawn.

Farmers’ Market at Skagit Valley Hospital Skagit Valley Hospital will again host the Wednesday Mount Vernon Farmers’ Market on the Kincaid Street Lawn at the hospital featuring a variety of fresh produce and locally prepared foods. The market will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays from June 5 to September 25.


Skagit regional health

For more information about the Mayor’s Wellness Challenge, go to aspx?NID=93. For more information from Skagit Regional Health, go to www. and click on Sign up for e-News to register for our quarterly e-newsletters on health and wellness. (Above) Mount Vernon Mayor Jill Boudreau leads a group on a noontime walk at Skagit Valley Hospital in August 2012. The hospital will again host events each Wednesday during the Mayor’s Wellness Challenge in August and September.

Skagit Regional Health is forming a Patient and Family Advisory Council to foster an ongoing conversation and partnership between health care providers, patients, family members and community representatives. With a strong commitment to providing quality care and a positive patient experience, Skagit Regional Health staff, nurses and providers would like to hear from patients and their family members who have received care at Skagit Valley Hospital and Skagit Regional Clinics. The council, which will meet monthly, will offer a forum to discuss and initiate programs, policies, and health care service to improve patient satisfaction and the healthcare experience. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, contact Patient Relations Coordinator Noelle Couvreur, RN, BSN at 360-814-2312 or via e-mail at

Plumb noted that approximately 18,000 CT procedures are performed annually at Skagit Valley Hospital. He anticipates that number will continue to rise with the addition of the new CT unit, which will enhance capacity, increase scheduling flexibility and will improve service to the Emergency Department, which is the hospital department that most frequently orders CT studies.

New CT scanner improves images, benefits patients Skagit Valley Hospital will be adding a new Computerized Tomography or “CT” scanner this spring. The Siemens Definition 64-slice unit is a joint purchase between Skagit Valley Hospital and Skagit Radiology. The new equipment will reduce radiation exposure to patients by 30 (Above) Lead CT Tech Jason Plumb assists a patient with a CT scan at Skagit Valley Hospital, where a second CT scanner will be ready for service in late April.

percent on CT studies that will take less time and provide improved images. “This represents a great technology upgrade for Skagit Valley Hospital,” said Ray Schemm, Director of Diagnostic Imaging for Skagit Regional Health. Jason Plumb, the hospital’s lead CT Tech, agreed noting that the new CT unit offers “faster acquisition and reconstruction of images.” Images can be interpreted with results sent to the ordering physician sooner, which is another benefit to the patient.

CT scans are used as a way to visualize internal structures, particularly in the case of traumatic injuries, but can also be useful in determining why patients suffer from chronic pain. “The CT offers a quick look at internal structures, including bone and soft tissue,” explained Schemm. The new 64-slice CT machine offers a faster scanning speed, which eliminates poor images due to motion. This is especially beneficial for pediatric patients or those who have difficulty holding still for long periods of time. “The addition of this new unit complements the excellent, highly trained technologists we have on staff at Skagit Valley Hospital,” said Schemm. For information about all the diagnostic tests available at Skagit Valley Hospital, go to

Construction begins at new Mount Vernon clinic Skagit Regional Health continues to grow the network of clinics as a way to improve access to health care services for the region. Construction is under way on the new 39,000-square foot Skagit Regional Clinics – Riverbend, located at 2320 Freeway Drive in Mount Vernon. The new clinic, to open in May 2014, will provide extended hours Urgent Care, open weekends and holidays. This means Skagit Regional Clinics will have two Urgent Care facilities in Mount Vernon, including the existing clinic at 1400 E. Kincaid, for patient convenience.

In addition, services at the new Skagit Regional Clinics - Riverbend location will include:

• Pediatrics • Dermatology • Lab • Pharmacy • X-ray

Pediatrics and dermatology will relocate from existing space at Skagit Regional Clinics on Kincaid Street, across from Skagit Valley Hospital. The $15.5 million project will be paid for with revenue bonds to be issued by Public Hospital District No. 1, Skagit Valley Hospital, and cash reserves.

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Healthcare Reform andYou By Connie Davis, MD Chief Medical Officer, Skagit Regional Health

Our current health care delivery system has focused on providing care to one person at a time, one episode at a time. In the near future however, this focus will change. Healthcare systems such as Skagit Regional Health will be responsible for their community’s health. The goal will be to improve the health of us all. This means partnering with the community at every point possible to address the broad range of factors that impact our health. Such factors include our weight and diet; our decision to smoke or use illicit drugs or drink alcohol heavily; our public safety; our household stability; our stress level; our decision to finish our education; our ability to purchase medications; our exercise practices; how much we sleep; our choice of activities such as sky diving or hang gliding; our choice to receive vaccinations or not; where our family members live; and how we choose to interact with our healthcare providers. Can our hospitals, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, social workers, physical therapists and doctors influence all of the factors? Can our school systems provide all of the education that is needed to have a successful life? Can the public safety and legal system provide a completely safe environment without active community engagement?


Skagit regional health

No one person or entity can control all of these factors or be responsible for the epidemic of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, violence, accidents, lung cancer, kidney failure, exhaustion, teen pregnancy or drug use that fundamentally impact our health care delivery and spending. Instead, this will need to be a community effort where everyone will need to walk together to build the path to a successful health future. It will take a village. What I would like to do in articles published in future editions of HealthQuest is to break out the important factors in public health and population management to reveal what steps to a successful future will involve. In this article, I would like to promote personal responsibility, the health care system and public governance. Personal responsibility will mean taking over as captain of your health care. You will need to be in charge of listening to the signals from your body, learning what you need to monitor, keeping track of things like your weight and your blood pressure. You will need to design with your providers your own exercise schedule, a healthy diet and understand your sleep and rest needs. Adopting simple behaviors such as frequent hand washing will decrease your risk and your family and friends’ risk of infections. Always cover your mouth

and nose when you cough and sneeze so you don’t spread an infection. If you choose to do dangerous activities, you will need to understand and agree to the potential risks. You will also need to learn how to minimize those risks by checking things like weather conditions, the equipment set up and in some cases you will need to purchase extra insurance to cover the increased risk of physical harm by participating in that activity. As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. In the future, not knowing that you need to exercise, keep your weight within a certain range, avoid smoking and illegal drugs and get your vaccinations may result in changes to access to healthcare resources. Unhealthy behavior, such as smoking, poor diet and sedentary lifestyles, accounts for up to 40 percent of premature deaths in the United States. You can make a difference by making a choice to take care of yourself. The health care system clearly needs to improve health by decreasing complications that occur in hospitals, by helping to coordinate the multiple care needs of chronic illnesses and by making them convenient for the patient and their family. We need to work on in-home treatment, promote the use of electronic communication rather than requiring patients to travel long distances when a phone call and a picture would do and have providers available in clinics or in locations where and when people do the rest of their errands. That means

having weekend, early and late-hour appointments in locations close to the grocery store, dry cleaners, bank, day care or schools. Additionally, providers need to have more time to discuss treatment options completely with their patients so that they can make a safe decision for themselves. Some of these treatments may not be the fanciest and newest but instead those that have the best-proven track record. Starting with a stepwise plan of careful observation with close communication – and only advancing to extra testing if absolutely needed – will decrease patient inconvenience, cost, time and stress. The health care system also needs to promote individuals being in control of their health care information and making it portable so that it is available any time that they need it. The health care system needs to promote mental health and emotional strength in addition to the physical elements. With this support, more individuals will be able to follow their personal best health care plan. Lastly, the health care system needs to be

willing to discuss costs with patients. In other countries in the world, the price for services is posted at the door, just as prices are displayed on a purse or shoes you would like to buy in our country. With this knowledge people can decide for themselves how to prioritize their own health care choices. Public governance important to health of the community includes but is not exclusive of city and county elected officials and their departments, the school system, the fire department and the criminal justice system. How do these entities impact our health? They do so by designing our environment, where we live, work and play. The environment must be safe for us to be able to trust our food, water and air supply, exercise outdoors and minimize stress. These entities also often determine how we spend our time, our access to knowledge that gains us career opportunities and special help if we are in trouble. These entities also help to design our ability to get the resources that we need to perform our jobs such

as transportation and obtain such services as banking, repair work and food. Without an assessment of our environment, population management programs cannot be successful. The bottom line is that we are all in this together, each and every one of us. Together, by exercising our individual responsibility we can make it possible to provide health care for the community. By optimizing our health behaviors, we can avoid spending dollars that would have been previously spent treat unnecessary medical illnesses. By optimizing our health care delivery system we can make it convenient for people to receive the advice and care they need. By optimizing our environmental design we can organize our lives in a safe and efficient manor so we can spend our time doing what we need to do to be healthy.

Resident to take

leadership role Resident Thomas Carmine Van Deven, DO, was recently selected to serve as Resident Trustee on the Washington Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) Board of Directors for 2013-2014. With more than 3,100 members, WAFP is the largest medical specialty organization in the state. Dr. Van Deven is in his first year of residency in Family Medicine at Skagit Regional Health. Originally from the Chicago area, Dr. Van Deven is a graduate of Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a member of the WAFP board beginning in May, Dr. Van Deven will represent the interests

of fellow residents in Washington State, a role he sees as a continuation of the leadership positions he has taken throughout his academic career. He plans to meet with fellow Family Medicine residents across the state to rally their support and build awareness and support for access to health care.

“I see this as a stepping stone. Not only would I like to be more involved and educated about issues family practitioners are faced with in Washington, but also across the country,” Dr. Van Deven said. “My long-term goal is to be an advocate for primary care and prevention of disease internationally.”

Dr. Van Deven is also an advocate of the osteopathic practice of medicine and engaging patients in wellness and prevention. “It’s important to know what motivates people to take responsibility for their own health and to realize the potential that they have for healing by making minor adjustments in their life,” he said. Skagit Regional Health is a teaching institution currently providing an educational home for eight residents in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. In addition, 21 third- and fourth-year medical students from Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima are in rotations at Skagit Regional Health.

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Physician Assistant Joins Rheumatology Practice

Megan Gebhardt, PA-C took a step closer to achieving her life-long goal of practicing medicine and helping those in need when she graduated from Samuel Merritt University’s Physician Assistant program in 2011. This spring she joined the Rheumatology Department at Skagit Regional Clinics where she cares for patients affected by a variety of rheumatologic conditions. As a Physician Assistant, she is able to evaluate and treat patients, working as part of the health care team with her supervising physician. “This (care model) allows more patients to be seen, increasing access to healthcare,” she said. Gebhardt said she looks forward to having a positive impact on the lives of her patients. “Rheumatology is a field in which I will be able to see a variety of populations with different chronic conditions. This offers the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with my patients in a field that I believe has the real potential to change people’s lives for the better,” Gebhardt said. Gebhardt has a special interest in caring for patients with osteoporosis. For more information about Skagit Regional Clinics – Rheumatology, call 360-814-2550.


Arthritis An estimated 1.3 million people in the United States have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), which accounts for nearly 1 percent of our nation’s adults, according to the Arthritis Foundation. RA is a form of inflammatory arthritis that most often affects the small joints in the hands and feet causing painful swelling that can ultimately result in bone erosion and joint deformity. Kevin Welk, MD, a rheumatologist at Skagit Regional Clinics, noted that other symptoms could be attributed to the condition, particularly when RA has been uncontrolled for a long time. The

condition can cause nodules to form in the skin, involvement in the lungs, can increase the risk of a heart attack and may cause damage to the eyes and other tissues. “It is a systemic immune disease and can theoretically affect all tissues of the body at some point if not brought under control,” Dr. Welk said. The cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis is unknown. “The prevailing thought, as it is with all autoimmune diseases, is that there is a genetic predisposition to a reaction to an environmental trigger that causes the immune system to misbehave and cause the condition of RA,” said Dr. Welk. Though Rheumatoid Arthritis is not preventable or curable, Dr. Welk has been able to help the majority of his patients control their symptoms in order to reduce pain and swelling, slow joint damage and help his patients to stay active. Dr. Welk encourages people with chronic joint pain to seek medical help. “Anytime someone has chronic joint pains – pains that last more than one to two months – they should see their doctor or a rheumatologist,” Dr. Welk said. Skagit Regional Clinics – Rheumatology provides children and adults with care for rheumatologic conditions including RA, musculoskeletal pain disorders and osteoporosis. Dr. Welk will be providing a Doc Talk presentation about Rheumatoid Arthritis on May 7. See page 33 for more information.


