Electrical Review September 2020

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10 steps to going green Ten simple steps that up your green credentials and save you money? Look no further, Michael Rossman, co-founder at EnergyBillKill.com, is here to tell us how. he exhausting topic of climate change has been plugged so much that people and businesses are growing tired of it. However, even the most sceptical among us can agree that being green is important and a no-brainer if it takes very little effort at all. Being green isn’t just about the environment – it’s also about cutting energy costs, being sustainable and enhancing your brand image. If you are an electrical company that wants to be green, there are ways to go about it while saving money in the process.


1. Carry out an energy assessment/audit An energy audit will assess when, where and how your business uses energy so you can understand your energy use and identify energy-saving opportunities.

26 Electrical Review | September 2020

An audit will survey your business’ equipment, appliances, energy use, operating patterns and energy supplier to determine any areas of improvement. It isn’t a disruptive process and it will go a long way to helping you save money and be greener. You can conduct your own energy audit (Gazprom has a good how-to guide) or there are companies that offer them. 2. Create a waste management plan A waste management plan will reduce the amount of waste you produce and ensure that what can be recycled gets recycled. At a basic level, a waste management plan should: • Determine who is responsible for waste. • Establish areas in your business that produce waste. • Set targets for minimising waste. • Put in place measures for waste recycling.