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offer any interscholastic athletic program, require the school district or charter school to: (1) ensure that there is a written emergency action plan in place, and posted as specified, that describes the location and procedures to be followed in the event of sudden cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies related to the athletic program’s activities or events; (2) acquire, commencing July 1, 2019 at least one AED for each school within the school district or the charter school to be available on campus; (3) encourage that the AED or AEDs are available for the purpose of rendering emergency care or treatment, as specified; (4) ensure that the AED or AEDs are available to athletic trainers and coaches and authorized persons at the athletic program’s on campus activities or events; and 5) ensure that the AED or AEDs are maintained and regularly tested, as specified.

AB 2202 (Gray) – U C School of Medicine: San Joaquin Valley Regional Medical Education Endowment Fund CMA Position: Support Creates the University of California San Francisco San Joaquin Valley Regional Medical Education Endowment Fund for the purpose of supporting the annual operating costs for the development, operation, and maintenance of a branch campus of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine in the San Joaquin Valley.

AB 2311 (Arambula) – Medicine: trainees: international medical graduates CMA Position: Support Eliminates the reference to the specific courses in clinical instruction authorized to be offered to the international medical graduate participants in the pre-residency training program at the David Geffen School of Medicine of the University of California, Los Angeles.



SB 1348 (Pan) – Postsecondary education: allied health professional clinical programs: reporting CMA Position: Support As part of the Strong Workforce Program, requires, beginning in 2019 and in each year thereafter, the Office of the California Community Colleges must report, for each community college program that offers a certificate or degree related to allied health professionals, specified information, including the number of students participating in the clinical training and the license number or employer identification number of each clinical training site, delineated by program and occupation, with multiyear implementation for the reporting.

These are just a sampling of the new laws impacting health care in 2018 and beyond. For a comprehensive list, see “Significant New California Laws of Interest to Physicians for 2019,” at

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