Skagit regional health

Nurse practitioner joins Skagit Regional Clinics As a child, Kevan Coffey, ARNP didn’t imagine that she would pursue a career in medicine, despite the fact that both of her parents are physicians. After graduating from college with a degree in psychology, she entered National Health Corps, a subset of the Americorps program that promotes access to health care services and preventative care for underserved populations. During her time at National Health Corps, Coffey also became a doula. “Doula” is translated from a Greek word meaning “woman who serves.” Doulas provide laboring women with physical and emotional support before, during and after the baby’s birth.

These two experiences cemented Coffey’s interest in medicine. She attended Yale University School of Nursing and earned a degree as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. After graduation, Coffey wanted to focus on caring for adult and women’s health needs, which led her to Skagit Regional Clinics’ Internal Medicine department. Coffey said she enjoys the complexity that the specialty offers. “Internal Medicine is a challenge due to the broad scope of diagnoses and diseases,” she said. She also likes the variety in her practice. “I can go a whole week and never see the same diagnosis twice. It keeps my job very interesting,” she said.

As a primary care practictioner, Coffey said she strives to bring competency and compassion to each interaction with her patients. This is best achieved by parterning with the patient in developing a plan of care and by recognizing that a person’s health is impacted by the larger context of their life, including culture, experience and environment, she said. “I try to talk to my patients as individuals. I help them prioritize their most pressing health concern, even if they don’t realize it themselves, because chronic diseases are often asymptomatic,” Coffey said. In the future, Coffey envisions herself returning to school to pursue a doctorate and is interested in receiving more education in geriatric medicine. In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking and skiing with her husband.

HALO effect:

New procedure offered at Skagit Regional Clinics Skagit Regional Clinics recently began offering a new treatment option for patients suffering from a condition called Barrett’s Esophagus. Barrett’s Esophagus is a precancerous condition affecting the lining of the esophagus (the tube that carries food and liquids from the mouth to the stomach). A small percentage of people who suffer from chronic gastric reflux, also called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) find that the lining of their esophagus will break down from frequent exposure to stomach acid. The stomach acid exposure can cause changes in the color and composition of the esophagus cells, a condition called Barrett’s Esophagus.

Dr. Kalyan Wadwa, a gastroenterologist at Skagit Regional Clinics, began offering treatment of Barrett’s Esophagus in 2012. Using advanced technology called the HALO System, Dr. Wadwa is able to provide a uniform and controlled ablative therapy to a thin layer (less than one millimeter) of the deformed Barrett’s cells. When the cells re-grow over the course of three to four weeks, they return as normal, healthy cells.

Previously, a patient’s only option was to “watch and wait” to see if esophageal cancer developed after being diagnosed with Barrett’s. “HALO radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive, state-of-theart treatment modality for Barrett’s esophagus with a very low risk of complications. It is considered a very safe procedure and is performed in an outpatient setting,” said Dr. Wadwa. Patients with questions about the treatment of Barrett’s Esophagus may contact Skagit Regional Clinics’ Gastroenterology department at 360428-2586.

17 17

HealthQuest HealthQuest spring/summer spring/summer 20132013

A Quarter Cent b o a r d of


Volunteers are the key to the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation’s efforts in securing philanthropy. We are pleased to acknowledge the efforts of our trustees, who unselfishly give their time and resources as an example to all, and who provide leadership in the Foundation’s prudent stewardship of gifts. Carmen AndersonBruner Dee Berglin Susan Brown Chris Cammock Jill Christensen Debbie Connolly Gregg Davidson Gary Fiedler Marcia Johnson June Jordan Virginia Learned Bruce Lisser Corey Mendoza Jean Miller Christie Peterson Jill Pickering Jaynie Roozen


Richard Roozen Deanna Scott Brett Simbe Jim Spane Bob Taylor Shirley Watkinson Dr. Rob Zwick


Linda Frizzell Executive Director Wendy Ragusa Development Coordinator Becky Wells Development Associate

Skagit regional health

GOLF CLASSIC 10th Annual

10th Annual

Have a Heart for Kids

Par Tee Golf Classic

A record breaking $14,945 was raised at the February 25, 2013 dinner to benefit the Children’s Therapy Program at Skagit Valley Hospital. We are truly grateful to Alberto Candivi, owner of Il Granaio and event host since 2004. Many thanks to event sponsor TRICO Companies, LLC, dinner guests and event donors!

Fri., June 28, 2013, 10 a.m. Skagit Golf & Country Club Burlington To support Cancer Care and Cardiac Care at Skagit Valley Hospital

Mission The mission of the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation is to raise, manage and distribute funds to assure the continued availability of quality

tury of Giving

health care services and programs through Skagit Valley Hospital. The Foundation will foster community awareness of, and support for, Skagit Valley Hospital through the involvement of the people it serves.

6th Annual

4th Annual

25th Annual

Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends

Skagit Woodstock

Festival of Trees

To support Cancer Care at Skagit Valley Hospital

Proceeds benefit the new Cardiac Care Special Observation Unit at Skagit Valley Hospital

Thur., July 25, 2013, 5:30 p.m. Baker Airfield, Old Hwy. 99 S. Mount Vernon

Proceeds benefit the Wound Healing Center at Skagit Valley Hospital

Sat., August 10, 2013, 11 a.m. 20819 Starbird Rd. – I-5 Exit 218 Mount Vernon

Fri., November 29 – Sun., December 1 St. Joseph Center Mount Vernon


Annual Report 2012

The Skagit Valley Hospital

Foundation is forever grateful to our 2012 donors who generously gave gifts totaling more than

How Your Donations Were Spent Grants paid out in 2012:





in-kind gifts and bequests.



In turn, the Foundation was







$680,000. These gifts were received in the form of cash, stock, pledges, event proceeds,

pleased to provide the following grants totaling $884,974 to support specific programs and services at Skagit Valley Hospital.

Mental Health Center Family Birth Center Regional Cancer Care Center The Breast Institute Critical Care Unit Teaching Hospital

Wound Healing Center Children’s Therapy Program Staff Education Chapel

Community Education General/Unrestricted

A Quarter Century of Giving FOUNDATION’S 25-YEAR TIMELINE 1988 The Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation is established by then Hospital Communications Director Diane Morton (left).


The first Festival of Trees raised $28,279 to benefit the Family Birth Center. The event showcased 23 decorated trees and the highest-selling tree sold for $850. The JC Penney department store at the former Mount Vernon Mall served as the venue.

Donors Our

From Our President A Quarter Century of Giving! Established in 1988, the Foundation has raised close to $13,000,000! This would not have been possible without the financial support and talent of this generous community. The responsibility of managing and distributing your donations is a job the Foundation takes very seriously. We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve since our beginning. The Foundation has raised funds to benefit Skagit Valley Hospital. Many fun events are held throughout the year to raise money for the grants we disburse. Our biggest event is the annual Festival of Trees which started in our first year of existence. In 25 years, that event alone has raised more than $4 million. Over the course of 25 years we have also completed three capital campaigns. These campaigns have assisted in building the Skagit Valley Kidney Center, the Regional Cancer Care Center, and a new Mental Health Center. Currently, we are working on a $350,000 campaign to build a new Cardiac Care Special Observation Unit that will open this coming fall. We have also granted smaller amounts to help support nearly every care area. These amazing accomplishments happened because of the vision, hard work, dedication, and drive of Foundation trustees, staff, and, most of all, you. More than a thousand volunteers have given of their time to help us achieve our success. As we celebrate our past, the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation looks forward to a bright future of continued success in working with our community to bring quality health care to our region. Sincerely,

With sincere gratitude to our community for your support, Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees proudly presents our Annual Report for the year 2012. Through your charitable support you have helped make Skagit Valley Hospital the best regional community hospital in the Northwest. Thank you on behalf of our patients and their families whose lives you have touched. Donations listed were received from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. We apologize for any incorrect or misspelled names that may appear in any of our listings. Please help us maintain accurate donor records by notifying the Foundation office of any errors by calling 360-814-8376.

Breast Cancer Fund

Louis & Dominique Dailly Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #3041 IAFF Local 1983 Independent Silpada Designs Rep. - Kelli Hutchens Little Mountain Elementary Staff Safeway Foundation Sedro-Woolley Riding Club In Memory of Francis Bacoka Merwyn & Cathy Dutton

Jaynie Roozen, President Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation


The Sunrise Inn, established in 1987 by volunteers from Stanwood, Camano Island and Mount Vernon celebrates the inn’s 5th anniversary.

Cancer Care Fund Anacortes High School Associated Student Body Amy Aslett Associated Petroleum Products, Inc. B-EHS Boys Basketball Booster Club Dr. & Mrs. John Bond Curtis & Jodi Boon Bordua Testing & Consulting Services, LLC Jonathan Briggs & Karen Boulton Burlington-Edison High School Associated Student Body Camaloch Ladies Golf Club Laura Castleberry James & Jeanne Collins


The Foundation received its first six-digit gift - $100,000 from an anonymous donor for oncology care at Skagit Valley Hospital.


Maria Conijn Richard & Lydia Crouch Gena Di Labio Ben & June Dunlap Chester Dutton Ellen Falk James & Susan Fay Fraternal Order of Eagles, Burlington Karla Frey Ronald & Beverly Furrer Patrick & Joy Getty Richard & Cheryl Gruger Joan Haidle Virginia Hasenoehrl

Alfie Hill Willard & Bernice Hodgen Robert Housner Mitzi Kerwien Carmel Lenski Tamara Matthews Beverly Maxwell W.E. & Patricia McGlashan Mira Vista Care Center Mount Vernon High School DECA Club Mount Vernon School District Douglas & Dianne Mumaw Jeff & Julie Murray North Cascade Street Rod Association

Cardiac Care Special Observation Unit

Project The Foundation’s key project for 2013 is to raise funds to relocate the Cardiac Care Special Observation Unit. To date, the Foundation has raised more than $175,000 toward the goal of $350,000.

The remodel of space located adjacent to the Cardiac Procedure Suites, also known as cardiac catheterization labs, will provide privacy for patients and families along with expanded space and enhanced technology. The Cardiac Care Special Observation Unit is often where patients spend time before and after a cardiac procedure. Skagit Valley Hospital is the only facility in Skagit County with cardiac catheterization labs and was rated in the top 10 percent in the country in 2012 for coronary interventions by HealthGrades, the national rating firm. Currently, eleven cardiologists utilize the catheterization suites.

$350,000 $325,000 $300,000 $275,000 $250,000 $225,000 $200,000 $175,000 $150,000 $125,000 $100,000 $75,000 $50,000 $25,000

Frederic & Chiyoko Flagg Mike & Jan Gradl Gloria Hurd

In Honor of Wendy Cobb Roger Ulsky & Kathleen Waton In Honor of Jeanie Hennessey Randy & Lynn Rabenstein

In Memory of Marybelle Johnson Monty Bowman & Dorothy Hughes

In Honor of Ted & Sara Kim Anonymous

In Memory of Floyd Kennaugh Dr. Gene & Charlotte Sargent

In Honor of Carol Turnbull Randy & Lynn Rabenstein

In Memory of Robert Kolb Charles & Patricia Clausen

In Memory of Wesley Allen Lynn Metcalf Mary Welch

In Memory of Grace Lemon Ronald & Genevieve Baker Dan & Donna Brauer Nancy Cook Melvin & Barbara Hall Shirley Heflin Russell & Lisa Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kerber Michael & Lori Lee Hulda & Denny LeGro Ron & Jean Pearson Marlys Simmons Skagit Regional Clinics Cardiology Staff & Physicians

In Memory of Tony Basich Keith & Christie Peterson In Memory of Marcy Beernink Steve & Kellie Cargile In Memory of Judy BergforsColby Robert Moore & Mark Durazo Dr. & Mrs. Richard Raisler Anthony & Julie Urban In Memory of Sandi Cobb Per Atle & Carol Bjordal Glenn & Theda Bordner Jack & Cheryl Burt



Northwest Orthopaedic Surgeons James & Mary O’Connor Mary Ann Olson Russel & Betty Olson Darryl & Brigitte Phippen Patricia Pontikis Kriston Reisnour Janet Schaefer Matteson Donald & Sally Scott James & Charlene Scott Charles & Rosemary Seaburg Dennis & Teresa Seibert Skagit Woodstock 2012 Cynthia Smith Don & Christine Tastad Gladys Teslow Larry & Carol Van Sickle Donna Walimaki Anne Warden Gerald & Karen Weiderstrom Wes Anderson Memorial Bowling League Richard & Shaun Wesen Richard & Fatima Young

The Foundation helped break ground for a new Kidney Dialysis Center at Skagit Valley Hospital. The Foundation board of trustees pledged to raise $500,000 to support the state-of-the-art facility.

