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MARCH 13TH, 2019:

APRIL 10TH, 2019:



11:00AM TO 1:00PM

11:00AM TO 1:00PM

This presentation provides best practice strategies and

• Definition of bullying in the law

valuable resources to consider when contemplating

• Prevalence of bullying & statistics about who bullies

a new contract, contract renegotiation or developing

and how frequently

a strategy for future payor negotiations. Developing

• Negative impacts of bullying in the workplace

a strong contracting strategy can optimize the

• California’s “abusive conduct” training requirement

outcomes when presenting your “Business Case” to

• Preventing bullying

the payor and help avoid the quick “not interested”

• Investigating bullying (or other types of complaints) –

payor response.

steps to take and best practices

Topics covered:

~Velma Lim has 31 years of

• CMA’s contracting resources: toolkits, legal

experience representing private

resources, health plan details, template letters and

and public employers in state


and federal courts. She provides

• Strategies when creating the best “Business Case”

counseling and legal advice to

for your practice

employers concerning personnel

• Post negotiation organization of your contracts from

policies, disciplinary and

paper to scanned on-line references

termination issues, avoiding and addressing claims of wrongful

Bring your contracting questions and be prepared

termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation,

to delve into developing the best strategy for your

and compliance with other employment laws. She

practice’s contracting future.

has written many articles and presented numerous seminars for employment attorneys, businesses, and

~Kristine Marck, Associate

HR professionals.

Director in CMA’s Center for Economic Services.

~Jamie Bossuat practices employment litigation

After over 25 years in the health/

which includes a wide range of matters including

managed care industry, she

sexual harassment, disability discrimination and

has a balance of working for

accommodation, age and sex discrimination,

and with physicians and a

pregnancy and medical leave, wage claims, and

drive to assist them in these

whistleblower retaliation.

difficult times. Her extensive experience offers her a unique perspective and a number of encounters to draw from. Her distilled skills focus her advocacy in the areas on managed care contracting, Medi-Cal stakeholder activities and liaison work with varied health plans, IPAs and Medical Groups.

MAY 8TH, 2019:

11:00AM TO 1:00PM


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