In Memory of John Conijn Maria Conijn In Memory of Betty Crider Karla Frey Jeannette McCollough In Memory of Delmer Cummings Sarah Cummings In Memory of Earl Eddy Jerry & Susan Banta In Memory of LeRoy Good Don & Louise Bottles Larry & Janette Lund In Memory of Willie Gravley Keith & Jean Ash In Memory of Robert Hart Harvey & Mary Jo Wolden In Memory of Robert Heathers Shirley Heathers

In Memory of Mike Lewis Ron & Jenny Baker Gerald & Susan Christensen Norman & Suzanne Eiceman

William & Linda Heron Alfie Hill Robert & Marion Hoag James & Glenda Hobbs Donald & Laura Johnson K&L Gates, LLP James & Balisa Koetje Frank & Nancy Krook Pattie Lewis Bruce & Debra Lisser Dennis & Annette McDonald Fred & Arlene Miller Jeff & Jean Miller Tom & Deborah Moser Stan & Audrey Olson Mike & Lisa Owen Mark & Jennifer Reichlin Ruth Robertson Dr. Gene & Charlotte Sargent Peter & Kristin Scroggs Kyle & Dana Smith The Trinity Insurance Agency Inc. Clark & Sally Todd Reid & Deborah Wakefield Craig & Andie White & Family Drew & Raeleen York Don & Linda Zimmer In Memory of John & Jane Locken Larry & Janette Lund In Memory of Roger Ludwick Florrie Reep In Memory of David Maars Jaci Chamness Chryso, Inc. Carol Garberg Huntly & Sandee Gordon Donald & Lorraine Grammes Lorraine Gundersen James & Glenda Hobbs Monty Bowman & Dorothy Hughes Jack & Joan Mander Jack Martin Gerald & Leanne Maskell Paul & Jacquelyn McQuilkin John & Georgia Owen Vincent & Kay Starkovich Larry & Carol Van Sickle In Memory of Ken Marcus Larry & Janette Lund


To honor long-time Mount Vernon physician Maynard Johnson,the Foundation raised $14,000 in seed money for an endowment in his name and a permanent Foundation fund to help support programs and projects at Skagit Valley Hospital.

In Memory of Sandy Maskell Jerry & Susan Banta In Memory of Chris Mathers Marjory Mathers In Memory of Randy Mc Ivor Richard & Lois Meyer In Memory of Mike McQuary Keith & Jean Ash Larry & Janette Lund Cliffiord & Sally Lund Dennis & Annette McDonald

Robert & Karen Buchanan Linda Christensen Gerald & Susan Christensen Maurice & Jeannette Edlund Mark & Gail Fredlund Jeffrey & Linda Pearce Arvid & Constance Ronning Rod & Kay Sundberg Al & Muriel Watts In Memory of Betty Jane Pearson Ralph Pearson

In Memory of Gary Minton Steve & Kellie Cargile

In Memory of John Radovich Gerald & Susan Christensen

In Memory of Judy Myers Joyce Anderson Kate Brizius Kerry & Beatrice Burke Woodworth Clum Harold Farley Morton Freytag Don & Peggy Harrington Marilyn Hickok Peter & Delia Jokanovich Tom & Sallie Luebbe Parvin & Catherine Parmar Einar & Nancy Petersen Jaime Pickett TOPS #WA 1409 Camano Island Gary Wachs Emory Zimmer

In Memory of Roger Reep Donald & Betty Boe Steve & Kellie Cargile Gerald & Susan Christensen Norman & Pat Dahlstedt Mr. & Mrs. Les Faber Derek & Julie Floyd Jeff & Linda Frizzell O.A. & Diane Gilbert Huntly & Sandee Gordon Fran Hansen Lawrence Hanson Perry & Jill Hatcher Alfie Hill Dr. Allan & Judy Johnson John King Norm Lindberg & Harriett Massar Lindberg Dennis & Annette McDonald Brad & Pam Methner Fred & Arlene Miller Dennis & Margaret O’Bryan Nub & Mary Jo Poppe Puget Syndicate Dave & Vonni Reep Florrie Reep Kyle & Kelly Reep Arthur & Merilyn Rorvik Dr. Gene & Charlotte Sargent Helga Schink Richard & Ann Scroggs Fay Shane Cecil & June Thomas Mike & Jenna Urban Ed & Sara Watson Craig & Becky Wells Harvey & Mary Jo Wolden Maury & Sue Wright Don & Linda Zimmer

In Memory of Ann Nelson Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Vernon Parker Jackie Anderson Peter & Elizabeth Berg Ann Berg Mary Ellen Dorsey Mary Earnest James & Dorothy Frederick Evelyn Greenlee Kurt Heyduck Alex & Carolyn Hood Suzanne Lockridge Patrick & Betty Maher Sharon Mikkelson Shelly Parfitt Penny Rustad In Memory of Dennis & Judith Pearce Patricia Allen

In Memory of Don Regalia Larry & Janette Lund In Memory of James Rouse Keith & Julie Johnson Mike & Lynne Redden In Memory of Harry Sargent Dr. Gene & Charlotte Sargent In Memory of Ryan Stollwerck Keith & Christie Peterson In Memory of James Work Gerald & Susan Christensen

Cardiac Care Fund

Flora Adams Kelli Anderson Misrak Argaw Monica Baca Bruce & Dee Berglin Kevin & Deana Bingham Raymond Breum Elizabeth Browning Chris & Shaun Cammock Jake Davidson Patricia Davies Patricia de Carteret John & Julie Dean Becky Deryckx Don & Jean Elo Jeff & Linda Frizzell Paula Gallagher Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound Bill & Barbara Gurney Narajanti Handaja Kaye Hoegemeyer Helene Jenkins Dr. Morrie & Marcia Johnson Susie Johnson Victor Johnson Demetra Karras Maureen Kirkpatrick Randy Koster & Deanna Scott Mike & Jan Liepman Thomas & Brenda Litaker Carol Luvera Deborah Martin Dr. & Mrs. Teackle Martin Dr. Jennifer McCoy Phil & Rita Newton Optimum Properties, LLC


The first Par Tee Golf Classic was held at Eaglemont Golf Course in Mount Vernon. Enjoying the tournament, L to R are Arne Donovan, Paul Chaplik, Roger Reep and Kyle Reep former Foundation trustee.


Mark Pearson Roger & Wendy Ragusa Amy Rasar Terry & Mary Rios Riverside Health Club Raymond & Jeanie Schemm Corin Schneider Maxine Shroyer Skagit Sun Farm - Don Kruse Kyle Smith Donald & Debbie Snyder Tanya Sparks State Farm Companies Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Robert Stewart Sandy Tenneson William & Krista Thomas Elizabeth Torgerson C.M. & Lona Vander Griend, Jr. Laurene Vigoren Christie Weeda Craig & Becky Wells Denise Wolf In Honor of Jill Christensen Gerald & Susan Christensen Tim & Colleen Knutzen In Memory of Don Belisle Beryl Belisle In Memory of Velma Bryant Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of John Conijn Maria Conijn In Memory of Ellen Fowles Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Jim Granger Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Hoke Hodgins Linda Parker In Honor of James Hopper Scott & Julie Knight In Memory of Liz Kamb Dennis & Annette McDonald In Honor of Kenneth Knight Scott & Julie Knight In Memory of Terry Knutzen Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Jesse Loeb Jeff & Linda Frizzell

In Memory of Dorothy Madsen Robert & Marion Hoag In Memory of Roy Naylor Darlene Naylor In Memory of Marion Nulle Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Rodney Olson Steven & Suzanne Appelo In Memory of Heather Schols CPI Plumbing & Heating In Memory of Ellen Marie Smoot Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Bruce Walker Walter Spencer & Shirley Taylor

Cardiac Education Fund Biotronik Inc. Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Chapel Fund Valerie Gorton Pamela Hull Dawn Soult

Children’s Therapy Program Fund

Brandon Atkinson, DMD, PS Avalon Golf Club Lennart Bentsen & Dr. Erin Charles Bradley Berg Bruce & Dee Berglin Dr. & Mrs. Lyall Bishop Dr. Gary & Susan Brown Carl & Carmen Bruner Gerald & Susan Christensen Gregg & Lea Davidson Dimensional Communications, Inc. Gertrude Sawyer Guild Grace Cochrum Guild James & Patricia Grenfell



Neil & Susan Hall Sarah Hill, DDS James & Glenda Hobbs Dr. Clarence Holden AJ & Sheryl Johns Shane Kantzer James & Balisa Koetje Michael & Paige Marken Corey Mendoza & Jyl Bruns Kevin & Judy Mendoza Frank & Catherine Pattermann Keith & Christie Peterson Tim & Nancy Raschko Reality Dennis & Janiece Reilly Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Richard & Jaynie Roozen William Roozen Dave Ryberg & Joan Penney Skagit River Brewing Company Mark Steinberg, N.D., P.S. Renee Stone Rita Sutker Bob & Denise Taylor Stephen & Gayle Torgerson TRICO Companies, LLC Kate Turner Mike & Jenna Urban Lloyd & Shirley Watkinson Dr. Richard & Beth Williamson Iris Wilson Brian & Kathy Wolfe Nate & Katherine Wolfe Val & Rob Zwick

Community Education Fund

Dave Lowrance & Linda Wright Nell Thorn Restaurant & Pub Wednesday Overeaters Anonymous

Employee Appreciation Fund Jammie Novak

The first Have A Heart for Kids benefit dinner was held to support the Children’s Therapy Program at Skagit Valley Hospital. Chef-owner Alberto Candivi of Il Granaio Italian Restaurant hosts the event where guests enjoy a six-course Italian meal and silent auction.

Family Birth Center Fund

Paul Blum & Alison Zak Deb Cofer Dr. Barbara Geraghty Carol Hodges Randolph Jakobe Phillip & Kristi Kaufman Jeremiah & Nicola LeSourd Edward & Jean Markus Pat Proctor Dr. Robert & Rebecca Rosenfeld In Memory of Jane Brazas Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Evelyn Erspamer Kelly Cook & Madeleine Roozen Cook Dean & Janice Cunningham Jay & Kathy Duffy Jeff & Linda Frizzell Robert & Sharon Gilbert Earl Johnson La Conner Rotary Michael & Lisette Mast Helen Roozen Mike & Anita Roozen William Roozen Jeffrey & Deborah Scott Bob & Denise Taylor Mary Welch Craig & Becky Wells

Festival of Trees Live Auction Patrons

Dan & Chris Cameron Rod & Karen Carter Gerald & Susan Christensen Dennis & Wenda Cross Ken & Flo Dahlstedt Troy & Demi Daman Gregg & Lea Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Adam Englund Neil & Susan Hall James & Glenda Hobbs Mark & Gloria Hulst James & Balisa Koetje Dr. C.J. Kuan Clay & Virginia Learned Thomas & Brenda Litaker Dennis & Connie Milliken

John & Judith Montoya Doug & Darcy Nelson Dan & Jan Olson Sandi Paciotti Dale & Susan Ragan Richard & Jaynie Roozen Dr. Robert & Rebecca Rosenfeld Raymond & Jeanie Schemm Anthony Senff & Catherine Ledray-Senff Brett & Nancy Simbe Bradley Smith Jim & Lacey Spane Stephen & Gayle Torgerson Shelby & Ria Vanderpool Dennis & Beverly Weathers Rita Wellons Jerry & Carol Whitfield Troy & Angie Wright Val & Rob Zwick

Festival of Trees Fund

Dr. Brandon & Kate Atkinson Andrew & Sally Azure Dr. & Mrs. Lyall Bishop Dave Bond BrandQuery, LLC Carl & Carmen Bruner Cindy Bullock Dr. & Mrs. John Burke Dr. Robert Carney & Barbara Ebeling Carney CPI Plumbing & Heating Troy & Demi Daman Gregg & Lea Davidson Jake Davidson Susan Duffy Jay & Kathy Duffy Gary & Stephanie Fiedler James Ford Jack & Claudette Gubrud Bill & Barbara Gurney Neil & Susan Hall Frank & Lynn Handy Roger & Kari Helgeson James & Glenda Hobbs Jim & Margaret Horak Earl L. & Katherine H. Jensen Tom Jensen & Judy Cookson KeyBank Foundation Chris & Lorraine Landstrom Suellen Lemmon Bruce & Debra Lisser

Thomas & Brenda Litaker Deborah Martin Dennis & Connie Milliken Dan & Jan Olson Keith & Christie Peterson Kelli Peterson Danny & Jill Pickering Ron & Gailyn Ploeg Kyle & Kelly Reep Helen Roozen Raymond & Jeanie Schemm Helga Schink Nancy Shipman Soroptimist International of Burlington Lynn & Barbara Strauss Svend & Caitlin Svendsen Marguerite Van Gasken Egbers Eric & Andrea Van Pelt Gerine Voegtlin Leo & Sharon Waldschmidt Julia Weinberg Rita Wellons William & Dawn Wells Iris Wilson Maury & Sue Wright Ruth Wylie Val & Rob Zwick

Dimensional Communications, Inc. Doyle Guffie’s Rallye Auto Sales Dr. John & Marie Erbstoeszer Hebeltje Dykstra Dynacare Northwest Inc/ LabCorp ECG Management Consultants, Inc. Employee Benefits Planning, LLC Dr. & Mrs. Michael Erie Arne Eriksen Evergreen Physical Therapy Express Employment Professionals

Farrell’s Auto Wrecking Gary & Stephanie Fiedler Fisher Companies, Inc. Foothills Toyota Scion G & D Wallace, Inc. Gilbertson Funeral Home Jim & Becky Goodrow James & Patricia Grenfell Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound Michael Gubrud Warren & Shelly Holden Handy’s Heating, Inc.

Save The Date for the 10th Annual


In Honor of Gary & Lola Methner State Farm Insurance - Brad Methner Agency

The 10th Annual Par Tee Golf Classic will take place Friday, June 28, 2013 at Skagit Golf & Country Club in Burlington, Washington. The tournament, played in scramble format, begins at 10 a.m. with a shotgun start.

In Memory of Ryan Stollwerck Doug & Lynn Den Adel

Festival of Trees Title Sponsor

The $150 registration fee includes green fees, welcome bag, $20 pro shop gift certificate, coffee and muffins, lunch, snacks, dinner, use of a golf cart and activities at each hole. Other features include a putting contest, hole-in-one prizes, progressive poker hand, a raffle and many give-aways!

Festival of Trees Sponsors

This event raises funds to support quality health care services and programs at Skagit Valley Hospital. More than $47,000 was raised last year and proceeds from this year’s event will support the Foundation’s Cancer Care Patient Assistance and Cardiac Care funds.

Associated Petroleum Products, Inc.

Andrew M. Nalin, DDS, PS Arne Svendsen Trucking Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts Arne & Patricia Brakke Brandon Atkinson, DMD, PS BrandQuery, LLC Bellingham Anesthesia Associates, P.S. Cheryl Bishop

Be sure to reserve your spot early (or better yet, round up a team!) as this tournament fills up quickly. For tournament and sponsorship information please contact Becky Wells at the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation, 360-814-8376.


The Foundation’s Sunrise Inn, a hospitality house for patients and families reopened in a new location adjacent to the hospital. The inn has seven spacious family suites, TV lounge, fully-equipped kitchen, outdoor patio and RV hook-up.


Foundation board trustees pledged to raise $4 million – the Foundation’s largest capital campaign - to help equip the new Regional Cancer Care Center at Skagit Valley Hospital. A new vision

for cancer care

in the Skagit

25 Valley

Blade Chevrolet Botesch, Nash & Hall Architects, P.S. Chris & Shaun Cammock Rod & Karen Carter Linda Christensen Gerald & Susan Christensen Wendy Cobb Collins Office Supply, Inc. Columbia Bank

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Concrete Nor’West Craft Stove of Western Washington, Inc. Crown Distributing Co. D.A. Davidson – The Reep/ Elliott Group Gregg & Lea Davidson Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP

Safeway Contributes Generous Grant The Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation has received a $64,000 grant from Safeway Inc., bringing the company’s five-year giving total to $814,000 to support The Breast Institute at the Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center. The Breast Institute is dedicated to providing breast cancer patients of our community with excellent care through every phase of their experience from diagnosis to survivorship. Nearly 200 new breast cancer patients are treated each year at the Regional Cancer Care Center in Mount Vernon. “Over the past five years, Safeway has donated $814,000 to develop a program that improves care for women with breast cancer in our region. I am proud to say that the time, effort, and donations have been well spent,“ said Dr. Theodore Kim, Medical Director of The Breast Institute. A dedicated group of physicians, including oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and surgeons, are engaged in The Breast Institute, supported by a patient navigator, oncology certified nurses, a dedicated pharmacist, social worker, physical therapists and dieticians. Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center is a formal network affiliate of SCCA. The program has access to experts at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, a partnership of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s. This institute is fully-accredited by the National Accreditation program for Breast Centers (NAPBC).



Katherine Hansen Fran Hansen Hansen’s Furniture James & Jana Hanson Joshua & Jacqueline Hawkins Hawthorne Funeral Home & Memorial Park Hilde Family Dentistry Alfie Hill Hughes Farms, Inc. Jay Koetje Fishing Company, Inc. JEM Family Guild Dr. Morrie & Marcia Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Mark Johnson Joshua Anderson Insurance Kern Funeral Home Key Bank Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon Landed Gentry Homes & Communities Clay & Virginia Learned Joshua Lewis & Monique Woo-Lewis Life Care Centers of America, Inc. Bruce & Debra Lisser Lisser & Associates, PLLC Maple Wood Farm, Inc. Margep, Inc. Dan & Patsy Martin McAdams Wright Ragen Mary McClung Elizabeth McNett-Crowl Corey Mendoza & Jyl Bruns Judge John & Susan Meyer Mexico Cafe Modern Cleaners John & Judith Montoya Diane K. Morton MV Investors, LLC North Cascade Ford Northwest Medical Physics Center Oasys, Inc. Stan & Audrey Olson Drs. Dana & Vicki Otterholt Pacific Woodtech Corporation Art & Darlene Palmer Peoples Bank Peter A. Ripper & Associates Petrzelka Bros. Inc. Planting Design Puget Sound Energy Randall S. Linde & Associates

Whidbey Coffee and KAFE 104.1 partner to support the Regional Cancer Care Center Capital Campaign at Skagit Valley Hospital. With a gift to the Center, donors received a 12 oz. latte! The morning event raised $2,000 to help purchase radiation equipment for the Center.

Mark Roetcisoender Rolfson’s Home Furnishings Richard & Jaynie Roozen Dave Ryberg & Joan Penney SB & C, Ltd. Helga Schink ScienceOps, Inc. Deanna Scott & Randy Koster Skagit Endodontics Skagit Island Orthopedics Skagit Radiology Inc., P.S. Skagit Regional Clinics Cardiology Skagit State Bank Skagit Valley’s Best Produce, Inc. Skagit Valley Hospital Auxiliary Skagit Wild Bird Supply Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Skinner Soroptimist International of Burlington State Farm Insurance – Brad Methner Agency State Farm Insurance Carol Lawson Agency State Farm Insurance Keith Sorestad Agency State Farm Insurance Michael C. Mast Insurance Jeff & Stacy Stewart Strauss Jewelers/The Deming Corporation TeamHealth Thomas Cuisine Management Todd Gordon Farms TRICO Companies, LLC Twin City Foods, Inc. Mark Vollrath Lloyd & Shirley Watkinson Whidbey Island Bank Williams & Nulle, PLLC Wycoff Insurance Agency, Inc. Xtra Special Cakes Yellowbook Sales & Distribution Co.

Festival of Trees Gifts-In-Kind

Brianne Anderson Taryn Armey Arthritis Foundation Artisan Coffee Dr. Brandon & Kate Atkinson AW Pottery

Baby Bo Peep Barone Garden Art Bella Soul Salon & Day Spa Bernay’s Designs Mark Bistranin Connie Bonner-Britt Chris & Cheryl Bonsen Suzanne Brady-Glazier Carl & Carmen Bruner Candlewood Suites Burlington Canopy Tours Northwest Geoff & Jill Christensen Christianson’s Nursery Brittany Crabb Credo Graphics Gregg & Lea Davidson Dusty Planks Eaglemont Golf Club Empire Ale House Gary & Stephanie Fiedler Stephanie Gage Jim & Becky Goodrow Happy Valley Dance Holiday Inn Express Homeward Bound Nick Carlson & Nancy Hudson John & Amanda Huf Sue Husk Jim & Kelli Hutchens Jo’s Healing Hands Kaptein’s Ace Hardware KAPS Radio KBRC Radio Karen King Jennifer Korn-Leech Lavish Hair Studio Clay & Virginia Learned Lefeber Block & Paver Inc. Lefeber Turf Farm, LLC Thomas & Brenda Litaker Lithtex NW Max Dale’s Steak & Chop House Bryan & Chris Minor Mister T’s Trophies Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce Nikki’s Espresso North Sound Brewing Pasek Cellars Kyle & Kelly Reep Re-Feather Your Nest River & Main Riverside Lanes, Inc. Riverside Salon & Tanning Paul & DiAnn Sager


Same Ol’ Grind Randy Koster & Deanna Scott Krista Sharpe Shellan Jewelers Skagit Valley Hospital Guild Norma Smith Katie Smith-West Nancy Springer Jeff Stivalalin Stowe’s Clothes & Shoes Tami Sutter Swinomish Casino & Lodge Tattered Page The BLVD Hair Studio Gary & Anne Thompson Shelby & Ria Vanderpool Richard & Laury Volwiler Sue Waldon Kelli Walker Walmart Lloyd & Shirley Watkinson Wilson Picture Framing, Inc. Wind Dancer Accupuncture Lee Ann Wing Kinsey Youngquist, LMP Val & Rob Zwick

Fine Art Fund Monique Boe Pamela DeMarco Debra Doyle Janet Iverson Patria Kobervig Lucky Seven Foundation Diane K. Morton Keith Sorenson Debra Wheeler

In Memory of Carolyn Paulson Gerald & Susan Christensen

Foundation Support Fund

American College of Healthcare Executives Bellingham Anesthesia Associates, P.S. BP Fabric of America Fund Credo Graphics Gregg & Lea Davidson Charles & Pam Eger Robert Gruber Fred & Mary Hall Eric Hall & Susan Wilson

The Foundation board announced a recordbreaking $290,000 was raised at the 20th annual Festival of Trees to support the Regional Cancer Care Center Capital Campaign. More than 30 designed trees were on display. The highlight of the gala auction was the bidding of a tree which sold for $17,000! The event was held at St. Joseph Center in Mount Vernon.

Brittany Holley Ronald Koelker James & Balisa Koetje Randy Koster & Deanna Scott Estate of Elwood Lindblad Lisser & Associates, PLLC Dr. Kamol Lohavanichbutr Lutheran Community Foundation Albert & Judith Peraino Joycelyn Schroedel Skagit Gamblers Anonymous Skagit Valley Hospital Guild The Apothecary Spa Thomas & Gail Thompson Robert & Carol Walters Mr. & Mrs. James F. Webert Wednesday Overeaters Anonymous Kirk & Paula Wilson In Honor of Rosalee Stafford Skagit Valley Hospital In Memory of Earl Angevine Huntly & Sandee Gordon Dennis & Annette McDonald In Memory of Judy BergforsColby Shelter Bay Yacht Club In Memory of Audrey CarlsonJohnson Helga Schink In Memory of Bill & Mary Ellen Clizbe Shirley Benson Issaquah Glass, Inc. David & Laurel Jacobs Skagit Valley Hospital Guild Bill & Eunice Summers Dennis & Sharon Wildfang In Memory of Bernice Cockerill Reino & Benita Marsula In Memory of Buck Compton Craig & Becky Wells In Memory of Gerald Faller Skagit Valley Hospital Auxiliary In Memory of Beverley Funk Nick & Judi Seegert In Memory of Willie Gravley Jim & Mary Lee In Memory of Dorothy Hagman Jay & Kathy Duffy

In Memory of Madell Jolly Richard & Katherine Fort John R. Brown CPA, Inc., P.S. Florrie Reep Skagit Valley Hospital Guild In Memory of John Knoch Craig & Becky Wells In Memory of Robert Kolb Daniel & Charmie Dibble In Memory of Mike Lewis Diane K. Morton In Memory of Jesse Loeb Steve & Kellie Cargile In Memory of Alberto Lopez Arturo & Judy Vivanco In Memory of Barbara Mason Janet Howard In Memory of George Mathis Nick & Judi Seegert In Memory of Donald Miller Sandy Tenneson In Memory of Doris Morton Craig & Becky Wells Linda Wright In Memory of Mrs. Nelson Diane K. Morton In Memory of Ervin & Leah Otis Ervin & Janice Otis In Memory of Roger Reep Nick & Judi Seegert In Memory of Joyce Saad Skagit Valley Hospital Guild In Memory of David Schink Helga Schink In Memory of Florence Schneider Helga Schink In Memory of Rob Schneider Craig & Becky Wells In Memory of Richard Suiter Skagit State Bank In Memory of Dr. Joseph Voegtlin Laurence Baker Gregg & Lea Davidson Martha Davidson Bruce & Debra Lisser


Sonya Beard presents a gift of $165,000 to the Foundation to bring hyperbaric oxygen facilities to Skagit Valley Hospital. Her dream was fulfilled when the Foundation and the Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends hosted an “Evening with Polo” at the polo grounds of George and Rhoda Dill’s farm in La Conner. The special event raised more than $29,000 to help complete the project.


In Memory of Bruce Walker James & Meredith Walker

Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends Fund

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Aldrich Audio Video Resource Joel Brock Cindy Call Channel Lodge Gerald & Susan Christensen Brian & Mary Clark Coast Salish Studio - Kevin Paul Cottons Al Currier & Anne Schreivogl Dickerson Distributors Donald & Patricia Erickson Peter & Janet Flones Janet Good Michael & Shelley Gray James & Patricia Grenfell Jack Gunter Jay & Jean Iverson Mark Iverson Cecilia & Robert Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Mark Johnson Scott & Melissa Johnson Steven Jones Rod & Mari Juntunen Randy Koster & Deanna Scott Chip & Kari Lee Chris McCarthy Janette McPherson Judge John & Susan Meyer Modern Cleaners Dr. David Morris Nell Thorn Restaurant & Pub Lyle Ovenell Oyster Creek Inn Dr. & Mrs. Erik B. Pihl Rexville Grocery Judy Rich Mark Roetcisoender Anthony Senff & Catherine Ledray-Senff Fay Shane Silver Reef Casino Skagit Law Group PLLC Janet Stein Steve & Darcy Wells Wells Nursery LLC Iris Wilson Leighton & Susan Wood

Val & Rob Zwick In Honor of Mark Iverson Jama Hiltz In Memory of Gail Iverson Collins Fisheries, Inc. In Memory of Gary Iverson Ruth Beidler Gerald & Susan Christensen Ed & Judi Euritt Peter & Janet Flones Jeanne Frank Robert & Betty Grant James & Patricia Grenfell Sara Henry Lucinda Howson Cherie Iverson Laura Knudson Solveig Lee Hulda & Denny LeGro Suellen Lemmon David & Debbie Lenz Joyce Linn Bruce & Debra Lisser Michael & Lisette Mast Bill & Elaine Mc Ivor Janette McPherson Jerry & Cathy Pelland Dale & Susan Ragan Roger & Wendy Ragusa Judy Rich Jerry & Mildred Rindal Vicki Sanders Skagit State Bank Jan & Toni Wolfgang Don & Linda Zimmer In Memory of Allen “Punky” Johnson Solveig Lee In Memory of Marybelle Johnson Annette Iverson Minkler In Memory of Randy Mc Ivor Annette Iverson Minkler In Memory of Mickey Meisch Annette Iverson Minkler In Memory of Karen Raper Annette Iverson Minkler In Memory of Greg Stratton Sara Henry In Memory of Helen Weber Annette Iverson Minkler

In Memory of Ron Wiese Annette Iverson Minkler

Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends Auction Sponsors Collins Fisheries, Inc. Gregg & Lea Davidson Foothills Toyota Scion Skagit State Bank

Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends Auction Patrons Dr. Gary & Susan Brown Carl & Carmen Bruner Gregg & Lea Davidson Cornelia Devlin Jim & Pat Grenfell Matt & Heidi Iverson Mark & Jeanne Johnson Scott & Melissa Johnson James & Balisa Koetje Stan & Audrey Olson Thomas & Danielle Palmer Michael & Anisa Pea Dennis & Janiece Reilly Richard & Jayne Roozen Val & Rob Zwick

Healthy Communities Fund

Thomas & Lesha Boucher Elizabeth McNett-Crowl Maryl Skjei In Honor of Elizabeth McNettCrowl Margaret Potter

Kidney Dialysis Education Fund In Memory of James Parker Linda Parker

Corinna Carter Coast Salish Studio - Kevin Paul Michael & Cynthia Collins Robert & Deborah Connolly Costco Wholesale Cheryl Costomiris Patricia Good Pamela Hull Independent Silpada Designs Rep. - Kelli Hutchens North Cove Coffee Pizza Factory Ken & Lisa Portis Riverside Lanes, Inc. Sebo’s Do-It Center Skagit Skate Swinomish Casino & Lodge Melvin & Merrilyn Thornquist Heather Tyree In Honor of Ken & Lisa Portis Richard & Lori Ruhl In Memory of Dorothy Conser Lois Powers In Memory of Nancy Drake Carol Miller In Memory of Imogene Harder Ron & Bethany Gilbertson In Memory of Robert Hart Ted & Aretta Jonkheer In Memory of Hoke Hodgins Evelyn Buchanan In Memory of Bill Holtcamp Orva Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Gene Anderson Michael & Helen Damon Kathleen DuVall Jess & Georgia Galbreath Ruth Kaaland Gary & Janet Navert John & Phyllis Norbeck Dale & Marjorie Pierson Patty Robinson Harold & Corin Rolfson Ron & Kathy Shea Skagit County Dairy Women Vince & Diane Swenson Louise Torseth In Memory of Winnie Houser Mark Houser & Joan Allmaras



Kidney Dialysis Fund

The Foundation’s $1 million capital campaign to assist in replacing and expanding the 15-bed Mental Health Center at Skagit Valley Hospital is completed at the annual Festival of Trees. Gala evening patrons raised their bid cards to support this high-need care area. Skagit Valley Hospital’s 15- bed center is the only inpatient center in Skagit County.

In Memory of Bill Hume June Taylor

In Memory of Velma Bryant Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Miles Jackson Elizabeth Snell Joe & Linda White

In Memory of Betty Cunningham Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Gordon Kirkman Pat Kirkman

In Memory of Robert Hart Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Gloria Meigs Phyllis Hofkamp

In Memory of Holley Hoag Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Donald Miller Carol Miller

In Memory of Gary Iverson Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Joyce Mohoric Pete & Helen Bruskrud Paul & Linda Dudel Herbert & Doris Duncan Avis Duncan Lee & Jean Gregory Gene & Doris Hasson Marianne McClane Ed Mohoric Melvin & Rosemary Mohoric Louise Mohoric Jerald & Nancy Thomas

In Memory of Sena Jacobson Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Marie Murphy Monty Bowman & Dorothy Hughes In Memory of Archie Nelson Carol Miller In Memory of Ervin & Leah Otis David & Beverly Gufler In Memory of Leatha Snyder Evelyn Johnson In Memory of Tomas Terlaje Anthony Gilbert Richard Jones

In Memory of Marybelle Johnson Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Madell Jolly Ila King In Memory of Elmer Juntunen Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Liz Kamb Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Myrtle Knutzen Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Terry Knutzen Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Mike Lewis Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Ann Nelson Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Don Noblet Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Carolyn Paulson Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Frank Uker Donald & Wanda Vaught

In Memory of Roger Reep Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Bruce Walker Donald & Wanda Vaught

In Memory of Al & Mary Rygmyr Jim & Mary Lynn Kintner

In Memory of Janet Youngquist James & Sharon Gallagher Thomas & Jerry Kuntz

Maynard Johnson Endowment Fund

In Memory of Florence Schneider Judge John & Susan Meyer In Memory of Ryan Stollwerck Judge John & Susan Meyer

In Memory of Earl Angevine Judge John & Susan Meyer

The Foundation’s Special Events Since 2004, more than $82,000 has been raised at the Have A Heart for Kids benefit dinner fundraiser. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the event has raised funds for the Children’s Therapy Program at Skagit Valley Hospital through the generosity and hospitality of Alberto Candivi, chef and owner of Il Granaio Italian Restaurant in Mount Vernon. Nearly a quarter million dollars has been raised at the Foundation’s annual Par Tee Golf Classic. This year will also be the 10th anniversary of this special event of which proceeds benefit Cancer Care Services and other key projects at Skagit Valley Hospital. From Cancer Care to Cardiac Care, from the Kidney Center to the Sunrise Inn, the foundation’s signature fundraising event – the Festival of Trees – has raised funds for and awareness of key projects and programs at Skagit Valley Hospital. During the Festival’s 25-year history, more than $4 million has been raised! This event involves an army of volunteers and more than 3,000 guests to the Thanksgiving weekend fundraiser. Celebrating its sixth year, the Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends was established in 2008 to promote and raise funds for the Wound Healing Center at Skagit Valley Hospital. More than $175,000 has been raised by the Circle of Friends which has helped to purchase hyperbaric equipment, remodel the Center’s lobby and make enhancements to the entry of the Kidney and Wound centers. This August 10, 2013 will mark the fourth year of Skagit Woodstock Music Festival. A “festival of regional bands”, Skagit Woodstock showcases five bands that perform to support the Cancer Care Patient Assistance Fund at Skagit Valley Hospital’s Regional Cancer Care Center. Skagit Woodstock has presented nearly $20,000 to the Foundation for this fund. The Foundation has been fortunate to be selected by Spane Buildings, Inc. to be the beneficiary of an annual playhouse raffle. In four years, the raffle has raised more than $19,000 to support the Foundation’s key projects. Since 2002, Skagit Regional Health employees have donated $229,889 during the Foundation’s annual Employee Giving Campaign. Employees designate their financial support to one or more of the Foundation’s 25 funds.


Former kidney center patient Lisa Portis (R) and her husband Ken (L) celebrate with UFC legend Randy Couture (center) at a fundraiser hosted by the Swinomish Casino & Lodge. Guests enjoyed photo ops with Couture, a seafood dinner and raffle. The event raised more than $8,000 to benefit the Skagit Valley Kidney Center.


Mental Health Care Fund

Thomas & Lesha Boucher Dr. Jeanne & Kit Crump Bobbi Hallberg Janet Iverson Randy Koster & Deanna Scott Steve & Kari Ranten Gordon Terpstra In Memory of Madell Jolly Reino & Benita Marsula In Memory of Gregory Murphy Gerald & Susan Christensen

Par Tee Golf Classic Sponsors

Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts BAC Enterprises, Inc. Big Lake Fire Dept. Community Auxiliary Dr. C.J. Kuan Chad Fisher Construction LLC Comprehensive Pharmacy Services CPI Plumbing & Heating Tom Crowther Dynacare Northwest Inc./ LabCorp Scott & Melinda Elliott Express Employment Professionals Foster Pepper, PLLC Reed & Donna Harlow Hilde Family Dentistry Alfie Hill Jack Carroll’s Skagit Hyundai Judd & Black Leverage Information Systems Lithtex NW Corey Mendoza & Jyl Bruns Optimum Properties, LLC Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences Pat Rimmer Tire Center Keith & Christie Peterson Piper Jaffray & Co. Premera Blue Cross Ravnik & Associates Matt & Becky Ray Kyle Reep

Resource Corporation of America Riverside Chiropractic Clinic Richard & Jaynie Roozen SB & C, Ltd. Steve Schultz Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Sims Honda Skagit Endodontics Skagit Valley Hospital Guild State Farm Insurance - Brad Methner Agency State Farm Insurance - Carol Lawson Agency State Farm Insurance - Keith Sorestad Agency Jeff & Stacy Stewart Tesoro Northwest Company The Unity Group William & Krista Thomas TRICO Companies, LLC Washington Casualty Company Washington Lettuce & Vegetable Yellowbook Sales & Distribution Co. Val & Rob Zwick

Par Tee Golf Classic Gifts-InKind

Adara Salon & Spa Bruce & Dee Berglin Blade Chevrolet Costco Wholesale Dimensional Communications, Inc. Reid & Debra Ellsworth

Partners in building the future The Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation’s fund-raising projects have been instrumental in the ever-changing landscape of the Skagit Valley Hospital campus.


Skagit regional health

Espresso Connection Farmhouse Restaurant Fastenal Company Fidalgo Bay Roasting Co. Fortune Mandarin Restaurant Jeff & Linda Frizzell GAMBRO Paul & Jean Groesbeck Handy’s Heating, Inc. Hansen’s Furniture Hellams Vineyard Alfie Hill Hugo Helmer Music, Inc. Hyatt at Olive 8 La Conner Brewing Company Larry & Debbie Nootenboom Roger & Wendy Ragusa Carla Rinker, L.M.P. Skagit Farmers Supply Skagit River Brewing Company Skagit Speedway Mark & Gretchen Thomas Train Wreck Craig & Becky Wells Wells Nursery

Skagit Regional Clinics Fund Janice Bailey Donald & Jane Root Jessica Samora Svend & Caitlin Svendsen

Sunrise Inn Fund In Memory of Garrett Chase Duane & Lynnette Henson In Memory of Beverley Funk Rebecca Ammeter Bruce & Dee Berglin Maria Conijn Bobbi Hallberg

Teaching Hospital Fund Dr. & Mrs. Richard Abbott Lloyd & Gloria Butler, D.O. Kimberlyn Detrick Aaron & Gretchen Eickmeyer Steve & Tami Gilbert Mark’s On Pine Square Keith & Trudy Riffe

Wound Care Fund In Memory of Kathleen Duncalf Gerald & Susan Christensen In Memory of Niles Jordan Shauna Jordan In Memory of John Youngquist Gerald & Susan Christensen Charles & Pam Eger Bob & Catharine Schaeffer Kim Thein

“The Anniversary Gift” by Conway glass artist Lin McJunkin (L) and SVH nurse and artist Christie Houston (R) is part of the Skagit Valley Hospital’s ever-growing fine art program. The collection boasts more than 300 pieces from artists of our region. Help us continue to grow the collection. Call the SVH Foundation Office at 360-814-5747.

Skagit Valley Kidney Center – opened 1998 Skagit Wound Healing Center – opened 2004 Sunrise Inn – hospitality house – opened 2005 Regional Cancer Care Center – opened 2006 Mental Health Center – opened 2012 Cardiac Care Special Observation Unit – opening Fall 2013


Skagit Regional Health offers the following health screenings and education programs at Skagit Regional Clinics - Stanwood, 9631 269th St. NW, Stanwood or Skagit Regional Clinics – Camano Island, 127 N. East Camano Drive. To register, complete the registration form on the inside of the back page or call 360-629-6481 or 360-814-2424. Pre-registration is required for all classes unless otherwise noted.

Stanwood/Camano neighborhood Screening to Detect Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), Elevated Cholesterol and More! The Skagit Regional Heart & Vascular Institute offers this popular community screening on Monday mornings for all adults over age 18. Attend this screening to find out your risk of PAD, cardiovascular disease and stroke and learn how to reduce it. The screening includes the following tests and results are immediate: • Ankle brachial pressure index to help detect peripheral artery disease (no caffeine or nicotine for one hour prior). • Blood pressure. • Full lipid profile for cholesterol plus glucose requires 12 – 14 hour fast, water and medications only (no alcohol 24 hours prior.) This is a fingerstick test with immediate results.

AARP Driver Safety Program

Cholesterol/Diabetes and Vitamin D Screenings

This two-session program for people older than 50 is designed to enhance the driving skills of the mature adult. Insurance companies are required to give a discount on auto insurance for those over age 55 who complete the course. Course fee is $12 for AARP members; $14 for non-members. Please bring check payable to AARP, your AARP card or number (if you are a member), and your driver’s license number to the first class – do not mail check. Pre-registration is required. To register call 360-814-2424.

Screenings are provided at the following locations by Skagit Valley Hospital in cooperation with Dynacare Skagit Laboratories.

June 12 and 13 (Wed/Thur) 1 - 5 p.m. Skagit Regional Clinics - Stanwood 9631 269th Street NW Conference Room A/B Pay at the class

• Review results with a health care provider.

May 16 (Thur) 7:30 - 9 a.m. Skagit Regional Clinics Camano Island 127 N. East Camano Drive

Call 360-629-6481 to schedule an appointment for this screening program that takes just 40 minutes! The cost is only $39 and it is held on Monday mornings at Skagit Regional Clinics Cardiology. A physician referral is not necessary, although we ask that you provide the name of a primary care provider, if you have one, so results can be forwarded.

A department of Skagit Valley Hospital

Vitamin D: This screening can help you identify the level of Vitamin D in your blood. This screening is not recommended for patients on anticonvulsant medication. Fasting is not required. The cost is $35 (cash or check payable to SVH). All results are mailed to your home. For information call 360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481. No appointment or pre-registration is required.

• Body composition testing to detect elevated body fat.

Skagit Regional Clinics

Full Lipid Profile: 12-14 hour fast required, water and prescribed medications only, no coffee or tea. No alcohol 24 hours prior. Results include total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and glucose (blood sugar) levels. Fee: $15 (cash or check payable to SVH only).

June 20 (Thur) 8 – 9:30 a.m. Skagit Regional Clinics Stanwood 9631 269th Street NW Conference Room A/B

Camano Island

127 N. East Camano Drive Suite A Camano Island 360-387-5398


9631 269th St. NW Stanwood 360-629-1600 HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Bone Density Screening

Blood Drives

Find out if you are at risk for osteoporosis by having a bone density scan. This is a non-invasive, painless scan of one hand. Results are available immediately. Fee $10 (cash or check payable to SVH). No appointment is required.

Donating blood is a simple and generous gift that can save a life. Did you know that one blood donation can help up to three patients? The Puget Sound Blood Center urges you to donate the “gift of life” at one of the following blood drives:

May 16 (Thur) 7:30 - 9 a.m. Skagit Regional Clinics Camano Island 127 N. East Camano Drive

June 19; August 28 (Wed) 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (except 12:30 – 1:15 p.m.) Skagit Regional Clinics - Stanwood 9631 269th Street NW Mobile van in parking lot Pre-registration required by calling 1-800-398-7888.

June 20 (Thur) 8 – 9:30 a.m. Skagit Regional Clinics - Stanwood 9631 269th Street NW Conference Room A/B

Skin Cancer Screening Corinne Sayler, PA-C, with Skagit Regional Clinics – Dermatology will conduct visual inspections of skin abnormalities you are concerned about. No charge. Call 360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481 to schedule an appointment. July 10 (Wed) 1 - 4 p.m. Skagit Regional Clinics - Stanwood 9631 269th Street NW Conference Room A/B


Skagit regional health

The Island County Health Department is located at 127 N. East Camano Drive, down the hall from the Skagit Regional Clinics - Camano Island. They offer services ranging from TB testing, counseling and surveillance, WIC, adult and child immunizations, Healthy Baby Visits, Maternal Child Health and home visiting, travel vaccines and communicable disease. For more information call 360-3870184.

CPR and First Aid Classes are held at various locations in Stanwood. Call the North County Regional Fire Authority at 360-652-1246 for more information. Heart Saver Adult/Child CPR and First Aid Classes are held at the Camano Island Fire and Rescue. For more information call 360-387-1512.

Skagit Regional Clinics - Stanwood offers Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Lab and Radiology. For more information, call 360-629-1600.

(Below) A new sign marks the location of Skagit Regional Clinics – Camano Island, which shares the building at 127 N. East Camano Drive with the Island County Public Health Department. A 1,000-square-foot remodel and addition to the clinic will begin soon, adding five new exam rooms, expanded waiting area and nurse work area. The project will be complete in August. The majority of the $550,000 project will be paid for with a $450,000 capital budget grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

All classes require pre-registration unless specified. Call 360-814-2424 or see inside of back cover.

HealthQuest Women’s Health Luncheon

Daring to Challenge Yourself – Achieving the Impossible Helen Thayer’s life is a testament to setting goals and achieving them. Best-selling author Helen Thayer was the first woman to travel alone to any of the world’s Poles when she trekked to the Magnetic North Pole without dog sled or snowmobile. Later Helen was the first woman to walk 4,000 miles across the Sahara from Morocco to the Nile River. She was the first non-Indian woman to kayak 2,200 miles of the Amazon River. In a unique study of wolves, Helen lived above the Arctic Circle for one year. Helen continues to explore the remote corners of the world and share her inspiring stories with audiences worldwide. Helen has addressed countless organizations – both large and small – from one-room schools in the Amazon to the White House. More than just an “armchair adventure” presentation, Helen can motivate an audience to believe that they too have unlimited horizons and can achieve them, one step at a time. This event is sponsored by Skagit Regional Clinics and cosponsored by The Bridge at Mount Vernon, Mira Vista Care Center,

Ashley Gardens, Josephine Sunset Home, Skagit Valley Senior Village, Walgreens, Home Attendant Care, and Janette Carroll, DDS. Bring a friend, enjoy lunch together and be inspired! May 23 (Thur) 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. McIntyre Hall, Mount Vernon $15 includes lunch Pre-registration required by May 21

Doc Talks

Diabetes and Foot Care The American Diabetes Association estimates that one in five people with diabetes who seek hospital care do so for foot problems. By taking proper care of your feet most serious health problems associated with diabetes can be prevented. The Certified Diabetes Education Program at Skagit Valley Hospital is sponsoring a presentation by Anisa Pea, DPM, Skagit Regional Clinics Foot and Ankle Specialist. You will learn how to maintain proper foot care to prevent damaged nerves and reduction in blood flow to your feet. April 23 (Tue) 6 – 7:30 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room This event is FREE, but RSVP is required

DON’T WAIT TOO LONG! Many of our classes fill quickly so early registration is recommended. You are not confirmed in the class until we receive your payment (for classes requiring payment). Don’t lose your space in class – pay early! See the inside of the back cover of this magazine for registration information. Pre-registration is required for all classes unless otherwise noted.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Update

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic disease that causes pain, stiffness, swelling, and loss of function in the joints plus fatigue.

Kevin Welk, MD, rheumatologist with Skagit Regional Clinics, will provide an overview of symptoms, treatment options and management of rheumatoid arthritis in this evening program. Materials about an anti-inflammatory diet will be provided. This event is co-sponsored by The Arthritis Foundation.

May 7 (Tue) 6- 7:30 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room This event is FREE, but RSVP is required

NEW - Full of Fiber and Delicious Learn how to increase your fiber intake to improve your glycemic control, reduce cholesterol, and encourage weight loss in this fun cooking class. Registered Dietitian Kara Siedman with Skagit Valley Hospital will show you new and innovative ways to add fiber to some of your favorite foods. Share the delicious menu items including Fiesta Guacamole, Salmon Burgers, Cauliflower Mashed “Potato”, and Better Brownies. April 25 (Thur) 6 - 8 p.m. Gretchen’s Kitchen 509 S. 1st, Mount Vernon $15

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Meditation for Calming and Focusing Your Mind

these options. Discover the costs of each and the role of Medicare, Medicaid, LTC insurance, and other funding options. Instructor Debbie Gann has more than 25 years of healthcare experience.

Have you thought about trying meditation but find it too difficult to do on your own? Let an experienced meditator guide you in simple techniques to become comfortable with this valuable skill. Comments from previous class participants include: “Jan Hodgman is a gift…An excellent class.” “Jan is heaven sent. She has taught me a unique way to let go of resistance.”

May 29 (Wed) 6 – 8 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room Enter through Kincaid Street entrance No cost but pre-registration required

Meditation is now scientifically recognized to help alleviate stress, mild depression, and anxiety.

Spanish for Health Care Providers Workshop

Jan Hodgman, MA, has been meditating for more than 30 years and has more than eight years of monastic practice as an ordained Zen priest. May 8, 15 and 22 (Wed) 6 – 8 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room Enter through Kincaid Street entrance $39

Elder Care Options Many of us will one day find ourselves needing care for ourselves or a loved one. This one-evening program brings clarity to the maze of support options available. Learn about alternative living situations, transportation, nutritional and medical services, in-home care (including home-health and hospice), as well as how to access

Learn essential Spanish vocabulary and phrases common in your health care workplace, in order to communicate with Spanishspeaking patients on a basic level, while addressing several cultural differences. Topics include greeting patients and family, discussing pain/part of the body, medical conditions, simple commands/ instructions, dates and times. The instructor is Sarah Rowan, owner of Salud! Spanish Programs. This program is approved for six contact hours of continuing nursing education. June 4 and 5 (Tue/Wed) 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital San Juan A/B Enter through Kincaid Street $125 includes course materials Pre-registration required

Continuing Health Education

AARP Driver Safety Program This two-session program for people older than 50 is designed to enhance the driving skills of the mature adult. Insurance companies are required to give a discount on auto insurance for those over age 55 who complete the course. Course fee is $12 for AARP members; $14 for non-members. Please bring check payable to AARP, your AARP card or number (if you are a member), and your driver’s license number to the first class – do not mail check. Preregistration is required. To register call 360-814-2424. May 7 and 8 (Tue/Wed) 1 - 5 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital San Juan A/B Pay at class Please see page 31 for information about classes in Stanwood/Camano Island.

Certified Diabetes Education Program Skagit Regional Health offers a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive education program for adults with diabetes, either newly diagnosed or for those patients needing extra guidance with diabetes control. The program includes:

Photo by Linda Wright


Skagit regional health

All classes require pre-registration unless specified. Call 360-814-2424 or see inside of back cover.

• An introductory one-on-one appointment; • Six hours of group sessions (two three-hour classes) covering the basics of diabetes management; • At least two hours of one-on-one education in nutrition; • Individual appointments to review medication issues related to diabetes self- management, including maximizing the use of insulin, are also available. The program requires a physician referral so talk to your health care provider. The program is covered by most insurance companies. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm. For other questions, or more information about the program, contact our Diabetic Education Program Scheduler at 360-814-2184.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Do you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and want to improve the quality of your life? This intensive program can help patients with chronic lung disorders including emphysema, chronic bronchitis or asthma, reduce respiratory symptoms, improve functional independence and complications and reduce hospitalizations. The program is provided by a multidisciplinary team. Participants learn self-management and relaxation techniques to improve emotional well-being, skills to help regain control of their breathing, and pursue activities to the fullest extent of their abilities. The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. for approximately 10 weeks. For more information call 360-814-2236.

Total Joint Replacement Class This two-hour class helps to prepare patients for their upcoming joint replacement surgery. We have incorporated classroom instruction with procedure-specific therapy. You will learn what to expect before, during, and after joint replacement surgery. Our experienced nurses and therapists will address your concerns and will be available to answer your questions. The class meets the first and third Wednesday of the month from 1 – 3 p.m. at Skagit Valley Hospital in San Juan B. For more information, directions and to register for this class, please call 360-814-2424. You are encouraged to bring a friend or family member to the class who may be assisting you in your recovery. There is no charge for this program.

Heart Healthy Fitness Program Are you having trouble starting an exercise program or staying motivated? Do you need direction and professional guidance? Come join us for exercise in a safe and stress-free environment at Skagit Valley Hospital. The Heart Healthy Fitness Program focuses on individual goals and plenty of one-to-one attention. We work on strength training, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. For questions, cost and class times, call 360-8148368.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Have you had a recent heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty, heart valve surgery, or stent placement? We have a program to help you return to your active lifestyle and learn how to reduce your risk factors. A Registered Nurse and Exercise Specialist supervise the classes and provide a safe, friendly atmosphere to ask questions and learn how to pace yourself as you recover. This is a physician-referred program and Medicare and most insurances cover cardiac rehab. For more information call 360-814-8368.

First Aid and CPR Skagit County Medic One offers CPR and First Aid classes for $20 per person, payable in advance. This fee covers the cost of certification cards and materials. For more information call 360-428-3236 or email billc@

Health & Wellness Screenings

FREE Vein Screening Mark Johnson, MD, surgeon with Skagit Regional Clinics, will be administering the screenings, which evaluate visible veins and aim to raise awareness of venous disease and the available treatment options.  Screenings take less than 10 minutes and are open to men and women. Participants are examined individually in a private environment and should wear loose-fitting clothes (no pantyhose). Shorts or skirts are best. While the screening is complimentary, pre-registration is required. To register for the screening, please call 360-814-2424. June 3 ( Mon) 2 – 5 p.m. Cascade Room Enter through the Kincaid Street No charge but pre-registration required

Heart and Vascular Screening: Detect Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), Elevated Cholesterol and More! The Skagit Regional Heart & Vascular Institute offers this popular community screening on Monday mornings for all adults over age 18. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a common condition that affects approximately 8 million adults in the U.S. The same risk factors associated with heart disease are also linked with PAD.

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Attend this screening to find out your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke and learn how to reduce it. The screening includes the following tests and results are immediate:

Cholesterol/Diabetes and Vitamin D Screenings

• Ankle brachial pressure index to help detect peripheral artery disease (no caffeine or nicotine for one hour prior).

Full Lipid Profile: 12-14 hour fast required, water and prescribed medications only, no coffee or tea. No alcohol 24 hours prior. Results include total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and glucose (blood sugar) levels and are mailed to your home. Fee: $15 (cash or check payable to SVH only).

• Blood pressure. • Full lipid profile for cholesterol plus glucose requires 12 – 14 hour fast, water and medications only (no alcohol 24 hours prior.) This is a fingerstick test with immediate results. • Body composition testing to detect elevated body fat. • Review results with a health care provider. Call 360-814-2424 or 360-6296481 from Stanwood/Camano Island to schedule an appointment for this screening program. It takes just 40 minutes! The cost is only $39 and screenings are held on Monday mornings at Skagit Regional Clinics Cardiology. A physician referral is not necessary, although we ask that you provide the name of a primary care provider, if you have one, so results can be forwarded. Also see Stroke and Aneurysm Screenings on page 37 for a screening of the aorta and carotid arteries.

Screenings are provided by Skagit Valley Hospital in cooperation with Dynacare Skagit Laboratories

Vitamin D: This screening can help you identify the level of Vitamin D in your blood. Results are mailed to your home. This screening not recommended for patients on anticonvulsant medication. Fasting is not required. The cost is $35 (cash or check payable to SVH). No appointment required. For information call 360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481. No appointment or pre-registration is required. April 25; July 25 (Thur) 7:30 – 9 a.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room Enter through Kincaid Street

Bone Density Screening Find out if you are at risk for osteoporosis by having a bone density scan. This is a non-invasive, painless scan of one hand. Results are available immediately. Fee $10 (cash or check payable to SVH). No appointment is required. April 25; July 25 (Thur) 7:30 – 9 a.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room Enter through Kincaid Street

Skin Cancer Screening Local dermatology providers will conduct visual inspections of skin abnormalities you are concerned about. No charge. Call 360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481 to schedule an appointment. May 22 (Wed) 1 - 4 p.m. Provided by Corinne Sayler, PAC, Skagit Regional ClinicsDermatology June 26 (Wed) 1 - 4 p.m. Provided by J. Semmes Mickelwait, MD with Advanced Dermatology Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room Enter through the Kincaid Street entrance

Photo by Linda Wright


Skagit regional health

All classes require pre-registration unless specified. Call 360-814-2424 or see inside of back cover.

Vision Screening A certified ophthalmic technician with North Cascade Eye Associates will conduct vision and glaucoma screenings. Bring a contact lens case for storage during the screening. No charge. Call 360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481 to schedule an appointment. May 17 (Fri) 1-3 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room Enter through Kincaid Street entrance

Stroke and Aneurysm Screening

Free Blood Pressure Screenings Automated blood pressure machines donated by the Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation are available at the following locations: Skagit Regional Clinics - Mount Vernon Skagit Valley Hospital - Kincaid St. Entrance Skagit Regional Clinics - Stanwood

Is it Time for Your Mammogram? Remember the steps to breast health

No need to wait for a special promotion when you can schedule your screening exams year around and have the exams performed using state-of-the-art equipment, conducted by board certified diagnostic technologists and reviewed by a board certified radiologist.

1. Do a monthly breast self-exam.

This ultrasound screening test provided by Skagit Digital Imaging is non-invasive, quick and painless, and will help you identify whether you are at increased risk for stroke and vascular disease and provide information so your physician may begin preventive treatment if necessary.

The Breast Care Center

A physician referral is not necessary, although we ask that you provide the name of a primary care provider, so results can be forwarded. The cost is only $59 for the combined carotid and aorta screening and is payable by cash or check only. This exam is not billable to insurance. Individuals whose screening results suggest the need for further evaluation will be referred to follow-up care with their physician.  To register for an appointment, call 360-428-8208, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Screenings are held at Skagit Radiology located at 1320 E. Division, Mount Vernon.

2. If you are 40 or older, have a

mammogram every one or two years.

3. Have a yearly check-up, including a

clinical breast exam.

For a screening mammogram appointment, call 360-428-7270.

1320 East Division Street Mount Vernon 360-428-7270 Open Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Fridays, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. A service provided cooperatively by Skagit Valley Hospital and Skagit Radiology.

Blood Drives Donating blood is a simple and generous gift that can save a life. Did you know that one blood donation can help up to three patients? The Puget Sound Blood Center urges you to donate the “gift of life” at the following blood drives: July 1 (Mon); Sept. 4 (Wed) Skagit Valley Hospital Cascade Room 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (except 12:30 – 1:15 p.m.) Pre-registration required by calling 1-800-398-7888.

Childbirth & Infant Care

Pregnancy and Childbirth This six-week course for expectant parents includes information about emotional changes during pregnancy, the labor process, breathing techniques, the role of the support person, breastfeeding, and a local pediatrician to discuss your baby’s first three months. The fee is $110. Medical coupons are accepted. Full payment or a copy of your medical coupon is required two weeks before the class begins. Classes are offered at Skagit Valley Hospital. Pre-registration required. Call 360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481 to register.

Family Birth Center Tours Free tours of the Skagit Valley Hospital Family Birth Center are offered twice a month. Call 360-8142424 or 360-629-6481 to schedule a tour.

Fit4Baby Fit4Baby is an eight-week program designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during pregnancy. The class includes cardio, strength, flexibility and balance training. Fit4Baby is designed to accommodate all stages of pregnancy and various fitness levels. Regular activity, such as the Fit4Baby exercise classes, can help reduce many maternal aches and pains, increase energy during pregnancy and may speed the labor, delivery and recovery process. The class is taught by a certified pre- and post-natal fitness instructor. May 21 – July 9 (Tue) 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital Family Birth Center Waiting Room $79 Pre-registration required

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

Gestational Diabetes Program

Skagit Valley Hospital’s Family Birth Center’s nurse Lactation Consultants will aid parents in gaining the knowledge necessary to make feeding decisions regarding their new baby. In addition, a local pediatrician will be available to provide information on newborn care – time for questions will be allowed. Pre-registration required. The fee is $25 for this two and onehalf hour program. Call 360-8142424 or 360-629-6481 for class dates and times.

Gestational diabetes affects approximately 7-14 percent of all pregnant women. Careful control of blood sugar and weight is important to prevent complications for both mother and baby. Skagit Valley Hospital offers a referral-based education program to improve gestational diabetes self-management skills. Our highly trained and dedicated diabetes education team provides participants with the skills to manage their blood sugar through healthy eating, stress management, increased activity, and blood glucose monitoring. The program offers individual nutrition therapy appointments. For more information please contact our Diabetes Education Program at 360-814-2184.

Lactation Services at Skagit Valley Hospital Here at the Family Birth Center, we are dedicated to you and your baby’s health. That is why we provide one of the most inclusive lactation services programs in the region. There are six Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Registered Nurses available to visit you during your hospital stay and help you experience a successful start to breastfeeding your baby. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or know someone who is and would like to know more about Lactation Services at Skagit Valley Hospital, please call 360-814BABY and one of our consultants would be happy to talk with you.

Child Safety Seat Checks Certified child safety seat technicians will assess your seat for age- and size-appropriateness, proper installation and use, recalls, and visible damage. This screening is highly recommended for parents-to-be, prior to the birth of your new baby, to learn how to safely install and use your car seat. April 18; May 16; June 20; July 18 (Thur) 1 - 3 p.m. Skagit Valley Hospital at main entrance covered area Mount Vernon

Co-sponsored by Skagit Safe Kids. Pre-registration is not required. Call Bill Craig at 360-428-3236 for more information regarding additional dates and times. If you are interested in learning how to install car seats and help parents install their car seats properly, call Bill Craig, Skagit County Medic One at 360-428-3236 or via e-mail at

Kidney Dialysis Education

Kidney Failure Treatment Options This Skagit Valley Kidney Center program is for people with reduced kidney function who would like to explore treatment options for renal replacement therapy. Patients, families, and caregivers will receive information about treatment options, diet, health maintenance, financial, and social concerns. This introductory session helps reduce many anxieties a person may have related to the “unknown.”  The session provides an opportunity for patients to make more informed choices. We have a recurring education class from 1:30-3:30 p.m., the third Thursday of every month. For more information and registration, call 360-416-5717.

Photo by Linda Wright


Skagit regional health

All classes require pre-registration unless specified. Call 360-814-2424 or see inside of back cover.

Cancer Support Services All programs are provided for cancer patients and survivors and are free of charge. For additional information on any of these services or events please contact Cancer Care Community Outreach at 360-814-8287.

Look Good, Feel Better Cancer can rob a woman of her energy, appetite and strength. But it doesn’t have to take away her selfconfidence. This program teaches beauty techniques to women in active treatment or those who are about to start treatment. It helps them combat the appearance-related side effects of treatment.  The Look Good, Feel Better sessions are led by trained, volunteer cosmetologists who teach women how to cope with skin changes and hair loss using cosmetics and skin care products donated by the cosmetic industry. Women also learn ways to disguise hair loss with wigs, scarves, and other accessories. Pre-registration is required; please call 360-814-8287. Fourth Monday of each month 1 - 3 p.m. (Meets 5 – 7 p.m. in September) Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center Safeway Conference Room (third Floor)

Women’s Cancer Support Group Second Monday of each month from 5 – 6:30 p.m. in the Safeway Conference Room (third floor) at the Regional Cancer Care Center. This group is for women who are undergoing treatment for, or have experienced ANY type of cancer. This group was previously limited to patients/survivors with breast and/or gynecological cancers. We are pleased to provide this supportive environment to a larger group of patients and survivors. This is an open group and no RSVP is required. Facilitated by Cyndy Adams, Oncology Social Worker, with frequent guest speakers arranged. Call 360-814-8255 for additional information.

Art and Healing Group

In-Service Education

First and third Mondays of each month, 2 – 4 p.m. in the Safeway Conference Room (third floor) at the Regional Cancer Care Center. Our knowledgeable instructor Margaret Carpenter Arnett, BSN, ATR, has been doing art therapy with cancer patients for more than 20 years. Creating art can promote healing by reducing anxiety and stress and improving emotional well-being. It is a great opportunity to process and integrate the challenges of serious illness and treatment. Please note that artistic “skills” are not required! Come and join this fun and welcoming group. For more information call 360-814-8287.

For grief and loss presentations for your organization or employees, contact the Hospice of the Northwest Bereavement Coordinator at 360-814-5589. For clinical education or presentations for your organization or employees, contact the Hospice of the Northwest Clinical Liaison at 360-814-5550.

Grief Support Services Hospice of the Northwest provides support to anyone in our communities coping with grief and loss after the death of a loved one. Call our Bereavement Program for information and referrals, attend a free grief support group, or borrow materials from our Resource Center Library. For more information and to receive a current grief group schedule, please phone 360-8145589 or 360-814-5550.

Hospice of the Northwest Resource Center: A free lending library open to the community Books and other materials are available for adults, teens, and children. Topics include caregiving, coping with disease, end of life concerns, grief and loss, and inspiration for challenging times. Visitors will find a comfortable place to sit and read, browse, or find materials to check out. The Resource Center is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the lobby of the Hospice office at 227 Freeway Drive, Suite A in Mount Vernon and after hours by appointment. A member of the hospice team can answer questions or help you find what you need. For information call Hospice of the Northwest’s Bereavement Program at 360-814-5589.

Hospice Program Seeks Volunteers A unique and meaningful volunteer opportunity is available through Hospice of the Northwest, serving Skagit, Island, San Juan and north Snohomish counties. Volunteers offer support and companionship to individuals with a life expectancy of six months or less. They improve the quality of life and provide respite at a time when it matters most. To learn more, please contact Julie Pryor Barr, Community Liaison at 360-814-5588 or jbarr@

Community Education Want to learn more about hospice services and what they might mean for you and your family? Hospice of the Northwest staff is available to give educational presentations to community groups.  For more information, please call 360-8145550.

Interested in helping Hospice of the Northwest Foundation? The Hospice of the Northwest Foundation is currently accepting applications to become a volunteer. This group works to raise funds to support hospice programs and to educate the community about available services. The goal of the Foundation is to ensure that everyone who wants or needs hospice care receives services regardless of ability to pay. For information, call the Foundation office at 360-814-5702.

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Save the Date “Ports of Call” Auction

Saturday, September 14

Hospice of the Northwest’s premier event in support of dignity and compassion at the end of life. For ticket or sponsorship information please call 360-8145702.

Mental Health Mental Health Support Group

NAMI Skagit Open Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 7 – 9 p.m. in the Shuksan Room at Skagit Valley Hospital. Family members and those living with mental illness are welcome. For more information contact Brandon at 360-421-5784 or Marti at 360-770-5666.

Skagit Valley REACH Center For more support, adults living with a mental illness may dropin at the Skagit Valley REACH Center anytime, Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. at 1413 E. College Way, Mount Vernon. There are support groups, classes, hobby time, computers, and always someone to talk to and keep company with. For more information call 360-873-8635.


Skagit regional health

NAMI Basics Education Program A free six-week class for parents or primary caregivers of a child or teen with mental illness or a brain disorder such as ADHD, bi-polar and others. The course helps families with communication, coping, schools and education needs, rehabilitation, recovery, and advocacy. NAMI Skagit provides this program. Call Marti at 360-770-5666 for more information about next class dates and to register. Space is limited.

Family-to-Family Education Program Free 12-week course for families of adults with mental illness or a brain disorder. The course focuses on helping family members understand the major mental illnesses and maintain their own well-being while providing needed support to their ill family members. This program is provided by NAMI Skagit, an affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Call Marti at 360-770-5666 or Judy at 360-424-5802 for next class dates or more information. Space is limited; reservations being taken now for next class beginning September 2013.

Peer-to-Peer Education Program

Support Groups Call 360-814-2424 or 360-6296481 for current Skagit County Support Group information.

Diabetes Support Group Third Tuesday of each month from 7 - 8:30 p.m. in the Shuksan Room at Skagit Valley Hospital. April 23 (6:30-8 p.m.) Community Education Class and kick off meeting. Wound and foot care. (Cascade Conference Room) May 21 Introduction to support group and open discussion June 18 Tip for Traveling with Diabetes. July 16 Diabetes and Depression Aug 20 Diabetes: Risk Factor Management

Ostomy Support Group Second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the Sauk Room at Skagit Valley Hospital. Call Cathy Schaeffer at 360-814-2600 for more information.

Free nine-week class for adults with mental illness or brain disorders to help them better understand their illness and maintain and improve their recovery. NAMI Skagit provides this program. Call Natasha at 360856-0267 for more information and about next class dates and to register. Space is limited.

Photo by Linda Wright

Community News & Resources Speakers Bureau

Need an interesting presentation for your club or organization? Skagit Regional Health’s Speakers Bureau provides speakers on a number of health care related topics, many at no cost. For more information on speaker topics or to schedule a presentation, call Val at 360-8142424.

Volunteer Services at Skagit Regional Health

Some of the volunteer opportunities at Skagit Regional Health include: Information Desks A wide variety of locations are available.

Pianists If you are an accomplished pianist who would like to share your talent for others to enjoy, call 360-8142142.

Junior Medical Volunteers The Junior Medical Volunteer program is for students age 15-18.

For Students and Job Seekers The number of positions are limited so prospective volunteers should apply at least a year in advance of any school deadlines that may be applicable. High school students seeking course or club credit should apply and begin volunteering before their senior year.

Need a Physician?

Other Volunteer Department Services: Hospital and Clinic Tours Tours of our facility for groups and individuals are available. Reservations are required. Call 360814-2142 to schedule a tour.

Gift Shop The gift shop is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the main lobby. All proceeds from the Gift Shop are returned back to help Skagit Regional Health in areas of need.

Contact Us To inquire about volunteering or request services, please contact Steve Schultz at 360-814-2142 or contact our main information desk at 360814-5059.

Watch HealthQuest on Cable-Access Television Station 10 and on If you are a Comcast cable subscriber in Skagit County, be sure to tune in to channel 10 to watch HealthQuest TV. The show airs at 11:30 a.m., 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. every day. This half-hour show features a new guest each week showcasing our local providers and health care professionals on a variety of topics ranging from latest treatment options for health disease and cancer care to prevention topics highlighting local walking trails and cooking shows. You can also view our HealthQuest shows online at skagitvalleyhospital

Call our free Physician Referral Line at 360-848-5555 or 360-6295850 from Stanwood or Camano Island. The Physician Referral Line is open weekdays between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For easy access to community services dial 2-1-1 2-1-1 is a free, easy-to-remember phone number that connects people to what they need, whether that means receiving help, or offering it through volunteer time or donations. By dialing 2-1-1, people will reach a trained information specialist who can help determine the service they need, and refer them to the most appropriate resource among the full range of public and private programs available. Important! The 2-1-1 call line will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 2-1-1 is not a crisis line. If the need can’t wait until the next business day, please call the CARE Crisis Line at 800-584-3578. In the event of a life-threatening emergency or a crime in progress, always call 911. If you have difficulty reaching 2-11, call 800-223-8145 instead.

Guilds and Auxiliaries Many volunteers choose to serve through membership in one of our volunteer service and fund-raising groups including the Gail Edward Iverson Circle of Friends, Grace Cochrum Guild, J.E.M. Guild, SVH Auxiliary and SVH Guild.

Find us on

Check out our facebook page at

HealthQuest spring/summer 2013


Board of Commissioners Public Hospital District No. 1

Quality In our role as representatives of the community, the Board of Commissioners of Public Hospital District No. 1 takes the job of providing quality health care as our top priority.

James Hobbs, Sr.

Pattie Lewis

Balisa Koetje

Bruce Lisser

Health care is complex. We Board members work hard to understand our hospital and clinic services, the data and trends we are seeing, the benefits of using best practices and evidence-based medicine and to set goals for continuous quality improvement. You may be surprised to know that our Board spends as much or more time in our meetings learning and talking about quality and patient care than we do the financial report. We have a serious obligation for our financial side, and we are proud of our achievements in this area. However, we understand that quality and safety for our patients and their families, staff, providers and volunteers are the most important topics we have on our agenda. Here are some of the key reasons, behind the scenes, that keep us all focused on improving quality:

Jeff Miller

Clark Todd


Skagit regional health

Stan Olson

• Years ago, Dr. Richard Abbott, a longtime local family practitioner, was hired part time as Quality Improvement Medical Advisor. Having a physician in this role gave the Board increased understanding of what we should measure and how to analyze the clinical data. • Another important milestone was our participation in the National Patient Safety Goals and initiatives sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. This gives us ready access to the latest in evidencebased practices and clinical guidelines to help reach our goals.

is job one • Most recently, we have added the position of a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) who reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer Gregg Davidson. We recruited Dr. Connie Davis from the University of Washington where she was head of their kidney and pancreas transplant program. The CMO will accelerate our quality journey by working with our medical staff to reach the highest levels of patient care. • In 2010, DNV Healthcare, an international organization known to place quality at the forefront, accredited us. Surveyors visit our organization on an annual basis and scrutinize our programs and facilities in detail to make sure we are following the highest of quality standards. • Skagit Regional Health has an Executive Quality Oversight Council made up of Board members, administration, quality and risk directors, physicians, community members and others on our team who are charged with guiding the quality management system. Our job, here, is to hold ourselves accountable to meet the high quality standards the Board has put into place. • In the past year, we have invited patients and families to attend these Council meetings so we can hear their experiences in our health care system. This input has been so successful in helping us to improve, that we are forming a Patient and Family Advisory Council. This new group will consist of community members to help us communicate, understand and engage with patients and families. As the Board of Commissioners, we pledge that Skagit Regional Health will continue the journey to excellence in providing quality, safe care. Thank you for your confidence.

Skagit Regional Health partners with community pharmacies Skagit Regional Health, including Skagit Valley Hospital and Skagit Regional Clinics, has created a network of community pharmacies to extend the benefits of the federal 340B Drug Discount Program to patients. The Federal 340B Drug Discount Program allows the hospital to purchase prescription drugs at deep discounts, and then make them available to our patients through a network of retail pharmacies throughout our service area.

Many prescriptions are eligible for significant discounts when filled at one of the following partner pharmacies: Skagit Regional Clinics 1410 East Kincaid Street Mount Vernon 360-428-6465

Hilltop Pharmacy 1223 East Division Street Mount Vernon 360-428-1710

Safeway Pharmacy 315 East College Way Mount Vernon 360-424-0467

Skagit Regional Clinics 1990 Hospital Drive Sedro-Woolley 360-854-2760

Haggen Pharmacy 2601 East Division Mount Vernon 360-848-6930

Arlington Pharmacy at Smokey Point 3823 172nd Street NE Arlington 360-653-2500

Haggen Pharmacy 757 Haggen Drive Burlington 360-814-1561

Additional area pharmacies may be added in the future. Skagit Regional Health is working with Wellpartner, a nationally recognized provider of pharmacy distribution services, to assist in administration of the 340B program.


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Skagit Valley Hospital P.O. Box 1376 Mount Vernon, WA 98273


360-814-2424 or 360-629-6481



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